The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 11, 1896, Image 4

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You will want to make somebody happy by giving them a nice Christmas present. Our store is
full of goods that will please you. Here are a few of the things we have:
LAMP DEPT. Creams, " ! ' Castors, 1 CURTAIN DEFT. ' LINEN DEPT
We are showing 25 styles of vases and Cups and Saucers, i;j . Cake Baskets, V$g?.; Chenile Curtains $3.25 and $4.25 a pair. TVe have a few fine grade table cloths
banquet lamps from $1.15 to $8.50. and almost everything you can think of, all in: Pin Cushions, ;j ' Lace Curtains $1.00 to $6.00 a pair. with napkins to match.
This is the largest variety ever shown here, a great variety of patterns. Mugs, : -. J - ? . Window Shades all prices. Turkish Towels.
Calanders,' . T: - Linen Towels, etc.
CROCKERY DEPT. GLASSWARE DEPT. Thermometers, Jy" t Chenile Table Covers from 35 cte. to $1.75.
We have 5 patterns of English Decorated 27 patterns of Water Sets, ;.. Ink Stands, ";' . KNIT GOODS DEFT CHRISTMAS GOODS.
ware, 1 pattern of Decorated China, 2 patterns Wine Sets, Mirrors, etc. Ice Wool Shawls ' Celluloid Handkercheif Boxes, .
of plain white China, Syracuse and Haviland. Berry Sets, .. MOTION HFPT Silk Fascinators! - .Celluloid Glove Boxes. -
We have full crates of these and you can Table Sets, -.--3-; 1U11U1 lbl 1. Wool Fascinators ' : Celluloid Necktie Boxes,
make up a set to suit yourself. Tumblers, , " '. ' -' " Purses from 5 cents to $1.25, 0,sh'anters Celluloid Work Boxes, -
Footed Jellies, etc. ;- Cotton Handkerchiefs, Child's Roman Toques, etc. Celluloid Collar and Cuff Boxes, . .
CHINA DEPT, v Silk Handkerchiefs, - ' Celluloid Toilet Cases,
We have HARDWARE DEPT. Embroidered Handkerchiefs, - I UNDERWEAR DEFT. Celluloid Photo Albums, N
Chocolate Sets, . . . - " Pocket Knives . Mufflers, ' We have the best variety ever shown here Celluloid Picture Frames,
Solitare Sets, Shears, - Embroidered Pillow Shams, z Celluloid Jewel Cases, -
Table Sets, Razors, . - Side Combs, OVERALL DEPT. Celluloid Hair Pin Boxes.
Cake Plates, . Carving Sets, ' : . :r v. Fancy Hair Pins, etc. Heavy Cottonade Pants 75 .cts. to $1.00. We can't give you a full list; call and see
Bread and Butter Plates. Skates, Duck Coats all prices. for yourself.
Chop Plates, : Nickel Plated Tea and Coffee Pots. . ; GLOVE DEFT. I The best Overall you ever saw for 65 cts.
. Celery Dishes. ' . Granite Ware, etc Ladies' Kid Gloves, rfcTjivr TOyS. lOyS.
SaladDishes H Ladies' Silk Mittens, II A 1 AnD tAF LIJqFI.
: ' SILVERWARE, Ladies' wool Mittens, . Queen City Hats $2.oo. Everything to make the little
Comb and Brush Trays, " Table Sets, . Children's Mittens, . v fXcaps, . . Ones happy. w-
Mush and Milk Sets ' - Syrup Pitchers, -fvY' ' Men's Gloves, Scotch Caps, ' , :'c . .
Berry Sets, Tea Pots, ' . ' ; ' " Men's Mittens. Boys Scotch Caps, - : " ":""- . V " -5 fe.. . .
Sugars, Bread Trays, The Largest Line in town. A Large Variety.
The above only gives you a small idea of the endless variety we carry. It will pay you to come early, as we are dispos
ing of a great many of these goods now the supply will not last. Our prices are marked with our usual narrow margin.
Tours for a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year,
Red Men's Masquerade Ball
One of the switching crews in
the Union Pacific yards was pulled
off yesterday.
For want of patronage the
TTnrdin temoerance billiard hall
has been closed.
There is considerable sickness
among- children in the city. Few
nf flip rases, however, are of a se
rious nature.
W.H. C. Woodhurst is helping
out the clerical force in the county
treasurer's office, the work being
greater than the regular employes
can perform.
Deputy Sheriff Keliher returned
yesterday from Cheyenne where he
went for the purpose of obtaining
some evidence connecting John Cur-
tin with the Einstein store rob
bery. All the school children are in
vited to the good lecture on the
Yosemite Valley" at the opera
house this evening. They will not
need any tickets, but will be ad
mitted for a nickel.
District court adjourned Wed
nesday until the 15th inst., when
Judge Grimes will preside. Judge
Norris left for his home in Beaver
Citv the same nierht. His work
j w
"on the bench has been highly com
plimented by the local attorneys.
