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STEVENS & BARE, Editors xsn Pbofs.
SATURDAY. JUNE 16. 1888.
The Democrats of this city are
trying awful hard to enthuse, but
it makes them tired and pale under
the gills. The old Roman being on
thetickeiis all that keeps them
from falling into innocuous desue
tude. OuB-'congressional delegation has
favored The Tbibiute with three
important and highly readible docu
ments McKinley and Reed's
speeches on the tariff, and Ingall's
great speech reviewing the Voor
hees of Indiana. Anv of our read
ers desiring these speeches in full
can write to Representative Dorsey
or either of our Senators.
We publish a brief communica
tion relative to the boycott in Wal
lace. Being willing to publish state
ments from either side, we do not
propose to meddle with the local af
fairs of the village onlv in so far as
the acts may be matter of news.
The local differences' in a village can
be settled by its people without out
side interference. '
The Bell Telephone Company
has taken out 151 telephones in St.
Louis liecause the city reduced the
rental from 100 to $50 per year.
Now the President of the Company
wants the mayor to require him by
mandamas not to remove any more
instruments, which the mayor re
fuses to do. The mayor is evidently
a buzz-saw with F. which .the .tele
phone company should not monkey.
The commissioners of Jancoln
County intend to give all parties
who come before them a fair, im
partial and respectful hearing, but
their actions of this week raising
the price for a saloon licence to
1,000 was hardlv in this line. We
will not question the right of the
board to decline to give license, even
without giving cause, but having
fixed the licence at 500 such action
could properly be construed as i
notice that the board would gran
license on payment or tnat sum
provided the applicant filled al
other requirements. Having been
fixed such sum should hold good
until the end f the year for which
such licences are generally granted
or at least until all applications un
der that fee had- been disposed of.
In raising the lieence fee at the time
it' did, the board acted, without
thinking so at the time, in bad faith
with the applicants.
Says the Gothenburg Indepen
"The Nobth Platte Tribune
objects to the efforts of the anti-sa
loon Republicans to have the party
take up the temperance question and
says: "Cranks who are trying to
force such issues at the present
time are enemies of the party and
allies of Democracy." Thus it goes;
one says it will kill the partv to
take up the question, and another
that the party will die if it does not
take it up. By its own professions the
Republican party has taken the bull
by the horns and it will find the
task of letting go a difficult one."
In connection, with the foregoing
the following special dispatch from
Seward is only a sample showing
how the temperance people are try
ing to gore the Republican party.
We have yet to hear of a case in
-which these cranks attack the Dem
A. G. Wolfenberge of Lincoln
spoke to the people at the opera
house last night on prohibition. His
address was a tirade of abuse to the
Republican party of this state, and
by the time ne had finished nearly
half the audience had left the hall.
The Falls City female quartette fa
vored them with some good vocal
music and kept the rest of the
crowd in the room.
Hekabthmr i 6mmj. Br
km pUM kuMttf foibto.Miliftt
has made a poor bargain. In the
end, however, it always wins. Wat
erloo iB always at the end of Lodi
for these destiny people. Their
faith in fate proves their lack of
faith in themselves. A man who
walks over dead friends to power
will find defeat at last on a friend
less battle-field. Rotacker.
The fat Mephisto whom the dem-
i i iii i
ocrats nave renominated nas oeen a
political upas tree. Everyone who
has come within his circle has died
politically, mentally, morally or
physically. Take his cabinet: Bay
ard went into the state department
and fizzled. Before this he had
commanded the respect of the coun
try. Endicott is not worth talking
about. Whitney is neck deep in
the local scandals of New York
City. Garland invested in Pan-electric.
Lamar passed from his opium
dream in the interior department
to a place on a bench before which
he had never been permitted to
practice. Vilas went from the post
office department to the interior de
partment with a doubtful record of
timber grab hanging over his head.
Don Dickenson went into the cabi
net to succeed Vilas and he has been
a dismal desuetude ever since. Cleve
land is bad luck to anyone who sup
ports him or has anything to ao
with him. He is what the theoso
phists call an evil absorption and
sisuse of the astral.
The North Platte Telegraph gives
as a reason why our legislative dis
trict is so large that the leaders of
the rennhlican tartv in Lincoln
county wanted to make the district
a sure republican district and bad
Chevenne and Keith counties at
tached in order to accomplish that
result. Our opinion has been that
the redistrictine was accomplished
by McCann, the member of theleg-
1 l ... n rr "rl. 3?
isiature xrom uneyenne, iveiin oioux
Sheridan, Box Butte and Dawes
Mac got what he wanted, i. e., a
district composed of Dawts, Sheri-
i rfc w i i
aan, box oatte ana oioux counties
and there being no one in the legis
lature to lookout for Chevenne, and
Keith and no one to watch Lincoln
county's interests but a democrat
named Treacy these counties were
thrown together into one district.
