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Grand musical concert tomorrow
Mrs. C. V. dreamer is visiting rela
tives at Seneca.
1 Horace Bogue was "under the
weather" the fore part of the week.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Frosh
la, Monday, Feb. i, a bouncing boy.
Mrs. Dickey, living near Alliance,
was one of the Herald's last Saturday's
Mrs. A. S. Gerde3 of Marple made
the Herald a pleasant call when in the
city Tuesday.
C. C. Jamisou of Ellsworth was in
town looking after business matters
last Saturday.
The VV. C. T. U. will meet Tuesday
afternoon with Mrs. Fernald. Ladies
cordially invited,
Next Tuesday, Feb. gth, Plumstead
entertainment, Epworth League bene
fit. Don't forget.
The Omaha Bee representative was
making the rounds of its Alliance sub
scribers Wednesday.
You will miss a treat if you miss the
musical concert at the Phelan opera
house tomorrow evening.
Attorney Fisher of Chadron was one
of the out of town parties attending dis
trict court here last week.
E. H. Farmer of Bridgeport and T.
V. Richards of Alliance are two of The
Herald's many new subscribers.
Mrs. W. A. Hood, who has been visit
ing at Ottumwa, la., since before the
holidays, has returned to Alliance.
Holton & Co., the new commission
firm of Alliance, has opened an office
next door north of the Burlington hotel.
"The way of the transgressor is
hard" when the grand jury indicts
him and the district court convicts him.
King & Reardon disposed of their
business interests yesterday to Art
Wiker, who will conduct the same
And now it seems to be one thiug to
be indicted by the grand, jury and
another thing to be convicted in court
Theodore Nissen of Merritt, S. D.,
is visiting with Chas. Bower and fami
ly. He expects to return to his home
next Saturday.
Lloyd C. Thomas, president of the
Western Office Supply company, made
a business trip to Bridgeport on Mon
day of this week.
The Daughters of Isabella gave a
delightful card and dancing party at
the K. C. hall Monday night which
was well attended.
"The Father's House" and "The
Father's Will" are the sermon themes
for next Lord's day at the United
Presbyterian church.
R. N, Hay ward, a Hyannis livery
man, assisted the editor of the Tribune
in bringing his newspaper forms to Al
liance Wednesday.
The "Hila Grand" is a name of the
past in Alliance, the same having been
changed to the more euphonious one of
"The Burlington."
"Home Course in Modern Agricul
ture" by Prof. C. V. Gregory, the well
known writer on scientific agriculture,
begins in this issue ot the Herald.
Mike Ryan from Port Arthur, Texas,
on his way to Seattle, Wash., stopped
off No. 44 Friday with his cousin of
Alliance and went on Sunday on No.
Geo. Macumber, one of the Herald's
friends at Spade, is one of many who
have been giving us some financial as
sistance on subscription within the last
few weeks.
A. E. McKeeu, who came from Lin
coln to take charge of the Hill harness
shop as proprietor, has started out
with a good trade, which we are pleas
ed to note.
Special mention should be made of
the discount sale at the Alliance Cash
Shoe Store. This said still continues.
For particulars see ad. in this issue of
the Herald.
Yesterday Ed Eldred, the new pro
prietor of the Palace Meat Market, pur
chased ten head of nice young cattle of
Nels Worley, who lives ten miles west
of Alliance.
Persons who wish to take advantage
of Lockwood's groat closing-out sale of
furniture had better get busy, as this
week winds it up. See ad. in the Her
aid for particulars.
And nolv it appoars that the recent
earthquake in uorthwestern Nebraska
was no earthquake at all, but merely
the jar oau&ed by the falling of a big
meteor near Neligh.
W. M. Scott of Knoxville, la., who
has been visiting relatives and friends
in this part of Nebraska, called at the
Herald office today in company with
Ed Huffman of Lena and J. E. Rico of
Clcman, two of the Herald's rcliablo
friends. Mr. Scott seemed pleased
with this country, and wo hope he will
decide to remove from tho country of
corn and mud and come to the land of
sunshine and spuds.
Tho annual ball of the Alliance Fire
department will be held in the Phelan
Opera house. Friday evening, Feb. 19.
Tickets, ?t. 00; proceeds for the benefit
of the department.
