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Nationality of Diners la Shown
Their Various Method of
Photographs have been received In this country illustrating the incidents attending the- wedding or
Princess Victoria Louise, only daughter of tho emperor of Germany, and Prince IJrnest Augustus of Cumberland.
This one shows King George of England and tho kaiser riding together afkr the ceremony at Potsdam.
Government Looks Up Cause for
Their Non-Attendance.
Investigation Shows They Do Not
Abandon Opportunity for Educa
tion and Go to Work Becauoo
Parents Need the Money.
Washington. The idea that chil
dren leavo school to go to work be
cause their parents need the money,
is vigorously combatted in a bulletin
issued by the United Slates bureau of
education. The authors of the bulle
tin have mado a careful study of
trade nnd labor conditions among
girls in Worcester, Mass., preliminary
to the establishment of a trade school
for girls. They find that from one
' half to three-fourths of tho girls at
work in tho factories could have had
further schooling if they had wanted
to or if their parents had cared to in
sist upon it.
The survey showed that the num
Der of girls between 14 nnd 1C years
of age who leave school is constantly
increasing. During the past five years
many more girls between those ages
left tho Worcester schools than can
bo accounted for by increase in popu
lation. Only about 17 per cent, of
them had finished tho grammar
schools; most of them left in the
sixth and severth grades.
Why did tho girls leavo school?
Various reasons wore assigned by the
girls themselves. Some 30 girls
said they "did not like school;" "could
not get along with the teacher;" "were
not promoted," or "wanted to go to
work." Two wero working to help pay
for a piano. One of these jvas a cash
girl of 14 years, who had left the
ninth grade to go to work In a de
partment store for $2, later $2.50 a
week. Another was a girl of 15 from
tho eighth grade, who went to work
in a corset factory for $1 and rose to
$1.82. Still another girl was taking
music lessons and contributing to
tho payment on tho piano.
Twenty-seven girls were found at
homo. In somo cases they had left to
help in housework, while a few had
left nt a time of temporary stress and
then had not returned to school. Four
girls had changed places with tho
mother, who worked in a corset fac
tory, laundry, or some such place,
whilo the girl whose wnge-earnlng
pover was small kept house for the
mother of the children.
Curious differences as to what the
parents thought they could afford
wero discovered: Tho mother of a
family of eight children, living in ap
parently direct poverty, would have
been glad to have sacrificed and
pinched still further to have hud her
daughter stay in school longer 1 she
' would. The mothor of another fam
ily of six, living in a comfortable
apartment house, with hardwood
floors, piano, nnd other luxuries, said
her daughter wished to stay in school
longer, but tho burden of supporting
tho family was too heavy for the fath
er to bear alone; so the girl was ta
ken out of school to go to work. A
visit to a Swedish family revealed a
carpenter and his wife, a washerwo
man, who had Just built and owned a
now three-story apartment house. Vet
tho lG-yoar-old daughter with a sev-cnth-grado
education had been sent to
work In a paper goods factory nt $2 a
' week. "Tho question 'Why did you
leavo school?' was put to tome 330
more maturo workers in the corset
trade. Nlnoty-ono per' cent, of those
women had left school between the
nges of 111 nnd 1G, and fully CO per
cent, because of their dislike of school
or because thoy wanted to go to
work. Of 74 workers In a clothing
factory 85 per cent, had left school
between the ages of 13 and 1G, 25
per cent, of their own 'volition."
In the opinion of the authors of the
bulletin, conditions such as wero
found in Worcester emphasizes tho j
imperative need for special training i
of a practical sort for girls between
the ages of 13 nnd 15. In tho main
tho children left school simply be-
causo they disliked the school work.
Not getting the kind of training they '
might have liked and would have
proilted by, they blindly joined tho
army of shifting, inellicinnt. discon
tented girls that go from ono monot
onous factory Job to another, and, be
cause of their lack of training, rarely
rise above tho class of low-paid, un
skilled workers.
Attends a Fire, Flght3 a Monkey and
Dog, Breaks Three Toes and
Then Wakes Up.
