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STEVENS & BARE, Editoks and Props.
WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 18, 1889.
Republican State Convention,
The Republican electors of the state Nebraska
are requested to send delegates from the several
counties to meet in convention in the opera
house in the city of Hastings, Tuesday, October
8, 1889, at 8 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of
placing in nomination candidates for one asso
ciate justice of the supreme court, and for two
members of the board of regents of the state
university, and to transact such other business
as may be presented to the convention.
The several counties are entitled to represen
tation as follows, being based upon the vote
cast for Hon George H. Hastings, presidential
elector in 1888, giving one delegate at large to
each county and one for each 150 votes and the
major fraction thereof:
Lincoln 9 Dawson 8
Keith 3 Logan 2
Perkins 5 Frontier 8
It is recommended that no proxies be aamit
ted to the convention except such as are held by
persons residing in the counties from which
proxies are given. .
L. D. Richabds, Chairman.
Walt M. Seely, Secretary.
Republican County Convention.
The Republican electors of the County of
Lincoln are requested to send delegates m from
the several precincts to meet in conventional
the Court House, in the City of North Platte.
Saturday. September 28th, 1889, at 10 o'clock a.
m., for the purpose of placing in nomination
candidates for Treasurer, Clerk, Sheriff, Judge,
Clerk of the District Court, Superintendent of
Public Instruction, Surveyor, Coroner, Commis
sioner Third District, Nine Delegates to Repub
lican State Convention. Delegates to the Tenth
Judicial District Republican Convention and to
transact such other business as may be presented
to tbe convention.
The several precincts are entitled to represen-
laugu as nuiuwe
North Platte No. 1.. . .6
North Platte No. 2. . . .7
North Platte No. 3.... 4
Virdwood 1
Brady. 1
Buchanan 2
Cottonwood 1
Deer Creek 1
Dickens 1
Fairview 2
Fox Creek 1
Garfield 2
Gaslin , 1
JrlaU...,. 2
Kilmer 1
Maxwell 1
Medicine 2
Miller 1
Morrow 2
Mylander 1
Myrtle 1
Nichols 2
O'Fallon 1
Osgood 1
Peckham 1
Somerset 1
Spannuth 1
Sunshine 2
Vroman 1
Walker .2
Wallace 5
Well 1
Whittier 1
Willow 1
It is recommended that no proxies be admit
ted to the convention except such as are held by
persons residing in the precincts from which
proxies are given.
The Republican primaries will bo held on
Thursday, Sept. 26th. from i to 6 p. m.. except
in the 1st, 2d and 3d North Platte and the Wal
lace precincts, where the polls will be open from
2 to 6 p. m. on above date. The primaries will
be held at tho place of holding of the last gener
al election, except in the following precincts
where they will be held as follows: Myrtle, at
School House, District 29; Nowell, at Mills
School House, District 26; Harrison at School
ITn. ,.n 7 IK OR. N.'.Vnlc fit KMirwil Hnncn
District 11; Dickens, at School House; Deer
Creek at Deer Creek School House.
By order Republican Cen- Corn..
Geo. E. Fbekch, Chairman
E. B. Wabneb, Secretary.
A Union Labor Convention, composed o the
Farmers' Alliance and Knights of Labor men,
will be held at the Court House in North Platte
on Saturday, September 21 et, 1889, at 10 a. m , to
nominate a county ticket. All precincts are re
quested to send delegates.
By resolution of a meeting held Saturday. Aug.
31st. L. STEBB1NS.
v i
1 wpcf fnllv announce myself a candidate for
reelection to the office of County Treasurer, sub
ject to approval by the Republican County
1 most respectfully announce myself as a can
didate for the nomination of Clerk of Lincoln
County before the Republican county conven
tioa. E. B. WARNER.
