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Hasl -Written a Sees: cr That Particular
Xerfonaacce TTs ca tiie StnSe aad
1300111 Street: Bim With a rDaszer He
3rst to Identify the Assassin.
At tise Professional Woman's league,
-rehlie the members -worked dfligentlv
osvsr the novelties "being made for the
coming bazaar the question came eg,
"Is there anybody living' -who srw lin
coln assasinatedr
Immediately everybody had Eome
thing to say ahect semebedy else -who
had a friend irbo -was at the theater that
2bt. The raost interesting stcrywar
of "William Withers, Jr.; norr or
chestra leader for Sir. Daly, but at the
time of the assassination leader of the
Gxchescm of Ford's theater.
Withers enjoys the distinction of
hoviag not enly been at the theater the
nigh Lincoln -was assassinated, but of
hawg been pierced by the dagger at
ifce assassin jess a fevr moments after
Booth had ftrwi the shot that made Lin
coln a raaxtyr. Every time he goes tc
Waekktgsoe Jbe is requested to tell xki
stery, and, although many and varied
are the recitals of this thrilling event.
-Mr. Withers' is scraewhnt different from
the others. Here is the stcry as he tells
it is the Waehington Pest:
I -was leader of the orchestra at the
time, and as the president was to -witness
the performance of 'Our American
Qaxseia I thought that, as befitted the
oceesioB, I wmiM compose a song. So 1
cMd. It -was entitled 'Honor to Our Sol
diers and dedicated to the president.
53s -wae to he scar between two of the
aote hy a qssrtet lh& engaged and the
a company, who -were to be attired
3a dw American colors.
"As I -wa ou ray way to the theater
X uses John Wilkes Booth jest in front
of Gorge Harry's salccn, which ad
joined the theater. It was a sultry
afelK, and Bcotk itsd his overcoat over
Me arm. Gocd evening, Billy, 'he said.
'C3tee and have sonethrsgrT
"Ael was leaving to enter the thea
ter Booth remarked, Til witness the
perSarmanee tonight.' I noticed nothing
straaa ahoct his deraeaner and snbse
(faeatiy saw him as I was coming out
for the overture.
Ssob the president, his wife, Major
Bafibfcoae and Robert and Tad entered
Aeir hex. I sissaWd far 'Hail to the
0kf, cxd the cadience cheered, and
the president turaed smilingly and
bowed. Then he seated himself, and
wkfe has arc xistcmcd recdesty drew the
CBStaws half across the box.
"After the fese act J. P. Wright, the
ssase hkumksct. seat me word he would j
ha Twathh to have the special song sung j
at t&at date, bet he woakl try to have
is readered between the EecoBd and third j
aaCK. A similzr message was sent to me j
at tin close of the second act, and I be- !
eeae soaecwhst escTcised. I started tc I
0 aaco the graze wbrnl saw Booth on ,
she hainafy -waikio fkrwn the aisle in
the dtaectkai of the president's hex. He
ww secmiseiy attentive toward the act
ing, for the cartain had again gene up.
I esicoBittezcd a scene shifter, pangler, j
wiaese ccc Z aftrrwerd learned was tc j
tera osu the lights in the theater as scon .
- V . f T TT- - 1 . 1
ae we ssos wafciirtc x:e ocsireciea nj
'Whet do von want here?' he de
manded- In reply I toM him it was
nane at his baeincss. ilr. Wright ap
ptsariag. Spang Vr lest his position on
the scaga alongside the box in which
was the apparatus for ilhrnsisadng the
theater. I closed the lid of the box and
sat uaon is to talk to the manager, us-
cosscieee that I was spoiling the plan, j
Mr. Wright tckl me the song would
be seeg at the close of theperfcrmaHce, j
and Mis; Keene had sent word to the j
prasident rfrouesdng him to stay tc ,
jsfllT !. j
"I was ja.t about to return to the cr
chastra when the erect of a revolver .
startled rae. All was quiet instantly. I !
saw a man jump from the president's j
box ae to the stage It was BGOth. He
ran directly toward the dear leading
hno the alley. Tkis course brought him
right ha my path. He had a dagger in
hais hand, ar. he waved it threatening
ly. He evidently did not recognize me,
far he aaceared like a maniac. His eyes
saeaed starting from their sockets, and ;
has heir was disheveled.
"With head down, he ran toward me
and cried, 'Let rae passT He slashed at
ae, and the knife cut through my coat,
vest and undcrekKbing. He struck
again, the point of the weapon penetrat- '
Msg the back of my neck, and the blow
hraaght rae to the ffcar. I watched him
make his esit into the alley and caught
sight of the horse, held by 'Peanut
Tohs. '
'The cemraotKm in the audience was
somethdns: terrible. Several actors, in-;
rfudiag Harry Hawke, rushed out, and.
a man who proved to be a detective lift
ed me up and. said, 'I arrest you.'
