The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, June 17, 1909, Image 2

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Such Is the Prediction ot Sen
ator Aldrich.
Senators Cummins and Bailey Confi
dent Compromise Amendment Will
Carry Hides, Coal and Petroleum
Aro Giving Finance Committee
Much Concern Question of Maxi
mum and Minimum Rates.
Washington, Juno 14. No set ovout
of the present weok may bo anticipat
ed with keonur nows relish than tho
vote which may bo taken In tho sen
ato Friday on tho income tax amend
Incut b to tho tariff bill. Second only
to tho adoption or tho rejection of this
important tnx featuro of tho ponding
legislation will bo tho interest in tho
alignment of Bonntors, with tho Re
publican regulars on tho ono hand, op
posed by tho Democrats and n doubt
ful numbor of "Insurgent"' Republic
ans. Senators Balloy and Cummins,
roproscntlng respectively tho Demo
crats and such Itepubllcnns as aro
determined upon an income tax, ap
pear confident that their compromlso
amendment will bo adopted.
Nearing Vote on Tariff Dill.
Tho reeling in nil factions In tho
Ecnnto is that tho tariff bill Ib ap
proaching tho last days of its consid
eration by tho sonato. Senator Aid
rich's prediction that the end may bo
reached by next Saturday was re
ceived wjth favor by tho Republicans,
out the "progressive Republicans" aro
not quite so optimistic.
With tho excoption of ono disputed
point In tho silk schedule, tho senato
haB concluded Kb second considera
tion of the bill and disposed of hll par
agraphs of the schedules on whjch tho
committee had reported. Among tho
questions not acted upon In commit
too woro many disputod points.
Rough lumber remains on tho dutln
bio list, but tho question of the amount
of duty and tho dlfforontlnl between
tho duty on rough lumbor and on tho
manufactured nrtiolo romalns to bo
settled. In tho pnpor Bchedulo tho
principal items to bo considered aro
the duty on ground wood nnd print pa
per. Hides, Coal and Petroleum.
Hides, coal and potioloum arc giv
ing the finance committee no little
concern, but the present indications
nro that tho senato will place a duty
on all of theseZinc ore and zinc paint
products are Btlll to bo considered, as
aro sulphate of ammonia and barytes.
Tho outcome js uncertain.
There Ib a domand for n reduction
nnd a reclassification of tho window
glass schedule, but any prediction as
to what tho result might bo would' bo
misleading. The same may be said of
tho contest, between pig iron and
scrap Iron in the metal schedule. The
Bouthcrn senators aro making an earn
est effort to have cotton tics and cot
ton bagging mado free of duty and
the binding twlno provision has been
lielrt up until tho cotton do question
could bo decided, probably on tho the
ory that the northwestern senators
could be prevailed upon to combine
with tho southern senators in tho in
terest of tho two articles together. Tho
leather schodulo is suspended, await
ing tho decision on hides.
It 1b uncertain as to how much de
bate tho flnanco committee's decision
re'lntlng to maximum and minimum
rates will provoke, but it Is oxpected
that It will bo thoroughly elucidated
beforo it finally receives approval.
Company cf Vlsayan Constabulary Re
volt and Flees to Mountains.
Manila, June 14. UrlgAdier General
Harry H., chief of the Phil
ippine fonstnbulary, who la at present
on n lour of Inspection In tho island
of Jolo, will at once proceed to Daao,
Mlnnanno Island, tho scone of tho mu
tiny of the Second company constabul
ary. Brigadier General Uandholtz
will assume personal command of tho
constabulary forces sent in pursuit ot
tho mutineers. Tho Insular govern
ment Is determined to make an exam
ple ot the mutinous Vlsayans, who fled
to the mountain fastnesses In the in
terior with their rifles nnd equipments,
and tho pursuit will bo pressed with
tho utmost vigor until tho laBt of tho
mutineers has been captured. Several
columns of troops, both rcgulnr and
constabulary, are already in tho field.
Acting Governor General Forbes,
who returned from the province of
Pampanga, nnd soon was in confer
ence with Major General Duvall, com
manding tho division of tho Philip
pines, said: "This affair, doplorablo
as It BeemH to have been, has not
changed my opinion of tho natlvo con
stabulary nor my belief In tho gen
eral excellency nnd loyalty of tho
force Judgment must bo reserved un
til wo receive further details of tho
mutiny nnd tho causes that brought
11 about."
No addltlcnnl details of the mutiny
and of the three hours' fight mado by
Governor Walker and' tho Americans
Intho church at Davno have been re
ceived here. There nro no Indications
of any extensive military plans asldo
from tho ordering of several detach
ments to follow tho mutineers.
Troops Sent to Preserve Order
at Meadvllle, Miss,
No Hope of Saving Men Imprisoned
In Sunken Russian Boat.
