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5 Toam and County fleajs. !
The street commissioner is to
day grading- several blocks on West
Eighth street
A. M. Scharmanu is making a
number of improvements to the
property he owns in the 'Third
The room lately occupied by L.
Thoelecke is being repapered and
repainted preparatory to occupancy
by A. L. Beegle, the Grand Island
shoe dealer.
Window Shades, all qual
ities, at the Wilcox Dept.
A girl baby was born Saturday
forenoon to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Nor
ton. The Tribune extends
congratulations to the happy par
ents. Douglas Brown, who for a num
ber of years has been living at
Nichols, left a few days ago for
Lombard, Montana, where his
brother Tom is located.
It is a fact that every person
who buys shoes at the Fair are
more than satisfied. You would be
satisfied, too, it you would allow
yourself to be fitted at their store.
Broeker, the tailor, is prepared
to make a nobby suit of clothes for
$18 that can't be beat anywhere.
His $4.50 pants are as fine as can
found any place for twice the price.
W. H. McDonald, local agent
of the Equitable Assurance com
pany, turned over today to Mrs. P.
P. Dolan, of Maxwell, a draft for
$2,500, covering the amount of the
policy held by her late husband.
Con Walker returned last night
from an Omaha hospital where he
had an operation performed for
tuberculosis and pleurisy. He re
turns home greatly improved and
will in a short time be enjoj'ing his
usual health.
Your attention is called to the
prices quoted by "The Hub" on the
first page of this issue, Mr. Banks
has just unpacked a nice line of
mackintoshes for men and women,
which are being offered at very low
prices, quality of goods considered.
Buy your Team Harness
of the Wilcox Dept. Store.
Swan Starken began work to
day on W. L. Park's new residence
in the southeast part of town. The
building will be 31x38, two stories,
and the material will be the Lodge
Pole stone. The plans call for a
modern structure tuat will oe a
credit to the city.
Joseph Herrod has lost several
head of cattle on his farm south of
town by a disease which appears in
the shape of running sores on the
hind legs, followed by a dropping
off of the hoofs and later by the
death of the animal. So far no
remedy has been found for the dis
ease. Eagle Bicycles, 1897 model,
Gent's S39.50, Ladies $40.50.
At The Wilcox Dept. Store.
The weather forecast: Showers
tonight and Wednesday; warmer
tonight; cooler Wednesdays The
maximum temperature yesterday
wTas 44; one year ago it was 64.
The present cool weather is unfav
orable to growing vegetation, but
as a rule low temperature means
precipitation and this we will prob
ably have soon unless it grows
Receiver McDonald of the local
U. S. land office informs The Tri
bune that there is an increasing
demand for government land. Last
month seventeen homestead en
tries were filed, while so far this
month thirteen entries have been
filed. There are now about thirty
contests pending a hearing, which
is also evidence that people are
anxious to get a slice of Uncle
Sam's domain in western Nebraska.
Try the 3 pair for 85 cents
Ladies' Hose at the Wilcox
Dept. Store.
The Junior Endeavor society
held an interesting service at the
Presbyterian church Sunday after
noon. Several weeks ago each
member was given a nickle and
asked to use it in earning other
nickles. The result of-their efforts
was shown Sunday when they
turned in fourteen dollars over and
above the amount given them. As
each member deposited the offering
he or she told in what manner it
had been earned.
Ladies' Kid Gloves, all
kinds, at the Wilcox Dept.
The annual parish meeting of
the Church of Our Saviour was held
last . evening. Reports from the
secretary and treasurer showed
that over $1,300 were received and
disbursed during the past year.
The following officers were elected:
P. E. Bullard senior warden, T. C.
.Patterson junior warden, M. H.
Douglas, M. K. Barnum, B. C.
Clinton, Lester Walker, Milton
Doolittle, Mrs. C. E. Norton and
Miss Annie Kramph members of
WS? FX Chamber Suit of
I presume you would. We cannot sell you one for that money
but you cau purchase a good one for a little more money. We
have the finest line of FURNITURE ever shown in the city. Call
and see our new Couches and Lounges. We have something cheap
in an extension table, and our dining room Chairs are the best
made for the money.
