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Semi -Weekly Tribune
Ira L. Bare, Editor ond Publuiac.
Ono Yoor by Mail in mlvunco $1.25
One Year by Carrier in advance $1.60
Entered at North Platte. Nebraska, Post
ofllec as Second Class Mattor.
FRIDAY, MAR. 0, 1912.
f Political Announcements.
Farmer and Stock Grower
Statu Sbnatoii 1007 8
' Is a Candidate This Year. Your Sup
port Will Be Appreciated.
At the solicitation of friends I hereby
announce myself a candidate for the
republican nomination for representa
tive from Lincoln county, subject to
the approval of the voters at the pri
mary election to be hold April l'Jth,
Maxwell, Nob.
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for tho democratic nomination
for county assessor, subject to the
nction of the democratic voters at the
primary election April l'Jth. My home
is in Fox Creek nrccinct. where I have
resided for tho past 23 years. I will
appreciate any support given me
I hordby announco myself ns a candi
'dato for tho republican nomination for
county nssessor, subject to the decision
of the votors at tho primary election
April 19th. I have lived in Lincoln
county 28 years, 24 of which were tpent
on a farm in Plant precinct-
F. J. Dibnuii. ,
r I hereby announce myself ni a candi
date for tho republican nomination for
County Assessor, subject to tho decis
ion of tho voters at tho primary elec
tion in April.
Lawkbnce P. Cammjntek.
I hereby announco myself ns a candi
date for tho republican nomination for
county assossor, subject to tho decision
of tho votors at the primary election
April 19th, 1912. I liavo resided in
Fox Creek precinct for seventeen years.
1 will appreciate support given mo by
tho voters. IIOMEK II. Kodgeils.
I am" n cimdidnto for the republican
nomination of county assessor subject
to tho decision of tho voters at tho pri
mary election April 19th, 1912. I have
lived In westorn Nebraska for twenty
ono years, fourteen of which have been
spent in Hinmnn precinct. For tho
last four ynprs I have been, precinct
assessor. Any support given mo will
be fully appreciated.
A. W. AltNKTT.
Still Boosting for New Court House.
Editor Tribune:
I want to heartily accord in the move
ment for n now court house. Provision
should bo made to supply a rest room
therein for our county people espec
ially tho women and children.
W. H. McDonald.
Editor Tribuno:
In n recent issuo of The Tribuno I
notice Julius Pizer takes tho initiative
in a move for a now court house. I
fully endorse such a proposition. My
property interests In Lincoln county
are extonsivo, but I will be glad to pay
tho tax necessary to erect a building
that will preserve tho records and fur
nish adequate room for tho transaction
of business two requirements that wo
do not now have. J. W. Payni;.
Editor Tribuno;
I fully endorso tho proposition advo
cated In the letter of Julius Pizer ic
ccntly published by Tho Tribune. I
think to in nny way attempt to repair
of improve tho old court house would
provo to bo a penny wiso and pound
foolish policy. T,ho cost par capita of a
now court house would bo so littlo that
' I boilevo rjp tnx payor would voto
against such a proposition.
N. McCahi:.
Editor Tribuno:
I havo just rend Mr. Pizer'a letter in
your paper with roforonco to tho build
ing of a new court houso. This matter
Aaa my hearty approval. When tho
'heaviest taxpayers of tho county feel
that it is to their interest to havo a
court houso In the county that will not
only bo n credit to tho county but will
preserve tho public records, tho gen
oral citizenship should co-operate.
It is only recently thnt practically all
of tho records of CuBtor county wore
destroyed by tho burning of an inferior
nnd inadequate courthouse'.
If tho Lincoln county structure
should burn thero would bo a loss of
soveral times the cost of building a
flro proof building in tho destruction of
tho treasurer's books, and tho records
of tho clork of tho district court, nnd a
largo part of tho county clork's records.
Tho flro comes in tho night timo when
' wo aro not looking for it. Wo ought
to wnko up nnd do something before it
itoo lato.
. Wo'Bro'nro offering 12 lots, a full
' block', in tho west ond at tho low price
of $1000.00. About ono half what they
aro worth.
Buchanan & Patterson,
j- wiTwfwswwipjn-. M Mil ii iiiLiasiTssMJtltsyifisssssssssssssMssMfctJMr"'
Stimson Declares for Tafl.