'What's this all about?' I asked.
I'm stabbed. ' I was quickly told what
was the matter. The thought flashed
across my mind that Booth was the as
sassin. "I was taken to the police station, 1
and my deposition was received in the
presence of Mayor Wallach. That was, i
I believe, the first mtimation that they j
had of the identity of the murderer. I
was at the trial of the conspirators and
the second to give testimony. 3fy wound
healed in a short time."
A. Pretty Sure Test.
'I wish I knew whether my Bobert
raaSy laves me or not. ' '
"Ton can easilv find cut. All you
an appoinment '
g fellow, only j
have to do is to make
wtifi r; vu-l
jake care that Bobert is informed o
what yau have done. Then if he really
hwes you, he will certainly kill yen,
hat if he doesn't you may rest assured
that he is only furring with you."
Leaden Fun.
One of Milton's biographers says that
nearly 20 years elapsed between the
sketching out of the plan of Paradise
Lost" and the completion of that work.
The actual labor cf campesitien, was
- condensed into three vears.
There is a smaller percentage of light
gold coins nfTrat: in London than any
where else in the United Kingdom.
When Schumann was in love, he
wrote, "I wish. I were a smile, that I
might play about your cheeks."
e Erfce 3fade Him Gasp, bet He TV.a
aad Said. Jfcthisg
Some years ago, when Benjamin Con
stant came over to this country especial
ly to paint the portrait of a well known
New York woman, several ether persons;
took advantage of his being here and
gave him orders for their portraits.
Among these was a well known man.
Shortly after this latter likeness was
completed a wealthy westerner who j fpnuTfnrm appendix that people have
happened to be in this city was enter- j been afraid to eat grapes and to eat
tained at the house of the Ner Yorker. I them straight.
The westerner saw the portrait and ! It now appears that in all the thcu
much admired it. "ily wife wants me : sands of cases famous, and uossiblv in
to get mv rxjrrrait -minted" he
'That's one reason why I'm in Isew
York. I wonder if this French fellow '
wouldn't do mine too. " His host assuT-'
ed him that in all probabilitv the!
'-Trench fellow" would be only too de-
lighted. Before long the westerner was
XT-' " J.ULJ 1VUU iiUXl-Ut Ui
''sitting for his portrait."
One day some time after this, but be-
fore the picture was finished, the west- j It is a case of the survival of the unfit,
erner was again entertained by his New j like the wisdom teeth, which are of so
York friend. The portrait was naturally j little use to most people, and the Ton
referred to. "By the way," remarked j sils, which cause so much trouble now
the westerner, "how much" did he charge ; and then.
for your picture?" "Forty-five hundred ! The tonsils and the appendix are
dollars,1 was the answer. "Why?" But j both unused parts of the body and pe
the westerner was beyond speech. Pale cuiiarly liable to disease because they
and breathless, he leaned back in his are not strengthened by use. If infiam
charr, and when he did speak it was mation attacks them, they are unable to
simply to gasp forth, "Ferry-five hun-,
dred dollars!" "Forty-five hundred dol- j
lars!" over and over again. j
It transpired later that he had made
no inquiries as to terms, and that he
had never dreamed that the portrait's
price would be more than $150. What
worried him most was what his wife
would say. But the old fellow was;
game. He first bound the New Yorker '
over to temporary secrecy, after which
he proceeded to go through those sit
tings to the bitter end without a mur-,
mur or a question as to the ultimate '
cost. Benjamin Constant never knew
that the bill far $5,000 (the westerner's
portrait was larger than the New York-,
er's) that was presented later caused
the slightest ripple upon the emotional
surface of his patron. But in a certain
western heme there today hangs a paint-
ing the price of which has never yet
been revealed to the mistress of the
house. New York Sun.
"Where It Comes Trcm asd the 3Ianaer ct i
Sending It to aiarket.
At iuzenac, in the upper valley of
the Ariege, talc is quarried on an ex
tensive scale in the granite of St. Bar
thelemy, a mountain 7,700 feet high
and about 20 miles from the main chain
of the Pyrenees. The quarries, which
are situated about two miles from the
summit and a,900 fiet above the sea,
are opened in a bedded deposit, included
between niieaschist below and lower j
Silurian slates above, which has been
followed for about 2,000 yards in a '
north and south direction, with a dip of
about 60 degrees to the east, the thick
ness varying from 160 to 3,000 feet, as
dees also the composition. .Masses of
limestone and granite, the latter often
of consideral le size, are frequently found
included in the silicate of magnesia,
which also contains some alumina.