Bound to give you the best
$ .iteware, tinware and woodenware
! 1116
every cash purchase of one dollar you are given tree ot charge
25c worth of graniteware; with every two dollars you buy you
get 50c worth; with every three dollars cash 75c worth; with every
four dollars cash purchase you get a fine granite steamer worth
$1.25 free of charge; with every five dollar purchase you get $1.25
worth of hardware; with every six dollars you get 1.50; with
seven dollars you get a fine plain wash boiler worth 1.75; with
every eight dollar purchase you have the privilege of selecting
two dollars worth of hardware free of charge from the hardware
table; with every ten dollars you buy cash you receive a first
class copper wash boiler worth 2.50. You get this in carpets.
millinery, shoes, capes, dry goods, and all goods purchased in
the store for cash. And if 3rou prefer to select one number for
every dollar cash you purchase,
$ Ladies' $75.00 wheel.
You are fooling yourself if
you're laboring under the impres
sion that the Fair store's goods are
high priced.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Wells ex
pect to leave Clay Center in a few
days and become citizens of North
Platte. Wallace Tug.
The Club House brand of
canned goods are sold only by us,
and if jou will try one can of corn,
peas or pumpkin you will never use
any other brands but these.
Harrington & Tobin.
V. E. McCarty and family are
down from North Platte this week.
Mr. McCarty has purchased a 20
acre tract west of the town site for
a hog ranch. County Surveyor Gift
was up from Lexington surveying
it yesterday morning. Cozad Tri
bune. The Wilcox Dept. Store
sells Leather in any width
strip you want.
The Brady Woodmen are hav
ing" two ante rooms built to their
hall and will soon have everything
in apple pie order to receive the
stranger that may wander their
way. The hall will be opened for
any doings that may come along,
and they invite the patronage of
the public.
Mrs. Warren Lloyd died at her
home in this city Saturday evening
at six o'clock from pneumonia after
an illness of about one week. So
sudden did the summons come that
nfany of our citizens were not even
aware of her sickness until her
death was announced. The de
ceased had been a loved and re
spected resident of North Platte for
about twenty years and her death
is deeply regretted by her very large
circle of acquaintances and friends.
The funeral services were held yes
terday afternoon at the Episcopal
church, the seating capacity of the
room being taxed to the utmost to
accommodate the audience that
assembled to pay their last respects
to this estimable lady. In this
great loss the afflicted husband has
the sympathy of the entire com
munity. Helen Lloyd was born November
22, 1837, in Limerick, Ireland, and
came to this country with her par
ents when but a child of twelve
years. The family located in Cleve
land, Ohio, and on December 7,
1S59, Helen was united in marriage
to Mr. Lloyd. In 1S67 Mr. and Mrs.
Lloyd came west to Grand Island,
where they remained until 1876,
when they removed to this city and
where they have .continuously re
sided. Seeds! Seeds! For the farm,
field, garden and the lawn. Our
extra fancy blue grass, direct from
Paris, Kentucky, is the best sold in
this country.
Harrington & Tobin.
EE-j j j j j H-f-j-
FENCE, 24. in. to 83 in. high. STEEL WEB P2CKET LAWN FENCE, 18 in. to SO in.
Rail, Steel Gates and Steel Tree, Fower and Tomato Guards. We manufac
ture a full line or Wire Fencing, Gates and Posts, and solicit your patronage.
Catalogue Jfafo Qq 1QQ gg Kalb, II!.
For Sale by The Wilcox Department Store.
Store ! I
S1000.00 worth of gran-
positively given away.
you can have a chance of
Walter States has accepted a
position as clerk in the Wilcox de
partment store.
Next Thursday is Arbor day
and as it is a legal holiday the
banks will be closed.
R. J. Menzie, of Myrtle, was in
town Saturday making final proof
upon his timber claim.
Buggies for sale at very low
prices by Joseph Hers hey.
Photographer VonGoetz on Sun
day took views of the interior of
the Lutheran, Methodist and Epis
copal churches.
A typographical error made
The Tribune say Friday that the
McGlone-Seyferth wedding would
be the 21st. It should have read
the 26th.
