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No. 4'2
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, Al
"Murder will out" so goes an old saying1, and when we cut prices kill profits and
endure losses to promote a bustling, Saturday Night trade the news of such proceed
ing were bound to spread.
Jones tells Mr. Smith about the wonderful bargains she got last night
"Wilcox's After Supper Sale and advise Mrs. S to go next week lm going she
says" come along with me." Mrs. Smith goes- and is so delighted and surprised as
was Mrs. Jones- she tells her friends about it and so on and on the good news
By the way, if you haven't met Mrs. . or Mrs. S, take our advice and come to
this sale, you won't .be sorry, we promise you.
Misses Oxfords made of whito canvas style n
lace size 11& to li After Supper Price... OVC
Ladies Lisle Gloves colors black or white
openwork lace back After Supper Price
Bleached Turkish Towels good ones sizes 19
x42 in After Supper Price
Misses and Children Oxfords and Pumpsr 4 r
size 8J to 2 After Supper Price $ 1 ,ZV
Mens Calf Shoes style blucherpcoodstylishm i
last After Supper Price $Z,Ii
Mens NecktieloU new patterns and latest
styles After Supper Fnce
Ladies Net Waists one of the very-newest things;
out mis seasun uu sizes niiui ou ;ucic
Wilcox Department Store.
Miss Mabel Hayes, who visited friends
the first of the week, has returned
Miss Jennie Cox, of Hershey, is the
guest of Mrs. EveretfYork- this week.
Rev. T. D. Sullivan, of Elm Creek,
was the guest of Revs. McDaid and
Gleason on Wednesday.
Genuine double bristle ideal hair
brush for $1.00. Rincker Book and Drug
Mrs. Con Walker and daughter Ger
trude are expected home this week
from an extended stay in Rochester,
N. Y.
Weather Forecast: Fair tonight and
Saturday, wanner tonight. Highest
temperature yesterday 84; a year ago
90. Lowest temperature last night 52;
a year ago 61.
Henry Schrieber returned last night
lrUIIl WIUUWIIWH Y.oiw ... w- -...
He went to Hot Springs, Ark., and
took treatment for a month and then
visited towns in Oklahoma, Mississippi
and othor southern states. He returns
much improved in health.
Lost A string of gold beads between
the Keith theatre and 209 West 2nd St.
Return to this office and receive reward.
Chartor No. 34.
Report of the Condition of the
- 128.S27.M
1250 00
at North Platte. In the State of Nobraska,
the close of business. .Tuno 14, ISM.
Loans and discounts...
Overdrafts, secured and
U. 8. bonds to socuro
TJ. 8. bonds to secure
U. 8. deposits
Othor bonds to socure
U. 8. deposits
Premlumson U. 8. bonds
Ilonds. socurltlos, etc. .
Banking house, furnli
turo and fixtures
Othor roal estato owned
Duo from state and
private banks and bank
ers, trust companies,
and savings banks......
sorve aeonts 57.910.55
Checks ana otnor casu
Items .;;
Notes of othor national
Fractional pa percurron
o.v. nickels and conts..
Lawful Monor Hoservo
In Hank, vlr; nnajn
Cnoclo 80.418.40
Ee wl-tondor notes 67bO.00-99.257.S5
Itedemptlon fund with
U.S. treasuror (5 per ..,,,
cent of circulation).... Z.5W.00
Total I6S3.2J1.87
Capital stock paid In...
Surplus fund.. ..........
Undivided profits, loss
ozuonses and taxes
National bank notes
T1..C tr Et.m nnn nrivfim
banks and bankers 19.527.S0
Individual deposits sub-
Ject to check 313,030.81
Demand certificates of ,..,.,
deposit 19.531.12
Time cortlllcates of do-
posit 115.429.41
Cortltled chocks 40.00
Cashtor'a checks out-
standing ............... vtni
United Statos deposits. j? ,,, ,in,.
Postal Savings Deports. 9,9j1.84- 161,240.24
J. Pizer, of Hastings, is the guest of
his brother Julius this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Johnson and
children went to Omaha today to visit
Mrs. Campbell returned to Lexington
this morning after spending a week
with Miss Grace Mooney.
- E. P. Wright, traveling agent for the
Canadian Northern railway, spent yes
terday here on business.
Have you tried the new acorn sanitary
fountain at Rincker Book and Drug Co.
The Fourth of July committee has
completed its program, andfromOa. m.,
when the big parade starts, until 10 p.
m., the eagle will scream in very wild
and very loud tones. Features of the day
will be the lire races, motorcycle races,
Japanese day fireworks, the Indian feat
and the pyrotechnic display.
