The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, June 13, 1913, Image 8

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    Splendid Talent
for .the Chautautjua
Hav jrou'lxHird nboitt it7 This town
in Koitig to mo n Chautauqua in nNut
four vwnkn, a raal sure-anouuh Oiihu-tnuqiin-
It will nt for m wye and
will d in a lr tout A Kniiinn bot
wantlwr proposition that will be cool
and plHBnt
Fine music fine Chautauqua otwtort
Mid a whole lot qf utortninnrwttt, thfl
clean kind
It i lie (I ne t thinff Uio town hM nil
Slk, fflan at Mite lint of tnlwt:
M. A C. Zohner of the south, n
fln .sdutl) wn onitqr.
The jBminott Male Qunrtotte. ifour
lively oollejo ohnpa, who cortninly ann
jffllnworth Plutpntead, Htitartninor.
uJhaftUKlfWT. Girls, six jirla in ,mtll
tnny aoMuirm flinging utirnng military
The Fifllmr-Sliipp Company, n variety
company hondad by Miss Slttpp.
Geo. C. Aydolott. a looluror you'll
The Reunions, four talented mufflQinns
and entqrtainorfl.
Nod Woojlman, cartoonist.
F. K. Cordfln, lecturer.
'J'he Koynl Italian Guards Band from
Vonlc&in itnly.
Chancellor Goore H. Bradford of
Oklahoma, church eduoator and loatur
or on practical, innpintionnl thomes.
Dr.C. C. Mitcholl, the fiury little
uiinUtor from Kliond inland.
And tho debate Congressman Charles
F. Scott and Honry J. Allen, on the
future of tho political parties. Mr.
Scott is u staunch Republican and M r.
Alien u Progressive. Congressman
Scott wa tho director of the publicity
bureau of tho last uatiomil campaign
and a member 0 congress, also chair
man of the committee on agriculture.
Mr. Allon je a well known political
wntorvud newspaper owner in Denver.
yjhe fiunson ticket are on hale now.
Get a tickot and got to tho Chautauqua.
'J'he Junior Chautauqua, for boys and
irlu, will be a big feature.
Anna E. WqJlB. of Brady, wae graot
orfia divorce from Stephon Wells in the
4i6tnct court the latter part ,of last
week. TJtioy were married ui Jefferson,
Oklu.,AprU 9, 1004, and for seven year
liay.e rosided in Lincoln county. The
plaintiff was given the custody of the
two children. J'Jugtmw, bom Dec. 81,
1HU4, and Genwyia, born Fubruury 8,
JWtff. The diyorco win jjrtnited on the
grauods of JWe xruloty, the plain
tiff llegiug that on October JVtb.
JVJ2, the defondend assaulted her wftii 8
two horse ueckyoke, frueturinif Ivor
skuti, breaking b,er upper jaw anJ right
arm and causing juternal mjurie. Jj
December, 1912, the defendant pk'jad
guilty ww was Kiion A ten in the tte
pwiitooary whjdi h i iw
;iow eeryintr.
was Dttrsud that Uie
nJuinU)' should
receiViC Hftoen huDdrw
the defendants' eHtate)
dolour (Jjslf of
and the costs
Of the rase,
J your idle money earning lite in
tert it should? Jf nol why not jnvetf
Jt In tome of our jjuijt edge firt mort"
gage oaiu, ;ifcliing 7 per cent to 3 per
cent teHJranniial lnleret; not faiaMe,
Safe a a government IjooJ, Range in
sunn of $30000 and upwards,
Britt & Goodman,
Tlw Fourth of July committee met
Monday a; Mrnoon and iwmpiyM or
rui)gunjnta for t.m piogram on the
nmionl holiday. A number of frw
trat. MttractionB have been planned
and on ululiorate ijieplay of fire workd
will be lield In the uyunlnK, Tho morn
ing parade will be a burloaque circus,
nil will iw ioiow y horo racei, 1
rsadinnr of fmclarnthm 0 lndenendence
and Ittifder climbing contests. During,
tlie altuinoon tnera will lie 11 nrniram
of races, a wlhj wept performaijce ami
a balloon aacaiiifon. A large crowd is
ojipepted as tl) neighboring towns do
nountand U celebrate and tho com
;nitN r unking arrangement to ac
commodate and enUrlofn tjjem In
glorious manner.
