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President Urges Legislation
Amending Forakar Act,
Politicians Have Left Island Without
Support Recommends Change In
Law Limiting Powers of Insular As
. sernbly -Says United States Has
Gone Too Fast In Extension of Po
litical Power to Porto Rlcans.
Washington, May 11. Strenuous op
position by lenders in the house pre
vented llio reloronce of the president s
messago recommending coitnln legis
lation for I'orto Itlco to the commit
teo on ways and means.
The president directs tho attention
of congress to nflnlrs on tho Island,
laying particular stress on what ho
terms "a situation of unusual gravity,"
developed through tho failure of tho
legislative assembly of I'orto Rico to
pass tho usual appropriation bills,
leaving tho island? without support
aftor June 30 next.
I'orto Weans havo forgotten tho
generosity of the United States, the
president snys, in tho desire of cot
tain of tho Island's political lcadors
for powor, and ho adds that tho pres
ent situation Indicates that tho United
States has gone too fnst in tho exten
sion of political powor to the I'orto
Rlcans. Ho concludes that tho abso
lute powor of appropriation should bo
taken away from "thoso who havo
shown thornsolves too irresponsible to
enjoy it."
Amend Foraker Act.
Tho president suggests to congress
tho wisdom of submitting to the ap
propriations committee tho question
of qualifying somo of tho provisions of
tho fundamental act as to tho respect
ive jurisdictions of tho executive coun
cil and tho legislative assembly. Dut
no action of this kind, the president
says, should bo begun until tho For
akor act is amended so that when tho
legislative assembly shall adjourn
without making tho npproprlntlons nee
ossary to carry on tho government,
sums equal to tho appropriations made
In tho previous year for tho rospoctivo
purposes shall bo available for tho
current revenues and shall bo drawn
by tho warrant of tho auditor on tho
treasurer and countersigned by tho
governor. Such a provision applies to
tho legislatures of tho Philippines and
Hawaii, and "it has prevented in thoso
two countries any misuse of tho power
of appropriation."
Tho prosldent Bays that ever since
tho Institution of tho present assem
bly tho house of delegates has uni
formly held up tho appropriation bills
until tho last minute of tho regular
session and' haB sought to uso tho pow
er to do so as a moans of compelling
the concurrence of tho executive coun
cil In legislation which tho hoime do
sired. In tho last regular legislative
assembly tho nttltudo of tho oxecu
tlvo council In refusing to pass bills
led tho house of delegates to refuse
to pass tho necessary appropriation
8enate Upholds Finance Committee.
The ability of tho Republican major
ity of the senate to upnold tho recom
mendation of tho committee on finance
of tho lead schedule, which contains
tho Dingley rates In tho tariff bill In
tho place of the lower duties fixed by
the Iioubo of representatives, was fully
demonstrated when, by a vote of 35
to 44, tho Bennte declined to reduce
by cent a pound tho duty on pig
lead' as recommonded by tho commit
tee on finance. In this vote olevon
"Republicans voted with the Domocrats
and two Democrats with tho Republic
ans. By a viva voco vote Uie sounto
adopted tho rato of 2" cents a pound
on pig lend, ns recommended by tho
At the conclusion of tho session
Chairman Aldrlch stated that ho ro
garded tho vote as an Indorsement of
the action of the committee and he
expressed confidence thnt all tho
schedules of tho conunitteo would oo
Secretary Refuses to Be Drawn Into
Controversy With Patten.
Chicago, May 11. Secretary of Ag
riculture James Wilson, who Is hero
Attending a meeting of government
meat inspectors, refused to bo drawn
into any controversy with James A.
Patten over the wheat situation. "I
am through with wheat talk," said tho
secretary. d
"Is tho present prlco of wheat real
or fictitious?" tho secretary was askod.
"If farmors could bo assured of $1
a bushel for wheat all tho time," ho
said, "thousands of ncros of pasture
land' In the middle west would bo
plowed up next year and sown to
"Couldn't tho brokers havo Just as
reliable n system of getting crop re
porta as your department?"
"I don't think so. Wo havo been
perfecting our system of gathering ro
ports for many years. I think ours is
Quake Not Cause of Frisco Fire.
San Francisco, Mny 11. Tho United
States circuit court of appeals decided
that the earthquake of April 8, 190C,
was not the cause of a Are occurring
after the earthquake. Tho decision af
feels several hundred suits pending
against insurance companies for losses
suffered In the great fire.
Improvement of Public Taste One of
the Objects of Washington Meeting.
