The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, July 21, 1910, Image 7

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'MMMMHibL. A'aarfiinBSCttastwiw(MiiiMi uiMwHtiUmwiWWtg'"'
Per Month buys an "Exhibit Piano"
(c i yy
low lira Eik w jiiii
r Mr5 iiSpiP I JESSES -- - LJ!igg'!iM 1
MPRMM IT --W, if il f
iim.:arMii'ai v ... . . i v , i , " , vrr-.
iirti i mm
J month
See the pianos that brought exclamations of surprise and admiration from every
important piano dealer in America, during the Piano Dealers' Convention held
at Richmond, Va., during May of this year.
If you are EVER going to buy a PIANO
Buy it NOW --during our July SALE
"Exposition" Pianos SHOULD
command a PREMIUil, but
are REDUCED instead!
Many of the pianos included in this immense July Sale, were ex
hibited ot the National Piano Dealers' Association Convention at
Richmond, Va., on May last.
Every instrument exhibited there was specially made; specially
designed; specially carved and polished; equipped with special actions
and wrought from specially seasoned woods. The makers were rival
ing one another to exhibit the best the finest ever made.
Such instruments you may be assured, cost MORE and are
WORTH more than ordinary taken-from-stock pianos, but, in place
of charging more, we are going to sell them at HUGE discounts for
we purchased them that way from the makers. Chances like this come
SELDOM and Quantities are ALWAYS limited when they DO come.
Receive LARGEST allowance
ever made on your OLD
Pianos, Organs, etc,
Don't imagine you are getting enjoyment out of that old piano or
organ of yours, for you are NOT. Your chiidren growing up, are
worthy of BETTER instruments you NOW have a chance to supply
them with the world's best at comparatively trifling prices.
And we will take that OLD piano or organ in trade on one of
these newer "exhibit" pianos we will, during this special July Sale,
allow you the LARGEST amount a dealer has EVER offered you on
the instruments you turn in as part payment.
And the terms will be adjusted to your needs.
Have-a,Jjeart to heart talk with our two special district represen
tatives; see Mrs. Wiker, our resident manager; you never have, never
will have, a better "piano chance."
rlessrs. C. C. Knapton and J. D. Morton, Special District Sales Hanagers for the chain of Bennett Co. Piano
Houses, will lend assistance during this July selling of Pianos--a gala sales event that will overtop anything of
the kind ever offered in Alliance. Mrs. Wiker, our resident manager, advises immediate action upon your
part, if you are considering the purchase of a Piano.
The Bennett Co., Alliance
Spring Wagons for Sale
We now have Five New Hand-Made Spring Wagons ready
for delivery. They are better made, more durable and will
give much better satisfaction than machine-made spring
wagons. We will sell these wagons at reasonable price.
If you want one of them, call immediately, before they are
all taken. Shop opposite Palace Livery Barn.
Donoein & Son
llkrtfurd Fiiu Insurance Gotnpany.
North Ainf rlcnn of Philadelphia.
I'noenlx of Hlooklyn. New York.
Continental of New York City.
Niagara KJre Insurance Company.
uonnectiuuu nre
Liverpool. London and Globe Ins. Co.
German American Ins. Co., New York.
New Hampshire
Columbia Fire Insurance Company.
Philadelphia Underwriters.
Phoenix Inn ,.. Hartford, ('onn
Commercial Union Assurance Co., London Ftrenians Fund Insurance Co,
Uermaiuu tiro ins. vo iiocuesteruerniun ins. to.
State of Omaha Office ro'Stairf,.FIetchcr Illock.
of ail descriptions
for any part of a
house or barn.
Phono 22
on in
uocr oitoai 10.
0. Waters, Mgr.
Edith M. Swan
and Musical History
Studio 424 Laramie Avenue
T-" h o n n 12 Ci O
YV0T6 6fc
Practical Blacksmithing and Wagon
Work. Horseshoeing a Specialty
Shop en Dakota St, between Bex Butte ant
Lmmie Avenues, Alliance, Neb.
