The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 11, 1912, Image 9

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    Perils of Overdellcacy.
A bridegroom gavo hla best man an
envolopo, f
"Hnr.d It to tho parson after the
ceremony," ho said, "but don't do It
Tho best man followed Instructions,
but It seems that ho performed his
task too covortly, for tho fntuor of
tho bridegroom, after tho pair had
departed, believed that an omission
had occurred and quietly pressed n
banknoto Into tho minister's hand.
But he also was to secretlvo about it,
and boforo tho party broko up tho
brldo's brothor felt culled upon tq
draw tho minister aside and thrust a
?10 bill upon him.
As Women Play the pame.
Two Kansas City slstors wero mak
ing n round of calls a few days ago.
Thero wero many to bo made, and
whenever there was nobody at home
and cards could be left with the maid
thero was that much gained. One
of tho sisters smiled contentedly
when tho callers, as had happened
several times that day, wero Informed
that tho prospoctlvo hostess was
not at home. The oter sister re
prTRcd the siritlo severely.
"You musn't look so pleased when
wo don't find them at homo," sho
said, as tfioy went down tho walk,
"they may bo watching us out of tho
Demands of Trade.
"It would seem a flagrantly clear
caso," said tho magistrate, adding, to
tho burglar who had been haled bo
foro him, "What havo you to say for
"Not much, your honor. But I hope
you can glvo mo a short sentence
This la my busy season." Judgo.
Kind to Watch.
"Elbbs apparently has no bad hab
"Bcwnro of that man."
ssa n
It Wins
its &ay by service
C. Smith & Bros.
(Ball Bearing Lone Wevrinzt
In buying a typewriter you want a
satisfactory anjwer to three questions;
What taUIit do for me?
HoW Well Will it do it?
How long Will it do it?-
By answering these queries with fee
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Some people think that a tvftwrifr i. tyif
urrittr and thtt it all there u to il. Machine!
rnayloolc alike but there a a lot of cL&eienco
in efficiency.
The new Model Fio ts buHl not only for
Iriijht corretpondence but (or tabulating, bill-
i ns and in (act (or erery aavice Deeded la the
average buiineu.
Ill 111 bearings at all point whew (notion de.
Telopea through action, permit cWadjmtraent
and insure correct and accurate typewriting.
WovoutJhl tho opportunity to ufl you
moro about it,
Writ for frts hook of our ntw MoJifFivo.
HedOrnee(orDornelicandForei:n Business
5YKACUSE. N. Y.. U. J. A.
Brancnts in at) Principal Citit$
Omaha Branch, 1316 Far
Dam Street, Omaha, Neb.
vrw'tvrwt!l&&m M
is NOW
In tho Provlnoo of
Wootern Canada
Freuilomesteudof 1(10
AUKICS of that well
,.,, uuwn tvneai Lanar
l no area Is becoming moro 11ml uxl
III it. tin laaa
mhhu nil THltlUlfltl,
naTO recently been opened up for
settlement, ana Into theso mil
mads aro now botng built. Uho
day will soon come when there
will bo no
A Bwlft Current. Saskatchewan,
former writes: "I ennjo on mr
homestead, March 1MB, with about
ll.UX) Worth or horKi!anflTnnihln.
ory, and Jut CIS In cash, Tuday I
ntiveUiOarresor whcot, 00 acrca
"I ran, and 69 acres of flax." Not
bod Jor si years, but only an In
stance of what may bu done In
Western Canada in Manitoba.
Saskatchewan or Alberta.
Mend at oncB for Literature,
Maps, Hallway Hates, etc, to
Boa Building, Omnho, Neb.
Canadian OoTomment Agent, r
addm-is Kuporlntnclent of
lmiulcnition, Oltnuu.UasJt,
SOS to 8200
A Urolith. I.enrn n new profession.
Seven, Wuutm. V luivo Jobs fort hreo
hundred men bufore Bfuy 1st, 1013.
auid nliotograpn, just received I10..1 tlio bailwitib, bliosvs a Held t103iM.1l of. tho Servians iluiing tlto bat
tle of ronlu, and tho wounded soldiers belni; brought in for treatment.