The representative body of thirty of
the Omaha Stock Yards and South
Omaha Live Stock exchange will spend
a half hour here tomorrow afternoon
while on their way back to Omaha from
Alliance where tne JNenrasKa btocK
growers meeting was held. They are
due here at 5:00 o'clock and as their
time is limited would be pleased to have
the business men and stock dealers meet
the train. They will be entertained while
here by the Chamber of Commerce.
Wide tire wagon for sale. J. H. Van
Cleave. 40-3
If bicycle riders would all be decent
in their actions no great objection
would be made to riding on sidewalks,
but they are not all decent. It isn't
fair to have a rider come down the
center of a sidewalk and force the ped
estrian off the walk, to which treat
ment this writer has been subjected
dozens of times, and many other citi
zens make the same complaint. All
that is demanded of the bicyclist is
that he recognize that other people
have some rights.
Pays Last County Bond,
County Treasurer Durbin last Wed
nesday paid bond No. 13 of the North
Platte bridge issue. This was the final ,
bond of that issue and was also the last I
bond outstanding against Lincoln
county. In other words the county has
now no outstanding indebtedness. There
are precincts bonds, but no county
bonds. This is certainly an excellent
showing for the county, and one in
which we have reason to congratulate
Buick Model 36
Was driven from Staploton via Gandy
and Myrtle to North Platte on high
gear, with two passengers. The dutch
was not slipped nor was the gear lever
touched during the trip.
The engine was perfectly cool at all
times ana less than half a tea cup of
Water filled the radiator to overflowing
upon its arrival in North Platte. No
water was put in tho radiator enroute.
This is believed to be a record per
formance between the points rhontioncd.
J. S. Davis Auto Co.
North Platte, Nebraska.
Violin Recital This Evening.
; .The North Platte School of Music
E resents Carl Frederic Ssteckelborg,
ead of the String department of the
University School of Music, in a violin
Vectial at the Masonic hall tonight at
8:30. Mr. Steckelberg is undoubtely an
artist of the highest order and is sure
to delight all hearers. He has sujecois
fully toured the United States and
parts of Europe, always winning tho
highest praise. He can be heard at
the Masonic Hall tonight. Admission
50 cents. Tickets for sale at Clinton's.
Total $083,231.87
Btate of Nebraska, County of Lincoln, sss
I, I L Mooney, Cashlor of tho abovo
named bank, do bolemnly swear that tho above
statement Is true to tho best of my knowl
edge and belief. PiLMooYiCMblor.
Subscribed and sworn to before mo this 20tb
day of Juno, 1912.
Jambs O. MoinisusjtAD, Notary Public.
fYrri.t Attest:
Yost Gets $15,000 Verdict.
The many friends of our genial coun
ty clerk Will Yost will be pleased to
learn that his damage case against the
Union Pacific railroad company, which
has been in litigation for the past nine
years has been cettled by a decision by
the supreme court ot Missouri, attirm
ing judgment. Ho is in receipt of the
following telegram from Wb attorney,
C. W. Yosti
North Platte, Nebr.
Supreme Court today affirmed your
judgment, on condition that we within
10 days reduce the judgment to $15,000,
we shall of courso comply with this con
dition immediately. Accept heartiest
congratulations Mr. Lorey and myself,
Would Stop Kissing
The Milwaukee Physicians' association
will prepare a bill for the next legisla
ture intended to stop tho practice of
kissing and stamping tho habit as a blot
on civilization and a menace to health
and decency, i
The actjon was decided on at a meet
ing at which n dozen or more papers
were read on tho subject. A substitute
for the practice offered was that of
rubbing noses or foreheads, this being
held moro decent by tho physician.
Auction of Range Horses.
On Saturuay, Juno 22d, I will sell at
the old stock yards in North Platto two
cars of range horses. There arc several
broke and a number of halter broke
horses in tho bunch, also two gentle
young ponies. If you need horses be sure
to attend this sale. Salo begins at 2:00
p. m. sharp. C. A. MooriE.
For Rent 5 room
and Lincoln Avenue.
cottage, west 6th
Phone black 229.
Not less than 1,000 bushels pf cherries
were harvested at the annual cherry
picking at Wnston's ranch Tuesday
when some 2,500 people answered the
call of Manager Charles Lancaster for
help to pick the cherries.
The retail dealers' association held a
banquet et the Palace Cafe last evening,
about twenty-fivC attending. After
being served with a fine meal,' several
subjects pertaining to local business
conditions were discussed.
Initial correspondence cards and
envelopes'. Rincker Book and Drug Co.