PnOdf IIU 1420-24 LMVOlKCt PtNVtB COIO.
Notice cf Filing Final Account
In County Court of Ilox Ilutto county No
bruslui. Ill the matter of the estate of Morris Kel
Iokk IVoasod;
To nil persons Interested in the estate of
Morris KoIIokk Deceased;
Yon will tako notice that on tlift IS day of
July 1010, A.S. Heed. Administrator of the
estate of Morris KelloRt; tiled tn said court his
tinnl account us administrator of said estate,
and that said account will he for liearlnK oc
tlm30th day of .Inly, 1PI0 at 10 o'clock u. m at
the County Court room in the city or Alliance,
In said county; and you are required to ap
pear at thetlme and place uliove named and
t-how cause If any there he, why said account
should not he allowed.
It Is ordered that said MdmiiiUtrator Rive
notice of tho time mid place of said hearing.
to all persons Interested lu said extute by
causing this order to be published in the A I II
aucolleiald u newsraper printed and'clr
culatliiK In said oouuty, for three consecutive
weeks prior to said hearing.
L. A. llEitnv. County ,ludj:o.
Dated July 1L' l'jl0-3wk.
In Count r Court: within and for Ilex Untie
county, .Nebraska, Junes. 1P10, In the matter
oi uie esiato or .cme i. layioroeceastu.
To the creditors of said estate: You are
hereby notified, That 1 will sit at the County
Court Kooro In Alliance In said County, on
the'.Tth day of December, 1810, at one o'clrck
p. ni in receive and ixamlne all claims
against suld Estate, with a vieiv to their ad
justiumt and allowance. The time limited for
the presentation of claims ucalnst said Kstate
Is six months, from the 27 day if June A, I),
1W10 and the time limited for paymentof debts
Is One Year from said Lrth day of June. lUio.
Witness my hand and the Seal of raid County
Court this 7 day or June 1010.
, it)w L. A. lUititY, County Judua.
In the County Court of Ilox Ilutte County,
In the matter of the ) ni. f. i....i....
estate of Samuel A. f fft 'V' J',,'??r,l"J on
hmtth, deceastxl. J uul account.
How on thin ssuh duy of June, loio, cumo
Faruh A Smith, execntrtx of said estate, ami
prays for leave to render acconnt as such
i-xvi'utrlx. It is therefore ordered tint tho
S-'nti day of July, 1110. at ten o'clock a. ru., ul
my olllce lu Alliance, lu said county ho fixed
u the time and place ror examining and al
i !ilug sach .iivotiut. And the heirs of suld
1 1 -eased, uud all persons interested In suld
istalt , are reulrbd to Hppear at the time and
p'u eso designated and show cause. If sui'h
i x st, win said uci-ouiit should nut lw allowed
It is furthtr ordered that said Harah A Smith
txt. jtrlx give notice Ui all persons interested
.u said estate by causing u Copy or trds order
t ) ' published in the Alliance Herald, u mAa
pat r- publishe.1 aud In general etrculuthm in ( ouuty. three sucuowrlve weoWs. uriof to
the day set for kaid huuriug.
jiuiea Juue 3D, 110. I A. IIuhiiy. County Judge.
July 7-iw
To rrrdrlck A . Gray, nou resident defend
ant -
Ynu are lierehy notified that on the 1st., day
of December liKl'J, Eiltm I' Gray (lied a peti
tion against you In the District Court or Uox
Hulte County, Nebraska, the object unci
prayer of which Ik to obtain a divorce from
you on the grounds of extreme cruelty, on the
part of said defeuduul towards said piiuutltT,
without just cause, and that suld defendant
Is an habitual diunkaid. On May I7tli.. Ill 10.
plaintia secured an order from, said Court,
directing pervice by publication.
