The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, February 03, 1910, Image 8

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To the lady receiving the largest number of votes from subscribers
to The Alliance Herald
The regular selling price of this piano is Three Hundred Dollars. It is a better instrument than many pianos that sell for $325
to $100. These pianos aro carried in stock by the Bennett Piano Company at their Alliance
store, where they may be inspected by interested persons.
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The Alliance Herald has purchased one of these magnificent pianos to be given as a present to the lady who receives the largest number ot votes
during the next few weeks from subscribers to the paper.
Our Plan ,
Commencing Friday, January 21, 1910, every
person paying on subscription to The Alliance
Herald during the time of this contest will be
ontitled to vote for the contestant of his or
her choice, at the rato of one hundred votes
for every dollar paid on subscription, whether
arrearage or on advance subscription. The
lady having the largest number of votes at
the close of the contest, or election, will re
ceive the $800 Bennett Piano, in either Ma
hogany, "Walnut or Oak case as she may pre
fer, delivered absolutely free to her residence
in Box Butte county, or if she does not re
resido in Box Butte county, it will bo deliv
ered at the freight depot in Alliance, proper
ly crated or boxed for shipment.
Any reader of The Herald may nominate a
lady acquaintance as a contestant. There is
no limit to the number of nominations that
may be made, but the right is reserved to
drop the name of any one nominated if she
receives no additional votes within a reason
able length of time after her nomination.
Grand List of Additional
In addition to the Magnificent Bennet Piano,
wo are preparing a large list of additional
presents, to be given to ladies who are con
testants but fail to receive the piano. A list
of these presents will be published soon.
Greatest Offer Ever Made in
Western Nebraska
We believe this is the greatest offer ever
made by any newspaper in Western Nebraska.
5,000 Free Votes
At the time of her nomination, every con
testant will receive i,000 votes free, in ad
dition to what may be given her on subscrip
tion paid. If any lady shall be nominated by
more than one person, she will receive the
5,000 free votes only on the first nomination.
Now is the Time to Nomi
nate and Vote
We expect this contest to continue only a few
weeks. Subscribers, and persons wishing to
become subscribers, who wish to make nom
inations or vote for persons nominated by
some one else, should act promptly, We re
serve the right to close nominations at any
time after Thursday, January 27th.
Number of Votes will be Published
Each week we will publish the number of
votes received by all contestants up to the
evening preceding publication day.
Herald Employes Barred
No member of the family of any person em
ployed in The Herald office will be permitted
to be a candidate for the Bennett Piano
which we are soon to give away to the lady
receiving the- largest -number of votes from
Mr. Hawkins is a new driver on the
express wagon.
Roadmaster Wilburn came in from
the east on No. 43 Tuesday.
Fireman Tom Burchell of the west
end local is taking a few days' rest.
Fireman J. B. Wiley drew his time
check Monday and left for his home in
eastern Iowa.
Engineer Lacy made a flying trip to
Marsland a few days ago to see about
his interests on he ranch.
Conductor Chas. Yockey has re.
signed from the service. He and his
wife are making a visit in Ogden
Mr. Cooley is a new express messen
ger on the Alliance-Deadwood run.
Mr. Cooley has been promoted from
the Dcadwood office.
Since the transfer of Express Mes
senger Baughman to the main line,
Messenger Aggers is now the oldest
messenger on the high Hue.
Engineer George Hicks returned
.from Ravenna Sunday morning. His
little son, Clyde, has been very sick
but was improving when Mr. Hicks
came away.
Express Messenger Baughman of the
high line is taking Myrt. Oldt's place
on the main line. Mr. Oldt has been
off two weeks on account of the serious
illness of his wife in Billings.
Friends in Alliance are very glad to
hear of the well deserved promotion of
C. D. Pecanpaugh. While in the office
here he made many friends and all
predict for him a glowing future.
W. B. Lankin. formerly of the ex
press office, returned Monday from a
visit with his parents in York, Nebr.
Mr. Lankin. has accepted the position
as night chef at the Nohe Cafe.
Brakeman John Leidtke has been
elected secretary of the Brotherhood of
Railway Trainmen. Mr. Leidtke is a
well educated young rnan and being
interested in the work, will make an
efficient officer.
It is tumored that Nos, 39-40 will
run through Alliance. This is to give
better service to the traveling salesmen
who are not allowed to ride on freight
trains. It will mean the promotion of
two freight conductors.
Express Mrstenger Dohner of the
Alliaqce-BiMings run asked for a thirty
days leavs of absence and has gone to
Beatrice, Nebr. It is reported from
good authority that he was looking for
a furnished house in Billings before his
Mrs. Frank Roberts, wife of Brake
man Roberts, has gone to Iowa for a
thirty days' visit.
I. U. Hagar, formerly passenger en
gineer, is very sick with appendicitis.
Mr. Hagar had a very severe attack
last fall. It is especially unfortunate
for him just now as he expected to re
turn to his work on the road.
A card received by parties in this
city from Traveling Engineer Dan
Fitzpatrick and family, who are visit
ing at Hot Springs, Ark., states that
they are enjoying their visit very much
and will leave for home next Sunday.
Mrs. G. S. Tillett is visiting at the
Tosh home.
Mrs. F. E. Holsten has been quite
ill with the grippe.
Mrs. Andrew Chalker was shopping
in our city Wednesday.
William Bauman has been confined
to his room this week.
Miss Wilma Wood returned from
Lincoln Tuesday morning.
Dr. Chas. Slagle maJe a thirty mile
drive out in the country Wednesday.
Mrs. Ray Dietlein returned to her
home in Crawford Sunday afternoon.
Miss Lila Cowan of Minatare visited
in Alliance Monday and Tuesday of
this week.