The best rock is of a brilliant white
color and feels greasy to the touch when
ground to fine powder. The principal
quarry, at Tremouin, is worked in the
open, across the direction of the bed,
forming two or three terraces 50 feet
high, the surface covering, 6 to 10 feet
thick, having been first stripped. The
stuff broken is carried by a level, in the
bottom of the quarry, driven in the foot
wail of the vein to the valley of Axiat,
whence it is hauled in bullock wagons
about 12 miles to the works of Iiuzenac,
where a water power of 90 horsepower
is obtained from the Ariege The me
chanical preparation includes sizing by
sieves, driving in a rotating cylinder
furnace, breaking, grinding and sifting.
Nearly the whole of the product is
converted into powder, only a small
part being made into pencils for mark
ing cut work on metal cr sold in the
lump form. Colliery Guardian. '
EeTersinsr Xatare.
The reversibility of the physical proc
esses of nature has latterly been the
subject of interesting comment. Lard
Kelvin, for example, has been credited
with saying that all of them, no matter
how complex they might appear to the
human senses, consist in reality of the
motions of invisible molecules, and if,
therefore, by some means, all these
molecules could, at the same time, be
made to move in exactly the opposite di-
rection, and each with the same velocity
that it possessed at the moment, all the
world would begin and continue to move
backward; waterfalls would flow up the
sides of cliffs, rivers would run upward
from the sea, rain wouldrise, full blown
flowers would shrink into buds and
plants dwindle into seedlings, man him
self would become young again, passing
frcm old age to infancy. Just what kind
of pictures such a topsy-turvy world
would present maybe seen with a kinet
oscope running backward. Professor
Queroult, according to report, has made
observations in this line, and some time
ago ccmnrcnicated them to the French
Academy of Science. Ca ."frier's Maga
zine. What They Said Wouldn't "BLemA "Well.
"Jim Scorcher has just returned from
a bicycle ride around the world. He is
going to write a book about it."
"What is he going to call it2"
"People I have run up against."
Odds and Ends.
The little town of Nazareth, in Pales-
has no three hospitals,
7 convents and 12 schools unaer Euro- j
perm supervision.
Tn the royal family it is always the
queen who first kisses the wife after
her marriage, not the newly made hus
band. "WLatiss Guarantee?
It is this. If yoa have a cough or a
cold, a tickling m the throat, which
keeps yon constantly coughing, or if
you are troubled with any chest, throat
or lung trouble, wheopms cough &c.t
and you use Ballard's HorehoundSyrup
as directed -giving it a fair trial and so
benefit is experiencd we authorize our
advertized, agent to refund your money
on return of bottle- It never fails to
give satisfaction. It promptly relieves
bron chits. Price 25 and oO cents.
Sold bv North Platte Pfaaraiacv, J. E.
Bosh, Mgr. 1
the little Seeds Are !Not Se Dsst
Ess Been Claimed.
Things have beer siid about the bane
ful and delicious juice of the grape ever
since the olden time when .Noah found
cut about it and came thereby to grief,
hut even "before that men ate grapes,
and only within the last decade have
they been talked to about that. It is
only since surgeons began to make
money hunting for grape seeds in the
some cases infamous, in which this new
fashioned surgical operation has been
performed there is not one case in
which a grape seed or any other little
bullet shaped thing has been found in
the vermiform appendix. The whole re
! tenor cf the appendix is only big enough
to admit a medium sized dnmrng needle.
Nobody knows what it is there for, but
it must have been useful at some time.
resist. Thus many diseases which have
been ascribed to peritonitis or colic or
a mysterious providence of same kind
have been due to the diseased condition
of this little useless organ of the human
system, and if the trouble had been dis
covered in time the appendix could have
been removed, and all would have been
The remedy, therefore, is not in avoid
ing grape seeds, which do not cause the
trouble, but in keeping as well and as
strong as possible, and in case cf sud
den illness calling a reliable doctor,
who will know what the matter is.
Somebody once said that most people
use a doctor to enable them to sin
against the laws of nature with impu
nity. But that is a bad use for him.
Washington Times.
GersBasto-fro, Ps Was Once Called the
Capital of the Country.
A pupil in the Boys' Grammar school,
on Lafayette street, Germantown, was
asked by his teacher "when the first
congress occupied the Germantown
academy, located on West School lane."
