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IRA U BARS, Publisher,
National, Political, Personal and Other
Matter In Brief Form for All
Classes of Readers.
Representative Sulzor presented his
resignation as member, effective De
cember 31.
Senator Hoko Smith spoko In sup
port ot tho Lover agricultural educa
tion extension bill.
Senator UrlBtow Introduced a bill
for preference- primaries for appoint
mont of postmasters.
The Bonato pasBed tho bill appropri
ating $5,000 for a Btattio of Pocahon
tas at Jamestown, Va.
Representative Mott proposed
nmcndmcntB to tho newspaper pub
licity law, virtually repealing It.
Tho houBo passed tho llurnott liter
acy test Immigration bill to bar Im
migrant ovor 10 who cannot road.
The scnato agricultural committee
Ordered a favorablo report on tho Le
Jtror agricultural education extension
President Taft submitted for ap
proval of tho senate nlno names for
liombors of commission to Industrial
Senator Bourno was elected chair
man of joint congressional commission
to promote fodoral aid In highway con
struction. Tho Iioiibo convonod at noon on
JThursday and adjourned nt 12:17 p.
)n,, owing to lack o quorum, until
boon, Jnnuary 2.
Tho houso agrlculturo committee by
a tlo vote deferred action on tho Le
ver bill framod to encourage tho oleo
margarine Industry.
Tho Benato court of Impoachment
resumed trial of Judgo Archbald at
1:30 p. m. Thursday, and adjourned
at 3:4G .p m. until January 3.
A message from President Taft per
taining to poBtofllco, lntorlor, agrlcul
turo and commorco and labor depart
ments .was read in tho Benato.
Sonntor Smoot entered a motion to
provide a president pro.tomporo by
having Senators Bacon and Oalllnger
nltornnto,- hut action was postponed.
William II. Hearst, toatlfylng boforo
tho campaign fundB investigation
committee, produced Bovoral now let
ters bearing on political activities of
John D. Archbbld and Standard Oil
Tho Interior department expendi
tures committee of tho houso adopted
a report consurlng Robert G. Vnlon
tine, former commissioner of Indian
affairs, for his conduit prior to his
Tho houso banking and currency
subcommittee decided to report un
favorably tho Levy bill to relievo
stringency in tho monoy market by
placing $50,000,000 from treasury in
national banks.
Governor Wilson admits ho Is at
work framing up a cabinet.
Russia Is obstructing tho negoti
ations in connection with tho loan to
China of 125,000,000.
His majesty King Goorgo V of Eng
land was elected an honoorary mem
ber of tho Now York Yacht club.
Brigadier Gonoral Thcophllus Fran
cIb Rodonboourh, U. 8. A., rotlrcd,
died at Now York In 1i!b sovonty-llfth
Tho solo ot Rod Cross Christmas
seals throughout tho United States
this seasonn will bring botweon $400,
000 nud $500,000 to aid In the fight
against tuberculosis.
Justico Emlln McLano, ot tho Iowa
pupromo court, has been Invited to
fill Uio tomporury vacancy of tho Ice
land Stanford university, according
to an announcement at Iowa City.
BuslnosB In gonoral, as reflected In
tho condition of tho banks of tho
United States has shared In tho
country's prosperity, according to
Lawrence O. Murray In his annual re
port. Joseph Lomax, who is Bald to bo tho
oldest Mason and also the oldost
newspaper editor In tho world, cele
brated his ono hundred and third
birthday nt tho homo of his daughter
In Indianapolis.
Tho London Standard announces
that four of tho leading British bank
ing ilrms will henceforth sbnro with
tho Hong Kong-Shnnglml bank, In tho
representation of the British section
ot tho bIx powors group.
Aviator Horace Kearnoy nnd his
companion are believed to bo lost In
tho Pacific ocean.
Tho directors of tho Navy Leaguo
of tho United States havo ro-oloctod
General Horaco Porter president.
