The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, October 18, 1895, Image 1

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:R0. 83,
Platte ; H
. OfJEKA ::::: HOUSE,
- (one night-onuy) - . :
Way October 2a, .1
m The Popular Comedian
;01d Hoss" late of Evans and Hoey,
preseliting: tlie new Comic Play
by Louis DeLange, entitled
Two and one-haJf hours of
. - merriment. .
Tickets at 'Clinton's.
A Pino Banch.
From a Nevada paper we clip the
following" account ot the ranch of
James Howard, a former resident
of this city:
One of the most comfortable, most
profitable and most finely located
ranches in this part of Nevada 'is
tie one owned, and managed b
James Howard in Washoe Valley,
He owns 440 acres of land between
Ross Lewers' place and Billy
Thompson's ranch, extending" from
the top of the western mountains
to the shores of Washoe Lake on
the.east. Almost the entire ranch
iswuudef 'cultivation, grain and fruit
growing" in wonderful profusion and
of the finest quality.
Just at present the orchard is a
sight to behold. The branches of
the trees are so heavily laden that
in man places the- have broken
from the weight. The fruit is of a
-SUp,erior-quaiity and flavor, xind as
Mr. Howard personally superin
tends the packing" and shipping-
there is no poor fruit sent out
The Howard home is a model one
and visitors find a cordial welcome
from Mr, and Mrs. Howard and
their two children, Mamie and
Henry. At this season the entire
household-is.engaged -in preparing
for the threshers.
Dr. Sawyer Dear Sir: I can say with pleasure
that I have been using your medicine, and will rec
ommend It to all suffering ladies. Mrs. W. w.
Weatherehce, Augusta, Ga. Sold by F H Longley.
- - Eli. Etchison, Jesse Etchison,
Cafe Appiegate and some others
are spending the week in Denver
having taken advantage of the ex
cursion on Friday.
W. E. Allis has hisresidence
about completed and will move into
same this week.
John Ahlborn rode the Woodman
goat Saturday night and is now a
full fledged wood-chopper.
Wm. Porter spent Sunday in the
sand hilf country south rustling up
his Albino ponies.
Work on the flume east of town
is progressing at a rapid rate and
things will be in ship-shape ere
long it the water does not come
down too soorbv
At the republican primary on
Saturday night a precinct ticket
was nominated as follows: Asses
sor Henry Coker; justices David
Love and N. B. Whitesides, con
stable Wm. Coker. road overseers
i E. Mower and James Buchanan,
judges of election Wm. Hoi try.
Henry Coker, C. W. Burklund;
clerks of election C B. McKinstry,
David Love. '
Mrs. J. H. Appiegate is visiting
with friends iir Denver this week.
Mrs. E. Coates was a passenger
Monday afternoon on No. 18 for the
county seat.
H. C. Nesbitt, of North Platte, is
now a frequent visitor in our vil
lage. Mrs. John Coker, who has been
dangerously ill for some time is
now on the rapid road to. recovery.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Porter
last week a baby girl of the regula
tion size.
A prairie fire on the island Tues
day afternoon destroyed considera
ble haT for John Keith and others
on the south side.
B. Buchanan, of the Platte, was
in town the last of the week looking
over the political situation
Tuesda' morning section foreman
Poulsen had instructions to set his
gang at work shoveling sand at the
flume, and now the section looks
Ed Hosletter returned from Chey
enne the last of the week,
Fred Pierson is erecting a dwell
ing on his lot recently purchased
west of the Bobbitt residence.
Erik Linden has decidod that
farming don't pay and has goue to
work on the section.
R. Ellsworth passed through
town on Monday on his way to the
ha camp near Nichols.
Wm. Hockridge and family will
spenoTthe winter in' Jowa and By
ron Appiegate has been appointed
school treasurer during his absence.
Postmaster "White returned from
his eastern trip last week and
deputy Sweet took broncho passage
for Wallace on Tuesday.
Elmer Coates and family Sun
dayeclwith relatives in Keith coun
ty. Citizen.
