The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, March 07, 1913, Image 7

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r&i I .f .I V W.
Munyon's Taw-Paw
Pills aro unlike all oth
er laxatives or cathar
tics. Thoj- coax the
liver into activity by
gcntlo methods, they
do not scour; they do
not gripe; thty do not
weaken; but they do
start all the secretions
of tho liver and stem-
M , , , "" " way mat soon
MJfcJ- puts these orcans in a
healthy condition and
corrects constipation, hfunyon's Paw-Paw
Pills aro a tonic to tho stomach, liver and
nerves. They inrigorato instead of weaken;
they enrich tho blood instead of impover
ishing it; they enable the stomach to get all
tho nourishment from food that is put into
It Prico 25 cents. All Druggists.
Many n mnn fools himself when ho
thinks that ho Is fooling his wife.
Red Cros Ball Blue izivcs double value
lor your monej. goes twice ns far as anr
other. Ask your grocer. Adv.
If some men wero compelled to pay
as they go they would never got started.
. . ,nX7 nt ""HOMO QUININE"
3?.aLU.,LXx.ATIV.M..U.U,0i, tiUlNINII. took
Jor the BlRimturo of K. W. tiUOVB. Cam a Cold
In Ono Day, Cure Urlp In Two Days. 25c.
- .
When a man begins to think of get
ting married ho never figures on a
church wedding.
Constlpatlcn cnuses and seriously nfrcra
vates many dUoases. It Is thoroughly cured
by Dr. Picrco'a Pellets. Tiny sugar-coated
granules. Adv.
Cat in a Long Fight Keeps Everybody at Bay
l rWjunVsKsflslsV. iMtfwvi -v vfjFmr lammf
' asSi3 w '
"You called mo a dog, sir."
"Oh, no! Some dogs aro very flno
creatures. I callod you n cur."
He Is Still Single. '
"You nro the first girl I have over
,' "And. you'd bo tho last man I'd
, ever love."
Not Unlikely.
"Well, my boy," said the visitor to
Bobby, "I suppose some day you ex
pect to step Into your father's shoes?"
"Oh, I supposo so," said Bobby,
feloomlly. "I been wearln' out every
thin' else ho wears since mother
learned how to cut 'em down for me."
Harper's Weekly.
Nolle Prossed.
A .Rastus had caught Sambo red-handed."
"Ah'm gwlno hab yo' arrested foh
Btealln' mah chickens, yo' Sambo
tWashln'ton dat's Jess what ah'm
gwine to do," said Rastus.
"Go ahead, nlggah," retorted Sam
bo. "Go ahead and hab mo arrested.
Ah'Il mek yo' prove whar yo' got dem
chickens yo'self!" Harper's Weekly.
Automobile Aroma.
Farmer Hiram was mending the
front fence when an automobile
whizzed past, emitting a trail of blue
smoke from Its oil-choked engine.
Farmer Hiram's hand went to his
nose. When tho car had disappeared
far down the lane and tho smell had
died away ho ventured to address tho
hired man.
"Sam," he said, "they may be swell
city fellers an' all that; but they cer
tainly was smokln' some vile see-gars."
Queen Victoria Detested Tobacco.
The number of smoking rooms now
distributed , over Windsor castle
would considerably astonish Queen
Victoria could she but seo them. Her
late majesty could never bring herself
to do more than tolerate tho weed In
any form, nnd tho smoking room was
always relegated to n very distant
part of her various residences. Nor
wore tho gutfsts permitted to solace
themselves with a quiet smoke in
their own apartments, as on their ar
rival they wero speclaly warned not
to do so.
are rapidly growing in pop
ular favor.
served either with cream or
good milk, or preserved fruit,
make a most appetizing dish
for breakfast, dinner, or sup
per. These delicious toasted
flaky bits of white corn have
a delicate taste that is very
pleasing at this time of year.
PostToasties are economi
cal, make less work for the
busy housewife and please
everyone at the table.
"The Memory Lingers"
Sold by Orocera everywhere
Foatum Cereal Co., Ltd.,
Battle Creek, Mich.
