The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, April 16, 1897, Image 1

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All wx)l Serge, iff inches wide, 3S cts. per yard
Cycling Tweeds, latest tiling- oat, 30 in. wide 12K cts
A gsod O a ting Flannel 6 cents
Best Mogfcett Carpet 31-10 per yard
Best Plush Velvet Carpet from So ctrto 31.05 per yard
Beat Body Brussels from SLOo to 5L20 per yard
7Qr Sar Henrietta baif wool, 36 in. wide IS cts ; Axminsters SL20 per yard
2C A beautiful line of Lace Certains at 54 cents to8i-3S per Tapestry Brussels from 60c to So cents sSS
g pair. These curtains are worth from oc to 36 a pair I A full fee of 2 and 3 ply ingrain Union and ail wool
White Bed Spreads, tx to 3L7S. usual price 3L00 to j Carpets at prices that will compare favorable with SSSS
L50 each. . j Chicago, Omaha and Lincoln. )
Genuine MarciIIe Bed Spreads Silo j Borders to match with every pattern we show. W
C beei Llon Towels eer sold in the city ior 55 cents CARPET LTXIXG We have 5 different qualities from
per pair. 2 cents to 10 cents per yard. W
l Keosfra Turkey Red Damiaesk, worth 50c, at 35c per yd . Patent moth and insect proof lining, where no moths, Wft
Full Bleached aft linen Table Cloth, worth 52-50, at 3L25 ( buffalo pests or insects will burrow.
Full Bleached all liaenSTRbie Cloth, worth 15c. at 50 cts . jjST SHOES Do not forget that our stock is comolete
Wt BsM Bleached all linecfTabfe Cloth, worth 50c, at 35 cts ! f and prices that will please. ,
Sr In order fix- yewi to appreciate our pricS come and compare tfaesi with. Omaha and sS
Lincoln's leading- dry goods hooses (we have their price lists here in our store) and $$
be convinced, that we can, and do, save yon money on the same quality of goods. Do S
m not send yocr money to eastern cities, for we need your money and yonneed the goods.
I No-3435 1
I First National Bank, W
tlggfe. CAPITAL, - - $50,000. if
SURPLUS,- - $22,500. jl
$j; fi -Vniur McNamara, - Cashier.
A general banking business
Spring P
m um mmm i i 1 1 i imi ii iw i n i i
will soon be here and we are ready
to supply you with
Fresh Garden and Field Seeds
As 'Citizen seems to be taking
a rest I will send you a few items.
E. Coates and wife visited friends
in North Platte on Sunday.
W. E. Alhs has purchased
tract of iand of Mrs. Jno. Coker.
J. W. Dixon, of Gretna. !Neb.,
visiting his brother Fred.
Dr. Duncan, of North Piatte, has
been attending- G. C. White's little
boy the past week.
union seea is oeisjr ptadtea in
large quantities on the lots ad
joining town, and Sutkerlaad will
be in a position to supply tbe state,
hail permitting.
Chas. Wood, who had been a res-
ident of North Platte for a kmir
-4-tirne--hasxesinienced lin-ir oe ks
homestead near town and has
erected a small irame house there
SutheriandTs new hotel is aeanir-
ing an enviabte reputatioe as a first
class hostierv and travel insr men
gather in by -car load lots.'"
J. H. Sandy, of Gretna. Neb., is
looking after his land interests hi
this locality.
-Astin Lock, of North Platte,
visited his best girl on Sendar.
gan raining and a
but Sunday night it be-
boat would now
be a very desirable piece of prop
erty. A number of carloads of
gravel were sent Monday to be used
at a point about four miles east,
where the track was under water.
Mrs- Henry Ehllers returned from
Grand Island Sunday, where she
had been to :
r i
Frank Nugent came over from
Cottonwood Saturday and stayed
over Sunday with? Miss Mamie, his
sister, who is taking chanre of the
store in her father's absence.
ueo. surse, or umana, came in
Tue soar with four carloads-or, cat
tle, to be fed at Peter ' Burke's
rancn. x a is is tne second con
signment this week.
