The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, November 10, 1910, Image 4

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, BlflABOUT 25,000
Entire Republican State Ticket
Elected in Nebraska,
With Two-Thirds of State Tabulated
Aldrlch Has Lead Over Dahlman of
Twenty Thousand Both Hogses ol
Legislature Democratic.
Omnlui, Nov. 10. Cheater II. Aid
rich of David City has been elected
governor of Nebraska by the largest
off-year plurality given In Nebraska
In many years. Ills plurality over
Dnhlman will not be loss than 25,000.
Tho last off-year election In Nebraska
wag won by Sheldon In 1900', when his
plurality over Shallenbergcr was n lit
tle more than 12,000.
Returns so far compiled I ml lea to
that tho entire Republican stale ticket
Iiob been clectod, mul that Messrs.
Hopewell for lieutenant governor
Walter A.-George for state treasurer,
Silas It. Darton for nudttor. Addison
Walt for secretary of stato, E. II.
Cowles for commissioner of public
lands and buildings, James W. Crab
trep, for superintendent of public In
structlon and Henry T. Clarice, Jr.,
for railway commissioner, have been
given good majorities.
Vote on Senator,
In the preferential' vote for Unltca
States senator, Gilbert M. Hitchcock
lias defeated Sonator Elmer J. Rurkett
by a mnjorlty In tho neighborhood of
20,000. Hitchcock carried Douglas
county by upwards of 9,000, while Rur
kett was given only 822 majority In
Tho total vote is light, and on gov
ernor will hardly run above 230,1)00.
"With two-thirds of this vote tabulated,
Including Douglns county, and not In
cluding LnncaBtor, whore tho returns
aro not yet complete, Aldrlch hns a
lead over Dahlman of 20,000 The pre
cincts of Lancaster county reported
i T-ssffi:
give Aldrlch 2.200 The vote still to
be tabulated will Increase tho load for
Legislative returns are still incom
plete, but it looks as if both bouses
will be Democratic.
Douglas county has gh'en Dahlman
(Dem.) for governor a majority of
something like 8.500 over Aldrlch
(Rep.) and Dahlman has carried all
his associates on the Democratic tick
et over the safety line with him.
Vote on Governor.
The returns on. governor so far as
tabulated "show tho following In all
cases when the number of precincts
ta not given the vote is for the county
complete, but unofficial) :
Aid- Dahl- Shel- Shal-
County. rich, man. don. b'ger
Adams, 1.... 145 101 120 115
Antelope, 11. 953 432 816 C36
Banner 171 47 182 65
Blaino 214 122 228 146
Boone 1.806 1,091 1,523 1.664
Box Butto.... 698 491 609 6S0
Boyd ....... 946 606 969 890
Buffalo 2,670 1,855 2,448 2,590
Burt, 10 892 512 1.050 812
Butler ....,. 1.480 2jQ24 1.364 2,192
Cass, 4 292 148 339 178
Chase ., 53 191 280 472
Cheyenne, l,t 47, 33 27 33
-.Clay ........ 2,286 1.375 1,837 2,014
Colfax :..,K. 679 1.105 1,157 1.283
kkkkkkkkkkiDlkHkikV 'kvEvS
ii?pi'Timirn iMSs.