Ancient Bible Discovered in Build
ing at Columbus, Ohio.
Records Birth of Nine Children of
Its Owner, Mary, Wife of Chris
tobal Moyer Is Dated Phila
delphia, 1790.
Columbus, Ohio. An Interesting
historic record has boon found in tho
ruins of tho old Franklin building,
High and Cherry streots, site of Col
nmbus' first public Inn, hut now In
process of demolition under orders of
tho state flro marshal, who regarded
tho structure a menace to occupants.
Tho relic was found by W. H. Lovor of
27G South Wall street, under tho
crumbling wood of tho first floor. It
was an old blblo, containing tho
Psalms of David "In meter."
It declares Itself to bo "the version
approved by tho church of Sco.tland,"
and was printed by William Young,
bookseller, 52 Second street, the cor
ner of Chestnut street, In Philadel
phia. Underneath this statement Is
tho date "1790," showing tho work to
havo been printed 122 years ago. It
Is yellow with age.
Evidently it was tho property of
Mary Farmer, tho daughter of William
and Jano Farmer, who was' born In
1738, according to tho carefully writ
ten family records It contains. Rec
ords of tho births of nlno children
follow. They were tho offspring of
Chrlstobal and Mary Meyer, early set
tlers and pioneers. These family
data read In part as follows:
"Elizabeth Moyer was born on Mon
day, December tho 25th, In the year of
our Lord 1801.'
"Mary Meyor was born on tho third
day of December In tho year of our
Lord 1803."
The records continue to show tho
birth of Nancy Meyer in 1805. Wil
liam Meyer In 1798, John In 1794, An
drew In 1798, Charles In 1807, Samuel
In 1809 and Deborah in 1812.
On the title page appears tho fol
lowing: "Blblo and Psalms of David In
Metre, translated and diligently com
pared with tho original toxt and form
er translations." In spite of Its ago
tho relic Is easily legible and Is well
preserved. Its historic Interest makes
It a valuablo find. Tho old Franklin
building, which preserved tho relic
beneath Its timbers for more than a
century, was not only tho first hotel
in Columbia, but also tho most portcn
tlous framo building erected In this
part of tho country. Boforo its con
struction practically all Columbus
structures and abodes w.ero mado of
Somo months ngo tho deputies of
tho stato fire marshal inspected tho
building and found It to bo so badly
worn with ago that It constituted a
menace to any occupants. It was
ordered destroyed, but tho orderB were
for a time resisted owing to tho his
toric character of tho building. Ho
cently the state olflclals wero obeyed
and the building wrecked.
Ten Wagons Sucked Into Cha6m,
but Mule Saves Driver From
Shamokln, Pa. John Stenchock and
Wallio Burnski had a thrilling escape
from death as they woro completing
a shift at the Natallo colliery, Thoy
started from tho No. 2 slopo with
threo mules attached to ten wagons.
Btenchock rode tho leading mule,
whllo his companion sat on the third
animal. A cavo-ln from underground
working occurred.
Hearing tho ground break Sten
cliock looked back and saw tho ten
wagons disappear with tho, rear mule
struggling to retain its footing. Sten
chock whipped his mulo Into a gallop
as tho roar mulo was sucked Into
tho chasm. Burnski slid over the
animal's head, and, grabbing- tho
traces of tho second mulo, was pullod
clear of tho cavo-ln.
Miniature Model Shown of Structure
to Go Up In Wade Park,
In Ohio City.
Cloveland, O. City offlclals and
museum trustees wero recently shown
a mlnlaturo plaster of paris model
of tho new Cloveland Museum of Art,
which will bo built In tho northeast
part of Wado park. Work will bo
started at onco and completion Is
looked for within two years.
Trustees of tho will of John Hunt
ington and Horaco Kolley, each of
whom left property to bo turned into
a fund for tho erection of tho build
ing, are cc-oporatlng with a commit
tee of city officials. Tho building
proper will bo 300 feot long and 150
feet wide, with a forecourt, formal
garden and lagoon facing tho main on
tranqo. As soon ns tho building Is finished,
thousands of work3 of art In prlvato
collections and many owned by tho
city will bo placed In tho upper floor,
which will bo devotod to galleries
for statuary, paintings and collections
of various kinds. Tho ground floor
will bo devoted to a locturo room and
a spaco for extensive library and
study and work rooms. Tho roof of
tho galleries of tho second floor will
bo almost entirely of glass. Tho In
terior of tho building nnd tho octag
onal rotunda will bo of gray canyon
sandstone. Tho material for tho out
sldo haB not been selected.