In r pech at Chics go Tuesday nitfht
Henry L. Stimson of Now York, secre
tary of war, and the Koosevelt candi
date for governor of Now York in 1910,
declared himaelf for President Taft,
and said that while he remained tho
sincere friend of Mr. Roosevelt, ho
could not support him for the presiden
tial nomination. Mr. Stimson entered
President Tnft's1 cabinet last year, after
consultation with Mr. Roosevelt, and
with the distinct understanding with
the president that he would bo bound
in no way to take pari in the political
activities of the administration.
Secretary of War Stimson in announc
ing his decision ns between Tnft and
Roosevelt, snid:
"I. am for Ihe renomination of Presi
dent Tnft.
I am now and nlwnys have been a
Mr. Tnft has faithfully carried out
the progressive faith.
I entered public lifo under the inspira
tion of Theodore Roosevelt.
I am a firm boliovor in his great
national policies.
I now remain his sincere friend.
But I believe those who aro forcing
him, against his original intention, into
the arona against Mr. Taft, are jeopard
izing instead of helping real progress.
Mr. Taft has faithfully carried out
his pledges of four years ago.
Mr. Taft has been most falsely villi
fied and abused.
The recall of judges would bring the
courts down into tho welter of politics."
A Reminder.
Editor Tribune:
Teddy Roosevelt in his effort to ex
plnin his position and his former letters
reminds me of a minister in Cass
county in nn enrly day, t who was
charged with stealing half of a dressed
hog. In lits tearful explanation to his
hurch people he said: "Tho more I
try to explain the more they think I
stole the hog."
Old Timer.
Brown Will Stand on Record.
In a letter to Asst. Attorney Genl.
F. E. Edgorton, Lincoln, Senator Nor
ris Brown says:
"Denr Friend Replying to your kind
letter of recent date, I beg to thank
you for your interest in my campaign
"My fight ofllcially began when Gov
ernor Mickey undertook to protect the
people against the wrongs of certain
delinquent taxpayers. I have been on
that sido of rtVery fight sinco my pub
lic life begnn and was never more in
earnest thnn I am today.
'T havo no quarrel with those who
would deny mo a second term, although
I know and feci that I am entitled to
it. If what I did as attorney general
nnd if my stand and voice for a direct
primary, for direct legislation, for tho
direct election of United States sena
tors, for lower and juster tariff duties,
for a tariff board of experts, for lib
eral pension, for a presidential pref
erence voto in every Btnte, particularly
in Nobrnska, for tho incomo tnx
amendment, for tho enforcement of the
Sherman law and against its repeal
nnd ngainst Lorimor,! are such ns to
put mo outsido tho company of real
progressives, thon I must accept that
fate, but you know thnt such a record
ought to entitle a mnn tho friend
ship of every squnro doaling progres
sive. "My candidacy rests on my own rec
ord nnd not on that of any other man.
Very tiuly yours,
"Nonius Brown."
Myrtle and Vicinity.
Clyde McGue is visiting Jiis sister
Mrs. Ralph Belcher, of North Platte.
Tho littlo daughter ofJMiko Gleeson
is ill with tonsilitis.
EarloJCombs, of North Platte, has
rented tho II. A. Morrow placo and will
move his family thereto in a Ifow days.
D. W. Moon is disposing of his per
sonal effects andjwill movo his family
to Idaho m the near future.
Joe Richards, of Lexington, visited
his brother George and family last
wook. '
Little Margarot Kelley is suffering
with an abscess in her head.
Mrs. Cnspor Sivits returned Friday
from a three weeks' visit with relatves
in Gage county.
Owing to cold weathor there was a
small attendance nt the Oysterhout
sale Monday, and bidding was not very
Daniel Greeley's son nnd fnmilv
moved horo from tho east Inst week.
Noblo Anderson, of Gothenburcr.
spent Tuesday of this weok in town on
J. W. Wilson returned Wednesday
morning from a business visit in Omaha
and other points.
For Salo: 111 Acres improved valley
land three mies south of Gothenburg,
Ncbr. Cash sale $75.00 per acre.
Inquiro of J. B. BACON.
Gothenburg, Nebr.
Tho Stnto of Nebraska, Lincoln county, is.
In tho County Court,
In the mutter of tho citato of Martin Hood,
doc cased.
