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No. 65
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Local and Personal.
Joseph Weeks, of Grand Island, loft
this morning after a few days stay in
Miss Nell Workman came from Baird
Wednesday and wllf teach here this
Mr. Schoolcraft and sons, of Mux
well, are spending a few days in town
with friends.
Ninty three now freight cars went
thu this morning to Granger from an
eastern factory.
Dr. Pritchard returned last eveniog
from Ogalalla where he spent several
days on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Anderson came
home last evening from Omaha whre
they visited this week.
Mrs. Thomas Axtell and bi other left
this morning for Oshkosh to pend a
few doys with friends.
O. E. Harris, of Lincoln, came a few
days ago to visit his sister Mrs. Thomas
Axtell for a week or longer.
For tho week ending yesterday sixty
eight hunting licenses were issued by
the County Cleik. Only one of these was
to a non-resident.
New line of fall Ulz-Dunn shoes at
the Leader.
The county commissioners have been 1
in sossion this week auditing and allow
ing bills, looking up road matters and
transacting other business of a routine
Section Foreman Hammer has begua
tne construction of a three thousand
dollar residence in the 800 block oh
west Sixth street. Contractor Friberg
is the builder.
The ball games scheduled with the
Nebraska Collegians for today, Satur
day and Sunday were cancelled by a
letter received by Manager Cummings
Tuesday afternoon.
L. E. Jones, of Nichols, was in town
yesterday and said that corn in the
-valley is out of the way of frost. It has
ripened well and outside of the hail
strip will be a good crop.
Money to loan to help -you -build,
bay or pay oii your old loan. Bratt &
Messis. George Anderson, W. V.
Hoagland and Fred Diener will repre
sent the I. 0. 0. F. at the meeting of
the grand lodge in Lincoln next month.
Willis Hansen and daughter Miss
Thea Hansen returned Tuesday from
Denmark where they spent tho sum
mer. They report an enjoyable visitin
the foreign lands, having visited in
several of the leading cities.
Master Lyle Palmer loft yesterday I
morning lor Lexington 10 visa rela
tives for a week or more.
All kinds of messalino petticoats on
Bale. Prices"$2.19, ?3.49 and $1.49 surely
bargains. E. T. Tramp & Son.
Monday Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sebastian
will move into the house recently va
cated by Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Board
man. Tho "Dutch Ladies" will serve homo
made sourkrout, made especially for
the occasion at tho Presbyterian church
carnival on tho evening of Sept. 11th.
Mr. and Mrs. V; B. Brown leave to
morrow for Philadelphia, where they
will visit friends for several weeks.
That city wos Mrs. Brown's former
Ralph Belcher, of Garfield, who was
one of tho principals in the shooting
affray at Garfield recently nnd has
since been a patient in a local hospital,
is getting along nicely.
R. L. Lewis, of DesMoines, repre
senting tho Barber Asphalt Co., spent
yosterday in town. He came her to
ascertain if there was a likolihood of
North Platte paving its streets next
Rev. C. B. Harman, of this city, will
on Septembe'r 14th, join with clergy
men in all parts' of the world in a
prayer for all free schools. These
prayers will be uttered in all the ton
gues of men almost simultaneously.
Special sermons on the subject of re
ligious and moral education will also be
The case of Edward Dorcey vsGeorgo
Lewis came up in Justice Sullivan's
court yesterday afternoon and was
continued for eight days. The plain
tiff charges that Lewis had improper
relations with his daughter for several
months. Lewis was married last week
to a lady from Cozad. Ho furnished a
five hundred dollar bond.
Roy Lee, who wos beating his way
thru town this week was arrested
AVednesday evening by U. P. Police
Gorman. Lee boarded Train No. 9 as
it was leaving the yards and was put
off three times between the depot and
the west yards T5y the conducts who
was finally obliged to stop the train
and call the officers. Lee was tried
yestorday in Judge Grant's court and
given a thirty-day sentence. His case
for delaying the U. S. mail will bc
taken up by the government.
