The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, March 15, 1912, Image 1

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No. 14 ,
for Saturday, March 16th
Swifts Premium Hams, per lb )K
Swifts .Premium Bacon, per lb UC
Swifts Empire Bacon, per lb
Oranges, regular 25c size 10
per dozen f C
Kraut, 2 cans for jC
E. C. Corn Flakes, 4 packages dJ,
cox raartoii
15c i
; Store.
JwVV JtJfc
rrrfr m"x1'
mn"wm jf.X .
Frank Taylor returned Wednesday
evening from a business trip to Grand
Mrs. Edward Ogier who has been ill
:for two weeks is reported a little better
, Sirs. Franker, of Chappell, is visiting
Mrs. M. E. Boardman this week, hav
ing arrived Tuesday.
Charles Temple came home from
Omaha, yesterday after attending the
Retailers' convention.
Miss Alice Fitzpatrick came up from
the Kearney normal Wednesday evening
to visit her parents for some time.
Miss Margaret Dahlstrom is ill with
lagrippe this week and unable to per
form her duties at the American cafe.
Roy Streeter, formerly of this place
who recently moved to Omaha, spent
the first of the week hero visiting
Julius Pizer is expected home today
from Chicago where he spent the past
two weeks purchasing spring and sum
mer stock for The Leader.
Miss Mayme McMichael came home
Tuesday evening from n short visit in
Mrs. Emma O'Connor returned yes
terday from Sutherland, where she
visited relatives last week.
Messrs. E. T. Tramp, Arthur Rush,
H. L. Grecson, and M. J. Forbes re
turned yesterday from Omaha where
they attended the retailers' convention.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Eshleman and,
baby arrived Wednesday evening from
Callaway and will reside here in the
future. Mrs. Eshleman was formerly
Miss RoseAnaway.
The Standard Oil Company of Ne
braska has declared a dividend of thirty
three and one-third per cent. We re
gret we do not own stock in the Stan
dard Oil Co. of Nebraska.
The Episcopal choir are Holding re
hearsals for a cantata which will be
given in the Church of Our Savior on
Easter Eve. It is entitled Easter
Angels and the music is very beautiful.
A party of seven local business men
and commercial salesmen under, the
leadership of Frank Nye. of Kearney,
held an informal banquet at the Tim
merman cafe Wednesday evening.
Cigars followed the spread.
K rlfiBHBk
.. if liHlf&k.-. -YltB!Hi (
BBMKfiz&JCryT'ff'aB M "f 'IT" rfft1 rH Kali wjM'&J&ti8JELitt J&IRiIhhII 1
Sloucf ofohn D. iRockefeteiiavebeen
the richest "m an in Me World if he had
Spent the first money h& earned P
' He put it in the Bank
When Tohn D. lioolcefolloj' wont into tho oil
Holds, lio wont therewith Two Thousand Hollars
that ho had saved and with "irioi fio was ready
to tnlco a good Business ohnneo. 1TA.TJ 112 2COT
IIA.D JTS MOXBYIX TUB UAXIf, lie would not
lmve lyeen utile to tnlco the business ehtmee thnt
led to his stupendous fortune. ,Joim . Jtoelce
f oiler was no different from other fahulously
logical results of TllllTli. 1UUST SAVfA'GS.
Do YOUt hanking wltTi US.
The First National Bank,
O NOllTU I'T.ATTll, XnJl'JtASlfA.
The largest Jianlc In Westoru 2Sohru1cu.
Tho Lutheran Brotherhood will meet
this evening at the Parish house.
Mrs. William Hawley left Wednesday
evening forOmaha to spend nfewdayr.
Sam Heath, who has been employed
in the Rebhausen barber shop resigned
this week and went to Omahn.
For Rent 3 rooms for light house
keeping. 720 W. 2nd.
The W. C. T. U. will meet with Mrs.
W. T. Banks from 3 to 4 o'clock next
Wednesday afternoon.
. The 0. E. S. kensington will meet
with Mrs. Harry Dixon Tuesday after
noon. Friends are invited.
Herbert Tramp, who attended the
Retailers Convention in Omaha the first
of tho week came home yesterday.
Tho Rebekah Kensington and suppor
at the I. 0. 0. F. hall, on Wednesday
afternoon was attended by a large
Mr. Feistermnh, of Oshkosh, who is
being treated at the P. & S-. hospital
forinjuries received from bullet wounds
last week, is improving rapidly.
Attorney W. V. Hoagland returned
Tuesday evening from Lexington and
will leave tomorrow for Nortii Dakota
on legal business.
