The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, September 05, 1913, Image 7

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,i. y.
Musical Song Contest.
Thoro havo boon so many requests
for another musical paotlmo that I am
"hoping this will fill tho apparently
groat need.
Have some ono behind a Bcreon play
n fow bars of each song on tho piano
jor sing it and let tho guests write
down tho molodleB which they recog
iilzo. I think somo of you who havo
moro tlmo than I havo at present
might wcavo theso titles Into a little
utory or romance. I havo given mostly
tho well-known songs, as overy one- 1b
not "up" on tho songs of tho day so
called "popular" and which I prophecy
will not linger with us as theso havo
Theso airs may bo found In bound
collection of old songs and your music
dealer will supply thoso you do not
havo. Tho list will help you In making
up the contest, which may bo added
to or curtailed at tho ulcasuro of tho
hostess. Vocal selections: Afterwards,
All's Right, American's Farewell, Annie J
Laurio, Beautiful Moonlight, Ben Bolt,
Columbia, My Country; Do Coontown
Cakowalk, Dream Faces, Flco as a
Bird, Grandma's Shamrocks, Green
Palms, Guard tho Flag, Hall Cplumbla,
Home, Sweet Homo; In Glory Ho As
cendeth. In tho Gloaming, Juanlta,
Kathleen Mauvourneen, Keep for Mo a
Trusting Heart, Last Night, Lead, Kind
ly Light; Listen to tho Mocking Bird,
Lovo's Golden Dream, Lullaby ("Erml
nle"), My Old Kentucky Home, Non
E Ver, or 'Tis Not True; Nearer, My
God, to Thee; Only Ono in the World
for Mo, Over tho Moonlit Sea, Rocked
in tho Cradle of tho Deep, Sing, Sweet
Bird; Stay Homo Tonight With tho
Old Folks, Sweot Chimes of Long Ago,
Take Back tho Heart, Tho Dear Llttlo
Shamrock, The Garden of Sleep, Tho
Golden Harvester, Tho Lost Chord,
Tho Star-Spangled Banner, Tho Sweet
est Girl of All, Then You'll Remember
Me, Until Then, Venetian Boat Song,
What Aro tho Wild Waves Saying?
When Life Is Brightest, When the
Angels Have Lifted tho Veil, When tho
Swallows Homeward Fly.
House Warming Shower.
A charming girl who was married
nway from homo was honored when
sho returned by thlB unusual nnd very
acceptablo shower.
Tho couple went right Into tho cot
tage which the bridegroom had built,
and about two dozen of their best
liv ISSPSp
THE costumo on tho left is In tan
colored cpongo cloth. Tho high
walsted skirt Is slightly full at tho
top, and has a whlto and tan
striped cotton front, a particularly
effective trimming.
The bodice has a vest and collar in
white, tho lower part of tho vest being
oinbroldered with rod and purple. A
narrow band embroidered in tho same
color finishes tho neck.
Materials required; 4 yards 42
Inches wide, Y yard whlto 20 inches
wldo, 1 yard stripe about 8 Inches
The second is in cream lawn om
broldored at foot; it is finely tucked at
waist, and gathered in center front
under a band of Insertion.
Tho bodice is of plain lawn finely
tucked, tho bolero of pleco embroidery
edged with ball fringo; tho cuffs and
collar are of bluo lawn, trimmed with
buttons covered with the same; a
strap of insertion is carried round tho
frlendB went thoro ono ercnlng Boon
niter tholr arrival (having announced
tholr coming by telophono) each ono
carrying a parcel marked "for tho now
house." All tho packages woro placed
In n clothes basket, and what over
flowed woro tied to tho handles; somo
of tho boys (I should say, men,) car
ried brooms, foathor dusters, a wash
board waB fastoned about ono chap's
neck bearing a placard saying "Clean
liness Is Next to Godliness;" ho pro
duced soap from his pockets and car
ried a largo scrubbing brush and a
package of washing powder.
Tho gardener of tho crowd had a
boo, rako and spado; another man
trundled a wheelbarrow; ono had a
pair of clipping shears and ono a smalt
Tho girls had dusters, tea towols,
bath towols, kitchen aprons, T-nntry
shelfpaper, broom bags, etc. I assure
you it was tho merriest kind of a timo.
