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God Demands
By Rev. J. H. Ralston,
Secretary of Corrapondenca Deptrtment cl
Moody Bible Itulilulo, Qiicigo
THE photograph shows tho threo slstors of Pope Plus X., nnd his niece,
visit to tho Pontiff at Home. Tho popo always looks forward with great
of bis family.
Rainey Collection of Animals Ar
rives at Washington.
Many New Species Are Found by
Hunter In African Trip Edmund
HoHer Will Aid In Preparing
Washington. The final shipment of
tho oxtensivo natural history collec
tion made by tho Paul J. Rainoy
expedition in British East Africa, num
bering some fourteen barrels and thir
teen cases, has just been received at
the United States National museum,
and is being unpacked in tho taxider
my shops. The collection is of im
mense size, including some 4,000 specl
mpnB, more than eoven hundred of
which are thoso of large game.
Edmund Heller has been the guest
of Mr. Rainey on his African hunting
trip, and accompanied the expedition
for tho purposo of preserving the ani
mals obtainod. Mr. Rainey has do
nated tho entlro collection to tho Smlth
Bonlan institution and tho National
museum. While Mr. Heller had
charge of tho preservation of mom-
mals in general, he paid special atten
tion to collecting carnivores and ungu
lates. In a Smithsonian publication, now
In press, Mr. Heller describes twenty
four4 new Bpecies of African rodents
found in tho collection. During the
trip Mr. Rainoy grantod Mr. Heller
every opportunity to make a complete
survey of mammals. His assistants,
twenty or thirty trained negro skin
ners, porters, etc., were employed by
the safari. 9
Among tho, material obtainod Is tho
famous series of lions captured by Mr.
0 Ralney's American bear houndB, as de
scribed in his well-known lectures.
There are also many specimens of dif
ferent kinds of antelopes, including
the hartobeestes, wlldeboestes and wa
terbucks, aa well as buffaloes, zebras,
cheetahs, monkeys and rodents. A few
hippo skulls and rhino skins and one
elephant wero also collected.
A large number of birds wero se
cured, including some of the rarest
spocles. Many are game birds, among
Jury Frees Slayer K
Californians Uphold Killing of
Home Invader.
Twelve Men Declare Husband Was
Justified In Shooting Dcspoller
Prisoner Admitted Deed and
Did Not Plead Insanity.
Oakland, Cal. An Alraeda county
jury applied tho unwritten law to
Harry F. Prescott and Justified his act
in having shot down tho dcspoller of
bis home. Prescott's second trial for
having killed Ralph Thompson in tho
Prescott homo on tho night of Febru
ary 28 last, ended two hours after tho
jury had received the court's instruc
tions. Tbero was llttlo deliberation.
Tho big room was crowded with
mon, but thero was a breathless still
nesB ns Louis Rudolph, clerk, took tho
folded slip from the foreman of tho
Jury and read:
"Wo, tho Jury, find tho prisoner at
tho bar not guilty."
The vordlct waa a direct application
of ttyj "unwritten law." There was no
quostlon ns to the killing of Thompson.
Prescott admitted It, and did not pload
insanity. Ho was a married man with
u wife ho had sworn to protect and In
Ills own home bo had shot dead tho
man who had come between them. On
that ground ho went before 11 Jury of
his fellow mou, who Justified tho net.
On tho stand Prescott told of his
having no trad9 other than that of fur
nituro salcsjnun, of bis HI health and
being out of work, of filing on a gov
them guinea fowls and francollns
(which resemble our partridges), and
plantain eators, crows, bustards, vul
tures, vulturlno guinea fowl, owls,
hawks, kites, secretary birds, horn
bills, pigeons, parrots, sunbirds, fly
catchers, etc., aro represented. There
are also four ostrich eggs.
Tho party remained in the field
nearly a year, having sailed from Now
York for Mombasa on Fobruary 18,
1911, not dispersing until February 15,
1912, at Nairobi.
The territory traversed was mostly
to the north and cast of that covered
by Colonel Roosevelt on tho earlier
Smithsonian expedition, and included
tho country lying between tho north
ern part of British East Africa and
southern Abyssinia.
Time Coming When All Will Be
Under the Influence of Ether
or Morphia.
