The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, October 29, 1895, Image 5

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Leading nuc co f tfee Work!.
.Sfells tlie above Coffee
togatber with ft eowpi4e line of
Mill M IMS,
Prices Always EeasonibleT
Paid l?or Country-Produce.
Cash Prices
Tell Their Own Story.
'Striog Beans, extra fine, per can . . . .10c
String Beans, 2 lb oaa, per can.... .8Jc
Ooroj Above All brand, per can 7c
Cora, Giltnan brand, per can 8c
White Was Beans, per can 8jfc
Pork and Beene per can . . . . 15c
Piatt's Peaehee, 3 lb can, per can . . . .15c
Cal.Efg Plume, 3 lb can, per can. . .15o
Cal. Green Gages, 3 lb can, per can. .15c
Cal. Muscat Grapes lb canper can . .15c
per can, ........10c
Blueberries, Underwood, per can. .12c
Blackberries, per can. . . l'2Jc
Strawberries, per oea. .12 '3
- Mwetard Sariiseslarge can, 10c
Nary Beeae. ier Douod ; . 1c
Qoo4cfa Pees, pec pou nd , . , 4c
' Kolld Oats, per pound, . ,3c
"Buckwheat, Geeaine, per pound. ...5c
Lisui Beaas, per pound,....- .7c
Tapioca, per pousd.. .7c
21b package goods, Wheatel, etc. .12c
MiBsesota Best, pec, Back, $1.20
SHrTlaker'er sack,.. . . 1.15
PilgitM, pec jm$k.: . , 1.00
Aliiawa.r. .85c
2Trtb Platte Beet, per seek, 95c
GM Crown, per sack, 85c
xEatom Fr-jrj per sack, .70c
. Cotto,Bal!,' per sack, ..v.: 70c
rBavperxwt,T. . rA. .G0c
At"C3lieao Priees. -Pkek
N,1f; White.,-Ched4ar, per lb., 15c
Wiseofesw FiiH Ceaw, per lb., 15c
Twrne, per lb., 13
Yeuag Aaaerioa, per'lb., 13c
Apples, per ppand . 80
Peacbes,New, per pound, 10c
Blackberries, New, per pound ... .8)50
Hepberrie,Tffee, per pound, ,25c
NecUrmes,tpoad 12Jc
Dete.ppsQd. 10c
FljSesf raa, pejipound, 102
Cliiwix, StyKorse Shoe, ) AOc
Kewsboy aad "J T," per pound, 35c
3 Black Grows, jer pwihd, ......... ...30c
3attleJt,: W pound. ..... mSm 20c
p. VFine Gtper pound, 40c
-gfe ' ' 'XSSgfr CRAOEZEBS.
- 3.1b. Soi Cttfiootts, each.. . . . . . . ..20c
1 1 . ?kewpori Flaiies,. eseb , luc
7 JBSeeic Oiraier; 15; pound,,.. 7o
-r '7 Dieiejr Ojsters, pec poand, ........ 83-jC
- 'Oeesjer Saafte,- perpousd lUc
; Creams, per poandl .10c
. BttWra, per potukl ... . . 7J.-c
. 8i taua Fipejr pewod , v. .s ... . .15c
;liwt Cake, pec pouad,. 15c
C.' " - ' 90jGPS. i
H,- Beat 'Em All, 30 bars S1.00
- White Russian, 28 bars. $1.00
; 4 Silk,a8Jbars.......... $1,00
" Baeutii 3eo4c, 26 bars,. ......... .61.00
- Iiee,27 berg. 51.00
.GW Dust Washing Powder, 4 lb.. 25c
'' Best KetUe Rendered, 3 lb-pail 35c
Settle Reaedi 5 lb pail . .GOc
XetUe Rebelered, 10" lb pail.-:.. $1.10
"JDiiMdUe, pec pooRd,-. . . ; 2Qc
PadttagTava, per pound 30c
Bsoken Java, a good, one,.pec lb. .12Jc
'We are' sole agents for Dwinell,
r Wmfet & Go's Coffees, the finest in the
- wood.