I hereby reepectfally aaBouce to the electors
6- of Ltaeobi ooaaty that I am a oan diieto for the
. oAee of Couty Clerk, sabiect to the aeaiaatiea
f the Rcpeblieaa coaveBtioB.
j. fh Vingthr many friends who have araai
my eeadideer, sad ia reepoaae to their demaade,
('I aaaeQB.ce myself ae a eradicate for the oSce
f County Clerk, eabject to the action of the Re
pabUcen coanty convention. p
Being requested by many friends, 1 have de
cided to become a candidate for County Com
missioner, subject to the Republican Conven
tion. S. G. DIEHL.
Gabfikld, Aug. 12th, 1889.
Editou Tbibuxe:
Dear Sir: Please announce in
yoar paper that 1 am a candidate for County
4 1 w.-T.ti Dnnfuf tn tlia Trill nt ! Ilonllh.
lican County Convention
At the request of my friends and neighbors 1
liave consented to be a candidate for the office
of County Commissioner, subject to the nomina
tion of the Republican county convention.
I most respectfully announce myself as a can
didate for County (Commissioner subject to the
will of the Republican county convention.
1 return thanks to my friends for their assist
ance, and respectfully announce that I am a
caaaraate for Sheriff and will make every effort
consistent with honor to secure the nomination
of the Republican county convention.
Iherebr announce myself as a candidate for
tbeofScc'of Sheriff, subject to the decision of
the Republican convention. D. A. BAKER.
1 respectfully announce that 1 am a candidate
for Sheriff, subject to the decision of the Repulr
lican county convention. A. O. KOCKEN.
To the Republicans of Lincoln county:
I hereby publicly announce that I am a can
didate for the office-of Clerk of the District
Court, subject to the nomination of your county
convention. Promising to give the ticket, as in
the pa6t, a hearty and cordial support, 1 am
Very respectfully,
I respectfully announce myself a candidate
for the office of County Surveyor, and will snb
mit my namo to the forthcoming Republican
coanty convention subject to the decision
thereof. CHAS. P. ROSS.
At the request of numerous friends, I hereby
announce myself as a candidate for the office of
County Surveyor, subject to the action of the
Republican county convention. 1. A. OKI .
North Platte, Aue. 30th, 1889.
To the Republicans of Lincoln County:
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for re-election to the office of County Surveyor,
subject to the decision of the Republican county
convention. A. J SLOOTSKEY,
County Surveyor.
I thank my numerous friends for the courtesy
shown to mc during my incumbency of the office
of Sujerintendent of Public Instruction, and 1
wish to announce that I shall seek re-election
at their hands, subject to the decision of the
Republican county convention.
Being requested b many friends, I have de
cided to become a candidate for County Super
intendent, subject to the action of the Republi
can convention. J. BEELEH.
At the request of a number of friends, I most
respectfully announce myt-elf as a candidate for
County Superintendent, subject to the action of
the Republican county convention.
J1, iu. LliU-1-.fc..
JAMES M. RAY is a candidato for the office of
County Judge, subject to tho nomination of the
Republican county convention.
V i hereby announce myself as a candidate for
Coroner, subject to nomination by the Republi
can county convention. -8AML. ADAMS.
The Tribune now presents a fine
array of candidates to the Republi
can convention from which to se
lect county officers, the list being
increased by six.
Sheriff" D. A. Baker will ask a
rcnoinination at the hands of the
convention, basing his claims upon
a ood record and the custom of
rewarding a faithful officer with a
second term. As a worthy andre
spected citizen our readers all know
Mr. Baker's high standing. The
position of sheriff is not so easy a
place to fill as many imagine. Al
ways requiring nerve and vigilance,
the officer must exercise a high de
gree of judgment, to successfully
discharge his duty. To Mr. Bak
er's credit it can be said he has
proven that he possesses these emi
nent qualities to a degree that fits
him for the place.
Chas. P. Dick presents his an
nouncement for county clerk, and
will go before the convention with
a strong and enthusiastic backing.
For nearly three years he has occu
pied the position of deputy under
Mr. Evans and has filled the place
with credit to himself and to the
satisfaction of his numerous friends.
Mr. Dick is one of the early set
tlers of Lincoln countv, having
taken a claim in what is now Med
icine precinct some years ago,
enduring the trials and hardships
of an early homesteader's life. For
three years he was assessor in North
Platte, and has filled the position
of city treasurer and treasurer of
the school district for two years.
