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LIIA L. UARD, Publisher.
Dainty Designs for the Young
"Smart Set" of Paris Society
A man's slna find him out ovcntual
ly, but his wife usually bents them to
Mrs. WInlow .foothlng Syrup for CblldrMl
teething, noftciiK the gum , reduce lnflmm
Uou,nlljy pBtccuraa wlud colkMSa a bottleJU
jA.f, fll VayN. TAOA M nS
- ,
lA'Z. Ill ""- " a
? i T-Tf IV V A I
IK" '
I (
"Una tbo old-fashioned habit of
tblnklng passed out of practice?"
nsks a mngnzlno writer In discussing
tbo Increasing tendency toward im
.pulslvo and restless action on tho
part of tho American people. It
would bo unfair and untruo to an
swer tho question comprohonslvoly
nnd say cither yes or no, says tho
Pittsburgh Qajictto-Tlmcs. Tho writer
of tho mngnzlno article Is clearly
pessimistic, and scorns to favor tho
nffirmatlvo sldo of tho question, and
suggests many national Ills that flow
from tho too prevalent disposition to
act first nnd think, If at all, after
ward. Tho arguments ho adduces In
support of his unhappy contention
aro largely generalizations from Iso
lated facts. Careful, deliberate
thought as a preparation for action
In all tho affairs of Ufa Is still In ex
istence Wider opportunities for tho
training of tbo mind In youth ban
doubtless Increased tho number of
"thinkers" among tho workers of tbo
world. What Is true, however, and
may bo very Justly used as a text
for sermonizing Is that tbo swift ac
tion that life requires these days and
the whirligig of ovonts Into which one
Is plunged on the very threshold of
responsible endeavor Is destructive of
the old methods of meditation nnd
self-communing that developed tbo
minds and judgments of our grand
Investigations Just made by pbysl
slclans prove that tbero Is an appre
ciable harm from nolso, and serious
harm, too. It Is no doubt truo that
a normal norvous system can appar
ently adjust Itself to all sorts of ad
verse circumstances. Wo couldn't ex
ist otherwise Nevertheless, tho In
imical agents inako tin Impress, nnd,
llko wnter dropping on a atono, can
overcomo resistance In time. These
Investigators havo found many ab
normal nervous conditions In those
who haro long been lmniorBod In loud
noises utterly unawaro that any harm
was being dono.
Tho building operations In progress
In 45 principal cities In nil parts of
tbo country, reported to tho American
Contractor, published In Chicago,
show n falling off of 3 per cent, for
March, 1013, ns compared with tho
corresponding month a year ago.
Some icltlcs, however, show improve
ment, nnd among tho foremost of
thoso Is Milwaukee, whoso estimated
outlay for that month was $055,889,
compared with $430,987 a year ago,
gain of 52 per cent.
When tho nttontlon of a Gotham
maglstrato was called to tho mUtako
ho mado In a marlrago cormony In
requesting tho bridegroom to obey his
wife, tho maglstrato rotorted that It
mndo no difference, ns ho would hnvo
to obey bur anyhow. Outsldo of mili
tary Ideal men, tho American hus
band Is tho most obedient croaturo
on earth and accepts his wlfo'u prom
ise to oboy him with tbo character
lstlco American senso of humor.
Chicago Judgo having ruled that Oc
cupants of a city flat can tango or
mako Just ns much nolso as thoy wont
to In any other way, In splto of other
flat occupants, reminds us that tbo
prnctlco has been of such long
duration thnt tho common law
seemed to have covered tho polut In
volved. Dr. Sargent of Hurvard says that
tbo Hpoctator at a ball gamo gets
moro excltomont tbnn Is good for him.
Dr. Sargent Is evidently a person of
strong individuality yho does not
caro for tho plaudits of tbo multi
tude, Tho Ohio Stato Journal says "Di
rector Uargor BUBpcndod a pollcomnn
for not hearing tho awful din of n muf
for on a mnchlno going by. That Is
right." Columbus automobiles must
bo appallingly noisy If oven tho muf
flora on thorn mako an awful din.