- Fbieet English Breakfast wm $1 now 75c
"BsjgUsh Breakfast Na .2 wee 90c now 60c
jPtBest basket fired Japan was 90 bow 75c
rB.vPired Japaa Ho. 2,-wae 60c sow.. 45c
Ffed Japan No, 3, was 50c bow 35c
So Cured-Japaa, - was loc bow.., .00c
'."Xmperfcl, was Tie, bow. ; ;G0c
. Baa Cured StfOage, 1 lb package . . ."slOo
Ground Allaoioe. CSovee. Ctnaa-
Jags, Jars, Milk Crooks, Churns, etc.,
. -, r iraikQ meaeareeaeat 10c
Cham bees and cover, each ?5ci
Ouepidors, each . ,..r..T.7. .20c
aHeia'ejr Po4s. 3 oeats, 1-inch 5c,
Wi' also oarry a fall lae of Glassware,
Queeoewaw, and Laaas Goods, on
wsnoav ve win, bwm buiu
-ttittbipty :and Thmday
10 lbs Best Granulated Sugar.. .556
3.GB6S Optica ns ToeMioes 25e
8baThiUXiieia Soap., 25e
4 lbs A B G Sda Crackers 25c
" xr m wiU he aerntittod k WKchase.
Xjnor otesidaartioie tbaaasaoanc aoore
RapBtMn Rally!
Llojd's Opera House,
Saturday $n
Nov. a.
Fred Collins,
oi Lincoln, and other orators will
address the audience.
In regard to the false statements
which are being- circulated over the
county that I am pledged to the
question of granting additional
help and increase of salary to the
county superintendent if elected to
the office of county commissioner,
I wish to say there is absolutely
nothing in said report. I stand
upon that question the same as I do
upon the question-of county print
ing, namely, keep the expenses.
down as low as possible:
I wish to sa' that if I,am elected.
commissioner there will' be nVmore
donations of county money to the
Era, but that the county publish
ing will be done by the lowest
competent bidder regardless of
political complexion.
JohnR. Ritxer,
Republican Candidate for County
Commissioner. . .
J. F. Schmalzned has in his
store a awarr orange -tree . upon.
which there are four well developed
oranges. ' -
John E. Jones and Miss Etta
Belle Crane, both of this city, were
united in marriage by Judge Ray
Saturday night. - , : .
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hirst, for
merly of this city, -who" have been
living at Brightwood, Ind., have re
moved to Omaha.
Smoke Wright's Royal Sports
and Havana Rose 5-cent cigars.
A number of U. P. employes,
assisted by other citizens, burned
an extensive fire guard west of the
city limits yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Dooiittle en
tertained a number of young people
one evening the latter part ot the
week in lavor of Miss Boehne.' t '
We are requested to announce
that there are twenty numbeft on
the programme of the" firemen's"
ball and dancing will continue from
nine until one o'clock.
There are about 175 )tases on
the trial docket of the term of dis
trict court which convenes Nov.
l&th, a very large proportion of
which are equity cases.
That highly enteresting comedy
drama, "The Pay Train," will be
presented at Lloyd's on Monday
evening of next weel by a' very
capable company. The .play is
pretty certain to please the. audi
ence. . ? ' - -" ; - :
Mrs. Nellie Peale announces to
the ladies of North Platte that she'
is prepared to sew by the day.
Those wishing her services will
leave word with Mrs. W. H. Blood,
over "Williams' store. - - . -
Messrs. Graves,Dalson,Herrod,
"Woodhurst and the other-half dozen
members of the hunting party re
turned last evening fromfhenrorih
west, looking shaggy'but hale and
hearty. They did not find ;game
abutfdant in the section visited, and
had "poor sittcess.
5. F. Dolan is. not making? a
Vigorous campaign for county com
missioner, having, we are told,
about concluded that it istime
wasted. Mr. Dolant we are inform-,
ed, is at Hyannis this week on bus-i
iness. John R. Ritner is the can
didate for whom the voters of the
Second district should cast their
ballots. , .
