The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, March 19, 1895, Image 4

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09 s AVBJ3AUfl
Sells tlie above Oofiee
together with a complete line of
Prices Always Reasonable.
Paid For Country Produce.
The Model Clothing House.
The First
Monal Bant,
At North Platte, In the State of Nebraska, at
the close of business. March 5th, 1605.
Loans and discounts $131 BIO 27
Overdrafts, fecurod and unsecured . H7 65
U. S. bonds to eecure circulation ....... 12 500 00
Premiums on TT. S. bonds 1 750 00
Stocks, becuritiets etc 11 fiCG C7
Banking-house, furniture and fixtures. 22 612 49
Other real estate and mortgages owned. 5 871 84
Due from approved reserve agents 13 822 60
Checks and other cash items 776 So
Notes of other nutional banks 540 00
Fractional paper currency, nickels and
cents 67 70
Lawful mo key bxskbye in bake, viz:
Specie Sll 369 93
Legal tender notes l MX) 00
Bederapllon fund with U. 8. Treasurer,
(five per cent of circulation)
12 869 93
562 50
Total 215 181 60
Capital stock paid In $ 50 000 00
Surplus fund 22 500 00
Undivided profits, less expenses and
taxes paid 3 499 60
National Bank notes outstanding 11 250 00
Due to ottior National Banks 9 974 20
Due to Stnle Banks and bankers 1 189 36
Individual deposits subject to check .... 60 895 96
Demand certificates of deposit 1 320 03
Time certificates of deposit 54 532 43
Cashier's checks outstanding 20 00
Total $215 181 60
State oi Nebraska, Lincoln County s. 8.
I, Arthur McNamara. cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that the above
xtateinent Is true to tho best of my knowledge and
belief. ARTHUR McNAMARA. Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 13th day
oi iiarcn, iauo.
Geo. E. Fbxkch, Notary Public.
Correct Attest: E. M. F. LxnasiG, )
James P. Care, y Director j.
Chb. W. Unix, )
Is here, and it is of sanitary im
portance as well as for the beauti
ful effect, that it is necessary for
the smoke and grime of the winter
season to be removed. Nothing
so satisfactorily accomplishes this,
after a thorough renovation, as to
re-paper the walls and ceilings ot
the lamily residence or office. . To
those thus preparing to beautify
their homes
This year affords extraordinary ad
vantages for improving and decor
ating in this direction. The stock
is much larger than has ever be
fore been brought to North Platte,
and embraces styles from the sim
plest and cheapest, to the most
elaborate and costly. In keeping
with the times, the prices are low
er than the same quality of goods
were ever before offered. He has
papers which will fit the require
ments of every pocket book, from
those resembling the lean and hun
gry kine mentioned in the Bible,
to the bulging purse of the mil
lionaire. Call and examine the
stock and prices, as a particular
pleasure will be taken in exhibit
ing the same to the public, as a
personal inspection will go a long
way toward making a purchase.
Don't forget the place, at
Newton's Book Store.
Washington. D. C, Mareh 12, 1895.
Notice is hereby given to all persons
who may have ciaitns against the"Norih
Platte National Bank," North Platte,
Nebraska, that the same must be pre
sented to Mr. Milton Doolittle, Receiver,
with legal proof thereof, within three
months from this date, or they may be
James H. Eckels,
21m3 Comptroller of the Currency.
North Platte, March 7tb, 1895.
We, the undersigned, hereby forbid
all persons from trespassing upon any
portion of our premises. Any person
hunting, shooting, fashing or trespassing
upon any of our lands will be prosecuted
to the full extent of the law.
W.P. Cody,
Isaac Duxon,
Patrick Gradv,
H. Otten.
F. N. Dick.
Mrs. Guy Laing entertained a
party of young people Friday even-;
The Waterworks Co. last week
received 5200 lbs of boiler flues for
use at their pumping plant.
Louis P. Derby of Myrtle, has
been granted a pension by the de
partment, under date of March 1st.
