The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, January 27, 1910, Image 1

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Btnto Historical Soototy
The Alliance Herald.
Official Publication
of Box Butte county.
Largest Circulation
of any Newspaper in
Western Nebraska.
1 1-
DRAFTS issued by the First National Bank
are used for the same purposes that Post
Office and Express Money Orders are, and
are available for many other uses.
We recommend the use of DRAFTS when
traveling, when transferring money from
place to place and when sending money to
parties, at other places as they are cheaper,
much more convenient and absolutely safe.
DRAFTS can be carried in lieu of currency
and the owner is absolutely protected from
DRAFTS can be transferred from one person
to another as many times as desired, thus sav
ing many extra fees.
DRAFTS are available for use iri the UNITED
The fee charged for our DRAFTS is about
one-third less than the fee charged for Post
Office or Express Orders.
First National Bank
are all of the highest quality we
can get and are all examined crit
ically after wo receive them in
stock here before a single one is placed
on sale we do everv thing in our power
to be on thesafe side. A good thing
for you to remember.
Eyes Tested and Glasses Fitted.
Glaze Marble. Works
Chas. Glaze, Prop.
Hemingford, Nebr.
Note the following: By buying of us you
have no extra freight to pay. We buy
onr stock in car load lots and do the cut
ting in our yards at Hemingford.
You can examine your work before
accepting it.
We guarantee satisfaction
We always give
you the Most of
the Best for the
J. A. Berry, Mgr.
. 4. H'vv'!"WX":"X'
JSJilNINEUX dkv- 1 nmr
Office in Alliance National Bank Blk
Over Postoflice. A.
'Phone 391. "
TlwitNew England boiled dinner every
Tlmt; discount coupon book for busi
ness and railroad men
TIioko special parties which we handle
any hour of the day or night
Whether you want four or forty plates,
see us
Cafe Alliance
''Where You Get What You Order"
Weekly Market Report.
Beef Steers, S3. 50 to $4.25; hogs,
S7.25; dressed veal, 9c; chickens, 6 to
i2cper lb. according to quality; ducks,
10c; turkeys, 12c; country butter,
30c. Fresh eggs, 35c. Oats, per
cwt., S1.35; baled hay, per ton, $10;
alfalfa, 70c perbale;barIey,i.oo perc.
macaroni wheat, 70c per bushel; shell
ed corn, 55c per bushel.
For sale Good piano, cheap. Call
at once accounf of owner leaving town.
317 E. Dakota St. 7.11
For rent Two rooms on the ground,
unfurnished. Phone 638. Mrs. Geo.
For Rent Furnished room, modern.
Enquire at Herald office.
Do you know that wc are
the best equipped establish
ment to handle YOUR clean
ing and pressing ?
If not, step in and see
some of the work we turn out
actual samples of what you
will enjoy if you send your
clothing to be pressed and
cleaned to
Tbe Mesdames Lester Entertain
One of tho most elaborate enter
tainments ever given in Alliance were
tho two parties at the Lester home last
Thursday. The largo double parlors
and dining room wero decorated in cut
flowers 6iich as carnations, roses and
smilax. Mrs. F, V. Lester and Mrs.
Claude Lester were hostesses both
afternoon and evening
At one o'clock the guests, sixteen
ladies, were seated at the dining room
tabic, which was beautiful in the can
dle light with the sparkling cut glass,
china and flowers, A four course
lunch was served. Then followed a
very interesting guessing contest in
which Mrs. Vallow won first prize, a
hand painted cup and saucer. Mrs.
Mort. Johnson proudly received tho
consolation prize, a Japaneso cup and
In the ovening twenty-four of their
young lady friends played "500." Miss
Lowcry had the highest honors, her
prize being a dainty wedgewood vase.
Miss Fickle was equally pleased with
the booby prize, a silver bon bon dish.
After the cards a three course lunch
was served on the card tables. The
guests were each given a rose and a
carnation, but they will not need these
to help them remember such a very
pleasant occasion.
