The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 15, 1896, Image 1

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10. 104.
Closing Sale!
Owing to an expected change in business we are
. . going to sell our entire stock of . .
Clothing, Hats, Caps, Gents Fur
nishing Goods, Boots and Shoes,
Trunks and Valises
Slaughtering Low Prices.
Call and be convinced that
what we tell you are facts.
Star C
ling Hoe,
. . Weoer & Vollmer. . .
All -parties indebted please call and settle.
Mrs- N. F. Donaldson went to
Omaha this morning".
County derk Burritt is transact-
I insr business in Maxwell to-day.
Mrs. V. E. McCarthy left yester
day for a visit with her parents at
Mrs. M. "VanBrockiin, of Eliza-
! beth, transacted business in town
J. Jj. Minor was a guest of
friends in Grand Island Saturday
and Sunday.
County Treasurer Smith, of Lo
gan county, is attending" court m
this city to-day.
Frank Weingand returned Satur-
i day night from a visit with friends
in York and other towns in the cen
tral part of the state.
The family of W. M. Cunning
ham, the new superintendent of the
waterworks, will arrive in the city
this week.
J. M. Cotton expects his daugh
ter Miss Pearl, who is teaching-
school in Beatrice, to visit him dur
ing" the holidays.
After visiting" North Platte
friends for a day or two, D. H. Ams-
bary left Sunday night for the east-
He will visit us asrain in the
"Will soon be here and everybody is now
thinking as to what they will buy for Christ
mas presents with which to remember their
Has just received a large supply of goods for this occasion which will
make useful presents- Here is a list of some of our specialties:
50 fine Dress Patterns which we offer to sell cheap.
An elegant line of very fine Linens.
A great variety of Moquette and Smyrna Rugs.
Ice Wool and Silk Fascinators of the very finest .made.
Kid Gloves in all styles and colors.
Ladies' and Children's Muffs ariS. Boas.
The finest line of Bed Spreads ever shown in North Platte stores.
Handkerchiefs and Mufflers of every description for ladies and
gentlemen, from one cent up to $3 each.
Pocket Books" of all descriptions.
Baby Bonnets from 25 cents up to $2.50.
A fine Cape or Jacket will make a suitable Christmas present. We
have them in the latest styles.
Or what is the matter with a pair of Henderson's fine button or
lace Shoes for a Christmas present?
Cold nights are here and apair of those all-wool California Blankets
would make a suitable present.
Gents mrf"
We have not forgotten von. We have a fine line of house
Slippers, some very handsome Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, fine Furnish
ing Goods, Gloves, Mittens and Hats.
Gents, if you wish to remember your mother, daughters, or sweet
hearts come to the Boston Store, where you will find many articles
which will make handsome presents, and we will make a special low
price from now until December 23d.
J. Pizer, Prop.
P. S. Albums, work boxes and manicure cases given away with
a certain amount of goods purchased at our store from now until
Barabri&sfe's "'Alabama."
Clement Bainbridge will bring
his famous company in "Alabama"
to Lloyd's on Monday evening of
next week. This is welcome news
for our theatre-goers. The scene,
the sentiment, the surroundings of
Alabama" are all of the south
after the war. The entire action
is out of doors. The play is poetic,
refined, simple, and full of delicate
tenderness. There are no blood
and thunder parts, but the story
told is interesting-. Mr. Thomas is
the first dramatic author to catch
the dreamv fancy of the south
without doing" violence to the
natural sentiment and humanity of
that region. "Alabama" has, it is
said, all the quaint delicacy of a
pastoral, yet deals faithfully with
tact, its poetry being" the simple ex-
oression ot erennine character.
Every sentiment expressed in the
play is on an exalted plane, in keep
ing with its brilliant literary char
acter, the superior excellence of the
actors. The Clement Bainbridge
company, now in the fourth year of
its successful career, is well known
and includes Mr. Bainbridge
himself, Fred Mower, Harry M.
Allen, L. P, Hicks, W. M. Wads-
worth, .Robert Conness, F. W. Ken
sil, Francis Nelson and the Misses
Ethel Irving, Helen Weathersby,
Florence Crosby and Kate Dooling-.
