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Ideals Which Consistently Lived Up
to, Cannot Fall to Make for Hap
piness In Life.
This homo la dedicated to good will,
ft grow out of lovo. The two heads
of tho household were called togethor
by a power higher than they. To Its
decreo they aro obedient. Every tone
of tho voice, every thought of theli
being, Is subdued to that service
They dcslro to bo worthy of their
high calling, as ministers of that
grace. Thoy know their peace will
go unbroken only for a little time.
And often they suspect that the time
will bo more short oven than their
anxious hope. They cannot permit bo
much nB ono hour of that brlof unity
to be touched by scorn or malice. Tho
world's Judgments have lost their
tlng lnsldo this door. Thoso who
come seeking to continue tho har
mony which these two havo won aro
ever welcome. Tho rich aro welcome,
go they como simply. Tho poor nre
welcome, for they havo already
learned fricndllnoss through buffeting.
Youth Ib welcomo, for it brings tho
Joy which those two would learn. Ago.
Is welcome, for It will teach them
tenderness. Collier's Weekly.
632 N. Cth St., Torro Hauto, Ind.
"My little nephew, a boy of four
yearB, had a breaking out on his faco.
It was Uttlo red spots at first, then
he would rub and scratch and water
blisters would form, and wherever tho
water would run nncther would como
until his faco was covered with them.
He would cry and frot His mother
Cot Bomo medic Inn, but it did not do
any good. Ho would scream and cry
and say It hurt. Wo hardly knew him,
his lltle face 'ns nil rod spots and
blisters. So I begged him to let mo
put some Cutlcura Ointment on them.
Tho next morning I mado a strong
fcoap suds with Cutlcura Soap and
washed his faco In tho warm suds.
Tho Uttlo blisters burst by pressing
tho cloth on them. After I had hla
faco washed, I put tho Cutlcura Oint
ment on and in a short time his little
faco waB all red and dry. I kept using
the Cutlcura Soap and putting on the
Cutlcura Ointment and his faco got as
well and It did not leavo a scar. Ho
"was entirely cured in about ono week
and a half." (Signed) Mrs. Arthur
Haworth, Jan. 10, 1912.
Cutlcura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout tho world. Sample-of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address
post-card "Cutlcura, Dopt L, Boston."
Astonished the Bjohop.
It was an English youngster who sp
thoroughly surprised tho kindly bish
op whom he had been directed to ad
dress as "My lord."
"How old might you be, my child?"
asked tho stately, If Bmlllng ecclesias
tic. "My Gos, I'm seven!" the frightened
child replied.
TonnlniKKUt will refund rnoner If I'AZO OINT
A1KNT fulls to euro any case of ltcblng. Wind,
Uleedlng or Protruding l'llos In 6 to U Uajn 60a
Tho right way to brighten tho world
Is to do u gaod deal of your shining
at homo.
Dr.Herce's Pleasant Pcllots regulate and lnvlff
oratostomach,llveraml bowols. Sugarcoatod,
tin; granules. Easy to take ub candy. Adv.
There to nothing a man will do
with bo Uttlo encouragement as fish
ing. Red Cross Ball Blue will wash double ns
many clothes ns any other blue. Don't
put your (money into any other. Adv.
, The real big man writes his name
on overythlug ho does.
of tho who man would bo all uphill.
If It wero not for tho fools, tho way
Can you
beat It?'9
Surely not, especially
when it comes to a case
of Poor Appetite, Sick
Headache, Indigestion,
Costiveness, Bilious
ness, Colds or Malarial
Disorders. It is then
proves its merit. You really
should try a bottle without
delay. It will aid you won
derfully. Refuse substitutes.
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The Antisepticpowder hakrn into
tne anoes me bianoaru inra
cdy lor the feci for a quarter
century .10 0110 testimonials. Sold
tv(4 ir.rir t-vtrvwuer-. 25c Samole 1-R1.U.
AddreM. Allen S Olmsted. I.e Rov N Y.
The Mnn who put the F.Ea In FEET.
"jCCVE UATCDBoMfterralieroiio.
JOIW !. THOMl'HON bONH & CO.,Troy,N.Y.
Eat Couth Srrnp. TutM Oood, Ui
la tlm. Bold t7 DrutfliU.
Bfc. jf
New York Sales Agent Lontj Ac
tive in Prison Reform.
Frederick H. Mills Transferred Men
From Jails to Responsible Jobs In
Banks and Spent Much Time
Aiding Unfortunates.
Now York. In 1881 a Chicago mer
chant took ,a young man to tho First
National bank In that city and Intro
duced him to tho president, Lyman
J. Qnge, afterward secretary of tho
treasury, as Frederick Mills, chief
clerk of tho stato reformatory at
Pdmlra, N. Y.