At ten o'clock an innocont looking
suit caBO was produced containing
sandwiches neatly wrapped In waxed
paper, olives, salted nuts and a jar of
potato salad. Coffeo was mado on tho
now Btovo nnd paper napkins and
plates woro used, the brldo producing
her wedding spoons for tho occaulou.
Every ono ngreed that this waB tho
very nicest kind of a shower, and tho
brldo said sho waB delighted to havo
it after tho wedding instead of before.
Of courso circumstances alter caseo,
and this affair just suited this especial
Golden Rod Wedding.
Ono of tho prettiest decorative
schemes for a fall wedding is to uso
the gorgeous golden rod a3 the ox
cluslvo flower. It lends itself to cith
er a church or houso ceremony equal
ly1 well; it does not wilt quickly and
Is found In nearly overy locality.
MaBsed In huge brown crocks and
jars, It fills corners and fireplaces; is
most decorative in flower holderB
fastened to tho walls and tied with
white and yellow gauzo ribbon to tho
ends of tho reserved poWB in tho
church it is all that can bo desired.
A charming canopy is mado by
stretching wire netting that cornea
by tho yard, filling with vines and
ferns and then studding tho whole
with clusters of golden rod. Tho
bride may carry white roses and the
maids yellow ones, and a beautiful ef
fect is mado by having tho attendants
in filmy whlto frocks over yellow
slips, with yellow saBhes and hair or
naments. Have yellow candlo shades, yellow
ices or ico cream, yellow bon-bons
and, if possible, use gold banded
china. At a daytime wedding thiB
sunshiny color is most effective, as
it loses its radiant brilliancy a llttlo
in an artificial light.
If cako boxes are used have the
monogram in gold. Tho most fash
ionable hour for weddings seems to
be at four or half after, and this is
just tho timo for this yellow color
Everyone loves golden rod and tho
dainty lavender and white asters thut
aro usually found by its side.
upper part of arm, It la threaded with
blue ribbon tied in a bow; tho waist
band is of wider bluo ribbon.
Materials required: 2 yards wide
embroidered flouncing, l'i yard Inner
tlon, 1 yard pleco embroidery 36
Inches wido, 2 yards ball fringe, 1 yard
plain cream lawn, 4 ynrd bluo lawn
40 inches wldo, 1 yard nnriow inser
tion, 1 yard narrow ribbon, yard
On the right tho model is in old rose
Flaxzella; tho stylo Is quite slmplo.
Tho aide scams of skirt aro stitched
in tho ordinary way;i tho wrap-over
in front is prettily cut, a cord orna
ment and button being sewn in each
point. Threo buttons trim each
sleeve. Collar of white embroidered
Hat of black Tagcl, trimmed with aj
b"luo feather mount.
Materials required: 4 yards 40
Inches wldo, 8 buttons, 2 cord orna-j
mcuto. i
21 I . L j
NOTES oorr
Produco moro puro seeds.
Diversified farming Is best.
There Is good money In ducks.
Tho clean separator gets tho cream.
Skimmllk will make quick growth
In chicks.
Tho dairyman can' handle hogs to
splendid advantage.
Tho average cow docs her best work
when from llvo to eight years old.
Any smell to your milk after you
take It Into the houso? Don't let It be
Tho houso should be painted a color
that will blond In with tho surround
ings. Put the oalt for the sheep In ,a
trough. They do not llko to cnt it
from the ground.
That llko produces llko is Been In
tho defects of the sow being trans
mitted to her pigs.
Tho natural curve of a horse's neck
Is better than the artificial positions
mado by tho check rein.
It Is not economical to doprlvehens
of foods rich In the essential elements
for tho production of eggs.
Tho combined area of tho corn fields
In tho United States Is nearly equal to
tho area of France or Germany.
Almost anything In tho poultry line
sells, but the choicest prices alone
are given for the "fancy" goods.
Every 100 pounds of milk contains
87 pounds of water. No wonder a
cow needs a lot of puro, fresh water.
The better the cow Is cared for nnd
j tho better the systom of feeding tho
iuuru piuuuiuju sno wm uo in every
Tho inquiry for dairy cows was nov
er so great. If It holds, It will pay
bettor to raise dairy calves than beef
Feed more onts and alfalfa nnd IesB
corn now, as corn lacks sufficient
muscle-mnklng protein for tho work
ing horse.