Uncle Sam makes enough papor
notes each year to roach twlco
around tho world, yot that doesn't
keop Bomo of us from walking nlmoBt
as far around In order to dodgo tho
Daldhcadcd man nearly fell over n
balcony rati in a theater nnd tho pa
per telling o; tho incident uncon
sciously reports thnt ho had a hair
breadth escape I
Young women of n Chicago church
congregation havo found themselves
unablo to agrco on tbo ideal man.
Hut this Is as It should bo. If all
agreed on ono ideal, what clmnco
would tho rest of Imperfect mascu
linity havo?
Ono of tbo reasons why tho pruno Is
not moro popular is thnt It 'takes no
prldo in Us personal appearance, A
dish of prunes looks about ns Inviting
ns a dish of chestnut coal.
Tables Were Turned for
WASHINGTON- Scnntor Luko Lra
of Tennessee It congratulating
himself upon having turned tho ta
bles on his colleaguo, Senator William
It. Wobb, When Mr. Webb found
himself suddenly lifted from tho presi
dency of a disciplining school for boys
to a seat In tho greatest legislative
body In tho world ho sent for Mr.
Lea, who, while still n young man, al
ready 13 a veteran In legislation. He
wanted ndvlco from tho man of Wash
ington exporlonco as to bow he should
conduct himself upon his llrst appear
anco In tho nenate.
Mr. Lea complied moat willingly,
tolling tho ptofesBor-Hcnator that ho
should wear a Prince Albert coat,
fasten bin necktie down in the back,
allow himself to bo escorted to the pre
siding officer's desk by his colleague,
and bow, then, he must shake hands
with tho president pro tempore.
"That," snid Mr Lea by way of final
remark, "is tho formula for becoming
Rolls' of the Immortal Orators Are Still Unclouded
DO tho boys still "speak pieces"
Friday afternoons In Bchool? Do
thoy ntlll Bhattcr tho atmospbero with
such diabolical oratorical dynamics ns
aro created when tho schoolboy mind
'grasps the full power of "Somebody
to tho Gladiators?" Do they still re
clto "Abou Ben Adhcm?" Is "The
Helmet of Navaro" Bt 111 held up as
tho orlllammo of a host of mailed bat-tlo-axo
artists upon the pleasant lands
of Franco? Is Webster's reply dead?
Aro tho rolls of the Immortal orators
of, a nllk-hat generation clouded over
with the dust of nn unnppreclntivo
Bchoolboy generation? Or do they
declnlm as wo used to while that
grandest of teachers, Charles Bedford
Young, looked on?
UecauHo If they do hero's a piece
from a real orator. It fell from tho
lips of ono of the most Interesting
men In congress, Judgo Adamson of
Uoorgla. Ho is the man who Is said
to havo dressed In a whirlwind nnd
novor to havo rearranged his toilet,
but tho typhoon Interfered not a whit
ivlth his wit or speech. Just lmaglno
you aro a schoolboy, tho prize spenkor
of that Friday afternoon class In ora
Jory, tho punch and ginger, couldn't
you tear tho air If you hud this? Try
"If maledictions moan hatred tho
fierce denunciations of the dual nnd
clamorous minority In this houso
would dofitroy every pntrlot hero and
Seeing the Wheels of
i wouuA
? qUy two
NK of tbo big hotels was crowded
with women and girls. It was ono
of the numerous excursions which
sweep down on Washington In the
spring, In tho summer, In tho nutumn
and in tho winter. Theso excursions
aro a great cducationnl aid to tho ex
cursionist. Thoy sro tho wheels of
government eo round, thov exorcise
their proprietary rights In tho na
tional cuy, inoy goi a oeuer balanced
Idea of the magnitude of tho American
government and of tho machinery of
government, and thoy Btrongthon their
prldo In Washington.
