The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 08, 1896, Image 1

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vol. xn.
NO. 102.
Closing Sale!
Owing to an expected change in business we are
. . going to sell our entire tock of . .
Clothing, Hats, Caps, Gents' Fur
nishing Goods, Boots and Shoes,
Trunks and Valises
Slauglitering I
Call and be convinced that
what we tell you are facts.
Star Clothing
. . Weber SWollmer. . .
All parties indebted please call and settle.
1 No. 3496 lil
First National Bank?
There's tto Use!
(see the same on the leg. them, when IT'S NOT SO
If you are posted you canoi be deceived. We write
this to post you. SOLD ON y
A I DAVIS T1?e&nd Only Hardware Man
etc., at Lowest Pricey Record.""""
1 - : 'Jfcring refitted i our rooms in the fMo st , thepnbHo
lis invited to call andree us, insonnJ
finest' Wines, Liquors aridjgars at the
1 ' Our billiard Jiall is supplied witli 'jfoesfc make of tables
knd competent attendants will sup, oli .
Low I Prices.
CAPITAL, - - $50,000.
SURPLUS, - - $22,500.
-fl S. White, - - - President.
k A, White, - Yice-Pres't.
Jlrthur McNamara, - Cashier.
-'A general banking business
You can't find in these
United States the Equal
of the Genuine
Round Oak.
You may try; you'll get
left. Remember, it's the
combination of good points
that makes the Perfect
Stove. That's where we'
'-They cei n't steal the whole
stoye, They steal one
thing and think they have
it all, but it FAILS. They
build another. It fails.
Still they keep on crying
ood as the KOUJND
AK. Some neculiar
merchants snv f.rmv liavo
H. C. Rennie was a Maxwell
visitor Sunday.
Mrs. kewis Leonard and children
are visiting relatives in Fremont.
Miss Kate Barker is the gruest of
Grand Island friends this week.
Mrs. F. E. Bullard left yesterday
for a visit with friends in Omaha.
D. C. Congdon was" a visitor in
Omaha the latter part of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Strahorn left
for the east on yesterday morning's
Mrs. F. W. Rincker leaves to
morrow for a visit with Omaha
Henry Appleford and "Trot"
Roberts, of Maxwell, were in town
Miss Nora Kinsman, of Julesburg
has been the guest of North Platte
friends for a few days past.
W. C. Blackmore, the Suther-
lands druggist, was the guest of
North Platte friends Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fredk. Baker re
turned the latter part of the week
from a pleasant visit in Omaha.
Mrs. Eva Reece4 of this city de
partment inspector of the W. R. C.
visited the corps at Gandy last
Mr. aud Mrs. Cummings, of Il
linois, were the guests of Mr. and
M. Uoolittle the latter part of the
Peter McGlone, who during the
past year has been working at his
trade in Illinois, is in town visiting
Colonel Cody is expected home
from the Bir Horn countrv about
the 15th inst, and will remain in
town until after Christmas.
Dr. Galbraith, of Omaha, arrived
in the city lastnight.and this after
noon started on a trip up between
the rivers in company with E. F.
Will Coleman expects to leave
this week for Atlantic, Iowa, where
Mrs. Coleman has been visiting for
several weeks. Mr. Coleman has
the otter of two positions in Chicago,
and it is likely he will accept one of
Will Soon be Here.
We have a fine assortment
of pretty little gifts suitable
for any one.
The Jeweler.
The Woman's Relief Corps last
Saturday afternoon elected the fol
lowing officers: President, Mrs. J.
W. Voodry; senior vice president,
Mrs. Dickey; junior vice president,
Mrs. Gus Snrith; treasurer Mrs. T.
C. Patterson ; chaplain, Mrs.
Masouj guard, Mrs. Jas. McMich-
ael; delegates to the state conven-
i.: 1 X TXT TTT T: 3 r
liuii, mib, v. v. xuge aim lvirs.
J. C. Orr; alternates, Mrs. A. S.
Baldwin and Mrs. Black. The state
convention will meet at Hastings
the time of the state encampment
of the G. A. R.
The Wilcox Dept. S.tore, an in
stitution tht helieyes in a liberal
use pf printer's ink, uses a half
page in to-day's paper in order to
acquaint the people that it is head
quarters for goods suitable for
Christmas presents, as well as for
other purposes. By visiting the
Wilcox store you will be able to
select nice presents without much
of a strain upon your purse in
othr words goods are being sold at
very low prices.
