The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, November 04, 1909, Image 8

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    Vftlb iftHW"-IKjBfl M.Ty
The nasty, wet, inclement
weather of early winter will
soon be here prepare for
it by purchasing" a pair of
our SHOES shoes that
will give you dry, warm
foot comfort on the worst
da vs.
They're sniiiri, in ilusiyii, comfortoblo and excellent wearers
Alliance Cash Shoe Store !
phelan Opera Housg
Monday Night, Nov. 8
Satno company, wimu players, same
play and tamo scenery that played one
solid season in NewVork Cliy nud was
witnessed by paid admissions.
Without doubt the finest play and best
actiuR company that over played this
Prices, $1.50 and $1. Cillery, 75 cents,
tickets sold less then 75 cents
Seats on sale beginning Saturday
Market Day Sale
Market Day anlo lias become n per
manent thing in Alliance. Next Satur
day afternoon, following tlio sale of
Dinccn, Rnbcnilall & Young's stullions
on tho street, Hr P. Courscy will sell
nt public auction at tlio Palace Livery
Ham, the foll6winc property, and
probably more:
For Mr. Fredorick of Uerca i black
mare, 6 years old, weight; i
black colt, 5 months old; i cow, fresh
soon; i Osborn disc; i Dccro cultiva
tor; i Deere i4-inch breaking plow,
and other small articles,
For Philip Knapp 4 six-months-old
thoroughbred Poland China boar pigs,
4 cight-tnonths-old thoroughbred Dur
ham bull calves.
For P. Broils Two brown marcs,
broke and heavy in foal to imported
horso, i Bix-year-old black gelding, i
two-year-old bay marc, a yearling
For C. A. Newberry Driving team,
lmincss and buggy.
A. S. Reed will act as clerk of the
Card of Thanks
We wish to thank tho many friends who
so kindly assisted us during the illness and
burial of our beloved wife and mother.
R. H. West and family.
Lost Tan riding bridle, Thursday
night, Oct. 2i. Finder please return
to tho owner, Fred Countryman.
A Stately Colonial.
Interior Pleasing and Well Laid Out Estimated Cost,
About $5,000.
CopyrUht, 1000. by P. T. MscLitfin. Newark, N. J.
' AfJL Jlr "" mu TBSfjl "W WMF Kb 4'it
JILL T i, ... ? t
I w I V
L J " I l- J ,n
11 1 I UIHH
. IMUIMr " """
j ' j I - -J
This design makes an exceptionally fine colonial home, rich and effective
lu appearance. The Interior arrangement Is wcU laid but. both for comfort
ns well as pleasing offect. There Is a grandeur about this house not always
found in more costly houses. Note the reception ball with Its nook, seat
mid flue staircase. First floor Is trimmed In local hard w ood and finished natural
except the parlor, which la enameled Secoud floor trimmed in soft wood and
finished natural. Two rooms finished in attic. First story ten Tect IiIkIj
second nine feet high: cellar seven feet high, with laundry under kitchen!
The stairs to the laundry are under tho main stairs, but lead from the lobby
between hall and kitchen. Full modern plumbing throughout lb,. ikum.- i
liontcd with a'en.n nnl nl nails aid tellings r,. plastered with three coats
of plaster rust about $3,000 Size JS by 3(1 aud ten foot pr. h
P. T MAC LAGAN. Architect
Picture sale at Darling'B next Satur
day. Tho infant child of W. G. Miller of
Reno was buried last week.
Market Day salo at Palace Livery
Barn next Saturday afternoon.
Dr. and Mrs. Kennedy aro the proud
parents of a baby girl, born last Fri
day. Miss Mae Coleman of Clinton. la..
is in Alliance visitinc Minn Mnrv
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dcitlien left for
their home in Crawlord on 43 Wednes
Three dollars from Jos. Bills sets
Mm away ahead on subscription to
Tho Herald.
Col. A. D. New was elected sheriff
of Sheridan county by a majority
around tho hundred mark,
Mr. Anderson, ono of the genial
clerks at Wallaco & Swanson's, has
been quite sick for several days.
Editor C. B. Cass of tho Ravenna
News visited in Alliance yesterday on
his return from a trip up the North
Platte valley.
M. Kling left on 303 this afternoon
for Dalton, where- ho goes to complete
arrangements for tho newspaper soon
to be started there.
Win. Stackpolo and wife of South
Wayne, Wis., friends of Mrs. D. W.
Hayes, visited with the latter from
Friday to Monday.