Mrs. Frank Barnell enjoyably enter
tained a number of the Baptist ladies
on Wednesday afternoon. Nicely pre
pared refreshments were served.
Tracklayers on the CJlaway-Staple-ton
line reached Arnold a few days ago
and are now working west of tho town.
The work has progressed despite tho
stormy weather.
Weather forecast: Fair tonight and
Wednesday. Highest temperature yes
terday 18, a year ago G7; lowest last
night 8 below zero, a year ago 23.
W. E. Coates, of Keystone, entoied
the Physicians & Surgeons Hospital
yesterday foreye treatment. The optic
was struck by a large board with which
Mr. Coates was working Wednesday.
The Rebekahs will initiate candidates
tonight. Viisitors from neighboring
lodges will be in attendance and refresh
ments will be served. All members are,
requested to bo present.
We nnderstand that should tho city
fail to complete the sale of the water
bonds by March 31st, the water com
pany will accept the bonds as callateral
and turn the plant over to the city on
that date. The transfer on this date
is desired for the reason that it i3 tho
end of a quarter of tho water rental
year, and therefore a good time for the
city to accept the plant.
For Sale Two passenger automobile
in fine shape. Must sell. Address P. 0.
box 2G3. tf
Bids for the construction of the Lock
garage on Locust street were ofpened
Monday, but the prices submitted by
the contractors were so much higher
than the estimated Cost made by Archi
tect Reynolds that all bids were re
jected. The lowest bid for the building
was $14,000, submitted by tho General
Construction Co., which is the contrac
tor of the federal building.
The Knights of Columbus held a
meeting at the I. O. 0. F. hall Wed
nesday evening. The committee who
have been appointed to secure candi
dates for the initiation on April 14th
have reported that they have met with
splendid success and the chance of
having one hundred new members
appears very favorable, as seventy-five
have already been signed for.
For Rent Small bungalow and 12
acres of land fitted for gardening and
chicken raising; 5 milen from town.
Phone 2G.
A mellordrammer was enacted in Un
shoe repairingdepartment of tho Yellow
Front shoe store one day this week the
principal characters being an old shoe,
an honest shoe cobbler and n distracted
young business man, who, by tho way.
is also a young husband. He brings in
a pair of his shoes which need some
slight repairing. The cobbler, in making
the repairs, finds a hidden treasure
consisting of $33.00, a gold watch, two
stick pins and other valuables all
securely resting in tho too of ono old
shoe. Whether this young man doubts
the reliability of th banks or is con
cealing his possBCSsions from his wife
is a mystery, nut we aro sale in saying
that ho has decided on a different hiding
We aro informed that nearly all tho
available hay in this territory has been
baled and sold and that some feeders
will soon feel the shortage. Leypoldt
& Wickstrorn, without a doubt, the
biggest hay firm in tho state of Ne
braska, have been preparing for this
and have ten largo barns filled to the
brim with tho precious forage. The
greater part of their hay is stored hero
but they also have barns along tho lino
both east and west of us, extending as
far oast as Gothenburg, and to Jules-
burg west of us. Nearly every day
they receive calls from outside states
anu tiieir uuyers aro irom nearly every
1 state in the union. Hcrshey Times.
Forty Cattle Drown. ,
Mr. Shrievor, lessee of the Pawnee
ranch at Gannett, lost forty cattle by
drowning a few days ago. A big bunch
of cattle were driven to the river to bo
watered, and when they reached tho
bank they stampeded into tho river and
the wenker ones woro crowded into
deep water and were drowned.
Socialists Nominate Ticket.
The socialists held a convention Wed
nesday evening and tnndu tho following
nominations: Members board of educa
tion, A, J. Ellison, 11. M. Johnson, '
Thomas Axtell and L. C. Stroup:
councilman First ward Levi Duke,
Second ward P. O. Deats, Third ward
It. It. Royer, Fourth ward F. W.
Tho convention did not consider it
had an available man for water com
missioner, hence no nominahion for
that office was made.
Scarlc Files for Representative.
E. M. Searle, Sr., of Ogalalla, has
filed for the republican nomination for
tho republican nomination for float re
presentative from the 77th district, of
which Lincoln county is a part. Mr.
Searle is ono of western Nebraska's
oldest and best known business men,
having lived at Ogalalla for thirty
years. He has been a leading spirit in
the development of the west part of
the state, ami has always stood high in
the councils f his party. No better
qualified man Tor the position could be
Greek Meets Greek With Knives.
