The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 18, 1896, Image 1

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HO. 1.
Closing Sale!
Owing to an expected change in business we are
orninr tn qpII nnr
Clothing, Hats, Caps, Gents9 Fur
nishing Goods, Boots and Shoes,
Trunks and Valises
r Call and be convinced that
what we tell you are facts.
ir mm
Weher &
All parties indebted please call and settle.
"Will soon be here and everybody is now
thinking as to what they will buy for Christ
mas presents with which to remember their
friends-. . - . . . - .
JJas just received a large supply of goods for this occasion which, will
make useful presents. Here is a list of some of our specialties:
50 fine Dress Patterns which we offer to sell cheap.
An elegant line of very fine Linens.
A great variety of Moqaette and Smyrna. Rugs.
Ice "Wool and Silk Fascinators of the very finest made.
Xid Gloves in all styles and colors.
Ladies' and Children's Mafe and Boas.
The finest line of Bed Spreads ever shown in North Platte stores.
- Handkerchiefs and MuSers of every description for ladies and
gentlemen, from one cent up to S3 each.
Pocket Books of all descriptions.
Baby Bonnets from 25 cents np to S2.50.
A fine Cape or Jacket will make a suitable Christinas present. We
have them in the latest styles.
Or what is the matter with a pair of Henderson's fine button or
lace Shoes for a Christmas present?
Cold nights are here and a pair of those aS-wool Caiifbrnia'BIankets
would make a suitable present.
Gents n
We have not forgotten yoe. We have a fine line of house
Slippers, some very handsome Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, fine Furnish
ing Goods, Gloves, Mittens and Hats.
Gents, if you wish to reraeafeer your mother, daughters, or sweet
hearts come to the Boston Store, where yoa will find many articles
which will make handsome presents, and we will make a special low
, price from now until December 23d.
P. S. Albums, work boxes and manicure cases given away with
a certain amount of goods purchased at our store from now until
if First National Bank,
I CAPIT " " fjj00' i
pntirft stock of
Low I Prices.
J. Pizer, Prop.
w Boose,
szssox&l xaraoir.
Mrs. M. Boolittle and Mrs. F. W.
Rmcker are expected home to-night
from a visit in Omaha.
Fred Meyer, one of Fremont's
best known citizens, transacted
business in the city yesterday.
Jacob Pizer, of Shelton, was the
guest of his brother Julius, of this
aty. for a day or two this week.
Mrs. G. F. Ferrell returned to
Chicago Wednesday after a several
months' visit with her nephew J.
E. Baker and family.
Ed Goodman, who had been
spending several months in the Big
Horn country, is visiting his par
ents at the Cody ranch.
Colonel Cody returned Wednes
day night from his business trip to
the Big Horn country, where he
has extensive land interests.
F. E. Ballard, W. H. McDonald
and Chas. Hall were in Omaha this
week attending- a state meeting" of
the chapter degree of Masons.
Judge Grimes left yesterday for
Grant, where he wiE hold a brief
term of court. The Perkins county
term closes up the work in this dis
trict for the present year.
Mrs. M. B. Cry derm an, who for
several weeks has been receiving
treatment at a sanitarium at Abi
lene, Kansas, is reported as rapidly
improving and will probabiy be
home within a month.
Red Men's Masquerade Bail
Jan'v 22d 1897.
The city school will close next
Tuesday for a two weeks' vacation.
Up to last Sunday the Grand
Island factorv had made 4,150.000
pounds of sugar this season.
Eli McCart returned Wednes
day from a tour of inspection on
the Kearney & Black Hills road.
Attorneys HalHgan, Baiwdwin,
Hoagland and Gantt attended dis
trict court at Ogalalla the early part
of the week.
J. H. Seaton of Wallace, is an
applicant for a position at the state
honse during the sitting of the leg
John Davis yesterday placed
his resignation as night policeman
in the hands of Mayor Baker and
Robert Rannie has been given the
Two western steers which are
being ted at Grand Island on palp
from the sugar factory no ,v weigh
X600 each, and the fattening pro
cess still goes on.
The Souring mill at Ogalalla
has been closed down on occotmt of
failure to secure capital to keep it
running". Mr. Burgner has gone to
Elm Creek to take charge of a mill.
Ice shipments from Gothenburg
to this city will be resumed to-day.
Supt Nichols says Blm Creek and
Kearney will also furnish ice to fill
theTJ. P. houses in this city.
The rotting oft of a pile on
the south river bridge caused a no
ticeable sag in the structure, and
travel over the bridge was suspend
ed until a new pile could be driven.
which was done yesterday.
Will Dolson defeated Gus
Sievers, of Grand Island, in a live
bird shoot contest a few days ago
and as the former is one of the
crack marksman of the central part
of the state, Dolson is feeling" rea
sonably proud of his victory.