Rome. A posthumous work by
Cesare Lombroso has Just been dis
covered in Italy. Tho subject Is "State
of Society In tho Next Century."
As usual, he takes a very pessimis
tic view and especially of tho Inhabi
tants of tho United States, who, he de
clares to bo all suffering from nou
rasthenln. He calculates that mad
ness Increases in tho Stntes with
threo times tho rapidity of tho In
crease of population, and that this
malady will Increase for divers rea
sons. He considers that tho human brain
will become larger, but that tho abuse
of alcohol will become worse and thnt
this in turn will be abandoned for
stimulants of greater power. Ho pre
dicts a time whon all will bo under
tho influence of ether or morphia.
Diamonds In Rat's Nest.
Neenah, Wis. Seven years ago
Mrs. Charles Delong lost trace of two
diamond earrings valued at $200.
Carpenters remodeling the house found
the Jowels in a partition whore rats
had a nest Incidentally an apology
was made to a servant who had been
Indirectly accused of the theft.
ernment claim In the mountains of
Trinity county and of his going up
thore alone and working In the hope
of making n home for himself and
wife; tho hardships he suffered during
tho winter; the sudden coldness of
the Infrequent letters of the woman
for whom ho was working aroused his
suspicions and he returned homo unan
nounced; how be hid behind the por
tieros until his wife returned with
Thompson at midnight, and what ho
saw that caused him to whip his re
volver from his pocket nnd confront
tho pair has been told. Character wit
nesses testified as to his honesty, good
habits and desire for a home. His at
torney overlooked no point in his de
fense and the Jury agreed with him.
Prescott's wife was not in court when
tho verdict was given.
Son of Retired Officer of Marine Corps
Asks That Marriage With Actress
Be Annulled.
New York. John D. Smyser, Jr.,
a student at the Baltimore Medi
cal college and a son of Capt.
John D. Smyser, a retired ofTlcer
of tho United States Marino corps,
played tho leading rolo in a trial for
annulment of marriage in tho chancery
chambers before Vtce-Chanoellor How
ell. t Smyser testified that ho wound up a
night's escapade on August 10, 1906,
by marrying Edna Anna Leader, a
young actress then playing in tho
"Cherry Blossoms." Ho said that ho
Gildn, (standing up) utter a recent
Joy to the presence of tho monibor9
Greenwich Pair Encountered Justice,
Looking for Priest Marrlngo
Still Holds.
Greenwich, Conn. Anna Marano
and Antonio Calanzo wore marriod by
Justice of tho Peace Slophen L. Rad
ford by an error, so they declare, and
tho Jubtlco cannot until tho knot, al
though ho was urged to do so whon
tho error was discovered.
Tho bride 1b twenty and tho bride
grouinMB twenty-one years old. They
applied to Town Clerk Wellstood for
a license. Tho clerk said ho gavo
them one, explaining that they
should givo it to tho priest. Ho
says tho bridegroom then asked it
ho couldn't bo married right away.
Justice Radford was present, and ho
obliged them by performing tho le
gal iservlcos. Then tho couplo visited
Rev. Father Ryan at St. Mary's rec
tory. They asked to bo married.and when
Father Ryan inquired for tho licenso
they showed him a marriage certifi
cate. The priest accompanied them
back to Town Clerk Wellstood, who
showed tho marriage roturn of tho
luatlce. Tho clerk was asked to Issue
another license, bo they could bo re
married by the priest.
It was a knotty problem, and ho
evaded It, saying tho brldo was under
ago and her parents wero not present
to givo their consent. Justico Rad
ford was willing to return tho two dol
lar marrlnco fee. but ho could not un-
I tie the marriago knot. Tho question
was noxt referred to Town Attorney
Wright, but ho said ho coul1 do noth
ing. Tho pair wero finally told that
they wero married for keeps, and that,
after doing ponanco as provided by
tho church, they would bo rocognized
ns married by stato and church.
New York .to Have "Fly Squad."
Now York. A picked squad of Now
York policemen will hereafter be
known aB tho "fly squad," being as
signed to duty with the city health
department to mako war on tho
house fly. The "fly squad" will not
kill flics, but will turn attention rather
against breeding places, such as ref
use heaps, uncovered garbage cans
and other sources of the fly nuisance.
had not seen her since and saw her
only twice beforo tho marriage.