The new Union Pacific ice
house is nearly completed and in
order to rush the work forward sev
eral additional men were put to
work Saturday. The building" is
quite a mammoth one and will hold
nearly 4,000 tons or ice.
The Mormon elders, who it
they left town as reported, remained
away but a short time, made a
house to house distribution or tracts
yesterday. The elders seem, to be
very persistent in xneir enons xo
acquaint the people with the teach
ings of their church.
Pride of Nebraska Hive No. 1,
Ladies of the Maccabees, held their
regular election last Saturday after
noon with thef olio wing result: P.L.
C Mrs. Elizabeth Otten;L. C,. Mrs.
Mary Perritt; L. L. C, Mrs. Sarah
WiUiams;L. R. EL,Miss Pink Jones;
L. F. K., Miss Jennie White; L. S.
Mrs. Sophia Ziebert; L. M. at A.,
Mrs. Magnolia Duke; L. taentmel,
Mrs. Stevue; L. Picket, Mrs. Emma
Walsh; L. C, Mrs. Martha New
Qcdstsas Caatata
The Methodist Sunday-school has
in preparation a very pretty cantata
which will be given at Keith's Hall
on Christmas eve, December 24th.
Entertainments given by
iolks are always interesting-
cute, and the cantata will be no ex
ception to the rule. Tickets willbe
furnished the general public at fif
teen cents each.
Is Hot an Applicant.
Street corner gossip has it that
R. H. Langford is an applicant for
the post office, and that he made a
trip east in the furtherance of his
interest in that direction. Mr.
Langford wishes it distinctly under
stood that he is not, never has been
nor will he be a candidate for the
post office or any other position in
this town or county, and that all
reports of that kind, so far as he is
concerned, are utterly without
"Will ?eed the Children.
As has been the usual custom
the Episcopal Sunday-school will
have a large and well filled tree on
Christmas evening-, preceded by
songs and recitations. Following
the tree exercises, a turkey supper
will be served to the children in the
guild house. The scholars are look-ing-
forward with much pleasure to
not only the tree but to the
elegant supper as well. On this
occasion the south and north side
schools will be united.
Beady Tor tie Holiday Trade.
Perhaps never in the history of
the city have the stores been so well
supplied with those articles which
are in demand at Christmas times,
and best of all the goods are marked
at exceedingly low prices. There
are none so poor in pocketbook but
that they will be able to purchase
remembrances of one kind or an
other for their relatives and friends.
It is really a treat to visit the stores
and see the many pretty and useful
articles which are offered for sale,
and it must be evident to all that
there is no need of sending" out of
town for Christmas present.
Election, of Officers.
Mazeppa. lodge, .Knights Jot.
Pythias, -held its annual election of
officers Friday evening with the
following resnlt: Chancellor Com
mander, M. C. Harrington; "Vice
Chancellor, C. F. Tracy; Prelate,
Leo Hart; M. of E.-, P. W. Sitton;
M. of F John Sullivan; Keeper of
Records and Seals, H J. Roth; M.
A., C. O. Weingand; Trustees, H,
V. Hilliker, R- L. Graves and John
Sorenson. The installation willbe
held the first week in January.
North Platte Camp, Modern
Woodmen, will hold its annual elec
tion of officers on Wednesday
evening next, and after the election
will indulge in a social, at which
sandwiches and coffee will be served
A full attendance of members is desired.
They Deserve to be Boasted.
It frequently happens that when
young" men become intoxicated and
conduct themselves in such a man
ner as to be taken before a police
magistrate, the relatives and friends
of the young men call at the news
paper offices and request that noth
ing be said of the matter. The
relatives and friends of such
young" men are no doubt en
titled to sympathy on such occa
sions, but The Tribune holds that
if the young" men do not have suf
ficient respect for themselves and
relatives and friends to keep out of
drunken brawls, they should be
. Erom now till after Christmas.
1 First National Bank,
All Otir Coats and Capes
gfo at Half Price.
Monday, Dec. 21.
Glement Bainbridge's Go.
leui York Players,
roasted" to a dark brown by the
newspapers. If young" men do not
want their names to appear in these
columns in connection with drunks
and fights, thev must not engage in
Pair aad S upper.