According to tho llnal returns can
rassod by tho Hlato board of canvas
eors, tho equal auffrago amendment
lost In Michigan by a majority of 7G0.
A doclsldn to permit tho confirma
tion of army and navy appointments
beforo tho holiday recess was reached
by a caucus of democratic sonators.
An Inspired statement sayB that In
the future Kmporor Francis JoBoph
vill grant only collective audleucea
to tho ministers instead of receiving
them separately.
Flvo men torrolzcd a M)soorl town
and robbed a bank of $5,000.
Comptroller Murray says his plan
1b to make ovory bank a strong bank.
Tho United States Is unlikely to bo
called upon to mediate In tho Balkans
Tho llrst step was takon In tho
houao looking to tho Inauguration of
Mr. Wilson.
John P. White, president of tho unit
ed mlnoworkers of America, has been
Russia has warned China that there
must be an early settlement of tho
Mongolian question.
John T. Butler, ono of tho dynamlto
defendants, was ordered Bent to Jail
for alleged perjury.
Chief of Pollco McWeony says Chi
cago can have a wldo open New Year's
ovo celebration.
J. P. Morgan told tho houso com
mittee thero could be no such thing
as a money trust.
Formor Senator Forakor says tho
letters Hearst read wore stolen from
tho Stanard Oil flloo.
America Is addicted to taking
opium, according to Prof. II. Hueppo
of Dresden, Germany.
Capt, John Watson, ot tho Eighth
cavalry, stationed at Augur barracks,
Jolo, was killed by a Moro.
With nothing to gain by delay.
Turkey Is expected to bo willing to
resume peaco negotiations.
Thlrty-flvo horses wero burned In a
barn flro at Hastings, Neb., causing
a Joss of perhaps $40,000.
Peaco negotiations at London were
dolayed becauBo of Turkey's disincli
nation to treat with Greece.
Commissioner Donnott, of the gen
oral land ofllce, says "professional lo
cators" prey upon tho public.
President Taft will not delay In ap
pointing a successor to Whltelaw
Rcld as ambassador at London.
A portrait of Benjamin Franklin,
painted by Chamberlain In 1762, was
sold at auction at London for $14,000.
President Taft told congrcsB ho was
not playing politics In placing fourth
class postmasters on tho classified
In a short timo tho common drink
ing cup v111 havo been abolished In
all tho Burlington trains and depota
in Nebraska.
Tho ontlro malo Greek colony of
Keokuk, la., numborlng 100, will sail
from New York to tako part in tho
Balkan war.
Tho board of estimate voted to
spend all the money necessary to give
Now York City ono of tho largest
municipal dock systems In tho world.
It is said that President Taft will
leavo to President-elect Wilson tho
appointment of a successor to White
law Rcld as ambassador to Great
Clifford Wood, a Dob Moines sign
painter, chose tho oxlt of a crowded
street car as tho place to shoot his
divorced jfflfe, and thoo and then kill
A Christmas lottor from hla 4-year-old
daughter in Dayton, O., caused
Henry Bumhorst, a laundry employe,
to attompt sulcldo with poleon In
Los Angeles, Cal.
Socrotary MacVoagh has again sus
pended tho Treasury department or
der, which wan to have bocomo offecfc
lvo Friday, Imposing a countervailing
duty on split poaa and flour from
Elghtocn women participated In a
conference at Topoka, Kan., of about
200 Btate leaders of tho progressive
party, at which a provisional organi
zation waB consummated.
Christian R. EaBterday of Marengo,
la., who told tho Burlington pollco a
story about having boen held up and
robbed by St. Louis crooks confessed
that his Btory was a fake.
Tho Pan-American Socloty ot tho
United States and tho Moxlco Socloty
of Now York Joined In honoring Don
Podro Lascurraln, Mexican minister
of foreign affairs, at a luncheon.
John D. Rockofollor, who for Bovoral
years has boon a golf devotee, played
tho best game of his life, ho says, on
tho llnkB at tho Pocontlco hills, cov
ering tho nlno-holo course In 43.