Kansas City. Tho alarm rang
sharply, the time was 4 o'clock In the
morning and the Blgnnl showed tho
fire was in ono of Iho packing Iiouhcs.
Woman Solon
Senator Helen Ring Robinson Says
Feminine Voters Don't Drink or
Stuff Ballot Boxes.
New York. Having vacated her
seat in the Colorado legislature just
long enough to make a flying tiip
east. Senator Helon R. Robinson of
Denver mado her first public appear
ance here when she addressed a meet
ing of the Equal Suffrage league, in
the ABtor hotel. Every woman there
rose and saluted the only woman sen
ator In the United States.
"All these stories you read In tho
ladles' lingerie Journals are false,"
declared Senator Hoblnfcon. "Our
U-MaMMt!ltfBSggg't. ' 'SSS"?
" ,.,' $ . .
'.KXf' "O
Senator Helen Ring Robinson.
women are not created In the image
of man and our femlnlno voters nnd
office holders do not havo faces like
vinegar Jugs Neither do they drink
cocktails nud highballs and stuff bal
lot hoxos as the 'antls' say thoy do.
"If tho men over tried to take the
vote away from tho women In Colo
rado thoro would bo things doing
K. sf. wJv-vs Jit rV tJTI
v r . v . LtiTi i
Capt. J. F. Pelletler of tho Insurance
patrol, rolled from his bed into his
clothes, slid down the polo into tho
apparatus room and within n few
minutes was leading his squad against
tho flames. Finally tho flames wero
subdued, and tho captain Btood watch
ing the smoldering ruins.
He heard a growl and a whining
yelp. A dog was chasing n monkey
down Central avenue. Tho monkey
saw tho captain, so did tho dog. and
Immediately they forgot their mutual
disregard and attacked him. Tho cap
tain's right foot shot out and tho
monkey went" sprawling through tho
ulr The foot kicked out ngain and
tho captain woke up in his room on
tho second floor of tho patrol building
on Charlotte street, near Eleventh.
His foot pained him On examina
tion he found It covered with blood.
Threo toes had been mashed nnd It
was five minutes before ho discovered
he had been kicking tho wall besldo
his bed In his dream.
13,000 Miles for Trousseau.
San Francisco On n Journey of 13,
000 miles tlint she may purchase a
wedding trousseau to her liking Mls3
Margarot Kestnricl., daughter of JJlsh
op H. H Uestarlck, of Honolulu, nr
rived here en route to Hoston The
wedding will occur in Honolulu.
Defends Sex
thcre that would make little old Lon
don look like Sleepy Hollow, Some
persons say that voting takes such a
lot of time. I voto Just around tho
corner from homo and It takes on nn
avcrngo of twenty minutes a year to
cast my ballot. SometlmoB 1 stny n
little longer to chat about new nillll
nery fashions with a friend."
In her soft blue silk costume and
hat which matched her eyes Senator
Robinson looked decidedly feminine
Lion Springs on Woman In Cago, but
Is Killed by Owner Almost
at Once.
Altoonn, Pa. With tho hot brcnth
of a Hon fanning her check nud his
roar mingling with her screams for
aid as ho stood over her In an Iron
bound cage, Mlfo. Florence, a woman
animal trainer of the Ferari Carnival
company, faced death by being eaten
alivo here.
Mllo. Florence had forgotten, her
whip In tho cage. As she went to re
cover It the beast sprang through the
air, lnndlng with full weight on her
shoulders. Realising that his sharp
fangs would sink Into her flesh. Col
Francis Ferari. who chanced to be
nearby, ncted almost instantly.
With two Jumps ho was at the cagn
with a Colt revolver. He uent a
stream of bullets Into tho lion's hldn
at such short range that a burn sur
rounds every bullet holo. The revo!
ver did its work and tho king of to
Jungle foil dead with his claws n
tangled in the clothing of tho .woni.m
She was saved but severely scratched
The animal was worth 55.000.
Twins Postpone Slander Suit.