Smyser .testified that ho mado tho
acquaintance of the nctress while
walking along Sixth avenue, Manhat
tan, one night. He wnB eighteen years
old at that timo. Ho said he repre
sented himself to be the son of a rich
man. ,
Tho second time they met they
mado an engagement for August 10.
Smyser said that the two visited sev
oral Newark cafes, and tho last that
ho remembers they wero In Electric
park, a pleasure resort on the out
skirts of Newark.
According to one of tho witnesses,
tho young womnn asked Smyser whllo
seated at a table;
"Jack, will you marry mo?"
"Suro, I'll marry everybody." was
the reply young Smyser wub alleged
to have made.
Smyser said that ho had a hazy rec
ollectiou of sitting in a rocking chair
In somebody's house, nnd that a man
whom he did not know was standing
before him.- Ho said thnt nt 5 n. m.
tho next morning tho girl told him
that they had been married.
Asked what he then did, Smyser
"I took tho first train 1 could get
out of Newark and beat It for New
Tho young woman was not in court.
Sho learned that Captain Smyser wan
not wealthy and sho decided not to op
poso her husbnnd'B application.
Clrcua Elephant Kills Third Man.
Toronto, Ont. Frank Johnson, a clr
cua performer, was killed by an ele
phant. The elephant stepped on his
head while In tho ring. This is his
third victim claimed tills acnsoii.
TUXT-Psalm 46:10-"I3o still, and know
that I am God."
Whllo wo rnroly find a professed"
ieist nowndays, low men recognlzo
God as ho mani
fests hlmsolf. Yet,
whllo men do noti
rocognlzo God who
hns revealed him
Bolf, thoy aro con
stantly manufac
turing gods to suit
themselves, and
thcao are as nu
merous us thoso
of Egypt In tho
dajs of tho Pha
raohs. In tho t o x t,
thoro is tho call on
God to givo atten
tion to himself
"Bo still, and know that I am God."
Ilod is Intensely interested that man
thouhl recognize him, nbt only becausoj
aian would thus greatly blosB himself,
but God'domnndB this recognition bo-,
causo ho la sonsltlvo to tho apprecia
tion of thoso whom ho Has created in
his own likeness nnd imago. Wo must
maintain this, notwithstanding the spe-!
:lous ploa that it would be lgnoblo in
God to demand such recognition.
TuIb matter can only bo Bottled by,
3n appeal to authority, and multitudes1
bcllovo that tho Blblo is such author
ity. In ExoduB 34:14, wo read: "Thou!
shalt worship no other God, for tho
Lord whoso nuino is Jealous, Is n jeal
ous God." Joshua called tho attention
of Israel to tho same characteristic in,
God when ho wiBhcd Israel to roturn to
God, to tho enjoyment of their dlvliio
horltago. '
In tho toxt God docs not ask man to
know him; ho simply nsks that wo rec
ognlzo him ns God, and nppeals in the
8th and 0th verses of this chapter
for tho uso of tho physical senses:
"Como, behold tho works of tho Lord,
what desolation ho has wrought in.
tho earth; ho mnkcth wara to coaBo
unto tho end of tho earth, ho break
eth tho bow and cutteth tho Bpear In
Bunder; ho burnetii tho chariot in tho
fire." Our attention is nlso called to
what wo havo heard with our ears, and
our fathers have told us what ho has
dono in tho timo of old. Wore not
God'B dealings with tho Egyptians to
prove that ho wbb God? WaB not God
back of tho blessing of Is
rael by Balaam, whilo Balaam's
purpoao was to curse? Has God
not set up ono and put down
another? Has he not despoiled tho do
vices of tho crafty that their hands
cannot perform their enterprise, and
has ho not taken tho wiso in their
own crnftluoss, and io not tho counsel
of tho froward carried headlong? And
what shall ho said of tho occurrences
of modern history,? Had God any
thing to do with tho earthquake in
San Francisco; tho burning of tho Gen
eral Schofiold, and tho sinking of tho
Titanic? Of tho latter ovent it la
Bald that In tho last momonts of that
fated vesscl'fl remaining afloat, all
classeB of people prayed, and tho band
played until tho very end, "Noarer, My
God, to Thee." And what waa this
but recognition of God, and possibly
with many, too late?
