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Sells tlie above Coffee
together with a complete line of
Prices Always Reasonable.
Highest market price
Paid For Country Produce.!
Wall Paper.
Paper Hung by Peale.
Paper Cleaner at Peale's.
Thos. Haley is reading- law in
the office of T. Fulton Gantt.
H. C. Rennie received two bi
cycles yesterday which round a
ready sale.
Several from town attended a
social held at the residence of C. E.
Osgood Friday night.
Station Agent Olds has been
confined to the house with stomach
trouble for several days past.
Until further notice the Mod
ern "Woodmen will hold their meet
ings at the residence of John Soren-
Messrs. Ross and McChesney
were at Sutherland Saturday lay-
iir out several laterals for irri-
The work of buildiner a lateral
to connect the F, & M. ditch with
the P. & H. ditch will commence
this week.
The countv relier commission
is winding nr its business, and the
members are probably glad that the Wellfleet to this city.
end draws nigh.
The Li. Lt. A. will render a
highly interesting programme at
the Y. M. C. A. rooms on Monday
Dr. N. McCabe is building a
commodious addition to the resi
dence he recently purchased of Louis
Bruno Artz returned this morning
from Germany, where he had been
for several weeks settling up an es
tate to which he was the sole heir.
james .rcoaay nas invested a
portion of his spare shekels in a
new aluminium trimmed Eagle bi
cycle purchased of C. F. Jennings.
Eighty-eight type-written
pages of the water filings for irri
gation canals in Lincoln county
have been prepared pursuant to the
provisions of the new state law
upon this subject.
ur. $utt, tne new dentist in
McDonald's block, has his rooms
neatly fitted up and is prepared to
do all work in his line in a satis
factory maimer.
A. H. Davis is making arrange
ments to move his family from
Mr. D., we
understand, has purchased the
Struther's house on west Front
I suppose a great many of you are looking formard to the
May Party. Your toilet will not be complete without one of
our new Sterling Silver boquet holders. We also have a fine
line of side combs, hair pins, belts, collaretts and Sterling
Silver fan holders. You certainly will want one of those fine
long chains. for your watch; they are the latest, and one very
Remember the Engineer's May
Party to-morrow evening.
evening- of next week.
-A tew small outbuildings were
George Goodman holds the po
sition of private secretary to Col.
Cody, a position which the young
overturned by the storm last night, man can acceptable fill.
-A new barn is being built upon
the J. C. Orr property in the Second
H. C. Rennie has been confined
to the house for a day or two by
Citv clerk Scharmann is look-
Strawberries are now being"
sold in the local market at thirty
cents per box. Those received Sat
urday were nice and firm.
. Small grain on unirrijrated
land showing is up nicely since the
recent rains and farmers are begin
Ed J. Hall, editor of the Grand
Island Free Press, and deputy oil
inspector for this district, spent a
few hours in town to-day testing
the oils sold by the local agent,
Claude Weing-and.
-The North Platte teachers
who attended the educational as-
Mrs. Loren Whelpley returned to
Fremont yesterday.
Deputy state secretary Evans was
in town yesterday on business.
Russ Fowles. of Maxwell, tran
sacted business in this city to-day
C. L. Wood leaves this week for a
trip to California in search of an el
Geo. W. Dillard made a business
trine to Omaha, returning" home
l. w
last night. 'r
Mrs. Geo: E. French and son
Frank returned Saturday morning
from Denver.
Mrs. Claude Weingand has been
spending the past few days with
her parents at Lodge Pole.
Mrs. Hosford, mother of our
countv suoermtendent, came in
of the week report the meeting a trom tIie west yesterday morning.
very instructive one and express Mrs. Minnie Powers, of Red
themselves as well oleased with the Butte, Wvo.. is the eruest of her
treatment accorded them. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brown
There have recentlv been filed Wm- Smallwood and Fred Fred-
ing- for a down town room in which ning to feel more hopeful.
to remove his office. CurtHinman is putting m forty in the county clerk's office 101 crop rickson went to Omaha yesterday
-The headgate of the Keith irri- acres of potatoes and other vegeta- mortgages in favor of the Chicago morning to attend a meeting of the
gation ditch east of town, which
was washed out a short time ago,
has been replaced, and the ditch is
now supplying water for the land
under it.
The team attached to Land
grafs ice wagon ran away yester
day and smashed up the vehicle to
some extent. The driver made a
bles and grain on his father's place
just west of the city limits.
-uistrict court cierK naaer is
just emerging from an avalanche of
office work which has kept him
buried at his desk for about two
-woric nas oeen commenced on
Board of Trade for seed grain fur
nished people of this county. Five
car loads were sent into Lincoln
county by the above organization.