A special general meeting of
the fire department has been callid
for April 9, for the purpose of
electing a chief.
Several of the railroad boys are
practicing upon riding bicycles, and
the number of "fly runs" they are
making is great.
The editor's thanks are due
Rob Peale for a, brace of wild ducks.
He and three companions were out
the early part of the week and suc
ceeded in bagging thirty-five.
Read what JNewton has to say
elsewhere in this paper upon the
subject of bicycles, and spring
house-cleaning. They will prove
profitable and interesting reading.
A letter has been received trom
R. P. Wisler by the county clerk.
The former is one of the Lincoln
county seed solicitors, and is now
soliciting gram at Albert Lea,
The board of county commis
sioners yesterday received a prop
osition from a dealer at Crete, Neb.,
to sell them Nebraska grown seed
corn, which he would guarantee to
The members of the I. O. G. T.
will give a public social, consisting
of a musical and literary pro
n-ramme. next Thursday evening-
o "
at the K. P. hall. No admission
will be charged.
The Order of the Eastern Star
will have a dime social at the resi
dence of Dr. Win. Eves on Thurs
day evening, March 21st. All mem
bers of the Masonic fraternity and
ladies are cordially invited.
Irrigation matters have been
made a special order tor to-day in
the legislature, and if you discover
evidences of a storm in the east
please attribute it to the wrangling
of the statesmen over this subject,
The Nellie McHenry Company
has secured a date at Lloyd's opera
house for the 27th inst.; at which
time "A Night at a Circus" will be
produced. Nellie MeHenry is a
star artist, having been a member
ot Salsbury s r roubadors lor sev
eral seasons.
Remember in order to get purer
clean and healthy spring water ice,
contract with Harry Lampxugh,
Yesterday Fred Perrett received
the first sample of sacaline which
has chanced to fall under the edi
torial eye. He is in doubt whether
to plant it or not, but has about
made up his mind to sow a portion
of it in a box where he will be able,
if necessary, to exterminate it.
H. C. Langdon is preparing to
put in some ornamental shade trees
in the street at the west side of hi
residence. With the legislative
appellation of Nebraska fixed as the
"Treeolanters"' state, The Tri-
bune predicts that in spite of the
dull times there will be more trees
planted in North Platte this spring
than ever before:
meats at Geo.
and best smoked
Last Friday night "Buck"
Sawyer arrested a young "culled
gemmen" for breaking the seal of a
freight car standing in the railroad
yards, while looking for his lodging
room. The sable son of Ham in
nocently claimed that he did not
know he wa$ guilty of wrongdoing,
thinking it was "only a little bit of
tin to keep the door shet." For a
month past the darkey has been
coming from Ogden, and during his
journey nas managed to very
severely freeze his feet.
For rent, for cash, a well im
proved farm under irrigation, ap
ply at this office.
A local gentleman has been
corresponding for some months
with some of his old country friends
in Germany relative to the actual
cost of a beet sugar factory suit
able for North Platte. As soon as
he completes the translation of his
correspondence The Tribune will
be pleased to lay the information
before its readers, in the hope that
something may be done to secure
such an enterprise for our city.
His figures will prove that such a
thing is possible.
The petitions of W. H. Fickes
and John H. Day for candidates tor
councilmen from the First ward
were circulated Saturday and re
ceived the necessary signatures.
The former is a candidate for the
unexpired term and the latter for
the full term. Both are excellent
men for the position and should be
elected by the voters of the First.
Mr. Fickes served one term as
councilman and proved a most
excellent official. Mr. Day was ap
pointed several months ago to fill
the vacancy caused by the removal
of Chas. Monagan, and has shown
himself to be a good city legislator.
A private skating party was
held last night at the opera house;
.-Wlll there be but onecity ticket
and if but one ticket, "will there be.
any election?
The regular annual lassessors'
meeting for Lincoln county is being
held at the courthouse to-day. .
A bicycle general agent struck
the town yesterday and he attracted
more attention than a circus.