Guy Xaing returned Tuesday
night from a visit to his ranch in
Cheyenne county. He rode his
wheel from Sidney to the ranch a
distance of thirty-five miles. On
his return trip to Sidney he covered
the distance in a little over two
J. A Wilcox, of McCook, Neb.,
deputy supreme president of the
fraternal order known as the Star
of Jupiter, is in the city with a
view of organizing a lodge. North
Platte is pretty well supplied with
fraternal orders, but like in the old
stage coach, there is room for more.
The ladies ot the Catholic
church will hold a fair at the opera
house on Wednesday and Thursday
evenings of next week. Quite a
large amount of fancy and useful
articles will be offered for sale, and
during the early part of each even
ing a fine supper will be served.
After supper the Columbia Drama
tic .Club will produce a play on the
Mrs. G. S. Huffman will sell rib-bons-at
and blow cost during the
-month ot December. Some rare
bargains, call and see.
B. Warner is having a ware-
the rear of his
house erected in
furniture store.
A lifeless thorougbred pig con
signed to Henry Weil was received
at the express office yesterday, the
animal having died in transit.
The Eastern Star chapter met
in regular session last evening" and
at the close of lodsre exercises held
a pleasant social.
Geo. G. McKay and John Feder
hoof succeded in killing" a fine lot of
quail Wednesday. There have been
more of these birds killed this fall
than ever before.
A mask skating" party was held
at the opera house Wednesday
eveninr, at which Misses Hainline
and Iandgraf fig-ured as hostesses.
The vouner folks are reported to
have had a very merry time.
Will Soon be Here.
We have a fine assortment
of pretty little gifts suitable
for any one.
The Jeweler.
Con Walker returned yesterday
from the McPherson national cem
etery, where he had been employed
for several weeks in building a
brick stable tor the government.
The meeting to consider the
question of issuing" bonds to build
a new school house will be held at
the court house on Thursday even
ing of next week.
Arthur McNamara has sold his
property on west Second street to
F. J. Clabaugh, who has occupied
the house for some time past. The
consideration was not learned.
We learn that Geo. W. Dillard
will make application for a position
as engineer on the union Pacific
George was for many years a faith
ful emplove, and has never felt
fully contented since leaving the
road a couple of years ago.
The jury in the case of the
State against Christy and Mason
found the defendants guilty of
grand larceny. The defendants'
attorneys made a motion for a new
trial, but were overruled. The de
fendants were sentenced to .three
years in the penitentiary.
The county commissioners are
still in session considering" road and
bridge mattters.
The Methodist Sunday-school
is preparing to give a.Christmas
entertainment which, it is said,
will be especially fine.
Several additiontional wells
from which to pump water for
Union Pacific use, are being sunk
north of the round house.
Maggie Colin, of Cottonwood,
was in town this week making"
proof of a claim against the govern
ment for properly destroyed by the
Indians many years ago.
At the Y. M. C. A. meeting
Sunday Mr. Hollingsworth will give
a report of the state convention.
The convention was remarkable in
several respects, and all the associ
ation men should hear the report.
The force in the county treas
urer's office is kept very busy these
days making out receipts for those
who have been delinquent on per
sonal taxes and who desire to pay
up in order to evade having an ex
ecution issued against them.
It is figured that while it costs
510,000 a year to support the
churches of North Platte, 530,000 is
spent for tobacco, cigars and budge.
And yet there is not a church in the
city that is not having" more or less
difficulty in raising funds to meet
the expenses. If every man in town
who uses tobacco or drinks would
curtail his expenditures on these
articles one-tenth during 1897 and
donate that tenth to the churches
the latter would be in a fiouurishing
condition financially.
The ordination of Dr. Fisher
into the ministry at the Baptist
cnurcn ruesaay evening" drew a
crowd which more than filled the
seating capacity of the church.
Those who took part in the services
were Rev. Dr. Culliss of Omaha.Rev.
Evans of Paxton, Rev. Williams of
Lincoln, Rev. Everts of Omaha,
Rev Clark of Omaha, and Rev.
Foulk of this city, the latter ex
tending" a welcome to Dr. Fisher on
behalf of the people of North Platte.
The sermon delivered by Dr. Culliss
was one of the most finished, touch
ing and eloquent ever delivered in
this city, in fact this writer has
heard none delivered in North
Platte that was superior. Rev.
Beecher and Rev Verner also as
sisted in the exercises. The Tri-
BDNE'extends the hand of good-will
to Dr, Rev. Fisher and wishes him
abundant success in his chosen
The W. R. C. and G. A. R. will
hold a social at the residence of
Alonzo McMichael this evening".
The forecast is for a continua
tion ot the fine weather we have
been having for several days past.
Pay checks for the road men
were received yesterday and consid
erable money was put in circula
tion. James Patterson marketed a
number of fine hogs yesterday, re
ceiving 52.-50 per hundred for them.
This pays better than selling" corn
for thirteen cents.