For all acute or chronic diseases, tle
indicated Homeopathic remedy always
the safest, quickest and best.
1'winem's Drug Dept.
i aBa.. a
if 3rTv
,,,,,,,,,,, jjL,,,,, JiL if
Houd Important
. it is to pive tie
little folks Just the
Right kind ofTood
for breakfast,
lunch and dinner-
Kellogg's Toasted Wheat
Wedding Breakfast'CoKee.
Hershey's Milk Chocolates.
Bohemian Ripe Olives.
Emery's Deviled Sardines.
Walker's Chili Con Came.
Campbell's Vegetable Soup.
Jello Assorted Flavors.
Princess Cod Fish.
Imported Mushrooms.
Local and Personal
Mrs. J. T. Stuart roturncd Wednesii
doy from a short visit in Sterling, v
Mr. Lloyd Herron, transacted bust'
ness in Omaha the first of this week.
Don't forget the special sale on Petti
coats Saturday. E. T. Tramy & Son.
Dick Baker expects to leave
early part of next week for Hastings
to visit friends.
Miss" Thersa Fokin, of Paxton, came
down last evening to spend a week
with friends in town.
Christian Science Service Sunday
11:00 A. M. Subject "Man." Sunday
school 12 m. K. P. hall,' Dewey St.
A girl baby was boin August 29th to
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Vincent of Hold
rege, formerly of this city.
Eugene Meyers, of Ft. Worth, Texas,
a former resident of this section, is
visiting relatives and friends in town,
Mr. and Mrs. James Roddy expect
to leave the early part of next week
for Omaha to spend a couple of days.
Iho Halligan family left this morning
in their car for Ogalalla where they
spend a couple of days with friends.
Two apprentice girls wanted at Mrs.
Sailor's Millinery Emporium at the
Leader. tf
Mrs. Glasgoy and children, of Chop
poll, came yesterday to visit Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. Sebastian for a week.
Get in on the petticoat sale Saturday,
Sept. Gth. One day only. E. T. Tramp
Mrs. Dennin Cronin of Sibley la., is
expected here next week to visit hor
brothers Messrs. Jossph nnd James
Roddy for a couple of weeks.
John Reynolds who hns been employed
in the Wilcox department storo for a
year past returned last evening from
Colfax, la,, where he, was married
September 3rd to Miss Matilda Robert?,
They will make their homo in this city.
In growing over thirty busholB of
winter whest to the acre on summer
tilled ground when his other wheat
made only about halt that, Ed Jolliffo
convinced himself thnt where farming
pays summer tillage' is the thing.
Sutherland Free Lance.
Frank McFadden was down from hla
Keith county ranch Wednesday. He
had lately returned from South Omaha,
where he markoted five cars of cattle,
receiving $7.50 per 100 for his two-year-old
steers and $G.50 for his cows.
The milk cow train to bu run under
tho auspices of the State university and
the Burlington and Northwestern roads
will' go over the high line September
20, stopping at Wallace, May wood,
Dickens, Curtis and other towns.
Special sale on Saturday, petticoats
of all kinds, messaline, heatherbloom
and ginghams, all prices, now is the
time to get your supply. F. T. Tramp
& Son.
Julius Pizer returned yesterday from
New York and Chicago where he spent
threo weeks purchasing stock for Tho
Leader. Mr. Pizer says trade condi
tions in those two cities, and especially
New York, are not satisfactory to
business men, and theio is mnch com
plaint among tho wholesalers and job
bers. They "ffer no exp'anation as to
the unsatisfactory condition, simply
saying "1913 is sure a hoodoo."
L. E. Roache leaves tomorrow for
Lincoln, where he will bo joined by his
family, and they will go to Tulsa,
Okla., their future home. Mr. Rouche
located in North Platte immediately
after graduating from tho law depart
ment of the state university. Ho
worked his way-thru that Institution by
finding employment ouside of school
hours, and for two years succeeded in
getting about four hours' sleep per
night. He had hard competition when
he began his career in North Platte,
but he was an indefatigable workor
und gradually increased his practice
until life assumed a more roscatic hue.