Tor Sale at Cost Prices.
My entire stock of watchesrclocks
jewelry and silverware, a's I am go
ing" out of business next month.
L. D. Thoelecxe.
sie:cia.l sale
From now till after Christmas.
All Out Coats and Capes
go at Half Price, -
Our fine 20 and $35 plush, capes . .
Our fine 812 and 15 plush caoes.
Vine. S18 and S20 fur capes. . r. ...
ah our canes and nnafs
of cost. p have jnst received a large line of French
china and cut al
large line of Silk Mufflers, and Genuine Embroidered
Handkerchiefs. Also a large line of Seal Muffs in price
Wedier in our dress goods department this week
our ...o black silk at S1.25 per yard. We have also a
tlLM6 ess Patterus in and wool, in all colors, now
.00, former price 12.00. We also carry the finest line
of men's, ladies7 and children's shoes in the city. Call
and be convinced at
E. Zabreskie and son, of Omaha,
were in the city yesterday. Mr. Z.
is one of the stockholders of the
First National Bank, of this city.
The Bee's special correspon
dent says: A great many letters
are being" received bv Senator
Thurston daily from- 'his Nebraska
constituency asking for his opinion
upon the subject of holding local
elections for the purpose of deciding
among the stalwart republican
voters of that place their prefer
ence for postmaster. These letters
have become so numerous that
Senator Thurston has. outlined a
policy to one of his friends in this
state, taking the ground that such
elections would be without warrant
of law, and would tend not only to
a corrupt vote, but would hardly be
regarded as a fair test of anv one
person's popularity. He stated to
the Bee representative that
he was opposed to submitting" ail
such appointments to any kind of
paav will present Augustus
Thomas' delightful -southern plav,
"Alabama." at the opera honse on
Monday evening of next week. Mr.
Thomas has furnished a strong ar
gument against the statement that
the native born writers do not lend
themselves to the literature of the
stage. American people want plays
ttat they can understand plays
taat bring before them the people;
the customs and the country they
fcnow. r oreign plays are built on
toreign ideas, concieived in a for
eign spirit, and are out of sympa
thetic connection with the American
people. It is in this that Mr.
Thomas has made his success. He
has given the people a play that
they can. understand; he has re
spected their prejudices; he has been
true to American ideas. 'Alabama"
does not abound in stirring scenes,
melodramatic situations and de
clamatory lines. It moves along as
quietly as the life it reveals. There
is a vein ot quaint and subtle humor
and it is never forced or coarse- It is
tree to the life it oicturesut is bright
in dialogue, clean in plot, direct in
storv and interesting in characters.
It is redolent with the sound of
nature. It is something to think of
with delight this idel ot the south
not alone for the passing pleas
ure it "gives the spectator, but f or
what it means to the American
stage. In itselt it has the subtle
charm, poesy. It brings with it
the soft airs and dreamy quietude
of the somnolent south. It appeals
to the eye with a series of pictures
breathing- chivalry and sentiment,
twin characteristics of the ardorous
southron; to the ear with the musi
cal dialect whose spell is potent,
and to the mind with a harmonious
blending of all these mellowing in
Stxances. It is a veritable Grad
grind who will look at 'Alabama"
and not feel his soul soften and ex
pand, and his heart warm with
human love; and, fortunately, there
are very few Grangrinds in "modern
life, in almost every nature there
is a cord of sentiment and poetry,
which viabrates musically when
rightly touched, and it " is Mr.
Augustus Thomas distinction to
have found the delicate manner of
doing this difficult thing. "Ala
bama" is his medium.
AH members of Silver Leaf
Camp No. 301 Royal Neighbors of
America are requested to be pres
ent at the next meeting Dec 23d,
1S. Important business to be
transacted. Eliza M. Ejau&EAS,
AdyerrUsed Letters,
List of letters remaining uncalled for
ia the post ofSce at North Platte. Neb
for the week ending December IS, IS Go
Cacaedv Edward Kilaer S S
Clark Thomas Miller C P
Doc lap Geo Tift L
Disoo C K WOlis Frank
White W H
Becket Mrs OUIe Betterfield Mrs G
Persons calling for above will please sav
advertised." M. W. Clair, Postmaster
miKHr'ho n
Monday, Dec. 21
Clement Baintoidge's Co.
lexii York Players,
Augnstas Thomas Masterpiece.
Advance sale at Clinton's Jewelrv
Store. Tickets 50 and 75 cts.
Miss May Dolan and Miss Ellen
McCnllongh are preparing- Christ
mas exercises for the children of
the two schools.
Frank Martin, of 2orth Platte, is
doing- the mason work on J. Mc-
Cullough's new house on the island.
John Moore spent Sunday at his
home in Mayfield.
