The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, August 06, 1895, Image 4

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Served Exclusively te tS
QYerXwcnty-Oae Million Ptopto
universally ccts the
Leading ncc?Jc f uwWorJd.
The-semi-monthly lawn social
under theau spices "ofthe ladies
guild 'will be held at the Gilman
residence Friday afternoon next
President Streitz is making1 a
! personal inspection of the west end
of the south side ditch to-day. He
is accompanied by H. C. Nesbitt.
Contractor Walker has just fin
ished making- some repairs upon
the Unitarian hall, which will be
used for school purposes the coming-
The council met in regular session-last
"evening1, ahd in the ab
sence pf Mayor Baker, president of
r mm
me council xnomson nuea tne ex
ecutive chair.
The first question considered was
whether the council should pay over
to the waterworks ' company for
hydrant rental the amoutof money
that had accumulated in the hands
of the city treasurer. Thomson
made a vigorous protest against
such action, claiminn- fhnf fli rrn
Fred J. Mack, formerly of this Urart hPfWpPm',A a
- Sells tile above Cofee city, but now of "Albion, has been .vatfirworlfR rnmmnv TCnc
admitted to the bar of Boone county. by reason of the coundl whkh
r rea win maxe nis mark- as a sue- the contract having exceeded its
cessful lawyer. authority T?nr hnr .Wef
I J' . ..iunurv
Those interested in the forma- to convince the other councilmen
I tion of the new band are requested that the monev should not hp nmrl
.... . . J r -
ere unavailing and
together with a complete lino of
i. ..I.
IrriCeS Always XteaSOnable. to meet at Episcopal guild house but his efforts w
Summer Bel tst, .: -:-
I : f
have just got in some very pretty Ster
JJ ( 4ing Silver mounted Belts, price &2.00;
X Ladies Shirt Waist Sets at from $1 to $2.0
r and the new Long Watch Chains from $2
to $6; also a fine line or iseic rms irorn tenia iu
.'ihing'neiii Watches, every one warranted, 2.5.0.
i. .-1
When Buyiiif
Minneapolis ' cf""r
Paid For Country Produce.
-10-morrow evening, at wnicit time a warrant for $676.24 was ordeTred
the organization will be perfected, drawn in fnror of th rnmnnnv
-After the installation of officers A communication from the clerk
and the initiation of a couple of can- f the fire department w?.s read,
didates last Friday .night the Re- notirymg the council that at the
Smoke Wright's Royal Sports betall lodge of this city gave avery recent regular election R. L. Graves
and Havana Rose 5-cent cigars.
Mrs. Geo. H. Baskins has been
seriously ill for the past two weeks.
T-Wm. Tatum, who had been at
Elsie for several months, has re
turned te North Platte.
Wm. Edis expects to have his
windmilhirrigation plant , in opera
tion the latter part of next week.
- Sigmund Mang, of the south
side, was exhibiting some fine
.samples of unirrigated oats stalks
enjoyable sociable to its members.
Thos. O'Neal has an apple-tree
in his yard which has been yielding
him quite a quantity of fine fruit.
The apples are perfect in form and
of a very nice flavor.
Dr. W. A. DeBerry has perman
ently taken charge of the H. M.
Butt dental parlors. He guaran
tees all work, -
I have 640 acres of hay west of
Pallas sidingwhiclf I wish to have!
put up on shares. Liberal induce
ments will be given to responsible
parties. Call on or address E. W.
Had been selected as chief. On
motion of Johnson the communica
tion was laid on the table until the
next regular meeting. To some
the disposition of this communica
tion may look a little -suspicious
and might indicate that the council
little juggling,
; attheBaptist church next TuWay MurphjV Northplattet
xc win De ncniv worm
had norreed to do n
o J"fct
but we .presume this matter was
simply delayed in order that the
mayor and the full council might
be present when full action is taken.
A petition, .signed by a large
number of business, men. was pre
sented, asking that G. T. Field be
appointed city weighmaster. The
petition was received, Mr. Field's
name was presented by the presid
ing officer, and the council confirmed
the nomination.
On motion the city attorney was
instructed to renew the lumber con
tract with G. T. Field and the pub-
Watermelons have made their lishing" contract with the Tele-
appearahce in this market, but they graph.
area little too"rich"for the average After allowing several bills,
citizen.' The local crop of melons among which was the salary of the
promises be verv larp-e. and wifliin officials for flip firef
m .Li. -. . . I " 0 JL " '
Aw ui Lnree saioon nrmts n timnth thov k ua 1
o 1 - uv, .u.u uv. jjuit.uaacu ai wuuv.11 aujuuiucu.
a vey low figure.
