The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, September 09, 1913, Image 3

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13N thotiRiind of the grcntcgt
faults In our tielchbors are of
less ronscquoncp to us than one of the
smallest In ourselvp.
For turnip nrcens, gnjthor the young
plants when tho roots nro JuBt form
ing and whllo thoy nro tender; wash
thoroughly and put' on to boll with u
plcco of fat salt pork. Let tho meat
cook for an hour before the greens nro
added, as thoy will need but an hour's
cooking. To make- the dumplings to
servo with tho greens, tako a pint of
sifted corn meal, add soda, salt and boil
ing water to make a stiff dough. When
this Is cool enough to handle, dip the
hands In water nnd shape tho dough
Into small dumplings; drop ono by one
into the boiling greens and cook them
for half an hour. Dip out with a skim
mer. Tako up the greens and drain
and chop fine, and pile with the dump
lings as a border on a largo platter.
This Is a dish which the southerner
longs for as did our early fathers
for the flesh pots of Egypt.
Summer Squash. Have a spider
ready with a spoonful or two of hot
fat; add n chopped onion, and when
well browned add tho summer squash
thinly sliced and steamed until tender
and mashed. Stir to prevent burning,
and season well before serving.
Fried Corn. Shave off the tips of
the grains with a sharp knife and
scrape with the back of tho knife.
Have ready a spider with hot lard, a
tablespoonful will bo sufficient for an
ordinary amount of corn; turn in tho
corn, add seasonings and stir con
stantly to prevent burning. When
cooked, set back and let stenm for a
half hour to cook tho corn well. Servo
this with fried chicken.
New Potatoes. Boll, drain, and
when tender put tho potatoes into a
dish with a lump of butter, add a cup
of cream which has been cooked with
flour to chicken; pour this over tho po
tatoes and serve.
Summer Salad. Take the young
shoots of mustard, tender lettuce, tho
tender tops of green bnlons, shred
fine and pour over them hot bacon fat
with bits of tho cooked 'bacon; season
well and add a tablespoonful of vine
gar. Toss with a fork to mix, and
serve, garnished with slices of hard
cooked egg.
Oh. what will you do with the minute to
The pay little, stray llttlo minute to
That comes from the cllmo
Of old Plenty of time,
With never a worry or. earn.
We'd better beware of the minute to
The wee little free little minute to spare,
And never refuse
The minute to use
That's always so ready some burden to
When It is warm, have Iced tea for
supper and proparo it when you are
making tea for tho noon day meal;
then when wanted, It Is cool enough
so that not as much ice Is needed.
When Ironing, sort the clothing
which needs mending, putting It In
ono pilo or place, then It Is easily
gathered without a second looking
Do not throw away a small clock
which Is out of repair, for it makes a
fine indicator for medicine in a sick
room. The hands may bo turned to
show tho time tho next medicine
should bo taken, which is better than
trusting to memory.
A good way to clean Jewelry is to
put It In a cup or bowl, cover with
alcohol nnd lot stand until the dust
is loosened. Shako occasionally and
tho gems will bo bright and clean
A small puue or bag containing
pins, needles, a spool of thread and
a thimble, some adhesive plaster, a
pencil and a knife, a few rubber
bands and string will bo found a Joy
to tho possessor when traveling
A gravy boat Is an easy utensil for
lining preserving cans when a good
funnel Is not near at hand.
Curtains are often mined by blow
ngalnst Bcreens or out of windows.
Plnco lend weights In tho bottom of
tho horn to hold them In place.
Baking powder biscuit aro Improved
If cut quite thin, spread with but
ter and another biscuit placed on top.
They break open nnd nre already but
torcd. Keep an old coffee pot for pnraf
fine. It can bo molted In it and poured
from it so easily.
Easily Earned.
"What do you mako n week?" asked
a magistrate boforo whom an Italian
organ grinder appeared, charging a
fellow musician with breaking his in
Btiument. "Twonty-flvo dollalre," was tho an
swer. "What?" exclaimed tho nialstrnte,
"twenty'flvo dollars a week for grind
ing an organ?"
"No, sare; not for grind; for shut
up nnd go away." Harper's Weekly.
m. .m . m .-!- ,v f
Hemember, you h.ivn u slnow whose laW,
of stronRth Is not action, you have not a
faculty of body, mind or soul whose law
of Improvement Is not energy.