To tho creditors, heir, legatees, nnd others In
terested In tho estate of Martin Hood
Take notice, that ltupert Schwaigor, adminis
trator, has lllcd in the county court a report of
his doings as administrator of said estate, and it
is ordered that tho sumo stand for hearing tho
23d day of March, A. I)., 11)12, Iwforo tho court
nt tho hour of 0 o'clock, u. m at which tlmu any
person Interested may uptx'ar and except to and
contest tho same And notlco of this proceeding Is
ordered given in tho North 1'lattu Tribune, a
semi-weekly paper, for three successlvo weeks
ntlip tt ftfiid llllttl of
-;r.:. . : ,. ...i -.i .i... - ., ...
Wlinoes my nwiu uuu uo uui iu wiueuumy
nil tli
court at North l'latto,
this 2d day of
March. A. .. 1912.
John Chant, County Judge.
I .ill'
lTilWlM WfaMWr
Whsr f".. j r.a"3 Crnt'i.
The offtiif i tt:i-lnli tnrT :
gum? lirwl ! .mini. i -irtU .mi liourd ,i
war vwwel urc rnthur awtus-ty'ilii A
corronpondent on bonrd " tin nVi
nays: "For x?vnil mummHm i vo i
derml what lilt me nnd wImhh" I uv
lilt The glniw thnt protwtH th Iu!in
man from the wen tiler nnd the wln
dows of the cliiirthoum. the glttw t'
which Is one-i bird of nn lii'h t'.'iyr
were Hiiiimliml to ntomn. An inl; Ixjttlt
that Mood on the tabic In the ch.rt
house; Jumped about sis inche. m d
every drop of Ink sprang out. but the
bottle dropped bark to tin? apot from
which It Jumped Thioe water bottlm
and three tuniblert were on the table
In tho Hmokltig loom, all being full of
wnter. When the gun were fired the
bottles nnd (ho tumblers Jumped Into
the air. Three gentleman who were
hi the room also left their scnts. The
bottles and tumblers fell buck into
their old place's, but evory drop of wa
ter hnd beon8pllled upon "the table,
though nothing had been broken."
This suggests a rnther unpleasant out
look for the nallots In case of. a bat
tle. St. Louis (Hobo-Democrat.
A Beaver's Day Work.
A young beaver hi Regent's park
gardens. London, was once placed nt
work upon it tree twelve feet long and
two feet six inches thick Just n the
town cloekti xOumled the hour of noon.
The beaver began by burking the tree
n foot above the ground. That doue.
he attacked the wood. lie -worked
hard. ''alternating h. labor with dips
In his bathing pond. He bathed and
labored alternately until 4 o'clock in
tho afternoon, when he uto his mtpper
of bread and carrots uud paddled about
In his pond until half pnat 5 o'clock.
Ten minutes later, when only one Inch
of tho tree's diameter remained Intact,
ho boro upon his work, and tho tree
fell. Before It fell the beaver inn us
men run when they have fired a blast.
Then as tUo tree lay on tho ground he
portioned It out mentally and again be
can to Kiiaw. He worked at intervals
all night, cut the log Into three parts,
rflled two of the portions Into the wn
ter and reserved the other thlid for
his permanent shelter. The work djnp,
ho took a bnth Harper's Weekly.
Dfttinn In Duopos Airai.
The Hippodrome, one of the llnest
nice tracks In the world. Is owned by
the .HiionoH Aires Jockey club, and its
enormous i uremic is derlred from this
'source. The Argentinians are born
gamblers, and they wager almost-ln
credible minis en horseflesh. Tho mu
nicipal statistics of Buenos Aires huct.y
that $2.,800.0C0 In American gold was
wagered upon the races at tho Hippo
drome In one yeah This Is an average
of fifty Argentine dollars for each man.
woman and child In that great city
Naturally the reported figures do not
inrlude nil tho money wagered ion
horso racing, so that "the true sum is
no doubt several millions In excess of
the reported figures. There aro none
so old nnd few so young thnt they
will not wnger n few pesos on n fa
vorite. The tense faces of all present
oliow tho personal Interest in tho result.
Tho Jockey club receives ns Its share
10 per cent of nil bets, besides tho en
franco fees and scat sales. Travel
Jacks for Sale.