Giving of Half a Million to Grand
children of Wlnans Will Re
duce All Bequests.
Baltimore Md. Following tho set
tlement by which tho exocutors of tho
estato of Ross Wlnans gavo to the chil
dren of Prince Do Beam $500,000, tho
Orphan' court has allowed $25,000 as
counsel fee to bo divided botween
Maurice Leon, attorney for Princo Do
Beam, the guardian of tho children, 1
Mrs. Otto Wagner's Practical Efforts
In Behalf of New York's
Now York. Whllo other rich worn
en with nothing particular to do nro
busy in tho suffragetto movement or
giving pink teas for forolgn missions,
we'll stop and take off our hats to
Mrs. Otto Wagner of this big, silly,
cruel city. Without any effort to at
tact public attention to herself, Mrs.
Wngncr has sot In oporatlon a real
and original charity. Sho calls It the
Antlovictlon coclety. At present tho
society consists simply of Mrs. Wag
ner and somo fow of hor friends
whom Bho has called on tor modost
contributions of cash. Thero Is, iww
evor, such a definite field for genuine
charitable effort In tho movement
which Mrs. Wagner has begun that n
pormanent organization is being
formed with tho purposo of securing
sufficient funds to carry out Mrs.
Wagner's idea In a systematic wny.
Every week a scoro of famlllrs in
tho poor quarters of Now York are
evicted from their homes homes that
aro hardly worthy of tho name, per
haps, but homes nevertheless. Fre
quently it is tho duty of these ofllclnls
to turn sick mothers, helpless chil
dren or aged people, with thoir poor
belonging, out upon tho sidewalk.
Tho landlord wants hs rent. Nothing
olso counts with him. Mrs. Wugnor
has arranged with otllclals of tho sher
iff's office to bo notified In ndvanoo of
ovory Intended o lotion. Sho has or
ganized a cominlttoty among hor
friends to assist In tho work of In
vestigating each caso, and whero tho
failure to pay rent Is duo to sickness
or othor gonulno dlstross to advance
tho smnll amount of monoy nccossary
to help tho lmpovorUhcd family out
and the local lnw itrm of Mnrbury,
Oosncll & Williams. Tho fco Is to
bo taken out of tho ?500,u00 allowed
to Mr. WInnns grandchildren.
it Is understood tho payment of tho
$500,000 to tho grandchildren of tho
millionaire will necessitate all tho
legatocB giving up part of tho monoy
loft thorn, and It will therefore causo
a prorata diminution of tho bequest
of ?500,C00 mado to Miss Dorothy
Batcman of Nowport, a young friend of
Mr WlnanB.
Whether Thomas B. Wlnans, tho son
of tho millionaire, who wns cut oft
with a small part of tho estate by tho
will of his father, will mnko a fight
for n greater sharo of tho cstato Is
still uncertain.
Kansas University Professor Is to
Recommend Legislation for Pro
tection of Songsters.
Lawronco, Kan.-Prof. L. L. Dycho
of tho University of Knnsns will
recommend to tho legislature changes
In tho laws designed to protect birds
from tho family cat.
"I know of no greater enemy to tho
birds than tho domestic cat," Profes
sor Dycho said tho other day. "Legis
lation to protect all birds except thoso
classified ns 'gumo and 'outlaws'
would savo tho farmers millions of
dollars each year. I bollovo it may bo
necessary to have a cat llconso law In
"Stowaway" From Indiana Found In-
sldo Extra Tire on Car Near
Los Angeles, Cal.