The ladies of the Baptist Mis
sion vircie nave arranged tor a.
lawn party and ice-cream social at
the Baptist parsonage on Thursday
evening, May IJtli. Interesting
the extension of the Cody & Dillon
narrow escape from injury when the ditch, which will run from the Cody programme and good music will be
wagon upset. ranch to the Dillon lands north and rendered. Everybody is invited.
... . . r .
The power printing press for east or town. The city council did not fret to-
the new Sidney irrigation publica- A remonstrance against the ap- gether last evening, and a meeting
tion has been shipped. Whether pointment of Senator Akers as sec- will be held this afternoon or even
the scheme will prove a profitable retary to the state board of irriga
one, as Rudyard Kipling would say, tion was sent to Lincoln from this
city yesterday.
The Woman's edition of TnE
Tribune, which will be issued Fri
day, promises to be a very bright
paper. Better send in an order for
a few extra copies.
is another story.
-VT -i-v 1 - it
ur. i. r . uonaiason lost ms
fine two-year-old Online colt yester
dap. The animal was being pas
tured at the Osgood ranch, became
mired in a slough and died before
it could be rescued.
:M. C. Lindsay received this
morning by express several hun
dred cabbage plants which he will
set out and cultivate this season.
He don't propose that another dry
season shall find him without a full
supply of krout material on hand.
Joe Glaser is making prepar
ations to put in three acres of
tobacco on the Scout's Rest ranch,
about the 10th of June. He has
thousands of thrifty young plants
now under cultivation, which prom
ise great results.
A. J. Cushmau, who is riding a
bicycle from Syracuse, N. Y. to Salt
Lake City, laid over in North Platte
Sunday. He has averaged about
ninety miles per day. He makes
the trip for the Stearns' bicycle
manufacturers and receives $125
per month and expenses. Cushman
claimed that he had so far made the
trip without puncturing a tire.
Young John Keliher has been
offered, and accepted, the position
of master mechanic's clerk at Little
Rock, Ark., through the kindness
of Frank Reardon formerly master
mecnanic oi the shops here. John
is an industrious, stead' young
man, and his many friends here
trust that he will be able to fill his
new position with credit to himself,
and the satisfaction of his em
ployer. Through the kindness of his
friend Mr. O'Kem, county clerk
Burritt this morning received a
large invoice of interesting public
documents for gratuitous distribu
tion. If judiciously used they
should be able to encompass Mr.
Burritt's re-nomination in spite of
the machinations of his envious
companions who are pops for reve
nue only.
The irrigation ditch on the
north side, constructed by Messrs.
Evans, Hall and Hubbartt, is now
Hearing completion and in a week
or ten days the water will be flow
ing through it This ditch is of
sufficient capacity to water 2500
acres of land, and there is fullv
that amount of fine, fertile land
under it The work on this ditch
has been pushed forward without
any blow or bluster, and probably
not one-tenth of our people knew it
was under construction. It will
prove of great financial benefit to
the owners, and when the land is
under cultivation, which it will be
iaihe near future, it will materially
increase the business of North
Platte. Our citizens hail with de
light the completion of ever' new
irrigation ditch.
ing for the purpose of issuing li
censes to the saloon keepers. The
present licenses expire to-day
and it is necessary that the new
ones be granted without delay.
yv i n
uwmg to tne rain last evening
the attendance at the Degree of
Honor social was not ' lare-e. and
About one thousand pounds of pari of the programme was omitted
ice per day is loaded into the ex
press car on train No. 2. The con
gealed fluid is used to ice the ship
ments of Oregon salmon.
The room occupied by Wm.
Landgraf, which was damaged by
water during the fire last week, is
being repaired rapidly by W. F.
Gates and his assistants.
The. dandelion crop on many
lawns this spring is especially large
and it will be well to get rid of the
plant before it seeds, else the crop
next year will be much larger.
The dry goods stores of the
city now close at 8 p. m. each even
ing except Saturday. This new
rule went into effect last evening
and is duly appreciated by the
The Hotel Neville will serve an
excellent supper to-morrow night
to attendants at the May Party.
On this occasion mine host Feder
hoof will probably do himself
Some evil disposed persons
have been pulling up trees recently
planted by Val Sharmann on his
vacant block in the Third ward.
The same kind of mean work was
done last season.
Dr. F. M. Somers has sold his
practice to Dr. Hatch and will leave
for Colorado about the middle of
May. Dr. Hatch assumes the prac
tice to-morrow, and The Tribune
trusts his professional career will
be a successful one.