Two questions relating to tho va
lidity of tho Oklahoma "grandfather
law," wero certified by tho United
States circuit court ot appeals Bitting
In St. Louis, to tho United States su
premo court.
Ono man was killed and two otlu
ors Injured when a runaway freight
car, after going two miles at torrlna
Bpeed, crashed Into a caboose of tho
Kansas City Southern railway at tho
depot at Neosho, Mo.
Tho testimony upon which thohousn
managers ask tho sanato to convict
Judgo Robert W. Archbald, of tho
commerce court, of inlsbohavlor nud
misdemeanors In ofllce was concluded,
On Monday attorneys of tho accused
Judgo began presentation ot tho wit
nesses for tho defenBO.
Counsel for John Robert W. Arch
bald inado a vain effort ou Thurwlay
to concludo examining witnesses for
tho defense In tho Impeachment pro.
ceedlngs against him. When It bo
camo evident that this could not bo
accomplished tho court adjourndd to
Jnnuary 3, when Judgo Archbald will
tako tho stand.
President Taft appointed a commis
sion to mako a study of air craft.
Judgo II. H. Knight of Chicago, who
wont to Florida to spend tho winter,
committed sulcldo.
Robert G. Valentine, former com
missioner ot Indian affairs, was re
buked In a committee report
Turkish Admiral Hall Pooha was
killed In tho recent naval engagement
with" tho Greek8.
Prosldont Taft's trip to Panama
will keep him away from Washington
until December 31st
Probability Ic that No Name3 Will Bo
Given Out Until About the First
of March.
Tronton, N. J Whether William J.
Bryan or any of tho other prominent
democrats being mentioned by poli
ticians generally for places In tho
cabinet of President-elect Wilson will
bo appointed to portfolios probably
will not bo definitely known until a
few days boforo Inauguration day.
Govornor Wllum said that very likely
he would not niako a single announce
ment of importance until about tho
llrst of March.
Within tho next twenty-four hours
ho will talk with Mr. Bryan and be
fore Now Year's he expocts to seo
Speaker Clark, Representative Under
wood, Senators O'Gorman, Hoko
Smith, Goro nnd othor prominent de
mocratic londors; but ho Indicated
that ho meant to keep strict sllonco
about appointments until ready to
make a go.ioral statement on tho sub
ject. "Scattering announcements would
bo foolish," ho said, "oven If I had
them to make. I'll wait until pretty
late. Tho timo will depend some
what on the numbor of wrltton com
munications. All these lotters recom
mondlng Individuals for office are be
ing grouped and will bo taken up
Mr. Wilson Indicated that ho would
not feel at liberty to make final deci
sion until tho merits of all posslblo
candidates had been set forth to him.
"What I am sincerely trying to do,"
ho added, "Is to see tho Held of
choice and to try to go as many
opinions as posslblo that aro worth
Tho president-elect likowlso mado It
clear that though gossip may bo heard
far and wide, ho would maintain a
policy of silenco and nothing would
bo definitely etsabllshed until ho
mado the announcements ovor his
own signature.
Mr. Wilson was asked If ho believed
ho would encounter any dlfllculty In
getting tho men desired for cabinet
portfolios to accopt. It had been sug
gested that In tho case of tho attorney
generalship noted lawyers often had
a romctanco to leave their practice
and for this reason many ablo mon
wero not pushed by their friends.
"That has not been my experience
thus far," roplied tho governor with a
smllo. "I'vo asked somo pooplo and
thoy havo been quite ready with their
Tho govornor received a call from
Rolla Wells, treasurer of tho national
democratic committee and former
maypr of St. Louis, who brought a
bound volume showing campaign con
tributions and expenditures, a facsi
mile of which rocently was filed with
tho clork of tho houso of representa
tives. Tho govornor pointed with evident
prido to tho neat tabulation of ex
penditures and contributions with tho
thousands of names and ltoms.
"I vonturo to say," ho Bald, "that
lfs a beter looking report than tho
othor two fellows filed."