A public auction was held here
Tuesday. Mortgaged property was
sold to satis fr debts contracted bv
LDel Ouerer.
C. H. Kuh-ns snent Wednesday in
North Platte.
i mite a nnmoer at hosts were
broug-ht here Tuesday.
1 z.
Hell" says Judge Edgar Howard
of the Papiiiioa Times, "is full of
! a better quality of justice than that !
dispensed in Nbraska." f
Herman Easeka, a prosperous!
ttand'her fathers i fermer Uvia" near Lei commit-j
tt lcu suiciae jaonaar dt nanging
himself in a ban;. He was tem
porarily insane-
The Dixon Tribune states that
j the creamerv at that nlace nam- IS
t r
cents for railk in March. This is
clear of expenses. A good" i show
ing. m y
The people of North Loup gave
an entertainment the other eveninjr
and sent the proceeds to the Ar
menian relief commission. Other
towns should follow the example.
The remains of Abram Hill,
j-armer iiYiug near oi. i'aui, we
tound in the hills Monday. He had
wa ndered away from home a few
day before and perished in a storm.
C. W. Tines, a young- man livinsr
near Lincoln has been arrested on
the charge of stealing a horse and
buggy. He claims to have taken
the property whf le under a hypnot
ic spell.
Dr. Plumb of Gothenburg was
town SatardaT.
Miss Elliott came down
Maxwell Saturday and is visitinsr
with her sister Mrs. Baker.
W. G. GrnSn and wife of Gothen
burg risited in town Saturday.
E. L. Mathewson transacted bus
iness in Gotbejibws: Satasdav.
Several new roerabers joined the
Home Foroam Saturday night.
After the iastallation refreshments
were served and very pleasant time
was esj&yed by ail.
Messrs. Parsoas and Mareott
were Gotheaberg visitors Satur
day. Little Fior Giffin is reported to
be Terr sick with kmg fever.
A Mr. Davis, sepresenting the
McCocaiick Reaper 0.. spent sev
eral days in town this week.
Beatty & Mnrpiiy shipped two
cars of boffs to Osnaha Thursday.
Night operator A. Gilbert has
be transferred to fee eastern part
of the state. Mr, AlHsen takes his
place here.
The heavy rains at the fore part
Boston Store
We have just unpacked a fine line of Ladies Trimmed
Hats, Sailors. Children's Bonnets, Walking Hats and Tarn
O'Shanters that will be sold at prices which are sure to suit
the purchaser. We extend a cordial invitation to all ladies to
come and look at this line before Easter Sunday.
of the week were very destructive
to the sod houses in this vincinity.
H. C. Caver and family were obliged
to move to town, their house beinsr
completely reined by the storm.
Miss Nellie Grace left for Omaha
Thursday night for a short visit
with friends. Frizzles.
Perhaps one of the largest cherry
orchards aorth of the Platte river
was planted by the Boone county
nursery at Albion last spring. 1,000
trees, with almost a perfect stand.
iK iriarce center tsignai says
that Jad-ere J. J. Sullivan will be
the nominee of the people's party
next fall for a seat on the supreme
bench- That lets out William
Neville, asd is also a severe blow
to John Kirkpe trick.
A total of fQ0 is now offered for
the arrest of the murderers of David
Jones. Gasre county offers
the state $200 and the heirs of the
deceased S20Q. The offer of the
county is to include expenses of ar
rest, except sa:h as are otherwise
provided for.
We are making a special low cut price on all our Dress
Goods. For instance, twenty-five pieces of all-wcol 40-inch
wide Black Jackords at 50 cents per yard, worth S5 cents.