Sidney lelegrapti.
There is considerable farce about
'tax assessments in Johnson as well
as in other counties in this state.
The assessor of Sterliner nrecinct re
turns 2,665 head of cattle as being
assessed this spring and the valuation
is put at $11,907. This makes the
valuation per head between four and
five dollars. What a wretchedly
poor lot of cattle must be owned in
'Sterling ' precinct. At the same
time the fault is not the assessor's.
The trouble is in the law, and the
wide range and latitude given as
sessors . If there is a Nebraska law
now in force that needs revising it
is this verv one. As it works now
there is neither justice or sense in
it. A uniform tax law in relation
to tax assessments is badlv needed.
mi n
rnurman was not suitable tor a
member of Cleveland's cabinet four
years ago, but now he is just the
man Mr. Bandana Cleveland wants
to help elect him to the office of
president. He was "too old" to be
a cabinet officer with a one tetm( ?)
president, but four years later his
popularity with his iarty makes him
just the man for second place. Abil
ity considered, Mr. Thurnian should
be at the head of the ticket and Mr.
Cleveland holding down the office
of sheriff and hangman at Buffalo
Tecumseh Chieftian.
Saturday June 8, 1888.
Present Commissioners Belton
Walker and County Clcek Evans.
The Clerk is hereby ordered to
publish notices in the North Platte
papers inviting sealed bids for the
erection of a county jail in North
Platte and for plans and specifica
tions on hie in the Clerk s office,
bids to be opened at 2 p. m. July 7,
1888, also advertise to sell O'Fallon
precinct $7,000 bridge bonds on
July 2, 1888, also advertise for bids
to be received July 7. 1888, for the
erection of a wagon bridge across
South Platte river in O'Fallon pre
cinct bids to be accompanied by
plans and specifications; also adver
tise for bids to bridge Birdwood
Creek on the public road near its
mouth, and across the channel near
McCulIough's on public road as pe-
titionea tor oy Mcuuuougn
and others, the board reserves the
right to reject any or all bids.
Adjourned until
June 9th. The board convened
pursuant to adjournment, the full
board being present.
In the matter of the application
of P. E. Sullivan for liquor licence
at Wallace and the protest signed
by Norman Jackson and others.
Come now the parties hereto as
well by attorneys and after hearing
an tne evidence ana tne argument
of T. C. Patterson, the board took
the case under advisement till Tues
day next at 2 p. m.
The board reconsidered its action
of Monday June 4th fixing $500 as
County liquor licence, and now or
der that the county liquor licence be
fixed at $1,000 per year, Belton and
McAllister voting for the change
and Walker against.
Now comas J. H. Jordan and pre
sents a petition signed by P. L. Har
per and others with census report
showing 200 inhabitants praying
the board to incorporporate sections
14 and 15 range d4 into a village to
be named Wallace; and it appearing
to the board that a majority of the
taxpayers have signed said petition,
and the census report showing 200
inhabitants therefore resolved that
Wallace be incorporated as a village
and that the metes and bounds be
Belton and McAllister voting for
incorporation and Walker against.
The appointment of trustees is de
ferred until Tuesday June 14, at
2 p. m.
Board adjourned until Monday
June llth. Board met pursuant to
adjournment, all members being
Joseph Hanlrins left for Akron,
ol., last Thursday morning.
Mrs. Rov Thompson has given
up dressmaking for. the season and
has returned to ths bosom of her
family. A dance was given last
Friday evening in honor of her re
turn and a splendid time was reported.
One of the men at work on the
rtilp-drivpr wns hadlv ininred last
Wednesday morning. Particulars
not learned.
It is thought by some that a
Crtdk Moblier will be ee-
in relation to the bridge
bonds. We do not .quite under
stand how: but hurrah - for the
When a man says that he is
working for the interests of the
community and yet neglects his
own affairs, we have our opinion of
In most sections of the country a
naw town is named after the per
son who puts forth the greatest ef
fort to get it established, we un
derstand that the town two and one
hall miles west of here (if it gets
there) is to be called Cody. Now
why not name it after the one who
is struggling so hard to have it es
We fear there will be some croc
odile tears shed when O'Fallons
station is moved from tne sand pile
to the mud hole; yea, the sound of
lamentation will resound between
the rivers.
We have heard that speculation
is rife concerning the the 'writer of
that "trash in The Tbibiine." Re
member the admonition, "do not
accuse any falsely, neither bare
false witness against thy neighbor.''
are in
Mr. Beer is shipping hay
Mr. Taillion's potatoes
The Nichols nursery is a fine
looking place.
