The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, February 18, 1913, Image 7

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New Models of Hats for Motor
i Wear Are Most Attractive
Huts which are partly hats and part
ly bonnets seem to bo tho most suc
cessful among tho new models for
motor wear. These hats are very
soft and many of them are nuulo en
tirely without wire. A crinoline or
rice net foundation gives sufficient
body. Wide braids and silk (the
braids almost as pliable as fabrics)
are very strong and durablo and are
used in this class of heudwear.
Tho fad for tho strong Hungarian
colors has given us somo very novel
and excellent specimons in theso mo
tor bonnets. Dodics aro usually made
in gray, taupe, brown or blue, or in
natural Btraw colors. Theso durablo
colorings aro brightened with touches
of bright rod, vivid green and strong
blue. Often a deep canary yellow ap
pears in this 'combination. Theso
Btrong colors are introduced In tho
trimming or partly in the body of the
hat. Veiled with chiffon veils of the
color of the hat, through which they
Careful Dresser Knows Well What the
Accessories Should Be to Com
plete a Costume.
In many instances it is tho little
things that count for more than those
of larger proportions, and women havo
long since realized the fact, which ac
counts for tho many furbishes which
they affect. A dainty dash hero or a
daring dash thero will frequently
make an otherwise unattractive cos
tumo most bewitching.
Corsage and muff ornaments are tho
popular accessories of the season, and
.fashion permits an almost unlimited
choice in these matters.
One of fashion's freaks Is tho use of
fruits and vegetables for corsage orna
ments. Holly berries are also seen
and aro much prettier.
Tho now corsago bouquet is a com
pact bunch of red berries.
The corsago flower should ho largo;
it may bo a rose, tho poinsetta or the
brilliant poppy. Most of theso largo
flowerB aro made of velvet. They
match some brilliant evening dress,
but as a rule they are in a contrast
ing color.
Velvet ribbon flowers are used on
the new long, round muffs. '
Little bows to finish one's collar con
sist of bright colored velvet cocks,
combed at the ends and held in the
mlddlo by a medallion of real Irish.
A three-quarter length Russian coat,
fur-edged, held In at the back and
sides with a patent leather belt; the
klrt to match. The furs are fox; the
toque of velvet with a fancy plume.
JET vfe &!&m4 C xS.
wwi T'iiit ill
IliP vWllk' i& &
gleam, they aro really charming.
Hats made of fabrics usually have a
tan crown, but are sometimes made
of Tour shaped pieces, stitched to
gether. Tho brims are machine
stitched in rows ana crinollno or lin
en intorllnings provide sufficient bui
port for tho fabrics.
Veils aro managed In a variety ol
ways. One of tho prettiest Is shown
in tho illustration. It is a long veil,
but not wide. At tho front tho edge
is finished with an accordlon-plnitod
ruffle, which terminates at tho back
of tho neck. Tho veil is slightly
fulled on an clastic cord which slips
ovor tho hat and Is drawn in aboul
tho neck by gatherings.
The new motor hats seem to have
reached perfection Inasmuch as they
aro comfortable, durable, and at the
same time, the most attractivo that
havo ever been brought out. They
may bo said to be universally becom
Casement Scheme of Decoration la
One of the Neatest and Most
Serviceable Possible.
Ono of tho nentest and prettiest
ways of dressing tho window of a
room in which it is not desirablo to
havo flowing draperieB is to use tho
casement scheme of decorations. For
this purpose thero comes a specially
Bhoer and fine cotton material called
casement cloth through which the
light shines, although tho Interior of
tho room is shielded from outsido
oyes, but a similar charming effect
may bo produced by cotton voile, by
Chinese or wash silk, none of which
materials is costly. The arrangements
of tho drapery is simple. It Is shirred
scantily at both its ends upon flno
sliding rods of brass which fit into
groves at top and bottom of tho case,
ment if it bo a full length French win.
dow, and against tho sliding case
ments, if the window is of tho Ameri
can typo. Another advantage ot this
schemo of window dressing is tho easo
with which the draperies may bo
laundered, for, being straight, guilt
less of ruffles and alwayB unstarched
tho. merest tryo may wash, iron and
readjust thom.
New Dress Materials.
