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No. 28
,V. $
Local and Personal.
The D. of II. social club will bo en
tertained by Mrs. Albert Stoinhausen
Tuesday afternoon.
Mra. AnnaSeyferth will leave shortly
for Denver to spend sovcinl months with
her daughter Mr William Mc Glone.
Leslie Baakins of the State University
came up yesterday to visit the home
folks and attend the May Party.
Miss Lillian Mc Cracken, of Bouldar,
who had spent several weeks with her
sistor Mfa. II. M. Grimes leff. this
Christian Science service Sunday
11:00 a. m. ; Subject, "Everlasting
Punishment."' Sunday Schcol '12 tn.,
K. P. Hall, Dewey Street.
Mrs. Lawrence Warnett, of Kearney,
formerly of thia city, who had been ill
for several weeks, is reported to bo
Ellen and Everett Sawyer, of Max
well, returned Jiome Tuesday after
spending sevoral-days with their father
Perry Sawyer, i
Mr. and Mrs. Bonham, of Goring,
who spent the winter in Florida visited
Judge and Mrs. II. M. Grimes this
week while enroute home.
Henry Corde3 has sold to Conductor
B. R Fletcher lot 4, block 165 for
$2,950. The sale was made through
Buchanan & Patterson.
The Hanson house on south Locust
street, which was partially burned a
couple of months ago, was totally de
stroyed Wednesday night by a fire of
unknown origin. Tho department re
sponded to the call, but confined its
efforts largely to saving adjoining
property, in whioh it was successful.
Down in Omaha they have set apart
two days on which to wage a war for
the extermination of dandelions. Hero
in North Platte it would require a
thirty-day campaign to get rid of tho
"yellow peril", and then next spring
they would probably bloom as profusely
as ever. When you tackle the dande
lion proposition you go up against some
thing that means real work and lots of
Major Lester Walker, Alonzo Mc
Michael and Luke Healey arp planning
on attending the reunion of tho survi
vors of the battle of Gettysburg which
will be held on the battlo field Juno 30th
to July 5th. Theso three veterans are,
we believe, the only ones living in
"North Platte who participated in that
memorable battle fifty years ago. Par
ticipants will be given freo transporta
tion to and from Gettysburg and pro
vided with meals and sleeping accom
modations while there.
M)i'iiiiiiiii)ii llWMffi"""iiHn lll iTiHTOllBi'iiitiniiiiiiiiiiiiiia
Individuality in clothes is something just a little more than
style. It's character you can see it better than it can
be described.
possess everything the word implies. The beautiful lines in this
season's styles will appeal to you instantly. We would not know
where to look or better style or a choicer assortment of fabrics
and colors, Look now, and if you are not quite ready, buy later.
Miss Alice Plummer, of Maxwell,
was the guest of friends in town this
Ad. Coatcs and son Hnrold went to
Sutherland yesierday afternoon to visit
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Dolson loft this
morning for Omaha to spend a week
with their son.
Mrs. Alex Brooks went to Gothen
burg this morning to spend a week with
her mother Mrs. Loam
Dr. Gain, of Lincoln, spent sovcral
duys this week inspecting conditions at
the Experimental Sub-Station.
A score or moro members of the
Knights of Columbus will go to Grand
Island Sunday to attend a class initia
tion. Mrs. R. C. Kirkland, neo Irma Has
kell, of Kansas City, a fotmer North
Platte girl, is expected tomorrow to
visit friends, t
The Wilcoxson Employment Office
formerly in the Waltemath Building
has been moved to their residonco on
south Maple street.
Mrs.. John Frazier expects to leaye
next week for Denver to visit her
brother Albert Herrod, who has been
Tn a hospital since the holidays being
treated for injuries received in an auto
accident. In that time five operations
havo been performed.
The funeral of the late Gilbert Gregg
was held Wednesday afternoon from
the Christian church. Rov. Knowles
conducted tho services at which many
sympathizing friends of the deceased
attended the last rites and followed the
remains to tho North Platto cemetery
whore they were laid to rest.
Special For Saturday, May 3rd,
Carnations 50c per dozen.
Roses $1.00 per dozen.
Special prices on pot plants.
Phone 274 C J. PASS.
J,'X''t i : p .1 .. -.. :i
xx tubulin bcdbiuu i i. wit; v;itj iuujii;ji
was held Wednesday caning and tho
applications for six saloon licenses and
five druggists' poxmita were granted
following th(v.approv,at cf the bonds.
Complaint wnsmade thai certainparties
wore engaged in plumbing work who
had not securdd a license, all such wero
notified that they must file an applica
tion for a license; prior to the next
meeting of the council. Licenso was
granted to Ashley Peters as a sidewalk
contractor und his bond approved.