Twenty-five pieces of all-wool, silk mixed Novelty Goods,
worth 60 cents per yard, the entire dress pattern with trim
mings complete, for S3.I5. Black Ettemin Cloth at 25 cents
per yard, worth 45 cents. Henriettas and Serges in all wool,
yard wide; we iumish the entire dress pattern with trim
mings complete, for 52. 55.
5STGLOYES Foster Kid Gloves in all colors, at 95 cents
per pair. White Chamois Skin Gloves at 9S cents per pair.
JS-BELTS In all styles from 23 cents up.
VEILINGS The grandest display of veiling in the
city from 12 cents up.
SSHOES Ladies Oxfords going from S5 cents up. San
dals in black, tan and ox blood at $1.45. Fifty pairs of ladies"
fine lace shoes worth $2, for 51.23. Men's shoes from$l.I5 up.
Yours for great bargains.
i? m h? ir30srz,o:i$r stobe.
Dry Goods. Shoes. Millinery. Carpets. Furnishings.
4 We are still selling goods at the prices quoted in our last ad
commissioner is
The labor
paring Blanks to send out to the
various county clerks, to be by them
distributed among the assessors,
under the provisions of house roll
No. 277. This bill provides that
the assessors shall gather the in
dustrial statistics of their various
precincts, to oe turned, m to tne
county clerks, who report the same
to the labor commissioner.
A sea captain and a lawyer lived i
next door to each other. One very
windy night the lawyer was read
ing a book in his study when a
terrific crash upstairs startled him.
Upon investigating he found that a
chimney had hurled itself through
his roof, doing considerable dam
age, lie aiscovered it was the sea
captain's chimney.
down to his library, he pulled
his jaw books ana nuntea up simi-
e-lar cases, devising and scheming
how he -could secure satisfaction
rrom the detestable captain. While
! MfflffliST TAILOR, I
Hasten in 2"
he was thus engaged, a note ar
rived from his enemy that read as
follows: "Sir: If von don't return
those bricks at once I will put the
matter in the hands of the law."
j Chas. Tafter. of jeith county.
either in hulk or packages- These seeds come from one p5 a town with hogs on Satnr-
oi tne most reiiaaie growers m tne country ana we can
recommend them m fresh. We have also received our
spring stock of
Im the Hardware Line we carry a full stock.
Yho no one owes
Attention is invited to our
New Lise of Spring Suitings
Cleaning, Repairing
and yeing.
Suits rrjade to order ir; a worhrjjarllke .
, . rar;rjr aijd perfect it Quar29te4.
3ri- E. Yates is running Bar krlKad's
store while C. W, is oat on the.
farm putting in wheat.
Joe Perkins, of Grant. Neb., will
deliver a lecture at the church in
the near future.
C. G. Singer will ride the ditch
this summer and. rumor says that
he has alrady taken at an acci
dent policy. Mr. Singer seems to be
a very prudent young man and evi
dently knows that a shovel handle
W. Holtrv shipped a car load of
hogs to Denver last week.
H. A. Winner, of Furnas county,
has sold a large number of charts
to the schools in this locality.
J. HarshheM. of West Birdwood,
was in town on Wednesdav.
Xew Cqmsr.
The following is the order of ser
vice in the Lutheran church on
Easter morning:
L areata.
Jtetei .r-mlcraf
QGartet, "3e Ib m&oT
Saactes 3rrfcifs5c-r.
JigBM HB T.n y r jw ,
QBartet. Ge4 Batk Snt Sfe
A Cheveane gentleman.
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils,
?.r..ta Sioeota,cles-
JDeTitsolie .Apotlieke
Corner of Spruce and Sixth-sts-
Mrs. Fred Baker of North Platte
Sunday in town the guest of
Mrs. W. Roberts.
Peter Burke came ia Saturday
afternoon with four carloads of cat
tle from Omaaa.
Dr. Donaldson was called here
on professional business Friday.
W. H. C. Woodhurst was in town
insuring the McCuilough residence
on the Island.
