The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 17, 1895, Image 4

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lecial Bulletin
We will meet and discount
at one per cent, for cash only,
any price made on groceries
that is published in this or any
other paper.
Just think of it! We will
sell you goods for cash one
per cent cheaper than the
prices named by competitors.
Cash only will bring this dis
HlJftlHGTOH St TOBlfl,
either store.
TV. TV. Lemon, the organizer for
the Order of the TVorld.has returned
to the city.
District court convened yester
day morning1 and has been grinding
away on foreclosure cases.
"The Tornado," to be given at
Lloyd's on next Monday evening
excels in scenic splendor the ''Fast
Quite a number of North Platte
citizens will leave to-night for Sid
ney to attend the state irrigation
The arches over five of the en
trances to the round house are being
enlarged so, as to admit the big 1800
class of engines.
Mrs. Baskin, who had been visit
ing her son TV. M. Baskin for sev
eral weeks, returned to Junction
City, Kansas, this morning.
John Baereska.late of this city,
is now running a motor on the elec
tric road connecting Los Angeles
with Pasadena. He is in love with
that country.
1 A full line of silver-plated
ware, lamps, cutlery, skates, etc.,
all suitable for Christmas presents
at Victor E. Meyers' hardware and
furniture store, North Side.
The works of two of the fire
alarm boxes have -been taken out
and turned over to O. TV. Sizemore
who will clean and regulate them.
The other boxes will be similarly
TVe publish to-day the opening
chapters of a seriel story entitled
"An Artist in Crime" from the pen
of Rodrigues Ottolengui. The
story is a strong one. It will be
run In the Tuesday editions.
Mrs. Ella McDonald and daugh
ters, -who have been visiting friends
in town for two or three weeks,
leave for Vincennes, Ind., Friday
next. En route home they will
visit friends in Grand Island, Omaha
and St. Louis.
TV. J. Crusen Teturned last
night from Keystone charge, in
Keith county, where he assisted
Rev. Crane in revival services. Ke
reports nine conversions Sunday
night, with prospects of more. Mr.
Crusen goes to Wallace Thursday
to assist Rev. Wilcox in a series of
Mrs. "Minor has just received
from the east another barrel of
China for decorating. The list in
cludes brush and comb trays, salad
dishes, celery dishes, plates, plat
ters, "cups and saucers, shaving
mugs', bon bons, olive dishes, chop
plates, cracker jars, napkin rings,
etc, etc. Call and see the many
novelties for Christmas.
The Catholic bazaar and supper
at the opera house last evening was
well attended, and all apparently
enjoyed themselves. The supper
"was excellent, and the amusement
features were first-class. This
supper and bazaar will be open
again this evening, meals being
served from five to twelve o'clock.
The ladies will be pleased to have
the general public attend this even
ing and promise a pleasant time to
The dance to be given by the
local wheelmen on New Year's e e,
Tuesday Dec 31st, will be a change
from the dances heretofore given,
and several pleasant features will
be in store for those who attend.
The net receipts of this dance will
be devoted to putting the wheel
track in shape for the meet to be
held in this city next May. All
who are lovers of bicycle races
should attend the ball so that the
receipts may be sufficient to put
the track in good shape. When we
remember that over 1,000 persons
from surrounding towns attended
the Kearney bicycle races last year
it can readily be seen what a great
advertising scheme bicycle meets
prove to be, and the help they are
to the town in which they are held
Remember no pains or time will be
spared to make this dance an enjoy
atble one for all -who attend.
The monthly social of the la
dies' guild will be held at the Epis
copal rectory on Friday afternoon
Remember the "Christmas"
cantata at Keith's hall on Monday
evening of next week. It will prove
a very pretty and interesting enter
The Junior class of the high
school displayed a charitable dis
position last week by "chipping
in" and securing suitable apparel
for a less fortunate classmate.