Prealdent Taft Will Take Up Resi
dence in New Haven.
Now Havou. Conn. President Taft
will mnko his permanent residence
In this city when ho takes up tho du
ties of tho Kent professorship nt
Yalo college next spring. He has re
quested a friend to find him a houso.
in connection with tho profoBsorshlp,
It Is understood at tho next mcotlng
of tho corporation tho tender of It will
bo formally mado and bo accepted
by President Taft. Besides lining Uio
duties of Kent professorship, tho
prcsldont will lecture on International
nnd constitutional law In tho law
school and university, ranking as a
faculty mombcr and full professor
and will bo entitled to a Balary to bo
llxod hereafter aside from tho. Income
from tho Kent foundation.
Memorial Service for Reld.
London. Tho memorial Borvlco
for the, late Ambassador Whltolaw
Reld, celebrated Friday In Westmin
ster nbboy, was an Impressive cero
mony. Tho honor of such a sorvlco In
Great Brltaln'B most historic chapel
has on only few occasions been ac
corded to any but British BUbjccta of
great distinction.
Army Sergeant Suicides.
Leavenworth, Kos. Sergeant T. B.
Cox, Company L, Soventh Infantry,
U. S. A., committed sulcldo by shoot
ing himself with an army Tlflo. Ho
had served 14 years in tho army.
Split In Orthodox' Church.
St. Petersburg. A split In tho Rub.
slan orthodox church Is threatoned
through tho unfrocking of tho monk,
HolldoruB, by Uio holy synod. Holld
orous cnitBcd a sonsatton a few days
ago by announcing his withdrawal
from Uio orthodox church.
Mrs. Truesdale Dead.
Son Francisco, Cal. Mrs. Amelia
Woodward Truesdalo, ono of tho best
known club women In California, is
dead at her homo in Oakland at tho
age of 74
In a llvory stablo flro In Hustings
forty horses perished.
At tho thorough-bred shorthorn
cattle sale held at Franklin tho aver
ago price per hend was nearly $100.
Judge Doan, long a reslduit of ths
state and prominent In circles,
died at Omaha last week.
Tho barn of Luther Hall, two miles
west of Elmwood, burned to tho
ground. About 800 bushels of wheat
was consumed.
Farmers nnd elevator managers In
convention at Omaha say there Is 40
per cent of tho Inst wheat crop In the
fnrmerB' hands In their territpry In
T. N Hartzell, county assessor
elect of Buffalo county nnd whoso of
fice wns vetoed out of .existence at
tho slate olectlon, has announced his
Intention of contesting tho election.
W. J. Swanson of Surprise returned
from n ten days' trip to the state of
Washington. While thero ho bdught
ton ncres of land, paying $375 nn
William Sargent, who recently re
signed his position as postmaster nt
Elmwood, left with his family to go
by auto to Florida, whore tho future
home will ho made.
Thousands ot trees along the north
bank of the Platte river aro dying as
a result of the turning of the channel
by the Fremont dike operations,
which havo been undertaken to pro
tect tho south pnrt of Fremont.
The Congregational club of Creto
held their annunl Forefathers' day
banquet at the Congregational church
with about seventy-flvo attending.
This Is always ono of tho big affairs
of tho year for the club.
The Central school building on Box
Butto avenue, In Alliance, was totally
destroyed by fire. The blaze, aided
by a stiff north wind, was beyond con
trol when the department arrived, a
few minutes later.
Arthur Wampler, a 13-year-old son
Df Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Wampler of
Cass county, who disappeared from
home three weeks ago, was discovered
at Falls City, where he was making
his home with a colored family.
The case of L. S. Loomer of York
;ounty against tho Northwestern rail
way for damages for delay In getting
his cattle shipment to the Chicago
market on schedule time has been
settled out of court, Mr. Loomer
settling with the company for $400.