Children with pale, bluinh complexions, indicat
ing the absence of the requisite red globules inlhe
blood should take- Dr. Sawyer's Ukatine. Tor sale
by F. II. Longley.
of Palestine Commandery this
(Tuesday) evening. Work -in; the
K. T. Degree. By order of E. C-
Fine .harvest 'weather. Every
bodybusy and consequently happy.
Mrs. Archie Adamson visited with
her daughter, Mrs. Jessie Stoddard,
on the ditch lately.
DaTie Adamson invited his young
friends to help him celebrate his
seventeenth birthday on Monday
and- all, .enjoyed a very pleasant
evening-and'departed wishing their
young host many happy returns.
Miss KateMcGlone, who is teach
ing the Mills school this term, is
having a very pleasant school with
twenty scholars in attendance. She
boards with Mrs. H. Facka.
Sorry to have to report any sick
ness in our precinct, but we. have
heard that the children ot Mr. and
Mrs. J. Baggatt are very sick with
whooping cough. Mrs. T. Rawley
is also in poor health. Dr. Donald
son is in attendance.
Some of our farmers are well
pleased to find that they have more
corn and potatoes than tney ex
pected to have, but others are still
looking-for fairer fields, and are in
tending to move away soon to take
lamia on the Birdwood. Charles
Beach and family expect to farm
over there next year.
A very pleasant party took place
last Friday night at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Weinburg.
High-five and dancing were the
events of the evening. Refresh
ments were serve'd .bouj: midnight,
and their excellent quality was at
tested hy the way in which they
disappeared,. The host and hostess
YPn high praises from their friends
for the manner in which they enter
tained, as no effort mi. their part
was spared to insure a good time
to all. The. music was supplied by
the Ballara Brothers, and was very
A. Picard and son Eugene- were
guests at Pleasant View on Moil
day. Country Cousin.
Buff iilpou n tyX
warrants on the generalfund to the"
full legal limit.
Seven school children of Qreeley
are suffering the tedious horrors of
a run of typhoid fever.
James Morrison of Saunders coun
ty received $40 an acre for his farm.
Laud is land in Nebraska.
Ex-Senator Hale of Battle Creek
took a squash from his garden the
other day thajt weighed an even 100
Joseph Bender of Strang has a
cork leg, and he fell the other day
and broke his only sure enough one
near the hip.
Atter their late warm experience
with fire, the people of Dodge think
it would be good policy to "blow"
themselves for a chemical engine.
Hon. John Wilson, the Kearney
weather prophet, predicts a long.
cold winter witli heavy snows,!las4r
ing from December to April.
B. N. Adams, the gentleman who
lost an arm and several fingers of
his other hand ina railroad acci-
dent last spring" squared accounts j
with the company by accepting the j
payment of all his expenses since-
he was hurt and 51,600 fin- sordid
Twenty-six carloads of cattle
from South Dakota were landed at
the feeding yards of the Standard
Cattle company at Ames. It is
stated that the same will this year
feed about 12,000 head of cattle.
Beet pulp, of course will to a great
extent constitute the feeding, ma
terial. Mrs. S. W. Houston of Geeriiig
retired the other night in seeming'
good health, and in a few minutes
remarked to her- husband, that she
feared she was going to faint.
Those were her last words, as she
quietly sank into unconsciousness
and passed away in a few minutes.
She leaves a husband and five small
Rennie's Slaughter
In its Last Throc3.
The pop party, like the grange,
its predecessor, has served itsbriet
existence and is now in, it death
throes. In a year hence it will be
numbered among the dead items
that strew the pages of political
history. While some of the princi
ples it advocated were commenda-
We are determined to sell goods at much less than cost for the next, sixty days,
and ladies who wish fo purchase goods at much less than manufacturers' cost will find
such at Rennie's. We must have money and we realize we must lose from $1,000 to $2,000
in oraer io get co,uuv. unsu. omy goes ior znoso gxjoas?