You are rrqulred to answer said petition on
or before Monday, the 2.'nd., day of August
11H0. KlA 1. Gicav.
31-4W I'lnlntlff.
Contest Notice
Serial .No. Oi Contest No 7Kil.
Alliance. Neliraska, July 7. M0
A sulliclcut I'oiiteat iilhuiHit huviug been
lilt (I In this u i ce by Maggie Deersou. coli
tesUmt agulust homostfnd Kntry No. 10540
serial No UMtrj made I)-c. 11, liv for t W ti-1
M. Si: U. SV '. W '4 HV ! Sw 27.KK t,. Ai; 4
bV M OJ Sec. K N ", NKMM 33. N M N W
of Hee. 'M, ToHiihipS4 N . KiiiJKotf AV.,of the
Otli 1. Meridian, by Henry C Ilolluw.iy, C-n.
testee, in which it Is alleged that tho said
Henry C. Uollowuy In. never resided ou tho
said land and that he lias ubatulnued thesutne
since date of entry. Mild pat ilex are hereby
untitled to appear, resoi d. nun oiler evidence
touching srflo ullegatifi) at 10 o'clock u in ou
Augi.stlM. llifo, before the ileglster and lie
ceh or ot the I tilted btules Land Ufflco ut
Alliance. Nebraska
Trio s'ald coute-tant having, in a proper
utrutuvjt tfltd July t, 101'J. set forth facts
which show that after duo diligence personal
service of thtsnollcocun not he made, It Is
hereby ordered and directed that such notice
tie given by due and proper nubllcutlon.
Kecord inlilres of enlryinun Alliuncy,
81-6w W V. Wt)OP Ileglster
Thace Madks
CopyniGHT3 &.c.
Anyone lending nskeltli nmldCiicripMnnniay
nillLMII.'lltlll. I 4111
I Int. IIAIIUuOOXoiil'uteiiu
(inlcklr atrertaiu our opinion Ire
Uitoiiiioii tirounniy pnii'iiiiixiii.
i kleat om
:ukcn thriiUL'li Alunil Sl
tvtrul notice, without cliaruo, lu the
ulhcr un
Hunt frcu. (
I'aleut tuKen
eat oiroiivv fursci urniir uulents.
uiriiuvii iuiiii eo. nivive
Scientific Hsnencatu
A hsndiomcly lllnstratoil nceklr.
I'liiaiiun in nay nieuuno journal.
ioiu i
Ijircest elr-
Terms. 13 a
by all newsilenlttr.
rain four months, f L tioi
MIINN&Co.88-8"--!' New York
j-raucn umco, na v eu wainiuuton, it. u.
Millions Spent on Frauds
Oxer fi-, 000,000 annually is poured in
to the coders ot those who explolte and ad
vertiBe fake consumption cures, according
to a statement issued today by the Nation
al Association fof the Study and Preven
tion of Tuberculosis; and for this vast sum
the victims receive nothing in return, but
nre often permanently injured and in tho
majority of cases cheated out of the chance
for n real cure. Worse still, most of this
money is paid by those who can least af
ford it.
The National Association has investigat
ed several hundred so-called "cures" and
"treatments" for tuberculosis now being
advertised throughout the country, and
finds that more than $3,000,000 a year is
being spent In soliciting the patronage of
the public, On examination, it has been
found that the great majority of these
"cures"' contain harmful and habit-forming
drugs, such as morphine, opium and
chloroform. None of them will euro con
sumption. The only cure for this disease
that has ever been discovered is the com
bination of fresh air, rest and wholesome
food. All of the "cures" that attempt to
destroy the tuberclo bacillus without these
or to stop the progress of the desease in
some mysterious way are branded as
frauds and impositions.
No drug, gas or other material has
been discovered, which, when eaten,
haled or injected into the body, will
the germs of tuberculosis. Fresh
which contains more oxygen than
suostnnce Known, will destroy the germs
of tuberculosis, if it is breathed continu
ously for a long enough period, and if rest
and wholesome food are employed at the
same time to build up the body.