J. A. McMichael and assistants
are engaged this week in making a
headgate for the big lateral being
put in by the old ditch company.
It is being made in sections here in
town and wili be put together at
the head of the lateral.
by reason of the absence of some of
those who were to participate.
However, those present had a de
lightful time, and were favored with
a bountiful supply of refreshments.
-Frank Knott, a demented boy
about seventeen years of age and
a son of Joseph Knott, of Hershey,
has caused his parents considera
ble trouble of late by running away
from home. His father sent word
recently to Sheriff Miller to come
and get the boy, as he wanted him
taken to the home for the feeble
minded. The request was granted
and the bov brought to town, but
word was subsequently received
from the father to the effect that
he had changed his mind and did
want the boy sent to the home.
mi i 3 j
xne iaa is at present occupying
quarters at the jail.
J. J. Sullivan received Sunday
a little memento from Colonel W.
r. vouy, wnicn ne prizes very
highly and which he assures us
511 1 1 . -ti-t f
wm oe nanaea aown irom genera
tion to generation of the honored
Sullivan family. This gift is in
the shape of a, life pass to the Wild hearsals pronounce the operetta a
Mystic Shriners.
J. E. Baker wen to Juniata, Sat
urday to visit his daughter, Mrs.
Thos. Hughes. He will probablv
be home to-morrow.
Messrs. Smith, Plumer and Rob
erts, of Maxwell, and the Mathew-
son brothers, or Bradv, were in
town on business yesterday.
Jas. Cotton leaves to-morrow for
Houston, Texas, via Kansas City.
G. R. Hammond accompanies him
each having live stock to look after
while in transit.
G. Washington Winkowitch, the
bantam engineer of the Union Pa
cific system, was in this city Sun
day renewing old acquaintance
ships. At present he is hostling at
Henry Goodman came down from
Denver Saturday. Mrs. Goodman
arrived on this-morning's train and
J. A. is now happy. Miss Josie
will'stay in Denver until the close
of school.
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Hammond
leave to-morrow for Webster, Texas,
where they will probablv make
their future home. For more than
twenty years they have been highly
esteemed citizens of North Platte
and they will be greatly missed by
all acquaintances. The Tribune
regrets to have Mr. and Mrs. H.
leave us, but assures them that its
best wishes accompany them to
their Texas home.
A car with a capacity of 80,000
pounds belonging to the Carnegie
Steel Co., of Pittsburg, Pa., at
tracted considerable attention this
morning in the railway yards. The
frame-work of the car was almost
wholly of iron.
The operetta of "The Three
joears, wnicn nas oeen in course
of preparation for several weeks
under the direction of Prof. Gar-
lich, will be given at Lloyd's opera
house on the evening of May 21st.
Those who have attended the re-
Editor Tribune: The beauty
and glory of a city are nice shady
streets. More especially would it
be the case out on the bleak prairies
of western Nebraska, and condi
tions are now such that North
Platte can be made a perfect gem
at a very moderate expense. Rival
irrigating canals run on the north
and south sides of the city, and
arrangements might be made with
one of them to run a lateral across
the west side of the city so that
water could be furnished for all the
streets running east and west for
the purpose of irrigating trees
planted along the side walks on
both sides of the streets.
The city might contract for trees
and the owners of lots pay for trees
in front of same. In a very few
years we could have over a mile
square of shady streets. The trees
would make the streets cool and
would be a great protection against
the spread of fire and the destruc
tion of tornados.
Now is the time lo make prepara
tion and next fall or spring have
the trees put out.
- James Belton.
When Buying
Why not get the BEST?
Washburn's Superlative
Has no superior no equal. It is the result of studied im
provement in milling machinery the product of the hard,
excellent wheat of the north. If you are not using the
Washburn Flour, try it.
It is sold by
Hotel Neville . .
f Try Our Sunday Dinner.
'West Show for Mr. Sullivan
and his family. On. the reverse
side of the ticket is written in
Colonel Cody's bold hand the follow
ing: "This ticket is given to Jack
O 11; j r t i f
ouuivan ana iamiiy as a lite pass
for being the first engineer that
ever hauled the Buffalo" Bill's Wild
West." Mr. Sullivan is very proud,
as well he may be, of the pass and
is exhibiting it freely to his many
r i t" i i
inenas. ic or course was unso
licited and is evidence that Buffalo
Bill never forgets an old friend.