At tho outset of every season a
multitude of now materials for
gowns is thrust upon tho market, and
by gradual elimination wo Boon know
which will prove becoming and mako
up suitably. This year's fashion is
particularly specializing in several
now materials which como iu a
charming display of colors and
changeablo effects. Tho most fash
ionable material is the much-worn
brocade, and It Is sought by dress
makers for every conceivable typo of
gown from street suits to the most
elaborate evening gowns and wraps.
Harper's Bazar.
For Palms and Ferns.
"When tho delicate fronds of the
fern turn yellow and tho palm leaves
aro dry and sickly looking, pour two
tablespoonfuls of ollvo oil at tho
rootB. Repeat this onco ovory month,
and note tho wondorful improvement.
Strength and vigor will return to
tho plants. Tho rich, dark green fol
iage grows more luxuriant than ovor
This is a well-tested fact.
Smaller plants will not roquiro ae
much oil.
Flounced Skirts.
Tho flounced skirts aro quickly
made when tho bordored fabrics aro
used, and they aro equally effective in
tho embroidered batistes and Uncns
Even the simple little dimity and mus
lin frocks take on a new nlr when
fashioned with thesd narrow flounces.
Tho flounces of 3913. however, are
quite different In construction from
those of previous seasons and aro bo
cut that they add only a semblanco of
additional width to tho skirt.
""Tailored Skirts With a Lining.
Tailored skirts aro being made over
a closo fitting lining, which reaches to
tho knee. This dispenses with tho ne
cessity of an extra petticoat.
White Glace Gloves.
Whito glaco kid gloves lined with
pink or blue kid show heavy real laco
In a turned back cuff ovor tho colored
Family at Excello, Mo., Have "Pralrlo
Schooner" That Is Still Well
St, Louis. Mo. Wo havo nil hoard
tho familiar term "prnirlo schoonor"
applied to tho old fashioned convoy
nnce ndo ubo of by our grandfathers
In tho "early dnys" whon they sot out,
full of hopo, to 11 ml now- homes for
themselves In tho groat woBt, now our
flourishing mid-contlnuntnl states.' At
Excello, a small station near tho
county seat of Macon county, Missouri,
resides a family which has in pos
session tho relic of pioneer days pic
tured horo. This nnclont vohlclo, un
like the "Ono Hoss Shay" of world
wide fame, has reached Its ono hun
dredth birthday without going to
Ancient Prairie Schooner.
pieces, but continues to hold togeth
er, bound by its strong iron rivets and
chains, as proudly, perhaps, as whon
it bore in Its capacious bod tho sturdy
settler and his family traveling from
Kontucky to tho then far-off prairies
and forests of North Missouri. Tho
descendants of this ploneor family aro
among tho loading and highly respect
ed peoplo of Macon and Randolph
counties, nud family prido is nowhoro
moro Justly In .evidence than whon,
onco a year, to tho delight of neigh
bors nnd other-visitors, "Old Missouri"
Is placed on exhibition nt tho fair at
Jacksonville, a nearby village, where
It becomes tho center of attraction.
New York Minister Provides Startling
Figures for 1912 and Demands
Uniform Law.
Now York. Moro than 70,000 chil
dren, mostly undor tho ngo of nine
years, wcro deprived ot ono or botli
parents by dlvorco In this country
during tho last year, according to fig
ures with which Itov. Francis M.
Moody stirred members of tho Now
York state marriago and dlvorco com
mission at a recent meeting.
"Tho Pacific coast," ho said, "has
been tho greatest dlvorco center of
tho cntiro world. In tho year 1912
alone thero wero granted In tho Unit
ed States moro than 100,000 divorces.
In forty years 3,700,000 adults were,
separated by dlvorco, and moro than
C.000,000 persons affected by theso
"Illinois alono provided 120,000 di
vorces; PennBylvanla, CC.7C0; Cali
fornia, (30,000, and Now York, 41,450,
Now York state, however, sent 18,109
of its couples into othor states to pro-,
euro divorces, and there wero prob
ably many migratory cases which ara
not recorded in this total. At pres
ent 90 per cent of tho cases go by
default, with only ono party represent
ed." Mr. Moody offered a resolution to or
ganize a federal commission in this
state to work for a uniform federal
law governing marriage and dlvorco,
which would bo tho central organiza
tion for all stato commissions of this
character which already havo been
formed in Bomo states, and which
would meet in convention in Chicago
in May. Rev. Dr. Samuel McCuno
Lindsay was appointed temporary
chairman of the organizing committee.