Chev. Crispini, who is to conduct
the musical concert at Phelan's opera
house tomorrow evening, has the rep
utation of being an artist. Those who
attend may expect a treat.
Rev. Burleigh of the Hcmingford
Journal filled preaching appointments
for Rev. Jordon'Iast Sunday and made
the Herald office a Monday morning
call while waiting for the train.
Regular meeting of the Daughters of
Rebecca Feb. 12, at which all members
arc requested to be present, as Ihcie
will be important business transacted.
By order, Mrs. S, B. Libby, Noble
Frank A. Pierson, of the Western
Office Supply company, is "on the
road" this week selling goods for his
company and incidentally advertising
Alliance, the "Hub' of tho Nebraska
Mrs. Mary, Ingstrom of Seneca,
manager of the B & M. eating house,
was broug ht here for medical treat
ment at the Alliance hospital. Mrs.
Ingstrom's sister came to Alliance to
visit her this morning.
Revival meetings are being held at
the Fairview church, north of this city.
Rev. Vallow, pastor of the Alliance
Methodist Episcopal church, and some
others have been assisting the pastor,
Rev. lordau, in tliese meetfngs.
Rev. Geo. C. Hicks of Sidney, la.,
grandfather of T. H. Beeson, has been
making an extended visit here and at
the home of his daughter at Guernsey.
He expresses himself aB being well
pleased with this part of the west.
As there seems to be a misunder
standing on the part of some in regard
to the date of the next number of the
Epworth League lecture course, wo
call special attention to the fact that it
is to bo iuesuay evening, rebruary g.
Tuesday was ground hog day. The
sun shone so brightly in Box Butte
county his royal nibs saw his shadow
almost before he was half way out of
his winter quarters and of course went
back for another long six weeks' nap.
Judge Septimus Hannah, member of
the Christian Science Board of Lec
tureship in Boston, Mass., will deliver
a free lecture on Christian Science,
Monday evening, Feb. 15th at Phelan's
opera house The public is cordially
invited. 8 2
In this issue of the Herald you will
find the program of the Fanners' Insti
tute association, to be held iu Alliance
next week. The program is an , inter
esting one, particularly adapted to this
part of Nebraska, and there should be a
large attendance.
The entertaiuments furnished by the
High School Athletic club are deserv
ing liberal patronage by the people of
Alliance. These entertainments are
interesting, clean aud elevating, and
besides patronizing them helps a worthy
cause financially.
Alliance did not secure the firemen's
convention for next year, but she re
ceived a splendid advertising in trying
toget it, and that is something to be
thankful for. It was worth the effort
made to get the convention, and that
effort was a strenuous one, too.
Father Duffy of Sheridan, Wyo.,
stopped off in Alliance yesterday on
his return from a visit to Cheyenne,
While here he arranged with the Daugh
ters ot Isabella to put on a class at
Sheridan some time in April, the work
to be done by the Alliance court.
A narrow escape from what might
have been a very serious accident oc
curred at the Palace meat market dur
ing the high wind last week. A large
pane of glass was blown in and came
near falling on the lady bookkeeper,
who was sitting at her desk near the
front window.
Mrs. Alex Hill, mother of Mrs, Win.
Moulten, has been so ill with pneumon
ia that her children, Mrs. B, Reynolds
and Miss Emma Hill of Lincoln, and
Mrs. Bolaud of Deitz, Wyo., were
wired for last Friday. We are happy
to state, however, that on Sunday a
change for the better took place.
On Monday of this week a deal was
consummated whereby S. H. Desch
disposed of the Palace meat market to
Ed. Eldred. We regret to see Mr.
Desch retire from business, but be
speak for his successor tho same liber
al patronage which the Palace market
has received under its former manage
ment. Editor Bassett of the Hyannis Tri
bune had the misfortune last week of
breaking his newspaper press and be
ing unable to get the necessary new
casting in timo to print thin week's
edition he brought his "forms" to Al
liance Wednesday to be printed on tho
Herald press. Mr. Bassett and this
editor lived in the same town in Illi
nois years ago, and we had a pleasant
visit talking over "old times." Ho
began his editorial and newspaper ca
reer in the "Sucker" state at the age
of eighteen years, and has been at it
ever since. We well remember when
he was the youngest member of the
Illinois Press association.
