The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, June 23, 1910, Image 3

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Do You Care for Expenses;?
Most people do. You can reduce them if you will study our prices. Nothing
special, regular prices given here. No discount.
' ;
4l . '
. Per Doz.
Wisconsin Sweet Wrinkled Peas $1.10
Maryland's First Quality String Beans
Sweet Kernel Corn. .............'.... i.oo
Libby's Pork and Beans in No. i, cans.. , .... i.oo
Libby's Pork and Beans in No. 2 cans.'. .".' . 1.50
Better-Than-Gold Sauer Kraut...'. .y.V 1.25
Tomatoes in No. 2 cans , is. 1.00
Pumpkin in No. 3 cans . . . ...... ..:,.;..... .-... . 1.25
Hominy in No. 3 cans....'. .............. 1.20
f . ' ' i
Sweet Potatoes in No. 3 cans .'-. .,. ff 1.80
Canned Fruit
Per Doz.
Apricots in ix,i cans 1.80
Peaches in 2j cans (Halves) 20c grade 1.75
We are not
Alliance Grocery
Paul Seward was in Uope Friday.
Geo. Evans is planting' corn for Geo.
Miss Ettie Willson
is nursing' iu
Wilfred Cogar- wus at the Hope I.
0. Tuesday.
Johnnie Crismond visited Thursday
with Bert Horn.
Ira Butcher is helping Mr. Nicola
with his farming
Ralph Mooreheail spent Friday with
W. T. Farnesworth.
Mrs. Nan Burns visited Thursday
with Mrs. Crismond.
W. (J. Crismond is working on the
ditch for J. l McAllister,
Abe Smith's pet pony and colt was
struck by lightning Wednesday.
Boston Meek stayed over Sunday
with hi parents in Sioux county.
Misses Sadie Horn and Annetta Cris
mond were iu Minatare Thursday.
Mr. Fulton of Hebron. Nebr., visited
with his aunt, Mrs. Burns, over Sun
day. Mr. Nicola had a little mule cut in
the wire and before anyone could get
to it, it bled to death.
Leroy Nicola, who has been attend
ing scliool In College View, has re
turned home for the summer.
Mrs. Tyler, Mrs. Karr and family
of Doniphan, Nebr.. are visiting friends
und relatives in this vicinity.
There Is talk of having a Fourth of
.July picnic at the Hope school house.
We hope It will get farther than talk,
Mrs. A. D'. May aud daughter Jane
have returned from u six weeks visit
with relatives aud friends m eastern
Henry Hiei finished dipping last
Miss Gladys Hier is breaking a colt
to ride this week.
Heuluh Smith of Alliance returned
home lust Mouduv.
Bennie Keeler returned home to Alli
ance on 43 Tuesday.
Mrs. Lelstritz and children visited at
the Hiers'last Sunday.
V. G, Wambaugh has three men
shearing sheep for him.
A dance was given at the Murphy
home lust Tuesday jiight.
Henry Hler and one of his men dug
out llvt) young coyotes Wednesday.
Sam Mishler returned to Alliance
from Edgeinout to be at the bedside of
his wife,
mk m :ist rtnie. and children visited
, X atO. E, MuiniUs last ai.maay ine
'. V fo enter are muking preparations to
atO. E. MuFalls last Monday The
Fancy Prunes in to
I Fancy Prunes in 25
Loose Muscatel Raisins, 10 lb. box '. . ."ivi','.7
Fancy Evaporated
Fancy Evaporated
Fancy Evaporated
overstocked on anything.
always fresh
move to Seattle, Washington, in the
.near future. They having already dis
posed of their land and cattle.
Mrs. Elmer McFall and sons spent
the past week at ScottsbltinT visiting
relatives and friends.
Quite a nuuber from this vicinity are
going to take in the show at Alliance
on the 23rd, if it don't rain.
The dance at Boyers was pretty well
attended, there being some twenty odd
couples present and all report a splen
did time.
