The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, February 17, 1910, Image 7

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Grocery an d M eat M ark et
Groceries, Fresh and Cured
Meats, Fruits, Vegetables,
Nuts, Candies, and every
thing else good to eat
Phone 50
N. W. Cor. Box Butte Ave.
and Montana St.
February Bulletin
of Special Rates
Winter Tourist Rates! Daily through February and March to all Southern.
Gulf, Cuban and California resorts.
Very Cheap One Way Rates to Puget Sound
and Pacific Coast
to Seattle, Portland, Spokane, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other far western des
tinations. Tickets sold from March ist to April 15th.
Through Service- These tickets honored in chair cars and tourist sleepers; daily
through tourist sleepers via Northern Pacific Express, daily through tourist sleepers
via Great Northern Express, through upper Northwest: daily through tourist sleepers
to California, via Denver, scenic Colorado, Salt Lake City, and Southern Pacific.
Get in touch witfi me, and let me give you descriptive literature, arrange for your
berths and assist you in every way.
Good Things to Eat
1 19 1 Uescns 1 19 ;
n tne corner west of P. 0. !!
we will receive by express a fine line of
pebsh: if1 :e3 tt i or
L. W. WAKELEY, G. P. A., Omaha
of all descriptions
for any part of a
house or barn.
Phone 22 D. Waters, Mgr.
Dierks Lumbci
Palace Livery Barn
H. P. COURSEY. Prop.
(Successor to C. C. Smith)
Good turnouts. Courteous treatment to all.
Give us a trial; we will treat you right.
. :
Our Educational Department
It affords us much pleasure to re
open nu Educational Department in
Tho Herald. This feature of the
paper was appreciated last yenf, and
we believe helped to give impetus to
interest in educational matters in Box
Butte and adjoining counties. Ac
knowledgement of valuable assistance
in conducting this department last
is due Ex-County Supt. Phillips.
This year we are better supplied
with office help for this work than we
were last year. Mrs. J. W. Thomas,
once a Nebraska school ma'am and
still interested in public school work,
will render valuable assistance. Miss
Delia Reed, the present county super
intendent, has promised data for the
department that will aid much in mak
ing it interesting and helpful. We
have reasons to expect the active Co
operation of a larger number of teach
ers and school officers than ever be
fore. Taking everything into consid
eration, we think we can safely prom
ise that this department of Tho Herald
will be superior to anything of the
kind heretofore appearing in a western
Nebraska newspaper.
County Superintendent's Visitations
Last week the county superintendent
visited the schools in Districts Nos. t,
45 and .
A very interesting program was given
by the pupils of Dist. No. 1, Feb. 11.
Miss McCoy's students have been doing
some splendid work in writing and wa
ter colors.
East Pond school is dojng good work
under the direction of Asbury Whit
aker. Pupils in Dist. No. 45 have been
very regular in attendance this school
year. Miss Burkholder has a fine li
brary to help her in keeping up inter
est in school work.
Reno Notes
(Too late for last week)
Mrs. H. Hier visited with Mrs. Lis
trit last Wednesday.
The Keno school celebrated Lin
coln's birthday with appropriate pieces
and songs.
The weather is fine again and the
hills are almost bare. The ranchmen
are ull looking happy once more in con
sequence thereof.
Miss Gladys Hier has been having
quite a time with blood poison on her
cheek, but we understand that she is
getting along nicely now.
Miss Manchie Berry was quite sick
last week. She was threatened with
appendicitis but is gettiug along nicely
and is able to be up again, we are glad
to say.
Mrs. Fauny Switzer accompanied
her sister, Mrs. Nellie Moulton to her
home in Ansehno last Saturday but re
turned home Monday on account of
J. C Berry received another car of
coal and one of corn. It all goes like
hot cakes. The ranchers always un
load it for him and there are always
some that get left.
Henry Hier made a trip to Alliance
Thursday with a team, the first time
he has been able to drive down on ac
count of the roads. He brought back
a load of oats, which he bought of
Chris Boness.
The stork visited at the home of L.
D. Blair, January 30th, and not only
left one babv but two, a boy atid a
girl. We understand that the twins
look like their papa and he is proud
and happy in consequence, especially
as this is tho first boy. They have
five girls and one boy now.
Cliiford Whitaker is one of us again,
The snow is about gone in this vi
cinity. Roy Hindman was a Mitchell visitor
last week,
Mr. Kelley and family called at the
Wood home Thursday.
Mesdames Katon and Hann called
on Mrs. Hiudman last Thursday.
A few of the young people have been
indulging in the delightful sport of
J. A. Wood, who has been working
for Mr. Alcott the past two months,
returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Phillips entertain
ed a number of their friends Friday
night. All enjoyed the dance and the
fine oyster supper.