Wallace Baskin has received a
two horse power enjrine and four
horse power boiler with which, he
will propel his meat cutter. Here
tofore the cutter has been operated
by hand.
Saml. Adams has just finished
repainting the, Lutheran church
spire, a piece of work that was
rather hazardous inasmuch that he
used no scaffolding other than
spliced ladders.
Oscar Fine, who just completed
his term of imprisonment of one year
for burglarizing the house of Mrs
Emmons, in the Third ward, has
returned to town. He will steer
clear of such acts in the future.
Just in, the finest line of rock
ers in the city; fancy upholstered,
swing and cane rockers, etc. Don't
fail to examine them. Prices lower
than ever, at Victor E. Meyers'
hardware and furniture store, North
And want to make a little
money buy a number of pres
ents for Christmas? Then
call and get my prices on
Rockers, Desks, Couches,
Sideboards, Bedroom Suits
and Christmas Novelties.
The rush for picture frames
has commenced. .Brinp- in
your pictures early if you ex
pect to get them before Christ
It is just fifty-six years ago to
day since Major A. M.DiH entered
the employ of n railroad company.
The road on which the Major first
worked was the New York & Erie,
which had at that time twelve miles
of track and two engines.
TV. H. C. Woodhurst has filed
his bond as constable in the First
ward and C. L. Wood his bond as
justice of the peace in the Second
ward. The peace and dignity of
these wards will be well preserved.
A petition was circulated for
signatures yesterday asking the
county commissioners to re-appoint
L. H. Baker as janitor at the court
house. Mr. Baker has filled the
position satisfactorily and should"
be re-appointed.
On Thursday evening of next
week, December 26th, the child
ren of the south side and north side
Episcopal Sunday schools will be
treated to a turkey supper at the
guild house, to be followed later in
the evening by Christmas tree exer
cises in the church.
The initial party of a series to
be given by the members of the
ladies' wheel club was held at the
home of Mrs. M. H. Douglas one
evening last week and proved a very
pleasant event.. The members of
the club invite their husbands or
young men to these gatherings.
N. B. Spurrier, one of the pro
gressive ditch farmers, tells us that
owing to the low price of potatoes
he will feed one thousand bushels
of the tubers to his young pigs.
The potatoes when cooked make a
feedvon which young pigs thrive ex
ceedingly well.
J. H. Culver, Senior Vice Com
mander G. A. R., and commandant
of the branch soldiers' home at Mil-
ford, Nebr., has placed a room of
said home at the disposal of the
Ladies of the G. A. R., to be fur
nished by them, dedicated to their
order and named by them. S. A.
Douglas Circle No. 20, as soon as
notified of this honor, convened a
special meeting and this week a
package of quilts, sheets and other
small articles with money enough
to buy chairs etc will be expressed
by the ladies, to Milford.
O. A. Bacon, formerly of -Well
precinct, who has been located at
Golconda, Col., for several months,
called to see us yesterday. He
started for this city for the purpose
of attending his father's funeral,
but reached here too late. He has
been visiting relatives in Well pre
cinct since his arrival and will re
main until after Christmas. Orrin
is well pleased with Colorado. The
town in which he is located Is situ
ated in the extreme southwestern,
part of the state.
A Maiden's
Dream of Christmas.
It is not a difficult matter to
become one of the angels in your
daughters, sisters of sweet
heart's dream, if vou will visi
our store, for here you find jew
els of all character and prices'
CLINTON, The Jeweler.
