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A Scene
Box Butte County Farmers O'KEEFE
and Landowners are becoming LAND
prospercms. This year will be COMPANY
- a record-breaker. Experimental
O'KEEFE farming is being taken up under
LAND the direction of an expert. Watch
COMPANY our land increase in value. Now is
the time to look over the land. Always glad to give information.
Charters Hotel Sing
and surrounding- towns that I have new spring goods and will also order
from sample any fabric that may be desired which I may not have in
stock. Now is the time to order.
As many of The Herald readers already know, I am an expert workman,
and employ the best of assistants. Anyone wishing- a - fine business or
dress suit, made in the latest style, by up-to-date workman, should call
to see me without delay.
Spring Suits made to measure in Latest Styles. Quality of Goods and
Workmanship guaranteed.
Views and
Work j
Alliance Art Studio
M. E. (JUi;ili:, Propr.
Artistic Portraits a Specialty
LU.Nrr, sr.nn
of Prosperity
Alliance, Nebraska
In Every
Style j j j
Box Butte Ave.
House Passes School of Citi
zenship Bill.
Measure to Impose Occupation Tax on
Corporation Capital Stock Ik Reo
ommended Regulation of Publlo
Service Corporations.
Lincoln, March 30. Tho house
pmscd what Is known ns tho Bryan
School of Citizenship bill, oilglrmt
Ing In the senate, and It now rods
to tho governor for approval Tht
bill was drafted by V. J Hrynn and
It empowets the regents of the state
university to establish n chali for
Instruction on the dutlcH of citizen
ship and good government The bill
passed by a vote of 51 to 41 after
four calls of the house had been
The citizenship school bill was not
passed without some difficulty, and
then only with lust enough votes to
make It a law On the first roll ca.l
tho voto of Representative Hndflell
was recorded In favor of the meas
ure, although he was not present
After announcement had boen made
thnt the measure had carried, the at
tention of the speaker waB called to
the absenco of Hadsell, whereupon he
required another roll call Mr Had
seil was again absent, but Evans ol
Hamilton changed his vote from no
to yes, carrying tho bill with 51
votes, just enough to pnss It During
the vote on the bill's passage n call
of tho house wns twice resorted to to
bring a quorum Into the chamber.
Donohue Bill Causing Trouble.
The Donohue bill, putting public
service corporations under the con
trol of the railway commission Is
causing trouble a-plenty. It baa neon
nttaoked by many of the Democrallc
papers as a corporation measure.
It nlready has passed tho senate and
that body undertook to recall It from
the house to reconBlder Its provisions
The motion to recall the bill, how
ever, was defeated, and It will be left
to the house to decide on final action
The bill Is still In committee In the
house, and It Is not unlikely that the.
sifting committee will permit It to
He dormant until after adjournment
The Benato passed a bill providing
for public treatment of consumptives
at state expense when they are uno
ble to provide treatment themselves
Tho bill now goes to the governor
In the commltee of the whole tho
house recommended for passage sen
ate file No. 10, by King of Polk Tho
bill provides for an occupation tax
oa corporations amounting to one
twentieth of the paid up capital
stock to be paid tho state annually
It has been figured that ttie llcenso
or occupation tax levied would pro
duce an annual revenue to the state
of $100,000 to $200,000
Adding to Appropriations,
Ninety-seven thousand dollars In ap
propriations waB added to tho general
maintenance bill by tho senate com
mlttee of the wbol" above the figures
of the senate finance committee, which
carried an Increase of $321,000 ovei
the bill as it came from the house
The house bill carried an npproprla
tlon of $1,065,128. Tho senate com
mittee recommended changes, making
the figures $2,280,418, and tho senate
committee of the whole added enough
to make the total $2,383,418
Appropriations will again be under
consideration much of the week and
the senate finance committee is put
ting In some hard licks in an attempt
to finish that work by Wednesday.
Many state Institutions are clamoring
for more money and tbe committee
has a big Job before It trying to sat
isfy everybody and still make re
ceipts and expenditures balance.
Freight Train Jumps Track.
Plattsmouth, Neb.. March 30.
Twelve cars of freight of every de
scription wore scattered over the Mis
t-ourl Pacific right of way at Union,
near here, when freight train No 11
Jumped tho track Tho entire trair.
with tho exception of the onglne and
two cars loft the track Two tramps
stealing rides were slightly Injured
hut the train crew escaped unhuit
The through passenger train from
Omaha was stopped In time to pr
vent It crasning Into the wreck
Dies as Result of Hunting Acctdent.
Valentine, March 2G A hon of Ed
Ralya, living near Simon, Is dead as
the result of a hunting accident I lf
was In his boat when a flock of ducks
appeared and hurriedly nttempted to
pull his gun from the case, with th
muzzle toward him. It was discharged
In some manner, the entire charge
striking him In the breast and causing
almost Instant death.
Saloon Fight at Guide Rock.
Guido Rock. Neb., March 26 The
temperance people of this town have
decided to make a determlnud fight, in
the coming spring election in an at
tempt to close up tho place Th
have nominated John Young of the
State bank and Dr Read for members
of the village board Both ar avow
edly opposed to haloons
Hangs Himself In Garage.