Thirty Cases of Disease and Three
Deaths Since August, 1908, Are
Traced to a Sailor.
Sacramento, Cal. llarry Oloen,
perambulating typhoid incubator, is
still hatching deadly germs. To his
record of having caused thirty cases
and threo deaths, another denth has
Just been added. This beats, it is
said, tho record of "Typhoid Mary," fa
mous in her day in Now York.
Between August, 1908, and Febru
ary 2, 1912, whon he wub a sailor on
tho ship Acme, 2G men contracted ty
phoid fever from him and threo died.
Olsen was detained and Isolated at tho
United States Marine hospital.
Last October thodoctors thought
thoy had conquered The army of organ
isms nnd Olson was free on probation.
Ila got a Job on tho steam schooner
Noyo, but not a month had elapsed be
fore two men were attacked by ty
phoid fever. Ono of them died. Olson
was discharged to prevent a mutiny
nmong the crew, and he must now go
back to tho hospital for further treat
ment. Olsen may bo aubject to nn opera
tion for tho removal of tho gall blad
der, which has been found to act as
an asylum for gorras.
No Claimant Appears for the Recent
Drawing of Bank of Italy's 1,500-
000-Franc Lottery Number.
Itomo. No claimant haB yet appear
ed for tho first prizo of 1,500,000
francs in tho recent bank of Italy lot
tory. It Is believed that tho winning
tickot may havo been lost when tho
Titanic sank last April. All offorta
to traco tho holder of tho tickot havo
been fruitless, and it Is recalled that a
batch of other tlckots which wero
sent to tho United States on tho Ti
tanic was lost.
"Whnt do you mean by bringing
home a bird of that slzo?"
' Well, wo can mako up for tho elzo
by stuffing it good."
Moberly, Mo. "My troublo began
with a small plmplo on tho loft side of
my faco and It spread all ovor my
face and to my neck. It would bo scar
let rod whou I got warm. My faco
was a sight. It looked very unpleas
ant, nnd it felt uncomfortable. My
fnce was something awful; It Just kept
mo in agony all tho time. Somo said
It was totter, and somo said It was
that awful eczema, but I rather think
It was tetter. I had boon troubled
with it for about two years and tried
many remedies, but got no rollcf until
I used Cuticura Soap and Ointment
"WhonJ would wnsh my faco with
tho Cuticura Soap and apply the Cuti
cura OIntmont it would cool my skin
ntlil rtriiw frronf lilp ilrntta nt tnnttol
out of tho skin. You would think I
was BWeatlug; It would run down my
faco just nB though I had washed It.
It Itched and smarted and I Buffered
In tho day time mosL I used tho Cuti
cura Soap and Cuticura Ointment for
a month and I was cured of It." (Sign
ed) Mrs. J. Brookshor, April 1G, 1912.
Cuticura Soap nnd Ointment Bold
throughout tho world. Samplo of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address
post-card "Cuticura, Dept. L, Boston."
Friendly Blow.
Louis Brownlow, Washington news
paper man, paused In a drug storo in
Greensboro, N. C, not so long ngo, to
ask for n match. While ho was there
a young colored chap camo running
in with a big gash tho whole length
of his skull, nnd apparently n good
deal put out about somo accident that
had befallen him.
"What's happened to you?" nsketl
Brownlow, excitedly but sympathetic
ally. "A friend hit mo with a hatchet,"
replied the bleeding stranger.
Brightening Flower Pots.
Flower pots frequently fado Into a
dingy color from their original bright
and cheorful brick red. Thoy may bo
easily brightened again by putting or
dinary red ochro in water until it is
about as thick as paint, then painting
ing tho flowor pot, which absorbs the
color and holds It.
"Is that dainty llush on Clara'B
cheeks her own?"
"No; she took It out of sister's box."
Belle Do you think it is unlucky to
marry in 1913?
Nell Sure thing, if lie's a poor man.
JK8 lffWfiaTi '"fKfrifwifvrKKjiffKKTPriiiiM Iebh
Addressed to Women
That Backache of Yours
Is one of nature's warnings when all the joy of living has
vanished because of trouble peculiar to womankind. Don't
disregard this warning. Don't procrastinate. Now is
the time to take steps to regain health and strength.
Br. Pierce's Fmmite Prescription
Ha3 been recommended for over forty years as a remedy for ailments peculiar to women.