K. n. Hull.
Theso southern biscuits arc good to
servo for any occasion, and aro espe
cially good split and toasted. Scald a
pint of milk with a tenspoonful of
lard, two of butter and two of sugar
nnd two of salt. Dissolve a half of a
yeast cako In a llttlo of tho cooled
milk, beat an egg and ndd to It, then
mix nil together with six cupfuls of
flour. Beat nnd set to rlso in a cov
ered pan or mixing bowl. For six
o'clock ton, put tho spongo to rise at
ten o'clock In tho morning. At throe
In tho afternoon knead and roll out
ns for ordinary biscuit; cut
small cutter, brush tho top
biscuit with butter and put
They should bo very light,
with n
of each
to rise,
a llttlo
more than double their original bulk.
Bake In a hot oven for fifteen minutes,
or perhaps twenty.
The addition of a cup of mashed pc
tnto to theso biscuits when the sponge
Is sot makes them very moist nnd of
good flavor.
Scotch Potato Scones. Sift a cup
and a half of flour, two teaspoonfuls
of baking powder and a half teaspoon
ful of salt, rub in n third of a cup of
butter and add n cup of mnshod po
tatoes. Make a soft dough by adding
a beaten egg and milk to roll, if tho
potato Is moist no milk will bo needed.
Divide tho dough Into three parts and
roll In rounds halt an Inch thick; cut
and bake In a hot oven. Split, butter
and servo hot.
Boneless Birds. Cut veal cutlets
into two-inch squares, pound until thin
salt and pepper, lay on a sprig of
parsley with a piece of bacon; roll up
and skewer with two toothpicks. Roll
In flour and brown In a little fat, sim
mer gently in a llttlo water until ten
der It will take two hours. Remove
tho birds and add a llttlo cream to
tho gravy in tho pan; .the addition of
flour mado smooth with milk need not
be done If there Is flour enough in the
pan for tho birds. Pour over tho birds
and serve.
Peanuts and Lettuce. Prepare let
tuce, sprlnklo with finely broken, not
chopped, nuts, and add a French dress
ing with a1 bit of grated onion or onion
The man who has learned to do tome
thine better than any one else, has
learned to do a common thing In an un
common manner. Is tho man who has
power and Influence that no adverse cir
cumstances can' take from him.
When arranging for meals, It is wise
to cook enough vegetables for two
days, as It takes very llttlo longer
to, prepare and cook them.
Tomatoes aro so wholesome and are
such well-liked vegotnblos that a va
riety of ways In serving Is nlways
Tomatoes Stuffed With Nuts.
Scald, peel, core and scoop out tho to
matoes and All them with finely
chopped pecan meats and cold cooked
green peas. When ready to sorve,
heap a tablespoonful of mayonnalso
on each nnd serve on lettuce leaves
for n supper dish. This is a dish high
In food value.
Bean Salad. Drain a can of beans
which comes with tomato sauce free
from the sauce. Peel tomatoes, cut in
halves, take out tho seeds nnd fill each
with beans, heaping them up. Place
each half on lettuco and pour over a
highly seasoned French dressing.
Banana Salad. Sllco very ripe ban
anas over lettuce leaves, allowing ono
largo banana for each person. Chill
nnd servo with French dressing at
serving tlmo.
Nova Scotia Eggs. Proparo rounds
of toast, and when well buttered, cov
er with codfish In a white sauce, the
fish being soaked over night nnd
shredded; thon add to tho whito
sauce. Aftor placing the toaBt, put
a poached egg on each and serve ou
a platter garnished with parsley
Cold fruit soups aro palatable to
some, but fresh fruit Is much easier
to prepare and Is nlways well liked.
Fresh sorrel shredded with lettuce
and cabbage makes a most tasty salad,
served with French dressing
Amateur Gardeners.
"You seem to display moro respect
for Wombat than you had."
"Yes; I UBed to think ho was a bone
head, but his green corn is a foot high
er than mine."
In Poker Games.
Maybe wntches nre called turnips
because they sometimes go Into tho
Local Atmosphere.
"And you didn't see any windmills
in Holland?"
"Not one "
"That will hurt tho tourist business.
1 should-think tho hotel keopors would
get togothor and maintain a fow."
Its Perils.
"The worship of tho sun must bo a
dangerous religion."
"In what way?"
"Doesn't It Involvo a number of heat
These ultra-mannish vests are the very newest In French fashions for
fall wear, but even the split skirt and the one-piece bathing suit have not
prepared man to accept with equanimity this further usurpation of his costume.