NEW YORK. A cat which hnd kept
Mrs. Amelia Long out of hor
home, at No. 20 Jane street, all after
noon by attacking her every time she
tried to enter lost all nlno lives after
Policeman John J Do Witt of tho
Chnrlca street station, had fought
with the-animal half an hour the oth
er night nnd wrecked the furnlturo In
Mrs. Long's homo
Mrs. Long had had tho cat for flvo
years nnd recently hnd observed queor
actions. Sho nurBed tho animal the
last few days, but this did no good,
and durlnc the aftornoon tho cat
sprang upon Mrs. Long, tearing her
dress. Mrs. Long ran out of tho
houso and closed tho door. When sho
tried to entera few minutes later the
cat was waiting for her and drove her
The remainder of tho afternoon
Mrs. Long spent in trying to got Into
her homo, and at night wunt to the
Chnrlcs streot Btntlon and Pbllcemau
Do Wit wns sent back with her De
Witt went In and lighted tho gas. His
I hand wns not down from tho Jot be-
I fore the cat sprang from n corner nnd
struck his arm. Ab ho beat her off
i sho bit his left wrist and her claws
mado furrows on his hand.
Tho cat renewed tho attack. Sho
landed on his knee and ho struck her
with his club, knocking hor across the
Seizing hor by tho tail, ho hurled
her against the far wall. Do Witt
then threw a chair at tho anlmnl. She
crawled out of tho wreckage and wbb
making another lenp, when Do Witt
hurled nnother chair. In tlfteen min
utes the only article of furnlturo he
had not thrown was the center table,
and upon the cat's next lungo ho up
set this upon her But her nlno lives
served her In. good stead and sho was
back In tho light In a second
Tho policeman wrapped tho tablo
cover about his arm and used strate
gy, He awaited tho next spring and
let tho animal fasten hor teoth Into
tho covering on his arm. Ab sho hung
there he shot her five times.
Generosity of Spouse Causes Fear of Insanity
ST. LOUIS, Mo. Mortimer Courtney,
fifty-three years old, living south
of KIrkwood, brought his wife, Edith,
forty-throo years old, into tho city on
a shopping nnd pleasure trip. After
they had bought theater tickets Court
ney escorted his wifo to a Jewelry
There, to tho great surprise of Mrs.
Courtney, her husband selected and
paid for $575 worth of diamonds and
made her a present of them. Then
ho took her to another Jewelry shop
and bought additional costly trinkets
for her. As they wero leaving tho
second shop he turned to the aston
ished Mrs. Courtney and said:
"Now, my dear, I am going to give
you a real present. I am going to buy
you a $3,000 automobile."
Instead of Joyfully accompanying
her husband to an automobile estab
lishment Mrs. Courtney told him:
"Not Just now, Mortimer; you come
with mo. I have a person In mind
whom I wish you to meet."
The person Mrs. Courtney hnd In
mind was tho policeman nt Sixth and
pilvo streets. To tho policoman Mrs.
Courtney said:
"Officer, arrest this mau. He's gone
Captain Schwartz, who then exam
lned Courtney nt tho Central police
station, could not find that tho man
was abnormal In anything other than
ultra generous impulses nnont his
While they wero arguing the propo
sition Courtney confided to a police
man that ho wns "very sorry about
this. Been married twenty-two yearB,
always loved ono another, and now
sho's Insane."
"Well," said Captain Schwartz, "nei
ther of you bus shown mo any good
reason for thinking tho other ono In
sane. So you'll have to go on home."
Jell Row Stump for Court but. the Maid Wins
CLEVELAND, O. Nineteen cups of
Jelly, crimson tinted and quaking,
Just as well-behaved Jelly should, aro
what the lawyers call the casus belli
between two women In municipal
court tho other day.
Judga Levlno, who was trying to
straighten out the tangle involving
Mrs. Florence Haydon and Miss Pau
line Plckrul, was doing fairly well un
til he ran afoul of tho Jelly.