yjk '4 . dkkkkkm
f a(laW-' mLLLLLLw
m " " jMIs
CumTng 5... . 150 . 483 2S3 441
Custer. 4.... 058" 337 580 54 1
Dakota ....,- .536 615 750 C90
Datveo, 7... 779 658 751 653
Dawson .... 2,1 1G 1.169 1,66 2,011
Deuel 248 165 G32 382
Dlxot. ., 1,296 701 1,234 1,131
Dodge 2.028 2,365 2,381 2,725
Douglas 9,243 17.656 13,540 16,203
Dundy, 15.... 464 234 532' 367
Ftirnn 1.65H 843 1,304 1,725
Hayes 317 153 3G2 28o
Jefferson .... 1.551 1,590 1,906 1.833
Johnson .... 1,164 1,097 1.322 1,180
Kearney .... 1,358 645 1,031 1,166
Keith 370 317 372 302
Fillmore. 2... 570 323 519 464
Franklin, 8.. .455 302 467 471
Gage 3,116 2.790 3,606 3,294
Garfield 231 90 367 373
Grant Ill 73 98 95
Greeley 732 779 662 1,107
Hall, 4 282 602 427 60S
Hamilton, 11. 1.066 524 755 820
Harlan. 11... 669 370 540 757
Hitchcock, 11 634 331 517 506
Howard 1.071 993 945 1.460
Kimball 2612 7 225 116
Knox 1.618 1,602 1,858 2,141
Lincoln, 9.... ' 429 258 380 428
Logan 207 81 147 147
Madison, 22. 1,666 1,686 2,037 1.910
Merrick .... 1.208 966 1,128 1,121
Nance. 6.... 508 293 488 188
Nemnhn .... 1.575 1,173 1.581 1.688
Nuckolls .... 1,681 1,016 1,508 1,528
Otoe, 1. 192 199 220 188
rnwnee 1,335 910 1,457 1,171
Perkins 339 117 251 255
Phelps 1,687-043 1,447 1,223
Pierce 804 1,162 1,011 1.119
Polk 1.534 788 1.143 1.282
Platte, 2 293 311
Red Willow.. 1,158 782 1,229 1,335
Richardson, 6 555 338 G76 737
Richardson, 1 117 124 126 134
Rock, 12 380 122 371 263
Saline 1.805 2.182 1.994 2,351
Snrpy 769 1.057 892 1,117
Saunders, 2.. 220 127 262 187
Scotfs Bluff. 935 374 822 514
Sennnl ....'. 1.767 1,758 1,638 2,137
Sherman .... 758 668 766 947
Slou. 1 91 89 65 63
Stanton 501 572 752 872
Thnvcr 1.501 1,568' 1,638 1,783
Thomas 101 66 101 12
Thurston .... 748 677 895 734
Valley 1,224 703 1,001 1,093
Washington' 1,151 1,210 1,498 1.55S
Wnyno 1,033 917 1,258 1,932
51 counties. 97,781 71,775 79.863 80.403
Nebraska Senate.
1 -J. H. Moorehead, Fulls Clty....U
2 h. A. Varner, Sterling R
3 S. II. Buck, Bo?ln D
5 M. U Placek, Wnhoo ..D
6 R. S, llorton, Omaha...... 0
John E. Rengnn, Omaha.,.. ....D
J. M. Tanner, South Omaha . ...U
7 B. F. Grimn, Tokamah.. It
8 G. W. Wiltse, Randolph It
9 A. A. Smith, St Edwards R
10- Fred Volpp, Scrlbuer..,,....i..ri
12 I. L Albert. Columbus D
11 W. H. Itpyndlds, Qhadront .;.. .H
15 J. A. Ollls, Ord d"
16 C. F. Bodlnson, Kearney D-
17 J. H. Buhrman, St. Llbory D
18 J. H. Kemp, Fullorton .....R
20 13. P. Brown, Arbor R
W. A. Selleck, Lincoln R
22 Frank Bartos, WUber D
24 C. d. Smith, Exeter R
26 J. B. McGrew,Blooiuingtoiiv.,,,R
27 G. Wi TtbbetVHastlngs D
28 II. A. Cox. Wilcox ,.R
29 J. F.'Cordeal, McCook'. It
30 W V.'lloaglnntl, North Platte... R
Nebraska In Congress.
First district J A. Magulre (Dem.)
Second C. O. Iobeck (Dem.).
Third J. P. Latta (Doiu.).
Fourth Charles H, Sloan (Rep.).
Fifth (i&orge W- Norrls (Rep.).
Sixth Moses P. Kinkald (Rep.).
William Hnywnrd, who run as u Re
publican for congress in the First dis
trict, concedes his defeat by Magulre,
the present Democratic member Hay
ward lost Lancaster by 860 and the
rest of the district by u small vote
Outside of Douglas county Judge
Sutton has a lead of 322, but cannot
overcome Ijobock's lead In this coun
ty. In Sarpy Sutton received 826, Lo
berk 734; In Washington Sutton 1,209,
Lobeck 979.
Congressman Latta ban apparently
won a reelection In tho Third district,
figures showing him In tho lead with
3,435 votes, as against 2,859 for Judge
One return from the Fourth district
gives Sloan (Rep.) 262, Good (Dem.)