It was a puzzle, of course, to the young
scholar, who was at a less to find any
thing in print verifying such an event.
The facts, however, from which the
false impression has frequently obtained
are as follows: The government of the
United States was first inaugurated in
New York in 17S9, but by act of con
gress Philadelphia was made the capital
of the nation from 1790 until 1800. In
1793 the yellow fever became epidemic
in this city, and it was in October of
that year that the governor of Pennsyl
vania asked the board of trustees to ac
commodate the house of assembly, and
a similar request for quarters came from
At the November meeting following
the board proffered to congress the
choice of the school building, but there
is no minute evidence to show that con
gress accepted the generous offer. At
this time Washngtcn resided in German-'
town, and the town was spokpn of aa
the government place of the state, and
also of the United States. Jefferson,
then secretary of state, and Bandolph,
attorney general, occupied the building,
seme years ago torn down to extend the ;
site on which the National bank now
Etands, at Main street and School lane, j
So, with Washington, Thomas Jeffer- j
son and John Bandolph residing is Ger- !
mantown, it is net strange that the con- j
elusion should be formed that congress !
was in session at the same time. Al- j
though the Germantown academy never
bad the honor cf
cress, a few years
accommodating con-
later, in 1798, when
the yellow fever made its appearance
again in this city, the banks of North
America and of Pennsylvania did find a
temporary place of safety in the old
academy. Philadelphia Becord.
Xace lappets.
If you know anybody who has a pair
of old fashioned lace lappets, says a
fashion writer, you may recommend
her to -utilize these in the following
fashion: On the next evening or dinner
gown the lappets may begin almost
touching each other at the waist, and,
gradually parting, form a trimming
down the front of the skirt, ending in
immense quadruple bows of satin rib
bon, which must be stabbed through
with diamond buttons or clasps, or, an
other way, as the cookery books say,
line the lappets with velvet or satin pi
some bright color and turn them into
bretelles, crossing the shoulders and
meeting just above the waist, back and
Should any one wish to insult i
-w - f T T w
and vulgarize her beautiful old lace
with a touch of modernity she can buy
rhinestcnes or imitation emeralds, sap
phires or rubies and sew them all over it.
t t
law Por the Poor.
The Legal Aid society gives legal as
sistance to the poor of New York who
cannot afford lawyers" fees. It has ex
isted 20 years, has cared for 80,000 cases
and secured over $500,000 to its neeCy
clients. It is supported by voluntary
The Shirt Waist Collar.
It would be interesting to trace many
of the so called caprices of fnshfcm to
their real source. Many, as is well
known, are of historic origin and re
pfived their insnrrnriori in rhp tdivm rrf
same distinguished per-
scn The intrcucagn of the sepa
rate collar shirt waist, which has and is
enjoying a great vogue, was, it is said,
due in the first place to the laziness of
a cutter in one of the fashionable tailor
shops where ladies' waists are made.
He suggested and advocated the style to
save work, it was discreetly talked up
by the head saleswomen, who received
the customers, and the thing was done
well dene, too, most women wpl testify.
The Peahody Paad.
George Peabody's gift of 2,500,000
for London warkingmen's houses has
increased to $ 6,000,000 in the 24 years
since his death. Last year the trustees
of the fund provided 11,367 rooms, be
sides batinrcoms, lavatories and laun
dries: 19,854 persons occupied there
The death rate of infants in the bnild
iage is 4 per cent below the avexagertcr
From Laondon tovm. mr lorer case.
Bohin-a Dudley xros hi
I was a rcse, arose, said he.
And gathered rae fraa aS. ray tree.
I -was a rose, most fair and red.
I asx a rose tcfaoc sweeta are shed.
I -Brould ray tare from Lender; twn
TT-tt never listly ridden dovr.
Were there no ro?cs there that ha
3cst came and plcck and shatter- ne?
3y leaves are sear that -were so green.
Hy lea-res are -vret Tsith tears o teen.
Would God that I had never met
My lover, that has heart to set
Against ay breast so sharp a srvord.
"VTocId God, instead of belted lord.
That I had loved same meaner clay,
"Who loved me on to jndgment day.
Prom London town my lover came
And set a conn try heart aflame,
Th left it lone to quench or hum
Becanse a qrecn mnst serve his tern.
23y. hut what boots me my disdain?
Would God my love -BTmld come again.
2Cora Hopper.
The Effect of TThratioss Tpoa the Cover
ing or the Heed.