Butler Buchanan presents his
compliments to the people and also
announces that he is a candidate
for clerk, taking his place in the
triangular and we trust good na
tured struggle for the nomination.
Mr. Buchanan is deputy county
treasurer, having occupied the place
under a portion of Mr. Grady's
term and during the entire term "of
Mr. Osgood. He is a skillful,
careful accountant, an excellent
penman, possessing executive abili
ty of superior order He has been
a resident of the county some eight
years, having first settled in the
precinct which bears his name,
where for a number of years he
was engaged in rearing stock. He
will have a strong following.
The struggle for superintendent
grows more animated as the time
for the convention approaches, F.
M. Chute, of Nichols precinct be
ing the latest candidate. Mr. Chute
is an old teacher, his last teaching
having been about two years ago at
Oxford, in Furnas county, where
he was principal of the schools.
Concluding to change his vocation,
he located in this county, buying
a quarter section of land eight
miles west of the city under the ir
rigation ditch and commenced in
the stock and nursery business, now
having ten acres in fruit and three
in strawberries. Mr. Chute is a
gentleman in all respects worthy
of the position to which he aspires.
Samuel Adams is a candidate
for coroner, an office that is not
much sought after but neverthe
less important. The coroner is the
only officer that ranks the sheriff
on certain occasions. Mr. Adams
has resided in North Platte for a
number of years, as contractor and
builder, for the past year or more
carrying on the undertaking busi
ness. He is a good man for the
office of coroner, having had much
experience calculated to fit him for
its duties. j
A. O. Kocku is an old and w;eT
known citizen of North Platte and
his friends will present his name to
the convention as a candidate for
Sheriff. Mr. Kocken was a candi
date for nomination two years ago,
and has numerous friends who re
cognize his ability to fill the office.
Mr. Kocken is a Swede by birth,
and while he beleives that the
Swede Americans by their faithful
adhesion to Republican principles
are entitled to recognition by the
rmrtv. he does not base his claims
on that fact, but purely on his
rights as an American citizen. In
this he will be sustained by all
right-thinking Republicans.
The Tribune would like to see
all of its friends secure the positions
they are seeking, but it recognizes
the fact that such a consummation,
however desirable, is almost among
the impossibilities. If we ask for
the earth we will not get it, but we
will by so doing place those things in
jeopardy which are already conceded
to us, and which are only our
reasonable portion. Looking at
the matter iu this 'light, The Tri
bune feels that it should not become
a party to plans that will surely
foraant discord and as surely result
in injury to all concerned.
"Of all the useless and idiotic
cranks on earth, he who thinks that
no good can come save from his
own narrowness, is the worst. The
Tribune last week in an item re
garding the Alliance Labor meet
ing, said: 'We want reforms iu
manr things, but a reform was
never Tet inaugurated or supported
by the democratic party, and never
will be.' " Telegraph.
We presume when the editor of
the Telegraph clipped the above ex
tract from The Tribune he wrote
a very able editorial from the text,
showing the great reforms and be
nificent laws inaugurated and p:iss
ed by the Democratic party, at least
if he did not an excellent opportu
nity was allowed to pass unim
proved. The opening starts out
grandly and the mind is led up to
the point that something good is to
follow. The stop is too sudden,
creating, as it were an intellectual
collision or jar. But perhaps it
was only intended for a "short
stop ."