Tho young pcoplo of tho Epworth
League enjoyed themselves at n Hal
lowe'en party at tho M. E. parsonage
last Saturday evening.
Pictures now on exhibit at Darling's
store. Sale next Saturday.
Rev. Geo. Vogt of Orleans. Nebr..
an old time friend of the editor, stopped
over night in Alliance last Thursday.
enroute from Bridgeport to Aiusley.
Harry Troupe, formerly of tho Al
liance Grocery Co., has quit clerking
and will devoto his time to foot ball
until after the Thanksgiving game.
Frank Wallaco returned Tuesday
from Wallace, Nebr., where ho has
been overseeing the erection of now
buildings on his farm at that place.
Tho editor of the Herald would like
to communicate with Mr. M. A. Scott.
Anyone knowing his address will oblige
by sending the same to this office at
Horses, cattle, hogB, farming imple
ments, vehicles, harness, etc., will be
sold at the Market Day sale at the
Palace Livery Barn next Saturday
Jesse J. Steele returned recently
from a visit among relatives and other
frieuds in Missouri,, bringing back
some samples of corn for which part of
that state is noted.
L. E. Peugeo, traveling representa
tive of tho Bennett Piano Co., left on
43 today for Chadron, Sturgis and tho
Black Hills. He will be gone several
weeks on company business.
Geo. Wixon of Papillion, Nebr., son-in-law
of R. H. West, attended the
funeral of Mrs. West last week. He
is stopping in this vicinity a few days,
and may remain several weeks.
Dollar pictures for seventy cents at
Darliug'8 next Saturday.
Fred Countryman has been market
ing some of this year's crop of white
beans, of which he had quite a cood
many in spite of the hail that struck
them. They are of the best quality
and find a ready home market.
John Sullivan of Fort Collins, Colo.,
was in Alliance Tuesday. He is not
the ex-pugilist of that name, but a very
agreeable appearing gentleman, and we
are pleased to learn that he may possi
bly become a resident of this county,
Seventy cents buys a dollar picture
next Saturday at Darling's.
Art Mote is doing the carpenter
work on John Weinel's new frame
house six miles northwest of town
The building will be completed in about
two weeks and will be quite an ad
dition to tho farm improvements in
that neighborhood.
E. Rasmussen, one of The Herald's
Heiningford subscribers,who lives near
Berea, came to Alliance last Fiiday
with his wife and children to start
them on a trip to Story Citv, Iowa,
where they will visit several months
with friends aud relatives.
On last Suuday occuired the death
of Katherine Pierce, the ten-year-old
daughter of James Pierce, of this city,
typhoid pneumonia being the cause.
Funeral services wore conducted by
Fr. McNamara at tho. Holy Rosary
chtitch Tuesday morning.
The Swastika Dancing Club will
li.ue chuige of the Satuidav niht
dances at the opera house until such
time as Mrs iker cares to take them
up again. The usual dance will be
held tho coming Saturday night and a
largo crowd is much desired.
E. E. Terry started Tuesday noon
for a visit ni the homo of his father
and mother near Tilden, Nebr, He
will return bv way of Crawford next
Monday where ho will be joined by
Danny Crilley and together they will
return to Helena, Mont.
C. H. Tully of the Star Cattle Co. is
one ol The Herald's reliable subscrib
ers, and although having a good deal
of business that demands his attention
does not forget to drop in occasionally
and set himself ahead on subscription,
which he did the ist inst.
Lucile Thelma, the month old daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs, W. V. Howard,
passed away from this world Saturday,
October 30. Funeral services were
conducted by Rev. Vallow at tho homo
Sunday at 4 p.m., after which inter
ment was made in Greenwood cemetery.
John Vollmer of Spokane, Wash.,
representing tho Prairie Luipber Co.,
was in Alliance last Saturday, pros
pecting for a location for a branch
yard, When seen by a representative
of Tho Herald he had not decided
whether they would put in a yard here
or not.
The R. Simmons millinery and
ladies' furnishings store will occupy the
ground floor of tho new J. B. Denton
building at 313 Box Butte avenue, and
Mr. and Mrs. Simmons with their little
son will occupy the rooms on the sec
ond floor as a residence, which will be
very convenient for them.
W. M. Robinson of Omaha, general
manager of the Bennett Piano Co.,
came in on 41 today and left on 43,
spending tho time between trains with
W. C. English, manager of uorthw6st
cm Nebraska and the Black Hills.
This house is doing a big business and
the men in charge seem determined to
increase it.