The creamery wagon makes a
daily call except on Sunday.
Mr. Park has a fine looking crop
as the result of doing the right
work at the right time.
Our county roads need repairing
badly, some places being so it is
next to impossible to haul a load.
Miss Jennie White will dismiss
the school here on Friday, to begin
again in September for the Fall
Mr. Fred Stoddard was shaking
hands with friends in this precinct
this week. All are glad to see him
home again.
The dance given by F. Zook Fri-
aay -evening; was largely attended,
North Platte and O'Fallons being
well represented. Professors Lock-
wood and Tailhon furnished the
Here I come again, with beauti
ful weather, except a little too
windy for a growing crop, but we
feel happy over the prospect of a
good crop.
Corn is doing well and everybody
is cultivating.
John T. Labille has been down
most all spring with rheumatism.
Joseph Bufman had a calf killed
by lightning a short time ago with
in 5 rods of his house.
T. M. Lee and Jesse Young took
a trip to North Platte last week,
also Mr. Sowatskey and wife.
Sheriff Baker made a lively trip
to Wellfleet last week on business.
He took his meals at the new hotel,
the Davis house.
It is rumored that our store at
Wellfleet has changed hands to one,
John Jones; if so we wish him
prosperity and a fair trade.
C. M. Bollish has the finest piece
of rye in the county if not in the
state. He is a good farmer and
knows his business m that line.
James Elder took a job of Break
ing 160 acres near North Platte.
Lots of hard work, but he is an old
timer; don t care for hard work.
'm r m a i
Most of our farmers nave insur
ed their crops against hail. Very
good plan. Had we done so last
year, we would now have feed for
poor horses and larger crops would
be raised this year.
Our friend Wm. Finch says he is
omg to raise a good crop this year.
e believes there is nothing to hin
der him, for his faith is in Grover
Cleveland for president, but we say
he may have the crop but not
A large delegation from Wallace
came down to Wellfleet last week
for the purpose of dividing this
Lincoln county and have the coun
ty seat at Wallace, but we say no to
that, if there is a division we are in
for having the county seat near the
ported the accident upon arrival
at town, and a partr Clt
went out" to investigate. The
found her lying unconscious about
fifteen feet from the cart. They
horse had become entangled in the
harness, and thrown itself down.
Mrs. Nation was placed in a spring
wagon and taken to Mr. Nation's
mother's and Dr. Lenon sent for.
At last accounts . she was greatly
improved and was able to be taken
home. Wallace Heratd.
Eds. Tribune:
One of the most
unjustifiable boycotting schemes
ever perpetrated in Nebraska was
worked here last Friday. Some
persons of the saloon element, in
order to gain their side, signed and
circulated a paper, withdrawing
their patronage from the Wallace
Herald, simply because its editor
advocated temperance, although he
offered them- the use of its columns
to argue their side of the question.
When last heard of they had suc
ceeded in getting but eleven fol
lowers. They also guaranteed $150
or $200 to start a new paper here,
but had to fall back on a democrat
to run it. Were they served right
no temperance man would sign for
their whiskey sheet, neither would
he trade with any one -who went
back on the Herald in this manner
without cause. Forth.
he caught hie dear soon.
Other bachelors are making suspi
cious movements also. It's leap year
you know.
Ben Owens has painted his house
and protected it with lightning rods.
He must be getting ready for
partner to board with him.
Crops of all kinds are growin
in fine shape. We anticipate a ric
harvest. Yours truly.
J. S. N.
i is-
Since the admission of Indiana
into the Union in 1816, no demo
crats have ever been elected presi
dent without receiving the electoral
yote of Indiana, and the result this
year will prove no exception in her
history. Cleveland will be re-elected
with the vote of Indiana or not at
all. Mr. Voorhees.
June 12th, 1888.
Ed. Tribune Everything in
Gaslin precinct looks nice. The
farmers are'red-hot in the cultiva
tion of corn. We supposed corn
was going late, but it is' "get
ting there" about as fast as though
we bad had no cold weather in the
spring to keep it back.
We have a few mosquitoes and
gnats this year,, apparently to keep
us in a good humor. I fear how
ever they are cause of the violation
of one of the commandments occa
sionally. You know everything, and
I will ask yon a question: Isn't a
man justified in using strong lan
guage when the provocation is
great? This question is respect
fully referred to the local clergyman
or some theological student. We
don't answer religious questions.
Wm. Johnson let his team stand
at the end of the furrow the other
day while he went to the house.
The horses ran away, going through
a wire fence. They were not in
jured much but a colt belonging to
one of the mares was badly hurt.