The plaintiff, Miss Plckrul, estab
lished that Mrs. Hayden owed her $9
for labor in the kitchen. It looked as
simple as A, B, C up to that point
until Miss PIckul said: "Sho owes
mo $H.S0 for making her nineteen
cups of Jelly." H jj
Mrs. Hayden admitted that tho
Jolly had been made, "but mercy,
what Jelly It was!"
In Just seven seconds tho Judge
was fathoms deep beneath a tidal
wavo of culinary terms.
Placidly, almost as If In a brown
study, Judgo Levlno listened. Maybe
his mind went back to King Solomon
who had considerable roputo In his
day for adjusting disputes between
Finally, there enme a rift In the
verbal ttorm and tho Judge adroitly
slipped in n couple of words.
"Bring the Jelly to me." a smile of
anticipation was on his face, "and if
It measures up to tho standards
established by my mother I will buy
It at 15 cents a glass."
This suited tho plaintiff, although
It was a reduction of 5 cents a glass
from her demand
Mrs. Hayden considered tho propo
sition for a few seconds, weakened
and finnlly agreed to pay tho $12 80
demanded by her former hired girl.
"Ho hum,1' said the Judge, but not
so very loud.
Brief Tale and Puzzling Mystery of Stray Cat
BUFFALO, N. Y. Tho tiger cat may
havo come In on the 11:49 o'clock
train at the Lehigh Valley station in
Washington tho other morning. James
Robertson, who checks tho baggage,
did not notice It, but Tohy, his assist
ant, came along the platform with tho
cat under his arm.
"The Honorablo James Robertson,
Lehigh Valley station," was tho labol
on the cat.
Robertson said ho did not want It.
The cat arched its back and rubbed
Robertson's logB.
'Some cat, Jim," said policeman
Grant B. Shook. "It take3 to you all
"It's not my cat," protested Robert
son. "If I didn't claim to own tho cat, I
wouldn't have It going around with
my name on a tag," ho said.
Robertson cut off tho tag, where
upon tho cat seemed to grow fonder
of him. Where ho went tho cat went
"It ought to bo given somo milk,"
,sald Shook with an eyo on a bottlo
back of tho counter,
' The girls shook tholr heads and re
plied that tho company did not give
away milk. Shook then hnd a talk
with Robertson. Tho lattor bought:
tho bottlo ot milk. Soon tho cat was
lapping up milk nfter which. It curled
up near a steam pipe under ono of the
"I told Jim that If tho cat hnd milk
It might htop bawling. I had on my
uniform and no change In my pock
ets," said hook. "I'll bo darned, but
tho first thing I know this aftornoon
I missed tho cat," explained Police
man 8hook.
"Jim told me he didn't know whoro
It went. But, thinking It over, the cat
disappeared about tho timo tho 3:45
train wont out No, I don't know
where it enmo from."
Hit Limit.
Brldogroora My darling, I feel now
I will bo tho hotter mnn.
Bride But you can't bo tho best
St Clair, 'Ma "My troublo bogan
about fifteen years ago. It was what
somo claimed oczoma. Tho form tho
dlBoaso worked under was n breaking
out with watery blisters on my hands
which would then dry and scnlo, and
then would follow tho troublo of
cracking and bleeding, alBo Itching
nnd hurting. My hands wero disfig
ured at tho tlmo, nnd soro. Tho trou
blo wns very annoying, and disturbed
my Bleep. This last February it was
over bo much worso than before 1
did not do all my work on account of
tho condition of my hands. I could
not put them la water without mak
ing thorn worso. I tried a lot of homo
remedies, nUo salvos nnd Ihilmcnta
that claimed to bo a euro for tho
troublo, but I did not obtain a euro.
"At last I saw tho advertisement for
Cutlcura Soap and Ointment I sont
for a snmplo. I thought they would
euro, so I sent for a fifty-cent box of
Cutlcura Ointment and somo Cutl
cura Soap. A doctor advised mo to
keep ahead with tho Cutlcura Sonp
and Olntmnt and they cured mo com
pletely. No traco of tho troublo ro
mains." (Signed) Mrs. Mnry Taylor,
Mnr. 29, 1912.