Af tor .having made an extended trip
over the Nebraska lines and after hav
ing throughly investigated the reports
of the agents, Charles J. Lane, general
freight agent of the Union Pacific, be
lieves .hat the Nebraska wheat crop
will be fully up to the average of for
mer years. He places the yield at 40,
000,000 bushels and would not be sur
prised to see it rench 44,000.000.
Cards were received by local friends
this week announcing the marriage of
Miss Hazel Stryker and Mr. Waldo
Davis, of Omaha, at the home of the
bride in Lincoln on June 12th. Mrs.
Davis resided here two yenrs ago and
was well known among the young people.
Mr. Davis holds a position with a lead
ing Omaha wholesale house.
Ideal Hair Brushes 65c
Stone Duug Co.
The interest on the part of those at
tending the meetings at the 'Gospel
Tent, Cor. Locust and First, is increas
ine. The sneaker last eveninor drew n
vivid picture of the future eternal
home of the saints. From tho-scriptures
cited we learned that this home is to be
located on the earth after tho annihila
tion of sin; that the inhabitants will
build their own homes and inhabit
them, plant their own vineyards and oat
the fruit of them, and that there will
be no sickness, pain, sorrow or death.
He also showed that the capitol city of
the new earth will have streets of gold,
and a wall of precious stones tnree
hundred and seventy-fivo miles square
encl6sing an area of more than a hun
dred and forty thousand square miles.
Tho subject as announced for tonight
is The Personal, Literal, Visible Coming
of Christ." Everybody is cordially in
vited. Detroit Vapor Stoves, best gasoline
Btoyo on the market, self generating at
reduced prices at Hershey's corner5th
and Locust Sts., phone 15.
The Nevita Club met at tho home of
Mrs. Otta Wiel Wednesday whero the
memuers spent a very pleasant after
noon. The rooms were very prettily de
corated in pink, whito and green the
club colors and tho same color scheme
was carried out in the elaborate
two courso lunch served on small
tableB, each guest finding her place bv
the hand painted place cards tied with
bows of pink and green ribbon. The
favors were sprays of green tied with
pink ribbon which the hostess brought
from her recent trip from Colorado
Springs, tho green being gathered from
near the grave of Helen Hunt Jackson.
Tho prizes woro pretty hand painted
cups and Bauccrs and were won by Mrs.
Thos. Austin and Mrs. Andrew Yost.
After six o'clock the guests dopartrd
for their homes, each voting Mrs. Weil
a capital hostess.
Puro distilled water Ico cun now bo
secured. Wo nre prepared to mako daily
delivery to all parts of the city.
Distilled water ice is manufactured
under tho most sanitary conditions nnd
absolutely pure and clean. This pure ice
costs no more than other kinds, last
longer in the refrigerator and is more
satisfactory every way. Phone us your
order. Price 50 cents a 100 pounds.
E. T. Keljhek Ice Company.
Plenty Water Promised.
In a letter to Water Commissioner
Palmer, of Hershey, Supt. Willis, of
Mitchell, says:
The Pathfinder reservoir Is about full
and the inflow is now about 14,000 to
16,000 socond feet and likloy tocontinuo
until the 25th at least.
Just received a report from a Govern
ment Forest Range located at Wnlden,
Colo., stating there is considerable snow
in the mountains and with wnrmer
weather there will be lots of water
flowing down the North Platte river.
Since the Patefinder will bo full in
about seven days (by the 20th) the dis
charge over the Pathfinder may reach
8,000 to 12,000 second feet before the
first of July.
Corn Flakes, 4 pkgs.
Lemons per dozen
Apricots in heavy syrup, 2 cansfbr...
Grocery Special
.-;tf..,.. 25c
Wilcox Department Store.
Pumpkin 1 gallon can for.-. f'.fyr . .
Griffins Seedless Rasins 16-oz
size, '2
Calvmet Baking Powder, 16-oz can...
Swifts Vhits Laundry Soap 7. bars for.
Miseltoe Hams per lb
Swifts Premium Ham per lb.
Clash at Chicago.
The republican national convention
opened in Chicago Tuesday at noon,
and from the opening hour up to the
latest bulletin thore nas been a contin
ual clash between the Taft and Roose
velt forces. Tho lie has frequently
passed, threats of bolting have been
made, and part of the time the confu
sion has been beyond the control of tho
chairman. Wednesday Roosevelt openly
recommended a bolt of his followors,
but his managers, or least somo of his
most prominent followors, declined to
participate in such action.