Temperance Rally
Rev. Mama S. Poulson, superintend
ent of the Nebraska State Anti-Saloon
League, will address the people of Al
liance and vicinity in the Phelan opera
house on Sunday evening, February
6th, at 8 p.m. There will bo special
music. Everybody invited. Admit
ance free. COME.
Camille Nohe Bids Farewell to Friends
It is a source of regret to the friends
of Camille Nohe that he has found it
necessary to leave Alliance for the
present in order that he may receive
necessary medical treatment, but they
are pleased that this will not deter him
from attending school at Colorado
Springs, where he has gone.
One last Friday evening the high
school faculty, the orchestra, and
basketball boys responded to invita
tions from their former pupil and
schoolmate to banquet at the Nohe
Prof. Williams was toastmaster of
the occasion and introduced the
speakers in a befitting manner. Beulab
Smith spoke in behalf of the orchestra,
speaking words of regret because of
the loss of their chief violinist. Fred
Carlson spoke on "How the basketball
boys will miss Camille," and Prof.
Hayes on "Camille's standing with the
faculty." Though not on the program,
Prof. Hanna responded to a solicitation
for a talk and voiced the sentiments of
the others in their regret at Camille's
departure and their well wishes for his
future success.
We trust he may ere long be per
mitted to return and fill his accustomed
place among us.
But It was Only "Tom."
It's not often that we print laughable
incidents about our neighbors, but
here's 0110 on Officers Huusaker and
Donovan that occurred last night we
cannot keep: A hurry call turned in
from one of our residents on Cheyenne
avenue told the police of burglars in
their basement. With a rush the
above officers responded, loaded for
bear. Donovan with six-shooter
cocked and primed, stood guard at the
entrance of the basement while his
brother minion of the law investigated
the dark recesses with a flash light
to locate the whereabouts of the mid
night visitor. A sudden call from
HuiiBaker told the hecret:
Donovan, it's nothing but a great big
torn cat."
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith returned
Moiiduy from their trip to central and
eastern Nebraska and report a fine time
011 the trip. They visited relatives at
Omaha and near Mason Citv, and also
stopped at Broken How. The sleigh
ride from Mason Citv to the ranch
where thuy visited was one qJ tho ver
enjoyable features of the nip.
attend school tho past week.
C Rev, I. E. Nolte is holding a scries
of meetings in Fairview church.
Don't forget that game of basketball'
at tho High School gymnasium to
morrow evening.
Miss Dorothy Hoag departed yester
day for a visit with her sister at Be
atricc, also with friends in Omaha,
Miss Bculah Smith is again ablo to
attend school, after an absence of sev
eral weeks on account of sickness,
Engineer F. A- Richcy and wife,
who have made their homo in Alliance
the past few mouths, lcavo this week
for Los Angeles.
W. E. Coleman and son and fifteen
other parties from the southwest part
of Sioux county were in Alliance last
week on land business connected with
a contest appeal,
Rev. J. M. Huston roports a very
successful evangelistic meeting at
Palmyra, where he is assisting tho
pastor. Ho expects to return to Alli
ance next week.
S. S, Missionary Bundy and Rev. A.
L. Godfrey have been engaged in re
vival meetings in the country, ten miles
mites from Angora- Mr. Bundy also
organized a new Sunday-school near
that neighborhood
Henry Hopkins will have a public
sale at his place, three miles north and
one-half mile east of Alliance, next
Thursday, commeuciug at xo o'clock
a. m.
tW. R- Drake, the real estate man,
returned Tuesday from a combined
business and pleasure trip to Iowa and
South Dakota. He reports a great
deal ot snow farther east, particularly
in the southeast part'of South Dakota.
W. M. Robinson of Omaha, general
manager for the Bennett Piano Co.,
accompanied by his wife, were Alliance
visitors the first of the week. Mrs.
Robinson expressed herself as being
much pleased with the country and
climate out here-
W, A. Prindle, district
manager of
the W. O. W
reports au initiation of
a class of six new members into the
Alliance lodge last night. There will
be a large number, probably about
twenty or twenty-five, initiated at the
next meeting, which will be February
9th. w.