There Is no surer fruit than tho
grape; none thnt requires less labor
nnd oxpense, and nono moro healthy
and delicious. j
For a dry mash nothing will beat
two parts each of cornmeal, bran,
shorts and beef scraps, and one-half
part alfalfa meal.
A fall garden will prove profitable
Such crops as beans, beets, , carrots,
cabbage and mustard will make a
nice garden for thin fall.
In stallion service fees a man gen
erally gets just about what ho pays
for. Soundness should bo tho basis
In selecting a draft stallion.
A cough in hogs may bo tho result
of sleeping In dusty quarters, In which
caso tho troublo should bo removod by
giving bedding that Is clean.
AH tho growth nnd thrift that can
bo encouraged and maintained dur
ln gtho first year of tho colt's llfo In
sure a stronger and a hotter horso.
It Is a good plan when getting ready
to milk and before putting the pail
Into position to brush tho cow's udder
with dry hands or a clean, dry cloth
Young plants In the garden should
be protected from cucumber beetles
and squash bugs by light screens
Bordeaux pnrlB green la also good for
On an avorngc, it will require one
pound of grain pdr weok for ten
weeks to keep a chicken nnd It
should weigh about two pounds when
at that age.
The most common mistake that Is
mado In locating tho farm poultry
house is that of placing It so closo to
tho other fnrm buIldhngB that tho hens
overrun tho latter.
Other things being equal, It Is not
tln largest hog thnt returns tho most
p.-cflt, but rather tho hog that makes
tho host growth In tho uhortest tlmo
nnd upon tho smallest amount of
Tho Maine Expr-lmcnt stntlon tonic
for fowls: Pulverized gentlnn, ono
pound; pulverized ginger, ono-qunrtor
pound: pulverized pnltpotor. onc-quar"-tor
pound; Iron sulphate, ono-liulf
pound Mix thoroughly, and uso two
or three tablespoofulB In ten parts of
dry mash.
Watch tho llttlo things.
Don't crowd your chickens.
Aro you going to buy a sIloT
The comb Is tho chicken's health In
dicator. Keep tho bust owe lambs to In
crenso the flock.
Sifted ashes arc a good substitute
for dust for tho hen's bath.
Good butter can never bo mado
from cream that is not good.
Abuse will never cucourngo tho cow
to make tho greatest milk flow.
Tho HafeBt preservatives for swoot
milk are cleanliness and prompt cool
ing. Grit Is the hen's tooth and without
It she cannot bo expected to do her
Tho nearer squnro you build a poul-try-houao,
tho less tho coat of con
struction. When cut In tho milk and cured,
oat nnd pea hay 1b most pal&tablo and
If a horso has anything faulty it
will not grow less but will probably
grow worse.
Early and lato milking seomB to be
tho only satisfactory way of Bolvlng
tho fly problem.
Why not have some colte, calves
and pigs growing Into money for you
while you Bleep?
Young sows that do well with tholr
first llttors may UBually bo consldorod
good brood bows.
Tho more cows a farmer keeps aud
tho bettor care he gives them, the big
ger the bank account.
It Is cnoconointcal to use anything
for tho hens that can be purchased
nnd converted Into profit.
Gunny-sacklng, cut Into strips and
placed over tho horses' noses, prevents
hot flies from troubling them.
Somo of the cnuseB of roup aro sud
den and extremo changes In tompcra
turo, damp houses and drafts.
It Is roported that great numbers of
horses in Europe havo been success
fully vaccinated against glanders.
If tho stable manure cannot all bo
spread on the fields now It should bo
placed under cover to preserve It till
Loso as little time as possible be
tween milking nnd separating, for
tho betterment of both milk and
Give a colt range rather than con
finement, to mako a good horse of
htm, as fresh air and exorcise aro his
The sheep Is a closo gleaner with
a faculty of gaining his BubBlBtonce
from gralnB nnd herbage that would
othorwlBo bo lost.
Two parts middlings and one part
corn meal makes a good ration for
chickens, but don't feed more than
they will eat up clean.
One of tho greatest advantages of
alfalfa as a hog pasture Is tho fact
that It affords a fresh growth through
out the pasturing season.
The time to put your Bystem of farm
management Into active operation is
at hand. Do not hcsltato to work it
out through the entire season.