The dry goods and millinery
departments at the Fair are com
plete. Their prices are as low as
the lowest.
At the missionary meeting of
the Presbyterian church held at
Grand Island last week. Mrs. H
V. Hilliker of this citv was elected
district treasurer.
The Ladies of the Degree of
Honor are requested to meet at the
hall on Wednesday afternoon at 2
o'clock for degree practice. By
order of the captain.
Seethe 1897 Style Shirt
Waists at the Wilcox Dept
Yesterday the survey was made
for a large lateral running from the
Surburban irrigation ditch to lands
belonging to Messrs. Baker and
Iddiugs tying on the north side of
the railroad near Pallas.
Every woman in North Platte
who had a new hat went to church
Sunday; those who did not stayed
closely indoors. Easter is not
Easter for woman unless she has a
new hat.
Gentlemen buy your Shirts
and Underwear at the Wil
cox Dept. Store.
Edwin G. Dukes, a former
school teacher of Dickens precinct,
was arrested in Haj-es county the
latter part of the week by Sheriff
Miller and brought to iail in this
city. He'is charged with a crimi
nal offense committed under prom
ise of marriage and will have a pre
liminary hearing this afternoon.
Smoke Wright's , Royal Sports
and Havana Rose 3-cent cigar.
Omaha Bee: .Last week s re
ceipts of cattle at South Omaha
numbered 12,859 head, against
11,798 a week ago, and 9,558 the
corresoondinsr week of 1896. The
week's supply of hogs amounted to
23,507 head, an increase of 6,300
over the preceeding week, and 1,600
more than for the same week a year
ago.' Sheep receipts ran up to
19,193, or 5,300 more than the pre
vious week, and 14,000 in excess of
the same week of 1896.
Several North Platte men will
this evening be initiated into the
tribe of Ued Men.
Harrington & Tobin are mov
ing their wagon scales from Fifth
street to east Sixth street.
Presiding Elder Leonard re
turned last night from Sidney
where he held quarterly meeting.
A boy baby was born last night
to Rev, and Mrs. Snavely, and the
parson is feeling happy to-day.
John Welch, of Ritner precinct,
had the misfortune last week to
break two fingers on his left hand,
thus disabling him for work for a
Sweat Pads 20 cents each
at the Wilcox Dept. Store.
The front of E. B. Warner's
furniture store is being repainted,
and the exterior will correspond
with the neat appearance of the
If there are any weddings in
sight and you are interested in the
contracting parties, don't, forget to
buy them a present from the mag
nificent line of French and Carlsbad
novelties in china ware at
Harrington & Tobin's.
From a Brooklyn paper re
ceived this morning we learn that
the opening performances of the
Wild West Show in that city last
week were very largely attended.
A prosperous season for the show
is predicted and we hope such may
prove true.
Poultry Netting 1-2 cent a
square foot at the Wilcox
Dept. Store,
- During the temporary absence
or Mr. and Mrs. Will Leonard Sun
day evening some sneak thief en
tered their home, and after ran
sacking the house, departed with
out taking anything other than the
contents of a toy bank belonging to
one of the children.
Palestine Commandery No, 13,
Knights Templar, elected the
following officers last Friday even
ing: W. H. McDonald, Em. Com
Alex Stuart, generalissimo; M. K
Barnum, captain general; F. E
Bullard, prelate; Chas. McDonald
treasurer; W. H. C. Woodhurst, re
corder; Jesse C. Norton, S. W.
Samuel Goozee, J. W. Trustees
F. E. Bullard, Saml. Goozee, Chas
Lace Curtains at the
Wiicox Dept. Store.
The school in Ritner precinct
taught by Miss Josie Day, of this
city, closed Friday last. In the
' Ti'. . . j
evening" an entertainment was
given by the teacher and pupils
and it proved a great success
Twenty-seven pupils took part in
the programme 'consisting of songs
recitations. Each number was wel
rendered, evidence of Miss Day's
ability as an instructor. The
school term has been a inost sue
cessful one.
A Clean Sweep !