Scranton, Pa. Sets of twins de'lv
ered In ono nifcht to Mrs. Ell n
O'Boyle, Mrs. Hannah fioyd and Mr,
Margaret Stanton of Scuth Scrant -i.
caused tho postponement of a slim l r
suit brought by Mrs. Joseph Siivup'
against Mrs. Joseph Slldago. 'I in
inothorn visited by -the stork woro irn
portant wltnosses. y
Fined Over Telephone.
Vonkors, N Y. E P. Robinson, f
Newark, testified ovor thu telephone
from home and paid a fine of $10 fur
automobile speeding Tho fine was ta
ken out ot his bail.
Sherlock Holmes might havo figured
this out, but ho did not t
Tho uverngo Englishman will al
ways demand IiIb egg boiled Just
threo minutes, then he places It in an
egg cup, Just largo enough to lmvo
th9 egg fit It, taps! tho iop of the
shell, and romoves tho broken shell
with his fingers. Tho egg Is eaten a
spoonful nt n time.
A Frenchman, much like tho Eng
lishman, likes his eggs of three min
utes, oxnctlti Ho then "peels" them,
places them In a glass, stirs and
mhos well together with salt, peppor
and butter. Ho makes a prnctlco of
dipping bread Into tho mixture, nnd
eating it along with tho eggs.
A Spaniard wouldn't think of lotting
his egg boll moro than ono mlnuto.
Ho thou breaks it, nnd lotB tho con
tents run Into n glnss, and consumes
11 as It ho wero drinking a glnss of
An egg is only fit In nn Italian's
estimation when it has been placed
In cold water, and removed just as
the water beings to boll. Ho then
brenks it, pours it on a plato, nnd
proceeds to nop It up with bread
Tho Gormnn, llko tho ltnltan, de
mands IiIb eggs as noar the liquid
state ns possible. Ho breaks his eggs
in an unsightly cup, and scoops tho
liquid out ns If it were soup.
Tho American is about tho only ono
who prefers his eggs boiled hard
When they are Bcrvod up to him, ho
knifes thorn in half, romovos tho con
tents Into n glass, after which ho
adds a plontlful supply of popper, but
ter nnd salt. He then minces tho
eggs fine, mixing them woll with tho
spices, und ents them with his toast.
Iberia, Mo. "I was troubled with
scalp eczema for about flvo years and
tried everything I heard of, but nil of
no avail. Tho doctors told mo I would
havo to havo my hend shaved. Being
a woman, I hated the idea of that, I
was told by a friend that tho Cuticura
Remedies would do mo good. This
spring I purchased two boxes ot Cuti
cura Ointment nnd one enko of Cuti
cura Soap. After using ono box of
Cuticura Ointment I considered tho
cure permanent, but continued to uso
it to mnko euro nnd used about ono
half tho other box. Now I am entirely
woll. I also used tho Cuticura Soap.
"Tho disease began on tho back of
my head, taking tho form of a ring
worm, only moro severe, rising to a
thick, rough scale that would come off
when soaked with oil or warm water,
bringing a few hairs each time, but In
a few days would form again, lnrgor
each time, and spreading until tho en
tire hack of tho head wns covered with
the scale. This was accompaniod by
a terrible itching nnd burning sensa
tion. Now my head Is completely well
and my hair growing nicely." (Signed)
Mrs. Geo. F. Clark, Mnr. 25, 1912.
Cuticura Soap nnd Ointment sold
throughout tho world. Samplo ot each
free, with 32-p. Skin Rook. Address
post-card "Cuticura, Dopt, L, Boston."
New York's New Postofflce.
New York's now $0,000,000 'post
offlce building, a masslvo pllo of pink
granite five stories In height and two
blocks long, facing tho roar of tho
Pennsylvania station, is tho greatest
building of Its kind in thoi world. From
tho curb to tho topmost picco of
cranito is 101 feet. Thoro nro ICG,-'
000 cubic feet of granite, 18,000 tons
of steel. 7,000,000 brlckB und 200,000
square feet of glasB in tho building.