In a recent scientific assemblage a
discussion took place upon the influ
ence of sleep in skin diseases. One of
the gentlemen who took part stated in
his criticism of the paper which had
been read that one might as well talk
of the influence of music upon the
growth of the hair. It would seem that
the suggestion cf a possible connection
thus thrown out in a jesting way has
been taken seriously. At least a corre
spondent of Le Temps has made the
discovery that music of certain kinds
does in reality prevent the hair from
falling, while that produced by certain
instruments has the most disastrous ef
fects in causing rapid development of
baldness. He finds that while composers
are as prone as others to lose their hair
at an early age those who play their
compositions upon the piano preserve,
if they do not aaraire, a luxuriant
growth of hair. On the other hand,
wind instruments, and especially the
comet and trombone, are fatal to hir
sute adornment. The violoncello and
the harp keep the hair in pretty well, but
the flute cannot be depended upon to
preserve a strong growth after the fifti
eth year of age.
A number of pianists, including Pa
derewski, are cited in confirmation of the
pronounced influence of piano music. It
has been admitted for some time that
music has a certain therapeutic worth,
and it will be recalled that Dr.Ferrand
presented a report to the French acad
emy on the physiological influence of
music, pointing out in what ways it
could be employed with therapeutic
aims. Subsequently Dr. Berzehinsky re
ported an instance of night terrors in a
child of 3 years, who was cured by hav
ing played to it each night music of a
calming nature written in a minor key.
A test was made after a few nights by
omitting the music, and that night
alone the child had an attack.
It has not as yet been determined just
what key is most favorable to the pre
vention of an early bald state. Prob
ably a reasonable way of settling the
disputed point would be to make a few
experiments on dogs, thus proving a
tolerance feu-different strains and avoid
ing the horripilation to which some pa
tients of refined tastes might be sub
jected. Wind instruments are always
dangerous if the hair hag not a good
hold, while stiff haired people can
stand anything. Possibly a good rule
far any musician would be aa scon as
he finds his hair falling that he should
cease playing far others. ZSIedical .Rec
ord. A Bare Paced Pad.
The fashion of the smooth face con
tinues to increase in popularity, and
mustaches are daily sacrificed to a fad
which is not so well adapted to every
man as a great many men evidently
think. The style came from England.
It became so much the proper thing in
England for men to appear without hair
on their faces that it was finally found
necessary to forbid the practice in the
armv, as the loss of whiskers was
spreading so rapidly that there prom
ised to be a beardless army in a short
while- Unbecoming styles of dress are
unquestionably accepted when they are
the mode. But it was usually thousht
that the selection of a mustache or a
smootn i ace was rounded, an a deeper
consideration of what made a man Icok
well or the reverse. But that discrimi
nation has been swept away now by the
enthusiasm -with which the unshared
lip has been declaimed as the right
stylet San Francisco Argonaut.
3 lark Twain aad liacola.
Perhaps it were as well, says Charles
Miner Thompson in The Atlantic to
attribute the pouularity of Abraham
Lincoln to his jokes as the vogue of
Mark Twain to his extravagant foolery.
In the conventional sense, Mark Twain
is no more a literary- artist than, in the
conventional sense, Lincoln was a gen
tleman. But, in spite of lack of polish,
Lincoln was creat. May not Mark
Twain, the writer, in spite of his crude
literary manners, be great also? The
mere possibility ought to be enough in
itself to secure him svmpathetic and
serious consideration.
Friend Hello, Gmmbletcn! What's
the matter, old man?
Grnmbleton -Matter enough! I was
in that collision cm the railway the other
day, and I'm blowed if I wasn't the
only one in the campartmentwfao wasn't
injured, and Pre insured in the Acci
dental for the last three years too. It's
enough to provoke a
saint." Pick Me
Some idea of the magnitude of the
coal resources of Huerfano, county,
Colo., may be formed when it is stated
that there are about 40,000 acres, and
each acre contains 100,000 tons, or a
total of 4,000,000,000 tons an amount
almost beyond comnrehension.
Deafness is more prevalent in cold
than in warm countries, the ears being
sensitive to changes of temperature.
Ballard's Snow Lnggesit,
This invaluable re me ay is one that
ought to be m every bouse hold. It will
cure your rheumatism, neuralgia,
sprains, cuts, bruises, barns, frosted feet
and ears, sore throat, and sore chest.
If you have a lame back it will cure it
It penetrates to the seat of the disease.
It will care stiff joints and contracted
t muscles after all other remedies have
i failed!. Those who have been crinnles
for years have used Bollards Snow Lin
iment and thrown away their crutcha
and been able to walk as well as ever.
It will cure you. Price 50 cents. Sold
by North Platte Pharmacy, J. CBush,
l&Basgec 1
The Teat Baaigeaa la Wiatr.