County Eighth
Grade Examinations
As a number of teachers have writ,
ten the county superintendent asking
about the eighth grade examinations,
we give below an article from the pen
of Assistant State Supt. F. S. Perdue,
published in the February number of
The Nebraska Teacher. Definite in
formation as to dates, places of exam
inations, etc., will be given later.
Following is Mr. Pcrdue's article;
Under the workings of the frco high
school law the county eighth grade ex
aminations are state wide in applica
tion. A student holding a certificate
from the county superintendent is
legally entitled to enter any approved
high school in tho state. It is evident
that when tho examination is not prop
erly safeguarded, some students who
do not have the necessary preliminary
training to do effective high school
work may receive these certificates.
Where such is tho case, discourage
ment comes to the student in his at
tempt to carry the regular high school
work and he is cither forced to drop
out of school or to remain doing ineffi
cient work and repeating the same,
which places an unjust financial burden
on the home district which is paying
for free high school tuition.
With a view to gathering informa
tion for the purpose of establishing a
uniform system for these examinations,
a qucstionaire consisting of thirty-two
questions was sent to all outgoing and
incoming county superintendents on
December 17th, igog. Reports were
received from 10G superintendents
representing 88 counties, Seventeen
counties sent reports from both the in
coming and retiring superintendents,
The results of this questionaire would
show that in order to accommodate all
parts of the state there should be three
examinations, held in the months of
March, April and May; that these ex
aminations shall not be held at the
time of the regular teachers' examina
tions but upon some other date. The
reason for this being that few of tho
county superintendents have the neces
sary office force and facilities to ac
commodate both teachers and pupils
for the combined examination. The
date of the eighth grade examinations
shall be uniform throughout the state.
There shall be two days given for the
examinations, namely; Thursday and
Friday, the program to be as follows:
Thursday a.m , grammar, history;
Thursday p.m., orthography, physi
ology; Friday a.m., arithmetic, reading;
Friday p.m., mental arithmetic, writ
iug, geography, including agriculture.
The examination papers shall be
marked by the county superintendent
or by a committee appointed by him,
and under no circumstance shall the
papers be marked by the pupil's own
teacher. Twenty-four county superin
tendents report that the expenpes of
the eighth grade examination are paid
by the county, reporting sums ranging
from IF 10. 00 to $50.00 appropriated for
this purpose. One hundred and twelve
report that bills are allowed as needed.
Theieport shows that the average
passing grade should be 75 per cent.
with a minimum passing grade of C5
per cent. The examination shall be
held at the county seat and other cen
tral places in the county and not at
the various school houses whete there
may be candidates for (he eighth grade
diploma. In the larger counties, such
as Cherry, Holt, Custer, Lincoln and
Gage, it would seem advisable to ar
range Tor central examinations at con
venient points at home school houses.
These may be located for the conven
ience of the candidates for the eighth
grade examinations.
Several county superintendents re
commend that when examinations are
completed in the 7th grade, these
grades, which are passing grades, be
retained when the examination is com
pleied. It is the opinion of the ma
jority of the county superintendents
reporting that the eighth grade pupils
should have the same rights m retain
ing grades as are accoided to the teach
ers in the uniform state examination,
that is, that the grades he retained to
the credit of the pupil until he finishes
the examination, or so long as ho io
mains in school.
This report of the quostionaiie is
published at this time so that supeiin
tendents and teachers generally over
the state may have a knowledge of
what the superintendents of the state
think in these matters. It is suggested
that superintendents and others inter
ested, write in additional suggestions
that they may have in this matter to
the state superintendent so that he mav
have the fullest knowledge possible ol
all the conditions in the state before
making the final recommendations for
these examinations.
Teachers' Examination
The regular monthly examination of
candidates for teachers' certificates
will be held in the office of the county
superintendent on Friday and Satur
day, Feb. 18 and ig.
Tell U About It.
ThlB paper can give all the local
news only as our friends lend us their
co-operation. If anyone visits you, If
you contemplate leaving town, if you
Bee or hear or do anything out of the
ordinary day's routine, tell ub about
it, that we may tell the public.
lis Ui
Groceries and Provisions
A full line of fresh goods to order from
Our prices are right
Telephone orders filled promptly
Phone 55
S. W. Cor. Box Butte Ave. and Dakota St. ; one block
north'of Burlington station, on west side of street
Club Together
and Save Money
All brders amounting: to $ 1 5.00 for Mechanics'
Tools, accompanied by cash, we will
discount 10 per cent
Inspect each too before buying
!LTot one but what's guaranteed
i "Variety and assortment large
ISach tool marked in plain figures
Save time
GTell your friends
XfcWv&CA. Co.
Graduate Nurses in Attendance
HOSPITAL STAFF Dr. Bcllwood, Or. Bowman, Dr. Hand, Dr. Copsey
Open to All Reputable Physicians.
Address all communications to
Alliance, Nebraska.
