The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, July 01, 1909, Image 3

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from a Reliable House
We have the BESX of everything good to eat
Our Prices are Right
Yours for a square deal.
tA D. Rod gets
Good Things to Eat
; 9 Desch's (9
On the corner west of P. O.
we will receive by express a fine line of
Fresh Peaches Fresh Apricots
Fresh Strawberries Fresh Cherries
Fresh Pineapples Fresh Banannas
Fresh Oranges All kinds Fresh Vegetables
The above Is the "Quick Meal" Trade
Mark. If you want to see the little "Quick
Meal" chick get a quick meal, put It close
to your eyes and your nose on the cross
() Look at It that way steadily for a
minute and you will see the chick make a
"Quick Meal" of the bug. People who
use a "Quick Meal" know how to cook a
meal quick and cat It In comfort "Quick
Meal" Stoves look well, cook well, bake
well and last well. They could not be
made better at any price. Their Immense
tale is due to their merits to nothing else.
Over 300 Stoves
to Choose from
Prices, $2.75 to $32
New Land
FLATHEAD INDIAN RESERVATION: Register at Kalispell, Mont., on
the Great Northern Railway.
COEUR d'ALENE RESERVATION: Register at Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
(Buv tickets to Spokane.)
SPOKANE RESERVATION: Register at Spokane, Washington.
Registration dates June 15 to August 5th, inclusive. This is another of the re
maining few chances for this generation to obtain good government lands
Call on nearest ticket agent for descriptive leaflet, showing conditions, ex
cursion rates, train service, etc
The Burlington. Great Northern, Spokane and Seattle train takes vou through
the wealth producing Wenatchee fruit country, and shows you the wonder
ful upper northwest empire; every mile is interesting.
BIG HORN BASIN: A splendid choice of the government irrigated lands is
still left to homesteaders in this fast growing country.
320-ACRE MONDELL LANDS: Thousands of acres of these larger sized
tracts are now available for free homesteading in eastern Wyoming and
are going fast.
stfM$M fm
Make Happy Homes
A Quick Meal Stove
will do any and all
work that can be
done on a range or
cook stove. Only it
does it QUICKER,
CHEAPER and in a
more agreeable way
Hardware Co.
Land Seekers Information Bureau,
Omaha, Nebr.
Inspector McCafi'erty Confident Leon
Ling Will Be Captured.
New York, Juno 29. Inspector Mc
Cafferty, chief of tho New York doteo
tlvo bureau, gava out tho first authen
tic statement on tho murder of ElaJo
SIgel that has been made by tho po
lice Blnco tho discovery of tho glrl'n
body on Juno 18 In a trunk In tho bed
room of Leon Ling, an Americanized
Chinaman, In Eighth avenue.
"Wo shall catch the murderer," tho
Inspector said "Delay does not alter
that, nlthough It chafes' us. Tho
whole country Is one vast rat trap,
wjth every exit guarded. Tho girl
was killed between 10 o'clock In
the morning and noon of Juno 0,
and wo believe Leon Ling is tho man
who did It, with Chung Sing, his Inti
mate, as a posslblo accomplice. Wo
have Chung Sing. From his room In
&lghtu avenue Leon Ling went
Btralght to Washington and tlinro sent
the 'don't worry' telegram , signed
'Elsie' received on tho night or the
murder by the SIgel family. From
Washington he returned to Now York
and somewhere about midnight of
Juno 9 took the body In a trunk to
Newark, arriving there about 2 a. m.
on June 10. Leon Ling returned to
New York and from that moment wo
lost all track of him. No murder that
I can remember has nttracted such
wide, or such enthusiastic, co-opera:
tlon on tho part of the police of other
cities. All the forces of tho country
are working as one great .machine.
We have fifty men of our own force
on the case. The only steamer on
which Leon Ling could have left tho
country Is due to arilve In Yokohama
on July 3. She will be watched. Wo
chall catth him."
One Man Drowns Himself by Jump
ing Into the Lake.
Chicago, .lime 29. Ten deaths, su
perinduced by the excessive heat,
were reported to the police, Numer
ous cases of heat prostration have
been enred for at the hospitals and It
Is probable that there have been many
more which have not been reported.
Tho last fatality reported was tho
death of Police Sergeant Bernard
Bockholz, who died at his home. Carl
Sommers jumped into Lake Michigan
while temporarily Insane. Ho was
rescued, but died at a hospital.
