The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, July 28, 1910, Image 1

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iV...iM1Ml 1
n.0 WbIoiIoM Society
The Alliance Herald.
Largest Circulation
of any Newspaper in
Western Nebraska.
i to a
as.. tayiFnf,
of the
First National Bank
t"Ut:lt:e3 3t:t, iio .
United States Bonds (Par) -' '
Banking House -
Capital Stock1
Undivided Profits
This Bank is a designated United States Depository.
We have a modern and up-to-date equipped Bank and
" are prepared to care for our customers in
any legitimate banking business.
We pay interest on deposits left for six or twelve months.
We have safety deposit vaults for rent.
Miss Jennie M. Kennedy
Post Graduate (in Piano)
ef Toronto, Canada, University
of Music, Geld Medalist and
,? Teachers in HaHte; Canada,
Will Open Classes
in Music on July 16th
At Her Studio, 811 Big Horn Ave.
Phone 391
are all of tbe highest quality we
can get and are all examined crit
ically after we receive them in
Btock here before a Single one is placed
on sale we do everything in our power
to be on the safe side. A good thing
for you to remember.
r 4 ,
uadetMoUow .
In Front of the Palace Livery Stable
yon can nearly always see a rig getting
ready to start out. We will send one any
distance, for any purpose, at any time.
We answer all calls promptly
and will be glad to serve yon in any way
in which a rig is required.
H. P. COURSEY. Prop.
OGSce in Alliance National Bank Bile
Over Postoffice.
'Phone 391,
1-H 13 111 I'M M"H"I"1 !! 'T
Eyes Tested and Glasses Fitted.
$ 50,000.00
497.7". 12
Important Change in lank.
Last Saturday night Glen Hampton,
who has been with tbe First National
bank of this city for eight years, left
for his new bomein- Gothenburg, Ne-.
braska, where he goes to accept "the
cashielship of the Gothenburg Nation
al bank.
Chas. E. Ford, who is president of
the First National bank of Alliance,
o,wns a controlling interest in the Goth
enburg bank and this comes as a pro
motion to Glen. He becomes a mem
ber of tbe board of directors of that
bank and will have a good share of the
stbek of the institution.
Glen has been very popular with Al
liance business men and was exalted
ruler of the local order of B. P. O. E.
He was also treasurer of the Masonic
lodge. The Herald joins his many
friends in wishing him good luck and
prosperity in his new location.
A good many Alliance ladies patron
ize the swimming pool at Judge Berry's,
, and some of them are quite expert
, swimmerB. 33'5
We always give
you the Most of
the Best for the
J. A. Berry, Mgr.
The Herald lias a stock of
little adding machines that
save time, worry and
money. Aslr to see one.
They cost $2.50
They're worth $25.00
ThB New Adding Machine
Herald Publishing
a plunge in tbo
Attorney B. F. Gilman has been
called to Bsidgeport ou legal business
a number of times lately.
The Bee Hive tbe red front1 'big
gest racket store in the northwest.
Bill Bone, one of the best humorous
lecturers in the world. At Butte
Chautauqua, Crawford, August 7th
and 8th. 322
Take a swim
see how much
at the "plunge" and
better you feel after
Mrs. George Leidy and daughter
Lulu are visiting friends in the south.
They left Sunday. j
I. U. Hager is confined to his bed by
an attack of appendicitis.
After a hot day's work a plunge in
Berry's swimming pool will do you "a
lot of good. 335t
Miss Raphael Keane of Hartington,
Neb, is visiting the family of M Keane.
E. D. Marr, state agent of the New
York Underwriters, was in Alliance
and placed the agency of the company
with Gray & Guthrie.
Harvey B. Hornby is a new employe
of tbe First National bank. "He is, a
son of Geo. H. Hornby of Valentine,
who is well known in western Nebraska.
Commencing next Sunday and con
tinuing until some time in September,
there will be no evening service in Holy
Rosary church. Benediction will be
given after tbe last mass.
Miss Ruth Ganson, who is soloist at
the First Congregational church in
Omaha, is spending part of ber vaca
tion with her sister, Mrs. G. L Griggs,
of Alliance She will sing at the Meth
odist church next Sunday morning.