If Rev. Franklin is as poor as
he .claims and ins poverty cry
seems to be his stock ofcampaign
material why didn't he accept the
ministerial charge which it is said
was offered him? Or if he don't
want to preach why not seek other
employment? Are we to presume
that if his wife is not elected super
intendent thathe will (tie of starva
tion? " . 4 - ' -
Dr. W,. A. DeBERRY;
Office in First Ntl. Bank Bldncr.
vxiie i . M?sA. is conrempiat
ing a gynm'astumSehch will 'be
first-class, if they caaTcture- the
members necessary. Tkeycwilput
in apparatus costing from S175 to
$200 in a room 18x40 feet, directly
across the hallfrom the bath rooms.
A membership to the association
including the gymnasium will be
$5.00. Any one holding a member
ship ticket at present can have the
use of the gymnasium for$2.00 more
It is the intention of the associa
tion to make it a credit to the town
and it will be conducted in a busi
nessway in every particular. Come,
now, fellows, if yoa are in favor of
the enterprise call at the rooms and
tell us what you will do. H: enough
of the ladies desire touse the gym
iiasiwrn. special Jiours will be re
served' for them aVd the room turned
oVert'dthfcai. H. B. a
Sister Madeline, of IhelTatiYitr
iConvart, arrived frorrr-Dejj.ferfye-
Kterday. 4
B. Bullardt of this jfibf? has
had. conferred upon im theTiirty
third degree of Mas nry.
John Hawley, of Sutherland,
was In' town yesterday looking
after his political fences.
Mrs.CB. Osgood lias .moved
from the ranch to town and is oc
cupying a house in the First ward.
Frank Wiser went to Sidney
Saturday; to accept apositjqnjas-j
ni crht WtcKm afff oritUe TJai6nPa-l
cific company.
Miss Bertha Thoelecke wasun
able to teach, school yesterday
owing to sickness and her place
was filled -by Miss Mable Goozee.
H. Bush is getting ready to
move his stock of flour and feed to
the corner building two doors west-
of his present location.
.I. Furjoso Ganttjan.dJ..Gasbag
Beeler will deliver speeches at a
populist meeting: to be held at
Gandy nextatuf5ay. 1 V"
, ScotU yaugl5nj?lt Jliiday
morning for Rock Springs, Wyo.,"
where hehas secured a position
with a coal company.
The Daughtersxof tkejing will
entertain the. j'otf ngpeoplg of- the
Episcopal parish and their- friends1
at thesnuld house next
-indyardkipiinjr's "new story.
which the Ladies' Home Journal is
about to begin, is a romance of
India reallv a stronar love storv
and has for its
f AT w, . . - -
9 . J ,
k M
uoctor Aiey, 01 j-zincom,-nas
had ten years' experience in treat
ing chronic diseases.
He will again
be at the Hotel Neville, North
Platte, MandayNov. JULth,.CAH;
suit him if afflicted. He stays but
one day.
Ducks and geese quite
plentiful oh the rivers and sloughs,
ana local nunters are naving very,
fair success. A large number of
sportsmen were out Siinday, some
of whom made good bags.
' No one should miss the concert
from 8 to 9 at the Firemen's Dance
Thursday evening. Prof. Garlicli's
orchestra has been practicing for
the last two "weeks on hew music
and the public is promised a treat.
Two lady vocalistsjof acknowledged
ability will also render selections.
At the Saturdav shoot of the
gtnvclub W. .E. Price made the best
score 15but of 20 and retains the
medal. The '"booby 'was shifted
from M. K. Barnum to W. L. Park.
li Price wins at the next shoot he
keeps the medal permanently, "but
it is likely, he will have stronger
competition at the next meeting;
- r A. O. RandalU living on Paxton
& Hershey land, was in' town yes
terday and gave us some informa
tion in regard to his seed crop. Mr.