A cooling breeze Bwept over the
city and brought temporary relief, al
though Professor Cox of the weather
bureau holds out little hope of a per
manent relief. The thermometer hov
ered around the 80 mark all day.
Nine More Die In Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, June 29.- Nine more
deaths wcie adCed to the list of heat
vlct.'ms In this aty. This makes tho
total for tho present hot spell more
thnn tv.o wrr".
Features of the Day's Trading and
Closing Quotations.
Chicago, June 28. Rapid' progress
of harvest operations In tho southwest
prompted general selling of wheat on
the board of trade here today, result
ing in sharp declines in the price of
all deliveries. At tho close the net
losses were from c to l&c. Corn,
oats and provisions followed wheat,
and closed weak. Closing' prices:
Wheat July, $1.15; Sept., $1.10.
Corn July, 70'4c; Sept., G74c.
Oats July, 49T,c; Sept., 43Vj543c,
Pork July, $19.95; Sept., $20.20.
Lard July, $11.60; Sept., $11.C7'A
RJbs July, $11.07i; Sept., $10.95."
Chicago Cash Prices No. 2 hard
wheat, $1.241.2C; No. 2 corn, 72g
73c; No, 2 white oats, 5556ftC.
South Omaha Live Stock.
South Omaha June 28. Cattle Re
ceipts, .3,500; light strong, heavy,
slow; native steers, $5.2506.75; cows
and heifers, $3.006.05; western
steers, $3.2505.85; stockers and feed
ers, $3.0005.50; calves. $3.0007.00;
bulls and' stags, $3.0005.25. Hogs
Receipts, 5.500; 510c higher; heavy,
$7.7007.85; mixed, $7.6007.70; light.
$7.4007.75; pigs, $5.7506.75; bulk of
Bales, $7.5507.75. Sheep Receipts,
7,500; slow to lower; yearlings, $4.60
05.60; wethers, $4.0005.00; ewe.
$4.0004.73; lambs, $7.0008.50.
Chicago Live Stock.
Chicago, Juno 28. Cattle Receipts,
8,0(10; strong to 10c higher; steers,
$5.5007.35; cows, $4.0005.25; holfors,
$3.6O0G.5O; bulls, $3.4005.25; calves,
$3.0007.25; stockers and feeders, $3.30
05.25. Hogs Recolpts, 28,000; 50
lOe higher; choice heavy, $8.0008.10;
light, $7.0007.85; packing. $7.7507.95:
pigs, $5.6007.25; bulk of sales, $7.SO0
8.00. Sheep Receipts, 20,000; lambs
strong, othors weak; Bheep, $4.00
6.50; lambs, $7.5008.75.
John L Webster Makes Open
ing Attack on Bank Law.
Stato Files Answer In Opposition to
Injunction Setting Forth That Plain
tiffs Have No Cause of Action and
That the Court Has No Jurisdiction.
Fifty State Banks Are Named as
Complainants Against Act.
Lincoln, Juno 29. Bcroro Juilgt
Willis Vnndevcnter of tho Eighth cir
cuit and Federal Judgo T. C. Mungor,
J. L. Wobster began tho attar'; on th
bank guaranty act passed' by tho last,
legislature. Webster alleges that tho
act Is unconstitutional because It
drives out private banks and forces
their owners, If thoy wjsh to continue
business, to Incorporate. He furthor
urges that tho act takes property,
through tho legislature, for the pay
ment of prlvnto debts. Tho right of
tho legislature to declare any buslnesB
quasi-public was ulso questioned. Fifty
state banks are named in the bill In
equity as complainants agojnst tho
Tho state filed an nnswer in oppo
Bltlon to tho Injunction, Betting forth
that tho plajntlffs had no cnuso of ac
tion; that thoy havo an ndequato rem
edy at law; that tho plaintiffs nro Im
properly Joined; that tho plaintiffs
hnvo failed to show that tho amount
In question la over $2,000, and that
tho court has ilo Jurisdiction.