Tho main corridor, corresponding in
length to tho outsido eoloniuido, is a
combination of buff marblo, whlto
plaster nnd glnss, two stories high, 29
feet wldo and 280 feet long. Thoro
nro 400,000 square feet of working
space within tho building. Populur
Red Cross Rail Blue given double vnlue
for your money. Roes twice ns fur as nny
other. AeIv your grocer. Adv.
A Difficulty.
"Thoro Is ono bnd thing about bo
ginning a Joy rldu."
"What is that?"
"You aro apt to end on tho trouble
Smokers find LEWIS' Single Binder Bo
lipur better quality than moat 10c cigars.
Her Birthday Anniversary.
"I hoar you had n blowout nt your
nouso last night," said Ricks.
"Yes: a little birthday party," re
plied Hicks. "It wns tho eloventh an
niversary of my wifo's twenty-llfth
birthday "
Save the Babies.
NPANT MORTALITY is Bomethinj,' frightful; "Wo can hardly realize that
of all tho children born in civilized countries, twenty-two per cent.,
nr nonrlv ojiii-nnartt-r. din boforo thnv rcneh ono vnar ; thirtv-siivtm
percent., or moro than ouo-thlrd, boforo thoy aro five, and ono-balf boforo
they nro fifteen I
"Wo do not heoltnto to Hay that a timely ubo of Cnatorla would oavo a
majority of tlieto precious livoa. Neither do wo bonltato to nay that many
of these infantile deaths aro occasioned by tho ubo of narcotlo preparations.
Drops, tiuctures and soothing Byrupu sold for children'. complaint. contain
moro or less opium or morphine. Thoy uro, in considerable quantities,
deadly poisons. In nny qunntity, thoy stupefy, retard circulation und lead
to congestions, eicknesd, death. Castoria operates exactly tho reverse, but
you must oco that lb bears tho slgnaturo of Chas. II. ilelcher. Castoria
causes tno uioou to circuinto properly,
iHjruB vi me uuin unu uiiuys lever.
ticnulne Castoria always bears taooIgnaturoofW:azctSi'
ColarmorcBoodsbriBhterandfiistercolorBlhannnyotherdye. One 10c psckairecolorsall fibers They dye in cold watcrbrtterlhcnanvotherdve You ran
dye any garment without tipplnie apart. Write
to insure complete success take
along a case of
The oatisfying beverage in field
or iorcst; at home or in town.
As pure and wholesome as it is
temptingly good.
Thirst -
Demand the Genuine
Refuse substitutes.
Send lot Vnt Booklet.
seoctart and head hoc silesmxn South
A Close Call.
A train hit n truckload of dynamite
at Dallas, Ore, tho othor day but
did not cause tho stuff to explode.
Whon tho passenger train collided
with tho truck, tho latter was carried
moro than 100 foet on tho pilot of
tho englno, nnd tho drlyer saved his
Ufa by Jumping before tho engine
Closely Occupied.
"That man Is always kicking."
"What about?"
"Ho docBii't know. Ho kicks so
much ho doesn't leave himself time
to llnd out what his real grlevunccB
Wears, Little There.
"Miss Slasher Is a stunning girl
whon sho Is dressed up."
"I enn't sny anything about thnt.
I'vo only seen her on tho stroot."
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine times in ten when the liver la
right the stomach and bowels are right.
gently but firmly com
pel a lazy liver
uo its duty.
Cures Con-
itlpation, Ii
and Distras After Eating.
Genuine must bear Signature
Omaha. Nebraska
CtcximH from tl.00 up bIobIc, "f emits up double
natho.vAi, iii:.iiii mi not t dki'cjh
No Kiri uulllriK ixcnlrc I n In yi.ur own
room Miiitrx Uonirri Ilriiiitlliil, Mm htrmiic.
flood for all num Hnfint titulmmt xvir
ilevl.eil $: 00 tncttioil only D0c t-enA nt
onrn !;oininil buiiply Co., li(U ldfiK, Mrlln,
opens tito -j&
f na y i.
for I
irec ixioKiet--now to uye. meacii ano flitx
jTffflF ' r
tn AHanPlnrpn'K
'mmmt(m .iw 1 cwi
MmSM M pills.
or Carbon
ated in Bottles.