Sevastopol, Juno 11. All hope Is
gone of saving tho lives of the crow
of tho Russian submarlno Knmbala,
which was sunk in collision with tho
battleship Rostlslav during tho ma
nomeis Friday night, or of recovering
tho wreck, owing to tho great depth
of the water. Two dlvors have died In
the attempts to rescue the men on ac
count of tho immomvj pressure. Oth
ers hnvo repoatodly and heroically
tried to pass chains around the wreck,
but finally cumo to tho Biirfaco utterly
cxlmuslod, having accomplished noth
ing. All operations wero nbandoned.
The chances of saving tho lives of
tho Imprisoned men wero recognized
from the first as very remote, although
under normal conditions the subma
rines hnvo nn nlr capacity of three
days. The Kambala typo of subma
rine, howpor, Is weak structurally
nnd for this renson cannot normnlly
nmko n descent of more than 100 feet.
'The Kambala went down In 150 feet
of water, nnd only untrustworthy bulk
heads stood between tho men nnd
death after tho boat was struck by the
Rostlslav's ram.
The disaster occurred flvo miles
from Sebastopol. Four men wore
anvod, Including tho commander, Lieu
tenant Aquilonoff, who was giving or
ders through tho speaking tubo to the
helmsmen Just bofore the collision.
These ordors, he says, was misinter
preted, the helm being put to port In
stead of starboard.
Kansas Commissioner In Ouster Case
Holds Merger Controls Prices.
Topeka, Kan., Juno 14. State Sinn
tor H. W. Gauze, who wns lpjlrted
by the supreme couit us bp ial com
mlssloner to hear evldenco In tho .ase
of the state to oust tho IntotnnUanal
Harvester company from tho state,
filed his report. Ho reports that the
iharvostor company Is a trust. Ho
holds that tho effect of tho harvester
merger has boon to regulate and con
trol tho retail and wholesale prices
of harvesting raachlnn in Kansas.
Fierce Encounter, During Which the
Lives of Many Bystanders Are Jeop
ardized, Follows Acquittal of Doctor
on Murder Charge Chancery Clerk
of Frfanklln County, and His Son,
Are Among the Victims,
Meadvllle, Miss., Juno 15. Two
men are dead, two wero perhaps total
ly wounded nnd throe others sligntly
injured, duo to a bloody street battle,
waged by parties to a bitter feud that
had beon previously marked with tius
edy. As a result of the affair feeling
here runs high nnd Btate troops worn
rushed to Meadvllle from Urookhaven
to guard against passible rioting.
Those killed wero: Dr. A. M New
man, clerk of the chancery court of
Franklin county, and Silas O. Reyn
olds. Dr. Lonox Ncwmnn, n bon of one of
the slain men, is believed to bae
beon fatally Injured, and Applewhite,
nn attorney, may not recover. Two
men, named Boyd and Parr, alleged
to have been Involved In tho affray,
were slightly wounded, but escaped
L. P. Prichafd, n brother of Cor
nelius Prlchurd, whom Dr. Newman
killed several weeks ago, was arrested
and charged with complicity In the
The trouble hnd Its Inception In a
political campaign in which Newman
and Prlchard wore opposing candl
dates. Newman was tried a few weeks
ago for Prichard's murder and ac
Passengers Taken to Gibraltar by the
Prlnzess Irene.
Gibraltar, June 15. The steamer
Prlnzess Irene, with tho first class
passengers of the wrecked Cunurd
liner Slaoulu on board, came Into
Tho Cunard company hns made ar
rangements' for tho accommodation of
the snlon passongeis of the Shnonla
nt tho prlnclpnl hotels hero In the
event that it Is not foasiblo for tho
Prlnzess Irene to convey them to Na
ples. The Slnvonla went ashore tho nlsht
of Juno 9 on Flores island, one of
the Azores group. Help was sum
moned by wireless telegraphy and
Thursday night the first clnss passen
gers wore transferred to the Prlnzess
Irono, that had hastened to Flores isl
and in answer to the "C. Q. D" call
of distress. The Slnvonla became a
total wreck and the rew landed on
Flores Island.
Tribesmen Ravaging Northwestern
Province of Persia.
St. Petersburg. Juno 14. A dispatch
to the Novoe Vremya from Astara
tays that tho Shakhsevan tribesmen
are ravaging tho Ardabil district in
Azerblajun, tho most northwestorly
piovinco of Persia. According to tho
dispatch C.000 persons havo beon
killed and tho loading Inhabitants have
npptalod to tho Russian consul for
New "Wireless" Hero.
Now York, June 14. S. Colps, wire
1 38 operator or tho wrecked Cunarder
S ivonin is tho "Jack ninns" of the
!a ast sea drama. It was the C. Q- D."
l 3sago of Coles, sent toward mld
n' "it Weduosday night, which wns
pi .ed up by tho Prlnzess Irene, ISO
m s seaward, nnd brought her to tho
: :uo of the passangors aboard tho
L -vonia. Colas Is an Englishman.
Fifteen Leaders Indicted for Inciting
Trouble In Hawaii.
Honolulu, June 14. Fifteen of tho
Japanese Btrlko leaders arrested hero
wore given a preliminary hearing.
District Judge W. L. Whitney held
twelve of them for trial on charges
ot conspiring to riot and three for con
spiracy to murder.