Winter is a dull season in the tent
business in this latitude and devoted
chiefly to making up stick for
Same tents are exported, though not a
great number. They are sent to Mexico.
Central America and the West Indies.
Such tents are sold the year around.
They are used as quarters far laborers
on railroads, canals and other works.
The few tents sold in winter for use
in this region are sold mostly to gyp
sies, who buy in winterior summer use.
They buy usually secondhand tents,
and, buying in whiter, they get good
tents cheap. But little is done in rent-
ing tents in winter, though Occasionally
a tent: - , "
e - - i luuiunuuc
laying or some puiaic ceremony, .-mii m
these modern days such tents are some
time steam heated, the pices beimr srrn-
ptiea witn steamrram portable boilers.
New York Sun.
Aa IZtfcaloped Hah.
An escaioped fish which 3Iiss Parlca
gives as an especial dainty at her cook
ing classes is made (the proportions are
easily doubled for a larger quantity)
from a pint of cooked rfsh. free from
bones and skin, a teaspoonf ulcf salt,
one-quarter teaspconful of pepper, a ta-
blespoonful of butter, one-half tesspocn-
xul of flour, gills of milk (this is a
little less than a cupful) and 4 table-
spconfuls of grated bread crumbs. Sea
son the fish with half the salt and pep
per. Put a generous half of the butter
in a small saucepan on the fire. When it
is hot, add the flour and stir till the mix
ture is smooth and frothv. Boil un once
and stir in the rest of the seasonin
Put a layer of the sauce in a pth?H bak
ing dish, alternating with the fish, hav
ing sauce on top. Sprmkle over with
the bread crumbs and dot with the rest
of the butter. Bake in a moderately hot
oven 20 minutes. The caution was added
that any dish made with sauce cni
crumbs needs that the heat should be
moderate at the bottom and strong at
the top. The difference between dried
bread crumbs and stale bread grated was
also accentuated. In this dish the latter
is obligatory. 2iew York Pest.
Composer Tours.
English papers announce the death,
after a long illness, of Berthold Tours,
the well known musician and composer.
Mr. Tours was a Dutchman by birth,
having been barn inBotterdam in 1S28.
He studied at Leipsic and Brussels,
went to ftngiana in isbi ana tor a
good many years served as a violinist
in Costa's orchestra. For the last 19
years, however, he had cccuuied the
responsible post of reatser and editor to
the great firm of Xovello & Co., in
which capac itv he did an immense
amount of useful work in the "reduc
tion" of orchestral scores to their piano
forte form. He was alio a voluminous
composer of graceful violin pieces,
songs, hymn tunes, anthems and church
"Victims of the Xuel.
Critic The hero and the villain had
a duel last night on the! stage.
Friend Who get the worst of itr
Critic The audience. Twinkles.
u. p. time table:.
No. 3 Fast Mail 8:45 a. m.
No. i Atlantic Express lliiQ p. m.
No. 2S Freight 7:00 a. m.
goemj west" time.
Nb. 1 Limited 3:55 p. m.
No. 3 Fast Mail Ilr20p.m.
No. 23 Freight 735 a.m.
No. 19 Freight 1:40 p. m.
X. B. Olds. Agent.
Office over North Piatte Sarienal Tan,
Assistant Surgeon Tjnion.Par.fir
and Member of Pension Board,
Office over Streitz Drmr Store.
Room No. G, Ottenstein Building,
Office over N. P. NtL Bank.
Office First National Bank BIdg
Claude Weinpt
Coal Oil,
Casoiine, -f
Cas Tar,
And Grade Petroleum.
Leave orders at office
in Broeker's tailor shop.
General Eepairer.
Special attention given to
171 M.
Iiegal Notices.
rrrxT'rTT- 3JOKX
il GAGE.
Xotice is hereby gi rar that by virtae of a chat
tel monsase dated Xoveraber 6th. GS5. and daly
filed in the oSce of tae county desk of Lincoln
eornrty. 5ebra&a. aa the 6th day of November,
ISA. and executed by C . Qcerey to Anitman
Mller Co. to weere the payment cf thesnmaf
t&C0, and cpoc which therein nor dnethessm
of ijaSk default haThn; been made in the pay
ment of said srrrrt, and no suit or other proceed
ians at lax harimrbeen instituted to recoversaid
aeotaraaypnrsiaereoi.Te wuiseutae property
saereta owenaea. Tint one xron gray mare, seven
years old, weight about lSCUIbd. named "Sell."