Two black jacks, ono largo, heavy,
straight, young nnd registered, will be
sold at Burton's horso nnd mule sale
two and one-half miles west of Well
fleet, Thursday, March 14th. Both
trains mot. Salo at 12:30. Jacks will
not be sold until 4 p. m.
A. C. Burton.
Pale-faced, weak, and
Bhaky womenwho suffer
every day with womanly
weakness need the help
of a gentle tonic, wlti
a building action on the
womanly system. If you are
weak you need Cardul,
the woman's tonic, because
Cardul will act directly on
the cause of your trouble.
Cardui has a record of
more than 50 years of
success. It must be good.
Th Woman's Tonic
Mrs. Effie Graham, of
Wlllard, Ky., says: "I
was so weak l could
hardly go. 1 suffered,
nearly every month, for 3
years. When 1 began to
take Cardul, my back hurt
awfully. I only weighed
09 founds. Not long after.
1 weighed 115. Now, I
do all my work, and am
In eood health." Beeln
taking Cardul, today.
Scientific Facial Massage
and Scalp Treatment
With Electric Vlbrntor done at jour own
homo or at 303 E. Third. 5 cents,
Phono G89.
MO $
if"Hi fa" f3fH T& Ft . T1
1 i5 S3 & SB
The following, consisting of 800 acre3 of choice
farm land, located and described below, will be sold
at Referee'3 Sale in front of Oliver Hotel at CALLA
WAY, NEB., on
TWsclay, March 14th, 1912
At 130 p. m. shnrp, on the following terms, to-wit:
Ten per cent of purchase nrico cash,vto bo deposited in Seven Vnl
ley Hank, Callawny, Neb., nt timo of sale, nnd twenty per cent more to
be paid in cash on or before 30 dnys, nt which time warranty deed and
abstract showing perfect title will be delivered to purchaser. The bal
ance of the purchase price to run five years drawing six per cent Inter
est, with privilege to pay all or any part of same at time of delivery of
deed, or at any intdrest payment date, tho same to be secured by fiist
mortgage on the land purchased. All this land is free and clear of in
cumbrance. All persons interested and not acquainted with this land
are requested to examine it carefully before date of sale as it must and
will bo sold regardless of price, at the time and placo mentioned. Par
ties reaching Kearney the evening before date of sale can catch train
the following morning and reach Callaway in time for sale. Any further
information that may be desired will be cheerfully furnished by the ref
eree, C. E. Taylor, cashier of the Citizens State Bank, St. Paul, Neb.
Description and Location of Lands.
320 acres, being NE quarter Sec. 32 and S hf of SE qr and NE qr of
SE qr and SE qr of ND qr of Sec. 29, all in Township 16 north, Rango
25, Custer Co., Neb., all lying in ono body and will be sold together.
This tract of land has 105 ncres under cultivation which is nil level in one
body with first-class black soil underlnidwith heavy clay subsoil, 30 acres
in pastures nnd the balance in hay land. Good 3 room frame house, shod
barn for eight head of horses, chicken house, hydraulic well with wind
mill. This land is located on good road, telephone lino nnd mail route,
G miles south of Arnold on new line of railroad being built by U. P. Rail
road. Grade is now finished ready for rails, which will bo laid as soon ns
weather will permit. Possession of this land will be given purchaser
when terms of sale are complied with. Terms of salo as above men
tioned. 1G0 ncres described as N E qunrter of sec. 8, township UN, range 25,
Custer Co., Neb. 45 acres of this land is under cultivation and nbout 35
acres more can be profitably cultivated, the balance is n little sandy, but
makes first class pasture and hay land. This farm is located on good
road and telephone line, three miles from Etna, an inland town, and 10
miles southwest of Callaway. Is rented for 1912, for one-third share
nnd some cash. Rent to go to purchaser. Terms of sale as above men
tioned. 160 acres described as NW quarter of Section 4,Township 14 N. Range
25, Custer county. Neb., 140 acres of tract is under cultivation and the
balance 20 acres in good grass land. This 160 acres lays perfectly level
and is all first-class black soil. Located on good road and telephone line
three miles from Etna and 15 miles southwest of Callaway, Neu. Rented
for 1912 for one-third share of crop, rent to go to purchaser. Terms of
sale as above mentioned.