The McPherson County News
says J. Q. Wilcox will shoatly move
to this city and engage in business.
The Gordon cornet band is
working up some fine new music.
Is it not about time for their annual
The" Women's Relief Corps will
give a supper, social and dance at
Lloyd's opera house on Thursday
evening, April 18th.
A number of our local garden
ers are making preparations for
early spring plants by constructing
hot-beds for forcing the same.
Draughtsman Benson is mak
ing a very fine map of the irrigated
district under the Iliff, Col., canal.
He is a very expert workman.
Invitations are out for a birth
day party to be given by Mrs. M.
C. Lindsay next Saturday night at
the family residence in the south
west part of the city.
The Tribune has learned of a
young North Platte business man
who quietly sneaked away to Omaha
and made preparations for his wed
ding in the not far distant future.
Elsewhere in this issue appears
the statement of the condition of
the First National Bank, of this
city, which makes a very creditable
showing in spite of the present
financial stringency.
Clinton, the jeweler, has in a
new and very pretty line of Silver
Novelties, Fan Holders, Collarettes,
Belts, Belt Pins, Hairpins, Side
Combs, and Combination Button
Sets tor ladies' shirt waists; they
are all new, and the very latest.
A number of the friends of Mr.
and Mrs. F. Perrett assembled at
the family residence last Saturday
evening and indulged in entertain
ing games and social conversation,
it being the occasion of the birth
day anniversary of Mrs. Perrett.
The managers of the field
sports for the Y. M. C. A. have
secured twenty-two names for the
football teams. Dr. E. E. Northrup
will be umpire and general manager
of both teams. The first game
Wednesday evening at 6:30 on com
mons west of town. Come out and
see the fun.
Considerable -dirt is
hauled into the low places in our
streets. Now if the city can only
make some arrangements with the
waterworks company to "puddle"
the same so that it will remain, all
will be well; otherwise the work
will practically all have to be done
over again within a year or so
The annual meeting of the
Mutual Building and Loan Ass'n,
of this city, for the election of of
ficers for' the coming year Tvill be
held next Saturday evening. This
is one of the heaviest (if not the
heaviest) concerns of this character
in the state, and many a laboring
man has been enabled to build him a
home out of his earnings by ac
cepting its provisions.
Jakey Nelson who was sent to
the institute for the feeble-minded
children at Beatrice about a year
ago, on Monday morning about one
o'clock knocked at the jail in this
city and demanded to be shown his
bed. In company with a couple of
other boys he had made his escape
from the institution. The superin
tendent was wired in regard to the
matter, and he answered that the
sheriff was to bring them back at
the expense of Lincoln county. To
this proceeding the commissioners
demurred, and the whole matter
was referred" to Joe Beeler for a
legal opinion.
An enthusiast living upon the
old irrigation canal called at this
office last week and stated that
during this winter he had been cor
responding with a wealthy syndi
cate of his old friends in Illinois,
and that he was on the eve of com
pleting arrangements with them
to take the whole issue of $90,000
in irrigating bonds voted by Per
kins county a few months ago, and
that he thpught the work of com
pleting their big irrigation canal
and storage basins would be given
a new impetus, it wouia- De a
grand thing for our neighboring
county and western Nebraska to
have this work completed so that
the people there could catch and
store next winter's waters of the
South Platte river.
My residence and all .my personal
property. G. K. Hammond.
Did you ever have a job done at
C. Newman's shoe shop. If not come
and try him. Shoes and boots made
to order. All kinds ot Repairing- a
specialty. Spruce street., opposite
Dr. Dick's drug store.
To Clinton's Jewelry Store on Spruce Street. You are es
pecially invited to look at his fine line of Diamonds, Watches,
Rings' and Silverware. Do not debate long what you desire
fo give your friend but go to Clinton's at once. He carries
anything,.from io cents to $500 that will suit you, your
friend andryour purse.