Frank E. Helvey, State Master
Workman K. of L, writes a vigor
ous letter sustaining commissioner
John Jenkins of the State Labor
bureau in the course he has adopted
to obtain statistical information,
the refusal of local assembly 3343
of this city to answer questions be
ing the cause. The charge has
been vigorously made ami pretty
well sustained that the condition
of; laboring men is largely -due to
their own extravagance, or to be
plain that they spent too large a
proportion of their earnings for
liquor, an article that is unneces
sary, does no good, but is highly
injurious. On the other hand, says
Master Workman Helvey, for years
our speakers, writers and lecturers
have claimed publicly and privately,
and we have all lent our feeble
voices to the same assertion, that
the laboring man was steadily
crowded into a situation where the
returns of his labor would barely
support animal life, and often then,
only under the most degarding and
disgusting conditions, and we have
as constantly asserted that if the
people would establish a bureau for
the investigation of these matters
we wonld prove it by facts and
figures that would simply be as
tounding in their conclusiveness
and bring at once to our aid the
potent weapon, "public opinion,"
with which we could successfully at
tack the foundations of any abuse,
no matter how deeply grounded in
our social or political fabric. The
people have listened to our demand
and given us the opportunity to
prove our position by establishing
the bureau for us, when lo! at the
first call for proof the first witness
we ask to testify for our case, friend
though we thonght him to be,
comes forward and says: "I refuse
to make a statement that will show
what I spend for bread and what I
spend for beer."
Is it possible that the assertion
of the enemies of labor are true?
That commissioner Jenkins ques
tions are a probe that enter the very
heart of the cause of poverty ? From
the vigorous, prompt and energe
tic kick made by local assembly
3343 that is a logical inference, a
conclusion reached by Mr. Helvey
when he says: "Iu other words,
may it not be possible that we have
spent too much for beer iu propor
tion to what we spend for bread?
If so let us know it, that the mis
takes of this year may be the wis
dom of the year to come. " As lo
cal assembly 3343 will likely be
heard from again, the conclusion
must not be too hastily reached.
There will be a caucus of Repub
lican electors of the Second Ward
held at the Court House Saturday,
Sept. 21st, atrS p. m.. to place in
nomination seven delegates to the
county convention.
B. L. Romxsox,
Com mitleeman.
From a circular issued bT the
committee we excerpt the follow
ing: The Eastern terminus of this
Railway is at Albion, Neb., where
it connects with the great North
Western system, giving us access
to Chicago, Duluth and all the
Eastren markets. From Albion
the line runs through Boone, Gree
ley, Valley and Custer counties, and
enters Lincoln county near the
north-east corner; from thence it
takes a south-westerly course to
where it crosses the North Platte
River, about half a mile below the
U. P. Railway bridge; from there
it takes a westerly cousre through
the City of North Platte, crossing
the South Platte River about three
miles west of the city, and then
continuss in a westrely direction to
section 9, township 13, range 32,
where it takes a south-west course
to the town of Wallace, making
over seventv miles of railway to be
built in this county.
At the low valuation of 5,000
j per mile, it would add 350,000 to
! our taxable property, and at the
rate or taxation prevailing in the
county would pay into the county
treasury $15,000 per annum, while
the interest on the bonds would be
but 7,500 or one-half as much as
the new railroad would pay in
This would be the immediate and
direct benefits, but would be only
a small portion of the benefits to be
derived from the building of this
The railroad will undoubtedly at
an early day be extendid from Wal
lace through to Denver, t affording
us a competing line to the great
Western market for our farm and
dairy products.
Work must be begun on the
road in Lincoln county during the
year 1S90. and the line must be
completed to Wallace and trains
running during the year 1891.
This time is as short as it is pos
sible to make it, iu view of the fact
that, before any part of the line is
built in this county, 125 miles of
line from Albion to the north-east
corner of this county must be first
built. Again, no bonds are turned
over until the road is completed to
Wallace and trains running, nor do
they draw any interest until after
such completion .
New York died on the 10th. He
was born in Ohio iu 1824. He
served as a member of congress
from Ohio for eight years and as a
member from New York for about
eighteen years. In politics he was
a Democrat.
Judge Goff of Omaha has been
appointed commissioner of the gen
eral land office
Ballard's Snow Liniment.
This wonderful remedy is guarantee! to cure
Keundgiu. It is a positive cure. It will cure
Rheumatism no matter of how long standing. It
will cure the dull acliing pain in the small of the
Iwck. It will cure all sprains and bruises. It
will instantly take out the fire from a scald or
burn, and stop all pain. It is the most pene
trating liniment in the world. It is good for all
inflamatiou. It is guaranteed to do all claimed
for it or money refunded. A. F. Streity, Agent.