Closing out sale of Chinaware,
Oueensware, Glassware, Lamp-
ware. Qo-Go Go gut Out
Out will be said of every piece of
these goods. Everything goes.
Regular prices have already gone
out. Now is the time to buy at a
sacrifice goods 'Ou long have
needed. Come early and get first
choice. Below are a tew samples
of our cut prices on Doulton's Cele
brated English China:
Plates, 8-inch,per dozen $2.50 cut to 81.93
Ind. Butters per dozen 75c, cut to 50c
Handled Tens per set 81.25. cut to S1.00
Platters, M-mch each ?l.ld, cut to UOc.
Platters, 12-inch each 85c, cut to 64c
Platters, G-inch each 40c, cut to 27c
Bakers, 7-inch each 40c, cut to 27c
Casserole, cav'd,8-inch 5l.oU, cut tobl.Uo
Gravy .boats ou cents, .cus to oi cents.
Pickles 35 cents, cut to 27 cents.
Te;i Pots 90 cents, cut to 68 cents.
Sugars 75 cents cut to 51 cents.
Sauce Tureen 81.75, cut to 31.28,
Money refunded if purchase is
not satisfactory.
The entertainment and dance
given last evening by the Ladies of
the G. A.. R. was largely attended
and the order netted a sufficient
sum to meet the expenses for tie
proper observance of Memorial Day.
During the early part of the even
ing supper was served, followed by
a musical and literary program con
sisting of two selections by the
juvenile orchestra, a solo by Miss
McNeal, a recitation by Miss Julia
Murphy and duetts by Miss Schatz
and Miss Johnson and Miss Sulli
van and Mr. Chamberlain. The
floor was then cleared for danc
ing and about fifty couples engaged
in this pleasant pastime for two or
three hours. Had the affair been
held at the opera house, as first ad
vertised, the attendance would have
been much larger, yet the ladies
are well pleased with the result.
"IT7" j 1 1 t . i i I
vv e expect you nave, out it was our competitors,
Our customers never kick, because they know we are
Motion Dept.
3 spools of thread for. 10c
3 spools of crochet cotton 10c
Elastic tape lc per yard
Elastic cord lc per yard
Cotton tape lc a roll
Ladies vests 3 for 10c
Hump hooks and eyes,2 cards for oc
Buttermilk soap 5c a bar
Ladies' mitts 8c a pair
Cloth window shades 25c
Hardware Dept.
Army axle crease, 2 boxes for 15c
j No goods allowed to leave the house on trial without having been paid E
Ej for. One price and that for cash only. If you are not satisfied with our goods f
after taking them home, bring them back and get your money. 3
I Personal Mention.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hershey were
in town yesterday.
Fred Hartman visited friends in
Grand Island Sunday.
Mrs. Georg-e Buzza is visiting
friends at Wood River.
P. L. Harper, of Wallace, was a
visitor in town Sunday.
W. T. Wilcox transacted busi
ness in Omaha Saturday.
W. H. Hamilton spent Suuday
with his family at Lexington.
Leo Sullivan went to Omaha yes
terday morning" to visit friends,
Judge Neville transacted business
in Omaha a few days last week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. 13. Dili returned
Sunday night from their wedding
trip. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Douglas left
last night for a few days' visit in
Mrs. C. H. Stamp leaves Satur
day for a visit with friends at
Anita, Iowa.
Mrs. F. W.
morninjr for a
Rincker left this
visit with Council
Bluffs friends.
Dr. and Mrs. Stowitts, of Sidney,
were the guests Sunday of Rev.
and Mrs. Beecher.
Mrs. P. F. Dolan and Mrs. Wm.
Plumer, of Maxwell, transacted
business in town last evening-.
Mjss LJzzie Bratt came up
from Omaha Saturday night and
visited her parents over Sunday.
Lon and Frank Graves were
called to Council Bluffs Saturday
night by the illness of thejr mother.
Engineer Robert Fulton expects
to leave tonight for a month's visit
at his old home in Franklin county,
New York.