The ladies of St. Patrick's church
will srive a fair and suoDer at
loyd's opera house on Wednesday
and Thursdav eveniusrs of this
week. On Wednesday evening
oysters will be served in every
style and on Thursday a hot chick
en supper, with all the other acces
sories will be served. The ladies of
the sewing" circle will have two
tables or booths at which a large as
sortment of novelties and fancy
articles, suitable for Christmas
presents, will be offered for sale.
The young ladies will also have a
fancy table and a candy table from
which the choicest home made con-
ectionerv will be sold. A fish pond
with innumerable curiosities will
be provided ior the little folks.
ach night a very lauguable farce
entitled, "In the Wrong- Clothes"
will be rendered by the Columbia
Dramatic Club. Supoer will be
served from 5:30 during- the rest of
be evening. Admission 10 cents.
pper 25 cents. Everybodv cor
dially invited.
We have received a copy of the
Petersburg- (Ind.) Press containing
an account of the murder of
Matthew McMurray, father of our
townsman R. A. McMurray, by W.
w . x ucker. The snooting- occurred
on Monday morning- of last week
and the victim died the
morning", a pea king ot the affair
Our fine 820 and $25 plush capes 812.00.
Our fine 12 and 815 plush capes 7.50.
"Fine SiS and 820 fur capes 12.00.
AH our capes and coats must be closed out regardless
of cost. "We hare just received a large line of French
cimia and cut glass ware, now on exhibition. A
large line of Silk Mufflers, and Genuine Embroidered
Handkerchiefs. Also a large line of Seal Muffs in orices
rrom $z.du to $
"We oSer in our dress soods department this week
our 1.75 blacfe silk at 1.25 per yard. "We have also a
few fine dress patterns in silk and wool, in all colors, now
An rv a r.i r r T T r t .
JSo.UU, tormer price $12. UU. w e also carry the hnest line
of men s, ladies and children s shoes in the city. Call
and be convinced, at
Augustas Thomas Masterpiece.
Advance sale at Clinton's Jewelrv
Store. Tickets 50 and 75 cts.
the Press says: Several different
accounts of the difficulty have been
given and we are at a loss to know
which is correct. Mr. McMurrav
ls hauling- earn from his farm
bur miles east of Petersburg- which
is occupied by Tucker and bringing
it to Alford where he was cribbing-
at home. Some say that when
McMurray drove into the field for a
oad of corn Tucker said to him.
'Mac, there are six rows of corn
eft here; how will we divide it?" to
which McMurray replied to the
effect that he had another settle
ment to make with him and struck
Tucker with the check lines: the
after warned him to let him alone
and both men began to shoot, each
one firing- four or five shots. Mc
Murray was struck in the abdomen.
ne ball penetrating the stomach;
Tucker was unhurt.
G. J. Hunt of Omaha was in town
Friday morning.
Eh Etchison is shipping- baled
hay from Hershey.
The Home Forum order had their
first ovster supper on Tuesday
evening and a very pleasant even
ing was passed.
John Ritner or Ritner precinct
transacted business at this point
on Tuesday.
E. A. Crosby finished his term as
juryman and came home Tuesday.
He seems glad to be out of the
bos" and at home once more.
Chas. Charlstrom received a
fVi -T--f! or4i'Krfrl Tin or frnm fhf pactprn
part o fthe state on Friday.
John Lute or .faxton transacted
business in town on Wednesday.
N. B. Whitesides has about re
covered from his recent illness.
G. W. Applegate &. G. C. White
shipped a car of hogs the first of
he week.
Dick Roberts of the Birdwood
was in town Thursday.
Geo. Emerson took in the sights
at North Platte on Friday.
Miss Erma Pierson ot Keith
countv is spending the week with
friends in this village.
Frank Carpenter is taking a few
days lay off and the wily goose has
to sutrer.
The firm of W, C Blackmore & Co
has desolved partnership and W.