Hut, whllo ono, and also many, of
thu hotels were packed tight with
theso woman excursionist, and whllo
tho clerks behind the office counter
woro boutonnlors and happy smiles,
talked their Bwcotest and showed
their best manners and their best
clothes, thu young man at tho cigar
Capital Wayside Signs
NB of tho changes that has como '
over tho roads around Washing
ton Is tho decline In the number of
wnysldo Blgns tho ndveitlnomcnts of
tobacco, clothing, lumber, etc . which
it was onco tho custom to tack on
foncoa nnd trees Onco upon a tlmo
roadsldo trees woro tagged with tin
Blgna announcing thnt It was ten
miles to John Doe's store, tho be i
plnco to buy hats, cups, shoos, shawls,
overalls, lumbor, limo nnd hardware
Coming Into tho city a mile farther on
you would boo tho snmo character of
sign announcing that It was now nine
miles to John Doe's storo. Of course
John Doo'b Btoro wub not tho only
Btoro advertlsod by thoso mile Blgns on
tho trees and fences Many other
stores woro thus advertised, and thon
a grent deal of goneral advertising
thnt Is, of nou-locnl establishment!
occupied the treoB and fences, and
urged Investment In many kinds of j&.
m m &m(
-of m
a ,-tfs. r c"3&on
ij rJK w &S I
I 5h
U. S. Senator Luke Lea
I a senator after you got to WaSlllng-
Mr. Webb was profuse In his
thanks. Indeed his thanks partook ol
tho nature of an apology.
"You would not apologize to mo if
you only knew waht delight you have
given mo," responded tbo younger
man. Then ho told his now colleaguo
how during all tho years of bis school
life bo had lived In dread of being
sent to tbo Wobb school.
"It iu one of tho best schools In
the south," ho said in explanation,
"nnd tho professor has the reputation
of being the finest dlsclpllnurlan fn
the country for boyB. When I was a
youngster I wns not looking especially
for discipline, but my father had dif
ferent vlows, and many times was on
the vorgo of Bonding mo to Professor
Webb to be straightened out. This
fato was the dread of my life.
"And that," he added, '1h tho rea
son why I felt so delighted to aid him
with a bit of advlco about his initia
tion into the senate. When It really
came to tho point of his sending for
mo and asking mo to Instruct him I
knew thnt at last 1 had reached tho
period of life where 1 need not longer
stand In fear of being sent to Profes
sor Webb for discipline. I had the
best of him. and I felt really meanly
permit the letum to power of that
horde which has held high carnival of
misrule discrimination nnd robbery
with short Intermissions and slight
hindrance for fifty years. That gal
lant old king, warrior, priest and poet,
tho Psalmist David, Bald In his wrath,
'AH men aro liars.' As it was easy
for him to get forgiveness," I havo
no doubt he wns forgiven for that un
kind remark, but If ho had lived In
this day and familiarized himself with
tho jargon of protection apologists hv
would have been able to concludo li.
his sober Judgment that sorao men' In
high places are careless 'about their
Information nnd reckless about their
statements. Ho might havj been
tempted to sing in tho sweetest
strains of sacred verse his religious
opinions about tbo hotorophemy of
discredited politicians, tho dissensions
of divided political camps quarreling
over tho method of their destruction
while railing at tho victors and in
dulging in the wildest flights of hyper
bolical language, Selah."
the Government Go Round
and newsstand looked pensive nnd un
occupied. "You don't seem to bo selling mnny
nickel clgnrn for 10 cents this even
ing?" said tho Rambler.
"Man, tho ladles may havo ndopted
many manly trnlts and notions, but
they havo not yet ns a clasB become
heavy smokers. I havo somo sensa
tional newspapers on my stand which
publish Sunday articles about how wo
men havo become enslaved to tho cig
arette nnd to Lady Nicotlno nnd nil
that, but If I depended on their trado
I would be as hard up as those gentle
men who sit around this hotel oluco
ovcry evening and discuss million-dollar
deals. With this houso full of fair
guests my trado Is confined to tho
salo of United Stntos postago stamps
and one-cent stamps, nt that. You
porhtips know that tho profit on tho
sale of postago stamps la not large.
"Tho ladles God bless 'em -do not
even buy from mo tho post enrds on
which they put the stamps. Theso ex
cursionists get loaded up with Wash
ington post cards on tho trains coming
Into Washington. When thoy reach
hero they havo nothing to do but
write on these cards '1 wish you were
here,' nddross a bunch of them, buy
tho stamps from mo. and Incldontnlly
got all my aninll chango."
Are Fast Disappearing
110 Murs
tent medlclnos. chewing und smoking
lotmci-o nnd red liquors.