Mrs. J. C. Berry left early Friday
morning on 42 to be at the bedside of
her daughter, Mrs. Nellie Moultou,
whose home is at Anselmo, Nebraska.
Some emigrants passed through here
last Wednesday bound for Alliance.
They were looking for land but vacant
laud is very scarce in these parts now.
There was a ltttle surprise party at
C. E. McFalls last Tuesday night, given
in honor of Mrs. Mastrude and child
ren who start for Washington Wednes
day, where they Will make their home.
Things are looking pretty dry in this
vicinity and if we don't get some rain
soon there will not be many spuds
raised around here. The sand has cut
about all of the gardens off.
Quite a shower of rain and hail
passed over here last Thursday. It
rained very hard for u few minutes but
didn't keep it up long enough to do any
good, but the hail did no damage what
ever. Mrs. Grace Mishler, sister of Mrs. H.
Hier, arrived iu Alliance from Denver
lust Sunday. Monday she was taken
suddenly HI and Dr. Itowiuuu was
called. She Is very much improved at
this writing.
Ho, hot, did you ever see such hot
Dora Coker is vihltiutr her mint. Mr
O. E. ilagaman for a week. ,
Fred Robblns and family visited ut I
the home of Mr. Mills Sunday.
Kalph Worley and wife took dinner
at the home of G. G. Clark Sunday,
Lizzie Coker is spending a few duys
visiting with the family of W. S. Coker.
Lysle Coker spent Sunday at the
home of Mr. Butts and reports a good
Monday afternoon Oyma Hagaman
and .losie Carey visited Eldon und
Helen Coker. ,
Auntie Mniieyund Miss Bonnie Hag
aman are visiting at Bayard and other
river towns this week.
Mrs. J. C. Hawkins and Mrs. W. S.
Colter were callers at the home of Mrs.
Clark Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. Nettie Westley and littlcdaugh
ter Thelma are iu Alltanoe for a week
attending the udventlst camp meeting.
J. C. Wright and family und Clarenue
Huwkinstiad wife were guests ut tlje
hospital homo of Harry Duiutou Sun-
Ralph W' or ley lias changed
Per Doz,
Peaches in 2H cans (Sliced) 25c grade...... ...2.45
Plums (Green Gage or Egg) 20c grade. . v 1.S0
Blockberries in No. 2 cans .... , 125
a ' 'r "'
Red Pitted Cherries in syrup '. V ..'."! i ii'J 2.25
Raspberries in syrup ......... 2.35
Strawberries in syrup 235
lb. box.. . . 1
lb. box....
, .. 2.20
- . ft t, ,
Peaches, 10 lb. box. . . .'.';i!.; ;' 1.20
Peaches, 2s lb. box 2.90
Apricots, 10 lb. box 1.65
cupatiou from farmer to telephone
man and was around Sunday repairing
the line.
Bassel Undirwood returned home
Sunday from Gilette, Wyoming, where
she had been visiting her sister, Mrs
Nettie Barton.
Mr. Allen and Mr Jolley drove out
to the home of W. S. Coker Monday
afternoon to attend to a young mare
that had been badly cut on the wire
Mr. Jollev thinks he can save the mare
all right although she is iu pretty bad
Tramps are quite plentiful with their (
pleasant uo-worK story.
Roy Denton and Arthur Hubble went
fishing one day this week.
Everyone is rejoicing over the tine
rainswe had the last few days.
Mrs. Mathews is e.fpectsd this week
from Omaha for a short stay with her
Arthur Hubble returned yesterday
from a visit with his sister. Mrs. Lily
Ashford, near Freeport.
Mr. Boyer and wife with other com
pany made short 1-ulls ut Arthur Lore's
and Geo. Denton's Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Lore and daugh
ter, Anmabele, visited with old friends
and neighbors near Alliance Inst week.