C. continues the business at this
East week while Geo. Dufiield
was loading sneiis some powqer
exploded and he had a very close
-1 - t t r -f i .
call, as it is nc wiu ue connnea xo
the house for some time-
The Tales hotel is being- hard
finished and painted this week and
will soon be ready for occupancy.
Jens Christensen has purchased a
bicycle and "flls" are numerous in
thi locality jy5t at present.
David hunter was a iaxton vis
itor on Thursday.
Miss McClain of eastern Keith
countv was on our streets Satur
G. P. Coates and Mr. Brown of
Paxton passed through town on
their wheels Wednesday enrgute to
North Platte. -
Pattie irpm Holy ok e Col. pur
chased potatoes from G. C. White
on Thursday and will haul them
overland, Citizen
The Fair Store
in Gala Attire.
ANTA CLAUS is here-at the Fair Store ready
to receive the children of North Platte and all
the surrounding-country. He has established his
headquarters in the center of the store, running"
almost its entire length. The tables are crowded
with Toys and Dolls and Games and every
thing possible,to delight the little folks.
The Fair Store is now ready to receive the
enormous throngs which will pour through its
portals during the next two weeks. For your own
convenience and profit we advise that you do not
put off your purchases till the last day or week,
because now the selections are complete and un
broken and you can get around with more comfort.
We are giving away Free to each of our lady
customers, from the loth to the 25th,
Ask for them as we are apt to
them during- the rush.
Yours for business,
Richards Bros., - The Fair.
Seniles to the Jacksoziias Club.
Milton D 00 little, of this city, some
time afo received a letter from the
Jacksonian Club of Omaha citing-
him to appear on Dec 12th and
show cause why he should not be
expelled from that organization on
account of the part he took in the
recent fight for sound money. As
ilr. Doolittle could not attend on
the above date, he mailed the fol
lowing" letter:
Xorth Platte. Neb.. Dec W. IS&i
Henrv Blum, Esq., Sec. Jacfcsontan Chib.
- -i
Dear Sir: I am la receipt of your esteemed
favor of tbe COtk ultimo, notifriar me to ap
pear before yoor club on December lira aad
shovr cause vrhj I should not be expelled
from the Jacksonian Club.
It opposing: and refnslneto support Messrs.
Brvan and Sewall for tae presidency and
slce-preaidencT respectively, on tbe Chicago
platform of 1S66, is. in the estimation of a
majority- ot your memDers. a gexxi ana saia-
cient reason for my expulsion from the club.
please do not delay the
longer than necessary.
decapitation asr
In lookine over tke
roster of your oCcera at the head of your
letter. I find that I will be in excellent com-
anv. and that my head will fall into the
-as:et alone: with those of voor president.
at least three out of seven of your board of
directors, and at least two out of five of your
executive committee.
It is very evident that you. and those who
agree with you. do not as yet fully compre
hend of what stuff gold democrats are made.
Our idea of party fealty is not that of slavish
submission to the behests of self-coagtitsted
party leaders, who may. aided by a lalse
sentiment, temporarily eain control of the
party machinery. Our idea is this, expressed
most cogently oy tne - Dara or Avon.
this a cove an: to tmne own sett oe true:
And it must follow, as the night the day:
Thou canst not then be false to any man."
These are the motives that actuated us. and
"if that be treason, maie the most of it."
Your position, if followed to its logical con
clusion, would mean this, that if enough tree
silver republicans had left their party, aad
come to you. to nave torcea a ruga protective
tariff piant in the Chicago platform . you
would still have voted the ticket. That may
be your idea of a democrat, but it is not my
idea ot an Independent American citizen. In
my opinion, were Andrew Jacks oa alive ami
a member of your club, you would be obliged
to expell him too.
v ery respecrruuy.
petitioned for by A. B. Hall was al
lowed. The claim of L,. Armstrong'
for 25.00. for damages on account
of the location of said road on north
line of northeast quarter of section
17-14-30, was disallowed.
The following- bonds for asses
sors were approved: Y H. Sher
man, W. S: Peniston, John H. Jen
kins, A. J. Neel, Fred Kade, A.
Beach and 25". C. Anderson. Bonds
for justices ot the peace approved
as follows: D. E. Baker, A. E.
Moore. Fred Leach and Peter Muir.