In a free-for-all melee at the Greek
headquarters oh east Front street yes
terday afternoon one man received a
serious knife wound in the neck, the
other had his scalp cut with a razor.
Dropping blood on tho snowy sidewalk
at each step he took, tho ono with the
gash in his neck walked to Dr.
Twinem's office, where the wound was
dressed and stitched, nnd later he was
hauled to jail, while the other with tho
scalp wound sought another physician,
received tho necessary attention and
then went in hiding from the officers.
The trouble arose while tho men were
Two Bank Accounts.
It often happens that indi
viduals, firms and corporations
find it advantageous to carry
two accounts, one forageneral
and one for special bjiyness.
To those contemplating such
division The Platte Valley
State Bank offers its facilities
and service.
The Platte Valley State Bank,
Capital $50,000.00.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Edward Morris and two
children formerly of this city loft for
their homo in Peoria, 111., yesterday.
Thoy have been guests of Mrs. Morris
parents Mr. nnd Mrs. Hugh Golden for
throe weeks.
Mr. nnd Mrs. E. A. Crosby returned
yesterday from a six months visit in
California. Thoy will visit their son
Attornoy M. E. Crosby and wife for a.
few days before going to their homo in
Mutiny at Penitentiary.
Warden James Delahanty, Deputy
Warden Henry Wagner and Guard Emil
G. Hellman, of tho penitentiary at Lin
coln are dead and Guard Tiiomas J.
Doody is seriously wounded as a result
of an outbreak at tho penitentiary at
2:15 yesterday afternoon.
The three prisoners who did tho killing
aro John Taylor, sent up from Hamil
ton countv for Srobbinc tho bank at
Giltner; John Dowd1; sent up from Cass
county for robbing the bank at Wabash,
and Charles Morley, sent up from
Douglas county on a charge of robbery,
Three posses, under tho direction of
Sheriff Gus Hyers, aro scouring the
country in a blinding snow storm in an
effort to capture them. If tho posses
overtake tho escaped prisoners a battle
is expected, as they aro supposed to be
heavily armed, and there is a suspicion
that thoy have the co-operation of confederates.
St. Louis and Purity Flour, per sack.
Swifts Premium Hams, per lb
Swifts Premium Bacon, per lb
Beginning Saturday March 16
Swifts Winchester Bacon, per lb
Tho snow storm of Wednesday, ex
tended tho entire length of tho state
and was tho worst the state has ex
perienced in years. In the east part of
tho state the storm assumed the form
of a blizzard, and in Omaha there was
almost a complete suspension of busi
ness nnd tho public schools were dis
missed. At some points tho snow fall
is reported at two feet. Railroad
traffic has been seriously interfered
with and tho trains ran lato.
Mrs. Mary Cowder, of Michigan City,
who spent several months with hor
sister Mrs. Charles Clinton, left for
home this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Thompson have
returned from Plattsmoutlf after spend
ing two months with relatives thero.
Mr. Guyger, manager of tho Ritner
hotel, left yesterday for Denver on
Emil Ericson, of Cottonwood, is
spending this week with relatives in
Mrs. D. E. Morrill entertained tho
Presbyterian aid society yesterday.
Maurice Fowler.shipped a car load of
horses to Omaha yesterday.
Black or White Cherries Regina brand, 2 cans OtC
Extra, Fancy Yellowstone CannedtGoods.
Sliced Lemon Cling Peaches 2 cans for
P Muscat Grapes 15c per can, 3 cans for
Green Gage Plums 2 cans for 25c or 6 cans,
Staudard Corn 3 cans for 25c, or per doz. . .
Dawson Court House Worn Out.
It is understood at the capitol that
tho court house which Firo Marshall
Randall proposes to condemn is located
at Lexington, Dawson county, A prop
osition is now pending in that county
to vote a 4 mill tax for two years to
raise funds to erect a now court house
nnd thero is a prospoct of its carrying,
in spito of tho fact tho county has three-
times voted against issuing bonds for
the eroition of a court house.
I Bartlett Pears per can &
Evergreen Corn, iocpercan. 6 cans for.... U-C j
1r I
Country Gentlemen Corn, 2 cans for JL 1
Pumpkin 3 cans ,for OvL I
Large package Gold Dust 1 L I
oz-rnnt ran K. C. Bakinn Powder 1 L I
I 7 bars Swifts Pride Soap Luj 1
I '8o-oz. can K. C- Baking Powder for 3L- 1
Tramp h Westenfelu
iNortn )iae urocers. I