Randall-has been raising .seeds for
eastern firms tor, the past seven
yeatSj:, and . says his. success this
year, through theuseof irrigation
is greater-, thai He
had twenty acres out in vines, six
in watermelon, six in-' muskmelon;
five in cucumber, one akd a half' in
squash and one and a half in citron.
He fiegan gathering tlie musk-
uaa seventy;Six pig wagon jyoaas.
From ihe jhe expects to" extract
at ten cent per will bring
other crops-have ,uot yet J3een hac-,
vested; but he predicts they -will jdo
equally as well. 'Mr. Randall is hp
well pleased with, the result this:
season, that next year he will pTahtj
sixty-acres 'to watermelons. '." He
" tor. the .Vesterni Seed' Coi.
whiclTThas its lieadquarf ers '
Waterloo, Neb. Mr. Randall sayS
the eistern seed houses giy west
ern Nebraska the creditof growiag
the besit yine seeds, in the TJnifed
States. ' "
SJaaaVaaV-eo:- 'l- : 'aaaaaaam. -
We are the People who have&
The BEST TE A, - -
The -finest grades of eyerythirig in tbg Sicery Ene
in the City; always fresh and at prices thatCT
i " Wr m gmiP11 ock f jewelry,
Silverware anNovdti-; tM we arc always
readLtokshow y.ouosir new-stvles.
Tli... ti-,-. ot-11 fhk rrWhnvP-thpm
- in! differentsizes?.
J 11 MLmVAJ. njwgt
1 We can Save vim Money by selling for, Cash.
1 nonxinio cDs3bn)jGoti
f rknds St Plattsmouth, Neb.
Mrs. ilunt Menaerson, wno uaa
been visiting her oarents in this
city for several weeks, left for Al
liatice yesterday.
HearySchuff- fwhohad been
spemclirtgtv6 .weeks tipoa his irri
gated farm west of -town, returned
to Grand Island this morning
Mrs. George Griswold and, son of
Council Bluffs arrived in town last
"Sight "and are"the'guests -of-Mr.
and Mrs. E. F. Seeberger.
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Field, of Chi-
cago, while en fbute home from
their weddirfgf trip, stopped, over
Saturday and Sunday-to visit Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. T. Field.
Will.Briggs and family, of Denver
are visiting relatives and friends in
the" city.' ""Mr. Brfggs is still dis
abled - bv ' reason of "the ' " accident
which befell him several weeks ago.-
lev. Ai W. ;Graves has been
away from the city for some days
pat attending the annual meeting
ot Jthe stateTSaptistgeneral conven
tion. -Hewill.return in time to fill
the appointment at flie. Presby
terian churclilnext Sunday.
..v-SS, ! i
Supt R. RJ Sutherland wa
town Saturdav. '
was in
Engine 685blew out a cylinder
head at Wobcb River Saturday,
causing':considerable delay.
Ed. Seyfertli is 'constructing a
crane to be used in connection witli
the lathe riin'bvick Wood.
ff "
W. H. McDbn'ald and Will Small
wood" were;Jri;Grand Island Satur
day on, business pertaining io the
Masonic lolgfij -
Engine Tlimeout of the shops
Saturday anesterday 69.4 and
773 went in j0bf repairs. The 745
came up Sunday from Omaha wherei
it was overhauled. ' ,
Thirtyisix .deadsheep were taken
out ot doubletdecked cars t a" t this
station last Suday. Over crowd
ing causedtlftkdeath of the animals..
SeventeetaVnswere sent out of
"this citybjetTen the.41.Qurs of 7.,a-
m. and 7p. m.. Sunday. JS'ouri of
thesejyeresi trains of sheep
from the west;
- All persons owing us old
bills mx&$jpyr call and. settle
witli cash br approved note.
We want iiiis
money to nable lis, to dis
count our Jbills; and thus com-
pete vrith- Gfch stores.
i.-Mrs: Harry.vReacdiias Returned
Jioine fromnextehnedv visitswith
.CLINTON, The Jeweler.