Prof. AUwine
Full Text of tlM
from Serving as
and Injunction.
After the action of the .members of the Board
of Education of Motuta. ftmmt 9A hv which Prof.
AUwine was cmployeiiW leee tfcaa a majerity of
luu uuara 11 aci as imcipai teacner ana ouuti
intendent of the nehnniraf ThU AiatrfeL a full ac
count of which was riwaia. Th Tribune, the
minority proceeded to petition Jadge Bamer for
an injunction rettralaW AUwine from acting
and the Boa rd from paying aim. As the whole
matter is of great interact; to our people, we give
iuc iuu icxi oi tne peutton and toe lnjuncuuu bo
granted oy Judge Hamer:
In the District Court in and for Lincoln County.
Nebraska. I
Fyfield H. Longley, for himself and other")
Matrons or tbc School District or JNortn
Matte City, in the County of Lincoln, in
the State of Nebraska, riaintiff,
ve. .
Patrick II.. Sullivan, Victor Victor Von
Goetz, Chas. E. Hendy and Henry W.
AUwine, Defendants.
The Dluintiff nlvw mentioned in his own be
half and on behalf of other taxpayers and patrons
in the sclinnl district Wa mentioned, complain
ing of the above named defendants for cause of
action alleges and says:
1. That the nlaintiffnow is and for many years
last past has been a resident freeholder, taxpayer
and natron of tin nnhlir. schools of the school
district of North Platte City, in the County of
Lincoln aim btate of Nebraska.
2. The said rinfonriantR Patrick H. Sallivan.
Victor VonGoete and Chas. S. Hendy, together
with Beach I. Ilinmau, J. E. Evans and John
Bratt do now and have ever since the 6th day of
May, 1889, constituted the Board of Education oi
the School District of North Platte City.
3. That at a regular meeting of the Board of
Education of the School District of the City of
North Platte held on tte 3d day of June, lNStf,
the said defendant Henry W. AUwine, together
with many others, waB presented as a caauidate
rortue omce and position oi principal leacucr
and superintendent of the public schools of said
Histrii-t of s.-ilil North Platte Citr. and all the
members of said boardlJelag present, a number
of ballots were had which resulted in the rejec
tion of the said defendant AUwine as such princi
pal teacher and superintendent as aforesaid of
said district school.
4. That the rejection of the said defendant
Henry w. AUwine as aroresaia was Daseu on uic
actual and personal knowledge poeseseed by
the said board of the record of the said defendant
as principal and superintendent of tho said
schools, his incompetence and utter lack of abUi-
ty to properly penonn ine uaues oi ine omce
and position of principal and superintendent,
and that the said defendant Henry W. AUwine
had been guilty of gross misconduct while in
cumbent of said office and position; that he pros
tituted naid oflice and position to his selfish. gain;
that he introduced text books without regard to
the good of the schools, but for the mere gratifi
cation of his own partizan and unpatriotic preju
dices; that he used his position to compel schol
ars to purchase a worthless text book of which he
claimed to be the author; that he grossly neglec
ted the duties of his position that his time might
be g'ven to the prosecution of private enterprises
for'his own private gain; that he grossly corrupt
ly and maliciously luterferrcd with the manage
ment and the legal rights of the teachers of the
different grades; that he grossly neglected his
duties to become a candidate for county office
and prosecute the business of politics; that he
had driven children from the schools, and because
of his incompetency, ignorance and faulty classi
fication had compelled parents to send their
children abroad that they might have educational
opportunities of which said defendant had de
prived them and to which thev were entitled in
the schools of North Platte; that his gross mis
conduct and mismanagement had spread disor
ganization throughout the schools and created
strong and lasting disapproval among the citi
zens aud patrons of the schools; that be offered
to barter his influence with the Board of Educa
tion for a money consideration; that he utterly
failed to meet the reanirements of a resolution
passed by the Board of Education during the
present year wherein candidates for the position
of principal and superintendent were required to
submit evidence of having graudated at a regular
and reputable college or university, or to have
passed an examination which would demonstrate
ability sufficient to graduate scholars from the
high school to the freshman class of the Universi
ty of the State of Nebraska; that he has material
ly demonstrated his Inability to so graduate
scholars, and that his general course of conduct
as an officer and a man had been such that the
Boaul were fully satisfied that as a teacher his
usefulness in said school district was forever
ended, and that the schools of said district would
suffer irreparable injury by his connection there
with in any capacity whatever.
