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    State Historic loi
The Alliance Herald.
Largest Circulation
of any Newspaper in
Western Nebraska.
Official Publication
of Box Butte County
and City of Alliance
, '
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Eyes Tested and Glasses Fitted.
Box Butte County
Vote-Official Coilnt
The canvassing board, consisting of
D. VV. Hughes, Lloyd C. Thomas and
County Clerk W. C Mounts, finished
the official count of the Box Butto coun
ty vote at four o'clock this (Thursday)
afternoon. The total vote was light,
being only 1,149. Following in the Vote
for state, congressional, legislative and
county candidates, and on the proposed
constitutional amendment:
For amendment, 444; against, 305.
Preference for United States senator;
Burkett, 401; Hitchcock, 564; Birm
ingham, 7; Lippincott, 30.
Governor: Aldrich, 598; Dablman,
487: Wright, 98.
Lieutenant governor: Hopewell, 543;
Clark, 409; Lichty, 17: Sfutter, 33
Secretary of State: Wait, 53g; Pool,
495; Wittstruck, J4; CuBhing, 36. -f
Auditor of Public Accounts: Barton,
569, Hewitt, 472: Lambert, 37. '
State Treasurer: George, 540; Hall,
4955 Fitch, 17; Burns, 35.
Supt of Public Instruction; Crab
tree, 597; Jackson, 450; Jeffryes, 37
Attorney General: Martin, 5 1 25
Whitney, 493; Terry 22; Burleigh, 0.
Commisioner of Public Lands and
Buildings: Cowles, 532; Eastham, 497;
Olmstead, 35.
State Railway Commissioner: Clarke,
532; Hayden, 499; Moss, 33.
Railway Commissioner to Fill Vacan.
cy: Peter Mortensen, 350.
Congressman, Sixth District: Kin
kaid, 574; Taylor, 483; Ross, 9; Chase,
State Senator, 14th district: Rey
nolds, 55 J 5 Haley, 499-
Representative 53rd district: Kent,
615; Reische, 451.
County Attorney: Burton, 782,
County Commissioner: Reck, 573;
Pahlow, 512. ? ' ,
The following road overseers were
elected: Boyd precinct, Ferdinand tid
ier; Box Butte, Ole Davig: Dorsey,
Harry Pierce: Lawn, Joo Bartos: lib
erty. Jos Wintoni Nonpareil. Tesner
hesperson; Running Water, J. X,P
r ?i.i.r .li. i:..i -"i mf. -cta.i
AVright, Dist, No. 9, V. McCoy Dist.
No. 11, Carl Hashman.
The proposition to bond the city of
Alliance for 5,000 for a city park sys
tem carried by a big majority.
In order to have the complete state
returns this issue of The Herald is
being held until Friday morning.
Herald Furnishes Reports
The Alliance Herald kept its reputa
tion as the leading newspaper of west
ern Nebraska by furnishing reports of
the election returns Tuesday night.
Because of the crowded condition df
The Herald office the bulletin board
was placed in the commodious pool
hall across the street owned by R. A.
Through the courtesy of Manager
Tom Beeson of the Alliance Telephone
Exchange, a special phone set was
placed in The Herald office. Arrange
ments had already been made for
phone reports from every precinct in
Box Butte county and connections
were arranged with all of the towns in
western Nebraska. By midnight com
plete reports had been received from
every precinct in the county except
Snake Creek, and this was brought in
by the carrier, the distance of nineteen
miles being covered by two o'clock.
The Herald force were all busier
than bees and reports were ieceived
from Bridgeport and other North Platte
Valley towns, Crawford, Chadron,
Harrison, etc. A large crowd waited
until the complete returns were re
ceived, the last of the force leaving at
five o'clock Wednesday morning. Much
favorable comment was expressed by
all who benefited by the services of
this paper.
School Notes
Mr. Carlson's civics elass used the
class period Tuesday morning to test
their ability to vote. Sample ballots
had been s."ured and these hud been
secured and ti.cse were distributed to
the members and they expressed their
choice for the various oillces. The par
ticular object was ty test the ability of
tne class to vote as required Uy law
and it Is to their credit that only one
ballot Incorrectly marked. ' Inci
dentally the test aroused considerable
interest in the election.
At the meeting of the Board of Ddu
cation Monday evening it was decided
to permit such teachers as might desire
to do so to attend the Nebraska State
Teachers' Association without loss of
time. The meeting will bo held at
Lincoln Nov, 23, 24, and 25.