Prof. D. W, Hayes made a flying
trip to Lincoln within tho last few days
looking after the interests of the state
normal school for northwestern Ne
braska. If this part of the state se
em es the much-coveted institution, as
it should, a large part of the credit for
securing proper recognition by tho
stu'e legislature will be due the able
supeiiutcndcnt of the Alliance city
A game of basket ball is being ar
ranged tor between the Alliance High
School team and the Lead City team,
the champions of the Black Hills.
This will probably be the most hotly
contested game of the season aud lov
ers of the sport are anticipating a great
eutertainment. Of course, our boys
expect to trim the South Dakota
youths, but they will irobably have to
go some to do it.
We sometimes see an ad like this:
"If our work pleases you, tell others;
if not, tell us." We wish to make the
same kind of request in regard to the
Herald. We have reference to the ed
itorial and news features of the paper,
as we are sure the job printing done at
this office always gives satisfaction.
Any suggestions that will be helpful to us
in our efforts to improve the Herald
will be thankfully received.
C. A. Newberry returned last Sun
day morning from California, where he
accompanied Mat Brcnnau about a
month ago. Mr. Brcnnau stood the
trip fairly well despite his condition
and when Mr. Newberry returned he
was feeling quite strong. Cheney vis
ited Los Angeles, where he met Simon
Spry? R. C. Noleman and several
other former Allianceites, whom he re
ports well and prosperous.
Another Haynes Bros., New York,
cabinet grand piano arrived this week
for the Alliance branch of G. A. Cran
cer company, Lincoln. Mrs. Ross,
manager of the Alliance store, informs
us that they recently sold one of these
celebrated instruments to the high
school of Torriugton, Wyo., in compe
tition with five other agents. This
speaks well for the piano, aud also for
the rustling qualifications of its repre
sentative. Will M. Maupm, deputy commis
sioner of the Nebraska Bureau of La
bor and Industrial Statistics, sends the
Herald a notice for publication which
you will find iu this issue under the
caption, "Farm Help Wanted." Mr.
Maupin kindly offers to furnish us reg
ularly with the bulletins from his de
partment, which offer we appreciate
and shall make use of the same in
furnishing our readers with interesting
For the good of the city which it
represents, the Herald has donated ad
vertising space for the use of the Com
mercial Club. The object is to adver
tise iu this space anything that will be
of general interest and the general
good of the business interests of the
city. If you have a good thought for
this department, kindly communicate
with the secretary of the Commercial
Club. Suggestions from any interested
parties will be gladly received.
W. H. Prettyman, Hyannis ageut
for the Adams express company, has
been summoned to appear before the
grand jury of Sheridan county, a,t
Rushville, next Monday, February 1st,
bringing the books and documents of
his office which show the receipts of
packages containing intoxicating liquor
at Bingham during a period of twelve
months prioj to the first day of this
year. And William wonders who they
are after at Bingham. Hyannis Tri
bune. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hickey and child
ren of Hemingford arrived in Gretna
Wednesday morning for a visit of
several weeks with relatives and friends.
Roy has been ill for several months
with rheumatism, aud clearly shows
the rosulU of it. He is a lot thinner
than he was aud is looking bad. But
a rest of several weeks in the balmy
air of Sarpy county will fix him allright.
Roy says that all the Sarpy county
people in his county are doing well.
Gietua, Nebr., Breeze, Jan, 29.
District court continues its grind but
we are unable to give a great amount of
news this week iu regard to it, as much
of the work is still untried or remains
unfinished. By next week we can prob
Annual Farmers' Institue Asso,
Under Auspices University
r rv vv-i
Piano Solo "Valse Caprice," R. A. Newman Norman HcCorkle
Soil Tillage for Small Grain O. Hull, Alma, Neb.
Reading" Society Belle " Hiss Agatha Gregg
Preventing Winter Shrinkage in Cattle Prof. E. W. Hunt
Vocal Solo, Special Miss Florence Biggs, Alliance
Improving the Cattle of Nebraska. H. D. Lute, Paxton, Nebr.
Business Session
EaverxirLg: Session.