"Kie Bellevue foot hall team and
coach were entertained at a slx-courso
dinner by Mrs. Patrick, ono of the
local supporters of Bellevue athletics,
at her homo In tho village. The rooms
wero tastefully decorated In purple
nnd gold, the college colors. A num
ber of speeches were made.
L. J. Segrist, Colonel M. W. Hnrd
Ing nnd others are making arrange
ments to enter tho banking business
in Humbooldt, and work will com
mence soon in transforming the south
west corner of the llama building into
a bank.
Wards of the state to the number
at 4,423 had their bills footed at tho
public treasury during tho six months
just past, the total cost amounting to
$440,092. The per capita expense
therefore was $101.0C for the halt
Tho Nebraska Sheriffs' association,
In session at Fremont, elected John
A. Jones of Nelson, president; T. W.
Carroll of Alma, vice president? W.
C. Condlt of Fremont, secretary. Be
atrice was- chosen for tho convention
In 1913.
T. V. Powderly of tho federal De
partment of Commerce and Labor has
asked Deputy State Labor Commis
sioner Guyo for furUior Information
on tho recommendation mado by tho
latter relative to tho purchase of live
nnd ten-ncro tracts of land by work
lngmen for them to farm after they
have become too old to follow their
trades. Tho government has added
,to this prospective demand Uio Hkll-
hood of a demand for small farms on
tho part of foreign-born residents who
havo neither the Inclination or means
to buy larger farms.
Tho bond of Frod Beckmann, elect
od Jand commissioner at the last elec
tion, was filed with tho secretary of
state. The bond is for $10,000. The
bond of Doputy Secretary of State
Georgo W. Marsh, was tiled with Uio
governor Thursday. This bond Is
for $5,000.
Roy Hamilton nnd Arthur BurgQt
of Ord saved 0-yeor-old Sadlo Houska
from drowning In tho Bwift current ot
tho North Loup river. Tho boys wero
skating when they snw the little one,
who was sliding on tho Ice near the
wagon bridge, go through a hole. They
hurried to her rescue, and while ono
boy held to Uio pier of the bridge, tho
othor grabbed his skate and reached
down after her.
Word was received In Schuylei
from Denver telling of an attempt to
blackmail Rudolph Becker, a former
resident of Schuyler and a brother of
a local business man. Mr. Becker
conducts a largo grocery storo In Den
ver and recently received a threaten
ing lotter from a cornpotlttor. The
Denver pollco wero notified and the
alleged blackmallor was arrested
Horaco M. Davis of 6rd, W. P. He
gard and Jacob North of Lincoln aro
anxious to servo tho stato In tho ca
pacity of secretary of tho printing
board, subject to tho approval of Gov
ornor John Morohoud. L. E. Fotwltch
would llko to bo deputy food Inspec
tor, subject to tho sumo conditions.
J. Ferer of Falls City made a lire Id
hlB cook tovo, und soon thoreatter It
exploded, wrecking the stove and In
juring Mrs. Ferer. Tho cause of the
explosion Is attributed to a workman
who on Uio previous evening cut the
water plpeB In an alley near the
Two Hundred Thousand Bovlnes That
Do Not Give Proper Recompenso
for Their Feed.
Two hundred thousand Nebraska
cows do not glvo enough butter fat In
their milk to pay tho feed bill and tho
product of 500,000 moro can bo easily
doubled by proper methods of care
and feeding, says Prof. J. H. Fraud
sen, head of the dairy husbandry de
partment of the University of Ne
braska. This statoment Is based upon the
work of the Douglas county Cow
Testing association for tho past year.
The farmers of this county havo been
welgnlng milk and testing for butter
fat In co-operation with the experi
ment station, nnd valuable data havo
been obtained. Ono herd of ton cows
showB a not profit of $1,032.88, while
another similar herd of ton shows only
$57.82 profit. Tho scales and tho Bab
cock tester show the difference and
Identity tho unprofitable cow.