Judge Norrls has Increased his voto
of two years ago In parts of the Fifth
district, especially In Hall county, and
I likely to have a substantial major
ity Returns are very few, but all fa
vorable to NorrlB
In the Sixth Congressman Kinkald
hns a safe lead on the figures In
hand, with over 500 to the good. Tho
roturns received give Kinkald 2,694
and Taylor 2,122.
Denver, Nov. 9 With only a little
over 50 per cent of the ballots cast as
straight tickets, Republican and Dem
ocratic leaders nllke claim victory
from the split ticket vote. Partial re
turns from straight tickets give John
B. Stephen, Republican candidate for
governor, a majority outside of Den
ver county, and John F. Shafroth,
Democratic cnndlUate for ro-olcctlon,
a lead within It
Cheyenne, Nov. 9. Carey (Dem.)
for governor has a majority ot over
3,000 over Mullen (Rep) In 400 pre
cincts. Mondell (Rep ), for re-election
b representatlve-at-large. Is re-elected
by over 1.500. Cheyenne also elect
ed a Democratic mayor.
Little Roqk, Nov. 9. The Democrats
made a clean sweep In the congres
sional election; electing all nominees.
His Majority Is Estimated at From
12,000 to 20,000.
Topeka, Nov. 9. Governor W R.
Stubbs was reelected in Kansas by a
majority estimated by Republican
campaign managers at from 12.000 to
20,000 Stubbs made his race on a
progressive Republican platform and
was vigorously opposed by George A.
The remainder of tho Republican
state ticket Is practically certain of
The election, of six Republican con
gressmen Is conceded, but the results
of two congressional races remain In
In the Third district. F. P. Camp
bell, n stnndpat Republican, and J D.
Botkln are running a close race.
Frank Rockefeller, a cousin of John
D- Rockefeller, and a Democrnt, and
L. D. Young, a Republican, are having
a hard struggle in the Sixth district.
South Dakota.
Sioux Falls, Nov. 9. Willis C. Cook,
chairman of the Republican state com
mittee, mnde the following statement:
"We clnim Governor Vessey nnd the
full state ticket has been elected by a
majority of not less than 12,000 over
the Democrats. Indications arc that
tho majorities for Congressmen Mnr
tin nnd Burke will run above that fig
Republicans Lose Seats in Con
gress in Eight States.
Chicago, Nov. 10. Democruts elect
ed 246. Republicans 15b, Socialists 1;
districts missing or In doubt, to; tutu,,
391. Gum by Democrats 53; gain by
Republicans; net gain lor Democrats
48, j
'securing control oF the next na
tional house of representatives by tno
Democrats was decisive Returns up
to date Bhowed that tho Democrats
had made u gross gain of llfty-threo
members. This tlgure wus offset by
a Republican gain of Ave members,
leaving u net Democratic gain ot forty-three
new seats.
If the Democrats maintain their
normal representation in districts yet
to be heard from they will have an
ample majority. This majority, it
wns considered probable, would be
Increased by results from Colorado
atid Oklahoma, among other states.
In order to secure control or tho
house It was necessary for the Demo
crats to secure twenty-four new mem
bers. With a net Increase of forty
eight they appear to have gained
twenty-four members in excess of tho
number necessary to control. At the
same time, the Republican strength
has been reduced by the election of a
Socialist in a Wisconsin district, nor
mally Republican.
The greatest guin In any one stato
was New YorK, wnere tne present
delegation of twelve Democrats was
increased by ten, making the division
as to New York In the next house
twenty-two Democrats, fifteen Repub
licans. The representation from New
York in the Sixty-first congress la
twenty-live Republicans, twelve Dem
ocrats The next largest Increase was Ir.
Illinois, where the Democrats on the
face of the returns mnde six gains.
In Pennsylvania the Democratic
gains were five. New Jersey five, Ohio
five. North Cnrolina two, West Vlr
glnla two. Missouri two, Maryland
two. Maine two, previously elected,
and one each In Connecticut, Indiana,
Iowa. Kentucky, Massachusetts, Okla
homa and Rhode Island.
San Francisco, Nov. 9. California
remains In the Republican column.