Jacob Kiefer, of Chappell, county
attorney of Deuel county, trans
acted legal business in North Platte
W. H. Hill and wife of Hershey
were visiting1 in the city Sunday,
the guests of E. F. Seeberger and
W. L. Park and P. W. Sitton
left Sunday morning- for Chicago,
expecting to return the latter part
of the week.
Miss Frances McNamara, who is
teaching- school near Sutherland,
spent Saturday and Sunday with
her parents.
Mr. tind Mrs. Isaac Watts, who
had been visiting- relatives in town
for two weeks, returned to Corning-,
Iowa, this morning.
Chas. Burke, of Denver, spent
Sunday in town. He has just re
covered from attacks of la grippe,
measels and pneumonia.
Clark Donahue and sister Miss
Nellie arrived from Cleveland Sun
day night, having- been called here
b' the death of their aunt, Mrs.
H. B. Holling-sworth left Sunday
nierlit for Mobile, Ala., to attend
the convention of the international
Y. M. C. A. He expected to return
home about May 5th.
The mysterious air-ship, which
has been flying- qver Nebraska for
some time past, has again been
seen jn tnis npigupprnpop:. .Last
Friday evening- it was noticed by
Lieut. Fred Grau, and Sunday
night by Will Smallwood and
Buy your Straw Hats
of the Wilcox Dept. Store
1897 crop of hay on east half of
sec. 33, all of sec. 35, in twp. 14, and
and sees. 1 and 3 in twp. 13, all in
range 32, and sec 21, twp. 13, range
28, in Lincoln county, Nebraska.
Send bids to Con. W. Lloyd,
Gothenburg-, Nebraska.
Nails, 6 to 20 d, 3 pounds for. .10c
$2 60 per keg
Granite teakettle 85c
No. 8 galvanized vash. boiler. . .95
Western washers 63.00
Brads, 3 papers for 10c
Carpet tacks, 2 barrels for 5c
?s's3 inch bolts lc each
ssxG " lic "
?sx9 " " 2c "
KxlK" " 2c "
31x9)1" " 3c "
Kxll " " 5c "
We carry every size machine bolt
E. F. Seeberger is
this week to the transaction of bus
iness at Hershey and Sutherland.
Mrs. A. D. Buckworth is disposing-
of her personal property
preparatory to leaving- North Platte
about May 1st.
The rite of baptism was admin
istered to twenty persons at the
Episcopal church Saturday after
noon and to two Sunday afternoon
Chase & Sanborn's Teas and
Coffees are sold oulv bv Harrington
cc xooin soie agents, it any one
else represents that thev carrv and
sell the same g-oods they misrepre
sent matters to you
Last Fridav
on the
occasion of her birth
Mrs. E
M. Owens was riven a stir
prise party by about thirty mem
bers of the Woman's Relief Corps
The evening proved a pleasant one
for all present.
Winona Council No. 5, Dejrree
of Pocahontas, will celebrate St
Tammany day, May 11th at Lloyd's
opera house by an ice cream and
strawberry sociable, with a musica
and literal programme.after which
there will be dancing-,
Best grade Harness Oil, in
bulk, 60 cents a gallon at
Wilcox Dept. Store,
A. L. Beegle, of Grand Island,
was in town yesterday looking up a
room in which to open a shoe store,
and we believe succeeded in leasing
the room lately occupied by L
Thoelecke. Mr. Begler has been in
the shoe business in Grand Island
for six vears. and his store here
will be a branch of the one there.
Dont forget thev sell
Queen City Hats for $2.00
every hat warranted at the
Wilcox Dept. Store.
We understand W. A. Paxton
on Saturday refused $4.25 per hun
dred for 165 head of fat cattle he
has been feeding- at the P. & H.
ranch, the stock to be delivered at
Hershe At the time the ofler was
made the cattle were worth just
1 1 1 y-v t r-ri
mat price in umaua. x nis is an
indication that the buyer who
made the offer believes that cattle
will advance in price.
Judge Grj, of North Platte,
has bgen in the city the past week
holding- court for Judge Sullivan,
in cases in wuicu ine latter was
interested as an attorney before his
appointment. Until Tuesday noon
his time was occupied in hearing
cases in equity. Judge Grimes has
not onl' proven himself highly
competent to fill the position which
he occupies, but by impartial rul
ings and courteous treatment of the
members of the bar, he has won
their warm friendship and high
esteem. He is clearly the right
man in the right place. Broken
Bow Republican.