Big Game of Basket Ball
What promises to be one of the best
games of basketball ever seen in Alliance
is to be played at the High School gym
nasium Friday night of this week, between
the Alliance and Gothenburg teams. Goth
enburg claims the championship of western
Nebraska, and Alliance has not ben beat
en since the present team was organized,
and that this game will be a battle royal is
assured, There should be a big attendance
of Alliance people, we doubt not there
will be.
The game will be called at 8 p. m. Ad
mission, 35 cents; season tickets, for re
maining four games, $1.00.
Alliance Birds Win Prizes.
Conductor B. II. Perry is
greatly pleased over the success
of his exhibit of Brown Leghorns
at the Colorado Championship
Poultry Show, besides winning
special Brown Leghorn Club rib
bon. He also won third premium
on pen and special ribbon for
best shaped female.
List of Premiums
We had intended to publish this week a
list of the other premiums besides the
piano, but have been so crowded with
work that we have not been able to pre
pare the list complete for publication. It
will be given in the next issue.
We will also begiu next week publish
ing a list of the contestants with the num
ber of votes received.
The following persons have been nom
inated as candidates during the past week:
Miss Attie Snow, Alliance: Miss Anna
Dainton, Alliance; Miss Alma Itosenberger,
Hemingford; Mrs Kraetner, Alliance.
I. 0. 0. F. Convention in Alliance
Largely through the efforts of F. II.
Pardey, the convention for 1910 of the
Northwest Nebraska and Southeast Wyo
ming association of I. O. O. P. lodges
has been secured for Alliance. This, we
believe, is the first time the annual con
vention has come this far east. It will be
lurid during the time of the county fair.
Express Messenger M. Oldt, who
came in from Hillings on No. 4.2 Sunday
morning, received a message on his ar
rival here that his wife was dangerous
ly siok in Billing. He doubled back
on Np. 41. Word has sincu been to
reived by friends hare Bating she was
not tt out ot danger
Lawrence Beck has been too ill
An unusual offering in -10 and 42 inch
Striped and Checked Wool Suiting,
former prices $1.25 and $1.50, arc now on sale at
Everything that is new and good is offered in
Dress Goods. Particularly can everything In
short lengths bo had at slaughtered prices.
Services morning and evening as
usual, Rev. Ewald Otto preaching.
Song scrvico in the evening.
Simdnv. school at 10 a.m. Preachinc
at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. by tho pas
tor. Everyone mauo welcome.
Sunday-Bchool at to a.m. Preaching
at 11 a.m. and 7:30 P-'- by tho pas
tor. Morning topic, "Partnership with
God;" evening, "Healing of the Leper."
The Ladies' Missionary Society will
hold a meeting at 3 p.m.
Through the good work of our com
mittee on church music, a chorus choir
of thirty voices has been procured for
service in the M. E. church, under the
leadership of Miss Lichty. The com
mittee merit the gratitude of every
member and friend of the church, and
those who have bo long and faithfully
served as "singers and players on in
struments," will heartily welcome this
large addition to their forces- Let the
now recruits be greeted with a compli
mentary hearing Sunday 11:00 a,ni,
and 7:30 p.m. Sermon of subject in
the muniing will he, "A Grain of Mus
tard Seed;" evening, "The Damsel and
her Masters." Sunday-school at 10
a.m. Epworth League at 7:30 p.m.
We want you there.
Services for week commencing Sun
day, Jan. 30th:
Holy Communion 8 a.m.
Morning prayer and sermon.. 11 a. m-
Sunday-school 10 a.m.
Friday Chorus practice ...... 3 a. m
The subject of the morning sermon
will be, "Amusements in their Relation
to Religion."