December 4th Board met pur
suant to call of county clerk; pres
ent Thomson, Hardin and county
clerk. The board proceeded to examine
the new bridge over Fremont slough
(in road. o. 6.
' 'December 5th. Board met, pres
ent Thomson, Hardin and county
clerk. Claim of Beach I. Hinman
for $21.70, tax paid under protest,
came up and after due investigation
the following order was issued: "B.
Buchanan, county treasurer you
will refund to Beach I. Hinman
city tax for the year 1892, S13,'44,
paid under protest, and city tax' for
the year 1893, S8. 26; paid under
protest. Signed R. D. 'Thomson,
Geo. 3D. Hatdin. county commis
sioners'. " '
4 Claim of. Joseph Fillion S25.85 for
ballot boxes, -etc:, was allowed on
general fund.
Offers for the old bridge over Fre
mont slough were examined, and
that of Lt. D. Thqelecke, for $10.25,
being the highest and best offer,
the bridge was sold to L. D. Thoel-
ecke, and county clerk ordered to
give bill of sale for same on receipt
of payment.
The executive committee of the
Commercial club has had a state
ment prepared, ahowing the busi
ness conditions existing in the
state and drawing comparisons
which show the improvements
which have been experienced in all
lines of business within the past
few months. The statement is
most conservative in its nature,
and was prepared with the greatest
care, in order to avoid any suspic
ion of "booming." It will be sent
by the Commercial club to the most
prominent eastern papers with a
request that it be published. The
full text of the document is as fol
lows: What's the matter with Ne
braska? Two years ago the legis
lature appropriated $150,000 in aid
of the drouth-stricken settlers on
the western frontier, a region
which prospered when devoted ex
clusively to stock grazing, and can
only be tilled when irrigated.
This year the corn crop was the
greatest in the history of the state,
o r rn rr i i i r n O
odu.uuu.uuu ousiieis. iuore man o,-
000,000 acres were planted to corn
this vear, and the averace yield
Was forty-five bushels to the acre
and of this vast crop more than
200,000,000 bushels will be exported.
Much of it is being shipped to the
gulf ports. It is estimated that no
less than 100.000,000 bushels will
be fed to the herds of cattle and
hogs this winter, making a revival
of the live stock industry unprece
dented in the history of Nebraska.
Millions of dollars have beed bor
rowed bv stock raisers who are
taking advantage of the low price
of corn and have bougflit feeders,
which will be ready for the market
next spring. In, Dodge county
alone, over 150,000jsheep are bein
wintered. There is an enormous
increase in the number of cattle
being wintered on the ranges. The
estimate of the " number of Ne
braska hogs which will be ready for
the market next year is 2,000,000.
Ivast year the total business of
the packing houses was not so
great in volume as in preceding
years. The drouth cut short the
supply of corn and grass, com
pelling stock-growers to, dispose ot
their stock at a disadvantage.
Stock receipts at the South Omaha
3ards for the six months ending
October 31, 1895, reached a total of
20,917 cars, while for the corres
ponding months this year the total
stock receipts amount to 23,360
cars. These figures show the re
covery from drouth conditions ot
two or three years ago. Those
who make a business of gathering
information on this subject say
there is more live stock in Ne
braska being fed for the market
than ever before in the history of
the state. When this stock shall
have been turned into money next
year," the season of business de
pression will be at an end.
Figures are at hand showing a
steadjr increase this year in the
business of the packing houses. A
notable feature of the trade is the
iucreased demand tor sheep, One
packer, who slaughtered but 9,510
sheep from May to November, 1895,
this year has killed 6S.708, over 600
per cent increase. Enormous in
crease is also shown in the number
of cattle and hogs slaughtered.
From May to November, 1895, this
house slaughtered 150, 691 hogs, and
68,361 cattle, as against 217453
hogs and 81,725 cattle this yean
During the same period, another
packer shows a proportion ol" in
crease that is niost gratifying.
