The Alliance herald. (Alliance, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1902-1922, December 17, 1908, Image 1

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The Alliance Herald.
Official Publication
of the City and
Largest Circulation
of any Newspaper in
Western Nebraska.
Find Out for Yourself
That Alliance has one
of the .best banks in
That this bank per
forms with intelligence
and discretion a n y
legitimate banking
service it can properly
undertake is proven by
the volume of its busi
ness. xOur business ' now
foots '.over
We thank pur friends
and customers fr this
splendid showing.
The First National Bank,
At Alliance, In (lie Stato of Nobr.islfa, at tho
i-loso of business, November 37, 1WH
Loan nrnl discount . 8304,765 ftf
Ovenlrafts.seeurcd anil unsecured
U.S. douusio secure circulation....
Otherllonda to secure U. 8. Deposits
lltinklng honsu. furniture ana fix
turoM. ... ..
Duo from national banks (not re
servo agents) 110.003 40
Duo from Stuto Ilanks awl
Hankers 9,155 33
Duo from approved reserve
iiRcnts. . ... . . . 05,542 78
Chocks and other cash Item .TO )
Notes of otlicr national
bank ... 1,700 00
1'rnctlonal paper enrrcney,
nickels iind cents ... . M &i
BimwIo ?in. 00
50,000 00
65,800 00
11,000 00
L'iil tnndor nutPM .
Uedemptloii fund with U. H.
Treasurer (5 per cent of
Dun from U. H. treasurer
other than 5 per rent
1,000 (XI 107,108.17
2,500 00
50 2,502,50
$ii,liM n
SipllUU)ck paid In $..0,000 00
Surplus fund . 50,000 00
Unillvlded prolltp, less expenhaud
taxes tmlil., . . . 2.S53 07
National bank tioU'soutstimdhiR ... f0,000 00
Duo toStiKo lUmkH and
ItauUeis 3,02412
Individual deposits sub
ject to cberk 285,002 40
Demand cert locates of de
posit fi,34435
Tlmeoerllllc-ilesofdepoit 12!MTM 09
United ptates Dt'JwsltS 15,000 00 4W,308 TO
Total . . Si.MtW.3
Mate of Nebraska, county of Hot llutto, sv
I. S. K. Warrick, i-atliler of the above?
ilauiiHt batik, do Milemnly swear iliat the
alxjvii btatcnimt In true to tho best of my
knowledge and M
8 K. W&nmrK.OMlilor.
CoiiHKOT A test:
It. M. llAMrrox, I
" A. & Hr.r.n, , Dlinwtors.
Cham. i:. Kouu. 1
SuIjmtIIkmI and sworn to before- mo this
IsKtay of Deft-mix A. I). 1008.
Isbai. , Notary 1'iiullr.
.Mycnmm sslon expires .luly 7th, llHJ.
; The
First National Bank
of Alliance
,Mina'-'mixMJlt jwrs'.w.'-
Typhoid's Fatal Work
An epidemic of typhoid (ever seems
to have spread over this part of the
country lately, which is prevalent
among the railroad men. The latest
victim of the disease was Fireman L.
V. Greene, who died at the Alliance
hospital yesterday morning at 6:30,
after being confined to his bed for
three weeks. Deceased came here
from the east end to work last Septem
ber. He contracted the disease at
Edgejnont and was brought to the hos
pital here. Greene was twenty-thrco
years of age. His father arrived from
Broken Bow Tuesday and was with
him when he died. A brother and
three sisters, also from Broken Bow,
arrived yesterday morning shortly after
he had died.
The remains were prepared for ship
ment by Undertaker Darling, who, in
company with the bereaved relatives,
departed on 44 yesterday afternoon for
Broken Bow, where the funeral will be
Conductor Bachman
Dies of Typhoid
Sadness prevails not only among
the railway men with whom tie was
most popular, but also among, the
many friends of tho popular- young
conductor who passed away last Satur
day morning about eight o'clock, after
a battle with typhoid pneumouia. Tho
sudden change in the physical condi
tion of Mr. Bachman Saturday morn
ing dispelled all hope, and rejoicing
and confidence were rudely shattered
when suddenly the patient collapsed
and the light of his life went out for
ever. Beside his death bed were his
faithful wife and little son uhose sad
ness was mingled with the tears of
warm friends.
Win. Bachman was one of the well
known conductors of the Alliance divi
sion" and wasUinversalb'raspected and
loved by all, being genial and warm
hearted and made friends on every
hand. He una a native of Glen
wood; Iowa, where ho wab born June
10, iou, and possessed real estate
therein the way of a fruit farm. He
had made arrangements to give up his
position on the road here next month
to remove to his possessions in Iowa,
but the life of Win. Bachman again
illustrates how little a man knows of
the future. A brothor of the deceased
camcj last week from Omaha to visit
with Tiim and left the night before his
deatlfj with the assurance that he
would soon lecover.