By reasons of the rector's visit to
outside stations, there will be no Sun
day night service. H. Harris, D. D.,
Order of Services:
Sunday Masses, 7:00, 9:00, and 10:30 a.
m., except on the third Sunday of every
month when the order is 9:00 and 10:30 a
m. Evening service every Sunday even
ing at 7:30. Rev. W, L. McNamara, Pas
tor, Funeral Services
The funeral of Mrs. Mary Aylward,
who died Tuesday at her home in
south Sioux county, wis held this
morning at 9 o'clock at Holv Rosary
church, Father Fehily officiating in the
absence of Father McNamara, who is
out of the city.
Mrs. Aylward is survived by a mar
ried daughter, Mrs. A.J. Dwyer; a bon,
John Aylward; and the two Misses
Avlward, all of this city.
The Aylwards arc old settlers, coin
ing to western Nebraska in the early
eighties and settling in south Sioux
county on a homestead, where they
have since resided. Mrs. Aylward Was
seventy-two years of age at the time of
her death-
The burial will take place at Bur
lington, Iowa, to which place the body
was shipped this noon, accompanied
by the son and daughters.
Wedding at Hotel Alliance
A very pleasant wedding oc
curred at llotel Alliance last
evening, Mr. Wm. E. Hollinrake
and Miss Mareia P. Kendrick,
both of Marsland, taking upon
themselves the solemn vows of
matrimony, H. Harris, D. D.,
Ph. D., rector of St. Matthew's,
Episcopal church officiating.
Hotel Alliance's accoramodat-
ing manager, Mr. Thos. V. Kelly,
and Miss Junio TConrli-mlr. atafj.i
of the bride, acted as best man
ana uriuesmaiU. The hotel em
ployes wero quite surprised at
first, thinkinc rim nfFnlf wna
be a double wedding.
k'W'Ur'W 'W'W'W'WW'W'W'W'ViA
For Sale Black Pcrcheron stallion
soven years old. Good disposition and
sure breeder. Will trade for cattln tf
not too thin. J, A. Kecean. Alliance.
Money to loan on real estate. F. E.
Reddish. 3-
20 DCr Cent, off on all hand pmlirniVI.
cred waist patterds at Louck's New
Wanted Work by day or take wash
ing home. Katio Gerald, at Mrs.
Koke's, So. Alliance. Phone 485. 6tf
For Sale
160 acres of Oklahoma land. Gently
rolling, black land with plenty of
water. Price j20,oo"pcr acre, on. easy
terms, Address M. D. Gibbins, owneri
Lawton, Okla. 7.21
Coal Office at 518 West Dakota
W. F. Knight wishes to announce
that, while he weighs coal at Rowan's
elevator, his office is at his residence,
5 1 8 West Dakota St. Phone 306 Blue.
Fresh Beef by the Quarter
Fifteen head of two-year-old Here
fords in fine condition, to be butchered
and sold by the quarter. Finest kind
of meat at prices that will save you
money. Call up phone 154 Red, 6-2t
Coal at Reduced Price
Iain selling Coal from the car, at a
saving of Si. 00 to Si. 50 to customers.
Orders will be filled in tho order re
ceived. W. F. Knight, 518 W. Da
kota. Phone 50G Blue 2tf
Situation Wanted
Man with wife and ono child want
work on ranche. Can take charge.
W. E. Blodgett, 519 Laramie Ave.
Phone iso. 6-it
For Sale
Lot 3, block 8, 61s Toluca Ave.
East fiout. All fenced. Cement
sidewalk and curbing. Inquire at
Herald office or phone 556. 4-tf
Big Price for Cream
The Alliance Creamery is paying 33
cents for cream. " 3i-tf
Cement Contractor.
For estimates on cement walks, ce
ment blocks and all kinds of concrete
work, see J. J. Vauce, West Lawn,
Alliance, Nebr. m "
For Sale or Rent.
Five-room house in Duncan addition.
Iuquiioof W. E. Spencer.
Feed for Stock
Having plenty of range and straw, we
have decided totake in stock. Horses
preferred. KNArp & Nadb.
0-3t Phone No. 2. short on L.
Dr. Barnes, the eyesight specialist
of Omaha, will be at the Drake hotel
at Alliance Saturday, Feb. 5. Regular
trips have been made over this r0ad
for ten years. Don't forget the date.