Night Policeman Trout presented his
resignation, which was accepted. Por-
misssion was grnnted to grade certain
streets in Taylor's addition.
May Party Proves a
Brilliant Success.
The thirty-first annual May Party of
Division 8S, Brotherhood of Locomo
tive Engineers, held at tho Lloyd last
evening was a signal success, not only
from the standpoint of attendance, but
for the nlcoty with which everything
waB conducted. As early as eight
o'clock the seating capacity of the
gallory was taxed, n half hour later
when tho Stamp orchestra began the
prelude concert standing room was at a
premium, and when the hour for dan
ding arrived the floor was crowded with
participants. Not in recent years has
the attondnnce at this popular function
been so great as last night.
The hall was profusely decorated
with rod and white streamers extend
ing from ceiling to electroliers and to
gallery, and were also used to good
advantage on the stage entrance. These
gave the big hall a pretty appearance,
and with tho handsomely gowned
ladies, tho floor scene as viewed from
the gallory was airly entrancing. Tho
music by Stamp's orchestra of eight
pieces was all that could be desired,
tho floor was in fine condition, tho
participants wero good dunccrs and if
each individual attendant did not havo
a splendid time the fault could not bo
laid to the committees who had so well
plannod the party.
Dancing began shortly aftor nino
o'clock, the grand march being lei by
master of ceremonies F. J. Doran and
daughter, and with the exception of
the customary midnight hour for lunch,
dance followed dnnce until 3:30 this
Chairman Lawhead and his efficient
committees can rest aosured that their
efforts to give tho people an evening
replete with enjoyment were most su
cessful, and tho thirty-first annual May
Party vill pass into history and be re
membered as ono of the most pleasnnt
of the many given.
Buicks Prove Very Popular
Tho J. S. Davis Auto Co. have just
delivered, a black 31 to Mr- Eerb at
Gothenburg; a gray 25 to Hubbard &
Nugent at Kimball; a gray 31 to Dr.
Palmer at Bridgeport; a gray 25 to the
Sutherland Auto Co., at Sutherland;
a gray 25 to M. Claudius at Bridge
port; a gray 31 to C. Morrison at
Mrs. B. B. Loudon will ontortain the
Baptist aid society this afternoon.
Miss Orra Hall has resignod her
position as stenographer for tho
Hoagland & Hoaglahd law office.
Mrs. Addie Hall will leave in the near
future for Grand Island to make her
home with her son Fred Dreibus.
Sam Poulas, of the North Platto
Kandy Kitchen, returned yesterday
from a short business visit in Omaha.
Miss Bessie Graham, who has been
working in Gothenburg for soma time,
is spending a few days with her mother.
Miss Mabel Hayes, formerly of this
city, came up from Cozad yesterday
to visit friends' and attend the May
Miss Florin Muchlinski and daughter
returned last evening from Hershev
whoro they visited seyoral days with
the Dickerson family.
The W. C. T. U. will meot with Mrs.
Mooney Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
A mother's meeting program will be
given and refreshments served.
R. D. Herzeg and Joe Fillion left
today tor Scotts Bluffs, driving two
Buick cars which the Davis Auto Co.
had sold to parties in that section.
Showers tonight or Thursday, not
much ohange in tempe-iature. Highest
temperature yesterday 56, a year GO;
lowest temperature last night 37, a
year ago 51.
Mrs. N. R. Smith of Minneapolis
formerly Miss Hazell Now of this city
returned home this morning after spend
ing a week with relatives in Brady and
friends in this city.
Palestine Commandery, Knights
Templar, held installation services at
the temple yesterday afternoon and
installed the following officers for the
ensuing term: Keith Neville, eminent
commander; Alex Streitz, geheralssimo;
Claude Faulxner, captain general; Rev.
C. F, Chapman, prelate; Harry Dixon,
Benjuijr warden; Dr. Cresiler, junior
warden, C. M, Reynolds, warder; T. F.
Watts, sword beaver; John Vernon,
standard boaver, and P. G. Gilman
Some people hate everybody
in the world including them
selves. Such people insist
that other shoes are just as
good as WALK-OVERS.
Wilcox Department Store
North Platte's
Judging from the enormous amount of business
we have done since our opening, a month ago, the
women of North Platte and vicinity have surely
demonstrated their appreciation of the opening of
this store by their liberal patronage which exceed-
eo. lar aoove our expectations,
Make This Store Youn Store t
Many Reasons Why You Should Make This Store Your Shopping Place
Our Specialty
1. This being- an Exclusive Wom
en's Specialty Store, we specialize
and make a constant study of your
wearing apparel. Our aim is to be
ever ready and prepared to supply
your wants in our line at all times.