H Irani W. Johnson has been swept In
to the office of governor by a plurnlity
estimated on a basis of partial re
turns nt 50,000. Seemingly he has car
ried the entire Republican state ticket
to victory
New Jersey.
Trenton, Nov 9. Figures available
here Indicate that Woodrow Wilson
(Dem) 1ms carried New Jersey h
about 15.000. Returns Indicate a plu
rality of between 10.000 and 12,000 for
Wilson In Essex county Hunterdon
county Is Democratic by nearly 2,000
and Warren by 1,600.
Helena, Nov 9. Returns, though
meager. Indicate that the Democrats
will control the legislature and elect
a successor to Senator Carter.
Now Haveu, Nov. 9. Eighty-five
towns give. Goodwin (Rep.) for gov
ernor 36,264. Baldwin (Dem.) 38,934.
Dlx Defeats Stimson In New
York by Plurality ot 65,000.
Baldwin Wins Governorship of Con
necticut to the Democracy Foss
Elected in Massachusetts Demo
cats Capture Congress and Make
Gains in Senate.
New York, Nov. 9. More complecv
returns from the elections held
throughout the country serve to em
phasize rather than diminish the Dem
ocrntlc landslide There is hardly a
section of the entire nation where the
Republican vote did not slump notably
and' In mnny enses disastrously. The
Sixty-second congress will be Demo-
cratic by a good working majority,
while in the United States senate tho
Republicans have only a scant lead
over their opponents
Four Influential eastern states
New York, Massachusetts, Connecti
cut and New Jersey take their places
at the head of the procession with
Democratic governors and strong
Democratic representation in their
legislatures. Ohio, too, is Democratic.
The two great leaders of the Repub
lican party, Taft and Roosevelt, alike
met defeat In their own states. Roose
velt's home town of Oyster Bny wont
ngalnst him; his congressional district
chose a Democratic representative to
replace Congressman W. W. Cocks.
Itoosm-elt's warm personal friend; his
Btate repudiated the Republican candi
date for governor by 63,000 plurality
As an additional blow the New York
state legislature is Democratic nnd
will elect a Democratic senntor to
Biiccted Chnuncey M. Depew
House Is Democratic.
President Tnft today find himself
face to face with the one danger which
he has most dreaded and which he be
sought the Republican voters of the
nation to prevent a hostile house of
representatives to nullify what remains
ot his legislative program. A Demo
cratic house. President Taft has point
ed out, will paralyze the administra
tion and make any party legislation
Impossible. Qn the other hand, the
effectiveness of the Democratic ma
jority in the lower house will be
largely nullified with the hold the Re
publicans still retain In the senate
A striking feature of the voting
throughout the country wns the repu
diatlon of Republican lenders In their
own homes. Vice President Sherman's
home town, Utlcn, went Democratic
by several hundred Sereno Payne's
homo city. Auburn, defeated him by
800 votes, nlthough the rural districts
aroundabout came to his rescue and
rnadn hiH seat secure for another term.
In New York city Congressman Will
lam S. Bennett was beaten by Henry
George, Jr., and Herbert Parsons by
Jefferson M. Levy. Congressman J
Sloat Fassott of Elmira. who went
down to defeat In 1891 ns a Republic
an candidate for governor, yesterday
lost his seat In the lower house, and
Hamilton Fish was defeated for re
election as tho Republican candidate
In the Twenty-first New York district
Another feature of the voting In the
cast wns the fact that In n majority
of the big cities the Republicans
gained while they lost In the countrv
In New York state, for Instance, tho
early returns from upstate seemed to
Indicate the election of a Republican
governor In Ohio, similarly. Harmon,
the Democratic gubernatorial candi
date, lost heavily in thp city nnd
gained In the country The Repullcnn
leaders here explain this as due to the
hostility of the labor vote to the Dem
ocratic candidate.
Summary by States,
Summed up tho results of tho vari
ous state elections were ns follows
Democratic. Alabama.
New Jersey.
New York,
South Carolina
New Hampshire.
North Dakota,
Rhode Island.
South Dnkola
One of the most astonishing over
turns was In the rockrlbbed Republic
an state ot Massachusetts, where Eu
gen N. Foss (Dem ) had a majority
of. 30,000. ,The long contested split In
the Democratic nominating conven
tion had appeared to indicate a state
off disruption, which gave the Repub
licans great hope, but voters seemed
to hare forgotten this at the polls.