160 acres desciibed as SW quarter of Section 4, Township 12, Range
30, Lincoln county, Neb., 15 acres of this land in pasture and timber and
the balance 145 ncr;s is all under cultivation. This is first class soil in
high state of cultivation and lays perfectly level. Good 3 room farm
house, barn and other small outbuildings. Also hydraulic well with good
windmill and fenced. This land is located six miles south of North
Platte, Neb. On good road and telephone line and within one-half mile
to sahool house. Rented for 1912 for one-third of crop delivered at
North Platte, Rent to go to purchaser. Terms of Bale as above men
B Low
r5u Kj Cti yi
fornia and Pacific Northwest
MARCH 1 to APRIL 15, 1912.
Special all-toufist-car trains will be run to Utah, Nevada and California
on March 13, 20, 27, April 3, 13, 14, 15, 1912, on which reduced price ta
ble d'hote meals will be served. Other-special features are
Fast Schedule Lounging and Smoking Car---ViclroIa Concerts
Destination of the train is San Francisco, but it will have sleepers for
Los Angeles via Salt Lake Route, which will be Handled from Salt Lake
City in train No. 1, leaving Snlt Lake City at 11:50 p. m., arriving at
Los Angeles at 7:00 o'clock third morning from Omaha. Also tourist
sleepers to Los Angeles via Southern Pacific (Coast Line) from Oakland
affording a daylight ride along the coast. Popular priced mealsOmaha
to San Francisco only. ,
Standard Road of the West
Protected by Automatic Electric" Block Safety Signals,
Excellent Dining Cars on all Trains.
For Literature and further information relative to
fares, routes, etc., call on or address
F. E. BULLARD, Agent,
North Platte, Nebraska.
Doctors Ames & Ames,
i- Dlitrcioinnc anrl Curnonnc t
y3 .. ..., x
r(fnt ryaf Qfnna Ttirr C
B Phones I Office 273
6 Phones Rc8tdence 273
4 4 4 4fJ V4 i'4-k-1i 4 -i- &-4-X -'
w DhvcirSnn nnil Cnrnnnn n
Office over McDonald Bank.
Phones Office 130
inonts Residence 116
hffjtfrjjrjfrfr ri'irH'rllttt'rrt
Merchant Tailor.
We have recently installed n French
Dry Cleaner for Men's and Ladies'
apparel Ot all classess, and we
guarantee satisfactory work. We
are also tailors and know how to
repair clothes.
We carry samples of goods and
make clothes of all kinds to order,
insuring first-class workmanship
and perfect fit.
C2 1
ST. PAUL, NEB. Referee
One - Way Colonist
Fare North Platte to Cali
Homeopathic Physician nnd Surgeon
Special attention clvon to confine
ments and children's diseases,
Olllco Phone 18J Res. Phonot2S3
Ollico McDonald State Hank BId'ir
Forstedt & Sheedy
call attention to their complete line of
Home Made Harness,
the kind that wears well, looks well and
of tho best of workmanship. We pay
special attention to all kinds of repair
ing, and also the oiling of harness
Wo carry everything in the saddlery
and harness line.
of Cheyenne, Wyo., an auctioneer
with 40 years experience, has lo
cated in North Platte, and would
like to make prices and dates for
your sales. Have sold stock and
general merchandise all over Ne
braska .
See me at F. E. Barber's Restau
rant, corner of 6th and Locust St
,, ;,
DijS. I(edfield fydfield.
Physicians and Surgeons.
WILLIS .T. KKDriELD, Surgeon.
JOE B. TtKDFlULD, Physician.
Physicians & Surgeons
. . Hospital . .
PHONE 642.
Office phone 241. Res. phone 217
Osteopathic Physician.
North Platte, - - Nebraska.
McDonald Bank Building.
With one of Schmalzried's Cigars to
smoke makes life worth the living.
Our cigars have stood the test of time:
there lire men in North Platte who are
smoking the same brand they did twenty
years ago, and they find them the same
good cigar. Our cigars are made in
North Platte for North Platte buyers;
made of good tobacco and well made.
Send Us Your Shipments of
sram an
We pay the top market. Three cou
ponfree with returns on each car of
iiay you ship us to handle for your ac
count. Fifteen coupons and $3.50 in
cash will secure for your home an elo
42-Pieee Royal Blue Dinner
Set worth $10.00.
Consign your hay to us and please
the ladies and also get a good price for
your hay.
Our Motto: Fair treatment and
prompt remittances.