Hastings, Nob, March SC William
Brummell, dealer In automobilns, was
found doad In his bachelor apartments
over the garage here He wan ban?
Ing In a noose made of the burlap
coverings for automobilo tire Flnau
ial difficulties made him despondent
James Jones Shoots Joseph Rowley
and Officers Are on Trail,
Grant, Neb., Mnrch 27. James Jones
shot and killed Joseph Rowley In a
quarrel over a division fence, which
Rowley was removing.
Tho murder occurrod about twenty
mllos southeast of Oram nnd the offi
cials of CIiiibo and Parkins counties
started at once In pursuit of tho mer
derer, who fled.
Primary Fight at Omaha.
Omaha, March 20. City primaries
will be held tomorrow and ono of the
hardest lights In tho history of local
politics la anticipated. No less than
suven candidates for oayor aro In the
field, and everyone of them has madu
a strong campaign Mayor Duhlmon,
well known in Nebraska politics, and
Ed K Derrymnn of the Jucksonlun
c'.uo of Nebraska arc competitors for
tho Democratic nomination to head
the ticket. The Republicans muBt
choose between Councilman Zlnunan
and Joh.n P. Urocn.
Three Auto Accidents at Ord.
Ord, Neb., Mnrch 27. Three auto
mobllo accidents have caused some ex
cltement In Ord recently. Charles
Prlen collided with a tree and nearly
wrecked his car and was considerably
Injured. George Parkins collided with
a wagon load of hogs, upsetting tbe
wagon nnd scattering tho hogs over
the right of -way. Tho farmer who
owned them recognized Parkins and
forced him to pay a round sum for
the damage. John Rntllff, Jr., lost
his lamps and ran Into u ditch, wreck
ing his car and Injuring two occu
pants, Dies From Auto Fright.
Grand Island, Neb., Mnrch 27. Mrs.
Charles Stolle, wlfo of a prominent
farmer near hero, la dead ns the re
sult of fright caused by an automo
bile of Mrs. Walters being driven so
near her team as to cause tho horses
to run away. Tho horses were finally
stopped without damage but Mrs.
Stolle, who was accompanied by her
son and daughter, becamo unconscious
and nover recovered. Tho fright Is
believed to have caused a cerebral
Joseph R, Webster Promoted.
Lincoln, March 27. Joseph It. Web
ster, appointed to be assistant attor
ney in tho office of tho socretary of
the interior, Is a pioneer resident of
Nebraska and still claims Lincoln ns
his home, although employed In the
government service at Washington for
a number of years. He was attorney
general of Nebraska In tho early days
of the state, and has been a leader In
the councils of tho Republican party
since tho closo of tho civil war.
Three Men Confess to Holdups
Lincoln, March 29. Lincoln police
ofllcerB were advised by officials at
Hellovllle, Kan., of the capture at that
place of tho throe men who Thursday
night held up a Lincoln street car
ctew and robbed the conductor. Tho
watch taken from the conductor wns
found in their possession. Tho men
admitted their Identity and said they
wero the same persons who held up a
car at Omaha the night before the
Lincoln robbery.
Mangled by Stalk Cutter.
Seward, Neb., March 29. Will Bus
boom, living near Pleasant Dale, met
with a terrible accident while riding
on a stalk cutter. The team ran
away, throwing him In front of tho
machine and dragging him some dis
tance. HIb left leg was broken bo
low tho thigh, his right leg above the
ankle and tho right foot nearly sev
ered from the leg. He Is very 111 from
the hurtB nnd loss of blood.
North Platte Valley Teachers.
Bridgeport, Neb., March 29. The
North Platte Valley Teachers' associ
ation has just completed a success
ful annual meeting. The association
decided to come to this city next year.
W R. Pate of Sidney wan elected
president nnd II. H. Relmund of Alii
unce, bi'iietary. In the Interscholastlc
debatc- Sidney carried off the hotioia
Prisoners Start Fatal Fire.
Gonova, Neb., March 30. Two pris
oners confined in tht county Jail here
started a fire some 11 mo during the
nlgnt, supposed by accident, and one
wab found dead from suffocation and
the other In a serious condition TIih
Identity of the men lnut not boon
learned They wore arretted Tot
F. W. Miller Found Dead In Room.
Lincoln, March 27 Prad W Miller
of Palls City, Neb, until tecently dap.
uty sucretnry of state for a number
jears, was found dead In a room at
tbe Royal hotel He had locked him
self In the room on Wednesday and
the exact time of his death is uu
known. Ukoa
Hay ward Back From Washington.
Nebraska City, Neb., March 27
William Hayward, wife and son have
returned from Washington. He con
firms the report that ho has declined
to accept several positions In govern
ment depaitmonts at Washington
Dies at Age of 100.
St. Paul, Neb.. March 27 Mary
Blazezyk, aged 1U0 joars Is dead- She
was the oldest person in Howard coun
ty She was born In Poland In 1&09
and has llvod with relatives In this
state tbirty-flve years
Gotch Throws Italian Wrestler.