Fos caiflpalgrjj ywap ... made oa a
atralgbtout tariff 'issue ' Tho Massa
chiisett-i legislature Is Republican auJ
Will elect Senator Lodge.
In Now Jersey Dr Woodrow Wilson
who resigned the presidency of Prince
ton 'university to take up the work oi
campaign was swept into the govern
or's chair by 20,000 votes, carrying
with him a Democratic majority iu
the joint session of the legislature In
suring a Democratic successor to
Senator John Kcan. Most of New Jci
ecy's ten congressmen will sit with
the Democratic majority in the Sixty
second congress. Connecticut has
elected a Democratic governor for tha
first time since 1893 In the person ol
Judge Simeon D. Baldwin. The Re
publicans lost heavily In Rhode Isl
and, re-electing Governor Arniu J
Pothlor by a scant 1,200 votes, as
against his plurality of about 12,000
In tio last election. Senator Aldrich'a
successor will be a Republican
Pennsylvania appears on late re
turns to have elected John K Tener,
the straight Republican candidate, by
& reduced plurality. Berry (Dem.),
running on the Keystone independent
ticket, led him a hard fight all along
the lino.
Tennessee elected a fusion candi
date, Ben W. Hooper, by a generous
margin Michigan was overwhelming
ly In favor of Charles S. Osborn, tb
Republican nominee, while Wisconsin
chose Frank E. McGovern (Rep.) bj
a reduced plurality.
In Indiana, it seems assured Sena
tor Beveridge has been defeated, thai
the Democratic state ticket has been
elected and that probably the entire
Indiana delegation In congress will be
In New Hampshire, Robert P. Bass
Republican candidate for governor, de
feated C, F. Carr, Democratic candl
dnte, by about 6,000 plurality.
In Nebraska, C. II. Aldrlch, Repub
lican candidate for governor, is ap
parently elected by 25,000 over .Tame 3
C. Dahlman. Democratic.
In Iowa. Governor B. F. Carroll
(Rep.) Is probably elected by 10,000
Tho Missouri legislature, which
elects a United States senntor, Is be
lieved to be safely Democratic.
Plurality is Largely Increased,
According to Returns.
Columbus, Nov. 9. Returns over the
state show the re election of Govornor
Judsou Harmon (Dem.) by a plurality
of 40,000. He not only gained in the
'cities, but the rural districts showed
Increased plurality. '
Cleveland, Nov. 9. Judson Har
mon (Dem.) was re-elected governor
of Ohio by a lnrgely Increased plural
ity, according to returns from about
250 precincts of the 4,526 In the state
Even the approximate figures are still
In doubt, owing to a considerable
switch In various districts of the
state Two years ago he was elected
by 19,372
In fifteen Cleveland precincts Har
mon shows a gain of fourteen votes
to a precinct, partly overbalancing the
Republican gain of thirty to n precinct
In Cincinnati The complexion of the
legislature Is still In doubt.
The rural districts are showing
Urge Democratic gains.
Boston, Nov. 9. Tho Democrats
gained nine 'or the first forty-seven
representatives reported elected This
is a gain of about 20 per cent, and if
maintained through tho stato would
give the Demoprats between eighty
and eighty-five seats out of a total or
240 in the house, which would not be
enough to affect the election or United
States senator.
Governor Eben S. Draper gavo out
a statement conceding tho election of
Mr. Foss by a substantial plurality
and congratulating him.
Chicago, Nov. 9. Returns from
more than 100 precincts in Chicago,
according to the City Press associa
tion, indicate a Democratic landslide
The election of the entire Democratic
ticket by a plurality or 40,000 is prob
able. The returns indicate that the
Democrats have carried the city by
about 50,000 plurality and that they
may gain five or six or the ten con
grcssional districts in the city
Returns Indicate the reelection of
Speaker Cannon in the Eighteenth dis
trict by a rethiced plurality over Will
iam L. Cundlff (Dem.).
Seattle, Nov 9. Returns Indicate
the election of the three Republican
candidates (or congrogs uy substan
tial pluralities and the oloctlon of thJ
flvs Republican supremo Juitlco candidates.
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