Bonds for overseer of highways ap
proved as follows: G-. W. Apple
gate, Martin Imndy, Fred Edelman
and R. H. Kilmer. Bonds for con
stables approved as follows: I. O.
Baker and Edmund Dickey.
Board adjourned to meet Dec.
19th, 18.
December 9th Board met; pres
ont Hill, Hardin and Thomson and
county- clerk. Claim of Mrs.TV.Rite
nour of S4.65 for personal tax paid
under protest for 1895 was con
sidered and allowed and county
treasurer ordered to refund.
A. M. Stoddard was appointed
assessor for Hinman precinct. The
following- claims were allowed on
the bridge fund: J. A. "Weliiver
510.00, "Win. Johnson 21.00, W. W.
Young: 31. 75, J. H. Moran 1S.0O, J.
H. Moran 18.00 allowed for 13.50,
Wm. Facka 3.00, H. C. "Welch 3.00,
Gus Ogroskey 12.00, P. G. Meyer
42. SO. An agreement was entered
into with Pat Ruddy, the board
agreeing- to pay Ruddy 15.00 for
cleaning vault at court house and
lor ttiat at the iail: Ruddv to
be paid with general fund warrant
m July, 1S9.
December 10th Board met; pres
ent full board and county clerk.
The following- claims were allowed:
P. G. Meyer 107.20, S. Mang 16.00.
James Belton 4.55. Road 2vo. 144
was changed as petitioned by C. A.
Glaze and others. Road 2so. 17
was changed as petitioned for by
G. F. Meyers and others.
December 11th Board met; pres
ent full board and county clerk. An
order was issued on coquty treas
urer for 5155.25 n favor of Saml.
Funkhouer ior road work done in
Road District 2so. 4 for the Union
Pacific Ry.
Claim of W. T. Elliott for bridg-e
work 514.00 and claim of Henry
jSelscn 12.00, allowed on bridge
A continuation - of Road 2vo. 11
Thursday evening-. December 17,..
is the date fixed by the Omaha Com
mercial Club to entertain the newly
elected state officers and show them
the elephant and tiger of the city.
The Beatrice city council has an
anti-cigarette ordinance on its "file
for action. Fiiteen women of the city
who do not themselves smoke the
filthy and deadly things, appeared
and urged its passage. It is still
on file.
T. B. Lantz shipped from this
point this week two carloads of
sugar beets. Grand Island beings
their destination, and for which he
received 55 per ton. He cultivated,
last season five acres and his yield
was twelve tons to the acre. Lex
ington Pioneer.
Secretary Carlisle in his report to
congress recommends the appropri
ation of 5125,000 to complete the
government building- at Omaha,
This will make an excess of SlflO.
000 in the amount of the original
estimate. These things always
mount upwards at an alarming-rate
wnen tne jrovernmet s monev
are opened.
The secretary of the treasury
recommends appropriations for Ke
braska federal business the coming
year as follows: For internal rev
enue service s4,000: support of
Santee Sioux of Nebraska as well
as Sioux of other tribes, 585,000;
for Pancas in Nebraska and South.
Dakota, 515,500; Indian school,
Genoa, Neb., 556,900.
Statx op Ohio, Crrr of Tocedo, ?
Lccas Cot. $
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
is the senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co., doing business in the city
of Toledo, county and state aforesaid,
and that said firm will pay the sum. ot
and every case of Catarrh that cannot
be cured" by the use of Hat.ts Caiaebsc
Ccke. Fsxsk. J . CHEmrr.
Sworn to before tae and subscribed
in mv presence, this 6th day of Decem
ber, A. D. A. W. GiasASOjr
( Notary Public
Hall's Catarrh Care is taken fn tern ally
and acts directly on tne biood ana mu
cueas serf aces of the system. Send for
F. J. CHE-firr & Co-, Toledo, Ohio
Sold by druggists, 75c Hall's Family
PilLa axe the best. 3
Maccaline will cure any case of itching
piles. It has never failed. It affords
xsstant relief, and a cure in due time'..
Price .25 and 50 cents. Hade by Fostei
-Manufacturing Co. and sold -by. A.