Washington, Mny 11. With tho pur
pose of forming a national fodcratlon
of art societies, art institutions, mu
nicipal and viltago Improvement so
cieties nnd other organizations having
for their aim the fostorlng and ad
vancement of tho tasto of tho Amor
lean people for the beautiful, a conven
tion of delegates from such societies
was begun today in this city under
tho auspices of tho regents of tho Na
tional Academy of Arts.
Klndlng placo upon the program of
topics to bo discussed by tho conven
tlon nro tho following: Artistic con
trol of city nnd village municipal de
velopment, art exhibitions and somo
practical mothod of moving good ex
hibitions from placo to place, the edu
cation of tho public by lecture courses
on tho fine arts, more effective control
of government fine arts (tho possibil
ity of a bureau, with consulting board,
to control the flno nrta of tho govern
ment), art education, frco entry of for
olgn works of art.
Among tho regents of the academy
who nro taking much Interest In the
convention nro J. I'lorpont Morgan,
Kllhu Root, Sonntor Nowlands, Robort
Uncon, Sonntor Uidgc, James J. III1J
and Mrs. l'hoebc A. Hcarrfu,
Inquiry Into Haskell Deals Again Un
" dertnken at Tulsa, Okla.
Tulsa, Okla., May 11. Again a fed
eral grand Jury took up nn investiga
tion of the Muskogee town land fraud
casos being pushed by tho government.
Thoso nro tho same cases In which in
dictments were returnod InBt winter
at Muskogee agaltiBt Governor Charles
N. Haskell and half n dozen other Ok
lnhomans. Tho allegation In the in
dictments, which wcro qunshed at
Tulsa on April 10, was thnt thoro had
been a conspiracy to defraud tho fed
oral government and tho Creek Indian
nation in connection with tho schedul
ing of town lots In Muskogco In 1902.
Sylvostcr Rush of Omaha, who had
porfionnl chargo of the first investiga
tion, will direct tho present ono. As
provlously, witnesses whoso names
wcro used by tho alleged conspirators
In securing these lauds havo been sub
poenaed from Ohio, Michlgnn, and
other stntos to testify before tho
'grand jury.
- -.
New York Society Woman Becomes
Bride of French Nobleman.
Now York, May 11. Tho wedding of
Mrs. Robert T. P. Flake, who has been
prominent socially in this city, to
Count Lionel do Montesqulou-Fezonsac
of Paris was celebrated today In tho
Roman Catholic church of St. Petor at
Now Brighton, Staten Island.
Count Lionel is a member of one of
the most ancient houses of tho old
French aristocracy. Ho Is a cousin of
Count Robort do Montesqulou-Fezonsac,
who lectured In Amorlca several
years ago. His bride is a sister of II.
Wisnor Miller nnd of Oeorgo Clinton
Millor. Her first husband died about
five years ago, and slio has two young
Well Known Churchmen In Attendance
1 at Sessions in Boston.
Boston, May 111 Tho congross of
Episcopal dioceses of; tho United States
opened today Its annual session in
Trinity church. It will continue four
days, but tho services and discussions
after tho first ouo will bo hold In Tro
mont templo. Bishop Lawrence will
Among tho speakers will bo Bishop
Parker of Now Hampshire, Canon
Honson of England, Bishop Doane of
Albany, Dr. Huntington of Grace
church, Now York; President Luther
of Trinity college, Hartford; Rev. Per
cy S. Grant, formorly of Boston, and
Silas McBeo, editor of the Churchman.
Sultan Fulfills Ancient Test.
Constantinople, May 11. Mehmod
V. ended his "coronation day" by
plowing a furrow In tho lawn at Dol
niabagtscho palace, symbolically at
least, by holding tho plow handles
for a fraction of a minute whllo two
horses dragged H a few yards. In
carrying out tho ancient test Mehmed
V. showed himself to be Bound of body
and fit to bear thophyslcal burdens
of tho empire.
Handcuffs Daughter to Foil Kidnapers.
Tacoma, Wash., May 11, Mrs.
Eloaun Reed, divorced wife of B. T.
Reed, n wealthy real estate man of
Denver, appeared on the streets with
her nine-year-old daughter, Inez, hand
cuffed to her. Mrs. Reed explained
that two attempts havo been mado to
kidnap tho child and believes tho sil
ver chained handcuffs will guarantee
her daughter's safety.
Crazy Snake Willing to Surrender.