Last year he killed 66,000 hogsand
2,000 cattle, while for six months
this year he has killed 90,000 hogs,
and 2,100 cattle. Another packer
gives figures on the value of his
product sold during the months
ending October 31. 1895. at $3,350,
000, while this year the total is
$3,500,000. This packer purchased;
during the period, named in 1895,
31,856 cattle," 122,3is' hogst and
12,664. sheep; in i96, 31.309 cattle,
,4S,682. hogs and 10,195 sheep. -He
paid for cattle this year $57,625
more thanfme paid last year, dur
ing the period named. In 1895, he
shipped 3,026 cars of product; this
year, 3,461 cars. For the period
named in 1895, another South Oma
ha packer killed; Cattle, 5b, 047
"head; sheep, 23,248 head; hogs,
100,385 head; this year, "cattle
57,388 head; sheep, 41,941; hogs,
153,178. The shipments last year,
exclusive of less than carload lots,
amounted to 2,756 cars, this year
Robbers cracked the depot at
Ponca and secured thirty copper
cents for their trouble.
The mayor of York has ordered
the removal of all gambling devices
beyond the city limits.
W. C. Page of Scibner will send
eight hundred dressed turkeys to
San Francisco this week.
The bachelor girls of Wayne have
formed au organization for the sup
pression of matrimony.
A creamery company has been.or
ganized at Seward. It expects to
start the churn the first of the year.
A tame antelope owned at Ogal
alla has the freedom of the town
aud is evrybody's pet. Even the
dogs treat it with respect.
Millions ot trees were destroyed
in the state by the recent sleet
storm. The greatest damage oc
curred north of the Platte river.
The directors of the Dawson and
Lincoln county irrigation district
are advertising bonds for sale and
propose to begin work as soon as
possible. The construction of the
ditch will afford employment to a
great many.
The Burlington railroad has an
nounced that it will subscribe $30,
000 to the Trans-Mississippi expo
sition and that it will also erect a
new depot for its own and the use
of another company that will join
in the enterprise.
Allen McNeill says that he was
offered 60 cents per bushel for his
wheat, at North Platte, this week
same to be delivered within ten
days. He refused the offer believ
ing he will get a higher price.
Gandy Pioneer.
Under the present bounty law
farmers get $5 per ton for sugar
beets; without the bounty they only
receive $4 per ton. And yet there
are those who say the farmers get
Pno benefit from the- bounty. At
the average yield of twelve tons to
the acre, the bounty alone amounts
to more than is received per acre
for corn. Minden Gazette.
The board of county commission
ers held a special official meeting,
last Saturday, approved the official
bond of Geo. W- Chappell, county
clerk, and authorised the county at
torney to confess judgment on
about $400 of 1890 county general
fund warrants owned by the Clark
Leonard Investment company, of
Lincoln, Nebraska. Gandy Pio
neer. Some of our farmers report that
they burning ear corn for fuel.
They claim that 100 bushels of ear
corn will go as far for fuel as two
tons of coal, and the two tons of
coal costs $1400 while 100 bush
els of corn will only net them $8.00.
We have never tried the experi
ment but the figures demonstrate
very truthfully the price ai the two
commodities. Qathcnburg News,
A. S.Haden received the con
tract from the Gothenburg Irriga
tion and Power Company to put up
the ice. He commenced cutting and
loading for the Union Pacific Com
pany last Wednesday and will ship
500 cars to North Platte and prob
ably as much more to other places
along the U. P. line, The ice i,&
clear as crystal and twelve inches
thick and is cut in cakes 4422
inches, which make them so large
that they axe. hard to handle with
out breaking, and no broken cakes
are shipped- They are cutting on
the eas,t side of the lake which
wil,l furnish ice enough to fill all
the ice houses from Chey
enne to Omaha. About thirty men
will be employed. The teamsters
will make about $2.00 per day and
the day laborers $1.25. Every man
in town who wants work canj
get it
Gothenburg Independent,.
It is hard to find ajj,y. reason why
Cubans should; pay $1,00, 000, 000 for
theirr liberty,, which they have
la.lready earned, or why UuncleSam
: should be called upon to guarantee
the payment of their persecutors,
Spain owes Cuba five times that
amount for money filched from her
workshops. '
Bucklen'a Arnica Sahe
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises,, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, teter, chapped hands, chilblains
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required,
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion or money refunded. Price 25 cents
per bor.