It might not be amiss to add to the
above that while many local papers give
cut rates to secure advertising from these
fake cure concerns, none of their adver
tisements find their way into the columns
of The Herald. We lose some revenue
by not taking them, but we prefer to stand
the loss rather than advertise the frauds.
Summer Fallowing
Some time since we received from
F. J. Alway, eff tho Nebraska agricul
tural cxperitnentstation at Lincoln, a
request for help in securing the names
of all the farmers in Box Butte county
who ore practicing "8urnmerfallowiuE.,,
Will readers of The Herald who know
of any farmers in this or adjoining
countieB who are doing so please sent!
their names to us or to F. J. Alway,
College of Agriculture, Lincoln. Nebr.
Following is irom Mr. Alway's letter to
I am anxious to learn the names of all
the farmers in Box Butte county who are
practising "clean summer fallowing",
"summer tillage" or "summer culture"
for the conservation of moisture. The
three terms all mean the same. I wish
to get into communication with every
farmer in western Nebraska who is mak
ing use of clean summer fallowing, which
is the most important practice in connect
on with the so-called "dry farming"
methods, of which so much is being
written at the present time.
Butte Chautauqua
Crnwlord, Nebraska, Aug. 5, 6, ft 8,
9 and 10. Butte Chautauqua offers
just the vacation for a busy njan.
Don't spend time and money in taking
a long trip during Hot Old AugUBtv to
stay a day or two at some great slim
mer resort and then get back home
more fogged then when you left. Come
to Crawford and camp with Butte
Chautauqua. There nre good reasons
why you should do this. In the first
place, you owe yourself some sort of a
vacation, no man can long remain at
his best, who does not take at leaBt
one week in the fifty two off. Iu the
second place. Butte Chautaugua
Association has provided a SIX DAYS
PROGRAM which will help a mau live
this week better than he could possibly
put in the time anywhere else,
There is nn abundance of shade in
Crawford City Park, the crystal waters
of White river flow on forever.
Then Somebody is to be there, for
instance, The Webber Male Quartette
of Boston, Edmund Vance Cooke of
ClevelandOhio, the "Nineteen Hun
dred and Now" poet.
Montaville Flowers, of Monrovia,
California, who is known as "Master
of the Platform." presents "Ben Hur."
Alton PackarJ, a famous American
cartoonist and entertainer, you will
want to hear him in "Funnv People."
Bill Boss one of the best humorous
lecturers in the world or alive.
Edith Charllon Salisbury, in Do
mestic Science lectures, tells you what
to cat and how to prepare it, shows
you how you can live high on 15c per
Chndron Concert Bnnd, you know
the boys, the v tlwavB make good.
G CHORUS of Crawford Voices and
other voices under the direction of
Mrs. Roy Hamilton. Watch for the
Get a Reason Ticket, the ticket ad
mitting you to everything on the whole
six days course will only cost S3. 00
Engage a tent. You can have a nice
family tent for tue whole season for
only 52.50 or for 50 cents a day. Re
member 510 INCLUSIVE.
Talk about it, write about it, ask
questions. Bother the Committees all
you please.
Crawford, Nebr.
The Herald office acknowledged re.
ceipt of an interesting hook of seventy-
two pages entitled, Chicago, Its
Natural Advantages as an Inrlimrrini
and Commercial Center and Market."
This was delivered to us with the com
pliments of the Burlingtou Railroad.
Its different chapters take up the fol
fowing subjects; Chicago: Its Loca
tion and growth, Its Climate and
Health, As a Central Market, ItsTrans
portation Facilities, Its Supply of Raw
Materials, It? Labor Supply, Its Wage
Earners and Their Wages, Its Busi
ness Conditions, Its Internal Trans
portation, As a City of Homes, Its
Mural and Educational Utilities, and
Eoouomioal Living, The Plan for a
New City.