Soon after his public sale which will
bo held next Monday, Geo. Key will
leave for Clarks, Nebr., where he will
take his children and leave them with
their grandfather and an aunt while he
looks up a new location. We regret
to lose Mr- Key and his family fiom
Box Butte county and hope ho may
decide to return.
George, William, and Mary Hoff
man of Willey, Carroll county. Iowa,
at rived in the city recently to stay for
the winter at least. George is in deli
cate health and his physicians advised
him to spend some time in the health
renewing atmosphere of Box Butte
county, which will no doubt bring
about the desired effect.
Some time since Mrs. B. Mewhirler
informed The Herald editor that Dr.
Lee of Ong, Nebr., has a "mad stone."
so that in event of anyone here bejng
bitten by a dog having the rabies it
will not be necessary to send to Chi
cago for mad stone treatment. Mrs.
Mewhirter mentioned this thinking it
might bo a matter of public interest.
A number of new buildings are Hear
ing completion in Alliance, iucludiug
the new Rumer block at 301-303 Box
Butte avenue and the three story New
berry factory and warehouse on Mon
tana street, The J. B. Denton two
story building, 313 Box Butte avenue,
will soon be ready for occupancy, as
noted elsewhere in" this issue. Work
is now being pushed ou the McCorklo
garage and office building, southwest
cornet Laramie aud Wyoming avenues. 1
When completed it will be one of the
principal business blocks of the city. I
Col. G. V. flnilTfr nf Pirtlimnn.l 1
Va., was in Alliance a few days this
week. He is a locomotive engineer
and was making friends with the rail
rodd boys and others. The colonel is
of a convivial disposition which, ac
cording to his statement, came near
getting him into a little difficulty up at
Spearfish, where the officials thought
to eurich the city exchequer by pinch
ing him, as we" understand, for a pretty
good sum; but with the assistance of
friends he eluded the vigilance of the
minions of the law and made a jump
to Alliance on his way back home. He
showed his interest in the west by
subscribing for this paper and order
ing it sent to his address at Richmond.
On Monday of last week The Herald
job printiug department printed some
dainty birth anuouueements containing
the following data: "Emma Lucile.
nine pounds, Sunday, Oct. 24th, 1909.
Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Warrick, Alliance,
Nebr." A notice of the important
event was written up for the paper, of
course, giving the additional informa
tion that with the new arrival Mr. and
Mrs. Warrick's happy home is blessed
with two boys and two girls; but for
some reason, for which we are not et
able to account, tho copy never saw
the type. "Better Inte than never."
so we make the aiiiimuirttiiMit tt.w
week aud give impression to the con
gratulatio-is which we wished to give a
week ago
On account of the delay in shipment by
the manufacturers this season, our stock of
Cloaks was very late in arriving, so we have
decided to make a reduction at this time while
there is a demand for the goods. Here we
give you some very attractive prices:
One lot LADIES' COATS in
black, grays and fancy weaves,
$12.50 to $15.00 values,
specially priced & ( O S
UffJ P J Jr
One lot LADIES' and MISSES'
COATS in black and mixed
colors, $8.00 to $10.00 values,
specially priced
gtt 5.00
Our entire line of MISSES' and
reduction Ol PER
of -tfS-1
2 to 6 years
Ladies' Suits t
for you to purchase your suit
now, we offer our entire line of
Ladies' Suits at 1 f PER
a discount of MJ CENT
SPECIAL Silk Underskirts in
Blacks and
ational Monthly
A Democratic Magazine for Men and Women
NORMAN E. MACK, Editorand Publisher, Buffalo, N. Y.
jHflBH9HSiVIttr' vUHfilBRBBwBflBSi'IHE
ONE of the largest and handsomest illustrated magazines
published in the United States. Each issue contains
a mass of valuable information for Democrats in'
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crats throughout the country. The NATIONAL MONTHLY
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addition to the political features above mentioned every issue
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ing for the entire family, thus making it a doubly welcome
visitor in every home. -"
NATIONAL MONTHLY:9 f '6ttCrS ""' c""""a the
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Buffalo, N. Y.
Dear Sirs I herewith enclose you my cheek and ask mv nim
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!! S h6e.CpCesaveftrh tuXK apltlltfa?" H0" ffi
and from the dangers of .o'claC and anarchist ol VU0hT !?
heart and soul with you In your new enterprise Your, truly
m r .FRED J' KERN,
Mayor of the City of Belleville, III.
Subscriptions received at this office and liberal clubbinir
terms aro offered by this paper. fa