Nothlrfg Prettier for the Small Girl
Has Been Evolved In the Season's
Range of Fashion.
Tho model on tho left shows ti use
ful llttlo dress In n soft shado of blue.
Tho skirt is laid In flat plaits turn
ing from tho front The bodice wraps
over n llttlo to left side; it Is fastened
by press studs nnd ornamented with
fancy buttons and braid loops. Tho
collar, cuffs and waist-band aro in
bluo nnd whito checked cotton.
Mnterlals required: 2V4 yards -10
Inches wldo, yard check 20 Inches
vrldo, 3 buttons.
Besldo this Ib a dainty dress of
whito spotted muslin. The bodice has
a yoko of lnco insertion to
which tho muslin Is gathered. The
sleovo is sot Into armholo with very
slight fulness, tho' cuffs nro of lace to
match yoko, so nro tho waist-band nnd
tho band that trims tho skirt above
tho hem.
Materials required: 2& ynrds mus
lin 30 Inches wldo, about 3 yards
wido Insertion and rather undor u
yards of narrow for waist-band.
Hallroom Library.
Ono woman has converted n ball
room Into tho daintiest of tiny li
braries. On ono sido Is n sot of
shelves for books. Tho walls nro
covered with bluo damask of very
dellcnto shado. The celling Is blue,
with :i conventional pattern of white
trailing vines drooping gracefully
down to half-length. Tho rug is delft
bluo, and tho room contains ono chair
upholstered In delft-blue brocade A
small mahogany tnblo holds n tele
phono nnd a blue and brass writing
outfit. A small lamp hangs from tho
center of tho colling, and It has a bluo
and roso glass shndo with crystnl pen
dnnts. When lighted,' It throws a
beautiful glow over tho llttlo reading
For Tight Shoes.
Summer is tho soaBon above nil
others when one's shoes seem to hurt,
and this year ono looks In horror at
tho rows of pntent leather ones that
aro brought out In tho exclusive shops,
but truo, these may bo worn with com
fort If ono will shako a little powdered
alum Into tho too of her shoo before
going out. Do not put it Inside tho
Btocklng, merely Inside tho shoe.
Children's Dresses.
Thin white cotton crepe with Inserts
.if baby IriBh laco medallions is a com
bination for children's dainty dresses.
Add So Much to the General
Charm That No Woman 'Can
Afford to Neglect Them.
It Is an acknowledged fact that pret
ty brows add much to tho goncrnl
charm, and It Is odd that women ex
pect to enjoy this fenturo at its best
when thoy do not tako caro of it. Thoy
would not expect either teoth, nails or
hair to grow In perfection wero they
not taken caro of, and tho snmo applJos
to tho eyebrows. Thoy need mnssng
lug nnd shaping frequently. Falling
in this, there will bo scraggy lines or
coarse, projecting hairs, tho latter ono
of tho most conspicuous dlsflguremonte
a woman enn havo.
1 hnvo often noticed womou with ap
parently good hair, teoth and complex
ion entirely unmindful of tho fact that
tho eyobrows were sticking out in all
directions. A woman is greatly ropald
for tho fow seconds sho spends when
her toilet Is completo In shaping her
oyebrovvB by tho Improvement in her
general appearance.
Tho correct ehnpo of n pretty oyo
brow should bo llko a swallow'B wing,
and to give them tho broad, yet curved
effect, begin at tho end nearest tho
noso, stroko, ns If tho brows aro In
clined to bo too broni, pinch togothor
with tho thumb and Angers in a
straight lino to tho placo whero tho
natural curve starts. At that point
there should bo n downward stroke
that will point tho hairs in tho right
Somo eyes nro enhanced by a broad
line, whllo others look better with a
delicately penciled effect of tho eye
brow; this, of course, depends upon
tho shnpo nnd contour of the fnco.
So that in getting this straight line
over the eyes an effect of width most
becoming to tho fnco 1b given, whllo
tho downward lino finishes off In all
cases to n tapering point.
For massaging whero tho encour
ngemont of a growth of hair Is de
sired, I very much liko vaseline bo
cnuso so much of tho crudo nnd nntu
rnl properties has not boon extracted
from it as is done in the refining proc
ess of other croams, but for thoso who
do not care for it tho following may
bo used infetcad nnd will promote tho
growth of both brows nnd lashes.