Cutlcura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout tho world. Snmplo of.oach
froo, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address
post-card "Cutlcura, Dopt. L, Boston."
Distance nover lends enchantmont
to tho office sookor'B vlow.
Deglnnlng Soon to Worry.
Mrs. Jones My slater la worried to
death over her son, Rcglnnld. Sho
wants him to enter the ministry, his
fnthor wants him to go Into business,
while- Reginald hlmsolf has got his
mind sot on being an actor, and Bays
nothing shall keep him from it
Mra. Brown Hum. How old la ho?
Mrs, Jonos Ho's getting on for
Bovon. Stray Stories.
Every reador of this pnper can bo
euro absolutely free a box of assorted
biscuits by simply cutting out tho cou
pon from their ad appearing In an
other part of this paper and mailing
It to Looso-Wllcs Biscuit Co., Omaha,
Nob. Tho firm is thoroughly reliable.
Tako ndvantngo of this llboral offer
and wrlto them today.
The nvorngo mnn has n lot mora to
say about what he is going to do thau
about what ho bus done.
Mm. Window's (toothing Byrnp for Children
teething, nortrtis the pu tun, miner ludammn
llon,Ulnyn palrj.cures vrlixl college n, bottlcJU
If you would Btriko a mnn favorably
novor hit him In tho vicinity ot tho
Ro thrifty on llttlo thlnffB HKo blulnt Don't
Hoccpt water for bluing. Ask for Red Crosa
Hull Blue, tho extra guod valuo blue. Adv.
Many a great mnn has exclusive
knowledge of tho fact.
Tho more n man knows tho easier
It Is to keep his faco shut
LEWIS' SinBle Binder utraiiilit 5c cienr.
You pny lOo for cignrs not so good. Adv.
Somo people aro ns unpopular as a
lapt year'8 popular song.
ConUlnt No Opiate I Safe For Children
Alfnirnnnd fruit lnnds In famous ChowchllU
lUnrli; 109,000 ncrrs, heart of San Jonqula
Vnllry, Just mibillvlilOiV for cttlinrnt, Ideal
water, will, cllmntlc condition . wholCHUle and
rctnll propositions! frce maps, literature nd
Information tfRurdltifr excursions j wo axe
owners, not BRento.
017 City Nntlorul Bank Bids'.. Omaha, Neb.
It Pays
to Clip
itnntM, act n . run s. They ar
itpAiiRif ranurvnurrnftlierpcrTtce.
Ylirn the lieatiroat that lioldeths
wet IWHI ftntl illrt In removed ther
r mors ratllr kept clin loot:
ttter- t mora uowl Jrtmi t!ilr
feed ami are. betttl la (tery
lnditnn having
Thi Stewart
Ball Bearing
Clipping Mschint
It turns e-tltr, clip fatter anj
eloior and ilayi aliarp longer
than anr oilier, (lean ara all fllo
nam auu cm ironi eoui rii'ri
teeipar. inerar en
clowl. nrotreteil ami
run In nil llitia fries
tlon.llttlawenr lUietifeetof new
etjlo cay runnlnjt flsilbls alittt
and 111 retebrnted Stewart alnf-l
lenito-i Mlpptnir lieail, hliiliMt
grail. !rt frew y ar tieale rtavtry
uii miie guarameeu 10 picato.
Wellsond Ohio SIB. CHICAGO, ILL.
Writ rorromtilote. new catloir t hnwlns world'e
MtVMt and mnt modern Mnn nthnrna clipping and
. purTppiivarintf inacnintf. inaueu tree on roquet f.
Uncle 8m N'eil Ktc-nocmnhcrs I will teach,
you by mall Twelvu ear as uovrrnment
stenographer enables mo to properly trals
my pupils Instruction based on actual ex
perience Harold Gibson, 1010 Pasco, K C ,Mov
Don't Let Catarrh Get the
Best of You
If you have catarrh and are neglecting it you arc doing a
great wrong to yourself. In time it will undermine your
whole constitution. You cannot begin too soon the work of
shaking it off. Doesn' t require any great effort. Begin today.