We Iiaye the following addition! to
North I'latle, Cody'i, Cod Sccopd,
gconlt (lett, Taylor's and Malton's and
scattered Jots all over (he city, See us
for vacant os, C. F, Temple,
Aftur making her homo in North
Plutto for (hlriy six years, Mrs, M. L
Hoblnson left Wudnesday for Portland,
Ore., where ho will III the futura re
side, She wakis Jho rliflngehecuus of
lilt) presence Of rufalivei l) Porthjnd,
jtr son Guy arid wife will also shortly
go in Portland,
James Loudon lias purchased the
Jnlgbuy grocery store In the fourlh
ward nnd will open for buslneu Mon
day morning. hr Loudon hs had
miicii oxporisncu in this line and will no
doubt iiwko fiocxl In hi now business.
W. U, Loon, Mrs- Hammer, Mrs.
Animrson and Mrs, Wessburg went to
MaxwpllWodiieHilay In Mr. icon's car
to vlalUiw I). K.'h wlmare camping at
the Hnlcomba ranch this wqU.
Our Standard
For IiIhIi t'lHsa work li rroiinlzil by people who
lmvfl linri work ilown by th liltiliuat floss Lmmd.
rlea in ilit) Country. With our untodnlu Mnolilimry
nmS oxport liolp it la not liurd for tia to turn out
Quality work, m ua Iwvo your buncllo on irlnl.
For Sny; Thirty thiya,
miiiinff iWIHi 1 Mp 1 mill
I Auto Delivery
.f -'""'"iiiiinsjanninisiiiiiMnriM
VMMTiWgi? mi rwmwmi-M lyniMKWW
Local and Personal
Mr. and Mns. Molvin. of Suthnrlantl.
vlaltod lounl friunda yonkorday.
Miflfl Grnce "Moonnjr wont to Lexing
ton today to viait inmd for a short
Grandma Wilcox want to Cgend yoa-,
torday moEtilngto vwit rulativoain that
Notilo Andacson. of Gothenburg. 1
SjitMKt a fw days hra -this wouk, on ;
Mtaa Ma4l llt)ir WHtit to Lewellen, !
a faw oaye no to fpwd a week with
Mr. and Mtfi. iFrauka. ttf Sterling, I
vifiitod friundB in this city the fore part
of ithiB weak. I
William Reynolds loft Wudnebduy '
for Chicago to epond a wotjk or longor
on buainnkB.
AJ,r. and Mire. Jesso Van Lyke have ,
as their guoat this waek Mrs. Greigh ,
ton of Canada. j
Murcelle Keliher will Ipave in a few j
dayH for Salt Lake to apond a week or
longer with relative. I
Mr. and Mrs. J. JK, McWIIiamB, who i
vinited laat week in Denver, huve re
turned home.
JRev. jiud Mrs. B. F. Gulthor joturnod
yeaterdey morning from the eastern
part of thiB atate.
The young hon of Mr. and Mrs. JUenry
Simon was was takun 111 the latter part
of laat week With typhoid fever.
M,r. G. W. Miller roturnod this week
from a throe montliB' viBit with rela
tives 111 Lincoln and Kansas City.
Mrs. Will Thompson left yesterday
aftwinoon for Lexington where ht
was called by the illuetis of her daughter.
Mrs. JL F. Raohborne, ofKewYork,
is visiting at the home of ,Ur. nnd Mrs.
Wurtolc having arrived a few days ago.
Mibb FloBBie Dicks, of Julesburg, who
visited Mr. and Mis. F. J. Belcher for
a weok, left for home yesterday after
noon, Jlowuid Kock and daughter of Cozud
who visited friends here this week left
yobtorday afternoon for Codar Edge,
Wanted Man and wife to live iu
furjaishud hou&t and board the owaor.
Fhone Blk 84B, 021 15. 2nd street ,
Colfax JijUioawpiomit '&, L O. O. F
wjU have degree work touigiit at 8 p.
in. All members are r9uasto4 to be
Mr. mi Mx. G. W. DeWolf, of Gib
boo, cauue a low (Hays ago to viait Mr.
and Mrs. 4. II. ilirkpauick for u week
or longer.
Mrs. B, A. Wjjsoo, who wos operated
upon Wednesday for jippondipJtlb at
St Luke's hospital, i reported to be
vory mud) improved today.
Thomas JiuJdock, formerly of this
city, bus returned from a year's stay m
Omaha jmd accepted a position Jo the
Greson grocery. Hi lamily wjJ ar
rive in a few days,
Belter insure your tmaJ! grain from
damage or total lots by boil. The cost
it mi all when insured by Bratt &
A socjaj party was held at the I'ushj
JJeun home in th hrst ward t'ie latter
part of last week. The gjeater part of
the evening was deyoted to music.
