The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, November 10, 1910, Image 6

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Box Butte
Reliable Grocer
A full line of Groceries, Provisions, Flour
and other goods usually found in a
first-class Grocery
' Telephone orders filled promptly
i Phone 54
Alliance, Nebraska
S. W. Cor. Box Butte Ave. and Second St.
r "A Good Sign will Improve .Your Business"
Painting of All Kinds Done on Short
Notice. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
603 Box Butte Arenue. First house north Court House
Hartford Fire Insurance Company.
North American of Philadelphia.
ruoenix or uiooKiyn. iew oru.
Continental of New York Olty.
Niagara Fire Insurance Company.
Connectlcutt FJre
uoromerciu uniou Assurance uo bonaontiremans ! una insurance to.
Sertuanla Fire Ins. Co Kochesier German Ins. Co.
tstateof Omaha Office l'o-Stelra.rictcticrlllock.
Will Promote Beauty
Women desiring beauty get wonder,
fnl kelp from Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
It banishes pimples, skin eruptions,
sores and bolls. It makes the skin
soft and velvety. It glorifies, the face.
Cores sore eyes, cold sores, cracked
lips, chapped .hands. Best for burns,
scalds, fever" sores, cuts, bruises and
piles. 23c at r?. J, Brennan's.
you will recog
nize that we have ably
maintained our stand
ards that our display
for Fall and Winter,
1 9 ion, exactly ex
presses your idea of
fine fabrics, select style,
choice patterns and
correct tailoring.
Call and be convinced.
Always pleased to show
goods. Your money's
or your money
Liverpool. London and Globe Ins. Co.
German American Ins. Co., New York,
New Ilamphlro
Columbia Fire Insurance Company.
Philadelphia Underwriters.
Phoenix Ins. Oo.. Hartford. Conn
Repeating Shotguns'
The U. S. Army authorities know a gun; that
is why, when they decided to equip some troops
with repeating shotguns, they selected the Win.
Chester in preference to all other makes. The
experts of the U. S. Ordnance Board also know
ft gun; that's why, after submitting a Winches
ter Repeating Shotgun to all sorts of tests, they
pronounced it safe, sure, strong and simple. If
you want a shotgun buy the one whose
strength and reliability led the U. S. Army
authorities to select it and the U. S. Ordnance
Board to endorse it that's the Winchester.
Thanksgiving Proclamation.
' "Washington, Nov. 8.- Tho vigorous
growth and progress of tho country as
reflected by the records of population
and harvests and tho general condi
tions of International peace aro things
for which thanksgiving is principally
due for the year 1910 according to the
annual Thanksgiving day proclamation
issued by President Tatt-
Board Makes Rules for Santec and
Ponca Tribes.
Klokrata, Neb., Nov. 7. f. U. Ay
bott, assistant commissioner of Indian
aflairs, was here consulting the com
petency board regarding the Santte
and Poncn Indians. Thin board, cum
priding Superintendent F. E. Mclntyre,
Chief Clerk A. O. Pollock and H. P.
Marble, has decided to classify the
Indians thus; First, all restrictions
removed as to his ability to manage
his estate, when found competent; sec
ond, those deemed capable of mnkim;
their own lease and attending to their
own business to u limiteu extente,and
third, those considered incompetent
and will have the same government
protection aa heretofore. Commis
sioner Abbott is also considering the
advisability of bringing the tiust
lands of the Indians under the Brown
law, which taxes them, but does hot
serve us a lien on the lands. The
government will protect counties in
this wherever Indians have leased
lands and will bold the individual In
dlan responsible pending the issuance
of bis patent.
1 -
Big Stockholders of Harriman Lines
Impressed With West.
Omaha Nov. 5. Nine millionaires
and directors of the Union Pacific,
railroad passed a short visit in Oma
ha while their special car was being
switched for the journey eastward.
The capitalists were returning from
a lengthy trip over tho Union Pacific
lines in the west and were on their
way to Ch'.rRgo
Following were those who composed
the party: Otto H. Kahn, member ol
the Kuhn-Loeb company; L. F. JLoree,
president of, tho Delaware nnd Hudson
railroad; Alvln "W. Peck, president oi
tho Mercantile TruBt company; Frank
B. Keech, Eugene Kahn, Martin Erd
man, William Whltehouse, Henry R.
Winthrop nnd Dr. Joseph Ftankel,
All of the party were greatly Im
pressed with the phenomenal growth
of the west.