Dr. Pierce's Golden
wmnmmuKmm tmmammmamBmammmtmamBm wmmtmamaamuammmmmaam
Medical Discovery
ansaanvaBvaajBaaB99MsSBBai ammtmWBmmtmmammnmmuirntm in iTii
has a curative effect upon all mucous surfaces, and hence
removes catarrh. In Nasal Catarrh it is well to cleanse the
passages with Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy while using the
"Discovery" as a constitutional remedy.
Why the "Golden Medical Discovery"cradicates catarrhal
affections, of the stomach, bowels, bladder and other pelvic
organs, will be plain to you if you will read a booklet of
extracts from the writings of eminent medical authorities
endorsing its ingredients and explaining their curative proper
ties. It is mailed free on request.
"The "Discovery" has been put up and 6old in its liquid form for over
40 years and has e'ven crcat satisfaction. Now it can be obtained of medicine
dealers in tablet form as well. A trial box sent prepaid for 50 one-cent stamps.
Address Dr. Pierce's Invalids Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr.PJerce'a Pleasant Pellets regulate and strengthen Stomach, Lirer
and Dowel. Assist nature a little, now and then, with a searching
and cleansing, yet gentle cathartic, and thereby avoid many diseases
MS Feel like a New
Mrs. Bimj. Bums, ef Port
uoY.r. Oct., box U. TrrjtMl
'l hi bf.n a BTfat suffarar
for yum from throat troubla,
eatarth, IndlroiUon. femaU
tropblas, bloating', constipation
sad ntrrotunoaa at tloits I
would bo la NhI, than abla to
b up again. Was under manr
dlfTar.nt doctors car. and
would rtt batter for a llttls
nhil., .would tro down
with chxoala Inflammation all
througu ma. For nlntn
y.ara I had this poison In ray
Wood. Afur tryinj nearly
f T.rjttilnjt I (cot worse. I read
In The People's Common Bene
Medical Adjleer of Dr. Pierce's,
Golden Medical Discovery and
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy.
I her taken the Golden Medi
cal DIscoverT' and 'i'leuant
J'.ll.U. and hare Died lira
fcottlM of Dr. Sare's Catarrh
itamady.. I am now r.bla to do
coy work end walk with pleas
lire. 1 feel Ilka a new woman.
X enjoy evenrthinar around m
Snd thank God fur Inttinr m
v lens1 enouffh to And soma
thins that msdaruswall again."
cffirEraSflScei rATA toil 2fiKDj$-f&
Hardware of Insured Quality
Bearing the
Double Guarantee Quality Tag
We have recently published a new edition of our Tool Catalogue known as
"STANLEY TOOLS NO. 84". It differs very materially from former editions,
contains many new tools never before shovn in a catalogue of this description,
and is of a size that will just fit conveniently in the pocket. A number of useful
and interesting tables are placed in the back of the book. A postal card will bring
you one of these new books by return mail. Ask for Catalogue No. 3-1-C.
New Brjtain.'Cotmn.U.SA.
Satisfaction must follow a purchase
of Hardware benriug our Double
Guarantee Tag- for it carries our ab
solute guarantee. Money back if not
nn:(n.i.. A.i. t ir i . ii.
Biuiaiai-iuij. sian iui uuiuwuiu Willi
Buy no other.
SILVER LAKE. Solid Braidc:' Cotton Sash Cord
should know
the maker's
Bfc. XJWWsi?jaTjlssy
Ksk your
Dealer for
.hese floods
Has been in general use since i868, with uniform satisfaction.
Made of fine cotton, twice doubled and twisted, full length,
will not stretch. Saves labor and money because it lasts
longer, therefore cheapest cord to buy.
Herman Bolter & Co.'s Tree Brand Cutlery
Has been known as High Grade Cutlery for 75 years. There
fore wo do not hesitate to put our brand Clean Clipper on all
Tree Brand Goods, together with our quality insuring
WRIGHT & WILHELMY CO., Wholesale Distributors