"I want to get a position In your
bank for a frlond of mlno, Mr. Gngc,"
said young Mills. "Ho Is n mnn of
experience and ability and has tho
best of references from tho Hank of
North America In Montrenl, where he
was employed for severnl years."
"Whoro Is ho now?" Mr. Gage In
quired. ,
"Ho Is In tho Elmlra reformatory,"
replied tho young man. "Ho has just
finished his term thero and Is watting
to got n Job in order to bo allowed to
The bank president Btnred hard at
his visitor for a moment and, discover
ing from his manner that ho was sorl
ous, resisted an Inclination to becomo
angry, but laughed long and loud In
stead. "Did you como out hero with tho
Impression that the Chicago banks se
lect their clerks from tho reforma
tories?" ho asked.
Thirty years ago, before tho now
penology was born of science and
philanthropy, the idea of giving an ex
convlct employment seemed propos
terous to the averago man of business.
Young Mills, however, was not to bo
robuffed. Ho related to Mr. Gage tho
story of tho coming of tho Montreal
bank clerk to Now York to better his
fortunes and of his yielding to temp
tntlon In tho metropolis; he told of tho
opportunities ho had for studying tho
other's character In tho reformatory
office and he assorted tits opinion r -t
hero was a chanco for tho bank presi
dent to save a human Hfo from wreck.
Mr. Gngo argued the matter with
Mr. Mills for half an hour nnd dis
cussed it with him for an equal period
and at tho end of an hour promised
Amundsen Declares He Found It
Under a Hot Sun.
Explorer and Party Reached Southern
Axis of Earth In Shirt Sleeves, He
Asserts in Story to Chi-
Chicago. Roald Amundsen discov
ered the south pole In his underBhirt.
The Norwegian explorer, who on De
cember 16, 1911, planted his coun
try's flag at the earth's southern axis,
Is himself authority for this state
ment. It need not startlo any one.
The sun was shining In a cloudleBB sky
nnd tho thermometer registered only
15 degrees below zero. This seemed
real warm and summery to a man who
had becomo Inured to temperatures
60 and 75 degrees below during tho
antarctic winter.
Captain Amundsen was visiting Chi
cago. As ho sat In tho University
club, immaculate and smartly groomed
as any dandy of tho boulevards, ho
did not appear as if ho could bo capa
ble of anything so unconventional as
Capt. Hoald Amundsen.
discovering the couth nolo In his un
dershirt. Ono would fancy ho would
have done it In evening clothes.
"Our Journey was very pleasant."
said tho suavo Norseman. "Wo un
derwent no hardships to speak of. We
had a Uttlo trouble getting over tho
great Ico range of the Queen Maud
mountains at 85 degrees south, but af
ter that we camo out on a high plat
eau, which sloped down In ono smooth
nnd unbroken expanse of hard, frozen
snow to the polo.
"It was downhill all tho way and
we wero on Bkls. So you might say
wo tobogganed to the polo. Tho Bled
dogs hud hard work to keep up with
"There wero five of us Holmcr Han
sen, Oscar Wlstlng, Sverro Hansel,
Olnf UJaaland and myself. Wo had
plenty to eat, banqueting every day
on pemmican, biscuit, chocolato and
powdered milk. Tho weather wns
hot Wo dripped with perspiration,
oveu In our I'f'Jt clothes.
Surrdunded by files containing over 130,000 enrds, holding a Bllent but
positive Identification of every man who has enlisted In tho navy slnco
1907, J. E. Taylor, chlof of tho navy's linger print bureau, Is becoming tho
terror of men who havo proved unfaithful In their country's sorvlco. In
tho four yearB tho system haB oeon In operation 1,700 men havo been
caught. Of thoso apprehended Inst year many woro deserters, and others
had been dishonorably discharged and forbidden to re-onllst.
that tho Elmlra graduato Bhould havo
n place In tho bank. Tho man roso
to the position of head bookkeeper In
tho First NaMonal bank of Chlcajo
and was a trusted employo until his
health gavo out a few yenrs ngo.
President Gago then sent . m to a
health resort In California and took
care of him until his death.
This Incident Is only ono of many of
tho samo nature that explain why It Is
that Frederick Hamlin Mills, who of
fered his resignation as sales ccent of
tho prison department of tho state
recently in ordor to promoto harmony
botween Superintendent of Prisons
Scott atiu Governor Sulzer, is a man of
many friends. Thoso friends range
f. m tho penologists nnd students of
criminology of America and tho rest
of tho world, tho prison ofllclnls c tho
United States and a wldo church and
social clrclos, to scores of cx-convlcts
who aro today earning an honest
"Our first observation, on December
16, ahowed 89 degrees, 55 minutes.