Disgusted Over Comrade's Treachery,
Three Admit Guilt.
Omaha, Nov. 5. As the perpetrat
ors of an appalling number of highway
robberies and burglaries, four men
acknowledged their guilt to Chief ol
Detectives Savage, after being iden
tified by two of their victims.
They gave their names as Fred
Bledge, Frank Truman, Tony Pasha
and Joe Trimble.
In their confessions the highway
men said that Truman, the prize
fighter, always did the searching of
the victim's pockets nnd on nearly all
of the "Jobs" he held out the larger
part of the booty.
fIre day widely observed
All Schools of State Have Drills and
Omahn, Nov. 5. Fire day as set by
the state superintendent of Instruction
was observed in every school in the
state with appropriate exercises and
drills. In Omaha the drills were civ
en Indoors in most schools, because
of the inclement weather. At the
Comenlus school nil the entrances
were closed but one and it was
planned to get the children all out,
by that one exit so that they would
not get Into the habit of rushing
about the building in all directions
and increasing their own danger.
MlssShallenberger Named Bookkeeper
Lincoln, Nov. 4. The governor's
daughter, Miss Grace Shallenberger,
has been appointed to the position of
bookkeeper in the governor's office
the appointment taking effect at once.
O. C. Hunted, who has been bookkeep
er, resigned and was at once appoint
ed chief clerk to the governor, to
take the place vacated by Leo Mat
thews, who, it is understood, will be
named to take the vacant place of oil
Hanging Pays Stryker.
Lincoln, Nov. 7. George Stryker
has filed his bill with the state for
$143.50, which Is .the amount he
charged for superintending the execu
tion of Bert Taylor at the state peni
tentiary. Of this amount, $43.40 Is
for expenses and the $100 is his fee.
Tho expenses were divided as follows:
Railroad fare, $2.70; battery and ex
press, $12.50; day's work on scaffold,
$17 20; rope and express, $11.
Wtlson Appeal Next Week.
Tecumeeh, Neb., Nov. 4. The dis
trict court for Johnson county will
convene in adjourned session in Te
cumseh on Nov. 8. Judge Pemberton
will preside. It is expected that the
case of Duncan Kinneburg, on appeal
from the findings of the county court
in the John Wilson matter, will come
up for trial next week.
Child Dies From Burns.
Omaha, Nov, 5. As the result of
fearful burns about the body, little
Mary Hults, one year old, died at St,
Josoph's hospital. The child received
her injuries at the home of her par
ents at Louisville, Neb, . She was
rushed to Omaha immediately, but
she died within half an hour after ar
riving here.
Money for Soldiers.
Lincoln, Nov. 7. Governor Shallen
berger has received $4,952.54 for the
soldiers' home at Grand Island nnd
$2,100 for the home at Milford, The
money was sent by the government as
a quarterly payment on the $100 per
member of the soldiers' homes, which
it pays annually.
---l,.r,Aj..t.Jll.J- iAj,i,i .
The directors of the Pennsylvania
railroad company declared the regular
quarterly dividend of 1 per cent
The negotiations by a syndicate to
secure the controlling stock of the
Cramp Shipbuilding company have
been declared off.
Carrying nearly a thousand passen
gers, military and civil, the United
States army transport Sheridan has
departed tor Manila.
The main building of the Ontario
Wheel company works at Gannnoque,
wlth all Its contents, was destroyed
.by fire. Lobs, $175,000.
Four miners, all FlnnB, were killed
by an explosion In the Leonard mine
at Butte, one of the properties of the
Boftton and Montana company.
Carl Rohr, a defaulting bank clerk
of the National Union bank of Water
town, N. Y., whose alleged shortage Is
$13,000, was arrested at Seattle.
The Uruguay revolutionary leaders
have agreed to disperse and disarm,
provided the candidacy of Ordomez
for the presidency is withdrawn.
Charles Ritch and George Oviatt
were killed and John Gordon was fa
tally Injured when a threshing engine
boiler exploded near Lapeer, Mich.
Municipal elections throughout En
gland and Wales show a considttabk
growth in the labor and socialist par
ties. The wdmen candidates fi
The Standard Oil '.-".c; :..
taken over the hold!rf., o. the J. t
Trees Oil comj-- .,i . PltitTuir;
Carro parish, Louisiana, paying Jo
The Jewish quarters In Shlraz, thi
capital of the province of Fars, Per
ela, have been Sacked by Khasgals
Eleven Jews were killed and 5,000 are
John J. Smythe was sentenced to
denth In Norfolk, Va., for the murder
of his wife. Bullets intended for Mrs.