At the Saturday shoot ot the
North Platte 'gun club, Tom O'Nea
won the medal for the third time,
ana it now remains in ins posses
sion permanently. There was a
tie between Messrs. Woodhurst,
O'Neal and Hostler at Saturday's
shoot, each breaking- thirteen out
of twenty, and in shooting oft the
tie O'Neal won. Another medal
will be furnished by Clinton, the
On Sunday evening next
Lutheran Sunday school will
a Christmas entertainment at the
church which will prove very inter
esting, pleasing and instructive,
On Tuesday evening following the
Christmas tree will be held at the
church. Elaborate, preparations
are being made tor these two events
and the members are looking" for
ward to them with bright anticipa
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Edis re
turned the latter part of the week
from their trip to England, where
Mr. Edis' father resides. They
left this city October 6th and going
through to New York embarked on
the steamship Lucania for Liver
pool. They traveled through Eng
land, and spent a week or more in
London arid Bradford. Returning
to New York they spent several
days in that city, and a day or two
in Buffalo and at Niagria Falls.
From there they went to Chicago
for a week and thence to Wisconsin
where they made a short visit with
relatives of Mrs. Edis. The trip,
barring sickness on the ocean, was
a pleasant one, but Mr. Edis de
clares he has no desire -to reside
permanently in England.
I. A. Fort, of this city' writes
a letter to the Fremont Tribune in
which he advocates a law that will
permit the formation of sugar beet
districts and authorizing the voting
of bonds for the construction of
factories to convert the beets into
sugar. Tnis law would be. modeled
after the state irrigation law. The
security would be ample 'and the
people would then own the factor
ies. In speaking of Mr. Fort's plan
the Tribune says: "In this there
is at least the hint of a remedy for
settling- difficulties that are likely
to arise between the factories and
the beet growers. In line with this
general plan is the suggestion that
comes from other' sources, ot co-operative
factories. Let beet grow
ers subscribe stock to be paid for
in oeets. m tins manner tlie grow
ers would have a voice in factory
management. Then in such years
as the present, when beet richness
was low, a. fair price could be rea
lized for beets, the grower foregoing
a dividend on his factory stock."
We are the People who have
The flnestgfades of everything in the Grocery Line
in the City; always fresh and at prices that
Compare Notes
Bring in your pass books or bill and com
pare prices with our's, and see the difference
for yourself. : : : :
Get out your scales compare weights with
those represented on your book or bill; that
is the way the merchants do why should
you not do the same?
Yours for Cash Bargains,
Thomson and Day were absent
from the council meeting last night
but the other members were pres
ent and thus formed a quorum
The first business considered was
a petition from north side people
asking the council -to permit
flour and feed dealer on that side to
place scales in the street in front
of his place of business. The mat
ter was referred to a special com
mittee with power to act.
Communication was received
from First ward hose company
stating that Claude Weingand and
Henrv Rebhausen had served their
time as firemen and asking- the
council to issue ' them certificates
A similar communication from the
Second ward company asked that
certificates be issued to Thomas
Haley. Wm. Breternitz and Allie
Babbitt. The clerk will issue the
The proposed ordinance relating
to closing saloons, billiard halls
and confectionery stores at mid
niglit which, tlie attorney was in
structed to draft was called for, but
Mr. French stated that he had not
prepared the ordinance. He did
not think the council had the power
to close any place of business other
than a saloon.
Someone asked how the awning
case was progressing, and tlie at
torney said it was taking a rest at
Chas. Pahs appeared before the
council and made complaint against
us dogs owned by M. C.
Keith. Mr. Pahs had been "held
up" thrice br these dogs, and he
knew of others who had been bit
ten. The city r marshal was in
structed to see Mr. Keith and have
him confine the dogs or else muzzle
Fikes moved that the city attor
ney be instructed to draft an ordi
nance providing that all saloons be
closed at midnight. The motion
The cleric reported $180.00 in the
water fund, but Iddings wanted
the amount to remain in the treas
ury until the next meeting. He
thought part of the income derived'
from the water tax could be used
to increase the efficiency of the fire
department. The warrant was not
The f olio wi ng bills were approved:
M. B. Cr3'derman, hauling, 5.00;
Wild West Hose Co., drying hose,
2.00; Otto Thoelecke, hauling dirt,
54.00; John Koons same 33,00, Joe
Murphy same 33.00, M. B. Cryder-'
-n nn ot
49.50, Perry Sawyer same 33.00, D.