Ono-hnlf ounce of oil of sweet al
monds, 12 drops each of oil of roca
mnry and oil of nutmeg, and a quar
ter of nn ounco of tlncturo of enn
thardlcs. TIicbo Ingredients, being all
liquid, nro easily mixed, and a tvio or
throe ounce bottlo Is large enough.
Shako well, nnd It Is ready for uso.
If tho brows nro .naturally thin and
It Is desired to lmprovo tho growth,
a qulnino tonic may ho necessary, and
for this I find that two ounces of al
cohol mixed with ton grains of buI
phato of qulnino and massaged once
n day Into tho roots makes a decided
No matter from what cause tho
browB becomo thinned, never cut them
with the Idea that It will improve tho
gyowth. Good and faithful massago la
tho only thing that will help. Cutting
will only coarsen them nnd thoy may
becomo stiff nnd bristly nfter being
cut. However, tho eyelashes may huvc
an infinitesimal portion clipped from
each one about overy three or four
months. This must ho dono very
carefully nnd when tho clipping Is fin
ished anoint tho base of tho lashes
with a very minute portion of eafeput
oil, putting it on with u fine camol'i
hair brush.
A theory is anything that Is easier
to preach than to practice.
Red Cross Bill Tllue. nllbhie, boot bltilrtR
nine in the whole world, makes tho laun
dress smile. Adv.
Also Had Time to Think. I
"Why Is It that you have novr
"When 1 was n boy my father and'
others who possessed tho benefit of
oxporlonco, advised mo not to marry
until I had saved up nt least 10,
000." "Ilnvon't you over been ablo to savo
that much."
"Yes; but a fellow learns such a lot
whllo ho Is saving $10,000."
Klngsvlllc, Mo. "My trouble began
elghteon years ago. Nearly halt of
tho tlmo thoro wero running Bores
nrouud my nnklo; sometimes It would
bo two yenrs nt a tlmo boforo thoy
woro honied Thoro wero many nights
I did not Bleep becauso of the great
suffering. Tho sores wero doop run
ning ones and so sore that I could not
bear for anything to touch them.
They would burn nil tho tlmo nnd
sting like n lot of bees woro confined
around my nnklo. I could not bonr to
scratch It, It was always so sensitive
to tho touch. I could not lot my
clothes touch It. Tho skin was very
red. I mado what 1 called a cap out
ot whito felt, blotting paper and soft
whito cloth to hold It In shape. This
I woro night nnd day.
"I tried many remodlcs for most of
tho eighteen years with no effect.
Last Bummor I sent for somo Cutlcura
Soap nnd Ointment. Tho very first
tlmo I used Cutlcura Soap and Oint
ment I gained rollef; thoy rellovcd tho
pain right thon. It was three months
from the tlmo I commenced using
Cutlcurn Soap and Ointment until tho
sores were entirely healed. I havo
not boon troubled since and my anklo
seems perfectly well." (Signed) Mrs.
Charles E. Brooke, Oct. 22, 1012.
Cutlcurn Soap and Ointment sold
throughout tho world. Samplo of each
freo.wlth 32-p. Skin Book. Address post
card "Cutlcura, Dcpt. L, Boston." Adv.
Tho best way to kill bedbugs is to
fill their mouths with snuff nnd let
thorn sneeze themselves to death.
Cfii flr m tt? "? Hl
backache Rheumatism
Kidneys and Bladder
The Army of
Is Growing1 Smnller Every Day,
responsible they
not only give reli
they perma-
itlpation. Mil
lions use
them for
Indication, Sick Headache, Sallow Sldn.
Genuine must bear Signature
writs for my PRCC book. THE most lNTRUCTIe
mKszs anj iha RruARKABi f rurts iprFCtrn Ur
THERAPiON sar-'sft
UU't III remrdr for VOtlROWNallmiml. Don't lend a cnt.
AbiolutelrPRet!. No'foUoun'clrculiri. I)R LECLERO'Sxkau, London, Eno.
liiKfin.D.O. llooknlree. lllith
cat, rtlort'iiocu. licat resului.
mi ii aw' tiMil W11 k-1-
TJamT Iiver
Anam i-'ii.i.a.
The Model 1912 Winchester is the lightest, strongest
and handsomest repeating shotgun on the market. It
weighs only about Si pounds, yet it has great strength,
because its metal parts throughout are made of nickel steel.