The remains were shipped Sunday
morning to Gleuwood. Iowa, for in
terment, after brief religious services
at the home by Rev. J. L. Vallow of
the Mr E. church. They were accom
panied by the bereaved widow and
little son and Mrs. Brown, of Kansas,
a sister of deceased who arrived hero
In the death of William Bachman
tho Burlington railway has lost one of
its most reliable employes and the
order of conductors an honorable mem
ber, and the city of Alliancva highly
respited citizen. V
New Grocery Firm
Commences Business
A partnership was formed this week
between John G. Wallace of this city
and Ben Swanson, residing near Can
ton, who will conduct a retail grocery
business. The new firm have acquired
possession of the Chas. Hill stock and
made arrangements to carry ou busi
ness at that place. Both members are
well known. Mr. Wallace is a grocery
man from the ground up, and his gen
ial maimer lias always secured for him
liberal patronage. Mr. Swanson is
one of the prosperous and popular
ranchmen in tho western part of the
county and stands high in the com
munity which he tesides. We be
speuKfor the "new tlrtif bfWal)ace &
Swanson (1 successful business career.
Commercial Club
After Public Library
As will be seen by tho proceedings of
the last meeting of the Commercial
club, there W an energetic effort being
put forth to secure tho assistance of
Andrew Carnegie, tho well known
philanthropist, In tho erection of a
public library In Alliance. Tho past
record of Mr. Carnegie In promoting
educational affairs Is so well known
that It is useless to deliberate on the
samo. Almost every city of any prom
inence In the United States has taken
advantage of the steel magnate in se
curing a public library. Sheridan, but
recently, built such an Institution.
Mrs. Helen M. Rowan, who has always
shown a favoritism for educational
matters, In a buslncss-llko manner pro
ceeded to 6CO what could be done in
securing Mr. Carnegie's assistance,
with the result that she received a
favorable reply, and which Is printed
in the Commercial club proceedings.
Besides the raising of funds, the secur
ing of books for the library Is In order,
and donations of this kind are asked of
the citizens of Alliance. A committee
composed of 1). W, Hayes, Mrs. J.
Rowan, Mrs. H. J. Wilson ami Mrs. J3.
K . Warrick, has been selected for tho
receiving of such gifts, and now that
c are in the season of gift-making let
us all remember the public library
project and make the oiTeriug of one or
more volumes. These donations should
be handed In to this committee ut once
so that there may bo no duplication of
publications. Submit your selection
11 nil the committee will advise you If
tho same has already been listed. This
Is the beginning of u good cause, and
let us all get busy.
Popularity of the Crystal
The managers of the Crystal thnatie,
Messrs. Burroughs & Hevncr, are to be
complimented on the success achieved
in presenting to the theatre-going pat
rons of that place bucIi .higlu standard
programs eacfi evening!' Every per
formance is largely attended and the
music and picture selections vigorously
applauded. The vocal and instrumental
numbers rendered by the Misses Edna
Rose and Ruby White arc most pleas
ing and attractive features of tho per
formances. The selection of pictures
are such as to interest all, Comic,
dramatic, tragedy and the like. Another
feature that is attracting many to the
Crystal, are tho presents given. Last -Tuesday
night Miss Mary Regan was
presented with a beautiful 48-pIccc din- '
ncr sot. Next Tuesday some lady will '
receive a fashionable shirt-waist, that
Is now on display at Regan's millinery
store, v
Unavoidable Delay
of Christmas Edition
The Herald publishers mado ar- '
rangement to issue an attractive Christ
mas number this week, in Way of an
illuminated cover and special reading
matter pcitaiuing to yuletide holidays,
but wc arc greatly disappointed in not
receiving the material in time fur Mils'
week's issue. It is something most
attractive, and will please tho little
folks particulaily and also nrouso in
the hearts of older folks an appreciation '
of Christmas time, However, we will
issue this attractive number next Thurs
day morning, so that all will have an
opportunity to sec how Santa Glaus
will visit'AMiance this year.
Charity BaiTto be
Given by Knights
A grand ball will be given Monday
night, Dcccfnber 28, at the opera house
by Alliance council, Knights of Colum
bus for tho benefit oharjtyThe
price of tickets will be $1,00 and there
will doubtless be a large attendance- f .
Those who enjoy tho blessings of good j
health and plenty of this world's goods
should not forget those in straightened. s
circimistaucest but jhere is little doubfaf
tins will ho done, for the liberality'of '
Alliance people is proverbial.
F YOU willxome to us we will show you America's best makes
in every line from Hats to Sox. With standard goods such as
we sell he will appreciate his Xmas present. In men's clothing
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stores have for their best, we will show you a dozen different lines.
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