1MU1I UUUAW 1 . w-Ul&AvJ IUIJ&W '
W, Baker iS.Oi), Peter Chedall work
on streets v.ou,
n. jj I
same ,
9.00, W. JR
- i
Bill of lading for the fire hose had
been received by the clerk, and the
mayor, clerk, cuier ot tlie depart
ment and assistant chief were ap
pointed a committee to inspect the
lose when it arrives.
The North Platte gun club has
decided to have a live bird shoot on
Christmas dar and five cents in
cash will be paid for each pigeon
delivered to the house of W. S. Dol
son between now and that time.
The club would like about 200
At a meeting of the gun club
on December 16th, 1895, the execu-
lve committee decided to call in
the badge for poor shooting and not
use the same until further notice.
Anyone who does not shoot because
le is afraid he will receive the
booby medal need not be further
Lincoln J. Carter s srreat scenic
melo-drama will be at Lloyd's on
Monday evening of next week,
December 23d. Speaking ot this
play, the Chicago Herald says: The
production depends chiefly upon its
scenic effects, and these alone would
carry a much less meritorious work
to success. The principal sensa
tional teature is a tornado scene in
the first act. This is accomplished
by the aid of electricity and special
ly constructed mechanism, and it is
but iust praise to sav that it is one
of the finest and most complete sen-
sational effects ever shown on the
stage, even eclipsing the great
freight train effect of "The Fast
Mail." The scene is a country vil
lage in Wisconsin on the Fourth of
Jul v. All is quiet and calm. Then
a faint breeze is heard. A flag on
a staff that had hung limp flutters
gently; then as the wind increases
it stands out straight. The wind
grows into a gale and then a tor
nado. The elements howl a"nd the
sky darkens. Lightning vividly
flashes in forked tongues across the
stage real lightning it is, too;
roofs, fences and debris are hurled
tnrougu tue air; trees are torn up
and crash upon the ground and a
house is demolished and blown
away. The scene is one of terrific
reality. The jagged lightning, the
roaring of the elements and the con
fusion of the tornado are all re
markably represented.
for the irrigation convention at Sid
ney, Neb. one fare for the round
trip on sale Dec. 17th and 18th.
For further information see agent
U. P. Ry.
C. E. Osgood is having a stable
erected on the property which he is
occupying here in town.
Col. A. J. Sappinsrton, now liv
ing north of Ogalalla on a ranch.
visited old-time friends in the citv
Take supper with the Catholic
ladies at the opera house this even
ing. They are serving- excellent
meals for twenty-five cents.
The Gpndy Pioneer is author
ity for the statement that J. G.
Crabtree, of Myrtle precinct, will
soon leave that section.
It is reported on the streets to-
day mat a well-known passenger
C 11 j
aU i ,
well-known 3'oung ladv,
mcuiau win ssuun wen tin equally
H. W. Brown, of Kichols.lrans-
acted business in town vesterdav
ancj dr0pped a couple pieces of white
w i j f - r-r . rr
m nr:i i in ruu i utwiivt.' o o At-
joun .uamoert made a tiv run
on train No. 2 yesterday, coming in
on time, notwithstanding he was
delayed at Maxwell by a hot box.
Agent Hearst, representing
"The Tornado," spent yesterday
in town getting out advertising
paper for that great scenic play.
Furniture of all kinds, chairs,
tables, bed-room suits, beds, etc.,
all at prices to suit, at the North
Side hardware and furniture store.
H. C. Rennie purchased at
sheriff s snip vpstprdnv fnr cm son I
the property at the corner ot Front
and locust street. Mr. R. held a
first mortgage on the property.
A team standing at the freight
depot became frightened at a pass
ing train yesterday and made a
run that discounted train No." 2.
The wagon was strewn along for
several blocks.