"PRIZE AD. No. 4.
tar -
buy my diamonds of Clinton,
And my silver and my gold,
--iFhey never rust nor wear out
'And you never get sold.
r Henever sends a dun,
' Vnless he wants a 1.00,
. rHe never sends a letter
Unless he can do no better.
Miss Gertie Hines spent Sunday
in Ogalalla. r
John McMichael made a brief trip
to Omaha last week.
Miss Eva Singleton went to
Omaha yesterday. ,
B. I. Hininan was in Lexington
on business last week.
Detective Vizzard, of Omaha, was
in North Plqtte Sunday.
C. E. Gunrll, of Paxton, is in
the city to-dajr- on business .
" Harvey N. McGraw, a well known
Omahasportsoian, was in the city
the first of thi week.
County attorney J. W. McSay, of
Ogalalla, .was n the city on busi
ness the first of this week.
W. C. Elderwent to Lincoln Sun
day -to look alter some legislation
in which he wis interested.
Geo. C, White,, principal stamp
licker and merchant of Sutherland,
a. r -i
sueax a iew 1;
Mrs. N: F.
day morning
she will yisit
eral weeks.
Messrs. Fadjler, Ogier and Sim
mons, ot Hooker precinct, trans-
to-day before the
urs in our city yes-
onaldson left Mon-
r Minneapolis, where
her mother for sev-
acted business
land office.. " J
Several NorthjPlatfe citizens are
in Lincoln thlstyeek. in the interests
of needed legislation, tor this part
of the state.
J, PiMcGcern citeenfc if o Pmaha
SunaayJnight.r purmg his absence
W.'H. C" Wob'dhurst'kled his place
in tHe expreSslBce.
Firenmn icDuMbttfeft Sunday
night for, Scott's Bluffs county to
superintend the-putting , in of his
agricultural crop for the coming
season. .j . .
Tom Tisher, a general traveling
agent for a. .New York insurance
company is in, the city to-day set
tling a loss with which his company
has met.
Bejle Ralston, the feminine dep
uty county clerk of Keith county,
is in the city to-day. She is-accom-panied
by a young lady from Hia
watha, Kan.
E. F. Seeberger returned yester
day morning from a brief trip to
Denver. During his absence he
purchased a fine Stearns' safety
bicycle for Mrs. S.
Chas. Simpson returned Satur
day night from,' an extended visit in
Canada; and also visited in Illinois
on his return trip. He reports
business yenjrquiet throughout the
A. Wanfreid, the "Flying Dutch,
man" of the. Western Newspaper
Union, who can cover more ground
in a given territory than any man
in the country, is in the city to-day
in the interests of his house.
Henry Schuff, now of Grand
Island, spent the greater portion of
last week in our city, but was con
fined to his room most of the time
with a severe cold. He reports
business as fairly good in the Sugar
city. '
Free Lesson in. Shorthand
Saturday, March 30th, at 3 p. m.
Everybody interested is invited to
be present. Bryant & Stratton
Business College.
and other seed grain for sale
by 0. P. IDDING-S.
A number of private telegraph
lines have been recently built in
various parts of the city.
Furnished rooms for rent. In
quire of Dr. Eves.
Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair
Renewer hasr'restored gray hair to
its original color and prevented
baldness in thousands of cases. It
will do so to you.
Chas. E. Osgood received yes
terday morning by express from C.
H Ballinger, .of Lexington, the
finest Shropshre ram ever brought
to Lincoln county.
How many North Platte people
know that a majority of her muni
cipal salaries are now just as high
as the state law will permit them
to be? . Stick i the lack
A couple of the company's "fly
cops" were in town Sunday investi
gating affairs.
The 827 sprung her driving axles
and kinked her rods Saturday night,
owing to the frosty rail.
Something went wrong with the
old 827 Sunday night and the 818
came in "O. T." on train No. 2 yes
terday morning.
Engine 952, which is said to be
the last one of the O. S . L. locomo
tives that have been in use on the
Nebraska division, left for the west
this morning drawing the pay-car
The powers that be in Omaha
have ordered the abolition of the
little offices in the shop that have
been occupied by various of the
foremen. Hereafter their head
quarters will be in the saddle, or
beneath their hats.