Los Angeles, Cnl. Honry Wheollng,
twelve years old, of Crawfordsvlllo,
Ind., who said ho had ridden tho en
tire distance on tho rear of automo
biles, was discovered at Pomona. 35
miles cast of hero, wedged Into a
Inrgo tiro fastened on tho rear of a
transcontinental automobile Ho was
taken out, given a good dinner and a
comfortable rldo for tho rest of his
joumoy. Tho lad said ho had not
spent a cent on tho entlro trip, which
required two months.
of Its lmmedlnto difficulties. Tho
movement is so prnctlcnlly humanitar
ian that tho deputy sheriffs them
selves, to whom tho duty of making
an eviction In always an unpleasnnt
ono, havo been actlvo In aiding it.
Mrs. Wagnor Is ono of tho most
charming young matrons In Now York
society nnd whatever sho does Is dono
with keen cnthuslacm.
American Teachers Send Potatoes,
Turnlpo and Carrot3 From
Klukwan Garden.
Washington. As evidence of what
American school teachers nro accom
plishing In Alaska, tho federal bureau
of education received a baskot of po
tatoes, turnips, carrots und other vege
tables grown in tho school garden at
Klukwnn. The vegetables nro gf ex
cellent slzo nnd wolght nnd products
of similar vnluo nro ralsqd on tho
land surrounding tho other eighty
public schools in tho nation's "farth
est north" possession. In many cases
tho products of tho gardens nro of a
distinct monetary valuo to tho schools.
Tho importance of this form of edu
cation for tho natives Is appreciated
by tho bureau, which has mado tho
art of truck farming part of Its edu
cational campaign. Tho school fnrm
movoinont accordingly hns been jhx
tonded until It has penetrated Into
to arctic clrclo, whoro roinarkablo
success with tho patches of earth
surrounding the schools has boon at
talncd. The, model gardens, tho bu
reau has boon Informod, havo sorvod
to Insplrn tho natives to take up tho
cultivation of their own ground nnd
tho standard of living among tho
tribes has risen accordingly.
King George Superstitious.
An Incldont which occurred whllo
tho king was out shooting recontly
ovor tho Hon. John Ward's preserves
nt Woolloy shows that tho monarch
Bharcs with many othor persons tho
superstition about tho nuinbor thir
teen. Tho eight guns woro Jolnod nt
luncheon by ilvo women of tho party
staying at Chilton, and tho king no
tlclng tho unlucky numbor would not
sit down until Donald Harding, tho
acting agent upon tho cstnto, wns
called In to mnko tho numbor up to
fourtoon. Now York Herald.
"BligglnB sayB ho owes everything
to his wife."
"That isn't truo," replied Bllgglns"
fnthor-ln-luw. "Hla wife quit londlng
him anything yenrs ngo and then ho
started in owing mo." WnBhlngtou
About tho only man In tho world
who Is satisfied with his Job Is tho
self mndo man.
It's n poor plnn to try to pull your
self out of trouble with a corkscrow.
Mamma Says
"Its Safe for
Long-Delayed Franco-English Project
Is Once More Being Put
A tunnel botween ISngland and
Franco beneath tho English channel
wan first proposed nt tho boglnnlng
of tho nineteenth contury by Mnthlou,
n Fronch mining onglnoer, Buys tho
Argonaut Fifty yeura later tho
Bchomo wns financed, but it whb not
until 18G7 that it Boemotl that tho
project would bo actually attomptod.
At that ttmo thero woro a dozen or
moro plnnB for rail communication
botween tho two countries. Tho nc
coptod Bchomo was that of a tunnel
bored beneath tho bed of tho channol.
Tho estlmntod cost of tho undertak
ing was about 10,000,000. Prelimi
nary boring had boon mado, when tho
work wno Interrupted by tho Franco
Prussian war. In 1S74 tho Fronch
and English governments resumed ne
gotiations concerning tho tunnel,
leaving tho matter In tho hands of a
Joint commission. Falluro dn tho
part of tlio English company holding
tho contract for tho work to rocelvo
sufficient funds resulted In tho fall
uro of tho ontorprlBo In 1880. Now
tho projoct is receiving Bomo atten
tion, a bettor fooling having boon es
tablished between tho pcoplo of tht
two countries.
Old Landmark' Gone.
Tho Blalno Bchoolhouso In Mars
Mill up on tho hill, tho ono James Q.
