The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 13, 1912, Image 1

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No. 91
f HP 6
Our stock of practical and useful presents is very complete. There is more of a tendency every year, to give
useful gifts that will be used and appreciated where ornaments are put away and forgotten. We enumerate) a
few articles that may help you in deciding on your gifts.
Mens Furnishings
Cuff Buttons
Caps ' '
Shirts ; ,
Pajamas -$
Night Shirts
Woolen Socks ''
Cotton Socks
Silk Socks r
Suit Case K
Umbreallas -f
Kid Body Dolls
Dressed Dolls
Character Dolls
Doll Buggies
Iron Toys
Mechanical Toys
Wood Toys
Rocking Chairs
Shoo Flies
Tables, etc.
Childrens Collar and Muff
Misses Collar and Muff
Ladies Collar
Ladies Muffs
Ladies Collar and Muffs
Dry Goods
Silk Dress Patterns
Wool Dress Patterns
Silk Waists Patterns
Kimona Silks
Kimoua Cottons
Drapery Goods
Ladies Shoes
Mens Shoes
Childrens Shoes
Over Shoes
High Top Shoes
Over gaiters
Slipper Soles
Grocery Dept
Mixed Nuts
Pop Corn
Christmas Candles
Ready to Wear
Ladies Clacks
Junior Clacks "
Childrens Clacks
Ladies Suits
Ladies Dress Skirls
Ladies Silk Dresses
Indies Party Dresses
Ladies Serge Dresses
Junior Dresses
Childrens Dresses
Ladies House Dresse
Ladies Bath Robes
Childrens Bath Robes
Silk Kimonas
Crepe Kimonas
Fleeced Kimonas
Ladies Sweater
Childrens Sweaters
Tailored Waists
Silk Waists
Chiffon Waists '
Voclc Waists
Dressing Sacques
Silk Petticoats
Cotton Petticoats
Flannelette Night Robe3
Muslin Underwear
Miscclaneous Items
Kid Gloves
Golf Gloves
Fabric Gloves
Celludoid Novelties
Barrettes ,l
Hair Bands
Silk Hosiery
Cotton Hosiery
Wool Hosiery
Wool Scarfs
Aviation Caps
Automoble Scarfs
Silk Umbrellas
Bath Robe Blankets
Fancy Ribbons
Hand Bags
Coat Sets
Robesfere Collars
Fancy Box Papetries
Linen Drawn Work
Silk Pillow Tops
Carpet and Rugs
Ingraid Carpet, (
Room Size Rugs
Small Rugs
Body Brussels Rugs
Axminster Rugs
Velvet Rugs
Wilton Rugs
Ingrain Rugs
House Furnishings
Bed Spreads v
Blankets . v
Lace Bed Sets
Lace Curtains
Table Covers
Couch Covers
Table Cloths
Tray Cloths
Guest Towels
Lunch Cloths
Dresser Scarfs
Matched Table Sets
Our Store Will be Opesi Evenings Until Christmas-
mm "1 I 1 ifB "$1?"
Mrs. Guy Robinson is expected in the
near future to visit her parents Mr. and
Mrs. John Day.
For Sale Baby carriage almost new.
Inquire 314 West Front.
Miss Bertha Stebbins has issued
invitations to a birthday party at her
homo tomorrow afternoon.
Mrs. Perry Carson is prepared to fill
Xmas orders for hand painted china.
809 East 4th St.
Let your, boys and girls get one of.
Derryberry & Forbes free presents
Saturday. It costs them nothing.
The forty members of tho Harmony
club and an equal number of guests will
"make merry" at a dancing and card
party at Masonic hall this evening.
JJJohn McNeel, of Sutherland, is get
ting ready to build a brick hotel 55x70
fo3t, two stories. Since the recent fire
Sutherland has been without a hotel.
Elmer Owens who has been employed
in Sioux Fall, S. D., for several
moiths returned Wednesday evening
and will 3pond two weeks with his
During the past two weeks about ono
hundred laborers and machanics have
arrived from the east enrouto for
Gering, where they find employment on
the Union Pacific extension.
Harry Stovens, of the south side,
raised thirteen thousand bushels of corn
this season. Last August he contracted
to sell soveral thousand bushels at fifty
cents per bushel .
Try an expert watchmaker if your
watch does not keep good time .
Clinton, The Bizzy Jeweler.
Merchants report a fairly active
Chriitmas trada this week, and look
for a rush next week on account of pay
day coming early in the week. A
larire country trade is also anticipated,
Local merchants hare brought in at
tractive lines for the holiday tradcand
can supply the wants of all.
For Sale Pure Bred Black Langshan
Roosters, price $1.00 803 East Gth. 30-3
C. F. Temple, who is handling the
Cody addition, reports the sale of 150
lots Binco Monday morning. There were
190 lots platted, and up to last evening
but forty remained unsold. That's "go-
ing some" especially for an addition
that is situated sixteen blocks from the
main street of the town. The site is
an admirable one. Colonel Cody should
cortainly fel satisfied with tho rapid
manner ir. which the lots have sold.