Mrs. S. K. Warrick and children,
accompanied by ber brother, Eugene
Burton, and father, E C. Burton, of
Wytbeville, Virginia, will leave Al
liance Friday morning to spend tbek
summer outing at Hot Springs; Tlrejf
expect to be there about two weeks
An interesting article on tbe "Rela
tion of Railroad Rates to General Bus
iness" was left out of this issue on ac
count of the large amount of other in
teresting matter. We hope to have
room for it next week.
Captain J. C. Thorbin of Sioux City
and J. M, Sbickley of Geneva, Nebr.,
special agents of the Farmers & Mer
chants Insurance Co. of Lincoln, spent
Sunday with tbe general agents of the
company, Gray & Guthrie.
Eugene Burton, county attorney for
Box Butte county, with offices in the
First National Bank building, has a
mighty fine office since he has added
to the attaactiveness by new fixtures
and office furniture. Both his private
office and reception room are fitted with
the latest office appliances which helps
him keep up bis excellent reputation in
bis line of work.
Hear the Weber Male Quartette of
Boston To hear them once means to
bear them again. At Butte Chautau
qua, Crawford. Entire week August
5tb to ioth inclusive. 322
James Feaginsnow has his live stock
and real estate office in room three in
the new McCorkle building. He keeps
up-to-date by ordering a full supply of
office stationery from tbe Herald job
Chase Feagins and wife, who have
beeu staying at the home of his father,
James Feagins, for some time, left
Tuesday morning for Sutton, Nebraska,
where Chase has established a real es
tate office for the purpose of selling
Idaho land. Chase is a bustler and
has sold a lot of irrigated land to Ne
braska people. We wish him con
tinued Buccess.
Edward Howard Griggs compares
the work of Edmund Vance Cooke to
Stevenson's and Field? You cannot.
But you may still hear Mr. Cooke at
Butte Chautauqua, Crawford, Nebr.,
August 8th and gth, 322
Visitors at the state fair this ear
will have an opportunity to see tbe
Wright brothers in several flights in
tbejr aeroplane, as the fair manage
ment has contracted with those gentle
men who have made tbe old world sit
up-and take notice, for several flights
euch day of the fair, Sept. 5 to 9.
They will bring with them three of
their full sized aeroplanes which will
be used in making their flights each
day. When not in use they will be ou
exhibition and their working fully ex
plained to those interested in air navi
gation. This will be an opportunity
or tbe people of Nebraska to see these
wonders of the apth cenfury.
A R. Finley went to Alliance this
morning to meet Mrs. Finley, who
comes today from Bay City, Mich.
They will make their home here, hav
ing becured a residenco in the north
part of town. Scottfbluff Herald.
The First National Bank of Calla
way and the Alliance National Bank
of Alliance, Nebraska, today made ap
plications to be designated as deposi
tories for postal savings bank funds.
The Omaha Bee, July 23rd.
McCook, Nebraska, recently had a
big fire causing a loss of about f 30,000
in the burning of two large elevators.
The fire was thought to have been ex
tinguished at one time but broke out
again and could not be controlled.
Send your wives and daughters to
hear Edith Charlton Salisbury in
Domestic Science lectures. She tells
you what to eat and how to prepare it.
Shows you how you can live high on
15 cents per day. At Butte Chautim
qua, Crawford, August Gth and 7th. 2t
John W. Guthrie of Gray & Guthrie
left yesterday for York, Nebr., where
he will spend three days at the fire
men's tournament. rrom there tie
will visit Lincoln and Omaha on busi
ness and Sunday at the old home at
Carroll, Iowa, and sec "the twins,"
He will also investigate tbe report that
"Kelly has been found."
Miss Nell Acheson and friend, Ruth
Aspenwall, expect to leave Friday
morning for a week's trip to Hot
Springs. While there they will visit
with Mrs. Venson, who is an aunt of
Miss Aspenwall. On their return they
will stop over at Ardmore and visit
with Mrs. Guy Eastman, who was for
merly Miss Haddrn of Allianne-
Hear Montaville Flowers at Butte
Chautauqua, Crawford, AuguBt 5th and
6th, in bis interpretive recitals, Ben
Hur and a Christmas Carol. He is one
of the finest products of the lyceum.