65-cent all-wool serges, one yard wide, at 35 cents; 33-cont double width all-wool tricots and. 20 cents: all out best calico at o centsj fifty pieces heavy unbleached muslin at 5 ccts;
. one yard wide all-wool hopsacking at 25 centt, former price 50 cents; SL25 and $1.35 4G- inch Henriotta
in black and colors at 6G centSi Table linen, napkins, millinery, shoes and carpets go at tho samo re
duced prices. Good aIl-Wiol three-ply carpet at 50 cents; good carpet for 35 cents.
Come and bring your cash and convince yourself that goods at Rennie's are sold
cheaper than at any sheriff's sale you ever attended.
Pale, thin, bloodless people should use Br. Saw
yer's TJknUne. It is the greatest- romedy in the
world lor making tho weai strong. ' For solo by FJ
n. Longley.
State of Ohio, Citt op Toledo, I
Lucas Cocjjtv, )
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is
the senior partner of the firm of P-J.
Cheney &Co., doing business in the City
of Toledo, County and State aforesaid
and that said firm will pay the sura of
One Hundred Dollars foreaoh andevory
case of. Catarrruthat oannot be cured by
the use of Hall's Catarrh Curer-
Frank J. Cheney.
Sworn to before me and subcribed.. in
rav presence this Gth day of December,
A. D-1880.
Notary Public.
ble, yet it accomplished nothing. HnlI,8 Catnrrh Cure .g takeQ internally
Its leaders shouted retorm and
practiced the reverse; they deluded
their followers to furtlier own ends,
they promised relief trom what they
termed evils and made the evils
greater as socm as the opportunity
presented. As a consequence tht
party is rapidly disintegrating and
falling to pieces. The4 rank and
file are leaving and soon there will
only remain a few' leaders without
a party, a. lot of demagogues with
out a foHoanng. And such will be
the end-of all political movements
manipulated by unprincipled men..
Lexington Pioneer.
. fejsifBrwtteJcdr
now the storm centre of the country.
The democrats all over the land
have thir eyes focussed upon this
learned bench and regard it as its
last chance for finding out where
they are at. They think the courtis
Efoinsr to decide who are the real dem
ocrats and entitled to the name and
assets of the late party, the straight
cuckoos or the free coinage softies.
But the court may shy and sidetrack
the whole business on the plea of
jurisdiction. It is a pretty big
question tor three lone justices to
tackle. All the courts in the coun
try should sit en banc o'nthe issue
if it is possible to get them together,
Journal. t
Pr. .V. S.awyer: Dear Sir: I hare been saflor-
og with sick headnche for a long lime. I used
yoqr Family Cure and now am entirely relieved.
I would not do without your medicine. Mrs. O.
A. Miller. Sold by F. H. Longley.
and acts directly on the blocd arid
mucous surfaces of the system. Send
for testimonials free.
v -i F. J, Cheney & Go. Toledo O.
.53?r$old by Druggists, 75 c.
Dr. A. P. Sawyer I have had Rheumatism 6inco
I wag "0 years old, but since using yur Family
Cure have been free from it It also cured my
husband of the same disease. Mrs. Bobt. Con
nelly, Brooklyn, Iowa. Sold by F. II. Longley.
A Golden Opportunity!
Inspect our Great Off erim
Minneapolis and St Paul. Minn,, to Lo3 An
- goles, California.,
Arrangements have just been com
pleted whereby the Union Pacific
and connecting" lines will run a
Pullman Tourist Sleeper from Min
neapolis and St. Paul, Min
nesota to Los Angeles, California,
via Sioux:City"and Columbus, Neb.,.
"wfthoiJt Change: car to leaye-Minneapolis
and St. Paul, Minnesota,
Paul every Thursday at 7:30 "m.,
and returning leaves Los Angeles
at 2:00 p.m. every Thursda3T.
For comtort there is nothing that
excels the tourist car operated by the
Union Pacific and it is an establish
ed fact that this makes faster time
than any other line in the west.
This already gives promise of be
ing the popular line for California
travel, and applications for space in
the sleeper should be made early.
