The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, August 11, 1910, Image 10

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WEAR-0 Hj;
Refined Snap
Alliance Cash
Shoe Store
and exclusivoucss in Bummer
oxfords Is to bo had in our
Barry nnd Hannan low shoes.
If the air can frisk around
your ankles over a pair of
Barry and Homan oxfords you
will enjoy real summer foot
comfort and have a pair of
"ties" that are of the latest
best last, leather and workmanship.
; If-H-H Ml 1H"l--M"l"H"l"l-l"M-
Mr. James Gaddls of Ravenna came
TVieat Viarket
Having purchased the S. H. Desch Grocery and
Meat Market, we have decided to run the same
on a CASH BASIS. We think that by so
doing we can sell First-Class Goods for less
money than we could by doing a credit busi
ness. Accordingly, after August 17th, we will
sell FOR CASH ONLY. You are invited to call
and get prices.
Telephone Orders Delivered Promptly
in on No. 43 Tuesday.
Conductor Ued. Lawson gets llcizcn
bottle'6 car and crew.
Con. Diok BurUe has been on passen
ger for about ten days.
Con Cantlin In laying oft on account
of sickness In his family.
Conductors Lawson and Hedrick of
the cast end have been sent to Alliance
Engineer George lllcks was looking
after his houses lie has rented hero on
Engineer Ilishop and wife returned
Friday morning from a vacation trip
spent In southern Nebraska.
C. L. Griggs, trainmaster on the Ster
ling division was In Alliance this week
greeting his numerous friends.
Mrs. llalverstadt of Ravenna came to
Alliance on 41 Sunday morning for a
few days' visit with old time friends.
Frank Vaughn has been sent to Ha
I venua and will brake for Con. Moore.
I He has moved his family to Ilavenna,
0 F Hankin, who wbb employed in the
I shops, has resigned and gone to the
I country to work In the Harris hayfleld.
I Mrs J T Heck returned Saturday
i from a trip to Iowa and other eastern
points, Miss Hazel will return later.
Mrs. V. A. Miller and Miss Ethel
went to Crawford Sunday morning to
visit friends and to look after their
property there.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Guy
Miller has been dongerously sick for
several days. At this writing she Is
slowly Improving.
Fred Vaughn, who for some time has
been n passenger brakeman has been
transferred to freight. He is now on
the east end local.
Alliance Roller Rink
We have just received a new shipment of
Skates and hereafter will be able to furnish
skates for everyone.
We are running a Beginners' Matinee from
4:30 until it 6 p. m. Competent instructors
for all beginners.
WtT Skates for sale. Inquire at Skate
Rink in
HcCorkle Bldg.
Word comas from Con. Nelse
son of Kavenna that lie is still a very
sick man. He has been unable to work
for about three months.
C. Glbbs, who has been herding en
gines at Ardmore, came In to Alliance
Tuesday. He has asked to be trans
ferred to the train service.
Fireman Tom Ilurchell returned
Tuesday from Hot Springs where he
has been firing for some time. Tom
says there Is beautiful scenery up there
but will take Alliance for his.
Ilrakcman It. E. Burns who has been
here for about six months has resigned
and gone to Denver. He expects to
meet a sister from Chicago, who, with
her husband, is spending their honey
moon lu Colorado.
Fireman It. P. Moore enjoyed a visit
from his mother Friday and Saturday.
Mrs, Moore had been visiting a sister
near Bridgeport. From here she went
to Litchfield, where Mr. Moore's fam
ily resides. Her home in Seward, Neb.
A jolly party left Monday noon for a
two weeks' fishing and camping trip
near Gournsey. It consisted of Abe
linrchell, John Wiker, and DuvaRauff
man. A good kodak was among the
supplies as they promised their friejuls
some pictures.
Con. Robert Evans and wife are now
nicely settled in their new home. Hob
was cute enough to steal a march on
his friends but they were all suspiciou&
when he was building a comfortable
cottage. They are both well known
here and have have hosts of friends
who wish them all the happidess and
prosperity they well deserve.
New Organization
Railroad Employes
A local branch of the American Rail
road Employes and Investors Associa
tion was organized at Alliance the
evening of August 5th. This Associa
tion Is composed of railroad employes,
and below is given the principles of
the Association:
Its purpose shall be, by all lawful
methods, to cultivate and maintain be
tween its members such a spirit of
mutual interest and such concern on
the part of all of them for the welfare
and prosperity of American railroads
as will best promote their successful
and profitable operation, for the bene
fit alike of their employes, Investors
and the public.