Have your dental work done at
the H. M. Butt dental oarlors.
Co. E-, 2d Reg., will go into
camp west of the city Saturday
evening. As this is the first time
this year all the members will par-
your attention. -
Geo. Gormau, the efficient
butcher at Baskin's market, is off
duty on account of a serious case of
inflammation of the eyes.
Lee Wood, of this city, has
been distributing state fair litera
ture the past week, covering the
territory between Lexington and
Claude Weingand's team ran
away last Friday and dashed into
Picard's carpenter shop. The pole
penetrated the side of the building
and badly damaged a tool box and
the tools therein.
Julius P'ieflett for the east Sun-
dayfeght? f
:. Miss Minnie vDietz left ..-for the
east lasjaighf.--., rn
Now, may it please the court, just
a word to the energetic citizens of
.X1UW1U WWUUVJ, M.b fr. I v Till
larly those who live within the im- JJJiPl
gaiea area: we nave a pian to un
Why-not get the BEST?
Washburn's Superlative
Has no superior no equal. It is the result of studied im
provement in milling machinery the product of the hard,
excellent wheat of the 6rth. If you are not using the
Washburn Flour, try it. It is sold by
. HerbercHlrwin left last night for fold to you which is no iridescent
PeaboHy, K&nsas, to remain indefi- dream, no effort at rainbow chasing,
nitely. ; ' " . no Utopian vision, but a scheme of
Mr nni Mrs TOnU'win and Miss which it may truly be said "there's
Horlocker returned ifrom Kearney
Sunday night.' i . t .
Mr. and Mrs.- El&er Coates, of
Sutherland.- . visited' North Platte
friends Sunday.
Miss Eunice Babbitt returned a
few days ago from a" protracted
visit in Illinois.
Milton Doolittle wasi-a visitor in
the east part of the state the letter
part of last week. .
Cbas. Burke and Max Beer trans
acted business in Omaha tlie latter
part of the week.
Miss Lillian Pike came in from
(in Solomon were Alive -
and buying goods for his. numerous
family he would buy his supplies of
Denver this
rr 1 1 j f- r TVffo O TT
occurred Saturday night in which
x , xucuuaru 01 eaucanoii neia a
"bruised noses and discolored eyes. raeetinff la;t aight and Tyed
A party of young folks will en- the annual report of the treasurer,
joy a hay rack "ride to the Cody The petition asking the board to
rancii tins evening, where they will reappoint Mrs. Emmons
ue ine guests 01 miss Josie Good- tress of the Third ward
. M.U.- & vans and Henry 'Yost
have been granted certificates of
fireman's service. Both have been
members of the Third ward hose
as jani-building.
wasv laid on the table for thirty ticipate.
daJs The individual who cannot af-
It is said that the child which I ford a thatch head covering at the
was found in the canyons ten davs prices quoted by the Boston store
a - J I -
ago has lost his reason since being m another column, must be pretty
icmiucu' to nis parents, x ue strain ""'v w miu lug nanus or
a receiver.
and. is
Miss Ma' Cooper, who had been
siting at Sutherland for two-
weeks, returned home Sunday.
Ernest Snelling, who had been at
Sheridan, "Wye, for a couple of i
monthsreturned to the city a few
Key, Haraaway returned home
Saturday much improved in health.
Thejmember of his chuck gave him
a hearty welcome Sunday.
millions in It," as svas long ago re
marked ty one of "Mark Twain's"
imaginary, creations.
In brief the plan is this: Let a
full train load, say 750 tons, of the
best agricultural products of the ir
rigated district be collected this fall
after the potato crop is harvested,
and shipped in solid bulk through
to New York City. Let the cars be
appropriately inscribed "From the
Drouthy Regions of Nebraska,': and
other pertinent inscriptions ad lib.
Hare stops of twenty-four hours
made by the .train, say each 300
miles after leaving the boundaries f0r King SoloUlOn WaS a nice UiaU, "
of the state, and an opportunity at- 0 . 7 T-
forded the gaping thousands of the and knew a P'OOfl thillP wllP.TV ll
It is said that Miss Hosford will LEicb-of Greensboro
. ... . . In.j 3 ; e
entertain the school teachers in af
tendance at the institute, at the so
ciable given by the ladies of the
The Platte Valley lodge, I. O. on the little fellow while wandering
G..T.Mwill hold an election of offi- through the canyons is supposed, to
cers on Thursday evening, Aug. 8. be responsible for his present con
All members are requested to be dition..