A government official was in
town this week investigating the
claims of Messrs. Baker, Hinman,
Peniston and others, who suffered
loss of property and stock during
the Indian raids twenty-five or
more years ago. These claims
have been hanging fire for a num
ber of years, but it is believed that
they will eventually be paid.
Dr. Duncan was called to Her
shey Wednesday evening to attend
an eight year old daughter of Henry
Cook, who had a leg broken while
playing during school recess.
Smoke Wright's Royal Sports
and Havana Rose 5-cent cigar.
Dr. Culliss will lecture at the
opera house- this evening on the
Yosemite Valley, illustrating his
talk by means of a stereopticon.
This lecture will prove a treat to
all who attend.
Carl Brodbeck re-opened the
City Meat Market, opposite the
Hotel Neville, yesterday and is now
ready to supply customers with a
choice quality of meats of all kinds.
Mr. Brodbeck solicits a share of
your patronage.
J. S. Hoagland has been ap
pointed referee in the case of Wil
liam Brown against John Keith,
ana will tane evidence ana mate a
finding. A. S. Baldwin has been
appointed referee in the case of
Summer vs. Holmes.
Cecil Gates, secretary of the
railroad department of the Y. M. C.
A., will visit this city the early
part of January and will assist
Secretay Hollingsworth for a week
or so in working up a scheme
which will mean much for the local
It is rumored that Smith Clark
will return to North Platte and
again engage in the coal business.
Mr. Clark, it is said, has been dis
satisfied ever since leaving this
city and has been anxious to get
back. TheJnends of Mr. and Mrs.
Clark will certainly be glad to have
them return.
The force in the U. P- black
smith shop is working to-day, as
are also a number of employes of
the machine shops.
The water in the South Platte
river, which has been been creep
ing eastward for several weeks,
reached a point opposite this city
Sheriff Miller expected to take
Christy and Mason to the pen last
night, but other matters came up
which would not permit him leaving.
He will make the trip within the
next few days.
The Fair Store is now ready to
fill the wants of all those desiring
Christmas presents. This estab
lishment has on exhibition a line
of holiday goods, which for variety
and splendor is unsurpassed. The
toy department is especially large,
and customers will find at the Fair
Store everything needed in this
line. Richards Bros, will be pleased
to have you call and inspect their
elegant stock.
A barrel of fine flavored juicy
apples is better than a med
icine chest in any household
and will save many a doc
tor bill. Buy a barrel of fine
New York Baldwins or Greenings
at Harrington & Tobin's for only
52.50. These apples, if eaten just
before retiring, are warranted to
promote sound and healthful sleep.
Scientists declare that the apple
has remarkable medicinal qualities.
"Pegleg" McDonald, who un
fortunately looks too often upon
the wine when it is red, imbibed
freely of fighting tanglefoot yester
day afternoon and succeeded in
raising considerable disturbance.
He first had a set-to with one of
the Jones boys, in which neither.
was very much disficrured. He
then raised a disturbance in front
of the Hotel Neville, using foul, in
decent and boisterous language.
Complaint was made against him
and a warrant issued for his ar
rest. Marshal Morgan rounded up
McDonald after supper and started
nto the jail with him. On the way
officer Davis was passed and Mc
Donald and he had some words,
and McDonald becoming obstreper
ous, defied the officers to land him
in jail. Quite a tussle ensued, in
which the prisoner fought savagely
and "basted" each officer, getting
a clubbing in return. He was
finally landed in a buggy and driv
en to jail. He will have a hearing
this afternoon on the double charge
of. disturbing the peace and resist
ing an officer.
It Has Paid Civets;
It Will Pay Yoix
To come and inspect our new line of goods for
the Holiday trade. ....
We will sell you goods cheaper than you can buy
the same article in Omaha or Chicago. Come
and be convinced by seeing the goods and get
ting our price
Yours for low prices and good goods,
HARRY DIXON, Jeweler and Engraver.
--XjXj C3-OOZ3S FUSE OP C-fl-SSG-X:.
We Sell
There is no two ways about that.
We sell it cheap too. We have all grades from the
cheapest to the best. Just now our stock is very com
plete. You can find a good Christmas present for the
young or the old. Something in the line of Fancy
Rockers at very Low Prices.
Folding Beds, Chiffoners, Side Boards, Chamber
Suits, Household Sewing Machines, Stands in
Onyx Wood and Reed, Book Oases and Desks,
Couches and Lounges, Easels, Slipper Oases,
Foot-stools and many other articles at extremely
Low Prices
We have just received a new line of Picture
Moulding and if you expect to get your pictures
framed before the holidays, bring them in now. We
have Feathers, Down and Hair by the pound for cush
ions or pillows. Call and see us in our new location.
Odd Fellows' Block.
Santa Claus Headquarters.
Toys, Dolls and Fancy Articles,
and a Store Full of
Christmas Goods.
- C. AL Newton.
Come in and
see them.
4 V
3 - V