Hi, a
One Dollar Saved ill
Worth Two Earned, f
Tnonison & swartnout.
Ition, robbed us of another well-
known resident last Saturday morn
png in the person of Mrs. George S.
sBaskins. Mrs. Baskins had been
fighting this disease for 6ver a year
and as is usually the case with
those thus afflicted; she tli
she would prove conqueror, but
during the past month she failed
rapidly -and friends knew that
earthly dissolution was not far off.
Her last liours were peaceful- and
quiet; the soul passinjr to the be
yond while that whiclT is --mortal
slumbered. Mrs. Baskins wl
nusoana came trom AYniiams
Pa., to this city in 1879, arid during
that long term of residence won the
friendship of a large circle-of ac
quaintances ivho deeply regret -her
demise. The remains were taken
Sunday to Williamsport. fdr inter
ment,-accompanied by -Mr. Baskins
,and Miss Ranck, the latter a sister
of the deceased. To the husband,
the two young sons, and the rela
tives of "the:-family, the warmest
sympathy of our people is extended.
'Mrs. JohnKenworthv, who
with her husband has resided on
the Heridv ranch near Maxwell for
a year or more, died on Friday
nirut last trom tne enects. 01 a
tumor; with which she had been
troubled for 'some time. ' The de
ceased was t a very estimable and
kind-hearted wamanr and had many
friends in and around North Platte
wlio will regret to learn of her
death. The funeral services were
conducted by V. J. Crusecu at the
the home of the deceased after
which the remains were interred in
the cemetery at Brady Island.
. .
, .. Asleep in ,Jesns! Though the way,
The heat aud burdea of the day,
Wero toilsome to he- weary feet,
She sleeps In Jesns! Rest most tweet! '
Asleep In Jesas! Angels trod
AYilfa her the pathway np fo God!
A'dSrlng now before the throne," '
' !She stands freely purchased onov
"r Asleep In JesusJ Wostlnff. caro "
" Can never 'cast one shadow thoro; '
2o: chilling bligrt from earth "below
.' . Shalbdlmlhe spirit's ransomed-glaw.
' . ' . . , 4 t -,o.
i, - -j . . .
Mrs.: Frank Spurrierof Jowa, -h?
le guest of Mr. and Mrs; N. B.
Spurrier. r ;; -
F. L..Tferryvwho has 'been tin the
sick list, for some time is.ablelto be.
up and around once more. .
The ladies' aid society" of Hershey
J will giv,: pilfer atthaJtlace ori
! election (lay. .'ITijC
Mrs: JR. W. Calhoun and children
visited her parents over north of
tlie Platte the' latter 'part of last
week'' " ' ' "jti
There will be but .veryjittle
tention paidto party in electing
the precihet officers in this' precinct
at the 'coming election. 1 A '
Afine;Jierd of western horses
were driven.dov7rt thelinepn. last
Saturday.; - .' ...t-lf .
A large.'gaug of men arid! teams
are at work attne head of
canal.. - " ..;;.
There is juite a--Dody of uwater
flowing downl !the South' river at
the present time.,
Those who, attended, the , ,:4,mush
and milk" sociable in the-Sisson
school house last Friday evening
report a pleasant affair.
Rdy. Fjranklih, acconipanied, by
his wife, were looking over the polit
ical fiehf in this locality Sunday.
J. C.'-Maisner was knocked : down
and badly bruised by a run. away
team -wUichir lie brought to u halt
before any damage -was done. The
buggy to 'which the team was
hitcheda occupied by jSs. Win
and one or twochildren f romNor th
Elatte. "
Mrs. M. C. Brown ot this place
and Mrs. Wm. Patterson, of tlie
Elatte departed .for Sidney o.a. a
visit last Saturday.
Charlie, the youngest son' of Mr.
and Mrs. A. O. Randall.yas thrown
from a horse recently and badly
but not seriously hurt.
t?ev. Havden of 'Ked .Willow
as unable" ib mtht "his ap-
Washburn's Superlative.