Omaha, March 27. Frank Gotch de
feated John Porrelll last night In two
straight falls, the first in eleven cin
ules and the second in a scant ten
minutes. The Italian was hopelessly
House Refuses to Express Lack of
Confidence In Government,
London, Mnroh 30 By a strict par
ty vote of 353 to 135 the houao ot
commons refused to express lack ot
confidence In the government' naval
policy The motion on which tho
notable debate hinged was proposed
by Arlhur Hamilton Leo, Conserva
tive member of tho house from HantR.
It sets forth "that In tho opinion of
this hoiiRO tho declared policy of his
majesty's government respecting tho
Immediate provision for battleship
of tho newest typo does not suffi
ciently secure tho safety of the em
pire." Tho result of tho voto on tho ques
tion waB expected but tho debato pre
ceding It was ono of tho most mo
mcntouB tho liousc has listened to for
years. Tho assembly of diplomats
and peers testified to Its International
as well as domestic importance A. J.
Balfour nnd Mr Loo accused the cab
inet of Incompetency and demanded
that eight Dreadnoughts bo laid down
Immediately. Premlor Aaqulth and
Sir Edwnrd Grey, secretary for for
eign affairs, reproached their oppo
nent for mnktng a parly question ot
the most vital matter of tho country's
foreign relations.
Secretary Groy'B speech, was by far
tho most notable contribution to tho
debate, because of Its remarknble can
dor. Ho dwelt upon the diplomatic
aspects of tho BrltlBh-Germnn rival
ry and tho hopelessness of expect
ing nny cessation of the race for or
mnments and ho predicted eventual
European bankruptcy, If It continued.
Masked Bandit Forcds Conductor to
Collect Plunder From Passengers.
A mnsked train robber hold' up train
No. 9, the Lincoln-FaSrflold local, on
tho Burlington In Nebraska, forced
the conductor to carry a 6ack through
the passenger conch and collect trib
ute from the passengers nineteen
women nnd two men which ho pock
eted nnd dropped off tho rear end ot
tho train.
When the onglneor was nearing tho
creek, a mile east of Fairfield, ho saw
just ahead a red signal and ho stopped
the train as quickly as possible. Tho
train had not como to u standstill ba
tons a man wearing a white mask
over tho lower part of his face swunff
aboard between the smoker and tho
passengor coach next behind. Con
ductor Berry stepped out on tho plat
form to see what the stop was made
for and ho looked Into tho business
end of a largo revolver.
Tbe man behind tho gun gave tho
conductor a sack and ordered him to
go nhcad of him and collect from tho
passengerB all of their vnluablos. Con
ductor Berry did as he was hidden
ana' collected from the ptiBsengors $200
In ensh and seventeen watches Tho
bandit took the plunder from Mr, Ber
ry, dropped off the rear end of tho
enr and disappeared In the darkness.
Five American Miners Wounded by
Hungarians at Bogle Mines.
Terro Haute, Ind., March 30. Five
American minora are known to have
been wounded, one of them perhaps
fatally, In a'rnce riot at tho Bogln
mines, north of Jasonvllle. The battle
started when Hungarian miners
opened fire upon n delegation of Amer
lean miners who went from Jason
vllle to warn the foreigners to leave
the mines
The Hungarians are barricaded In
one of their Iioufps nnd rre surround
ed by several hundred Americans
armed with revolvers and shot guns.
The Hungarians nre armed with old
army rifles.
ii i i ii -
Cracksmen Blow Depot .Safes.
Bnrtlesvllle. Okla.. March 30.
CrnckBmen dynamited safes In tho
Santa Fe depots at Caney, Kan.,
twenty miles north of here, and at
Dewey, three miles north From the
first safe 5104 In pennies was taken.
There wns no money In the safe at
Dewey, but the robbers carried ott
two sacks of mall. ,
Thirty Drowned In Russian Floods.
St Petersburg. March 30. DIs
patchos received here from Radom,
In Ru!"n Poln-i. tit (bat thirty
porc-. f"M bren drovnrd by tho
flocdr Th er '.V ' ' has
roohed Im- hv t v!nt l- - 1S12
Flf""! 'ir' in Mic ' i-,,, of
Rd"i"i ' rhnir-rd.
Flro Wlprs Out Lumber Yzrd.
Trinidud, t'olo.. March 30. A fire
which broke out In the yard of tho
Continental Tie and Lumber com
pany at Cimarron, N. M destroyed
the planing mill, a storage house and
a large quantity of lumber. The loss
Is estimated at $70,000. '
Train Goes Through Burned Bridge.
Eaglp Pass, Tex.. March 30. Four
trainmen were killed when a Mexican
Intel national freight train fell
through a burned brldgo near Hidalgo.
Mex It is believed the bridge was
burned by incendiaries.
Joe Gans Has Consumption.
Dener. Maroh 80. Joe Gans, the
former world's champion light
weight pugilist, has developed tuber
culosis of tbe lungs and may never
again be soon In the ring.
Death of Governor Cosgrove.
Governor Samuel O. Cosgrove of
Washington died at l'aso Robles, Cat.,
of Bright's disease.