When tho territorial district court
convened in extraordinary session for
tho preliminary examination of the
Btrike leaders, Sheriff Jarrett, with the
approval of Judge A. J. Robinson, or
dered that no crowds be allowed to as
semble about tho court house during
tho hearing, on the ground thnt it
was likely to lead to disorder. This
order was rigidly enforced by a lare
detail of police.
Following the action of tho court,
Willllam P. Henry, high sheriff, united
with County Sheriff Jarrett in tho Issu
ance of n proclamation forbidding tho
assembling of large crowds anywhere
In the tenitory whllo present condi
tions obtain. With thousands oi idle
Japanese, excited over the arrest nnd
trlnl of their countrymen, the author
ities deemed tho order wise.
The authorities declare tho evidence
adduced before tho grand jury and the
papers secured In tho Japanese higher
wage association raid, furnish abun
dant grounds for thJ boiler that the
strlkors Intended from the beginning
to resort to intimidation and violence
In their effort to control tho sugar In
dustry and eventually the intornal of
ralrs of the territory.
Eleven Dead In Texas Storm.
Dallas, Tex., June 12. Eleven per
8os aro dead and sovoral Injured na
a result of tho storm In central Texas,
Including one man who was killed
when a windstorm blew a Kansas city,
Moxlco and Orient railway pasbongor
train from the Brazos rlvor bridge
north of Sweotwater.
Bolt Causes Panic In Church.
Groeu Bay, Wis. Juno 14. Light
ning btruck the steeple of Holy Cross
Catholic church at Bay Settlement,
north of here, killed ono man, shocked
and Injured sixteen others, two of
.whom may not Burvlve, while masa
was being sung. Panic prevailed for
several minutes following the crash.
Shipment of Guns Seized at Franklin,
Va., for Use of Venezuelan Rebels.
Norfolk, Va., June 15. Packed in
piano boxes nnd ovldently ready for
Bhlpment, a quantity of rifles and am
munition, believed to be destined for
Venezuelan revolutionists, waB dis
covered at Franklin, Va.
The rifles are said to be a part of a
consignment of 15,000 Mauser guns
Bhipped from New York to St. Louis
and back to Franklin, billed as pianos
and packed' to weather tho trip to
South America. The filibuster BUBpect
steamer Nantlcoke was lying near
Franklin, nnd In tho back water below
tho steamer was her consort, tho tug
Tho revenue cutter Pnmllco Is block
ading the two suspects and It is not
believed that either could pass her
even In the darkness.
ReacJ ! I
Look !
A Removal Sacrifice Sale
We are closing out our $4,000 Stock of Ladies' Furnishing Goods
Sale begins Tuesday, June 15, 1909
Hose Bargains
Ladies' Silk and Cotton
Lace and Ingrain Import
ed Fast Color Stockings,
regular perfection, form
erly sold for 15c, now 8c
Fancy Burson Rib Tops,
formerly sold for Oltn
Convicted of Murder.
Toleno, Juno 12. Michael Sobo
loskl, a tailor, who was charged with
tho murder of Ludwlg and Augusta
Kruoger, was convlctod of murder in
the first degree, with a recommenda
tion of mercy. The penalty is life Im
ptisonment. Two Negroes Lynched,
nrnnchvillo, S. C, June 12. Two ne
gro prisoners, charged with murder,
were taken from Constable Maxey and
lynched by a mob of white men at
Dr. A. M. Penna Succumbs to Attack
of Influenza.
Rio Jnnelro, June 15. Dr. Alfonso
Moreirn Penna, president of Brazlll,
died here. He was stricken with in
fluenza ou Juno 2 and, although quito
seriously HI for a time, Improvement
was noted on June G, which continued
until Saturday. Tho president then
suffered from a relapse and thoro
were marked pulmonnry and gastric
symptoms. Tho physicians succeoded
in prolonging life for somo time, but
tho president passed away after being
unconscious for a considerable tJmo.
Tho vice president assumed tho execu
tive powers in the presence ut tho
ministers, senators and deputies and
representatives of tho foreign powers.
Twenty.five Millions Represented at
Presbyterian Alliance Meeting.
Now York, June 15. One of the"
most Important religious gatherings
of recent years in number of persons
represented is that of tho world's
Presbyterian nll!anco, which began In
this city today. In It are represented
five continents, ninety soparate de
nominations and nearly 25,000,000
members. The meeting Is known offi
cially as the ninth qulnquonnlal coun
cil of tho Alliance of tho Refouned
Churchoa Throughout the "World Hold
ing ihe Prosbjterlan Sstom. To fa
cilitate matters the alliance is gener
ally referred to as the Pun-Presby-terlnn
Leper Escapes From Hospital.
Ijis Angoles, Cnl., Juno 15. Adelado
Aqulro, n leper patient at tho county
hospital, escaped from the hospital by
means ot n rope made or twisted be
sheets. He has rt been found.
40c, DOW
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V ir s . R . Si m m ons
P A. L, A C IB
HMfr3M Phone 131 &$
Miss Rose C Herman
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Prompt Attention Given to Phone Orders
rtmtt ft
F?m M
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