Music, Selected High School Orchestra
What to Cook and How to Cook It Miss Kauffman, Lincoln
Husic, Trombone Solo Prof. G. H. Williams
The Farm Home '. O. Hull
Music-Hale Quartet, Camille Nohe, Philip Nohe, Cecil Smith, Prof. H.H.Reimund
Husic, Vocal Solo, Selected Miss Ruth Hager, Alliance
Rotation of Crops How and Why Prof. Hunt
ReadingAlgebra and Class Parties. Miss Winifred Spacht, Alliance
The Growing and Caring of Forage Crop's '. H, D. Lute
Music, Vocal Solo, Selected Rev. Grave
Growing Potatoes E. W. Hunt
ably give a resume of the proceedings
of the entire session. In the cases of
the State vs. John Anderson of Homing
ford, and tho State vs. Queen Snow,
both charged with illegal selling of li-
quor, verdicts of acquittal were render
ed by the juries.
Messrs. P. M. Bezanson, . F.
Plumb and H, E. Fosdikc, thicc of the
rustling business men of Ardmorc, S.
D., were transacting business with the
Western Office Supply company in Al
liance yesterday. They report Ard
more and surrounding country as on the
boom'. ,
Medley of songs, stories, costume,
selections and character delineations
Jrom the poems and proso of today con
stitute the program of the Plumstead
entertainment at the opera house next
Tuesdav evening, given for tho Al
liance Epworth League. It is pro
nounced a great hit by those who have
heard it.
Mrs. J. Sullenbcrger of Marsland
was iu Alliance between trains on Sat
urday. Mr3. Sullenberger is just re
turning home from a trip to north
eastern Iowa, where she was called by
the serious illness of a sister. She
states that she is glad to get back to
Box Butte county where we have fair
F. D. McMillan, who recently en
tered the employ of the Western Office
Supply company for the sale of type
writers, filing cabiuets, etc., reports
the sale of three typewriters the first
week out, besides other business, and
this is his first experience in trying to
sell typewriters. Pretty good for a
starter, we think.
In the rriarriage notice published
last week, in which the name of Rev.
J. K. Jordan appeared as the officiating
clergyman, we inadvertently stated
that he was pastor of the United Pres
byterian. Rev. W. W. Gordon is
pastor of that church, while Rev. Jor
dan is pastor of the Alliance circuit of
the Methodist church.
Mrs. J. Lockwood, having taken
charge of tho Hila Grand hotel, has
changed the name to "The Burlington,"
a very appropriate name we think as it
is so conveniently located near the new
Burlington station. The house will be
refurnished and made first class in
every respect and we predict a liberal
patronage by an appreciative public.
Another step towards making Al
liance a model city has been taken by
Mayor Smith in ordering the houses of
ill repute closed, aud the order is being
strictly enforced, so we understand.
These places have been a source of hu
miliation to the citizens who have been
sounding the city's praises, and the
closing of them seems to cause rejoicing
universal almost universal.
T. J. O'Keele has sold the Alliance
Herald and the names of F. A. Pier
son. Lloyd C. Thomas and John W.
Thomas appear at the mast head. As
the Herald is a good paper and a
m6ney making proposition we were
surprised aud sorry to learn of Bro.
O'Keef's retirement, but he says he
sold for good money and it is merely a
business proposition with him. The
new proprietors are making a good
it:-! y i oeje-u h:otjse!
start and will improve the plant if
there is room to do such a thing.
Rushville Standard,
And now it appears that the good
people of Hcmingford do not tako kindly
to the reflections cast upon the citizen
ship of that burg by a certain would-be-funny
newspaper writer inhis spoil rela
tive to tho acquittal of John Anderson,
the druggist, who was tried iu district
court last week on tho charge of illegal
Belling of liquor. Tho writer of this
item knows nothing about the merits of
the case, more than what is indicated in
the verdict of the jury, but we arc told
that his fellow. townsmen consider Mr.
Anderson a law-abiding citizen.
At the last annual session of the
Northwest Nebraska conference of the
Methodist church Rev. J. L. Vallow
was elected delegate to the Nebraska
Church Federation congress, which is
auxiliary to the national organization
composed of representatives of some
forty different denominations. The
object of the congress is to promote
unity of action aud encourage a spirit
of harmony among the various churches
composing the federation. The object
is certainly a laudable one. Rev.