Smythe also killed a thirteen-year-old
J. M. Studebaker, president and one
of the founders of the Studcbakei
Brothers Manufacturing company, Is
seriously ill at his home In South
Bend, Ind.
Albert Leo and Samuel Watson wer
killed and Jefferson Davis was per
haps fatally injured when the boiler ol
a traction engine exploded at Green
castle, Ind.
Emperor Nicholas of Russia, attend
ed by Sergius Sazonoff, the Russian
minister of foreign affairs, and a suite
of fifty, arrived in Potsdam for a visit
to Emperor William.
The first case of yellow fever ever
known In Honolulu has-been, discov
ered aboard the Japanese liner Hong
Kong Mam, which arrived there from
Manzanlllo, Mexico.
An effort to restrict the use of in
junction by tho courts of Arizona, es
pecially In industrial disputes, was
defeated in the constitutional conven
tion after a heated debate.
Arguments on the petition of de
fendants for writs of habeas corpus In
the Illinois Central graft cases were
begun in Chicago before Judge Chet
lain in the superior court.
Helen Starr, sixteen years old, was
killed, her sister, Anna, fourteen,
sjigbtry hurt, and Laura Waldkirk,
fifteen, seriously injured in an auto
mobile accident at Akron, O.
Asbury Spicer, who has figured con
spicuously In the Breathitt county,
Kentucky, feuds for many years, was
given a life sentence for" the murder
of Asbury Fugate laBt spring.
John Sekanlna of Chicago, who de
serted his wife a year ago, entered the
little grocery kept by her, shot and
killed her, wodnded the baby in hei
arms and then killed himself.
George B. Clows, head of the firm
of George B. Clows & Co., publishers
In Philadelphia, was arrested to an
swer an indictment filed at Kansas
City, chargtng that he used the malls
to defraud.
William H. Hoffman, a chauffeur,
was arrested and charged with mur
der In New Orleans, following the
death of John Kelly as the result of in
juries iufllued when Hoffman's ma
chine struck him.
William mlth, a native of New
York, famed as an impersonator of the
character o Uncle Sam from his re
markable likeness to cartoons, died
n a hospital in Tucson, Ariz., at the
age of ninety-one yearB.
A Barton Hepburn, president of the
Chose 'National bank. New York, and
former comptroller of the currency,
was elected president of the chamber
of commerce, to fill the vacancy
caused by the death of J.. Edward Sim
mons. In compliance with an Imperial edict
Chinese Consul General Ly Yung Tew
and the entire staff of the San Fran
cisco consulate appeared without
queues and attired as Americans,
causing a mild sensation in the ori
ental quarter.
W. R. Allen, president of the First
National bank at Enloe, Tex., and E.
T. Cook, president of the First Na
tional bank at Sftvey, Tex., convicted
at Paris, Tex., on the charge of violat
ing the banking laws, began serving
sentences of five years each In the
penitentiary at Leavenworth.
John A. Dlx, Democratic candidate
for governor of New York, while en
route from Albany to Troy, figured In
an automobile accident when his ma
chine ran into a street excavation at
Watorvliet and was badly damaged.
Mr. Dlx and the members of his party
escaped -with a severe shaking up.
We have just received a fine
line of Ladies' Waists
Which We Offer at Prices that are
Ladies' Black Satin Waists, pleated front
and back, tucked sleeves, finest grade CD ftffl
Ladies' Black Silk, handsomely trimmed 4aDU
Ladies' Black, Allover Net, spangled "J fjfj
trimmed ""
Ladies' Black ana White Shepherd's Plaid 4.50
Ladies' Beautiful Persian Waists, in green, Ej ftf
blue and brown, at . JUU
yyALL Paper
Lots of Odds and Ends .
10c to 40c Values, all go for
5c a Roii
to clean up
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on regular line to clean up
We have a fine sock of G
Paper to go in bunch lots, 2, 0 "c
from 5c to 1 5c values, all go at per roll
Popular Price
I have purchased ,the Younkin
restaurant and it will lpe run on a
popular priced basis. Expert cooks
and attentive waiters. Try our meals
and you will be a regular customer.
Open Day and Night
Hearing :aie i
of all descriptions
for any part of a
house or barn.
Phone 22
D. Waters, Mgr.