Thousands of grateful women have testified to it3 effectiveness. You, too, will find it beneficial.
As made up by improved and exact processes, the "Favorite Prescription" is a mo3t efficient
remedy for regulating all the womanly functions, correcting displacements, a3 prolapsus,
ontcversion and retroversion, overc&ming painful periods, toning up the nervc3 and bringing
about a perfect state of health. v
Thi tonic, in liquid form, wni deviled over 40 years ago for tho womanly yatem, by R.V.
Pierce, M. D., and lias benefited many thousand women. Now it can also bo obtained
in tablet form from dealers in medicine, or send SO one-cent stamps for a trial box.
Every woman ought
Pierce's great book, the People's Common
Sense Medical Adviser, a magnificent
thousand-pago illustrated .volume. It
teaches mothers how to care for their
children and themselves. It ia tho best
doctor to havo in tho house in case of
emergency. Over half a million copies
were sold nt $1.50 each, but ono free copy
in cloth covers will bo sent on receipt of
31 one-cent stamps to pay the cost of
wrapping and mailing only. Address
Dr. Pierce's Invalids Hotel
Buffalo, New York
Color more goodsbrightersnd fitter colors than ny other dye. One 10c package colors all libera. Thry dye in cold water better than my other dye, You cua
dye any garment without ripping apart. Write for free booklet How to Oye. Uleachand Mix Colors. MONROE DHUG COMPANY. Quincy, III.
The Young Bride's First Discovery. I
Their wcddlntr tour hnd ended, and they
entered their new homo to settlo down to
whnt tlicy hoped to bo one lonu uninter
rupted lifWsful honeymoon.
Uut nlnn' the young . bride' troubles
soon beKfln, when alio tried to reduce tho
cost of living with cheap big can baking
powders. .. .
She soon discovered that alt she got was
a lot for her money, and It win not alt
baking powder, for the bulk of It was
chonp materials which hnd no leavening
power. Such powders will not inHko light,
wholesome food. And because of tho ab
sence of lenenlllB Kits, It teqtilres from
two to three times ns much to rnlw rakes
or biscuits as It does of Cnlumet Unking
Thus, eventually, the netual cost to
you of cheap baking powders Is moro
than Calumet would bo.
Cheap buhlng powder ofton lenvo tho
bread blenched and acid, sometimes yol
lnw and nlknllno. nnd often unpniaiable.
They are not always of unirorm strength
and uunllty.
Now the brldo buys Cnhitnet-thB. per
fectly wholesnmn baking powder, nioder
nte In juice, mid nlunys uniform nnd re
llnble. Calumet keeps Indefinitely, makes
good cooking otisy, nnd Is certainly the
inriMt nonnnmlrnl nfler nil. Received
Highest Awards: "World's Turn Food Ex
position. Chicago, III.: l'nrls Imposition,
France, Mnrcli. 1912. Adv.
Not a Complaint.
"Mlas Brown," said tho art Inspec
tor, pausing before a student's easel,
"you might with nil propriety worship
that drawing of yours."
Tho poorest pupil in tho class look
ed up, surprised nnd pleased
"I'm bo glad you liko It, sir. But
why why "
"Tho Blblo expressly commands us
not to worship the likunoss of any
thing In tho honvoiiB above or In tho
earth bonoath, dooB it not1?"
His Status.
"Is that druggist woll thought of In
tho community?"
"Sure. Isn't ho n pill er of the
Lots ot poor men aro tho architects
of other men's riches.
nnd nil ifclicrs. IKi not depend on any powder In ttili cIiim Of IM-ieiues. Giro 11 to hrot inures In timet
of dlMemnfir llookU-t, ''Olitruiner, I'nnsce. Cure nnd I'roTcntlon," troe, UruggliU ud liarneti
Strop toll Hpohu's Ouro. W coma, M.U0 ft doion; fl.U0, 110 UO n. doion.
SPOHN f.OIGAI. GO., Bacteriologists, G0SHEH, END.