GreatWesfern Commission Go.
One of the largest nnd best equipped live stock
commission firms at ANY market
EACI I department I IIGHLY specialized. TOUR
cattle salesmen in two splendidly located divisions.
Special care and attention g'iven to buying of
men nnd n fully equipped sheep department.
If you wish to buy or sell any kind of live stock
write or wire them.
The? WiSS Do It Right
- "
Omaha or Denver
do m the Hlnitr. Uxiic rlcnco Unnacrainry.
Unususl opportunity OooJ aiilnrkii Adilioa
Dure Torrincton, llox fit. MIniiwuxilU. Minn.
The Man Who Put the
Look for This Trmlc-Mnrfc Pic.
turcoti the I.nbelSvlicii Imylur
The Antiseptic Powder for Ten.
Tru Mam. (Irr, Acmtie l'.ect. Solil every
where. IJc. Sample I'll It It. Atldrna,
Th3 new IVhiti Strip.;! Madras
Ide Silver
Cao. P. lit Co.. Uikin, Tmr. H. T.
DAISY FLY KILLER tf-tf ;.; &
atei. tinti. ulean, or
cliPi Lasts alt
saaioB Mail ot
loetal, can'tiplll or Up
oeri will not soil o
I njura anything.
Ouarant'ml Gfrtl.
oipren raid for 11.00.
IJAROID lOHrm, ISO DtSTatb Ats., Brooklyn H, Y.
AtoUtt lireiuratton of merit.
r ' r . al "aaoruir
Beauty toCrny or Fadad Hair j
w. ami.w .ErutrriBm.
VIIKilN hNOW la not whiter than your com
plexion will lie lifter you Inivtt umul Oruiiaa
liloMiniii, tin inatchleai akin foo.l prepanv
tlo If mir hU In la illnenlni eii from sunburn,
tnn, hlcilc lirn or other cniiara, unto nt once to.
the Norlliuenleru Supply Co., Dent, 7, Newell.,
8. Dull,, for full free pitrlluulnra anil apcctaii
offir now In Inn nuirte.
is NOW
In tho Provlnon of
. Doynudrilro to cntn
r rent iloiuobidil nf 1 nn
JAt'Uli.H of Hut noil
Hnitun Utianl r
'I'llO area lllhpriimlnrr nmrnllinlin.1
'.5raM hutnoi.niYaltiiit)n.
41 " iriinuj uun oponeii up lor
frl lot iiuient, uml Into tin o rail
M ronls uro now belme hunt. Iho
jlll "17. .""' ioou couio whon tliaro
AT will ho no
A hnmCurrunt, Sn k.tehowun,
fiiruivr wntJKi "t eauio on lur
liomi-MoiH , Hlanli ntsi. with uhnut
illMlwoitiiuf horsenaniluincliln
ory.nnil ji.sttN.ln nsh, Today I
hiivnUJUuirpHiiC when, 30J ucrei
Of OtltH. Ulul fillii-rna .,r !. II .r
j I'l fur six yearn, but only nn In
Till l!J").0 t wlut tuay bo'dono In
VS l11"" Cmiaiia In Manitoba.
Duun:r.nwari or Alliorla
riim! nt unco for I.ltoratnre.
4 Doo Oullcllnc, Omaha, Neb.
ISSISX" ''SS .?. "t
id l7i wV.ull,M,,J"1 '
'ifr """' UiUliVttftt(It.
W. N. U., OMAHA, NO. 25-1013.
tsYPHIr' lfl
Wmi m"iflBS iHl
u3!l!kI&1steaT3rv.. Shnnnv funifu I
.gBgfmgj tlyJ!SiL,Vj.f fj
I J.slfJI '11 T.P..I
iVfi i.vir if rift
t-oiors. nOHROt UHUG COMPANY, Ouincy, lit.