It is a two-part Take down, without loose parts, is simple to
operate and the action works with an ease and smoothness
unknown in guno of other makc3. See one at your dealer's or
Stnd to Wlnchittir Rtptathg Armt Co., Ntv Haven, Conn., for clrcslar.
f Hni C tnm from ten
fHtnrch ami tun cutitj in ttituii ttii .corrr ppno
nml packing) nnd l'. Mlta I'.lltobotli Alio, 23 inchi I
lilr,li Ki,n,ritirrn tmifl frnm inn rpnt Dacksflpa nnd
rnurronta in ainmi Rnn Kit. juniurawunnmut
MlMJMly WliltH.twPiTolmlii'ahlBh. Hend tot f rora
II ro Flint nurksgps If you wUli, but twlco a runny nro
itulrod. Out till"
pin oof ono ten runt
k - . .... . 1... .....
UUU ttU. Will l IKWl
Wrlto your nnnio nnd
Finds Help in Lydia E. Pink
horn's Vegetable
Bellovtio, Ohio. "I was In a terrible
Btato beforo I took Lydin E. Plnkham'a
vogotablo Com
pound. My bnclc
nchcduntil I thought
It would break, I had
pains all over me,
nervous feelings and.
periodic troubles. L
was very weak and
run down nnd wa
losing hope of ovon
boing well and
strong. After tnk
inor Lydla E. Pink-
linm's VcgoUiblo Compound I improved
rapidly and today am a well woman. I
cannot toll you how happy I feel and I
cannot sny too much for your Compound.
Would not bo without it in tho houso if
it cost thrco times tho amount" Mrs.
Cn.v3. Chapman, R. F. D. No. 7, Bcllo
fuo, Ohio.
Becauso your caso is a difficult ono,
doctors having dono you no good, do not
continuo to suffer without Riving Lydin,
E. Finkhnm'a Vegetnblo Compound a
trial. It surely has remedied many
cases of femnlo ills, such as inflamma
tion, ulceration, displacements, tumors,
irregularities, periodic pains, backache,
and it may be exactly what you need.
The Plnkham record is n proud nnd
peerless one. It is a record of constant
victory over tho ob3tinnto ilia of woman
ills that deal out despair. It is an es
tablished fact that Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegctablo Compound has roBtorod
health to thousands of Buch Buffering
women. Why don't you try it if you
need Buch a medicino?
is constantly growing in favor becauso it
Docs Not Slick to the Iron
nnd It will not injure tho finest fabric. For
laundry purposes it has no equal. 16 or.
package 10c. 1-3 more starch for some money.
DEFIANCE STARCH CO., Omaha, Nebraska
W. N. U., OMAHA, NO. 36-1913.
Nebraska Directory
Wrlto ua for prlcca.
Constim yonr stock to ua fnr cixxl rirlcoa, good nil
nnl prompt rtunltianco. Wrlm or wlro u tor nnr
desired Information rr-ertrdlnir Uiomnrkot. Allrotu
munlcntloni nnmuroil promptly. Wo ura working:
tor jour Interest and approclata your builnou.
Barmori to N. IX. Acktr A Co,
Llvo Stock Commission
teom 110-112 Elthanei Bids-. Stock Tdl. Station, S. Omihj, Nib.
University School
m iusic
Lincoln, Nebraska
Tho foremost school of music in tho
West. Twentieth year begins Sept.
8th. Send for new free catalog to
Willard Kimball, Prcs.
1 lib and R Streets Lincoln, Neb.
flSf v Irs? Ji
1 1 i
Catarrhal Fever
3 to 11 dnars often enrn.
Unn M-i.'riil bottlo Nl'OIIN'.S euanintecd to euro a cue.
H.ifn for any uinro, tiur&oorcoll.
Dottm bottles to. Uel It of druRittsts, harness doulers or direct irom
tunniiructtiri'rs.oxprpss paid.
Hl'OllN'H U tin) bolt pruvontlro of all fornu of dlstompcr.
GliemlnU tint! IlitoterldloRlsts, (loslion, Intl., U, 8. A.
rent nurkacea of Fsa1tlcss
cut. It will be luceptijl in
or two. lire ront tori. Only
....... ..nn. .nhll.lltinn.
yvv. .... ..,,..w.. ....
sddri'im plainly,
RTARP.H f!fl
en... ... .raJim.lil.JIniWiiuiiiii'iiiiiiiii
5bjii in
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