Miss Susie Frazler. Principal of the
Central school, went to Bridgeport
last Saturday to attend the meeting of
the Morrill County Teachers, Associa
tion. County Supt. Edith Watford, of
Morrll county roqusted Miss Frazier to
attend for the purpose of giving assist
ance to her teachers in primary work.
The banners for the second month,
which are awarded to the rooms having
the best records in mttendanc and
punctuality, were won by Miss Feld
icr's, Miss PhaloU's and Miss Peterson's
pupils. This makes the second month
that the banner has been awarded to
Miss Fcldler's pupils,
The meeting of the Latin club, which
was to have been held last week, was
postponed until this week on account
of the accident which befell thoir
president, Mabel Worley. The club
will meet with Hazel Bowman Satur
day night of this week
We liR7o received word from Chad
ron that they are ready to play us
basket ball, the first game to bo played
cither at Chadron or Alliance as suits
our convenience. A series of games
will probably bo arranged soon.
The Agriculture class visited the
creamery Thursday morning for the
purpose of hearing an Ulustratod lec
ture on the subject of cream and butter
making. Mr. Beck explained tho var
ious processes to the class in a very lu
cid manner. The subjects of sampling,
pasteurizing, ripenieg, and testing
cream, as churning and working the
salt and moisture into the butter were
explained in detail and demonstrated
to the class, Wo are grateful to the
management of the creamery and to
Mr. Beck for a very profitnblo lesson
in agriculture.
The report of the Supt. to the Board
of Education for the second month of
school shows the following:
Total number of pupils enrolled
this month .... .... , . , . . . 7C0
Number boys enrolled . . , 377
Number girls enrolled..,.. 302
Total number enrolled to date .... 601
'Average attend, for mouth Boys. 349
" Girls. 301
Total. 710
Per cent daily attend, for month. Dd.60
No. cases tardiness " " 38
Per cent of punctuality 00 60
Neither absent nor tardy for rao. . 458
" to date. 355
Number cases of truancy . . , 0
Number present every day.... ,. 573
Visits from Supt 77
Visits from others.... ,. 89
Visits to patrons 12
The following items were handed us
for publication last week:
Mabel Worley met with quite a seri
ous accident last week. As she was
entering one of the rooms she slipped
and fell forward, striking nud break
ing tho glass in the door and cutting
her ihoulder seriously enough on the
broken glass to necessitate several
atllches being taken. We hope she
will soon bauble to be in tscbool again.
gun work for- tho preliminary debates
which will occur about the first of the
year. Tho question to be debated this
year is "Resolved, That the Policy of
Maintaining the U. S. Navy at its Pres
ent Strength is Preferable to the Polloy
of Substantially Increasing It." Last
year fifty-eight of the strong schools
of Nebraska were members of tho Ne
braska High School Debating League
and the number will probably bo in
creased this year. It is, therefore, no
Binall honor to be uble tp win the state
In Memoriam
Mrs. Nellie Trenkle, dearly beloved
wife of Sam Trenkle, and third daugh
ter of Mrs. Nellie Heath, passed away
on the night of October '25th, 1910, at
Mercy hospital after an illness of but
a few weeks, aged 24 years, 4 months
and 18 days.
She bad grown from early childhood
to a most beautiful womanhood here in
our midst. Nellie was a most con
sciencious, consistent Christian girl
with a smile and word of good cheer
for everybody- Death was due to ty
phoid fever which she contracted after
nursing her husband through the same.
About six weeks before her death she
calmly gave her heart's idol, little Al
len, into the tender Shepherd's care,
but the strain of it all was too much
for the brave young soul arid, notwith
standing the tender care of her heart
broken mother and other dearest to
her, her pure soul took its flight
heavenward, leaving her husband and
little babe, her mother, her four sisters
and her brother to go on through life
without her.
The funeral services were held in
the homq, A short but most beautiful
discourse was delivered by Rev. Dr.
J. L. B, Jones, pastor of Alliance M.
E. church, who conducted the service,
assisted by J W. Thomas. Notwith
standing the cold, raw day the funeral
was attended by an immense concourse
of people, for truly, none knew her but
to love her. The body was laid to rest
in Greenwood cemetery beside the
newly made grave of her little one.
Dear Nellie, wife, daughter, sister,
You have gone to realms unknown,
Where all the good and pure ones
Shull behold God on His throne.
You have gone tp greet your loved
Who have pussed from earth before
And are beckoning us to follow
And tread with you the golden shore.
Card of Thanks
We desire to extend our heartfelt
thanks to the many friends and neigh
bors who so kindly assisted us in the
sickness and death of her who was our
beloved wife, daughter aud sister.