Vallow left Monday afternoon for Lin
colu, where the congress of tho Ne
braska Federation is being held this
''Mistakes occur in the best of fam
ilies," so of course wo can beg to be
excused if we occasionally make one
especially iu the rush of extra work at
the time of changing management of
the Herald. An aggravating mistake
occurred iu the ad. of Benedict, the
grocer, to which we wish to call atten
tion. Ho had a fine line of prunes
which he was selling at the extremely
low price of 18 pounds for fi.oo, and
wished to so advertise, but by a typo
graphical error the ad. said 8 pounds
for $1.00, less than one-half the
amount that he was actually giving.
We will do our very best hereafter to
avoid such mistakes.
W. B. Shull aud sou are contemplat
ing" a visit to Chicago shortly.
General Superintendent L. B. Allen
is on a business trip to Omaha.
Roadmaster D, E. Lynch of Edge
mont was an Alliance visitor Tuesday.
Fireman W. H. Showers and wife
left Monday for a thirty days' visit with
Fireman A. H. Maloski has left the
service and will leave in a few days for
Road foreman W. A. Bennett aud
son of Edgemont spent a few days with
friends iu Alliance last week.
Conductor F. B. O'Connor was slight
ly injured Sunday morning as a result
of being thrown against the stove in
his way car in the west end of the
yard where several cars were derailed.
J. P. Tieman, who was formerly
employed here as clerk iu tlie master
mechanic's office, aud later of Edge
mont, passed through Alliance today
enroute to his home in New York City
for an extended visit.
Lloyd Smith lias resigned his posi
tion as clerk iu the dispatcher's office
aud left yesterday afternoon for Oma
ha and Lincoln for a few davs' visit.
He has accepted a similar position with
the store department here.
8 - 9
of Nebraska
I-.'W-'WW w
Found Gold spring bracelet. Own
er can secure same by calling at the
Herald office.
Wanted Man and wife for ranch
work. Small ranch iu Deuel county.
Chas. C JamoBon, Ellsworth, Nebr.-8tf
Household goods Btored in basement
of Yonkin's restaurant. Terms reason
able. Enquire of S. W. Holt at Yon
kin's restaurant for further particulars.
Dr. Allen, dentist. Opcra house blk
For Bale: Two well-bred colts, One
broke to drive single, the other halter
broke. Full brother and sister. In
quire of Ira Reed. -- 5tf
Dr. Allen, dentist. Opera house blk.
For Rent-- A large east front room,
close in. Inquire at Herald office.
Christian Science services held every
Sunday at tt o'clock, in Odd Fellows'
hall. All are cordially invited to
attend. lo-tf.
Dr. Allen, dentist.
Opera house blk.
Furnished rooms for rent at
Wyoming avenue, or phone 205,
For Sale Two milk cows, coming
fresh. C, E. Rosenberger, Hcming
ford, Nebr. 3w
Wanted Nursing to do. Phone 503.
Wanted A good, reliable man to
sell tea and coffee at once, Grand
Union Tea Co., Omaha, Nebr.
Wanted to buy small house in north
or west part of Alliance. Inquire at
The Herald office.
Found Lady's brown muff. Owner
can have same by calling at Bren
nan's drug store.
Few choice Leghorn cockerels forsale
Eggs, $1 per setting. Call or write B. H.
Perry,g24 Box Butte Ave., Alliance. 4-17
For Sale 7 room modern house,
northwest of Emerson school. Inquire
at Herald office.
Persons who have odd jobs of work
that they wish done promply, call on
S. Gliddeu, phone 58, and they will be
served satisfactorily, tf
Having moved my office from the
First National bank building to the
Fletcher block, water consumers are
requested to call at tho latter place to
pay their accounts. C W. Bpennan,
Water Commissioner
The Alliance and Box Butte county
Anti-Saloon Leagues will pay $100.00
for the arrest and conviction of any
person found illegally selling intoxi
cating liquors in Box Butte county,
A Year in College
S250 cash or a year in College cau
be easily earned by one youug man or
lady in oach county by September
1909. Plan does not interfere with
other employment, and student can se
Iect the school.
State name of institution you wish
to attend. No money required.
For particulars address, .
Mortom H. Pemberton,
Si Columbia, Missouri,
"And that's the funniest part of it,
The life and soul and heart of it,
You get what's ia it out of it,
When Plumstead laughs."
Capt. jack Crawford.