present The vigorous work the officers
A number of young folks held of the Farmers'and Merchants' ditch Presbyterian church, Thursday ev-
a . picnic at Lamplugh's lake last have been doing toward securing ening, atthe residence of Mrs. H.
evening. These moonlight nights water for their patrons is deserv- M- Slack.
are very appropriate for such ex- ingT of reward in heaven if not Richards Bros, report an unus-.curslons.-
on earth. Charley Iddings has spent ually good trade last Saturday upon
C. C. Hawkins, of Wellfleet, enouSrfl energy in the past ten days the strength of their recent half
was in town yesterday, and volun- to exuaust any ordinary mortal, but page ad. in this paper. Other mer
ieeredihe information that his 300 be sti11 seems fresh. chants of this city might follow the
-acres or corn gave promise of'yield- A new society has been formed example witu pront.
ing an average of thirty-five orforty n town, the members of which are County commissioner Hill went
bushels per acre. ' - - composed "of men who have left home Saturday night, presumably
G. C. McAllister, who has been North' Platte "for good," and after for the purpose of killing "off a
stopping in town for a month, has a D"ef absence haye returned to couple of correspondents who are
about decided to locate permanently. retnain permanently. Each mem- succeeding in making life a burden
Mr. McAllister is a lawyer, and a ber ODliates himself to pay fifty to him. Though a "reform" county
"brother of the late J. L. McAllister cents towards, hiring the band to official he seems to have a record
"of Fox Creek precinct. meet returning pilgrims at the de- which is by no means invulnerable;.
The Cnriv ClunrA avnat- pot. The countv sr.lionl fpnrliprs arA,
. . j .VJ. LU ic- 1 j -
""n. Lino WCCK liaverSaCKS and j. u.auaji CVCIUU, Ytii iv.7ii.oi.ui.i.u in iunu una ween,
canteens, which are furnished by -&-ug"usr; 13th, at the Baptist church arid even a staid old married man
the government. Heretofore the .ue a unique entertainment will must admit that the young ladies
-state guard has not been supplied be Sven; one of the features of the who are largely in the majority
wiLu tuese equipments. wgiaiumc 4ng a missionary col- are trim in ngure, rennea in appear-
effete east to learn what a hand
maiden to old father Agriculture is
the blooming young virgin Irriga
tion. With countless myriads of
eastern people the idea of increasing
the productiveness of the soil by
moisture brought into service by
the energy and skill "of man, is but
a distorted dream indicative of
shiftless farming. Let us give
them an.object lesson that will at
once change their opinions uoon
Ralph Minshall was a Sutherland this subject.
visitor Sunday. Jt is said a young The adoption of this plan, carry
lady at that village claims his at-i mg out its details fuller than is
tentiou quite frequently. here the space to mention, will
Mr, and Mrs. B. L. Robinson, son prove a 16 to 1 bonanza for this
Guy, and one G. W. Dillard's boys, country $16 dollars of an increase
expect tojeave to-night on a fishing in wealth, for every $1 expended.
excursion to Dale creek, Wyo. From the day of the starting of the
Miss Kate Mockler, of Grand train until the final dispersion of its
Island, formerly of this city, passed contents the columns of the press
flirmiirli Rnnrlmr ritcrl,- on - ot the conntrw wrmlH fppmtnnr
to" ...rj Aim. n lUULt iu J e I -J n
Denver, where , she Voes for her with tales of the train. Another YOU UllY 200ClS 01 US. lOlv WO
I 1 m t J
L -K-T I '
health. vv -
Dr. and Mrs. F,
thought in connection, is that New
WE ARE THE OffLY Store injfont'h
Platte that does not haye to con
duct so-called "Special Sales" (?) eveiy
month, for the reason that we have a, spe
cial sale that lasts 365 days in the year3i at
prices that are less? quality considered, than
our competitors buy for. Remember you
are not paying losses on bad debts when
sell for cash
-An assault case from Wallace
loquy in which several different na- ance, and bear the mark of intelli-
was up before Judge Ray Saturdav tions Wl11 be represented in costume gence. We are in favor of granting
in wnicn a young boy named "Pete" 'v. mc i.iuics. "a wirapsc mcui cvcrjunujf mey wish noin-
or ine i? iem will also be enacted mg is too good for them. May their
by seven of the young ladies. First tay in .the city be pleasant and
class talent has been encraired.for profitable. ..The'haud that .spanks
this occasion, and the public ure the youngster moves this mundane
cordially invited to attend and bring sphere
tneir friends and enjoy a rare treat.
Crown and bridge work a spe
cialty at the H. M. Butt dental
terday morning for Carbondale,
C6K, expecting to be absent about
ten days.