James Ersklne Runs Away With Girl
Given to Wife by Court,
North Platte, Neb., Juno 28. James
Ersklne kidnnped IiIb own child and
Is now. In Jail, charged with tho of
fense. Sometlmo ngo n divorce was
gianted to his wife and certain priv
ileges were given to Mr. Ersklne In
regard to vjsltlng his llttlo girl. These
privileges, It is charged, wore abused,
and later tho decree was modified and
ho was enjoined from visiting or hav
ing anything whatever to do with hla
child at any time. He violated the or
der of tho court and took tho child",
saying he was going to Hershey. How
ever, he brought the child to North
Platte, where the mdthor complained
and ho was placed under nrrest. He
was bound ovor to tho district court
on the charge of child stealing. Net
being able to c've bends, he was
lodged In Jail.
Professor S. F. Wright Is Killed on
Ranch Near Chadron.
Chndron, Neb., June 29. Professor
S. F, Wright, for many years principal
of the Kansas City schoolB, was killed
at his ranch near hero by a fall from
his horse.
He was rounding up some cattle
when hlB horse shied and throw hlr.i
over a gate. His neck was broken
by the fall, and though he lived six
hours, ho djd not recover conscious
ness. The body was taken to Bedford, la.,
where he has a number of relatives
and It will be burled there. Dr. Pay
ton, a brother of Mrs. Wright, nccom
panled It from here. He leaves a wife
and two children. Professor Wright
had recently bought the ranch.
Omaha Entertains Eastern Bankers.
Omaha, June 29. A special train of
six Pullmans, carrying 150 eastern
bankers, who have been visiting tho
Irrigated districts of the western
states, stopped In Omaha on their way
homei The train, which left Chicago
June 21, has visited Oregon, Washing
ton, Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming.
The bankers composing the party are
from half a dozen different stntes or
the east. They are guests of a Chi
cago bonding company. They Were
entertained by tho Commercial club
while here.
Lightning Tears Building.
Omaha, June 29, Lightning gutted
a saloon building at the rear of Tenth
and Davenport and tore a hole in the
south wall twenty-six by twelve feet
In dimensions. It also ripped up a lot
of the flooring. The thunder and light
ning were terrific all over the city
and the rain came down Jn veritable
torrents, it was accompanied by only
a moderate wind. The water flooded
BtreetB and sewers and cellars, but
did not do as much damage as the bl
Etorm of last week.
Unusual Accident at Lyons.
Lyons, Neb., June 26. Mrs. John
O'Connor, while sewing, ran tho ma
shine needle through her finger and
was held fast by It, not being able to
gxtrlcato herself. The chlldroa werft
all away from the house, and her cries
for help wore In vain until she attract
ed some ono passing Jn the street.
Neither could this party release the
woman, but went Immediately for a
doctor. Wheu he came she was noJ
relensod until she had borne the tor
lure while waiting for the neodlo to
bo filed Jn two.
Metcalfe Will Preside.
Lincoln, Juno 29. HIclmrd L. Met
calfe has accepted an Invjtntlon tc
preside at the temperance meeting In
York on the night of July 8. Several
promlnont spookors wul ! on hand at
tho night meeting nnd Mr. Metcalfe
will tel v!v the Democratic purty
should Itidur..' oui.ty option.
... 1
frozen Residences Demolished by Wind
at West Point.
West Point, Neb., June 2C. St. Jo
6cph'B Catholic church 1b In ruins and
a dozen residences seriously damaged
as the result of a sudden tornado
which struck West Point. Tho tornado
tljd extensive damage to property,
but caused no injuries to life nnd limb.
Tho dnmnge done by tho storm
seems to havo been largely local,
though reports are coming In from
tho surrounding country of bnrns bo
Ing blown down nnd shods demolished.
Tho tornado came down on tho city
almost without warning. Its general
direction waB northwest to southeast,
but Its forco was largely Bpent hero.
Tho business portion of tho town did
not suffer from tho wind, though tho
torrential rain which followed dhi
considerable damngo to paving nnd
Tho tornado struck the Catholic
church with terrific force. It whipped
off the roof as if It were a leaf In a
light breeze and tho enst wall of tho
church was blown down. Tho other
three wnls are standing, but likely
will fall. Tho interior of tho church la
n scene of utter havoc.
Tho church waB considered tho fin
est In this pnrt of Nebraska and cost
$22,000 to build. Fifteen thousand col
lars In tornado Insurance was carried
on It.
Of the dozen residences which suf
fered, that of Fritz Rosenthal received
tho moBt Injury. Tho roof was torn
off and tho cellars were filled with
State Treasurer Pays Off Last Claims
Against General Fund.