To say that God has nothing to do
with theso things on tho ground of
that it would bo vlolenco to tho reign
of law, dishonoring to him. aB nn in
finite being, and entirely rollovo man
of moral responsibility, is really not
.worthy of serious consideration. Tho
consciousness of God's immanence in
all such things would bo a deterrent
from sin on tho part of some, and
would bo an inceutlvo to good on tho
part of others.
How are men to know God? Simply
hv hnlflC ntlll llv aAnrithlni. M.nn nn..
t ..-. .... mi.m. t,ii, mull ;uu-
not find out God. As David would Ho'
In tho fields at night nnd look up Into
tho starry heavens, It would not bo
for tho purposo of finding out God,
but ns ho gazed ho could not holp
but exclaim: "When I consldor tho
heavens, tho work of thy flngorB, tho
moon nnd tho Btars, which thou haBt
created, what is man that thou art
mindful of him, or tho son of man that
thou viBltost him?" As Mobcb would
havo Israel to recognlzo God, ho aald:
''Stand still, and soo tho Balvation of
God." As Isaiah would havo iBrncl
eco wherein their strength lay, ho Bald
thoy should sit still. So tho method
of knowing God is to just koop the
oyoa nnd earB open, to atop, look, lis
tenGod is horo, thero, everywhere.
Tho results of this will bo a moro
serious consideration of ono's obliga
tion to God. Tho lifo of tho Christian
will bo mado richer, nnd na tho dark
ness of tho heroaftor is approached,
thoro will bo a preparation to moot
God, with whom, whothor ho will or
will not, mnn has much to lo. To
know God, nnd him whom ho liai
is sent.
1b overrating life.
Whon tho dust of business so fills
your room that It threatens to choko
you, sprlnklo it with tho water of
prayer, and then you enn clean it out
with comfort and expedition. James
Only in a world where thero is Buf
fering could God prove that ho ia love.
Tho man who buries his talent
might as well bury biinsolf.
Its active principle solely
grape acid and baking
soda. It makes the food
more delicious and whole
some. The low priced, low grade
powders put alum or lime
phosphates in the food.
Ask Your Doctor About That
Additional Hospital Beds for the
Treatment of tho Tuberculous
Aro Delna Established.
Nearly 4,000 additional hospital beds
for consumptives in 29 states were
provided during tho year ending Juno
1, according to a statement issuod by
tho National Association for tho Study
and Provontlon of Tuberculosis. This
mnkes a total of over 30,000 beds, but
only about ono for ovory lndlgont
tuberculosis pationt In this country.
In tho last flvo years, tho hospital
provision for consumptives has in
creased from 14,428 in 1907, to over
30,000 in 1912, or over 10 per cent.
Now York state loads in tho numbor
of beds, having 8,350 on Juno 1; Man
BachuBotts comes noxt with 2,800; and
Pennsylvania a close third with 2,700.
Alabama Bhowed tho greatest porcont
ngo of increaso In tho IaBt year by add
ing 57 now beds to its 42 a year ago.
Georgia comos next with 109 beds add
ed to 240 a year ago. Now York has
tho greatest numerical Increase, hav
ing provided over 1,800 additional bods
in tho year.
Janitor Stop playing that trom
bono; tho man in tho noxt room says
ho can't read.
Dlnkholmor Ach, vot ignorance
nossl I could road ven I vas fife
years oldtl
Mixture of Caution and Economy.
At tho Union dopot a fow evenings
ago a mother who had gono to soo hor
daughter, a miss of about eighteen
ycara, safely started on a journey, was
hoard to give tho young lady tho fol
lowing words of advlco Just boforo the
train started: "Now, goodby, my dear.
Take good caro of yoursolf and re
member not to bo too freo with Btrang
era on tho train. But If a nico looking
roan should speak to you bo .polito to
him ho may buy your aupper for
you." Kansas City Star.
No Social Tact
At a club dance an enthusiastic
momber approachod a rather dull
member and said to him:
"Say, for hoavon'a sake go over and
talk to Miss Pryto. She la aitting all
by horaolf."