All who have heard him exclaim that
the man and the occupation are an
exact m. wvv, 322
Police Judge Zurn's court room is a
pretty busy place these days. Last
Friday a very interesting session was
held and between the word .fights of
Hie witnesses' and tbeargtMseots af4be
lawyers one would have imagined him
self to have been in Omaha or Denver.
However, the judge handles things in
a very orderly manner.
Lee L. Hamlin, secretary of tbe
Western Fire Insurance company of
Lincoln, came to Alliance last Friday
and accompanied by J. W Guthrie of
Gray & Guthrie went to Mnrsland and
adjusted and paid Miss Hazel Furman
$1,500, the amount of insurance carried
on her house and farniture which was
struck by lightning and burned to the
ground on June utb.
W. S. Barrett, proprietor of the
Hotel Drake, believes in patroniziug
home industry. He says he is well
satisfied with an eleven thousand order
of Drake Hotel letterheads which the
job priutiug department of The Herald
has just finished for him. This num
ber of letterheads seems to last but a
very short time however as the hotel
has a large patronage.
Sidney is keeping up with the times
by purchasing a new motor and pump
for their city water plant. Their pres
sent system has been unable to supply
enough water for the town's use which
made this improvement necessary.
An election will be held shortly to
determine whether the disputed strip
of territory lying between McPherson
and Garden counties in townships 17,
8, 19 and 20, range 41, and also all
of township to, range 40, shall be jn
McPherson or Garden county.
A. T. Hemingway, who was a former
resident of Alliance and owned some
property here, spent a day in Alliance
with Mr. Berry, manager of the Forest
lumber branch in this city.. Mr. Hem
ingway has an important position with
this company at its Kansas City headquarters-
A great many Alliance people are
getting the habit and spending a day
oMwo occasionally at that popular sum
mer resort, Hot Springs, South Da
kota. There were there from Alliance
last Sunday C. H. Rockey and family,
J. Dobry and family, Claude McDon
ald and Alice Acheson, Frank Bronk
horst and Elva Hillis, H. R. Toobey
and Pearl Hillis.
In 1902 seventeen of our Dawes
county people took out insurance with
the German-American Fire Insurance
Co. of Hastings The company is
now in the hands of a receiver and
these parties are being sued for 10,
009 as their part of the liabilities of
the company. The folks are learning
that it doesn't pay to monkey with a
one horse insurance company when
there are plenty of companies well es
tablished. Their experiences should
be a warning to people in general to be
on their guard against fraud. Chad
ron Journal. - w '
,--, w
Expenses by Buying
Your Groceries Where
I You Can Get Them the
3 H
These are a few of the many bargains to be
found in our store:
Tomatoes in No. 2 cans $1.00 dozen
Corn in No. 2 cans 1.00 dozen
Peas 1. 00 dozen
Green String Beans 1.00 dozen
Kraut in 3 lb cans. , 1.25 dozen
Hominy in 3 lb. cans 1.20 dozen
Snider's Pork and Beans in No. 3 cans. . . 2.45 dozen
Snider's Pork and Beans in No. 2- cans. .. 1.80 dozen
Snider's Pork and Beans in No. 1 cans. . . 1.25 dozen
Canned Peaches 1.75 dozen
Canned Pears 1.25 dozen
We buy our Groceries very week so they
are always fresh.
A cordial invitation extended to everyone visiting the
Stockmen's Convention.
Phillips Grocery Co.
Phone j
oTyryrererey s attreToryro
J, P- Carpenter of Sprague, Nebr., a
brother of H. U. Carpenter the black
BmUbrarrived on 43 last Friday, for a
stay of several days. He is agent for
the NaUoaftl"Fidelity & Casualty com
pany of Omaha, and will work up Borne
business wtylc stopping here,
Manager Harry-Hamilton of Hainil
ton ftc.UHCkJey.rttie.two.popujar snort-
sketch artists who wercat tbe Imperial
last week, patronized the Herald's up-to-date
job department by getting out
a fine booklet printed on heavy calend
ered paper together with special
envelopes for tbe same.
Drs- Coppernoll & Peterson, who
have offices, in the Runier building,
have just received, a fine lot oi letter
heads and envelopes printed on special
paper by The Herald's job department.