Ulaino honored yenrB ago by giving
bell, which still hangs in tho belfry,
Jo no more. It has been converted
nto a storeroom and moved to nn
other site. A good many bright boyB
and girls, now old mon and women,
graduated from this historical build
ing, and no doubt thero is n fooling
of Borrow as tho old Bchoolhouso
IcavcB tho foundation it was bulldod
upon years nnd years ago. Kennebec
(Me.) Journal.
Her Ideal.
"What is your ldoa of an Ideal hus
band, Mrs. Muchwcd?"
"Ono who will begin paying you ali
mony without waiting for tho Judgo to
naino tho amount."
Especially whero flirting is con
cerned n little learning la a dangerous
Found ' Ho Had to Leave Off Coffee.
Many persons do not rcallzo that a
bad stomuch will causo insomnia,
Coffeo and tea drinking bolng such
an ancient and rcspoctablo form of
habit, fow realize that tho drug caf
feine contained In coffeo and toa, Is
ono of tho principal causoB of dys
pepsia and nervous troubles.
Wlttyout their usual portion of cof
feo or tea, tho caffeine topers nro
norvouB, Irrltablo nnd fretful. That's
tho way with n whisky drinker. Ho
has got to havo his dram "to settle his
nerves" habit.
To leave off coffeo or toa Is an easy
matter If you want to try It, becnuso
Po3tum gives a gontlo but natural
support to tho nerves and docs not
contain any drug nothing but food.
' Physicians know this to bo truo, as
ono from Ga. writes:
"I havo cured mysolf ofya long
standing caso of Nervous Dyspopsla
by leaving off coffeo and using Post
urn," Bays tho doctor.
"I alBo enjoy refreshing sloop, to
which I'vo been an utter Btrangor for
20 yoars.
"In treating dyspepsia In Ita various
types, I find llttlo troublo when I can
Induce patients to quit coffeo and
adopt Postura."
Tho Dr. Is right and "thcro'a a
renBon." Rend tho llttlo book, "Tho
Itoad to Wollvlllo," In pkgs.
Postum now comes In concentrated,
powder foym called Instnnt Postum.
It Ib proparod by stirring a lovol tea
apoonful In a cup of hot water, adding
sugnr to taBto, nnd enough cream to
bring tho color to golden brown.
Instnnt Postum Is convenient;
there's no waste; and tho flavour Is
always uniform. Sold by grocers 50
cup tin 30 cts., 100-cup tin 50 cts
A C-cup trial tin mnilcd for grocor'a
name and 2-cent stamp for postage
Postum Cereal Co., Ltd., Bnttlo Creek,
Selecting Recruits.
"Thnt's my ldoa of a pleasant Job.'
"Whnt'a thatT"
"Scouting for a comic opora company."
(Copyright 1913 by tho Tonltlvoa Co.)
Symptoms of Tlrod Blood In tr.
tissues are, Losa of Flesh, Flabby
Muscles, Languor, Sallow Comploxlon,
Debility, Dark Rings around thn
Eyes, otc. Thcso conditions cird bq
eliminated only by fertilizing nnd T((
vlvlng tho blood stream. Tonltlvcs, tM
"v-AMiTiirre Qroat Dlood For'
VTIRED BLOQU absorb nourish,
ment from tho food and convert it
Into strong living tissues, composing
Brain, Nerve, Muscle, Bono nnd
Slnow. To thoso vho aro Buffering
from tho effects of ovor-work, Tonl
tlvcs nro especially rccommonded.
75c. por box of doalors or by mall.
Tho Tbnltlvea Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
W..N, U., OMAHA, NO. 49-1912.
Millions of Red Cross Seats on Sale.
Ovor 80,000,000 lied Cross Christ
mas Boals aro flow on salo In almost
ovcry largo city and nearly ovory
Btnto in tho United StntcB. Tho pro
ceeds go for tho bonoflt of tho anti
tuberculosis movement In tho commu
nity whoro tho senla nro sold. So
carofully has tho salo boon organized
throughout tho country that with tho
oxcoptlon of tho Btates of Florida,
Oklahoma, Novada and Idnho, Bed
Gross seals will bo on Bnlo In almost
ovorj" city, town, vlllago and hamlot
In tho Unltod States and ovon in
Hawaii, Porto Bico and the Canal
End of a Noted Folly.