SSfrT .L-r3 -r. "ST
bmd feetbemtra colt front the-aio-re uiare-. One
TTT" t.rti,iv t Tif.. v - T.Ii:
shoulder, named -noli.'-her weight being- about
HCO pounds; at pchlic auction at tie liTerrstahle
T of Edilarrs, on the north side of the railroad
! l5orY1 -xeD cnmeziscttayot
i apm.iiSji.atzo'Ciocxp.Bi.otsaidaay.
Bated March 29th. JSS7.
m30-3 By Wilcox tHallfean. their attorners.
GAGE. Notice is hereby niven. that by vinne of a
chattel morbrane. dated April rrtfr. 1 -'-. aad duly j
filed and recorded in the office of the county cieri.
of lincala county. Nebraata, on April 17 th, 1S9. f
forthesumof i7,74 withmterest, at the rate of I
ten percent per annum from dste. given by AH en i
Khoaiies to Mary J. ChisenhalL to secure the pay- I
mens oz one certain promissory note, dated April !
lith. 1-04. due and payable srz months after date
which said note and the mortrajre securing the
?att hare teen dclj- aiisnI upon, the followir 1
described property, as turned over by the mart-.
gasTr. te-wit. One brown horse ten jears old.1
weight about SCO pounds, ene roaa mare four!
. n u : i. . l . viav i i .
saddle, one sec of double farm harness, one cane '
dill No. 51 m:iTiTTfa-tnriif hy T. AT ftn-m-vj- .fc- r
and evaporator complete, -subject to prior lien far 1
jousinu, eiiuuouiuv pocaua. era: cow-coy
uesmacjsa. .Dentate navtmr eeea made in,
the payment of said sum. or any part thereof, and i
no suit or acUen at law havintr seen commenced
to recover the same; therefore I win sett a: Well-,
fieet. Nebraska, the above described property to
the highest bidder for cash ou the 4 th day of May. '
ISO?, at 2 o'clock p. m. of said day. or so much
thereof as wiil satisfy the amount dee, -with cost3
and increase osts. 1
W. C TT.TKK. j
W-3 Owner and Holder of said Mortgage. .
John C. Golvm and Mrs. John C. Golvin. defend- j
ante, will take notice that on the 28th day of Feb
ruary. 1507. Mrs. Ann E. Heath?, plaintiff herein. I
filed her petition m the district court of Unco In i
county. Nebraska, against said defendants, hn- f
pleaded with George B. Golvin. Mrs. George B. .
Golvin.H S. Keith. E- M. P. LenangUhe Chemical ,
National Bank and McKinley-Lanaing Loan &
Trust Company, the sbjeei and prayer of which
are to foreclose a certain mortgage executed by
the defendant George B. Gotvia to The McSraley- '
Taming Loan and Trust Company upon the south
east quarterof section 21. township It. range 33
west of the sixth principal meridian, in T-"'tt
county. Nebraska, to secure the payment of a f
certain bond dated Jane th. 1S33. for the sum of
$lCO and 7 interest coupon notes attached thereto, j
saM bond being- due July 1st. and the coopon
nates due as follows: Q.C0 Julvlst. 1S95. ?3aXO!
January 1st, L-!5. f25.0 Jaly bt. 106. 3iC0 Jan-
nary lst.lM)7. mM July 1st. 1,7. ?33.C0 January i
1st. L9! 433 CO July 1st. 11 defendants having-1
failed to pay the coupon dae July 1st. ISOa. for '
more than ten days after same wa due, and the j
plaintitr. who is the assignee far value ax said bond,
coupon-- aed mortgage, elects as is provided in ;
said mortgage she may. to declare the whole
amount secured thereby dae and payable, aad j
there is now due oa said boad ceupons and mort-
gage the sum of I24aJX). tor which sum with in- -i r , . , -
terest from February 28th, WE, plaintiff prays Me atS at WHOleSale ailQ l
for a decree that defendants be required to pay r
the same or that said premises may be sold to I . -- Vl 1 t f
satisfy the amount so found due. tail. J? ISa 171(1 (rame 111
Ten are required to answer said petitien an or i
before the 3d day f May. 1597.
Dated March 22d.k-j7
Br T. C. PATTxasosr. Her Attarnev. f .
land Ornce at Sorth. Platte. Neb, ) :
March 2Uth,liQ7. f
Notice is hereby given that the fottewinz-named
settler has filed notiee of his intention to make
final proof in support af his riafrn and that said
proot wui be made before the Begister and Be
ceiver at North Platte. 2?eb on May 3d.
who made Homestead Entry Xo- 15J5KIfnr the
northeast quarter ef section 9. township 9 north,
range 30 west. He Barnes the following witnesses
to prove his continuous resdenee upon aad caln-
vation of said land, vizr Carroll C Hawkins.