Mrs. Huntington spent a
days in North Platte the
The railroad ditch oversowed
T" 3 i f
isiunuay, rae water reaching the!
lawn of W. H. Piumer.
Miss Stella Elliot left for the east
ern part of the state Saturday
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
Martin Geraghty has been very ill
with congestion of the lungs;but is
better at this writins".
The rail-road bridge no- n-
here making repairs on the section
house. i
It is impossible for children to !
' "av- .iivrui. uwuic so mere was i
no school the first of the week. i
We have had a great deal of rain '
the past week; on Saturday the'
roads were beginning to be quite
bv the
name ot urawtorn, a passenger on
No. 2 Wednesday morning, fell off
the train between Brady Island and
Gothenburg, and was seriously in
jured. A Lexington phvsician who
was on the train dressed his wounds
and made him as comfortable as
possible, and. when he reached Sear
nev he was restintr fairlv easv but
was unable to talk. He had several
severe bruises about the head, but
so far as known had no bones
broken . He had a ticket to Omaha.
some small change on his person,
and a money order for a consider
able amount. Kearnev Hub.
The farmers of Nebraska to
It bas been said that there could beno
cure for internal piles without a surgi
cal operations, but over ICO cases cured
in Council Brafis, la., bv the use of
whom is due the doi!ar-a-tou bounty false. There is a eure and quick perma-
provided by statute for the sugar Eent relief for all who suffer with blind,
oteeatng- ana protruaing pties. its use
causes no pain, even m the most asra-
vated cases. It is also a cure foe eoasti-
beets they raised the last two vears.
know now ia just what light to re
gard the populist partv of the
state. The legislature has had its
opportunity to pay these just obli
gations bet has refused to do so.
from S24 to $45.
Imported Dress Suitings
from S28 to 570.
Good's guaranteed and per
fect fit. Give us a triaL
man or beast suffer
when. von. ran rret
Price 5L50. For sale bv A. F
After a very "wet" stag dinner
party at a rrontier post some time
as we coaadeniiy predicted it would I ago, the subject that came up for
This may not be repudiation, discussion was the Mohammedan
a word which appeared to be some- ( belief in fate. To the Musselmans.
what offensive to the brethern dur-1 a man's fate is written above and
mg t&e late unpleasantness, but jrae time set and nothing can ad
it, is neglect to perform an honest vance it. This belief had been
duty, to say the very least. Fre- kxisr discussed and very earnestly
moat Tribune. I One officer finallv amp nnr? cnwT
! it
The damage suit of Crow vs. the Lacrtt was ao. use 01 cscnssing tne
U. P. has come toan end, the plain- aa-T ae only way
.is tj raise a practical test ot tne
question, and that he would give
himself as a subject. He drew his
pistol and showed that it was
loaded. He placed the pistol
against his temple and pulled the
tnsrsrer. The Dtsioi missed -fir?.
"A trick yelled the crowd. The
fatalist smiled, and recockingthe
pistol, aimed it with a steady hand
at the clock on the wall. He fired.
and the bullet crashed throoh the
"Apologize to
"I have alwavs
receiving a jnogment against
the company for $5000- One nirht
about four vears aro. before the
passenger depot was moved to the
root of Locust street, a Mr. Crow
X? "V I T 1 T -
ui uiu was KUiea oy oemg run over
by a switch engine. The accident
occurred at or near the place where
the L. P. Telegraph office now
stands. His widow sued the com
pany and ootamed a judgment
ior S5G00- The company secured a center of the dial
new trial and the result of the sec- me now. he said
Don't let
with Dain
Medicines at these prices: . .