Wo woro five miles from tho pole. Wo
hurried forward. Skiing along under
a blazing sun that's tho word, blaz
ing mado us hot. Wo took off our
sweaters and silk coats and throw
them on tho sledB. Still It was warm
work, even In our undershirts. When
wo thought wo had covered flvo mllos
wo took another observation. We
were at 89 degrees 59 minutes. That
left tho polo a mllo away. Wo trav
ersed that mile and erected a tent and
placed a Norwegian flag on top of It
above what wo believed was tho polo
"Wo remained at tno polo three
days and set up flags in all directions.
Then wo went forty-flvo mlleB beyond
tho polo. Tho land or tho ico and
snow, that covered It to an unknown
depth, still sloped downward. It
seemed as If wo wero still going
south. Hut wo woro not Wo were
going north. In taking two stops at
tho polo wo went both south and
north, and I maj Bay that at that
point where all meridians convergo
one stride would tako us from the
longitude of New York to that of
San Francisco.
"Thero was no excitement when wo
found ourselves at tho pole," Captain
Amundsen added. "No ono danced or
hurrahed. I knew wo would get thero.
Wo all knew it. Wo had never doubt
ed it It seemed a perfectly natural
thing to ho there. We felt at home. If
we hadn't got there, there might hnve
been occasion for somo excitement."
Cost of Maintaining Training Ship for
Merchant Marine Proves Too Ex
pensive for Results Obtained.
New York. The navy of New York
will bo put out of commission within
tho yenr, unless something unexpect
ed comes up to rescind tho order
which Iiub Just been Issued, and the
flng of New York will bo seen no more
on tho high Boas or In the ports of
the Mediterranean and tho north At
lantic. Ever since 1871 New York has main
tained a naval school for tho training
of officers for tho Amorlcan merchant
mnrlno. Tho fact that thero was no
American merchant marine to speak
of did not ut nil prevent a great many
boys from nttendlng the school and
cruising six nnd eight months nt a
time, partly nt the oxpeimo of the
state, partly of tho city and partly of
tho nation.
In accordanco with a long-established
policy, tho United Stntes navy
has furnished a veHsel nnd a com
manding officer for each of the naval
schools of tho coast states. During tho
winter tho chip lay nt a plor In tho
East river, comfortably housed over
apd furnishing a convenient and cozy
schoolhotiBO for tho boys, numboring
from 100 to 250, who woroBtudonts.
Tho board of education of Now York
city has had chargo of tho school
Blnco tho organization of Greater Now
York, and It has grumbled occasional
ly because of tho cost of maintaining
tho schoolshlp. A few years CV the
m" " 'kLlV I
livelihood through Mr. Mills' Instru
mentality and to men t . tho prisons
who look to him for aBslBtanco on
their release.
It was his Bticco8s with tho first two
cxconvlctH for whom ho obtained em
ployment that led Mr. Mills to keep
up tho work. As an Illustration of tho
possibilities of reform among men
punished for crlmo, Mr. Mills relates
an exporlenco In Chicago a fow years
ngo. On this occasion ho was nokod
to dine with flvo ono tlmo convicts ho
had bofrlonded, threo of them from
tho Elmlra reformatory. Ono of tho
flvo was Jarvls, then head bookkeeper
of tho First National bank; nnothor
was prlvnto secretary to tho goneral
manager of ono tho most famouB rail
roadB In tho country; a third waB
vice-president of a big coal company,
and tho otbors wero tho chlof caBhler
of a manufacturing company and a
theatrical manager.
Italian Nobleman Says Conventional
Black Is Sign of Artistic De
cadence Here.
Boston. Duke Pompela Lltta of Mi
lan, Italy, who Is In this city nB guest
of the Twontloth Century club, bo
Hovos that tho conventional black ovo
nlng clothes worn by Amorlcan men
Is a sign of nrtlstlc decadence.
"Tho nrt of bolng magnificent Is en
tirely lost In America," ho declared In
an Interview. "Tho only thing of color
In American life 1b tho color of tho
hats of ladles. Thoy aro wonderful.
Whoro do they como from? Even In
Paris I havo never scon such hats.
"But tho man, I pity them. Always
somberly clothed, they seem to go
through life bo sadly. I can under
stand why, pcrhapB, thoy wear black
and grayB and browns to business. But
oven for evening wear they cIioobo
"L,do not believe In this. Why can
nbt tho American gontlomcn, on pleas
ure bent, relax? I should suggest a
dress suit of perhups palo bluo or
gray or with a lino strlpo, In tho fu
ture." Blamed Carrier for toss.
Now York. "1 want to know tho
nnmo of-tho parcol post carrier who
nto tho other half of this cako?" de
manded an indlgnnnt suffragetto an
sno rushed Into tho Now York post of.
flee, exhibiting part of n sponge cake
"I suppose ho got hungry whllo ho
was carrying It around nnd kopt nib
bllng nt It" Postmnstor Lowrio ex
plained that tho enko had not been
eaten, but crushed Into crumbs.