Lincoln, Juno 26. Nebraska has no
state debt. Deputy State Treasurer
Frank Brian paid off tho last cent of
tho debt running agojnst tho general
fund when ho took up warrantB to tho
amount of $70,911.93.
This Is the first time the books of
the treasurer havo been In tho clear
sinco any one around the Btnto houso
enn remember, though on Bovornl oc
casions bondu have been IsBucd and
pnld. But there hns been a Btnto debt
practically over since tho state waa
When Mr. Brian took charge of tho
ofilco of treasurer the stato debt
against the general fund amounted to
practically $2,000,000. In March, 1907,
when he began to keep n dally balance
sheet, the stato debt Had been cut
down to $1,500,000.
While the state general fund Is clear
of obllgatjons It will be only a few
weeks until tho stato will again be be
hind. The appropriations made by
tho last legislature have to bo patd
within this blennlum ana until Decem
ber or January thoro will be llttlo
money pnld Into tho treasury. Thus
Jn the Interim gonoral fund warrants
will hnvo to bo registered. Tho legis
lative npproprlatlons totaled over $1,.
000,000, of which the lnrger amount
run against the general fund.
Commander Root Telegraphs Protest
to Senators and Representatives.
Omaha, Juno 20. In his cnpnclty
of president of the Associated Frater
nities of America, J. C. Root, sover
eign commander of tho Woodmon of
tho World, telegraphed n protest to
several United States senators and
representatives against the proposed
2 per cent corporation tax. Mr, Root
says the associated fraternities Is com
posed of sixty societies, with 2,000,
000 members. In his telegram ho de
clared the tax would be destructive to
the limited reserve on existing con
tracts or policies, which arc exempted
from such taxation by virtue of their
Slayer of Frank Jarmer Must Begin
His Ten Years' Sentence.
Madison, Neb., June 28. Sheriff J.
J. Clements of Madison county re
ceived a telegram from the clerk of
tho supreme court commanding him to
Instantly procure and commit to Jajl
Herman Boche, who was sentenced to
serve ton years In tho penitentiary at
Lincoln for the killing of Frank Jar
mer nt Norfolk about two years ago,
and who hns been out on ball for over
a year awaiting a decision of the su
preme court. Boche is now in the cus
tody of the sheriff, having bade adieu
to his family at his home on his farm,
southeast of Norfolk, at noon.
Woman Accused of Stealing Bible.
Hustings, Neb., Juno 28. Claus Lay,
a wealthy farmer of Hanover town
ship, has filed a charge of burglary
against his daughter, Sarah Merkle,
nnd her divorced husband, John Mer
kle, accusing them of mnllclously
breaking into Ills home and stealing a
bible. Tho trial Is set for July 9. Mrs.
Merkle admits takjng tho bible, but
Insists It Is her property, and that sho
did not enter the homo by force.
Injunction Asked in Church Case.
David City, Neb., June 26. Judgo
Holland of Sowurd, representing Bish
op Bonacum of Lincoln, called nt
Judge Roper's office and' asked for a
temporary restraining order ngaJnst
William Murphy with reference to the
possession of the church property nt
Ulysses. Judgo Roper refused to is
buo tho writ without a hearing.
Man Killed by Lightning.
Arcndla, Nob., Juno 25. Frank Er
chen, a farmer, was killed by lightning
on tho' F. W. Toby ranch, while mow
ing alfalfa. One of the horsos he was
driving was nl?o killed. Mr. Erchon
came to Custer county early this
spring from Odcl, i.
Bros. &
South Omaha
Sell Your
Nohe's Bakery
and Cafe
for your Sunday dinner
We solicit your order for
Order on time
F. J. Brennan
Wm. James,
Dealer in
'Phone Alliance,
No. S. Nebraska.
I AlWiker
i Grand Island Granite
All kinds of Granite and Marble
2 Tombstones and Monuments. -2
Lower prices and less
2 freight than from firms
S farther east
Taxes are due Nov. 1. Personal
taxes delinquent Dec. 1. Land tax
delinquent May 1. Interest 10 per
cent from date of delinquency. Real
estate advertised for sale the first week
in October and sold for taxes the first
Monday in. November. In all com
munications relative to taxes, please
give description of property;
Fred Mollring, Co. Treasurer"