It Is well to work up from a few
good cows to many. When tho day for
tho many comes you will know how to
handle them and how to got thorn,
Tho tlmo 1b iinon us when wide
awako farmers will demand, not only
puro seeds, but seeds that nre highly
Improved In tho quality of production.
Tho Ontario experiment station
says that It costB pretty closo to $4 to
raise a pig to six weeks of nge, count
ing cost of aire and dam and feed
The pigs need constant attention
for worms. Somo of theso never fall
ing preparations do fall sometimes
and then wo havo to get after them
in earnest.
Tho borne population of tho world
1b estimated as moro than 111,000,000,
of which about 13,000.000 are In Eu
rope, 28.000,000 in North Amorlca.
11,000.000 In Asia.
Did you change your stock this
spring and obtain soma thoroughbred
stock or are you still trying to raise
Bcrub ponltrv when tho other kind
pays bo much bettor?
Sheep cannot cat slluge In as great
proportionate quantity as do cattle,
though no ono seems to know why.
Howevor, they do well on It, and It
BaveB a great deal of hay and other
At this duto last season early cab
hngo wuh selling at very low prices.
It Is now commanding excellent
prices. Tho uverago for tho two sea
sons will bo qulto Hntlsfnctory. Gar
deners who plant about tho same ncro
ago of each crop from year to yiwr
usually fnro tho beHt.
First Prlzo Clydesdale Stallion.
What do you think of tho man whom
you see driving a horse with his tnil
docked to sevon Inches, perfectly help
less against the attack of files during
theso hot days?
Thpro Is a great deal of humanity
In axlo groaso.
Havo you over noticed that tho first
thing your horse doeB when you turn
him out of tho Btnblo In tho morning
Is to go straight to tho watering
Contrary to tho gcnornl belief,. It
docs not hurt a horso to glvo him
water in tnodornto quantities oven
when ho is very hot, providing tho
water Is not very cold.
Novor snlt tho horso'B foed In tho
box. Plnco a big lump whoro ho can
reach It and ho will take It when he
needs It. v
Tho long haltor Btrap In the stall
hns been tho cause of permanent In
jury to many animals.
A "cheap" harness Ib really about
tho most oxponslvo thing on tho fnrm,
as it BomotimoB costs life.
Expert at Eastern Oregon Ex
periment Station Gives Re
sults of Test.
(Uy UOU13UT W1TIIYCOMIJ of Eastern
Oregon Uxporimcnt Station.)
All experiment to test tho feeding
value of raw or steamed pbtntoes as
supplementary feed with a grain ra
tion has been carried on with inter
esting results.
The hogs in tho experiment were di
vided into eight lots aud records of
tho different feed glvon each nnd the
proportionate gains made wcro kept
inrefully. Each hog In lota 1 and 2
atu nn average of 170.18 pounds of
barloy aud G09.B3 pouudo of raw po
tatoes, making a gain In weight of
S0.70 pounds. Thoso In lots 3 nnd 4
ato 110.30 pounds of barloy nnd
3C3.7C pounds steamed potatoes, and
made a gain of 70.C0 pounds, whllo
thoso In lots B und G ato 1S8 GO
pounds barley and 5G4.80 poundB
steamed potatoes and mado n gain of
78.10 pounds. Lots 7 and 8 ato 300,10
pounds hurley without potatoes und
mado n gain of GO. 5 pounds.
Tho last two lots, fed barloy alono,
woro used as a check on tho others to
show more definitely tho proportion
ito value of the potntoes. At tho
present market valuo of 7 cents a
pound llvo weight, tho hogs fed barloy
mudo a $3.87 gain, which makes tho
barley feeding value 51.02 to tho hun
irod. Lots 1 and 2 fed barloy und rnw
potatoes at tho rate of threo poundB
sf potatoes to a pound of barley,, mado
& $l,2G gnln, which gives tho raw
potatoes a feeding value of 29 cents
to tho hundred. Ixts 3 nnd 4 receiv
ing six tlmos as much steamed pota
toes as barley, made a $1.94 gain,
giving the steamed potatoes a fcodlng
value of 47 cents to tho hundred,
Lots 5 aud G fed threo times as much
itcamcd potatoes as barley, mado a
JD.47 gain, making tho feeding value
f the potatoes 42 cents to the hun
Irod. It Is noticeable that thoso fod six
times us much potatoes as grain did
not mako quite tho gain made by tho
others, but It required 85.25 pounds
Icbs barley to make this gain, so tho
dlfforenco In feeding valuo lu ac
suuntod for.