Mr. Roache has always been a very!
conscientious man, has been absolutely
fair in tho legal practice and in his
business transactions and he takes with
him the best wishes of our people.
yy omen s
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Good News to Mothers
We have just received a new line of Chil
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North Platte's Exclusive Women's Store
ivXtit m Ml w
nl 1
' I ' nil I
I.Wv i wPHn
W. C T. U. Elects Officers.
The W. C. T. (J. held election of of
ficers at their meetfng September 2d,
the following being elected:
Mrs. Stella Banks, re-elected presi
dent; Mrs. Ella Hartman, secretary;
Mrs. Minnie Perkins, re-elected treas
urer; Mrs. F. T. Overman, vice presi
dent. Tho following superintendents
of departments wete elected: Evan
gelistic, Mrs. W. S. Leon; franchise,
Mrs. H. L. Baker; ilower mission, Mrs.
Minnie Perkins; jail nnd prison, Mrs,
A. V. Kellv: literature, Mrs. Emma
Van Cleave; mothers' meeting, Mrs
M. V. Mooney; mercy and relief, Mrs,
Lillie Dean; parliamentary usage, Mrs.
Ella Hartman; telegraph press, Mrs.
L. C. Knowles; scientific temperance
instruction, Mr. L. E. Miller; social
meetings and red letter days, Mrs. T.
F. Overman and Mrs. Belle Morris;
systematic giving, Mrs. Stella Banks.
Tho one plan has been successfully
tried and tho members are Mosdamos
Miller, Wilson and Knowles.
State convention will bo held at Fre
mont September 23 to 2G inclusive.
Tho delegates from our local union
aro Mesdames Banks, Hartman and
Perkins with Mrs. V, Overman as al
Next Sunday Evening.
The Lutherans resumo their evenjng
services next Sunday at 8 o'clock with
n sacred concert, tho following is tho
special music: Anthem, tho Choir; Solo,
Mr. Andy Yost; Duet, Mrs. and Miss
Huffman; Solo, Trombone, Arthur
Tramp; Anthem, the Choir; Anthem
Mr. Yost; Soprano Solo; Miss Dienor;
Duot, Arthur Tramp, Trombono, Harry
Huffman, Cornet; Solo, Mr. Jas. Shaef
fer; Anthem, tho Choir.
Master Chailes Rincker roturncd thta
morning from Denver where he Bpent
several weeks with tho McGovern
family. j
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kirkpatriclc will
leave tomorrow morning for Kearney
to make thoir home in the future.
Jnmes Wada of Sarbon stated the
first of tho wook that his 70-ncro field
of sugar beeta promises a yield of 1,000
tons. Sutherland Free Lance.
KEITH Theatre SAT.
Prices SOc, 75c, 1.00, $1.50
Sfats Now Sllincf
"Stop Thief."
"Stop Thief." without a question of
a doubt the very best theatrical offering
at the Keith Opera House during tho
ontire season will be presented in this
city on Saturday evening, Septomber
13th, with the orgnial company and pro
duction. This play had one" year in Now
York nnd was titled the best comedy on
the American stage.
An added interest to tho ongagemont
is the fact that the cast will includo
John McCnbe a former resident of this
town and who spent in boyhood days in
North Platte. Until ho went on the
staire Mr. McUabe had an unlimited
amount of frtondu here who aro alroauy
planning theatre parties in honor of hfs
home coming.
For Rent.
The Woods House at 305 West Third
The large room in the cement block
building on West Front Street.
Other houses, furnished and un
furnished rooms.
Storage room and Safe depoiit boxes.
Bratt & Goodman.
Among tho local teachers who spent
their vacations at homo and returned
here this week are Misses Ruby
Manuel of Kearney, Gladys Welsh of
Moniccllo.Ia., and Gertrude Hanks of
The Original Cast and Produciiov. I