The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, October 27, 1910, Image 2

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Defense of a Faithful Public Servant
In a dominate effort to defeat G. M.
Hitchcock, candidate for the U. S- sen
ale, mud batteries have been opened
against him and things published
which, It true, ought to have been giv
en to the public yearn ago, instead of
being icucrveil to the wind-up of a
senatorial campaign. The very fact
or your money
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that these things were carefully held
back during all these jears, discredits
them and also the par tie who brought
them out in this campaign. We are
pleated to give our readers the follow
ing defence of Mr. Hitchcock from the
democratic state central committee:
gestlon of legitimate business trans
acted with actual money. From the
facts and revelations recently made
it deems, however, that Mr Hartley's
cunning, though great, was not suffi
cient to rover his tracks, so that in
thi present Instance he furnishes evi
dence of the truth of the stniemem
made by Ralph Waldo Emerson that
"The devil Is always an ass "
Mr Hartley, It now appears, realized
tK t Ms own disgrace could be turned
iiito 1 n asEct for the purpose of black
jrul iiig those with whom he had
mc cy transactions nny time after be
ccr ng state treasurer. He therefore
had the papTS. letters and telegrams
of the men with whom he had money
dii im photographed, thus enabling
hni to make settlements with such as
hi ec.jld and nt the same time, after
t rnlng over to them the original pa
j . rs. retain copies that he could use
for blackmailing purposes against any
wl'o at any future time should become
candidates for public office.
Outlawed commercial paper Is a
cheap commod'ty, and It Is doubtful
If Mi Hartley paid the Omaha barker
from whom he received the Hitchcock
not's a single penny for them The
0i ilia banker holding the outlawed
rapr hiiew It was worthless, there
fun. It would not be difficult for nny
person to negotiate for It, and It Is
rr. 'able that Mr Hartley got It Tr
trc asking, particularly If Mr Hart'-1",
si'erestcd to the banl-er that ri c ft of
the notes would entitle hir.i to a
larger measure of his rtrod will The
Hitchcock notes v.l'. came Into Mr
Pauley's possesion through transac
Vovs with the Omaha banker were
later settled for and surrendered by
Mr Hartley to Mr Hitchcock's representative
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ovxv "JDvvev
Thfc yJcioua attack being made by
Howard, Hartley and Vic Uobewater
upon Uiluext M. Hitchcock in tno.r
liaullc ehorts to save Senator B-r-l.oit
irora impending deleat ut the
u .11,113 c.eaicn already shows unnils
tahabiv ufcr.s of reaction tno
u.nsj .rr.tcis by t:.uBiiig H.u-minrud
iik n who hsvo dl.;i.ltnat3:y eM.:n
inul the statements by both tcu.ier with the "so callei"
cv.c nt jresiii-d bj Hartley, to
e.o.i?o thu cane of Hluhccclc. la
itw 0. te canuiJ sta;erat.r.t of 2l.
Hitchcock, giving tU tacts, and e.v
plrtin:n. the mlnt with
it'? harn common sense naa renewed tlw
conclusion that Mr. Hitchcocn. is jc-ts-fitd
in making the charge agaiujt
ley of ottompting to I'lacKinail h in.
The political and iersonal reasons, ani
muting Howard and ibm
ii bugeeft thenrehes.
Fu:a r.ll that has bet-n r:vc:i to t'u thus far, the are tj
uccewtary deductions:
It npnears Ihi.t in 1S03. during the
hard t'"irs, Mr Hitchcock borrowed
the KUi7?of ?U,000 of Joseph S. Baitlcy.
0 hanker and money loanei, n3 well aa
r.tat" treasurer, and a man reputed to
he wealthy at that time. It further
aj rears that during the next few'
j ears, jcarH of world-wide financial
depression, which were especially had
jearH In Nebraska, which was btricken
with a drought. Mr. Hitchcock found
himself hard pressed tor cash to con
tinue the publication of the World
Herald, which was not self sustaining
at that time, imd was forced to aBk,
in common with all other business
men in those disastrous years, to
have the time of payment on loans of
money made by him extended. The
loan made of Bartley was extended
liv having the original note cut up into
irrt'.'er ones, falling due on differ
cut dales, on some of which fuither
cxUnelons were made, until all wen
finally paid In full, with latere :t This
trr.'.ipnctlon constitutes the cue ami
only transaction In which Mr Illtcb
cccl. borrowed money irom .loreph Q
Uait'.cy, and the umcutrt, vta inter
est, was pn'.d in full
Uartley'b subsequent hUtor is well
known In 1197 he fallctl to turn ove
the state f.u:d& to his euceetsoi, be
coming a defaulter, bclrj; altervard?