Mr. Samuel Trenkle,
Mrs, Nellie Heath,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Curry,
A Mr. Chas. Heath,
Mrs, Daisy Miller,
Misses Anna and Essie
Electric Light
Board Report
Morse, Sterne and Humphrey Value
Plant at $78,000
The Anxious awaited report of the board
of three gentlemen selected to place a val
uation on tbe plant and business of tho
Alliance Electric Company, made their re
port on Monday evening.
George II, Morse was elected by the
city; William C, Sterne was selected by
the company, and Clifford W. Humphrey
as the third. The detailed re nor 1 ex-
, , . .... . ?
plains me memoa oy wnicn tney arrived
at the value of (78,000 for the plant, and
states that tbe physical properly was con
fidercd with regard to its present value;
books of the company were examine and
earnings and expenditures carefully con
sidered; question of going vvnlue aAd
value of Unexpired fraqcb)sc tanti con
tract wereaisoconsideredr Future growth
of business, etc., were al) considered.
George H. Morse did not agree with the
other two members vf the committee,
which fixed the price io be paid for the
physical properly at 8)3,400 and for fran
chise, etc., $35,000, making a total price
tube paid by the city of $78,000, or 823,00
more than tbe amount which the company
asked from the city.
In an interview with the Herald report
er Prof. Morse stated that he did not agree
with the way in which the other two mem
bers of the board arrived at their conclus
ion, but did not care to go into particulars
at this time. Prof. Morse stated that he
believed that the other two gentlemen
were perfectly sincere in their estimate
and that they were two of the ablest men
he had ever had an opportunity to work
Mr, Humphrey stated to the Herald
representative that he makes a business of
this kind of work and that he investigates
and valors plants of this character on the
average of one in every two weeks, that he
believed the plant a good investment at
the valuation placed upon it. When asked
why he find Mr, Sterne had placed a valu
ation of $78,000 on the plant when the
company had only asked $55,000, he stat
ed that he had not been Informed that the
company had asked the last named figure,
but that if such had been tbe case, the city
wculd .have .had a very goodV bargain
Mr. Sterne bad eft . tbjjjityndcrdd
-norbeseen. ' -.
The city council met last evening, but
the .meeting being a special session for
other business, no action, was taken on tbe
electric light proposition. It is known,
however, that a majority of tbe council
favor not buying tbe plant, but putting in
a duplicate plant.
Miss Inice Neeley, formerly of Alii
ance and a niece of 1- U. Hagar of Al
liance, and Mr. James Elmore, a well
known Alliance boy, were married
Wednesday in Billings. Miss Neeley
has been in Calispel, Mont., for some
time but met Mr. Elmore at Billings,
he leaving Alliance the first of the
week. Their many friends will be glad
to know that the happy couple will be
here, the la6t of the week. The Her
ald joins in wishing them n long and
happy married life.
Case Attracted Attention
The case of J L. O'Donnell, who was
arrested last Wednesday afternoon and
charged with fighting, attracted a large
crowd in police court Saturday morning.
O'Donnell and a colored man were ar
rested and charged with fighting. The
colored man pleaded guilty and was fined
five dollars and costs, but O'Donnell plead
ed not guilty and was placed under bonds
of $25.
At the trial O'Donnell, by his attorney,
Wm. Mitchell, proved by a half a dozen
witnesses that three colored men bad at
tacked him and that be had not fought un
til after they bad attacked him
Police Judge Gregory Zurn decided that
three to one were too many and that a
man had perfect right to defend himself,
so O Uonnell was declared not guilty.
Seed Laboratory Is Now Open
The Herald has received a letter from
Dr. E, Mead Wilcox, collaborator in
charge of the seed laboratory of the Ne
braska Agricultural Experimental Station,
stating that the laboratory is now open and
ii prepared to test samples of seed for
purity and germination.
This work is done free of charge and if
the farmers of Nebraska would have their
seed tested before plauting much better
results could be secured.
Irrigation Association Will Meet
The first meeting of the Nebraska State
Irrigation association will be held in
Bridgeport, Nov, 15 and 16. Delegates to
this congress aro to be chosen by tbe state,
county and city officials, the governor
naming fifty delegates and mayors and
county commissioners being allowed to
name fifteen delegates each, An attempt
will be made to organize an association
strong enough to enforce the demands of
western Nebraska for legislation and to
aid materially in the propagation of those
ideas in which this country is particularly
interested. The temporary officers are.
T. O. Egleston, president; and D. D.
Price, secretary, Communications re
garding the congress should be nt to tbe
latter at the state engineer's office, Lincoln.
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