5. That thereupon, It appearing that a majori
ty of the Board could not be had for the election
of any one of the candidates for the office and
position of. principal and superintendent as
aforesaid, and that the schools of said district
might be commenced at the beginning of the
school year as provided by law, without delay
and interruption becaase of the failare of the
BnarA of Education, as aforesaid, the said Board
of Education proceeded to select aad elect from
the casdidates.for.the naWihWre of priacipal and
superintendent, a person6 assistant superinten
dent fully competent to take charge of and
manage said schools instead of and in the place
of said principal, and superintendent, together
with a full quota of teachers for the different
grades, and that the person so selected aa assist
ant superintendent accepted such position.
6. That such action of 'said board resulted in
the election of one Frank Bobbins, a person pos
sessing all of the necessary qaaliMcations for the
office and position of superintendent to the posi
tion of assistant principal aad superintendent as
7. That the Board of Education having fuUy
provided for the actual ;heed of the schools iu
said district and that they should proceed regard
less of the action or nonaction of said board with
reference to the office or position of principal and
superintendent as aforesaid adjourned, and that
no action has been taken by the said Board of
Education with reference thereto since said
meeting aforesaid, although said board has had
many general and special meetings since said 3d
day of June, 1839.
8. That at divers times between the 3d day of
June, 18S9, the date of the general meeting afore
said, and the 2d day of September, 1889, the said
Patrick II. Sullivan. Victor Von Goetz, Chas. E.
Hendy and Henry W. AUwine met and confedera
ted together aud maliciously with evil intent con
spired each with the other to usurp the functions,
Dowers and franchises of the Board of Education
of said school district of Nerth Platte City, in the
County of Lincoln and State of Nebraska, and
further usurp and unlawfully exercise the func
tions or the office and position of principal teacher
and superintendent of the schools of said dis
trict. 9. That on the 2d day of September, 1889,
which said day was by law a legal holiday, said
defendants iu pursuance of the said conspiracy
as aforesaid, met at the court house in North
Platte City and unlawfuUy Hsurping the func
tions, powers and franchises of the said Board of
Education aforesaid, and being fully conversant
with the fact that said day was a legal hoUday,
aud that no legal business, save an adjournment
to a day certain, could be done, and that the
President of the Board of Education, JohuE.
livans, was absent from the state, proceeded to
unlawfully and illegally actae-the Board of Edu
cation of the school district aforesaid.
10. That they thereupon served upon the said
Beach I. Hinman aud John Bratt a notice com
manding them to appear at the said place of
meeting forthwith; a copy of which said notice is
attached hereto and marked exhibit A.
11. That the said Beach I. Hinman and John
Bratt attended said meeting protesting against
the acts of the said defendants, save only an ad
journment to a day certain.
VJ. That notwithstanding the protests of the
said Beach I. Hinman and John Bratt, the said
defendants proceeded to usurp and did usurp the
functions, powers and franchises of said Board
of Education of said school district, and thereby
paralyzed and made impossible legal action of
said Board.
13. That on the 3d day of September, 1889, the
said defendants did, in furtherance of the con
spiracv and usurpation aforesaid by force un
lawfully intrude the said .defendant Kenry W.
AUwine upon the schools of said district and that
the defendant Henry Y. AUwine did thereupon
usurp the office and position of principal and su
perintendent of the schools of said district, and
continues and threatens to continue from day to
day such usurpation until the end of the school
vear, relying whollv upon the conspiracy with
the said defendants Sullivan, Von Goetz and
Hendy, as aforesaid, whereby the School Board
mav be paralyzed and legal action be made im
possible. All of which is to the irreparable inju
ry of this plaintiff and the taxpayers of said
school district a nd patrons of said schools.