They believe in having tbe "best what
is." ,w
The Herald's job department is
equipped for practically every kind of
business in the printing line Last
week the County Fair Association pre
mium list was turned out. Many ot
the Alliance merchants are having their
loose leaf ledcer sheets printed by this
department. Our prices are as low as
city prices and the money stays at
home. .wwww.
The "plunge" at ludge Berry's is
the place for a really delightful bath
and swim this hot weather 3351
For Sale Sow and nine pigs. J.
A. Keegan. wwvwwwww.
Wanted Work by day or take wash
ing home Phone 485 blue. tf
A five room house and two lots for
sale at a bargain. Inquire at The
Herald office
Two setB of heavy work harness
Nearly new. Also one top buggy. P.
W. Hoy, G12 Missouri Ave. Phone
Sale 1 Sulky, weight 50 lbs;
made by Chas, Caffery; at Donovan &
Son's wagon shop. Owned by Fred
Countryman. 25-tf .
The C W. Way Co., Architects,
Hastings, Nebraska, will furnish jou
with plans and specifications for any
class of building you wish to erect.
Ask them for information. igtf
Buy your carbon paper and type
writer ribbons at the Heiald office. We
handle Carter's Ideal Hues of carbon
and ribbons and the Revilo brand of
ribbons. We quote city prices. All
goods guaranteed.
One thousand and one
icles for the home, cheap
at the
Bee Hive.
Wanted, a laundress at Hotel Tor
rington, Torrington, Wyo. Wages
Si. 00 per day and board. E. A. Bel
lingar, Prop 32tf
An immense stock of household art
icles, china and glass ware, fancy goods
and notions, ou which you.can save
money at the Bee Hive.
DR. BOWMAN: Office In Rumer
block. Hooiuu 12 and 13. Phones 65
and 16. 26;tt,
epjoo t&jt&xjiASJt8L.$ Ltfijtajfja
r ,. . E
Man and wife wanted
for work on ranch. Good
pay. Apply at Herald
LOST One bay horse about flva
years old. Has one white foot. Maae
a8d4ajl,.botb..clippeq Branded wkb
small anvil- on 'left shoulder, Went
southwest of Alliance about fifteen to
twenty-four miles. Reward of ten dol
lars will be paid upon return to owner
Miss Katie Gerald, phone Blue 485, at
Mrs. Koke's, South Alliance, 32-tf
School boys can earn watch, rifle,
etc., by working for us after school.
No canvassing. Send postal for par
ticulars. Burton Matson, 5481 Kim.
bark Ave,, Chicago, 111. 33xt
Will pay highest prices for second"
hand clothing. Shoes and boots bought
and sold. Mrs. Shankman. Location
formerly occupied by Dick Watkln's
Real Estate office on Box Butte Ave
nue, 33.4t
We call attention again to the
"plunge" at Judge Berry's as being tbe
finest place within reach of Alliance
people for a delightful swim there sum.
mer days. Accommodations for ladies
as well as for men. 335t
To All Concerned
You are hereby notified that as Ella
Boone, my wife, has left my bed and
board 1 will not be responsible for any
obligations incurred by her.
F, M, Boone,
Bingham, Nebr.
Fer Sals
One-balf interest in hardware busi
ness. Carries line of harness and has
best equipped tin shdp in western Ne
brubUu. Firm is doing- good business.
Reason for belling- is poor health. For
particulars address, iiard ware, care of
Alliance Herald. 32-tf
Stallion for Sale or Trade
Stallion for sale or trade for horses
or cattle. Good disposition, range
broke. Weight 1800, seven years old,
dapple gray. James Potmesil,
ii'tf Loug Lake, Nebr.
Spring Chickens fir Sale
Spring chickens for snle at 50 cents
each. J. J. Koke. Phone 485 blue. 32tf
Stolen from my pasture between
June 12th and 30th. Three yearling
heifers wirh uo brands on; two small
ones with red and white on faces and
feet and one large yearling with dark
red and white face and some white
under belly. Very wild. This stuff is
Hereford stock. Reward will be
paid for information leading to
tbejr recovery. I am on Section
14. towrlship 27, range 48. Clayton
Worley' 3o tf.
Judge Berry has his swimming pool
in better shape than ever before. A
new engine and a new heater were put
in this year, and everything is in "ship,
shape" for the accommodation of bis
customers, 33'$l
WiWW ilgri