Lunch was served at imdnight.
Mrs, Fritz Wernick died yesterday it
tho home of her daughter Mrs. Adolph
fioburz beven miles south of town at
the age of xly-eeyen years, The date
of the funeral has Wt been set but In
terment will be In tho North Platte
Tho directors of the building and loan
association held a special meeting Wed
nesday evening and approved and
f rented ten applications for loans,
he demands for loans this spring is
exceptionally heavy, hut so far the as
sociation has been able to tako care of
nil applications
Mr, and Mrs. Mark Atchison ore tlie
nioud parents of a baby girl who made
her appearance at their home on west
Twenty-second street this morning.
Murk f allnutfed up today and strutt
around as If he owned the place, Mother
and daughter are doing nicely, -Kearney
Take Plenty of Time to Eat,
Therm Is a sayjng that "rapid eatJng
Is blow suicide.7' If you have formed
tho habit of eating too rapidly you ar
most likely sult'ering fiom Indigestion
or constipation, which wjll result even
tually In serious Jllnes unless corrected.
Digestion begins In the mouth, Fowl
should he thoroughly masticaM and In
salviated. Then when you have a full
ness lit the 1 ton) Hell or feel dull and
stumu aur eating, take oou of Cham
herlaii)' Tablets. Many seyere rases
of stomach tiouble and constipation
haye heen ourad by the use of these
lamuis. 'they are easy to
take end
most ugrtieable
Bold by a
Phone 77
You don't have to wait for the fire to
kindle. No coal or ashes to carry; no soot,
smoke or dirt; no blackened ceilings.
Note the new 4-burner Perfection the most com
plete cooking device on the market, with indicator on
jbnt, cabinet top, etc. Smaller stoves with 1, 2 or 3
r naAM. . v m Mnn '
$ Phybiciaos and Surgeons, U
Office over Stone Drug Co.
r ri
( umce wv
p v y iteaidence 278
Irwin Bros.
Cheyenne Frontier Days
i -
The Show that made Cheyenne Famous!
300 PEOPLE 300
30 Railway Cars
100 Indians, including Chief Red Cloud
Buck Races
Trick Riding
Wild Horses, Steers and Buffaloes
6,000 PEOPLE
Will Exhibit One Day Only
North Platte
Tuesday, June 17
Admission 50c Children 25c
Big Novel Street
Oil Cook-stove
Perfection Oil gives
the beet results
See your dealer, or write for full particulars to
Standard Oil Company-
Established in 1671.
Contractor and Builder.
Shop Corner 0th and Vine Streets
R. D. Thomson.
tV .
Cowgirls Russian Cossacks
Mexican Vacqueroes
Relay Races Fancy Roping
Parade 12:30 Noon
Fuel Troubles
are Over
when you use a
New Perfection
Oil Cook-Stove.
Just lift the tank
from the cradle
and fill VvOiur
New Perfection is
ready for theday.
1 1 Signet Chapter O. E. S., j
i NO. 55 I
I N.ueU nd and 4th Tlmrsduj of every i
I month at Musunic Hdl at T:8U p. m.
I N 'irMniii iiiiliioiwHmiw'
Physician and Suroeon,
Office over McDonald Bank.
Phones t Office 130
i-hones . Residence 115
Df. ifBdfiBld BdfiBld.
Physicians and Surgeons.
JOE U. KEDKJELD. Phy.itaou
Physicians & Surgeons
. Hospital . .
Oldes t Bank in Lincoln County
State Bank
North Platte, Nebr.
CAPITAL STOCK 5100,000.00
W Solicit Your Duiinii.
The Kind ol Clothes
Gentlemen Wear
Guaranteed Quality,
Perfect Fit,
Prices Right.
Custom made Suit
$20 to $4S
Tailor made Suit.
$2S to $47
Satisfaction guaranteed
Karle Gerle,
ovor McDonald Bank.
Real Enjoyment
The mun who tnkeB onjoymont out of
n cood cifjar will do well to purchase
our brands. Ab b home ninnufacturor,
we have a reputation to mnintuin. niid
therefore put bettor tobacco in our
cipurs than do moat manufacturers. If
we did not make goods cignrB, we
could not Boll them and would soon be
forced out of business.
i The Maker of Good Cigars.
Pure Lake Ice.