, So far the Taft followers hove
triumphed, but only after the most ox
citing fighting. Senator Poot, the Taft
candidate lor temporary chairman was
electetl over McGovern, of Wis., who
supported by both the Roosevelt and
LaFollotte followers. The second test
of the Taft strength came Wednesday
when tho convention by a vote of 563
to 510 retained the ninetv-two Tart
contested delegates and to transfer the
light to the credential committee, this
committee went into session yesterday
afternoon, nnd will probably report
this foronoon. The adoption or rejec
tion of this report will renew the strug
gle, and the most bitter fight of the
convention may bo expected today.
Undoubtedly the majority of the re
publicans throughout the country would
prefer to have both Taft and Roosevelt
dropped and have a dark horse taken
up, nnd such may yet be the result.
All accounts due the firm of Ginn,
White & Schatz Co., must be settled in
full positively by July 15, 1912. All
those knowing themselves indebted to
us will save considerable trouble and
expense by calling nnd settling their
account before the above date.
Ginn, White & Schatz.
The Man With a Bank Booh
Enjoys many favors accorded by a bank to its
Establishes a valuable acquaintance at bank,
Establishes a credit, which is the best kind of
business insurance.
Makes his payments by checks; svingv time
trouble, and possible losses, ,
Contributes to the working capital of the com
munity, Enjoys a prosperity which he helps to dreate.
Open an an Account Here and
Enjoy These Privileges.
McDonald State Bank,
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Stuart left
for an extended visit in Aurora,
McDonald State Bank,
of North Platte, Charter No. 64T
Incorporated, In tho State ot NobrasUa,
at tho cloio ot business Juno
lUh. 1912.
Loans and discounts....
Overdrafts.....,.., ..
Ilonds, socurltlcs. Judg
ments, claims, etc. . .
Ilanklnir house, furnl-
ture and fixtures
Duo from natn'l, statu
and private banks J78.0J9.83
Checks and Items of ox-
chaniro 019.3S
Currency 28.VMW
Oold coin 7XS.00
Silver, ulckuls and cunts. 0,258,43
15.600 00
Closing Out Sale.
Beginning Saturday, June 22d,
My Entire Stock of High Grade Millinery
Capital stock paid In a
Hurplus fund.,.., ', -
Undivided profits .. .,
Individual deposits sub
Jecttochcck 20't,5A07
Demand certificates ot
deposit 14.183.07
Time certificates of de
posit 07.271.02
Duo to natn'l, statu ami
prlvato banks 20.203.01
Depositors' Kuarantcu
Consisting of Pattern and trimmed Hats inclutti
flowers, Chiffons, Ribbons and Etc, to bcclpsed out
regardless of cost. This will be a chance to get the
greatest bargains in new up to date millinery, that
were ever offered in North Platte and it will pay you to
lay in a good supply at rediculous low prices quoted
Larpe assortment of pattern and trimmod hats worth
up to $16, your choice of tho lot at ,
Flowers worth up to $1.00 per bunch each , j
50c end 75c Chiffons per ynrd.
50c and 50c ribbons per yard.
Nothing reserved. Come early for choice selection.
300 East Third Street.
Stato of Nebraska, County of Lincoln, ss.
I, w. II, McDonald, Cashier of tho above
nauiod bank, do hereby swear that tho
above statement Is a correct and truo copy of
tho report mado to thoHtato liauklntr Hoard.
W. II. McDonald. Cashier.
Attest; Ciiab. McDonald, Director,
J. li. McDonald, Director.
. Subscribed and sworn to before mo this VSOiti
day of June, 1912.
J.O. II. THOELECKE. Notary Public,
Joseph Schatz went to Sidnoy last
night on business.
Mrs. Will Allen, of Omaha, is expected
next week to visit her mother Mrs.
John Weinberger.
Tho Indian Cnrd Club will meet with
Mrs. W. II. Munger, BM West 4th St.
Wednesday afternoon.
Milton Doolittlo oxpacta to go to
Lincoln tho first of tho week to transact
business for a week or longer.
Henry Abshire, formorly of Suther
land, but of late located in Idaho,
visited friends in town tho early part of
this woek.
Local dealers aro now selling $1,500
worth of gasoline a month, or $50 adny.
This consumption, however, is not all
lnpnl' mnnv tourists nnssincr through
make this a supply station. Yet $50
a day is some money for gasoline. I
U Jl-U
I II ' House of Good Show
When in Norlh Piaffe.
Motion Pictures. Runs Everv
Night. Matinee Saturday After
noon at 2:30 O'clock. .i
Graduate Dentin.
Telephone R&l 456 60SK Dowcy St,
North Platte. Nebraska.