Everything 'New
2. Every dollars worth of mer
chandise in this New Store is New
and all garments 19
" Courteous Treatment '
You are always welcome at this store no matter
whether you come to buy or not. You are always
greeted with a warm welcome. It is our pleasure
to show our nifty, classy new garments. May we
,have the pleasure of showing you the new arrivals
of this week
Auto Smashed by Train.
J. W. Hiles' automobile was wrecked
yesterday afternoon at Brady by being
struck by train No. 8. Mr. Hiles was
not in the auto at the time and was un
hurt. While Mr. Hilos was driving across
tho tVackd his engino wont dead and
the car stoppod directly across the
east bound track. Before he could get
his engine going again No. 8 cumo
along ind ran into it, crushing the auto
beneath the engino. Attempts were
made to back off the auto but it was
wedged so tightly that it had to be
chained down to the ties of the track
before tho train engine could pull itself
loose. Gothenburg Independent.
April Weather.
The precipitation last month was 2.07
inchos, which is eight one hundredths
of an inch less than the average for tho
m,onth, and since January 1st there
has been an accumulated excess of
ninety-four ono hundredths of an inch
as compared with the average for that
period. The month was two degrees
warmer than the average April, the
highest temperature eighty-nine and
the lowet twenty-two, During April
the total movement of wind was 7,555
miles, the average hourly velocity 10.5
miles and the highest velocity reached
was thirty-six per hour.
M. E. Church
Sunday School 0:45 a. m. All are
invited. The attendance reached 200
last Sabbath. Preaching 11 a. m.,
followed by Sacrament of the Lord's
Supper. Junior League 2:30 p. m.
Epworth League 0:45 p. in. Proaching
8 p. m., Subject, "That Man and Ills
Wife." All invited. The young people
of the leaguo will meet at tho parson
ago tonight for a social time.
Feed! Feed! Feed!
All klndsof feed at the North Side
Barn. Our feed is good, our prices just,
our accommodations nre right, but wo
cannot trust. Julius Mogenson, Prop. 28
For Sale.
Shelving, counters, show cases and a
threo-horse power Stover gasoline
engine. Inquire of the Stono Drug Co.
Only Exclusive
According to tho latest information
from Omaha the Union Pacific intends
to begin regular local train service over
tho Hastings-Gibbons branch on Juno 1.
Tho ballasting is progressing rapidly
and nrobnbly will bo finished about the
middle of May.
A. G. Nouman and Fred Miller ro
turnod from Colorado on Sunday with a
shipment of cattle that they purchased
tnero last week. Tho shipment con
taided 080 head and wero, mostly year
lings. Tho shipment was ono, if not
tho largest over shinned hero, at one
time.- Chappell Pegister.
The Keith and Lincoln Counties Irricr-
gation district has given J. C. Pierson
a contract to build a now coment wing
at the headgate of the the canal. The
wing is Jo reach for a distance of 700
foet, and with the other improvements
there is expected to fix the canal so
that plenty of wator can be coaxed In
the proper direction. Work is to com
mence within a few days. Sutherland
Free Lance,
This model will run 20 miles to a gallon of gasoline
and 400 miles to a gallon of cylinder oil. Compare
these figures with other cars.
J. S. Davis Auto Co.
Women's Sliop
Greater Values
3. Our affiliation with several other large
stores in this state gives us a great buy
ing power in the eastern markets, there
by enabling us to buy the very best mer
chandise at much lower prices than the
individual merchant can buy and there
fore we are in a position ot oil times to
give you better values than any -stoic in
the city. '
A SquareDeal to All
i. Our policy of a "square deal to nil,"
mentis that every purchase In this store
mutt bo entirely satisfactory to you be
cause our best asgett is a satisfied
Women Sell guaranteed hosiery;
whole or part time; goods replnced if
hole appears; big money-saver: largo
profits; experience unnecessary, Inter
national Mills, 4020, West Philadeli
phin, Pa. 27-4
Time to Clean Up.
Tho time is now here for a goneral
clean up of alleys and lots, and in this
I ask tho hearty co-operation of.., all
citizens. Each property owner and
tenant should take pride in the cleanli
ness and apponranco of tho city, "and as
good citizens I trust that all Will havo
their alleys and lots cleared of all
refuse within the next two weoks and
without any further notice from me,
John Frazier, Chief.
Homeopathic. PhyilcUn and Surgeon
Hospital accommodations Medical anil 2
urglcal attention given obstetrical caaea, JJ
Ollco Phone 183 lies. Phono 283
Ofllce McDonald State Bank RldV
. " ti