Infantile Paralysis. '
Tho horrors of infantllo pnralysls
will not bo alleviated by tho noto of I
Dr. Simon Flexner and two associates,
appearing in tho Journal of tho Amcr- p
lean Medical association, that tho
healthy parents of patients may he I
carrlors of tho disease Dr. Hoxner
roports that washings from tho naso
pharynx of tho pnrents of a child suf
fcrlng from an ncuto attock wero Inoc
ulated on October 28 last In a monkey,
tho Macncus cynomolguB:
"Recovery from tho anesthetic wbb
prompt and tho animal remained well
until November 11, when It was noted
to bo excitable and to drag tho right
log. The loft log proved to bo weak
NovombQr 12 tho right log waB defi
nitely flaccid."
Two days later portions of tho spi
nal cord and medulla "Bhowed typical
lesions of experimental poliomyclltlB."
Modern Pugilism.
Fathcn I can't understand why
you want to bo a prize fighter!
Son Easy! Bccauso it's all prize
nnd no fight. Judgo.
In order to bo a social favorlto a
man may bo a cheorful liar
to possess Dr.
A Case In Kind
"1 wrote to you about
six months ouo for your
kind advice In retard to
my ease," writes Mrs.
Llnle White. At times
1 was Imrdly able to be on
my feet. 1 believe 1 had
every pain and ache u
woman could have. Had
a very bad case of uterlno
disease. Ovnrles were
very much diseased and
my tiSck was very weak.
I suffered n great deal with
nervous headaches, In fact
I .iiffrrril nil over. I fol.
makes life a
burden. Head
aches, dizzy
spells and dis
tressing uri
nary disordora
aro a constant
trial. Tako
warning! Sua
poet k 1 d n o y
trouble. Look
about for a
good kidnoy
Learn from
ono who haB
found rellof
''Kntrv llclure
from tho snmo Buffering,
Got Doau'a Kidnoy TillB tho
snmo that Mr. Loo had.
A Torens Cnno
J. It. tee. Ill W. W1ht St., Clehurn,TiT., w
"For four jrwni 1 rmlurnl mtry from rrTl.
Morvililn o my only rftlf f. I liJ torrlbla )lni
In Inr IwoU nij It wii linnl for m to p thn Ltd
r i.(HTtion. lon' Kidney VIIMcuralnioqalck
If, mil 1 Iito txoa well etr ln."
Get Dotn'n t Any Slant, 50e a Dnx
Tlic Man Who Put tbo
E Es In F E E T
took for This Trade-Mark Flo
tn re on the Label when buying
The Authentic l'owder for Ten.
Tra nrk. der, Achins l'eet. Sold every.
where, JSc. sample I'Kiili, Anareii,
of this paper desiring to buy any
thing advertised in its columns should
insist upon having what they ask for,
refusing all substitutes or imitations.
Kill Germs
of Distemper. Pink Eye, Epizootic,
CaUnhal rever and Influents, under the microscope.
Olven on thn Itoran't Tonitue, It unite wltti the flnlCa of the alimentary
canal, thrown lulu tliu blowl pns' through Mm ulnnrts and expel the
iinriiiiif litnimMn. Abaoliiiul.T Aufn nnd Burn for Ilrood M&ren. Hfibr OolU
Get a Canadian Homa
In Western Canada's
Freo Homestead Area
bna soreral New Itomo
aicadlnr Ulatrlcta that
ntlnrd raro opportunity
to aeeuro IGOucrei nt ex
oo 1 lent agricultural
land Vltrcu.
For Grain Growing
and Gaftlo Raising
this proylnco has no anperlor and
livunifllablo ngrlcnltura Hiowi an
nnbrolion period ototor a, quarter
of nCoiuury.
I'erfertclltuntat eood tnarketit
rnllnnriiconYonlenti citl the. ery
bout, and Boclal condition moat
Vacant landa adjacent to Free
Iloiuonlcuun may ba purchased
and alto In the older dlatrlcta
lands ran bo bought at retaon
ablo prlcoi.
ITor f urtbor p&rUcal&ri writs to
Boo Dulldlna, Omoha, Hob.
Canadian CloTornment'Agents, or
addri'fca Hiiporlnteiiilrnt of
Immigration, Ottawa, l.
r i Mil
loWedyourdlrcctlonn as closely ns I could, nnd wss
well pleased with the results. 1 have taken your
'Favorite Prescription' acal 'Golden Medical Discovery'
for about three months aud can now say that my
health was never better. lean highly recommend
Doctor Pierce's remedies to any woman suffering from
female disease, and I do recommend them to every one
I see. Have Induced several to try your wonderful
medicines." Address furnished on request.