Mr. and Mrs. Mcllrath, who are
making a tour of the world on bicy
cles in the interests of the
The marshal will soon begin Chicago Inter Ocean, will reach
his round for the purpose of collect
ing the dog tax. This announce
ment is made so that certain parties
will have time to send their dosrs to
the country during the summer in
order to escape paying the tax.
President Fort, of the state
irrigation association, received a
telegram from Governor Holcomb
asking if the appointment of R. B.
Howell, of Omaha, as secretary of
board of irrigation would be satis
factory. President Fort wired an
answer requesting that any ap
pointment be held off until to-morrow,
at which time he would prob
ably be in Lincoln.
Colorado Seed. Inquire at Mar
ble Shop.
town this afternoon. They left
Chicago on the 10th inst, and up to
date have averaged about fifty miles
per day. At this point they will be
over two days behind their schedule
time on account of the slight ill
ness of Mrs. Mcllrath, which de
layed them three days. They are
traveling westward, and after
reaching San Francis o their route
will be as follows: From San Fran
cisco to Japan, then through China
and southern India, Persia, Asia
Minor, continental Europe, and then
return to America. The object of
the trip is to establish correspond
ents in the territories that are not
reached by the associated press.
Arthur Hoagland and Fred Hart
man rode down to Cottonwood to
meet the couple.
very pretty one, abounding with
catchy music and entertaining
drills. Prof. Garlich is considered
an excellent instructor and the
presentation of the play promises
to be complete in every detail. The
admission will be fifty cents for
adults and twenty-five cents for
Lincoln county, or at least a
good portion of it, was visited by a
rain last evening; not one of the
sizzle-sozzle-for-fif te e n-m i n u t e s
variety, but more of the nature of a
gentle cloudburst, and it continued
for six times fifteen minutes. And
to-day eveybody is happy, is smil
ing, and ready to swear bv the
eat horn spoon that Lincoln
county will raise enough produce
this season to glut the Chicago
market A quarter section of land
in the sand-hills is worth $500
more to-day than it was yesterday,
and real estate in the city has ad
vanced ten per cent in price. It
was a great rain, the total fall be
ing ninety-seven one hundredths of
an inch.
The Gordon cornet band will if
the weather is fair, give its initial
street concert next Saturday even
ing. The boys are having made a
large lamp with which to provide
them light, and they will not appear
as early in the evening as they did
last summer. A subscription pa
per will be circulated to which our
business men should liberally re
spond. The following is the;
programme for its initial concert
Approach of spring Zikoff
La Petite Coquette Polka Eollinson
Liberty Bell Sousa
Anthony and Cleopatra, Serenade Smith
Reminiscences of the War Beyer
Gold Dust Overture Berdan
Approach of the Lion Belford
Sanspareil Polka Frankenfleld
Selections from Erminie Jakobowski
Selections from Maritana Wallace
Wine, Wife and Song Strauss
High School Cadets Sousa
Should any one miss his
"slicker" during the present rainy
season it might be well for him to
consult road-master Wm. Connors,
as that gentleman admitted that
he had been out of the use of one
of those necessary articles for two
years, putting off the purchase of
one for that length of time until he
knew that it could rain in Lincoln
Latest Styles of
with fringe,
Harrv Slack is making some
improvements to his residence on
west Fifth street
Charley Woods, formerly cook
at the Vienna, will turn his atten
tion to farm ing on land located near
The buffalo gnat is thus early
making life a burden for the indi
vidual who is exposed to his insid
ious attacks.
Buffalo county is out 541,000 by
reason oi suspension of several
banks in the county.
Kewly Furnished Throughout.
"Up to Date" Equipments.
A Table that Always Pleases.
J. C. Federhoof, Prop.
May Party Banquet served'
at this hostelry. . .
Haying removed my stock of books, sta
tionery, wall-paper, etc.,
(the old book store stand), shall be pleased to have
everyone call on me when anything- in my ine is de
sired. First class stock in all branches.
Barren Shores, Rolling Sorgo and
Icebergs Malce It Dangerous.
The most northorly lighthouse on the
coast of this continent stands on Bolle
islo, at the head of tho straits of that
namo, a little northeast of Newfound
laud. By what freak of tasto it was
called Belle islo I cannot say, for oven
tho old navigators had such a horror of
it that on their charts they marked it
with tho figure of a demon.
Tho morning the littlo mail steamer
on which I cruised "down ou the Lab
rador," as tho Newfoundlanders say,
plunged and rolled past it through the
surge the rugged mass of rock cronch
ed thero as if ready to seize its prey of
ships and human lives. Tho surf, un-
I desire toell the hay crop for
1895, on the large Sidney Dillon
Island located at Sutherland, sec
tions 2, 3, 4, 5, town 13 north, and
sections 33, 34, 35 and 36, in town
14 north, all in range 34 west, to
the highest bidder for cash. Bids
will be received up to July 1st,
1895, and reserve the right to reject
any and all bids. N. B. OLDS.