For sale by A. F. Streitz
ttt n n 1 1 n
We are well satisfied if this ad simply 5
brings you to this
we shall offer you
without argument on our part Noth-
ing we can say to you in this space, or 2
ELat the store, would appeal half as 2
strongly to your good judgment as the 3
goods we will show you and the prices 2
we will quote. This ad is therefore
gE only an invitation to the store. If you
s accept and become acquainted, the re- 3
suit will be mutually beneficial. We 3
s will make a fair profit on our goods 3
and you will buy cheaper than you could 3
elsewhere. Yours
Our Great Dress
Handsome novelties in dress patterns in all
colors now on sale. .
All our fine 75c all-wool novelties 44-inch wide at 50 cts.
1.00 all-wool black Henriettas at - 75 cts.
50 cent Novelties go at - - - 25 cents per yard.
Call and examine these before they are all sold, as
they are the greatest bargains ever offered.
According to the official report,
the United States troops in Arizona
and New Mexico marched 42,457
miles during the past year in pur
suit of the Apaches, Thus it ap
pears that ot least one Indian tribe
was of some use, in the way of fur
nishing exercise for the arm.
Maccaline will cure- any case of itching
piles. It has never failed. It affords
nstant relief, and a cure in due time.
Price 23 and 50 cents. Made by Foste
Manufacturing Co. and sold by A. F.
At Milbitas, Santa Clara Couuty
Cal., a palace has been turned into
poorhouse. The palace was built
by a millionaire named O'Toole.
who lost everything soon after, and
he is now living near by, a poor
hostler, with the best possible pros
pect of spending his last as a pau
per within a short walk of the
beautiful home he built in happier
A Sound Liver Makes a "Well Man.
Are you billious, constipated or
troubled with jaundice, sick-headache
bad taste in mouth, foul breath, coated
tongue, dyspepsia, indigestion, hot dry
skin pain in back and between the
shoulders, chill and fever &c. If you
have and of these symtoms, your liver is
out of order and slowly being poisoned,
beeauseyour liver does not act promptly
Horbine will cure any disorder of the
liver, stomach or bowels. It has no
equal an liver medicine. Price 75 cents.
Free trial bottle at North Platte Phar
macy, J. E. Bush, Mgr.
There are not in the entire south
as many as a half a dozen daily pa
pers that advocate any further po
litical experiments with free silver.
The silver conspiracy hatched out
in the United States Senate was a.
trap set to catch the entire South,
but it only partially successful.
Globe Democrat.
store. The values
will sell the goods 3
for business.
Goods Sale
For the Next Ten Days,
For grip, colds.catarrh.influenza,
sore throat; because "77" acts di
rectly through the nerve centres
and so swiftly that the cure begins
before the pellets are entirely dis
solved on the tongue. Because,
when the proper Homeopathic
Remedy is selected, it works like a
miracle. Because "77" is saf en
sure and reliable. Because ,477"
is easy to carry; a small bottle of
pleasaut pellets, just fits the vest
pocket; sold by druggists, or sent
on receipt of 25c. or five for $1.00.
Dr. Humphreys' Homeopathic Man
ual of diseases free at druggists, or
sent on request. Humphreys' Med
icine Co., Cor. William & JohnSts.
New York.
Boxes of tin soldiers play a nios
important part in the life of the
young Hoheuzollerns, and the bat
tles they hear of in their history
lessons are all fought over again
with great zeal and vigor. Water
loo is their favorite conflict "be
cause" they are told, "England
would never have won the day if
Blucher and the Prussians had not
come up to help."
What is a Guarantee?
It is this. If you have a cough or s
cold, a tickling ia the throat, which
keeps you constantly coughiBg, or it
you are troubled with any cheat, throat
or lung trouble, whoopusg cough &o.r
and you use Ballard's Horbound Syrup
as directed giving it a fair trial ad &
benefit is experience! we authorise or
advertized agent to refund yoor
on return of bottle. It fr iaSkf
give satisfaction. It promptly jtliewt
bronchi tg. Prioe 25- aact 30 ceiotat
Sold by North Platte ?lnnaacyr 7. XL
Bosh, Mgr. - t Tt
Waiited-An Haa
Writ J
MM. W.
ok wuDDien too. rmt aoo.
mm Mac tf two