"ButJ-but what ahall I say to her?"
"Toll hor how pretty she ia."
"But aho ain't protty."
"Well, thon, toll her how ugly tho
other girls are. Ain't you got no so
cial tact?"
Getting Rid of It
Tyros I toll you the man who
takes caro of his own motor car has
a good deal on bla hands.
Byres Well, soap is cheap.
Living Up to Its Name.
"How do peoplo seem to like your
new song, 'The Aeroplane?' "
"Just carried away by It"
"He bit the hand that fed him" said Teddy of Big BUI.
'And didn't tell us if the bite had made the biter ill.
Now had Toasties been the subject of Bill's voracious bite
He'd have come back for another with a keener appetite.
Written by 'WILLIAM T. UINOKB,
WJ7 btuto at., Urldi-eport, Conn.
Ono of tti CO Jloclrs for which the Poetum Co.,
Duttle Creek, Mlcb., paid I10UO.0O tu May,
Tho humor of somo people Is so dot
lcato thoy ought to tako a tonic for it.
OarHoM Tea is a fine Inxntlvo being com
puted wholly of pura, buullh-fflvloi; limb.
The Worrier.
Knlcker Dooa Jack worry?
Eookor Yea; ho wauta to pastour
lze split milk. Judgo.
Stop the Pain.
The hurt of a burn or a cut stops when
Colo's Carbollsalvo la applied. It heal
3ulckly and prevents scars. S5o and Wo by
rugijlsts. For free anmplo wrlto to
J. W. Cote & Co.. Ulack IUvor I'alls, WU.
In the Suburbs.
"Ia MrB. Glllot a woll-lnformcd wom
an?" "Well, she'a on a party wire."-
Sho Knew It
Stolla This la tho presidential
Bella I know. Tho farmer we
board with keeps eight bull moost,
that chaBo you ovory timo you go out.
The Moon'a Offspring.
Looking out of tho window one eve
ning, llttlo Mario saw tho bright, full
moon In tho eastorn sky, and, appar.
ontly, only a fow inches from It, the
beautiful Jupiter, shining nlmoat as
brightly na tho moon itaolf. Marie
gazed Intently at tho spectacle for a
moment, and thon, turning to hor
mother, exclaimed:
"Oh, mother, lookl The moon has
laid an egg!"
They Are Overworked Now,
Four-year-old Dick had mado an Imi
portant discovery that his hair would
pull out if enough force was oxertod,
and was absorbod In proving tho fas
clnatlng find on his forolock. HIa al
tor aged sovon noted tho proceed,
tags with round-oyod horror,
"iMcklot Dickie I flbo cried, "yon.
mustn't do that!"
"Why?" demanded Dickie, with tL
cynicism of childhood.
"Oecauso tho Blblo says that all
your hairs aro numbered and if you
pull any out you'll mako a lot of extra
bookkeeping for the angels."
Shock for a Brother.
"John," said an ominont physician,
wearily, entoring hia homo aftor a
hard day's work, "John, if anyone calls
excuse me."
"Yea, sub," agreed John, the old
family darkoy.
"Just say," explained the doctor,
"that the masseur is with mo."
A llttlo later the doctor's brother
called called and rocelvcd tho shock
of his Ufo.
"I want tp see tho doctor at once,"
said bo.
"Yuh can't do it sur," aolomnly an
nounced tho old darkey, turning up his
eyes till the whltos nlono showed.
"Yuh can't do it, auh. Tho doctor, auh,
am wld do MeoBlah." Now York
Evening Sun.
She Was a Duster.
Mra. Sutton advertised for a woman
to do general housework, and in an
swer a colored girl called, announcing
that sho had como for tho position.
"Are you a good cook?" aakod Mra.
"No, indeed, I don't cook," was the
"Aro you a good laundrcaa?"
"I wouldn't do wnshln' and ironln't
it's too hard on tho hands."
"Can you sweep?" aaked Mrs. Sut
ton. "No," was tho positive anawer. "I'm
not strong enough."
"Well," said tho lady of the house,
Quito exasperated, "may I ask what
you can do?"
"I dusta," came tho placid reply.