I am prepared to furnish
the citizens of North Platte
with a fine quality of clear
Jake ice, frozen from fresh
puinpecbwater. Thanking the
public for their liberal patron
age last year, I respectfully
solict a continuance of the
same this seasons.
Phone 0555.
Dr. J. K. Elms,
Physician and
"VVill hereafter discouatinue all road
work and will 'do everything in the
practice of medicine. City Day calls $1.
Night Calls ?i.5a. Country Calls COc per
mile one way plus auto hire. Lying in
case ? 10.00 plus auto hire. These cases
must be prearranged for; office prescrip
tions 50c and in no mBtance more than
fl 00 all medicines furnished. Also my
speciality of Eye. Ear. Kose, Throat
and Glass Pitting at J my former pnee.
Terms strictly cash. Office over
McDonald State Bank. Phone 8S
Best of Hospital accomad&tion for
Surgical and L3'ingin Cases.
Bought and highest market
prices paid
Residence Red 636 Office 4S9
Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon
0 Hospital accommodations for Medie&l and
p aureica attention E"h en obnetncal caes.
Office Phone 1S3 lies. Thone 13
Office McDonald State Bank RW
Theodore W, Bye, James Belton, Sue
H. Eaves, Franklin Peale, Mary Ann
Pealeand Cary Ogden &Co.. a corpora
tion, will take notice that on the 15th
day of May, 1913, Edward Lindblad,
plaintiff herein, filed his petition in the
district court of Lincoln counts', Ne
braska, against said defendants im
pleaded with others, the object and
prayer of which is to quiet the title to
lots 3 and 4 of Peale's subdivision of lots
3 and 4, in block 84, in the original
town of North Platte, Lincoln county,
Nebraska, in the plaintiff Edward Lind
blad. And to exclude each and all of
said defendants from all right, title, lien,
interest, claim or demand, actual or
contingent, in and to said premises.
You are required to answer said peti
tion on or before the 30th day of June,
Edward Lindblad, Plaintiff.
By Wilcox & Halligan, his attorneys.
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an order of salo Issued from the
district court of Lincoln county, Nebraska, upon
a degree of foreclosure rendered in said court
wherein The Mutual Building & Loan Associa
tion a corporation" is plaintiff and Chester F.
Perry, Laura Perry. Arthur C. Olson, Edward L.
Jones. Julia A. Jones. Charles Wilkinton,
John C Caster and Ethel Caster are
defendants, and to me directed I wilt on
the 25th day of June. 1913, at 2 o'clock
E. m., at the east front door of the court
ouse ih North Platte, Lincoln county. Ne
braska, sell at public auction to the highest
bidder for cash, to satisfy said decree. Interest
and costs, the following described property
to-wit: Lots three and four (3) &. (4) in Block
twenty-three (23) in the original town now city of
iSorth Platte Lincoln county. Nebraska.
Dated North Platte. Neb.. May 14. 1913.
m2Q-6 A. J. SALISBURY. Sheriff
By virtue of an execution on transcript issued
from theDIstrlct Court of Lincoln county, Nebras
ka, upon a decree of foreclosure rendered In said
court wherein Knox and Walters a corporation
partnership In plalntiir, and E. Rima, Is de
fendant, and to me directed. I wiH
on the 12th day of July, 1913. at two
o'clock, p. m., at tho cast front door of the
court house of said county. In the city of North
Platte. Nebraska, sell at public auction, to the
highest bidder for cash, to satisfy said decree,
interest and costs, the following described
property, to-wlt:
Northeast quarter (neW) section two
(2) in township fifteen (lfi). range thirty
(30), west of the 6th P. M. in Lincoln
county, Nebraska.
Dated at North Platte. Neb., Juno 9, 1913.
J1Q-S A. J. SALisnunr. Sheriff
Serial No. OM07
United States Land Ollice
At North Platte, Nebraska. May 12. 1913.
Notice Is hereby given that Rose A. Mathers.
of Tryon, Neb, who on February, 87, 1900, made
homestead entry. No. 01407. for nil of Section 8.
Township 16. N. Range 31. W, 6th Principal
Meridan. has filed notice of intention to make
three year proof, to establish claim to the land
nbovo described, before tlie register and receiver
at North Platte, Nebraska, on the 10th day of
July. 1913. ,..-,
Claimant names as witnessses: Julius Mogensen,
II. Fred Johanson. of North Platte. Neb., Joseph
Mnha ley, David N Callender. of Tryon. Neb.
ni20-0 J. E. EVAN8 Register.