The Banner Crockery
Is llere-ln tke Banner Store
We don't let our energies "flag,"
either, to keep up our reputation for
selling the best Crockery of all kinds at
the lowest prices. We have full Din
ner, Tea and Breakfast Sets, or odd
HIatters, Plates, Cups, Saucers. Bowls,
Tureens, Pitchers, Tumblers, Basins,
Goblets, etc., and all are' of the finest
appearance and most durable quality,
but we do not exact fancy prices.
Here every day is a veritable'bargain
The Fair Store
' W.J. Hamilton, Prop.
40 J lib Butte Ave. -
Canned Fish and
Cove Oysters in No. t cans
Cove Oysters in No. 2 cans !..
Pink Salmon in tall cans...
Mustard Sardines, 2 for 25c grade
Dried Beef in No. X tins.. ,
Roast Beef in No. 1 tins....
Pickles in Mason quart fruit jars, sweet, sweet mixed, sour
and sour mixed 30c each, $3,00 per doz.
Sour Pickles, per gal 35c
Pure Fruit Jelly in No. 8 tumblers, 20c each.... (2. 00 per doz.
Imitation Jelly in large ice tea tumblers, 15c each, St. 25 doz.
White Cross Olive Oil in 2t oz. tins....... 80c each
Vanilla or Lemon Flavoring Extracts in quart bottles
$1.25 each, pint bottles 65c each
Cocoa Hard-water Toilet Soap, 50c per doz, or box. of
3 doz for $1.25
Buying more goods every
and up-to-date..
Order of Hearing; on Orifinil Probttt of Will
Statu of Niura!lu, (..,.
Hox Uuttefounty. M
At 11 County I'mtrt. held at tlie County
Court. Itoom, In and for ulU County. June 8th
A. I). 1010.
Present, I.. A. Herry, County Juilxe.
In the matter of the entitle of ellle K. Tay
lor decern,-(1,
On reading and fllliiif the petition of I). V,.
Taylor, nrayiiiL' tlmt the. lnHfuinent, filed 011
the Hth day of June. IPio, unit puruorttiutto I
the. lust Will und Testament of the said de-.
censed, tuny be proved, approved, probated
allowed, und recorded us the hint. Will and
Testament of the said Nellie K. Taylor, de
ceuacd. and that the execution of said Instru
ment may be committed and the udmlulstrii
tlou of said eittatu may he Kranted to I). C.
Taylor, us Executor. ,
Ordered, That Juno :.7th A. I). II'IO, at 10
o'clock A, M., I UBslKiied for hearli'K aid
petition, when all nersoiik Interested In Mild
mutter may appear ut u Couuiy Court to be
held In mid Tor said County, and show cans
why the prayer of petitioner should not be
uritnted! und that notice of ihii nendunev of
said petition and the hearing thereof be (riven
to an persons tnieresteu in saia mutter ani
KjbllsfiliiKa copy of this order Iu the Alliance
erald a weekly newspaper printed In said
County, for three aurcMnlve weeks, prior to
said day of hearing.
(A true copy )
L. A. ItEltltY. County Judge.
To Joseph I'rankand Jas. Kennedy.
You are hereby notified that I. the under
blued, did on the 3rd day of November A, L).
UHM. purehUHe ut tux Hitleof the treasurer of
Itux Itutto County. NehrusUu. the following
described lund-iol situated in Hox Uutte
County. Nebraska. To-wlt:
The Northwest nuarter(U) or Section thir
teen (IS) Township twenty six ()) uud Range
fifty two (5?) for the tuxe of the years lSXXJimd
lWi.and 1 huve since, nnd after the same be
came Delinquent, paid u suusequeut tux, the
tales for the yewrs VOH und liOii:
That said luud-lot was tuxed for tho yours
of UKX) und H07 In the mime of Joseph 1-ruuk
uud for the years or ll08 und 1109 In the name
of Jus. Kennedy and you are, further untitled
that after tho expiration pt three months,
fronrtbe date of the service of this notice. I
will apply to sjiIiI treasurer for 11 lux deed of
said ianu-lot.