If you mako tho trip via tho Chicago,
Union Pacific & Northwestern Line.
Fewest changes to Chicago and other
eastern oities. Through vestibuled trains
composed of dining cars, first and second
heard at our distance, flashed around class sle?pers aQd free reclining chair
Special offer, for thirty days
only I will furnish Pastel potraits
16x20 in nice frame for onlv S2.75.
Satisfaction g-uranted.
Wm. Muxson, Agent.
For Sale or Trade,
The White Elephant barn. Also
several vacant lots. Will trade for
ditch or hay land, or cattle. The
above property is clear of incum
brance. Inquire of
Homeseekers Excursions.
On April 30th, May 21st andi
June 11th, 1895, the Union Pacific
System will sell tickets from Mis
souri River points and stations in
Kansas and Nebraska, to points
south and west in Nebraska and!
Kansas, also to Colorado, Wyom
ing, Utah and Idaho, east ot Weiser
and south of Beaver Canon, at rate
of one first class standard fare for
the round trip. Minimum rate $7.
See your nearest Union Pacific
ticket agent. E. L. Lomax,
Gen'l Pass, and Ticket Agent,
Omaha, Neb.
its base liko a long row of glistening
teeth. A huge iceberg had drifted iu
and lay stranded at ono end of tho is
land; far up on the rocks was tho light
house; on a shelf below stood a little
hut, with provisions, for shipwrecked
sailors; the gray morning mists made
these look heavy and sodden, and alto
gether this glimpse of Belle islo was
tho most desolate sceno I had over be
hold. Over our bow tho barren coast of
Labrador was faintly outlined, and as the
last lighthouso on tho continent drop
ped astern I felt that wo wero indeed
drawing away from civilization, and
this feeling was strengthened when, as
we turned our prow northward, we
sighted tho vanguard of the seemingly
endless procession of huge icebergs drift
ing slowly down in single file from the
mysterious regions of tho north.
Wo had mot with single bergs along
the Newfoundland coast, but off Labra
dor they became a constant and unspeak
ably grand featuro in tho seaward
view. I doubt if they can be seen any
where else except in arctic and antarctic
waters in such numbers, variety and
grandeur. Tho branch of tho gulf stream
which pushes its way into tho Arctic
ocean has sufficient force left when it is
reflected by tho frozen northorn bound
ary of that sea to send an icy current
down along tho Labrador coast. Prac
tically all the bergs that break loose
from the ice sheathed shores of Green
land aro borno southward by this cur
rent. One morning, when I went upon
deck, I counted no less than 135 huge
ones. Somo of theso wero groat solid
blocks of ico; others wero arched with
numerous Gothic passageways; somo
reached with spireliko grace high up
into tho air. All reflected with pris
matic glory the rays of tho sun. Gustav
Kobbe in St. Nicholas.
For full information call on or address
N. B. Olds,
Agent U. P. System.
florth piatte f&nngei1 Normal
Commencing June 24th,
endinif August 3d.
Six weeks of work. A
chance for students and teachers to
prepare for next year.
JRST'Send for announcement
J. C. ORR, )
For information regard-!
ing the Great Irrigation
Belt of Lincoln Co., write;
theLincoln Co. Immierra-
ition Association. North
Platte, Nebraska.
Horses for Sale.
A number of horses and mules of
all ages, among the assets of the
North Platte National Bank, are
for sale. These horses are of all
kinds, suitable for farm horses,
drivers, or saddle ponies. Will be
sold very cheap. Also for sale, a
lot of second hand farm implements.
Enquire at the bank.
ni23 Mirrox Doolittle, Receiver.
Overshoes good and cheap at
Otten's Shoe Store. Ftf
Remember in order to get pure,
clean and healthy spring water ice,
contract with Harpy Lamplugh.
For Sale!
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Absolutely pure
In search of a good cigar X
will always find it at J.
F. Schmalzried's. Try
them and judge.
Studebaker "Wagons
Hershey & Co's.
Subscribe for the Semi
Weekly Tribune.
All accounts due H. Ottcn &
Co. are payable at Otten's Shoe
Store. The firm having dissolved,
a settlement is urgently requested,
that books ma' be balanced.
Ftf H. Ottex.
For sale, a six-room house on
Fifth street just east of the brick
school house. For price and terms,
apply to Mrs. F. Barraclough.