Why doesn't Henator uurKctt man
fully nccept the challenge of Con
gressman Hitchcock to go with him
en the rostrum and compare records
In congress, and scorn the assistance
f such men and methods as are com
ing to his ass'stnnce? It looks like a
case of "anv port In a storm."
flnlph Waldo Emerson once said.
"The devil is always an ass," the
English of which is that men usually
blunder and give themselves away In
the practice of deceit and fraud. Dors
It not look as though Mr. Burkett. aft
er judlclouslv decllnlnc to meet either
Attorney Whedon who was Ms rival
for the nominrtton, or G'lhfit K
Hltchcork who is his r'val for the
exertion, en the stump before the ro
rh" fnd eend his record acalrst tV
clnrges of votlre on ttie bide of the
tMists lntrad of on the side o" hi"
cr".-,t't!7rt8, has at last fallen l'e
the m'stahe of accepting ati.t -r
from Bartley ami Howrrd?
' Rdgar Howard (f th Cchimhi5s T.-'
ogram appenrs to be a natural Iiti
lsUmaelue, with his hand tii'.'i
everybody. Two years ago he fnucht
the nomination of Latta for ronzts
trying to secure the nominstloii ior
hlmseif, and continued the fight alw
Being defeated. Lai.t year h" bo't'd
the nomination of .Judge Dean for
Judge of the supreme court and 'p
polled Sedgwick, the Republican Thi.t
year he appears to be the agent of
Joe Bartley In a bitter fight against
Hitchcock for tho senate Men of
bo unfortunate a tempei anient
as Howard possesses are soilnnsly
handicapped In the race ot life, gen
erally, and are a downright nuisance
in any organization they connect them
selves with, political or otherwise
They cannot help it. however, as they
wer born so.
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tripil, convicted and sdnt to the
it seems that In Bottling with one ot
th nu.n liani.o wltu which ho hau
dciillnps. Eomc years later Hartley
enmrt into pobECF&Ion of r.ctcs lor 13,
000, given bj Mr. U.chcock to un
Omaha banker nnd uenircd by a tec
onU mortgncc on Omnlia piopoity
Thlp property had been told nnfioi
foreclosure proceedings durins the
hard times, bringing less than the
nmount of the tlrfct mortgage, thus
wiping out the second mortgage The
property had been sold, und the noted
for which the second mortgage had
been given as tocurlty were outlawed
bv lapse of time, when Bartley ap
peared as owner of the noteh nnd de
manded payment of the same Tho
transaction in which these notes
were given was not with Bartley, but
with an Omaha banker. Notwithstnnd
ing the notes were outlawed, Mr
Hltchrock sent a r presentatlve to Mr.
Baitley and made a setUement with
him, Bartley turning over the notes
and papers to said representative ot
Mr. Hitchcock.
Mr. Bartley asks, why should he
purchase second mortgages when
tllOfn Wflrc nlnntv nf flrvt inirtc.nina I tlm ' Hull
tQ ha had, thus tarowiug out the bug. ' cvtlV-
Is the hand or Secretary Balllnger
seeking to smite Congressman Hitch
cock in hiB senatorial aspirations? It
will be remembered that it was Con
gressman Hitchcock who introduced
tne resolutions In congress tinder
which the Ballinger Investigation was
conducted which resulted in the ex
posure of many frauds being perpe
trated in the disposition of Alaskan
roal lands Ex-Governor Savajre of
KcbrarKa, who paidoned Joe Bart'oy
ficm the state penitentiary, is said to
b an intimate friend and business as
Foclate ot Secretary Ballinger in fie
stnto of WroMneton. Bartley owe: his
libeity to v Governor Savage, and
Ballinger s a mortal enemy of Con
prtssni?n H.tchcock. Senator BrVctt
it inmlllar with all the facts and Is
making the battle of his life to stcure
re oler t!rn to tho senate, with n rec
crd that he dare not face by nipet ng
hi? lival on the rostrum Jn Jo'nt nc
bate before the voters of Nebraska
The foregoing facts may account Tor
the lRits made by certain politicians
in Nebraska to Bartley at Denver,
which resulted in Bartley taking a
hand In the fight to punish Hitchcock
rp.i fspist T'iirk't Doesn't It lock sun
Licious, to say the very least?
Ccngressmnn Hitchcock is the au
thor of the Ballinger Investigation.
He introduced the resolution. In con
gress undor which the investigation
was conducted.
If Senator Burkett Is not afraid that
his record in congress will condemn
him, why does he duck and dodge, and
refuse to meet his rival for the sen
ate in Joint debate before the voters
of the state?
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Gilbert M. Hltchcack courts the wid
est publicity for his record as a con
gressman from Nebraska but Senator
Burkett cannot be dragged into stand
ing before an audience and having his
record read in his presence. Let us
oee, haven't we read somewhere that
TThnv love the darkness rather. than
f 'T d t l t t u nn
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