St. Mary wus recalled nnd tho gun
boat Newport wns substituted. Tho
Newport, unllko her predecessor, has
engines and she has proved to bo n
mighty coal enter nt a time when coal.
Is costly. AIbo, tho board complalnod,
parents persisted In looking upon tho
Bchoolshlp as a sort of reformatory,
whero they could load bad boys and
get rid of them for half a year In
hnnds that wero capable of handling
them without glovs, If It was iicccb
nary. Accordingly, tho board ban ap
plied for n clmngn In tho city charter
abolishing tho naval school nltoccithor
Each Guest Malls an Item on tho
Menu Is the Very tatebt So-
clal Novelty.
Peoksklll, N. Y. A "parcol poBt"
dinner wns Introduced an u social nov
elty by Mr. nnd Mrs. A. J. alios of
PcokHklll, who gavo one In their homo
with a menu of foodstuffs prepared in
distant localities and ahlppod to thorn
by parcel post. The out-of-town
guests mailed their contributions to
the dinner before starting for Peoksklll
to enjoy tho feast Thero Was a largo
roasted chicken from notind Brook,
N. J., corn bread nnd chocao from Vir
ginia, meat products from Chicago,
fruit from Washington, D. C, nnd pas
try from Now York. No food was pro
Dared by tho host or hostess,
If you used Pe
nina at tho begin
ning of every cold
you would then ap
preciate tho valuo
of this great rem
edy. Do not wait
until tho cold has
fastened Itself up
on you. Tako it at
tho first symptom.
ThU Is tho way to
ward off tho cold
so that it docs you
no harm.
Peruna uied in
the bcRinnitiR of a
cold prevents a
courIj entirely,
what I say. It pre-
Columbus, Ohio
Ycs, I mean
vents a cough. A cough is an effort to
expel catarrhal discharges in tho bron
chial tubes. There would bo no catarrhal
discharges in tho bronchial tube if Pe
runa was taken at the beginning of a cold,
therefore there -would bo no cough. Don't
you catch tho point?
..'After tho cough begins Peruna will
stop it just as quickly as it ought to
bo stopped. To stop a cough tafore all
of tho expectoration has been removed Is
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Bycrs Brothers & Co.
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Is the symbol of state
wide and nation-broad
telephone service.
Bell Telephone
lines reach nearly everywhere.
Why Women
sHSBsssSIksW 1
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limbs. Such feelings may or may
headache or bearing down. 1 he local disorders and iniiammation, it incro
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to do great InJm.V. After tho expectora
tion has been properly removed tho cough
will stop itself. That is tho only proper
way to stop a cough.
Occasionally a cough depends upon an
irritablo condition of thtr larynx or bron
chial tubes, in which thero is little or no
Tho problem of stopping such a. cough
is a slightly different one. Even in thoo
case Peruna ought to bo taken, but some
times it is necssary that local treatment
bo added.
But in any case Peruna is needed. You
do not havo to stop to write me. Get
Peruna at once and commence taking it
You can get rid of that cough 'sooner I
believo than in any other way.
Should you wish to consult mo at any
time while you arc taking Peruna you aro
at perfect liberty to write me. Your let
ters will bo held strictly confidential and
you will receive prompt answer.
I want to stop that cough of yours.
I want to stop it before it really begins.
I want to stop it beforo it has a chanco
to injure your lungs, an injury that you
may not recover from during your whole
lifo. Yes, I do. You do your part. I
will do mine. No. CI.
nd oipfii Karni of
I Ivookl.lBliMfTtrjlhlni. local wU wanted. Larcmt wlluu
. hom nmtr Is ulili-ttin ran,
BPOHN MKDIOAL!.if4BMtortijuu, Qoahon, Ind U.8.A.
iL'TLTR ft A. 'TBk Jl . 1 1 1 il
so it Would seem.
"Whnt la a 'ilguro of Bpooch,' pa?"
"Woll, If talk Is cheap, it must ba
a pretty small figure."
Mr.W.D. Smith, Ethol, Ky., writes:
"I havo boon using Dodd's Kidney Pills
for ten or twolvo years and thoy havo
dono mo a great dca) of good. I do
not think I would bo
allvo today If It
wero not for Dodd'o
Kidney Pills. I
strained my back
about forty yeard
ago, which left It
very weak. I was
troubled with Inflam
mation of tho lilad-
D. Smith. ,!r nnrfH'n TCIilnnv
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Trouble. I tako Dodd's Kldnoy Pills
now to keep from having Backache I
am 77 ycara old and a farmer, You are
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"I hoar that In tho club Miss Old
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sho's that thin."
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Natural Result.
"That girl rings true."
"Of course. Shu Ib a lino belle."
Tho man who stands- on the prom
ise of God lives In tho land of prom
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Eoeru teaman ouaht to coimjj 7 he t
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