It 1b alpo noteworthy tha. tho steam
potatoes aro worth 13 cents more to
the hundred than raw for feeding, na
shown In tho comparison of the gain
of animals fed the 3-to-l ration.
Ducko Are Hardy.
Ducks, an u rule, are hardy. They
do not havo tho gapes Tho weakpst
part of a duck Is Its legs. Indigestion
is apt to show Itself in tho young If
the coarse sand Is omitted in tho food.
It 1b alwayB beat to put a handful of
and In a pall of mauli food, mixing It
thoroughly. This will aid dlgoutlon
The oily nature of tho foathnrs makes
the ducklings vermin proof. Expos
uro to hot HunH Is fatal. There should
always bo a partial sliado to the ruus.
Tho well-brod druft horso Is always;
In demand, and. tho fnrmor who breeds
It constantly In the ono who makes
tho most profit In horses.
Tho patient raulo 1b not much fon
npecd, but ho keeps going, and usually!
arrives on time. '
A mulo novor eeunis to ho really
frightened at anything. Whon hoi
runs nway ho docs It through puro
lovo of mischief.
A mulo scents danger almost as
unerringly as tho elephant.
Ever know a mulo to atop In a hole
or venture upon nn unsound bridge
of his own volition? '
No whlto man can ever got on asJ
good terms with a mule as tho nognw
cnn. ,
Tho uverago mulo will do as rauchl
work at two years old as tho horso
will at three or four. '
Novcr tlo a mulo up in a stall ovor-i
night. Tho open Hold for him always.'
Somo English farmers are paying niu
high as $400 per pair for American'
mules to Bond to tho Argcntlno Re
To Eradicate Disease Birds Af-i
fected Should Be Isolated
and Treated.
(l)y IT. L. KISMPSTKIt of MlanourJ Na
tion.) Gapes Is a dlsoaso affecting certain
birds, fowU, and particularly chicks,
ouo to four weeks old. It Is causod
by a small worm, called tho gape
worm, which attaches Itsclt to tho
wlndplpo of its victim.
The symptoms nro frequent gaping,
sneezing, n whistling cough, with dis
charge of mucus and worms, dump
Ishncss, weakness and drooping of
wings. Dead birds will show forked
worms attached to the windpipe.
Tho ndult femalo gapo worm is
much larger than tho male, her body
being filled with ngga and embryos.
Theso embryos appear In tho drop
pings or nre coughed up. So the
troublo Is spread by contamination
of runs, food nnd drinking water.
Embryos aro often found In earth
worms. To eradicate the disease, lsolato af
fected blrdB, treat drinking water
with potassium pormnngnato; burn
dead birds, and remove chicks to
fresh ground which Is not' infected.
Cultivation of Infected ground 1b
snld to eradicate the worms In three?
Individual cases may bo treated in
one of threo waya:
Hy confining tho chick for a short
tlmo In n box which has air-slaked
llmo on tho floor. Tho llmo la sold to
cuubo tho worm to release Its grip,
and tho chick to snoozo It out.
Stripping n feather, leaving a small
tuft, moistening, with turpentlno and
Introducing into tho wlndplpo, euro
being taken not to lacerate tho wlnd
plpo or suffocate the chick.
Two horso hairs tied together, tho
knot trimmed, run down tho chick
en's throat, and romovlng In a twist
ing manner, will also remove tho
worms. Gape worm extractors aro
aUo on tho murkot.
Good, Rich Soil Is Necessary for
These Handsome Flowers !
They Sell Well. '
ThoBo handsome stalk flowers nro
easily grown. Good, rich soil Is nee-'
OBsary. Tho flowers ulwnyavsell readi
ly and ship nny dlBtnnro without In-'
Jury. BulbB also Boll woll. Sort thorn
Into threo sizes and make the price'
nccordingly. Plant In a sandy boltl
about five Inchos deep.
A space In the back yard, a yard'
wldo and two yards long, will produce
a dozen lino stalks thnt will nrnri.u
j hundreds of flowers. Koop tho plant
niouu ai an nines to securo choice,