I It usod to be qulto a buslnos8, tho
tacking up of theso signs. Mon and
""sunn uiivuiuu up nnu uown mo
country roads carrying, on this work.
Thoy not only tacked up signs for ono
buslnoss concern, but would carry
"sidu linos," as it woio. or a wagon
load of tin Blgns advertising other,
though not computing, wares. This
work Is going on todny, but in a much
Buuuior way,
htanwuK: -fT-tr
w sib
Two fashionable members of the younger Parisian "Smart Set" wear
ing elegant lingerie and lace dresses with ribbon bows and parasols to
Always a Few Rules That Are Well
to Keep in Mind When Dec
orating. If wo redecorate in a thorough way
our first puzzle is tbo choice of a col
or. A few rules aro useful. Blue,
green, brown, and gray are excellent
colors for sunny, well-lighted rooms.
If tho room is on tho north sldo of tho
houso or Is Ill-lighted we may need
to ubo yellow or yellow tan on the
walls in order to produce tho sunny
appearance tho room otherwise lacks.
Tan Is a good all-around color and Is
usable In well-lighted or poorly light
ed rooms.
All theso colors aro best If BOfL
For example, a sago green wall Is
much moro pleasing than a bright
green or a leaf green wall; a Copen
hagen bluoMs better than a vivid
bluo; tho most agreeable gray for
walls is brownish gray in tono. Tan
in a great variety of shadeB is always
a favorite. ,
Bright red should never be chosen.
It is crude in color and tiresome to
live with. A soft mulberry red is
Boietlmos a desirable color, and a
brownlBh or Indian red is also in good
As a wallpaper always looko dark
er when hung on tho wall than it does
In tho sample, wo must take caro to
solect medium or light shades, If wo
want cheerful rooms.
Model of white liberty catln with
draped and slashed skirt and pointed
train. Deep square decollete corsage
wlthsdrapery of rhlnestones.
Japanese Crepe for Children.
Among tho nowest dreasos for chil
dren aro thoso mado of Japnncso
cropo. Tho ubo of Japanese crepe Is
directly In accord with tho current
faahlon for materials of n cropy char
actor. Moreover, tho JapancBo varloty
is decidedly superior, both in durabil
ity of effect and In quality, to tiny
other cropo, becauso it is woven by
band and tho cropo feature Is pro
duced In tho weaving, whllo In sorao
other instances it is brought about
by a process of shrinkugo.
m 14 v J! m
If iML ! ; 91 vl
I! f h - A, , - 4
rH - J$a. V T?Y
- v J ?.. -j- 4 -m
Case for Delicate Centerpiece Not
Hard to Make, and Is Especial
ly Valuable.
It is sometimes a difficult matter
to keep centerpieces from becoming
crushed after laundering, so mnny
women mako a case in which to roll
them. Purchase a piece of crotonno
one and a quarter yards long and at
one end turn up a hem- wide enough
to cover a pole an Inch in diameter
and in length a trifle shorter than tho
width of tho cretonne. When choos
ing tho material select a dainty de
sign showing alternate stripes of flow
ers nnd a delicate color.
Bind tho threo sides with haJMnch
washable ribbon, stitching it neatly
either by hand or on tho machine.
Attach three pieces of ribbon to tho
end. These are used to tie tho case
when tho centerpieces are rolled In
This is an especially useful article,
and should bo added to tho linen
chest, and there will never bo any
need of pressing a centerpiece beforo
It is fit to place on the dining table.
It requires only a short tlmo to mako
an attractive case of this variety, and
you will never ceaso to sing its
praises when It has1 saved you much
Now that you havo supplied a caso
for tho centerpieces, provide llko ar
ticles for tho doilies of your luncheon
set. From cardboard cut two circular
pieces an Inch wider than tho plato
dollle3 and two others nn Inch wider
than the diameter of the tumbler
dollies. Cover these with cotton wad
ding and sprinkle with lavender.
Using Cretonne to match tho cen
tcrpleco case, cut circular pieces
enough tp cover tho top and bottom
of the disks. Allow a half Inch for
turning In dll around, and neatly whip
stitch the two together or baatc rough
ly and bind with tho half-Inch ribbon.