Von will govern yourself accordingly.
Dated this llh day of June A. It. 1110.
fp Juno 93t A. O. Itiiu-E.
Inthe District Court Hox itutto county,
In the mutter of the uppllcatloii of II. I
Oilmun. guardian of the person und estate of
W. Marie Hull, KdithU. (lull, Helen C. Hall,
. ttpeolul May 17. IP10 Term
The cause ciimo 011 for hearing uimjii the
xlltlon of II. V. Ulluiun, Kunrdlun of the .es
tate of W. Marie Hull. Kdltli U. Hall und
Helen C. Hall, minors, praying tor llceiiso to
sell their Interest In northwest qnurter sec-th-n
IU township 25 north Hnngu 49 west In
Hox Hutte County Nebraska, or u suttlcleut
amount of thesame for the education inuin
tenunce und support of said minors, und itup
ix.'urlng from suld ietitlon that said etnteof
said minors, I un undivided interest In suld
lands uud unluiorovwt wild nralilu land, aud
110 Ineomo Is ohlalned therefrom. It Is there
for ordered tbut all persons interested in suld
eduteatmear beforo mo nt cliniiiUtr ut niv
orllce in ltushvllle. Bhorlduu County. No
brasku. on the 18th day of June. JPlO.ito show
Csiise why a license should not bo grunted to
said 11. V. Oilman to sell said real estate ut
guiwdlunsHtnc for the purposes mentioned,
and that u copy of tills order be published for
three successive WHeksiu the Alliance Herald,
it weekly newspaper published at Alliance.
Dated this 17th day of May. IPlO.
. If. WtsT0vr.11.
f May IP- II J udge of the District Court-
Plumbing and Fitting
(All work guaranteed first-class
. Per Doz.
..1. ... . 1,50
Rico, Jap type, whole grain 6c per lb., $5.00 cwU
No. 10 Can (called gallons) Tomato Catsup... . 55c each
r. ,..
aoaa iracxers in 10 id.
Oyster Crackers in about
Pure Cider Vinegar.
Corn Syrup..... .,
Sal Soda
.. ..'...
3 lb. can Calumet Baking Powder..., .. ....,90c
- 11. o' n . j- r
5 iu, cao u. 1 . uri. v.,
Large packages Kolled
.. .. ..
io lb. pail Jelly
alb, pall Lake Herring
Holland Herring (full
We have the best 20c Coffee in the northwest. Stilt a better
qno for 25c, " '
There Tea on the market that will equal our 60c grade. '
Will make you to for $5.50.
k . June 16th to July 7th
M I have just received a large assortment of p
1 '!
3$ Come down to tnv placn of business and I will show j?
vk you my cheap line of Oxfords', ox bloods, tans, OB
& etc. They are cheap for the money and they
have got the wearing- qualities, are guaranteed
4 and 1 stand back of the .guarantee., These shoes
are the cheapest and best for the money in this
town. If you want to save money on shoes
come in and see my stock.
Special Sale on
! Dry Goods and Clothing
f,J.ust received, a. fine line of FELT and STRAW
I HATS-fof'Men and Boys. These hats are
I bargains at the priors asked
115 Box liutte Avenue
One-half block north of Burlington station,
on east side of street
Estimates on Cement Sidewalks, Hollow Blocks,
Foundations and Cement Work of all kinds
Phone 551
ooxea.. ......... . ....ajc each .
.. .'
20 lb, boxes. . . , ..',. . .', . .,7c per lb1
1 .t "
35c per gal.,, 5 gal. for it. 50
50c per pall, case of 6 pails for $2.70 i
. . ;
..0 lbs, for 25c
n-l.l r J
uaiung 1 owuer. ....... , 70c
Oats, 23c grade ..$2.60 per doz-
(usually sold for white fish).,. ,.,..950 r
white hooped kegs), ... . ." .$1.20
Cement Contractor
716 W. Dakota St.