Sample of the quality of these dishes
can be seen at tho office of the Semi
Weekly Tribune.
The F. C. Ayres Mer. Co.,
20th and Wazee Streets,
Denver, Colorado.
Portal No. 03267.
United States Land Office.
At North Platte. Nohraska. Fob 3, 1012,
.Notice Ih hereby trlven that Kltaor
Cooper of North Platto Nob., who on
March 30th, HOT. made homestead ontry No.
22835. Serial No. 032U7 for tho cant half of
tli" northorst auarftor and tho oast halt of
Houthoast (juartor of Soctlon S0 Town IS.
N.. Itange 29 W., of tho 6th Principal
MoMdlan, has filed notice of ln
tontlon to make final flvo -yvoar
proof, to establish claim to the land above
described, before tho resistor and rocolvor
at North Platte, Nebraska, on tho 6th day
of April. 1012.
Claimant namen as witnesses: Car
W. McGrow, Kred Malone. Julia Malono and
fliary Hiolornltz, all or North l'latto. Nob.
M-0 John E. Evans Resistor.
Notice tor Publicntion.
Serial No. 02503
Departmcntof tho Intorlor.
U. 8. Land OHIce at North Platte. Neb
Kob. lflth. llttl.
Notice Is hereby given that Prank Hood,
of North Platto. Nob., who on Ma-. 20. lm.
made Homestead Entry No. "USD. Serial No.
0.2502, for north half and Bouthwcst nuartor
Section 'ii. Township, It), North, ranee 30.
West of tho hlxln principal meridian
has (lied notlco of Intention to mako final
live year proof, to establish claim to tllo
land atovo sdescrlhcd, boforo tho Resistor
and Receiver at North l'latto Nebraska,
on Hid 10th day of April, 1U1J.
Olalmant names as wltneves: Chris .Tohn
non, Rupert f-chwalcer, hJchar'l Rc.hs nnd
Charles- R. Rretemlu, all of Isurth Plate,
Nob A
120-1 . r. Vvans. RetflBtor.
otlce Is hereby irivin that hv virtue of nn ex
ecution Issued by tho District Court of Lincoln
county, .Nebraska. In favor of limn. White &
Schatz, a corporation, and ngnlnst Eueene Van
Notta, In the name of E. Van Natta. and to me
directed, 1 will nt one o'clock, p. m., on the 30th
day of March. 1912, at the cast fruit door of tho
court house of said county, In tho city of North
Platte, Nebraska, ofTcr for salo at public auction,
the following described real estate, situated in
Lincoln county, Nebraska, to-wit:
Lot seven (7), block thirty-six (36), of tho
original town of the city of North Platto, levied
upon as tho property of tho said Eugene Van
Natta, on the said execution, said sale to remain
open one hour.
Dated at North Platte, Neb., Feb., 24, 1912,
f27-5 A. J. SAl.IsnuitY. Sheriff.
By virtue of an order of sale Issued from tho
district court of Lincoln county, Nebraska, upon a
decree of foreclosure rendered in said court
wherein American Investment and Trust
Company, a corporation, Is plaintiff, and
Victor A. Palm et. al., aro defendants,
and to me directed, I will on the 23rd day of
March 1912, at two o'clock, (p. m., at the east
front door of the court houso In North Platte,
Lincoln county, Nebraska, sell at public auction
to the highest bidder foe cash, to satisfy Bald
decree. Interests and costs, the following described
property, to-wit: Tho cast half (EH)" section,
nine (9) township (16) north, range 'thirty-one
(31) west of 6th P. M., In Lincoln county, Ne
braska. Dated North Platte, Neb., Feb. 14th. 1912.
A. J. Salisbury, Sheriff.
Notice To Delinquents.
Notice is hereby given that tho
rental upon the lease contracts to the
following des:ribed lands in Lincoln
county, Nebrnska, as set opposite the
names of the holder thereof, is delin
quent, and if the amount which is duo
is not paid within CO dnys from tho
date of this notice, said contracts will
bo declared forfeited by the Board of
Educational Lands and Funds, and snid
forfeiture entered of record in tho
monncr provided by lnw.
SE1, NEJ 3G-1G-SM, Lydia A. Collins.
All 16-9-27, Samuel Stinnett.
, . E. 13. Cowles,
Commissioner of Public Lands and