For information in regard to this
through car line, apply to your near
est Union Pacific agent or
Ge'l Pass, and Ticket Agent,
Omaha, Neb.
Dr. A. P. Sawyer Sir: After suffering four.
years with female weakness I was persuaded by a
friend to try your Pastilles, and nfter using- them
for one year, I cnu say I am entirely well . I can
not recommend them too highly. Mrs. M. S. Brook
Bronson, Bethel Branch Co., Mich. For sale by F.
Once agaiii we are ready to do the right
thing by you, and are pleased- to announce
tha.t we4 now have open for inspection a sea
sonable new line ot
Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Hats, Caps, Boots and Slices,
in fact everything to fit a man, boy or child..
tar Clotfein
Of all kinds at
O. 7V: NEMTON'S, '
A Tablet 5x8 inches for one cent. The largest and best , fiMceiit
Tablet sre brought to North Platte. The finest line of all grades of
Tablets. A ruler or lead pencil given with every 5 and 10 cent Tablet.
C. M. Newton's Book Store
commences Wednesday, the 16th, and will continue all the month. Gold weather is coming rapidly and now is the time to prepare rdur
self with warmer wearing apparel. Before purchasing goods in our line come and see what -.we can do for you. Qui; stock fe;; new:; and
fresh and of the best quality. Our prices are such as to make our competitors mad. Read our price-list carefully: ; ' '
We will sell you a complete dress, with all trimmings
tiO-cent quality serge or ladies1 cloth, in all colors for
S3.78. We will sell you a Henrietta dress complete with
trimmings for 3.38. Plain colored eiderdown at 37 cts.
per yard. All-wool red flannel at 20 cts. per yard and up
wards. -wool flannel, in all colors,suitable for dresses
"alid'shirts,r'at 29 cBnts, worth 50. Shaker flannel at 5 cts.
per yard, worth 10. Cotton flannels at 5 cents a yard and
up. The best unbleached muslin at 5 cents per yard.
The best washable ginghams at 5 cents per yard. Ger
man blue prints at 7- cts. per yard.
Ladies' and Gent's Furnishing Goods.
All-wool, half-wool fleece-lined, ribbed and plain un
derwear: For Wednesday, Oct. 16th, and Thursday,
.Oct. 17tlvtwo days only, we place on our bargain counter,
1 25-dtiKe'h ladies' ribbed Tests, fleece-lined, at 18 cents per
garment, worth 40, Gent's gray suits, double-breasted.
t . jalljsizes at 90 cents per suit.
Blankets and Comforts You do not want to be
rold at niorht when the Boston sells a 10-4 blanket at 6q cents
a pair, worth 1.25.- Comforts from 90 cents and up. Ten
aozen aii-wooi sKirr. patterns at cents, worm $1.25.
ments in town. We assorted 200 children's long- cloaks in-three lots, at
$1.85. S2.25 and S2.75, sizes 4 to 14, not one in the tot worth less than $5.
Tlnn'f pf vnnr children fro wifliDut'a" cloak when vou can fret one at these
prices. Shawls -We can sell ydn a'jrbod beaver shawl at $1.50
4-. ; Hr' 'it'
S51 JK ........
This line has been examined by the ladies of North Platte
and vicinity, and all admit that we have the largest variety,
the latest patterns, the best quality, and lowest prices of any
in town. We cut the prices wide open. Our ladies' $3.50
jackets and ladies' capes are equal to any $7. 50 and so gar-
We are still cutting- the prices on shoes $1.35 .will buy a ladies
fine donjrola button shoe, worth $2. Children's shoes are still at cut
prices. We have Just received a new line of men's railroad shoes which
cannot be equalled. Boots and Arctics at a great reduction.
CL,OTHIjKG We will sell you an all-wool man's suit at $6.25.
wort $10. We will sell vou a boy's Joiee suit for $1.50. worth $2.50; we
will sell vou a youth's suit at $3.25, worth $5S Men's, youth's and chil
dren's suits at sacrifice prices. Gloves and mittens at a great reduction.
JULIUS Pmm, Prop.