J. M. Hall.- the expert at Doc.
Sizemore's barber shop, expects
to leave Sunday for a two weeks'
v;sit:with his mother at McKune,
J. M, ..Cotton, who has been in
Texas for several months, is ex
pected, home in a few days. He
has found that the climate in' that
state does not agree with his con
stitution.. C. O. Wilcox, who has for some
time past been employed in a bank
at Long Island, Kan., arrived in
town Friday and is the guest of his
brother J. Q. Wilcox. It is poss-
loiejinat Mr. W. may remain
North-Rlatte permanently.
N. Dick and Miss York City is the ffreat nioney mar- Only, and will Save TOU mOnOV,
ro,. N. C. leftves- the natlon and a practical ., ," ,; J J
Williams appeared as plaintiff and
a man named Travis as defendant.
His Honor assessed a fine on Travis
of one dollar and cos'ts the latter
amounting to about $43.00.
Co. Supt. Miss Hosford is de
sirous that our citizens visit the
institute during its sessions, and
thereby lend encouragement to the
teachers in attendance, as well as
-GBtfo tlie-H. M?Butt dental par-
lors f of satisfactory dental work.
Invitations are out for a party
at the residence of B-1. Hinman to
morrow evening.
Six or eicrht members ot the
bicycle club' made a run to Van
Brocklin's ranch Sunday.
Mart Cryderman had a serious
tussle with cholera morbus Sunday Creek, Wyoming.
demonstration to her capitalists of
the manifold advantages of irriga
tion, would be of material advan
tage to the people of this part of
the country in the placing of irriga-
ai.v,uiiiica wim eastern men 01
The plan is a perfectly practical
one, and should be successfully con
summated. The Union Pacific R'y
has a sufficient community of inter
est in the enterprise to secure the
lowest possible transportation
rates. Right here it is as well to
state that the products are to be
sold, and the proceeds turned over
xo me snippers, alter tue expenses
are paid. We feel sure that the
press of this city, and for that mat
ter the state will second the object.
What say you Messrs. Park, Bratt,
Iddings, Streitz, Seeberger, Patter
son, and all other public-spirited
citizens, to the plan?
' Call and seeus andlet prices.
urn ty
8 I I I B I
1 If I COX u
Firstdoor south of Streitz Drug Store, - - NORTH PLATTE, NEB,
Stat ion Agent Olds has been on
the sick list for several davs nast.
Henry Tyler, an extra brakeman,
returned Sunday from a visit in
Supt. Park leaves this week on a
brief fishing excursion to Dale
and yesterday, but is better to-day.
A telegram from
the Bee, dated Ausrust
Ogalalla to
4th, savs:
learn how an institute is conducted
An hour passed at the institute The members of the Alfalta
each 'da'" will be time well spent tion district, located in the north
' -Atthe meeting held in town western part of Keith county, have
Saturday for the purpose of consid- filed a petition in district court,
erihg thadvisability ofcpnsolidat- section 59 of the district irri-
ing several precincts -and voting STation law. praying the court ta
bonds to build a bridge across the examine and determine whether
North Platte river north of Nichols, the organization and voting of
it was concluded to circulate peti- bonds y said district are legal and
tions asking the commissioners to valid- An answer v:l be filed by
consolidate the proposed territory tue taxpayers, objecting to the law
and call an election. These peti- " ""wusutuuonai and raising all
being -
circulated this
tions are
John McCabe, of Cheyenne, a
former efficient chief of the North
Platte fire department, in a letter
to the The Tribune says: - 4,I see
the fire department has made a
good selection for its chief. He is
the best man in your city for that
place, as he has the ability and will
.command the respect of the depart
ment., Mr. Graves has a hard position,-to
fill, but I know he is just
ihe man. for the place. Regards to
$he department and the new chief."
uuuutmi points in the law. This
is the first district organized under
the new law and the first case to
be submitted to the courts. Judire
Neville has called a special term of
uisinct court at this place to hear
and determine the case, and it will
then go to the supreme court for a
hearing at the first meeting in Sep
tember. Judge George W. Shields,
of Omaha, will appear for the peti
tioners and Judge John R. Brothpr
ton of this place and T. Fulton
Gantt of Norti Plafte will oresenr:
the case for the taxpayers of the
Alex. Stewart, who is at present
round-house foreman at Siring
Master Jny Stuart is visiting relativfs
in Sidney.
Wisee3 Stella and Bettie Graves
returned to Council Bluffs Monday.
Ed Murphy, ot Brady Islnnd, was
among thoso who transacted business in
town Saturday.