Joseph D. Hawkins. Charles A. Smith, of Well-;
fleet. Neb., and Morgan W. Davis, of North Platte
m20 JOHN P. HIJtMAN. Begister
Order by telephone from
Dr. N. McOABE, Prop.,
"VVe aim to iiandle tlie IBest Grades of.
GJ-oods, sell ttiero. at Reasonable
ZBinres, and "Warrant ZEveirtMrig
as Bepresented.MM-MMMV
Orders from the cotmtry and along tue line or the Union
Pacific railway respectfully solicited.
Elder & Lock's Stable.
Northwest comer Cotrrt-Iio-nse Square.
refitted our rooms in
is invited to call and see ns,
Finest Wines, Liquors and Cigars at the Bar.
Our billiard hall is supplied with the oesi make of tables
and competent attendants will supply all your wants.
land CBce atXorthPIatse, 2eb
April Sth. 1S07. J"
Notice- i3 hereby given that Harriet Bostwiek
ha filed notice of iatentirgTtoTrtaire ftrntV proof
before theEegister and Eeceiver at hisomce in
North. Platte. Neb., ca rnday. the 14th. day of
Xay. 1S9T, on timber cnttnre application No. EES
fortha Southwest quarter of Section No. 28. in
Township No. 9 North, range No. 33 West. She
names as witnesses: Irving- ostwick. of North
Platte, Neb Wiley Xatthews. of Diciers. Neb
Frank S. HaUeracd Isaiah Beam, of WaHace,
Nebraska. JOHN IT. HINXAN,
35 Begister.
. t,j rmn t Vorth "Platte. Xefa J
i Harca litth. 1S37- f
Notice Is hereby given that the f oltowiagaaed
Tt 2!ed her intention to mate
1 ftc proof in import of her cUirc. and that said
. ?Sq l Vhefor Brfster and Keceirer
at Sarta Platte. 2ieo. on .Hay-sna. irw
who m Homestead Entry No- far th
north Tf of the northeast qnartervsoutheast quar
ter of the northeast juarter, northeast quarter e
the southeast quarter section 12, township 9
f north, ransre 2 west. She name the foaowimr
: witn esses to prove her continnoas residence npoa
I and cultivation of said land, vizr Jarae R.Shaw.
wwfirrT yixrrghiiyT.z; Jiwf.fc W. Thompson,-aad
tJeeph W. Beavers, all of Parnam.Nefa.
land Office at North Plane. b.)
March 13th. 1537. f
Notice herebv aiven that Joseph H. Murray
J ha aled notice-of intention to mate final proof
. before Eecister and Beceiver at Idscface in North
Plte. Xec on TiIaj-. the 20th day af April,
1STT, on timber caltere application No 12U36, fer
the west half normwest quarter and the west half
southwest quarter cf sectLjn No.e.ia township No.
TT ,w tK TTn T w TTj. rmit rnT " rw-
"ii(,c.iu ijti.w..
HarracePutwiler.Penkney Bradbum, Alfred
Pierce and IraMaan. aK of Gandy, Neb.
.2JJ5 JOHNF.HTNMAN, Begister.
In County Court of Lincoln County. Nebraska.
Estate of Moraica C. Purnish. deceased.
The Final Report of Abhrxil E. Pamish. as ad
ministrator of said Estate, filed in said Caere this
April Sth, 1-07. will be- heard in said court on
April 21th. 1:37. at one o'clock p. m This notice
will be published three successive weeks priar
thereto in. The Tribune newspaper.
33-3 JAMES M. EAT. County Jadse.
In search, of a good cigar
will always frrid it at J.
F. Sciraalzried's- Try
them and judge.
them and judge.
r, r n
season, oausae at an
I "
times. Cash paid for Hides.
So great are its Heaitas; Fwwos
and Paia ReketTac Properaes a
sen rtnoost)ie fmn a Now-Puao
oas Preparcttjoa thor cac x irvcd
wuk ait freakts. For ham ateae
is eftca ww di its wsght n GWL
hrcs bar beca sawed bvnseiaMi!
tor heairac; ait kxai of sri no-
it csceeas aH expecnanas. f wiiyr
use is mast e&catcaad it ikauM be
jb every hae aad woraafaam. 9wm
rsrrol by the Fester Mig C I
3s ewton's Book Store.
J. E. BUSH, Manager.
- - TNi Hi HT?,A fT a ,
I . J8P , 1 1 it
For Fine Rigs
i Reasonable prices
the finest of style, the public
insuring courteous treatment.