SI Bottle Hood's SarsaparDIa Tacts
SI bottle Liver and Kidney Cure 50c
$1 bottle Indian Blood Purifier 50c
SI bottle Jaynes Alterative 75c
50c Cough Medicines 40c
25e Pills, all kinds IllSte
SI bottle Stramonium Liniment.. 40c
si Dottle Kadclifis Golden Wonder ..75c
SI bottle Garfflinir Oil 75c
50c Centaur Liniment "Jill Js5c
50c Pain Killer ",25c
50c Blackhawk Liniment Sc
'25c Ner'e and Bane Liniment ll lloc
25c Pain Killer k 25c
25c Garbling Oil VJ.lVJJ.2ik:
24c Farrel's Arabian Liniment 15c
Corner SLrth iYine Stc.
(So. 7654)
will make the season of 1S97 at the
irrigation fair grounds. Service
limited to ten choice mares.
ond trial was a judgment against
the company in the sum of $2,500.
But the company was not yet satis
fied asd wasted another whack at
law. The attorneys fnr
consented readily to a new trial and
this trial has just been ended. The
result is stated above. Grand Isl
and Indepeae at.
readers af this narar wiH li
believed in fate.
1 pleased U teara ibet tkere is- at leess
i one dreaded disease tbat science has
been abe io cure in all its stages, and
that is cas&rrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure
Tree PiEs.
Send yocr address toILR Beefcten &
Ckx, Cbicaor and get a free sa-npie box
-Pr Kins iBs A trial
wQl cocvinee you of their merits. These
piRs are easy in action and are psriica
larly effective in the cure of cocskpa
iioo. and sick head ache. Per 3Iaiaria
and liver troubles they have been proved
mvalB&bie. They are guaranteed to be
perfectly free from every deletertioos
substance aad to be perehr vegetable.
They do noi weaken by their action, but j
U2 woe ir. stociflci aad bowels
qzeatly invigorate the system. Regular
srsa -Es per Box. boki bv A. p. Strettz
druggist. " 4
National Turnlest Gymnastic
Sunlight by Sundance, dam Vera
by Beivoir. " Full pedigree can be
found in Wallace's Trottinsr Res'-ister.
Terms: 525
with usual return
R. G. Southers.
Carl Brodbeck,
Fresh Smoked and
Salted Meats,
the only positive core known to the med- j Union at St. Louis. Mo., May 6-9
-but. v,a,arr& bemg a eonsti-' 1S9- The Union Pacific will sell
S.SUi tisl tickets at one fare for the round
trea-,iBea. KJTs Catarrh Cure is taken L - , uuuu
mteFuaily. act as" direct ur,on tre H.,? triP- tov iiraits and roate see
and mocoes surfaces of the svstem,!- B. Olbs. Agent.
' thereby destroying the foundation of the ;
dEes.aad gtviHgthe patient strength FAST TIME
Having re-opened tiie City Meat
Market, opposite the Hotel Neville,
I am prepared to furnish customers
with a choice quality of meats of
all kinds.
A share of your
oatronage is re
spectfully solicited.
fa matt fruits m meat supply. Mil-
line Fectx Trees op Best
AmrrriKs at Haed Txxes Peiczs.
Absolutely Pure,
; by bcudtaer a the coostitHtion and as
, sistin- nature is. doiag- its work. The '
peopnewes nave o incon raitn. in
! curative power?, tnat thev effer
lv- j
; lions of Strawberry Plants,, verv thrifty
f and well rooted. Get THE BEST near
name ana save treurnt or express. Send
for price-list to NORTH BEXD VUB
SERIES, -North Bend, Dodge CoXeb.
Aaorese. Jr. J. Cfeenev z Co.
c . . "ToIeio, O.
Sold oy all 3roggistT 75c.
Hall's Famiiv Pilis are the best.
To Omaha. Chicaroand noint irr
hnadred doBttis for asv casi that it faik r?ffd IHmois- tne LSIOX PA-
? to oure. Send for hst of testimonials CST.C in connection with the C. & ,
liN. V. Ey. offers the best service UJi j a
1 and the fastest time. Call or write H rMfifi--111 11109
to me for time cards.
M ' 1
t Hit ac ftr