Herman Sagesscr was called to Falls
City Wednesday by tho illness of a
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Richards will
leave in a few days for Odessa to spend
the JXmas holidays.
Mrs. Geo. T. Field accompanied by
her mother, sister and nephew will
leave the first of the year for Southern
California where they will spend the
w inter.
Just roceived a car of furnace size
coke one ton equivalent to two tons
of soft coal no ash, no soot, no trouble
white heat. $3.50 per ton delivered,
while it lasts.
Phone 7 The C. F. Iddngs Co.
Coal-burning locomotives will be dis
carded on the Northwestern railroad
west of the Missouri river March 1, on
which date every one of tho 1G5 loco
motives will have been converted into
oil burners. The oil will come from the
Casper fields.
JohnBurkov3 John Kunklc was a
case before the district court this week.
Kunkle after ordering an automobilo
from Mr. Burke wished to cancel the
order and Mr. Burke sued for his com
mission. The jury found for the de
fendant. We have the finest line of Perolyn
Ivory toilet and manicure articles in tho
city. Prices the lowest.
Dixon, The Jeweler.
At the meeting of tho county com
missioners Saturday .the principal busi
ness transacted was the allowance of
claims amounting to several thousand
dollars. Claims aggregating about ten
thousand dollars had accumulated, but
through the payment of personal taxes
of tha railroad companies tho commis
sioners will be enabled to issue the
warrants for practically all claims on
file. The commissiohers will meet
again December 18th.
The first students'
North Platte School of
season was given at
pupils of Mrs. Cramer
ston on Friday evening, Dec. Gth. The
program occupied half an hour and
was followed by criticisms and sug
gestions from the teachars. These re
citals will be given fort-nightly, with
the idea of assisting the students in
gaining self confidence and in giving
them an opportunity of becoming famil
iar with the bettor class of music. The
recital Friday evening was creditablo
both to teachers and pupils.
recital of The
Music for this
the studios by
and Mrs. Lang-
$5 for your unrestricted choice of
any trimmed hat in my stock that sold
up to $15. None reserved. All hats
under $10 at just one-third price a
good assortment for yeur selection.
See them. Miss Whittaker, at Wilcox
Dept. Store.
Presbyterian Church.
Sunday school at 10 a. m. M. E.
Crosby, Supt. Preaching serviced at 11
n. m. and 7:30 p. in. Morning theme:
"Clouds with silver lining." Evening
theme: "The Better Land." Endeavor
societies at 3 and 0:40 p. m. Prayer
service Wednesday 7:30 p. m. A largo
chorus choir. Mrs. Leininger conductor,'
will sing at Sunday morning and even
ing services. The Presbyterian church
welcomes all.
M. E. Church Notes.
Sunday School 9:45 a. m. Preaching
11 a. m. Subject "A Sleeping Christ"
Epworth League 0:30 p. m. Mrs. V.
Lucas has been appointed Superinten
dent of tha Junior League. Preaching
7:30 p. m. Last Sabbath ovening the
pastor preached on tho theme "The
Wise Son" next sabbath evening the
theme will be "The Unwise Son or Lost
at Horn." Special meetings will begin
it the church the first Sunday in the
new year. Miss Hartman our confer
ence Deaconess will assist in these
services. All aro invited to attend all
services. B. A. Cram, Pastor
The Christian ladies will hold an ex
change at the Scljatz store Saturday
Doc. 21st. This will be the holiday ex
change of home-made bakery besides
home-made candy and doll clothes.
Mrs. Hansen and children, of Laramie,
rrived yesterday to visit with Mr. and
Mrs. E. A. Boyu for a couple of weeks.
The Baptist ladies will servo the
following supper at the Masonic hall,
Dec. 19th: escalloped chicken, gravyj
mashed potatoes, DaKed Deans, caDoage
salad, pickles, white and graham bread,
apple suuee, cako and cotlee.
You Know. '
How you like your linen laundored
Tell us and we will do it to suit you.
We use no chemicals, sew on buttons
and mend free of charge.
"Yeur Beiom Friend."
Phone 77.
3 TM" TPi TO "D& 1LF If T& T O HR Tyr Ml 3
ri En it it I
t JO, it
I 3 ! ST1 1
M, mr ,m ,.rf
We've a Merry Christmas for Everybody. The beat one that you
ever had. How about "HIS" Christmas? It is always easy to get
something that is just right for a Man's or Boy's Christmas if you go
to the right store. That means come here!
Look over the list below and check the articles you would like to
see and we'll take the greatest pleasure showing you.
Suit Muffler Shoes
Overcoat Handkerchief ' Suit Case
Raincoat r ' Hosiery . ' Traveling Bag
Auto Coat ' - Gloves Trunk
Auto Robe - Hat Tie Rack
House Coat , Fur Cap, t . Collar Bag'
Umbrella ' Moccasins ' Indian Suit
Neckwear Pajamas- .- fr Slippers ' .
Suspenders Underwear..'-. ' -
Shirts Sweater
With every Made-to-Measure Suit order we will give a pair of extra trousers
Special Christmas Offer
4? absolutely free.
j. b. Mcdonald,
The Home of Good Clothes.