Sapulpa, Okla., May 11. Aloxander
Harjo, nephew of Chltti Harjo (Crazy
Snake), after his arrest here, charged
with horso stealing, told Shorlff King
that his uncle, ringleader of tho re
cent Indian trouble, is hiding eight
miles east of Heuryotta. The Unnko
Indian leader is badly wounded, he
said, nnd would gladly surreudor to
Sheriff King.
Abdul's Son Plans Uprising.
Vienna, May 10. According to n
Belgrade telegram published hero,
Prlnco Burnhom Eddln, son of the
former sultan of Turkey, Abdul Ham
Id, IntendH to organize a rising in Al
bania. He plans to march to Salonlkl
at the head of an Albanian army to
rescue his father.
Convicted Kidnaper Declares
Harry Forker Laid Plot,
Boyle and Wife Lodged In Peniten
tiary, the Former Under Sentence of
Life Imprisonment and Latter Sen
tenced to Serve Twenty-five Years.
Gives Out Signed Statement Telling
His Version of Case.
Pittsburg, Mny 11. Convicted of
kidnaping Willie Whltla at Snaron.
Pa., in March, James H. Boylo and
his wife, Helen Boyle, woro lodgea In
tho Western penitentiary, the former
under a sontenco of life Imprisonment
and tho latter sontenced to servo
twenty-flvo years.
Before leaving Mercer, where his
trlnl ended, Boylo gavo out a Blgned
statement, In which he told a remark
able story of his version of the cclo
bratod kidnaping case. Ho named
Harry Fprker, a citizen of Sharon, who
denied Boyle's story.
In hlB Btatcmont Boylo tells of tho
alleged murder at Youngstown, O., sev
eral years ago, of Dan Reeblc, Jr. Ho
tells of the finding of Reeble's boay
on tho sidewalk nnd says;
"Over tho prostrato form was Harry
Forker of Sharon, Pa., holding in his
hnnd a package of letters that woro
gathered from the sidewalk near the
dead body of Reoblr."
Ho Bays Dan Shay, now dead, was
present. In Forker's haste he left four
letters, Bays Boyle, who declared
Forker paid him money regularly for
years to keep qulot. During Boyle's
recent visit to Sharon, ho says, he de
manded $5,000, which Forker promised
to obtain in a short time.
On returning to Clovoland ho wroto
Forker and received In roply an un
signed letter proposing the abduction.
He says tho abduction was carried out
and ho says that ho (Boyto) showed
tho letter to Mr. Whltla in Cleveland
nnd says Whltla promised If he would
substantiate the Youngstown letter ho
(Whltla) would see t'.iat there was no
prosecution. This Whltla denies.
Mixing Room of Kansas Powder Fac
tory Blows Up.
Columbus, Kan., May 11. The mix
ing room of tho Laflin-Rnnd powder
mills at Turk Station, near here, blew
up, Instantly killing four men. Twenty
workmen were injured, somo seriously.
The dead: Joseph Stovall, William
Morrow, Robort McFarland, James
The men were at work In the mixing
room at the tlrrf of tho explosion.
Their bodies were blown into bits.
Immediately after, the explosion the
factory took fire and burned for two
hours, doing great damngo. Ono hun
dred employees of tho plant flnnlly ex
tinguished the blaze, all the while be
ing In great danger from tho largo
quantities of explosives stored in the
building. The loss will reach $75,000
or more.
This is tho fourth time the mixing
room in this factory has blown up.
Tho first explosion killed three, tho
second two nnd tho third five men.
Tho plant produces black and smoke
less powder.
Launch Capsizes In Chippewa and All
on Board Are Drowned.
Eau Claire, Wis, May 11. George
Hall, aged twenty-one; R. H. Sweet,
aged forty-flvo; Sweet's wife and four
children were drowned in the Chip
pewa river hero when Hall's gasolino
launch capslzod in midstream upon
striking somo sunkon piling.
Nobody saw tho launch capsize, it
was Just turning dark whon William
McLaughlin, fiBhltig on tho bank of
tho river, heard cries for help and saw
Sweet nnd Hall clinging to the oer
tamed boat whllo tho current was car
rying thorn rapidly dono tho stream.
Later tho overturned launch was dis
covered on n sandbar, half a mile
down tho river from tho city. The
rler was dragged, but the bodlos
woro not found.
Fire In Chicago Board of Trade.
Chlcngo, May 11 Fire, which was
quickly brought under control, broke
out on tho trading floor of the board
of trade. Business or the day was
over, however, and' there was no ex-cltement.
Weary Walt Is Predicted Before Ver
dict Is Reached.