Mrs. Baker, of North Platte, is
spending- a few weeks with Mrs.
Geo. W. Roberts.
May Brown, of the Island dis
trict, will make her home with
Mrs. M. Geraghty this winter.
P. F. Dolan shipped a car load of
hogs from this point Wednesday.
Miss Anna Snvder was on "the
sick list a few days last week.
Chas. Xute. of Wiliard, delivered
corn to W. H. and A. W. Plainer
last week.
Geo. Snyder was a North. Platte
visitor Saturdav.
Mrs- D. McNamara will visit
.! ItUUJ ill iUlSSUUil I. Lit a Vr LU.LCA.
Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Matthewson,
of Brady Island, were Snnday
C. W. Home lost his old famtlT
horse "Bird" last week. It died
from the effects of eating- paist
A. W. Plumer was in the Platte
on business Saturday.
Hunters are quite numerous in
this locality and go away with a
sroodly number of birds.
D. McNamara, our quondam
night operator who has been in
Wyoming- for some months past.
came nome to spend the hotidavs
with his family.
Toillion brothers loaded a car of
potatoes for an eastern market
Calhoun and "Dug Brown trans
acted business at the city of North
Platte the first of the week.
John Feekin is very busy these
mes shelling- corn. This week he
has several cribs near Hershey to
Miss Cal Sullivan left for her old
home in Wisconsin Monday, where
she will visit relatives and friends
for several months.
Hill and Calhoun returned Mon
day from Wallace, where they had
been after household goods belong
ing" to Hill.
Our Sunday school is becoming
smaller every Sunday for some rea
son. The people are rapidly losing
all interest in the matter.
Will Brooks has started up his
corn shelter once more and began
to shell several hundred bushels for
Ellison Wednesday.
soyrraszT sm&s shots,
Lote Kidder and wife are enter-
taininjr a new sirl Chas. Spelde
was a North Platte visitor Satur-
Gay. , . .Miss .baitn Jomtr recently
made final proot on her homestead
. .D. E. Jolhfi recently purchased
and moved the house on the Davis
place S. J. Filbert and wife, of
Weimeet, spent Sunday at W. A.
Latimer's Miss Anna Crandell,
of Wellfieet. has returned home af
ter a week's stay at J. H. JolIifF s.
..W. J. Jones transacted busi
ness in ort a Platte Monday
D. E. Miller, of Orleans, Neb., is
visiting- his brother and sister, G.
W. Miller and Mrs. Julia Jol-
ifr W. A. C rand all and wite, of
Wellfieet. called on friends here last
week J. H. Jolliif is having- a
serious time with a lame back. ...
Rer. Preston, of Curtis, was here
Monday night attending- the Mc-Conneli-Joilifr
wedding- .... Quar
terly meeting- was held at the Belle
Prairie school honse Monday even
ing John McConnell and Miss
Edith Joliiff were united in mar
riage Monday night, Dec 14th, at
the residence of the bride's parents.
Their friends wish them mnctt
happiness and success. I.O.C
AKaatioa. Sana cf Yetaran3.
There will be a special meeting-
of the Col. Josiah B. Park Camp
Sons of Veterans on Saturday
evening-, December 19tk at 7:30
o'clock, at the office ot A. H. Davis.
All members are earnestly requested
to be present as there is some im
portant business to attend to.
A. H. Davis.
Believed cf Terrible P2123
R. E. Merse. Traveling Saiesman.
Galveston. Texas, savs Ballard's Snaw
Linaeat cared me of rheumatism of
three months standing after use of two
bottles. T. S. Doan. Danville, I1L, says I
have used Ballard's Snow Liniment
for years and would cot be without it.
J. B. Crouch, Bio, Bis., say? Ballard's
Snow Iiimmeut cured terrible pains in
hack of head and neck when nothing
else would. Every bottle, guaranteed.
Price 0 cents.
Sold by The North Platte Pharmacy,
J. E Bush, ilgr, 2
g Tremendous
! Holiday
I Display.
ANTA CLAUS is here at the Fair Stoxe Feady
to receive the children of North Pfatte and ail
the surrotmdmof country. . He has established his
headquarters in the center of the store,- ranning
almost its entire length. The tables are crowded
with Toys and Dolls and Games and everything-
possible to delight tne little folks.
The Fair Store is now ready to receive the
enormous throngs which will pour tbroog'h its
portals during the next two weeks. For yoor own
convenience and profit we advise that you do not
put oft your purchases till the last day or week,
because now the selections are complete and un
broken and vou can 9-et around with more comfort.
We are giving away Free to each of our lady
customers, from the 10th to the 25th,
Ask for them as we are apt to forget: abowt
them durinof the rush.
j Yours for basin-ess,
Richards Bros., - The Fair.