11. That by reason of the matters and things
herein stated and set forth, the former action of
said Board touching the management of the
schools of said district by said assistant superin
tendent, Frank Bobbins, has been rendered in
operative and nugatory; that legal action by
said Board of Education touching the affairs of
superintendent of said schools is made impossi
ble: that this plaintiff, the taxpayers and patrons
of said schools are deprived of the cdacational
benefits guaranteed by law; that lack of disci
pline prevails in the schools; that great expense
and inconvenience is about to be incurred by
patrons and parents of said schools by sending
children to other places to get the advantage of
educational facilities which are now denied them
in said schools; and that great dissatisfaction
prevails in the community; that said defendants
threaten to continue the unlawful usurpation
herein complained of until the end of the school
year and unlesB immediately restraiaed general
demoralization will take place in the schools of
said district; that great and lasting injury will
be done this plaintiff, the taxpayers aud patrons
of said school district and the children attending
said schools.
13. That great and irreparable injury is now
being done this plaintiff, tho taxpayers andjja
trous of said schools, and no legal remedy exists
whereby the plaintiff, taxpayers and patrons of
said schools can have relief from the injuries,
matters and things herein alleged and set forth.
The plaintiff therefore prays an order restraining
the said defendant Henry W. AUwine from ex
ercising any of the functions, powers or fran
chises of the office of principal of said schools or
in any manner intermeddling therewith; the said
defendants Patrick II. Sullivan, Chas. E. Hendy
and Victor Von Goetz from exercising the func
tions, powers and franchises of the Board of
Education of said school district, from all acts
amiujrorabettinir, or tcndhi" to aid or abet, the
eaid Henry W. AUwine in theT asarpation of the
.- "
- -Jit
office of superintendent of said schools. and from
drawing any warrant or in any manner attempt
ing to pay the eaid defendant AUwine any of the
school moneys of said school district; and that
on the final hearing of this cause said injunction
be made perpetual; and that defendants be for
ever enjoined from further exercisiag the func
tions, powers and franchises of the School Board
of the District of North Platte City, and from ex
ercising the functions, duties, powers and fran
chies of the office of principal and superintendent
of the schools of the school district of North
Platte City.
2d. And plaintiff further prays for an order
from this honorable court to the County Attor
ney of Lincoln county, Nebraska, directing him
to file snch information, criminal and otherwise,
as shall compel the said defendants to answer
to the charges of malfeasance in office and usur
pation of office as herein set forth. And plain
tiff prays for such other and further relief as is
ju6t and equitable.
J, W. Rules,
W, T. Wilcox,
T. Fulton Gantt.
Plffs. Attys.
The State of Nebraska, )
Lincoln County, i 68
1, Fyfield H. Long
ley, the plaintiff in Uie above entitled action, do
solemnly swear th at I have read the foregoing
petition, and that the facts therein stated are
true. Fttteld H. Lomolet.
Subscribed in my presence and sworn to be
fore mo this day of September. 1889.
3. W. Bixlkb, Notary Public.
Upon reading the petition of the plaintiff ver
ified, and for good cause shown, it is ordered
that an injunction be granted herein enjoining
and restraining the defendant Henry W..AU
wino from exercising any of the functions,
powers or franchises of the office of principal
nnd suDerintendent of the schools of the school
district of North Platte City, in the county of
Lincoln and state of Nebraska, or in any man
ner intermeddling therewith, and enjoining ana
restraining the said defendants Patrick H. Sulli
van. Charles E. Hendy and Victor VonGoetz
from drawing any warrant or in any manner at
tempting to pay said defendant Allwineanyor
the school moneys of said school district for any
service yet to be rendered as superintendent
aforesaid until the further order of the court,
upon the plaintiff executing and delivering lo
the clork of the court an undertaking to the de
fendants in the sum of $l,0CO, with approved
sureties, conditioned as required by law.
Dated at Kearney, Neb., Sept 9th, 1889.
Fbancis G. Haheb,
One of tho Judges of the District Court of tho
Tenth Judicial District.
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