KnjroiiH Hacker and MmI II. ltuekor, his
wlfo and U A. Merrltt, defendant, will tnkn
notice t lint ou tho lUthdayof Kobrimry, 1IJ10.
Lyeurgus K. McCarthy, pliilntlll hoiolii Med
III petition In tho District Uourt otlJnx llutto
County, Nebraska, bcuIuni wild defendant
tho object and prayer of which imitohavo
hitllHllcil and cancelled of rcem-d luortgiigu
In the sum or SMO. dated June ). iKSiliuiil
upon the Southeast Quarter of hecllon 27 In
township 25 north KangoW west In llox llutto
County, Nebraska, executed by hugeno Kuok
criinii IAtjIo II. Uuckor to I A Merrill mid
.w.ri.t iiwi iii iwiolr il nf iimrtunire ut nam) Sof
the Moitguges llfccirdiof mini County ;ioliio J
the tltlo 10 mimi promises quieted in mu plain
tiff, and to exeludo all. ami each and nuy onu
of mild defendant., from uny right, tltlo or In
terest therein us owners of wild property or
otherwise and for Hdecruuquicl lug and con
NrinliiK thu title to said ,reiulse lu Urn plain
Yon arc required to answer said petition on
or before tho Slst day of Muivlt, UMu.
Dated February 10. ll'l". ltl , ,
l.vttiHUUti !'. MO-'umiv, I'lalutiir.
u.4t llisnttoruc)
I'ulur N. SerlKHisek, Pantile Hvrliouvik his
wlfo. uud A. N Koliusti-r 4, n . (IWeiiUiilits,
will lake notire 'hat on tint lUtlulaj of ebru
aiy, llIO, Corn. May 'I'rlpl-tl pUliiiill herein,
lilts! her petition In the Dibii-k-i ourt of llox
llutto County. Nobi-auku, against win I m
f.ndaulsthu object ami pnuerof wbhli are
lohuti-Hiitibllwi and cuncflled of record u
certain mortgage of t510 S3 giv-ii uy rcier i
burbuueli uud l'"annio suriaiusck ios.nU A. .N I
ichusler A. Co upon IlierSouih ei Quiutcr!
(bVU of Section a. in uiwnsii.p . iiuriu
UumaHlMMM in llox Untie Couioj, .xbrsh
ku, (luted Aii si, IKlM, recorded lu llo .i. l..
''hko-IIO. Morttpino records of Mini lounly,
iimlloiiulotlho illltiof s.ihl iirvuilkus In the
platutltl. urn! to exclude all. and each and
any one of uld iluiundiiiitit. irotn any rlKlit.
tltlo or Intel est tlierwin as okui-o of siihl
pioporlj or otherwise and fur a decree so sat
isfylnt' and iwucollliiK wild iimriiftiife and
quiet Iuk said title
Vou uro inquired to answer wild iwtltliiti on
or hoioru the-JIst day or March, WlO.
H......I i..ii. in inirt-
Cimi MayTiui'Mctt. I'lulntllT,
KlUalieth J. Uunner uud John Diinner her
husband: William Halo und Mrs. Hulo first
real nanio unknown. Uls wlf; George. E. Halo
and Nellie Halo hh wife; John 1'. Halo und
Allla Ilul hi wife j MhkkIb ItlttAr and I'harlea
Hitter her husband, heirs of fclijah
Ilule. deceased, defendants, will take
notice that on the 10th .lay of February. 1 0.
William A. Bprlnuer. plaintiff herelu, HM1 liU
petition In tho district court of Uox llutto
ounty Nedruska. uiralnsl mi d defendants,
tho object and prayer of which uro to quiet
tho tltlo In thj plulntltf t the Soul beast
Quarter KU of feeclloii 2S In tnwiiiililp 56
north ltunge 49 west in llox llutto County, Ne
braska, and to exclude all. and each and any
one of said defendants from uny right, title
or Interest therein us owner of said property
or otherwise und for u decree quieting; and
continuing tho tltlo to said premise lu the
P You are required to answer suld petition on
or before U..SIH $l&imttt.
Dated February 10. 1 10. "-H
too an s
Patronized by
careful and
disorim i nating
The one place in
town where you
can buy really
good chocolates
County Commissioners'
Estimate of Expenses
The Board of Uox Butte County
Commissioners being in session at their
regular meeting in January, to-wit,
January nth, iqio, made the following
estimate of expenses, for the year 1916,
on which to base their levy for the
year 19 10:
County officers S 5000.00
rrec t and Dist. oilicers 4500.00
Fuel 800.00
Books and stationery, looo.oo
Elections I300.00
Incidentals 1700.00
$14300.00 J
Road and bridge
fund $7000
Pauper fund.. I500
Institute fund. 200 $8700100
7-5t W C. Mounts, Co. Clerk.
JEi... . jTCiT