"Sell the Star Boarder," says
Tho creamery butter product of Ne
braska Is now In excess of 30,000,000
pounds annually and Is Increasing
rapidly. This does not tako Into ac
count the ordinary product known as
"country butter," The dairy experts
claim that this amount can bo easily
doubled without materially increasing
tho expense of operation, by better
methods of feeding and care and the
use of the test for butter fat.
Tho results of the cow- testing work
In Douglas county havo been publish
ed in Bulletin No. 129, which may he
obtained freo by addressing tho Ne
braska Experiment Station at Lin
coln. Refuses to Build a Depot.
Edson Rich, attorney for tho Union
Paclllc railroad, was at tho state house
and served notice on the railway com
mission that the company would re
fuse to obey tho order of the commis
sion to build a depot at tho town of
Gandy: Tho Union Pacific line passed
by the town, which Is the county seat
of Logan county, nnd built its depot
at a new town called Staplcton, about
throo miles away. Tho misiness mon
of Gandy entered a protest before tho
railway commission with the result
that the road was ordered to build a
sidetrack and small station at the
nearest point to the townabout a mile
distant. The matter will probably go
to tho supremo court.
South Omaha Officials Ousted.
For misfeasance and malfeasance In
office, Police Commissioners John J.
Ryan and Josoph Plvonka of South
Omaha wero ordered ousted from
office In a decision handed down by
tho state supreme court. Tho decision
took the nature of a confirmation of
tho opinion of Rofereo Silas A. Hoi
comb of Broken Bow and practically
marks tho close of one of tho most
blttor fights botween tho friends of
law and order and "gang" politicians
of SouUi Omaha.
Big Exhibit for Lincoln.
A big exhibit for Lincoln at the
first annual show of the Nebraska
manufacturers' association in Omaha
next March Is to bo planned at a meet
ing of tho Industrial oxtenslon com
mittee of the Lincoln Commercial
club. Eight Lincoln manufacturers
have rented space at Uio show and
tho plan Is to consolidate this in ono
part of Uio Omaha auditorium.
Governor Prints His Message.
Governor Aldrlch will havo his mos
sago printed In pamphlet form and
presented to the members of tho legis
lature, when tho session begins. In
this way he believes much timo will
bo saved as formerly tho legislature
has had to wait until after tho mess
age was printed boforo thoy could got
It into tholr hands.
More Taxes In 1912.
Forty-five counties of the Btate paid
moro taxos for tho yoars 1912 and 1911
than for tho years 1910 and 1909, ac
cording to a report mado by Stato
Treasurer Georgo. Tho remaining
forty-sovon counties paid less taxoa
during the same period than for Uio
previous two yoars.
County Treasorer to Meet.
County treasurers, numbering about
ono hundred strong, are to gather In
Lincoln January 28, 29 and 30, for an
nual convention. Such was tho word
sent the Commercial club from P. A.
Sommerlad, who Is president of Uio
state association.
Codnty Seat Decision.
Tho act of 1895, providing for re
moval of county seats, was declared
unconstitutional by Uie stato uprome
court and tho act of 1875 was held to
bo operative in this state. Tho opinion
wns given In Uio Franklin county seat
light which has boen waging for the
past year. Tho void act provided that
throe-fourths of all tho votes cast on
Uio question should be necessary to
removal of a county Beat whoro It had
been located In one own for ten years
or moro previous to tho passago ot
Uio act.
Demand for Two Million More Than1
Last Season.
If the coming session of Uio legisla
ture listens to ll tho stato depart
ments and stato Institutions and votes
the appropriations tho amount will
run up to $C,873,9C8, according to ro
portB now filed with Uio governor.