Charles Scott, a Lincola bocwer.
went home full of badge. He raised
a row with his wife and while be
was approaching- her with a butcher
knife to caress her with the weapon
she inserted a bullet in his head
from a 32-caIibre revolver. Scott
mar recover.
A side hunt
was held at Albion
a few days
One item of the
were over 400
oranH cl-i n rrVt pr
raooits. rue iaw aas piacea a
premium on cojote scalps and the
killing ot these for the bounty has
increased the crop of rabbits until
they are doing more mischief than
the covotes, which prev upon rab
bits. Henry Steele, who brought suit
against the Missouri Pacific road
for twenty-five thousand dollars for
the loss of both legs, compromised
last week during the trial for sev
en hundred and fifty. Immediately
after this his attorneys filed a lien
on the seven hundred and fifty of
four hundred, which will leave Steel
just three hundred and fifty dollars
net for bis pair of missing limbs.
There was strong evidence that
Steele was badly intoxicated when
he was injured, and this accounts
for the small amount agreed upon
in the compromise.
J. B. Meserve the newly elected
state treasurer, is working like a
beaver to get bondsmen. He was
going to get one from a guarantee
company but C. J. Smyth, the new
attorney general, advised him that
it would not meet the requirement
of the law. He is therefore work
ing on a personal bond, with the in
tention, it is said, of substituting a
guarantee bond for it within two
weeks after the oSce is turned over
to him. He must have bondsmen
who will qualify for the sum of 52,
There was reasonable ground of
excuse, if not absolute cause, for
Senator Allen's vigorous defense ot
the people of Nebraska and what
he said in behalf of Nebraska is
true of Kansas and all of the other
populist-ridden states. The so
called granger or populist states
are parts of the republic- Whatso
ever cripples their industries or
weakens their credit works injur
iously to the whole Union. It has
been a misfortune to the country
that adverse seasons and poor crops,
the ill effects ot which have been
aggravated by bad tariff legislation
have depressed several of the west
ern states; wnen tne western con
sumer is straightened in purchasing
power the eastern purveyor is
strightened in power to employ
men, and these are straightened in
their power to purchase tie pro
ducts of western farms. In. the
complicated structure of modern so
ciety. A myriad Haks is esc vase chain ae,
Teatk or teH-tlKBfiaaitfi fcceaks tie cfeoia
Eves that much-abused person,
the eastern money shark,' suffers
when Kansas and Nebraska suffer
for he loans with expectation of in
terest, and in dull times interest is
The Fair Store
- in Gala Attire.
paid slowly or not at alL
It is unfortunate that during a
a period of unavoidable irritation
the western, farmers and merchants
were assailed by the rogish bland
ishments of demagogues that
offered a fool panacea of rotten cur
rency and sectional discord. But,
despite the facts that a few mouthy
men and irrational women spoke
high-sounding words from oScial or
semi-oScial altitudes and that here
and there a fellow more fitted by
natural endowment and by de
praved associatioa for the manage
ment of a chuck-a-luck game than
for the interpretation of law was
elevated to a judicial seat, the in
tegrity of the great mass of the
people remains unsotled. Most of
the state judges in Kansas and Ne
braska will deal justly in a contro
versy between an eastern, creditor
and a western debtor, and there is
appeal from those who do aot.
Moreover, a foreigha creditor can
elect to have his cause heard ia a
federal court
-There is no just cause of appre
hension of repodiatioa of western
debts. Hardly less culpable than
the western demagogues who have
sought to engender hatred of the
east are the eastern orators wiw
are impeaching the good faith of
the honest minded majority in the
west. It is time that all this irrita
ting clamor shall cease. The elec
tions are over. A reformed tariff
is in sight. The currency question
is settling itself. A recurrence of
propttiotts seasons reasonably may
be expected. The probabilities are
that the west again is about to be
a factor of and a sharer ia national
prosperity. Bnt, whether their
lot be adverse or prosperous, the
west will continue to be hoaest.
Inter Ocean.
IteekkEE Araiea SaJve
Tbe be9 salve in the world fier amis
braises, sores, leers, slt rheoui, leer
sores, tater, efa&pped fc&ads, cbHWaiuj
corae, aad all skra ecxtpito&s, aad ptei
tively cures piles, or bo pay req-Nced,,
It is gaeraa&eed to give perfeo satisfac
tion or mooey refuodad. Price 23 eeaSs
" For sale by A.F. SSrertx
letdaa-LrRorirr ,
For the annual meeting- of the
state teachers associatioa to be
held at Lincoln, December 2S-3L,
the Union Pacific will sell tickets
at one rate for the round trip from
points in Nebraska.
Call and get rates, liait of tickets,
N. B. Olds, Agent.
Meats at "wholesale and re
tail. Fish and Game in
season. Sausage at all
times. Gash paid for Hides.