It is said that some oTthe oats"" har
vested last week on land under the old
ditch will averago eighty bushels to the
Josephine aud Edmund Barnum
entertained a number of their little
friends from six until eight o'clock Sat
urday evening.
Miss Margaret Gabbert, who has been
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Stuart
for over a month, 'returns to St. Joe
Mo., this week,
John Sawyer has been catchmcr
T " ' r
gives y,(XX gallons, or enough to cover
one acre two inches deep every hour.
Harvesting commenced on Pool's ranch
last week. Eight twine binders wore
started on tho work of cutting seven
hundred acres of wheatand one hundred
acres of oats. Mr. Pool estimates that
he will have 10,000 bushels of wheat and
about 4,000 buihels of oats. Mr. Pool
further informs us that eloven hundred
acres of his corn is in good growing con
dition, but four or five hundred acres of
late listed corn, planted on ground first
sowed to winter wheat and killed by the
May drouth, is in poor condition. Being
late and help pot available to properly
cultivate, it will be cut while green and
stored io piles, if present plans are car
ried out. Rayenqa News.
Sfcudebaker "Wasrous
visited his family in this city Sun- with hook and 1ne 0D average of a Hershey & Co's,
ctONOrr is weaih
We are the People vho haye
The-finest grades of everything in tlie Grocery Line
in the City; always fresh and at prices that
The 642 broke down between Pax-
ton and Ogallala Sunday, and the
8G was sent out to take her train
Engine 1276 en route to the Om
aha shops went throug-h this morning-,
as did also the 930. Both were
from the western divisions.
John Raynor and Syl Friend were
given positions in tlje car repair
gang- Monday, Two men from the
round-house, Messrs, Kosensteen
and Grant, were transferred to the
same gang. These vacancies in the
round-house have been filled by
Rush Dean and another man whose
name we aid not learn.
The shoot of the North Platte
Gun Cluf Saturday evening result
ed as follows:
Sorecion . . OlOulllOlO-5
Seyf erth 1U001C001O-3
O'Neal 0011001111-6
Barnmn 1010111111-8
PIt 1110111010 7
Pool t OOlOlOOUl-5
Wciccand 01010010003
rcdcihoof '.. 11000010011
McDonald 00910001103
Williams i 0010111000-4
dozen nice pike each day for a couple of
weeks. He finds a readv sale for them.
Some extensive improvements will
be made on the North Platte ditch bo
fore another eeason. The work as con
templated will cost in the neighborhood
of $5,000.
Her cycle spilled her in thomud;
She rolled and splashed around.
And, as she rose, the merra man said:
'Bloomers are gaining ground."
New York Recorder.
Joh Sanders, livfng near Stock ville, js
irrigating eigncy acres ot land from a
plant of his own construction. This plant
is located on Medicine creek, and a cor
respondent of the Maywood Eagle de?
scribes it as follows: "The power for his
irrigation plant is produced by an under
shot water-wheel wheel which about
twelve feet in diameter, with fans three
feet apart, and about two feet in depth
and about five feet wide; an endless
chain runs from the wheelshaft at a ve
locity of fiftyrevolutions per minute.
The box through which tbo water is ele
vated is 5x12 inches on the inside and
ten feet high. -Blocks two feet apart,
attached to a chain -belt carry 900 gal
lons per minute through this elovator to
For sale, a good heavy work team.
Inquire at the Wilcox Dept. Store.
Hotice to Trespassers
All persons are hereby warned
against trespassing, especially
hauling, driving and jjrazinir stock.
on my land in and Hershey. Viola
torn will be dealt with according to
law A. S. GtttwtjtS
In search of a good cigar
will alwavs find it of t
F. Schmalzried's. Try
them and judge,
In the matter ot the estate of Benjamin F, Moore
il soance Of an ardar nf Wm r4ti. j.. i
?'VUWeteoortof Uncoln count7. nide on
the 1st day of Anguat, 1895 for the aate of the real
estate hereinafter described, there will be sold at
tno East front door of Urn MinrUinnu in -v u.
Platte, Nebraska, oa the 31t da ot August. w
fl X? l00 p.?i ot sald d8 Bt Pab,lc vendne-!
to the highest bidder for cash the following de
scribed real esUia. to-wit: Thn ,oi k
Boathweat quarter ot section 33. nod Uao west half
of the aorthweet quarter of aecUon 25. all in town
kip 3 north, of range S3 -et. Saldsalo will ro
mnin open oao hour.
Dated August Etk. 1S93. 4
3."UW1U011-S b aQm6 WJ!l1 mto e main Admlnl8tratorotth cM 0 BenJasBlo r. iocVo.
Hj OrusM te Wilcox, U tltore7s.