G. L. Shumway of Scottsbluff, was
in Alliance Saturday. From here he
went to Grand Island.
Don't fail to attend the Market Day
sale at the Palace Livery Barn, next
Saturday, commencing at 1 p.m.
The family of uhn Miller, living
about fifteen miles in the country, are
having a siege of measlesi
Harry Crilley was taken to Lincoln
last nijht where he will be confined in
the inebriate as luin for the next three
Miss Myrtle McLaughlin and Mrs.
John Hughes of Marsland were Alli
ance visitors Tuesday. Miss McLaugh
lin was on her way to Denver.
J. F. Martin, formerly of the Alli
ance Grocery Co., was in town Tues
day and Wednesday. Mr. Martin is
now living on a claim near Marsland,
and is feeding 'a bunch of tattle and
says he has paid five dollars per ton
for hay in the stack.
On Monday the little daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Morris underwent
an operation for appendicitis. She is
now resting as comfortable as could be
Eight Poland China sows to be sold
at the Market Day sale at the Palace
Livery Barn next Saturday. If you
are interested, see notice in this issue
of The Herald.
Miss Ruth Hagar is now the musi
cian at the Idle Hour theatre. Miss
Hagar's singing of the illustrated songs
is one of the most pleasing features of
the entertainment.
Harry Kelly of the clerical force of
the International Harvesting Co., of
Crawford, Nebr., came down on No.
36 Sunday morning. On Monday he
left for Chicago for a two weeks' vaca
tion. Lawrence Beck, who has been very
sick with typhoid fever, is slowly re
covering. He is tninking ot going
west for a visit with his friend, Oscar
Burroughs, when he iswell enough to
Prof. C. J. Ertel of Minatare passed
through Alliance Saturday. He has
been making a visit with his parents in
Geneva, Nebr., while the Minatare
schools were closeu on account ot a
smallpox scare.
Mr. Hall, who has charge of the
Paine Investment Co., at Scottsbluff,
passed through Alliance last Saturday.
He was on his way to Omaha on busi-
1 ness and will return by way of Lincoln,
1 where he will visit his family.
j Rev. Harris of Alliance, the new rec
tor, will conduct services at the Epis
copal church in Bridgeport on Sunday
,evening next, January 30, at 7:30.
Whether or not Mr. Harris will hold
regular services in Biidgeport hereafter
will be determined at that time.
Bridgeport News-Blade-
The Latin club was royally enter
tained Satur'day evening, Jan. 20, at
the home of Mabel Worley. Selections
from the nnthological opera, "Pros
erpina," were very delightfully given
and furnished a large share of the
evening's pleasure. The feature of the
meetings is a progressive Latin card
game, founded upon principal verb
forms. Finally a delicious three-course
luncheon was served, and the club
members departed after one of the
mpst enjoyable enteitaiumetits in the
hjetory of the Latin clab.
Additional Premiums
We have been so crowded with work the
past weak that it bas been impossible to
complete our list of additional premiums
in time for publication in this issue of The
Herald, but can mention the following:
3 Due Bills, Bennett Piano Co., $300 03
4 " " ' - 300.00
4 - 200.00
4 - 100.00
These Due Bills will be accepted the
same as cash, and are transferable.
Elevated to Deanery
Rev. Father McNamara recently re
ceived notification from the Bishopery
at Omaha of his appointment as dean
for this section. The many friends of
Father McNamara will be pleased of
the honor conferred on this worthy
churchman. Father McNamara's cool
judgment and excellent business quali
fications will stand him well in hand in
matters to be dealt with as dean. The
title of "Very Reverend" goes with the
appointment, but it's Father Mac just
the same. .
Miss Nolan Entertains
On Tuesday evening last about fifty
young people responded to invitations
sent by Miss Ethel Nolan to attend a
party complimentary to Miss O'Brien
of Stewart, Iowa, who has been visit
ing Niss Nolan. A delightful time is
always anticipated when Miss Nolan
entertains, and Tuesday night's affair
was one of the most pleasant ever giv
en in Alliance. Daucing occupied
most of the evening, aud a dainty
luncheon was servca at midnight. The
oung people will always look forward
with great pleasure to future visits of
Miss O'Brien, as they will open the
beautiful Nolan home to such splendid
events as that which happened on
Tuesday nipht
Tbc Georgia Jubilee Singers
In addition to the magnificent Bennett Piano and
a large list of other valuable presents offered in The
Herald's voting contest, we make the following special
offer: To the first lady who receives 8,000 votes, in
cluding the 5,000 nominating votes, a ten dollar due
bill on any store in Box Butte county that she may
choose. To the first lady to receive 10,000 votes, in
cluding the 5,000 nominating votes, a ten dollar due
bill on any store she may select in the county.
The lady receiving the first of these Special Premi
ums will not be eligible to receive the other; hence the
two due bills will go to two different ladies.
These two Special Premiums will not affect the
contest for the Piano and other Premiums, a list of which
will be published next week. The two ladies receiving
the two due bills can continue to contest for the other
Carter's Georgia Jubilee Sing
ers will appear at the Phelan
opera house Saturray evening of
this week, completing the Bap
tist licture and entertainment
course. These singers come
highly recommended, and we
doubt not that all who hear them
will be well repaid for their at-
tendence, f
Date, agio.
4 .
Name of Subscriber paying . . .V v . . . .V. . -l&t tt. .......
1 i
Amount paid on Subscription,!?'.'. .. .-,,.'., .?h..No. of Wotqs.
T ' .' 1 . X-
1 r
Oast for. , ". :
(Subscribers will please not write below) . r- J
Name of Contestant j
Date above Votes received: No. Votes previously Rec ....
-. ,19l0 " " above -
Hour .o'clock M. Total, including above
i.WT "- t
'"ap'wift wiiJwiwwrTja.WK-- a.