Tho monocle hns long slnco boon
out of fashion In England, and Is Boon
to disappear from Purls, which has
boon Its InBt stronghold. It waa in
vented by a Dutch dnndy, and Ita evil
offecta upon tllo oyo woro at onca
noted by oculists. Tho monoclo flrot
appeared at tho congross of Vienna
In 1814, when it was worn by ita In
vontor. Ono folly, nt lonBt, has had
only about a contury of llfo.
Important to Mothore
Exnmlno carofullv overv hntiin nt
CASTORIA, a safe and suro remedy for
Infanta and children, nnd boo that it
Bears tho jr-& . " .
Slgnaturoof 1
In Ubo For Over 30 Ynnrn.
Children Cry for Flotchcr'a Cnstorin
His Successor.
"I supposo you oxpect your son to
Btop Into your Bhoos when you rotlro."
"No. I hardly oxpect that; but ho
has already taken my soat In tho front
Red Cross Bnll Blue gives double value
for your money, Boca twice as far na any
othor. Ask your grocer. Adv.
Tho ono tlmo man docBn't mind put
ting hla foot in it la when ho steps
Into a fortune
Tho rsatHvIng quality In LEWIS' Sinula
Binder is found In no other Co clear. Adv.
Lots of mon tiro themselves to
doath looking for nn easy place.
Llfo Is a grind, but It at least sharp
ens a man's wits.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt ReliefPermanent Cure
fall. Purely vegeta
ble act surely
but gently on
tho liver.
Stop after
oinncr dis
tresscure '
Improve the complexion, brighten the eyes.
Genuine must bear Signature
In this ngo ot research nnd oxporlninnt, all natw
I UDimutmun.Hcloncutms Indeed uuuloiMuntitrldn
n tho pan conturr, and among tho by no meant
niiat Important dlicovorlra In modlclneli tUatof
Tlicrnplon, which hai born 11 sod with iiront knecou In
I rcncli Hospital and that Ilia wurthr the attention
or thoMi who sutler from kldnof, bladder, norrona
dlcan,chonlo wiaknoniw,ulcun.kln eruption,
riles, Ac, them la no don bu In fuctllseemseTldenl
mm ths blir stir created araonitit aprciallttii, that
THERAPION Is dustlnod to cast ImnobllTlonall
thoso qaustlonabla remedies thnt were formerly tho
Kiln rullanro of raodlcal men. Il It ot course Impot
tlbln to toll tutlerera all should like to tell them
In this short article, hat thoto who would Ilka to
know moro about this remedy that bos enroled to
tuanr wo might almost say, miraculous cures,
should send addressed enrelopn for KHKU book tu
Itr.ljOCIero Med. Co.. Hnvorstock lload.llnmps toad.
Iindnn, Knir, nnddncldnforthemselTes whelnoriba
Now French llemedy "THERAPION" No. I. Ho.
jr io. o ib mutt mtiy require sdh nayoDoen seeking
in Tain during-a life of misery, suffering, lit health
and unhapplness. Tlieruiilonlssold bydrncirUtsoi
mall 11.W. l'ouuera (ju., Ml lloekman bL, Now Xork.
CutiuM and ttttutlTIt the h
l"romel a laiarlint grosrtii.
Hevsr rails to Uestore Orsj
rrorcnU balr rallloir.
KK snd 1 no nt proinrtsts.
Allt-u'iiricvrliHatvdiiuiiiut'liroiilcl'lrorrt. lirno
lflftim.Mfrifllliii Ii lnrtrti.Virl.-iftM 1 1 -. i-a I us
i :,. , -----"- ..........i.w.M ".,... ...;
' VliiV. "', ,Bro,in,il UICWTI.M lHIrWUU
iiKiUBiiif Ajt'irtL' tivrririftiiitstrvft. irbtm&o.
Jti frM. J, 1. AI.LKN, Uopt, AU.BU liul, illUU.
Uwt tough Sjrrup. T&iUt Good. Um
In ttrae. Sold bjr DnuK.-U.
s 1 . Sf v . vz.
itH P a rvrrrn c
Mi0ro nni.1,3.
I Mich. Adv.