Has-no superior no equal. It is the result of studied im- ;
provement in milling machinery the product of the hard,
excellent wheat of the north. If you are not using the .
Washburn Flour, try it. Iris sold by .:
AVE Ytra Sil D
Otiiers save money by ; buying goods
of- us. Why don't
A No. 8 all copper wash
A joint of stove pipe for
A common sfcove pipe elbow for 10 cents. 3
An adjustable stove plpeelbow for 15 cents, il
A Madole liammer for
2 1-pint tin cups for
6 engraved tumblers for
i A one-half gallon pitcher for.
B A set of handled tea cups and saucers .42 cents.
Underwear and;
and see foyourselyes our prices andjl
g qualities talk; We have a larger stocks!
g than ever of Notions, Tinware, Furnish-1
g jhg Groods, Crockery and the largest -3 ;
g stock of Glassware and Lamps ever . in 3
I North Platte. Come" and sea us.
(one door south of
pointmeiit at tliis place last Sunday
Drninf being confineci to his bed
Mrs-. A. B; Goodwin- of North
Platte visited' relatives in this lo-
cahtv last week. - '
C. C. Wetzell transacted business
at the county seat yesterday.
Lbcal sports are trvinjr to rid this
country o wiid jfeese, but aremak-ing-
very poor "headway .in .that line.
The. revival meeting' in progress
at tliis place under the supervision
of W. J. Grusen of JSTorth Platte are
well attended and a deep interest
'manifested. "Rev. Coslet the new
pastdr.for this circuit preached last
eveninr,and Rev. O. C.t Snavely of
North Platte will preach. this even-
Several, of .the seed
this-country are now washing" the
-J!Tl'J,t '111- ' - 1
same in tne souui nveranu prepur-
ipg- them for market. The" crop is
more than an .average.
It has'' been almost impossible
ately for the shippers of baled hay
to procure'ears for thafr purpose.
Tjie old canal company now owns
the olcLschoql building" at this place
and -will. soon, moveit over upon, its
land, near the station; where it wilj
beconVerteH into a dwelling".
W. A. Paxton of Qmal)a was
looking after business in this focal-
ity recently.
J. IT. Giffin, of Brady fsland; a
former merchant at Hershey, was
at that place on business a few
davs ago.
- JAts: G. E. Sullivan and two little
boys have returned from a - visit
with relatives at Brady Island.
When Huying
Mmneapblis bwt
Why not get the BESTJ-
S0L mm:
you? We sell tofi:
boiler for.
- 14 cents. 3
55 cents.
5 cents.
25 cents.
.20 cents.
Hosiery well come 3,
)eu't : St
Streitz' drug store.)
r 2-i
"Neville on irrigation" as pub
lished in last week's Era will have
about as much effect upon the voters ,
in this judicial district as a tumble
weed unnn n. wind storm.
If we mistake not we saw Frank
McKee taking" a spin around thfs1
country upon his bicycle last Suri?f.
day. ;
It is stated that Rev. Randolph
from up the line will preach at this
place next Thursday evening" an& '
remain over Sunday aud assist tu
the revival. .'
- Several from Hinman.and Hec
shey attended church at this placed
last Sunday afternoon and,evening-;
'H; W. Brown was laid up with a
lame foot two or three days- lately?
Relatives from Gothenburg- hae
been stopping; at J. W. Iiles f6r
some time pask - Pat. ,
James Whitcomb Riley has
completed a new series of" poems, in
which he varies the treatment , or
each one to such an extent thafcthey
are said to show the Hoosier poetis
versatility to a remarkable degree.
He has given the series to the .
Ladies Home Journal, in which the
first is about tp he published". " A.
B. Frost ias been engaged by the
magazine to illustrate the. poems.
iNotipe is hereby, given that aU
walks in the city 'or .North Platte
that are not in good repair will be
repaired by the street commis
sioner after, the first day of Novem
ber, 1895, at the expense of the
owners. R. W. Morgan,
" StreeJCom.
Sifeudebaker Wagons and
Buggies at Hershey &GorSj