Some of the train men are of the
opinion that some of these days
there will something drop down at
headquarters in regard to the big
car haul now being indulged in by
the management. Local officials
are not being held responsible for
the same.
General Cowin, who is represent
ing the government in the fore
closure proceedings against the U.
P. R'y according to the statement
of his law partner is of the opinion
that the whole thing is a farce, and
that thus far the government's in
terests are not in jeopardy. As a
rule when an- attorney croes into l
public print to try his cases, he
realizes that he is playing a desper
ate game. However, this maj not
be the situation in the above case.
Sat. March 16th, and through March
we will give a
6 6
13 IT
J) o
Better goods cannot be offered;
Smaller prices cannot be made.
We offer goods that every Lady and Gent must have
goods that they must buy. We cannot fail to please.
All goods marked plain. Seeing is believing; come and
see for yourself.
Our sale is a genuine cut price sale. The practical common
sense advantages of buying at one of our Discount sales are becoming
better understood and appreciated every day. Our system has certainly
passed the experimental stage. It stands for a clear understanding be
tween buyer and seller; and above all for better prices.
When Buying
Why not get the BEST? :
Washburn's Superlative
Has no superior no equal. It is the result of studied im
provement in milling machinery the product of the hard,
excellent wheat of the north. If you are not using the
Washburn Flour, try it. It is sold by
Exclaimed King Richard in a moment of direst need
for a rapid means of locomotion. Had this gallant old
Shakesperian character lived in this swift electric age,
his remark would have been
. Jolly Nellie McHenry is the most
popular soubrette on the American
stage. She can sing better than
most women who dance. She is a
better dancer than most women
who sing. She is an acknowledged
actress, and her versatility is ad
mitted by all critics. She possesses
that indescribable magnetism,
which makes her audience feel as if
she were akin to them, and thev
are proud of her. She has sur
rounded herself with one of the
strongest companies of singers and
comedians ever seen in one com
pany, and she gives them all a
chance to show what they can do,
and in her circo-comedy, "A Night
at the Circus," she gives her audi
ence full value for their money by
giving them the funniest, cleverest,
ongiitest ana greatest snow on
earth. This company will be at
Lloyd's on the evening- of March
This remark would have proven that he was in touch
with the wideawake spirit of to-day. The gallant war
horse so glowingly described by Job, while a thing of
beauty, and no doubt well filling his position in the
economy of nature, in these fin de siecle times, is no
longer considered "in it" with the tireless steed of steel..
That good old English poet Pope declared that "man
wants but little here below, but wants that little long."
His descendants who are members of the Pope Manu
facturing Co. (builders of the Columbia Bicycles) have
acted upon this advice, and are to-day constructing a
wheel, the users of which declare there is none better
made. Being the pioneers in this artificial aid to hu
man locomotion, they have kept steadily in the.lead with
all the modern improvements which go to make up the
perfect wheeK 'For prices and terms of sale apply, xo
-Solves $100, DSaartfoarcXs 03O tc
Mr. Editor: I clip the follow-
o- in
ing from an article on civil
the last issue of the Telegraph:
"I learned that Mr. Hoagland,
the 'newsboy's friend,' was here a
few weeks ago. He was invited to
address the children in our Central
school. Before doing so he asked
the children to join him in repeat
ing the Lord's prayer. Will it be
believed that he was 'called down'
by the principal of our schools and
informed that the Lord's prayer in
the schools of this city was played
Now, if our haltin
Following is the monthly report
of the High school for the month
ending March 8th, 1895:
Enrolled for the year, 130.
Enrollment for month, 120.
Average daily attendance, 110.
Number cases of tardiness, 28.
Number neither absent nor tardy,
Visitors, 3.