At threo places attach pieces of rib
bon with which to tio tho cases shut
when tho dollleo aro placed between
tho two sections. A set of cases for
a luncheon Bet would mako a most
acceptable gift to a prospective brldo
or to the systematic housewife who
likes a place for everything.
Dainty Garments for the Newcomer
All tho best layettes consist of sim
ple garments mado entirely by hand.
Tho expectant mother who knows
how to do neat sewing mny prepare
I for her baby a layetto good enough
for a prlnco, and of tho samo materi
als as would bo used for any littlo
royal highness. The fabrics chosen
for littlo slips and dresses aro lino,
sheer linen or cotton woavo. Whore
considerable dainty hand ombroldcry
Is to bo used, linen would best bo
chosen, as it is durable enough to
make tho work worth whllo. It has
tho advantage also of keeping perfect
ly whlto after much laundering and
irons smooth without starch. Lawn,
cither llnon or cotton, in fine qualities,
sheer nainsook and French bntlsto arc
proforred for making tho baby'a
drocoj and petticoats.
From an Old Raincoat.
An apron with a bib can bo inadq
for wash day, or when you glvo tho
baby a bath, A bathing cap, and bag
to carry your bathing suit, and littlo
utility cases dear to tho suitcase of
travolers, may bo mado from a dis
carded raincoat.
Starch for Laces and Muslins.
Mix a small quantity of corn flour
smoothly with cold water. Thia will,
bo found excellent for lightly stiffen
ing all dcllcnto and lacey fabrics, in
cluding veils and neckwear of sheer,
The Logical Situation.
"Here, some fellow says that tho suf
fragists aro women who haven't got
"Then I suppose ho holds It Is tho
antlB who get the uncles."
You're Out
If you have not perfect
digestion, liver activity
and bowel regularity.
These should be daily
functions in order to
maintain health.
will help you when those
organs become weak and
lazy. We urge -a trial to
day. Insist on Hostetter's.
London and Its Lumber.
London is the "most conservative city
In Europe, if not in tho world. It loves
its lumber. You may still see thoso
notices attached to lamp posts which
announces "Standing for Four Hack
ney Carriages," or whatever tho num
ber may be, though for ten years (In
ono case, to my own knowledge for
twenty-five) no vehicles of any kind
have stood there. Perhaps it Is as well
that these relics should remain; thoy
are a tiny part of our social history.
They will probably remain when wo
aro flying to dinner or the theater In
omnl-aeros. By that time people won't
know what "hackney carriage" meant,
and there will bo discussions in tho
"Notes and Queries" of the porlod.
For each generation hands down to the
next certain nuts to crack.
England's Oldest Bowling Green.
Which Is our oldest recreation?
There aro not wanting archeollglsts
who profess to be able to trace refer
ences to football and baseball on
Egyptaln moral tablets. However,'
) when it comes to actual records, tho
fine old English game of bowls would
appear to be as7 old as any.
Southampton, Eng., has records
showing thnt one of the local bowling
greens wnsln existence In 1299.
Mnny interesting customs aro asso
ciated with tho gamo on this historic
green.t Every summer a "Are Jack"
competition is held, and an order of
knighthood is conferred on the win
ner, who kneels in the center of tho
green while tho other players gather
round hlra and the master touches
him with a sword and dubs him "sir."
For the Ironing Board.
Pad the honing board' with a thick
quilt or old blanket, then lay tho
board on tho table and cut a piece of
heavy muslin so It will fit the board
lposely. Seam it up, leaving tho slip
open nt each end. Make two of these
slips and chango them frequently,
Bays Mother's Magazine. Thus tho
Ironing board is always clean, and tho
padding will not have to bo changed
for months.
Its Species.
"Ttiat petition Is certainly a bird."
"Of course. Isn't It a round robin?"
Please the
Home Folks
By serving
They are among the
good things to cat, but not
in the cook book, because
they require no cooking.
Toaslies are always crisp
and appetizing ready to
eat direct from the pack
age. You save heaps of
time and avoid hot work
in the kitchen.
Some rich cream sugar
if you want it or cool fruit
juice, with these fluffy bus
of corn and you have a
dish that is fascinating for
any meal of the day.
Toasties are sold by
grocers everywhere.