To encourage, by every proper
method, cordial and friendly feeling on
the part of the public toward American
railroads and their business.
To publicly provide means for obtain
ing consideration and hearing from all
legislative bodies and commissions em
powered to enact laws, rules and reg
ulations affecting the conduct and op
eration of railroads.
To do whatever lawful things may
be necessary in order to secure a fair
return alike to capital and to labor in
vested in American railroads, with due
regard at all times to efficient service,
fair treatment and safety to the public.
This Association shall at no time be
used for partisan political
nor shall it take any part in controver
sies, if any, which may arise between
railroad employes and railroad officials.
Its membership shall consist of rail
road employes, railroad investors, or
their representatives.
Seventy-four members joined at the
time of organization and it is expected
that nearly every railroad man in Alli
ance will become a member. This
Association is a National affair and has
a large membership throughout the
United States. The following officers
were elected:
H H. Giles, Fres; G. A, Reid, Vice
Pres.; II. E. Gantz, Sec'y and Treas.
Executive Commltte, H. M. DeWitt,
J M. SchSrk, A. V. Gavin, S. Wilburn,
E. 11. Burris, H. M. Johnsen, F. W.,
Hicks, Dan Fitzpatrlck, C. A. Wether
ell. L. H. Mosher, C. 0. Walte, W. V.
Johnson, C. C. Cummins, J. Rrldel
bangh, Geo. Rirchum.
Delegate, R. C. McLeese.
Alternate Delegate, E. J, Nelson.
Locating Breaks in Telegraph Wires
When a telegraph wire is broken or
damaged, say, several hundred miles away,
how does the operator, sitting in his office,
know exactly where the accident occurred?
The explanation is simple. It requires,
as everyone knows, considerable force to
send electricity through a wire. The
longer the wire, the greater, of course,
must be the force required. This force of
resistance is measured in units, called by
electricians "ohms". Let us suppose that
a wire between a New York office and a
point 200 miles away has broken some
where. The telegrapher knows that when
the wire was intact there was required
enough force to overcome, say, 2800 ohms
to produce a current, or 14 ohms per mile.
He now finds that he can send current
wilh a force required for only 700 ohms.
Dividing 700 by 14, he finds that the break
in the wite is 50 miles from his end,
It is expected that upwards of
five thousand railroad employes
will march in the big "'Railroad
Day" parade in Denver on Aug
ust 20th. Sterling and McCook
are arranging to send a good
sized delegation to Denver to
1 take part in the celebration and
tnere will probably be a repre
sentative party from Alliance.
The Burlington officials have
announced that all employes who
wish to go will be granted free
transportation and also that very
low rates will be in effect for the
benefit of the general public.
After the street parade in the
morning, the crowd will adjourn
to "Lakeside", the big amuse
ment park, where a basket pic
nic will be enjoyed. A program
of field sports, including a ball
game and tug of war, has been
arranged for in the afternoon
and and in the evening Mr. P. H.
Morrisey, former head of the
Brotherhood of Railway Train
men, will make an address in the
Theatre at "Lakeside", together
with Hon. J. P. Shafroth, gov
ernor of Colorado, and Mayor
Speer of Denver.
I Prom the amount of interest
displayed by both the officials
and men of the different roads
rnnning into Denver, and from
the fact that all shops, general
offices, and freight houses will
be closed on that day, "Railroad
Day", promises to be the great
est gatherrng of railroad em
ployees ever held in the enire
Full information may be ob
tained from the trainmaster at
Miss Jennie M. Kennedy
Post Graduate (in Piano)
of Toronto, Canada, University
of Music, Gold Medalist and
Teacher in Hamilton, Canada,
Will Open Classes
In Music on July 16th
At Her Studio, 811 Big Horn Ave.
Phone 391
You all do know that
when we advertise an
article, it's here and
you can buy it if you
want it. No J ust Out
talk here-come in and
see some real bargains
8th Annual Clearance Sale
Better Values, More of Them
Bargains in Standard Merchandise
The largest business
season we ever had
closed and before the
arrival of New Fall
Goods we are slashing
Clothing. Get in while
the sizes are complete
for $2.00
A Big
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Dark Patterns
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S2.00, now
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Our ICiitii'e Stoclc of FniK-y Suit in Zi Tilts TotM
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Q-roiap 1
These wonderful values, worth $14 and
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The Famous One-Price Clothing House
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