Miss Carrie Rankin, of North
Platte, has opened a photograph
gallery on Front street, at the cor
ner of Chestnut Mrs. Wm.
Blood, of North Platte, arrived in
the city yesterday for a visit with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. P.
Davis. Sidney Telegraph.
Rr. Alwine will be at the Ne
braska House, North Platte, pro
fessionally, Jan. 6, to remain one
week. He will be prepared to do
all lines of work. Come early.
Do you want that vault attended to?
Send your address I do the refit. Box
176, city.
The "White Elephant Feed Barn
now opened. Good accommodations.
Geo. 13. Carter.
Smoke Wright's Royal Sports
and Havana Rose 5-cent cigars.
Pale, thin, bloodless people should use Dr, Saw
der's TJkaUne. It Is the greatest remedy n tho
xorld cr Milnfc tie nfe&V strcfajf. For saleby F.
H. Leagtey.
m The Time - M
H Has Cornel
. "When you will be
We ire right on
fM Lamps,
T faPf wft Wo on P.ndlpss vnrmfcv of nrHo.lftR
that will be sure to
Well, everybody knows that our prices
are lower, quality considered, than any store
in the west. Call and inspect our line.
mj ITT1 1 T
lie Wilcox Dep
One dopr south of Streitz's drug.
V Wl "A S JUf I IfWl ifWl ISWL if I S
McDonald's Prices Set the Pace!
Others may follow but
We are
to Stay
We handle only the best goods
that our prices are the lowest for the same. ,
19 pounds Ex. "C" Sugar $1.00.- -
Maple Syrup in bulk, per gallon ... 85c ;
1 pound Full Cream Cheese .- 10c
1 pound any Ground Spice . .. 20c ;
4 pounds A. B. C. Crackers ... 23c
2- pound can Corn ....... 6c
3- pou nd pail Lard ...".-..,.-.-, ., 28c
Baked Beans, in tomato sauce 5c
3-pound cau Sweet Potatoes 13c' 4
1 package Arbuckles Coffee .v..'r.. ; , 19&
1 package Corn Starch ... 5cv -
Muscatel Raisins, per pound 5c
Get our prices on other goods. Combination Orders are
eaSv- for us brillfif them in
I ' ' o
Flour, Feed and Grain at Lowest Prices.-
JJ O'XI C3 3S,
I want an offer -of CASH for my town lots. Thdyf
are easily worth $1,500 above incumbrance. Wll) .
not consider any offer for less than . . , .
50 for the 28 Lots.
Description can be obtained from B.
or G. T. Field. Address
For sale. Thoroughbred Po
land-China Boars; April pig"s.
Price ten dollars each. Apply to or
address K. B. Spurrier. North
Children with nalt. bluish complexions, indicat
ing tho absence of tho requisite red globules in the
blood fhonld take Dr. Sawyer's Ukatine. For sale
by V. U. lAmglej.
Forced sale of 320 acres of
choice land near Sutherland. Ad
dress 717 Twenty-fifth street, Den
ver, Col.
Studebaker Wagons and
Buggies at Hershey & Co's-
Pale, thin, bloodless people should use Dr. Saw-yer's-Ukatine.
It is the greatest remedy In the
world tor making tho weak strong. For sale by F.
II. Lbngtey.
Dr. Sawyer; Dear Sir: Having used your Pas
titles, I can recommend thesx to the public. I
bavo been attended by four different doctor?, but
one and a half boxes of your medicine has done
me more good than nil of them. Yours respect
fully, Mrs, Xaggle Johnson, Broason, Branck
CburJy. Mich, gold by F. H. IWgley,
looking around for
deck with a full line of
Toilet Cases,
Fine Glassware,
Carving Sets,
j -
suit you. .
in the Lead and Meanr
There, s :
and our customers will find1
.i HI
J. H. Cunningham
has a fine line of
for the holiday trade, and always
has a fresh stock of
Staple and Fancy