Flushing, I I., May 11. Aftor ono
hour of summing up by tho prosecu
tion and tho court's charge, tho enso
of Captain Peter C. Halus, Jr., charged
with tho murder of William E. Annls
passed Into the hands of tho jury to
day. There may bo a weary wnlt be
fore tho verdict is reached.
In tho court room Mrs. Halns, tho
mother of tho defendant, with her
husband, General Peter C. Halns, and
their son, Major John P Halns, list
ened to Mr. Mclntyre's vivid plea for
tho life of the prisoner. Throughout,
tho mother wept quietly. Peter C.
Halns, Jr., displayed neither emotion
nbr interest.
Mr. Mclntyre's address was an ar
gument to show tho Insanity of ins
client. Ono of his declarations was
that Annls mot death by "an net of
God." All references to the "unwrit
ten law" wero objected to and tho ob
jections wore sustained by tho court.
During the summing up by tho pros
ecution tho prisoner's mother nnd
father withdrew and Mrs. Helen An
nls, in deep mourning, appeared' with
her mother and sister. They remained
in court whllo Mr. Gregg was speaking.
The former district attorney de
nounced the Insanity plea, declaring
it was conceived and manufactured
by tho defendant's lawyers as a last
resort. Instead of being an "act of
God," ho brandod tho shooting an a
"cowardly murder, committed with
deliberation nnd. premeditation."
Beast Stopped by Bullet While Charg
ing to Attack Ex-President.
Nairobi, British EaBt Africa, May 11.
A bulky bull rhinoceros is the latest
prize wrested from the Jungle by Col
onel Roosevelt. From the ex-presl-dent's
camp near Machakos word was
brought down that the luck, of the
Roosevelt party continued and that fif
1 :
Best Equipped j
I Most Up-to-Date j
I Exclusive
I Meat Market in
I Western Nebraska
3i&&&&ift&i&&&?&&4ff &&& J&jS&j&jfe&iftLifc rff ... ... ?i
, ,,. -,. - -.-,. -,. .. ,.
Etc., Etc.
teen varieties oi game, including tntf
big rhino, had been bagged on the
last expedition.
The rhinoceros was charging Mr
Roosevelt when tho huntor fired The
distance was fourteon prices nnd the
animal fell dead.
Tho naturalists of the party were
kept busy preparing tho trophies
which Mr. Roosevelt and his son, Ker
mlt, aro bringing In dally. Forty-flvo
skins already hao been prepared for
the Smithsonian Institution at Wash
ington. Missouri Senate Kills Woman Suffrage
Jefferson City, Mo., May 11. Tho
senate committee on constitutional
amendments killed the woman's suf
frage resolution by reporting It ad
Crowd at West Superior Attacks the
Crew of a Steamer.
Dulutli, Minn., May 10. Ono dead
nnd six Injured is the result of a riot
at Superior, Wis., between union and
nonunion men when tho stean er Bor
Un tied up at tho dock.
The Berlin, a nonunion boat, arrived
with coal to bo discharged at tho
dock. Soon after her arrival a crowd
gathered aud began throwing coal at
tho captain nnd crew. Several of tho
latter were injureu and sonie one fired
a shot at the crowd and a workman
droppped dead.
Fatal Wreck on Frisco Road.
0 Springfield, Mo., May 10. One mnn
was killed and five Injured when tho
southeastern limited on tho St. Louis
and Snn Francisco road left the tracks.
The engine was overturned and Engi
neer Charles Halns of Fort Scott
killed. Tho train was going fifty miles
an hour at the time of the accident,
which was caused by a heavy rain
washing the ballast from under 500
feet of track.
Negro Lynched by Florida Mob.
Jacksonville, Fla May 10. Mrs,
John Doas, wife of a well known farm
er residing at Camden, fifteen miles
from Jacksonville, was assaulted by
an unknown negro, who was later cap
tured by a mob of citizens and lynched.
When tho sheriff reached tho scene
the mob had captured the negro, Mrs.
Deas had Identified him nnd his throat
had been cut and his body riddled
with bullets.
Mother and Son Burned.
Chicago, May 10. Mrs. Mollle Rath,
a widow, and her flfteen-year-old son
wero burned to death In a fire which
destroyed two frame buildings. Thoy
wero asleep and neighbors were un
able to reach them. The families wero
driven from their homes.
James K. Hackett a Bankrupt.
New York, May 10. James K. Hack
ett, the actor, filed a voluntary pe
tition in bankruptcy, giving his liabil
ities at $126,457. The actor's wife,
Mary Maunering Hackett, ha3 the larg
est claim, $60,000. Daniel Hanna has
a claim for $10,000 for money loaned.
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