This is nearly $2,000,000 moro than
the total appropriation of tho last ses
sion. Among tho larger amounts that will
be asked for by tho different depart
ments are:
State University $1,529,800
Normal training In high
schools 125,000
Aid to school districts 125,000
Institution cash fund 245,242
Orthopedic hospital 130,600
Insano hospital, Lincoln.... 305,000
Insane hospital, Norfolk 1G0.400
Insano hospital, Hastings.... 445,200
Institute Feeblo Minded 1C4.C00
Boys' Industrial school 103,000
Kearney Normal school 159,200
Peru Normal school 197,300
Wayne Normal school 124,020
Chadron Normal 3chool .... 00,500
School for tho Deaf 97,800
Penitentiary 147,000
Soldiers' homo, Grand Island 184,800
Soldiers' home, Mllford GG.900
Railway commission ., 100,500
Supreme court 114.0S0
The different State officers are ask--ing
for amounts ub follows:
Governor $2fJ,080
Treasurer 2C.280
Auditor 37,400
Insurance department 25,G80
State superintendent 2G.280
Secretary of stato 39,300
Land commissioner 2G.800
Attorney general 39,680
The increase in appropriations ask
ed in many of the state institutions
is due to the fact that they have been
enlarged during the blonnium Just
closing, and therefore the expense of
conducting them is greater. There
two new institutions which were not
in the list two years ago, tho tubercu
losis hospital at Kearney and tho
state normal school at Chadron. The
Chadron school is asking $96,500 and
the Kearney hospital $41,240.
Prison Board Reports.
Secretary Joel A. Piper of tho state
prison board, in his biennial report to
the governor, states that the parolo
law and the indoterminato sontenco
law havo brought good results, and
tho board Is well satisfied with tho
record made by paroled prisoners. Up
to the present time 88 per cent of the
prisoners paroled have led good and
useful lives. Since July, 1911, tho
prison board has recommended par
dons for twenty-nino prisoners and
paroled eighty-three. "Since organi
zation, 375 applications have been
filed for their consideration, classi
fied as follows: For pardons, 113; for
commutation of sentence, 62, and for
parole, 200."
Favors Missouri Plan.
The Wisconsin plan for an amend
ment to the constitution of tho stato
to better provide for taxation legisla
tion, giving the legislature wider
scope In taxation matters, was adopt
ed at a special meeting of the Tax
Reform club In Lincoln. This amend
ment will nlso bo favored by tho tax
ation commission of Nebraska, and a
committee from the tax club went to
Omaha to urge tho Omaha Economic
club to get behind tho movement for
its adoption.
Good Roads Bill Drafted.
Legislative committees represent
ing the state automobllo association,
county' officials' organized good roads
association, conservation bodies, or
ganized agrlculturo and similar inter
ests held an all day meeting in Lin
coln last week at which provisions of
a good ronds law wero discussed and
agreed upon. Considerable progress
was made, but moro work is necessary
beforo the bill is Bhaped for action.
Boys' Corn Samples
Samples ot corn grown by the Ne
braska Boys' Corn clubs In competi
tion for the Union Stock Yards prizes
continue to arrive at the general of
fices of tho yard company in South
Omaha. Elton Stono of Lyons, who
has held the record -until now with
103 bushels for an acre yield, has had
to glvo way to two oUier lads. Paul
Kruse of Ulysaes, who now holds the
enviable record as the best corn far
mer in the state, grow on his acre a
few pounds more than 112 bushels.
Will Ask For Appropriation.
Tho hoard of control of tho Homo
for Dependent Children will ask an
appropriation of $42,000 from tho leg
islature for tho next blonnium. At
tho beginning of the blennlum there
wero 281 children under tho caro of
the homo and 141 havo slnco thnt
timo been admitted. Of those dis
charged llfty-ono havo gono out by
adoption, seven havo died, ono mar
ried, thlrty-UireiH returned to their
parents, one attained Its majority,
nlno have been sent to other Institu
tions. Civil Service Examinations.
Tho United States civil servico com
mission announces tho following ex
aminations to bo held nt Lincoln,
Grand Island, Norfolk, North Platte,
Alliance, Nebraska City and Omaha:
January 8, assistant agriculturist In
farm economics (malo); January 8.
engineer and plumber (malo); Janu
ary 8, entomological assistant (male);
January 8, laboratory assistant In
physics (male); January 8, scientific
assistant In plant physiology (malo);
January 8, laboratory helper, candy
making (mole).