John Encson was in .North rlatte
last week, the girls say on a deer
track. John is something of a hun
ter and I shouldn't be surprised if
The republican state convention
is to be held at Lincoln. August 23,
the executive comaiittee of the state
central committee having so de
cided at a meeting held at Colum
bus. One of the important actions
of the committee was to decide that
hereafter the central committee
should appoint the temporary officers
of state conventions. A very wise
Elictric Bitters.
This remedy is becoming eo well known and
so popular as to need no special mention. All
who hare used Electric Bitters sine the same
eong of praise, A pnrer medicine does not exist
and it is gnarranteed to do all tnat is claimed
Electric Bitters will core all diseases of the
Liver and Kidneys, will remove Pimples. Boils
Salt Rheum and other affections caused by im
pure blood. Will drive Malaria from the system
and prevent as well as cure all Malarial fevers.
For cure of Headache, Constipation and Indi
gestion try Electric Bitters. Entire satisfaction
guaranteed, or money refunded. Price 50 cents
and $1.00 per bottle at A. F. Streitz Drug Store,
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of purity,
strength and wholesomeness. More economical
than the ordinary kinds and cannot be sold in
competition with the multitude of low test, short
weight, alum or phosphate powders. Sold only
in cans. Rovaii Baking Powder Co., 106 WaU
Street, New York.
$20,000 $2O,000
The vicinitv is again flooded
with tree agents.
Crops are looking well, small
grain is on the boom.
mi i nr i 1
ine pose omce inspector was nere
investigating matters not long ago
and found everything all square at
our little office.
A fine colt, belonging to Ed.
Brainard, which was cut in the
barbed wire not long ago. seemed
incurable and was killed this morning.
Frank Smith and family of
Aurora, this State, are visiting with
Mrs. S's brother, E. A. Brainard.
They also called on ye scribe and
Two new windmills are being
erected and quite a number of awn
ings and other improvements are
being added to the city buildings.
The Davis House supports a beau
tiful awning.
enthusiastic tern
meeting was held on last
day evening which terminated in
the establishment of a permanent
organization here. Not a little bit
of interest and feeling was aroused.
As Mrs. J. W. Nation was re
turning home Tuesday afternooon
her horse became frightened at the
passenger train and ran away, up
setting the cart and throwing her
to the ground. The train men re-
New and Elegant Goods.
A , I. ,
- l i -tS
Conway & Keith's
Sole Agency- of the Celebrated
"Maltese Cross"
The same as has been adopted by the city
water works.
We are also sole agents for the
.;t'j j.
Star Clothing House
must be reduced within a short time. The stoch
has been sold to WEBER VOLLMER a at great
sacrifice. E. Otten has the privilege of reducing
the stocfoifor a time. Whatever can. be solcL at
y ff' ivholesale cost will go.
A j
will fo cheap, cheap, cheap, for they must go
quich. This is no cheap stoch but positively the
best stock ivest of Omaha. It is complete in all
particulars and ive ivill sell goods at almost half
. . .
the priceitlmt our competitors ash. I am deter
mined that the goods shall go with a rush, so
07z wait. I maintain on the counters what I
assert on paper and all goods warranted as rep-
resented. Call and see me at the STAR CLOTE-
Closing Out Sale !
Having bought the stock of L. A. McEvoy
we now offer it for sale at the
ever offered in this city.
Watches, . Rings,
chains, lockets, guns, ammunition, cigars,
tobacco, notions, organs, safe, show cases,
and fixtures must 0 at any price, as we
shall close out everything by June 25th."
Gall early and get some bargaini. Any
goods you may select will be reserved until
June 25th by paying 15 per cent down,bal
ance cash at that time. Parties owing ac
counts will please call at the store at once
and settle. 0. R. KELSEY, Agent,
for Max Meyer & Bro.
Better Offers Than Before
IjYG eouse.
HI Platte Boot k Sloe Store
My stock of. goods is still large and my spring stock is arriving weekly.
I find it necessary to decrease my stock more rapidly to make room for
the incoming goods. I will therefore offer my goods at still
Beat these prices if you can:
Men's Railroad Shoes, Warranted, $2.25. ?
Men's Fine Shoes, $1.75. - .
Men's Eand-Seiued Slides, Jf.50.
Ladies' Fine Kid Shoes, 1.00.
Ladies' Fine Kid Shoes, 1.50.
Ladies' Fine Dongola Shoes, 2.00.
Ladies' Combination French Kid Shoes, 3.50. x
Ladies' French Kid Shoes, Jf.25.
Children's, Boys' and Misses' Shoes at astonishingly low prices. A
call will better convince you of the Great Bargains better than by mere
ly reading an advertisement, therefore if you are wise come at once,
where you will get double value for your money.
Truly yours.
McDonald's Block,
North Platte, Neb. f