Those pupils who have won first
honors by excellent class recita
tions and good deportment are the
following: John Dick, Mabel Mc
Namara, Francis McNamara, Ger
trude Friend, Gertrude Grady,
Jessie Bratt, Minnie Sorenson,
Gerta Hine, Lulu Salisbury, Bessie
Salisbury, Chas. McNamara, Anna
Sorenson, Ralph Ray, Catherine
Osgood, Blanche McNamara, Jessie
Blankenburg, Nellie Stebbins,
Henry Peterson, Bessie Anderson,
Ivy Broach, Annie Babbitt, Effie
Dolph .
Cheyenne county populists are
dividing over the administration of
the office of county clerk, a portion
of the patriots insisting that the
party be consistent and economise
in expenditures, while the re
mainder of the fellows back up the
official, who appears to be running
the office upon the high pressure,
get-all-you-can principle. The same
organization is having the same
sort of internecine strife all over
the country, which is an evidence of
its disintegration. i
nf hpisfir. school authorities see fit
to authorize or allow unpatriotic
and unchristian rules and observ
ances 'what are we going to do
about it?' "
Will you kindly give me space to
cojrect one or two of the errors
1. Mr. Hogeland, the ' 'newsboy's
friend " was never invited to ad
dress the children of the Central
school. He did request the time of
our opening exercises ten minutes
to make a short talk to the High
crlinnl TTt made an address of
over half an hour, and took occasion
to urge the purchase of a chart
bearing the picture of "Col. Alex
ander Hogeland, the friend of the
poor and neglected boys of the
2. He did not ask the pupils to
join 'him in repeating the Lord's
3. He was not "called down" by
any one.
4. He was not informed that the
Lord's prayer in our schools was
"played out."
5. I am not an atheist.
6. I am an American citizen by
birth, and owe allegiance to no
foreign power or potentate in mat
ters temporal or spiritual. No man
can rightfully accuse me of a word
or an act that savors of disloyalty
to my country.
7. It is better not to know so
much than to know so many things
that are not so.
Very respectfully,
Chas. E. Barber.
North Platte. March 18th, 1885.
You are too young, no matter
what your age, to lose your Hair.
Save it by the use or Ayer s nair
Vigor. It removes dandruff, pre
vents baldness, restors gray and
faded hair to its original color, and
makes it soft, glossy, and abun
dant. No toilet is complete with
out it,
Here is the way a South Da
kota editor asks for news: "Don't
forget the editor when you have a
news item. If your wife whips you,
let ns know, and we will set you
right before the public. If you have
company tell us, if you are not
ashamed of your visitors. If a
youngster arrives at your house
and demands food and raiment,
buy a quarter's worth of apples and
come around, and if you are a cash
subscriber we will furnish a name
for him or her, as the circumstances
warrant. If you have a social
gathering of a few friends bring
around the big cake, six or seven
pies and ham, not necessarily to
eat, but as a guarantee of good
faith. You needn't bother to invite
us, as it might be a little too cool
for our wardrobe. We mention
these things because we want the
Studebaker Wagons
Hershey & Co's.
For Sale or Trade,
The White Elephant barn. Also
several vacant lots. Will trade for
ditch or hay land, or cattle. The
above property is clear of incum
brance. Inquire of
$25 Reward
Will be paid for anyone giving in
formation leading to the arrest and
conviction of the parties who poi
soned my greyhounds at the Scout's
Rest Ranch the latter part of Feb
ruary. Col. W. F. Cody.
I desire to sell the hay crop for
1895, on the large Sidney Dillon
Island located at Sutherland, sec
tions 2, 3, 4, 5, town 13 north, and
sections 33, 34, 35 and 36, in town
14 north, all in range 34 west, to
the highest bidder for cash. Bids
will be received up to July 1st
1895, and reserve the right to reject
any and all bids. N. B. OLDS.
In search of a good cigar
will always find it at J.
F. Schmalzried's. Try
x t,. 3 J
uicm aiiujuuge.
For sale or trade, for horses or
cattle at a reasonable price, a five
year old registered Percheron Nor
man stallion, nearly black in color.
Max B2.
North Platte, Nebril.