Buy your Rufcbar Hose of
The Wilcox Dept. Store.
They handle nothing but
guranteed quality.
Wm. Upton, father of Mrs. W.
E. Price, died yesterday forenoon
at the home of his daughter from
strangulated hernia. He had been
suffering from this trouble for some
time, and as a last resort an opera
tion was performed yesterday by
Drs. Donaldson, McCabcand Eyes.
The operation was successfully
performed, but shortly thereafter
the patient suffered a hemorrhage
of food from the stomach which
strangled him before he could be re?
lieved. The deceased was sixty -one
years of age. The funeral will be
held at the residence this afternoon
at 2:30 o'clock.
Buy your Ice Cream
Freezers at the Wilcox Dept.
Store. They handle the
White Mountain, the best on
ana not our customers.
saving them money. 3
Harness Dept.
Line snaps 2 and 3c
Breast snaps .- 5c
Hame staples 2 for 5c
Hame clips 2 for 5c
Cock eyes oc
Tug buckles 4c
Hame straps 10c
Bridles 50c
lz inch lace leather 6c
inch lace leather 4c
Thong sewed leather collars, $1.25
Team Harness Harness Leather
Valve Leathor
Railroad Happenings
A. Jeffers is filling the position
of Union Pacific watchman during
Mr. Lloyd's lay-off.
The trackmen have for several
days past been straightening up
some of the switch tracks in the
LewHuck was asked Saturday
to resign his position as boiler
maker and he is no longer numbered
with the shop force.
Geo. Lanin on Saturday severed
his connection with the Union
Pacific as section boss after many
years of faithful service.
T. F. Bishop, the genial agent
of the C. F. X., will return to this
city within a week or so and dur
ing the season will superintend the
icing of refrigerator cars owned by
that company.
The brakemen on No. 3 last night
report having a lively time with
hoboes between Kearney and this
city. It become necessary for the
brakemen to do a little slugging in
order to get the tramps off the cars.
"Jack" Nelling, who delights in
riding a bicycle, met with a rather
disastrous mishap Sunday. He
was en route from home to the
round house dressed in his bran
splinter new Easter suit, and while
riding on the sidewalk bordering
a slougli filled with water his wheel
turned and "Jack" went head first
into about three feet of water. As
he had taken his rpnrnbr wfoh-iv
bath the evening before this invof-
untary application of water was
not appreciated by him; and then
think of the condition pf those
Easter clothes,
14-inch Listor Share, solid cast....90cts
lG-inch LMer Share, solid Sast ai.ns
11-inch Lister Share, crucible SI. 05
witn very little labor will fit any lister
except Eagle and Hapgood. Hapgood
shares at same prices.
14-mch .flow bhare, solid cast Tocts
lG-inch Plow Share, solid cast flnt
11-iuch Plow Share, crucible, double
shin 90cts
lG-inch Plow Share, crucible, double
shin si.oq
Cultivator Shovels, crucible "steeL 4G
cents each.
Cultivator Shovel Points 7 and pents.
Plow Points 8 and 9 cents.
Landslido Points 18 and 20 ceqts.
Also have a line of Gurriacre ami
Wagon Wood.
There will be a general meeting
of the members of the Fire Depart
ment at the First Ward Hose house
on Saturday evening, April 24th, at
eight oclock, for the purpose of
icting a cuiet tor the
year. K. L. Graves
Mrs. H. L. "Walsh will do cutting
and fitting at her residence on East
Fifth street.
National Turnfest Gymnastic
Union at St. Louis, Mo., May 6 9
1897. The Union Pacific will sell
tickets at one fare for the round
trip. For limits and route see
NJ B. Olds, Agent.
I am again in posititon to supply
the people of North Platte with a
superior quality of pure ice frozen
from well water. It is as clear as
crystal and of good thickness; not
frozen snow and slush. A trial
order will convince you of its
quality. I have plenty to last
through the season.